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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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paula with you mandy amendment of decrease 6433. so that line 29 becomes the line on which in direct negotiation should be beats we demand international law, which is on our side to be respected. the president says the line $29.00 claim was not formalized so negotiations could be kept open, but an eminent deal is not expected. lucia's home was to lead sure. what, what kind of problem was, was supposed to agree or, or so i think, given the local will become, will india. bonner given the regional context war and giving also them wishes of israel says the rig is weeks away from producing gash from kurdish. the field is a resource that could help fill the needs of western nations as they try to reduce reliance on russia for supplies following its invasion of ukraine. that means lebanon's demand to stop production until there is a final deal on boarders runs counter to their interests. santa hood their ashes,
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eda barrett, ah. a quick look at the main stories now. in the next few hours, the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the you cater a wonder is due to take off. lamar at the start of a 5 year trial in which some asylum seekers deemed to have entered. the u. k. legally, a transported terah wanda, to claim refugee status, their pain will only be carrying around 6 passengers, though after dozens of asylum seekers, one individual appeals against deportation. she's de slights reportedly costing more than $600000.00. former subarus johnson says he expected the scheme would attract plenty of legal challenges. the government might need to change the law to ensure depo deportations can continue. the de barbara has moved from outside duca home office in central london in the last couple of hours. a judge and out of ours, george at the european court of human rights. this suit or a,
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an injunction blocking one person who was on the list for that deportation flight to remember later on tuesday or. and there are various sources suggesting that in fact the same mel could happen for what we believe is the remaining 6 people on the list of all other avenues. legal challenges had actually failed. although over the last few days, individual challenges in the courts. her a britain have got dozens of people off the plane. protest is a new dahlia denouncing a demolition of homes and by muslims. local governments as the buildings have been constructed illegally, but rights group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. joe biden will make his 1st trip to middle east since taking office as u. s. president. next month. the 4 day term will include a visit to israel. the occupied west bank and saudi arabia biden is expected to meet saudi arabia's grandparents. mom had been summoned, comes
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a year after bite and ministration concluded that saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the brutal murder of journalist jamal i shall g and ecuadorian police have arrested an indigenous leader who spearheaded nationwide protest against high fuel prices. they've accused him of what they describe as unspecified offenses. so those that lines this our i'm one years later on after the stream, which is coming up next. know santa's online change because people live in a post that is bigger than them. ah, among the medical them us in the state representative, they put themselves on state to make the changes. some that we've done collectively has learned. it said, i've taken this long a. we have this culture to slash and born to create new
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areas. we have to change this culture. i'm one of the fortunate ones who can leave and establish myself outside, but all the people and on that majority these legal m, as we're talking about as good, hardworking people that wanna live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands or refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and more. ah i anthony ok. welcome to the strain today we're focusing on nigeria. i'm increasing number of security concerns around the country from north south, east and west. churchgoers going to church on a sunday and being mowed down by government, wedding guests at a wedding being abducted vigilantes roaming certain regions of nigeria. what can be
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done to make my jillions feel safer in their own country? that is our conversation to day. if you're on youtube, i know you won't be holding back. let me know your thoughts, your comments, and your suggestions as well. we start ash oh, today with long right. some of the, the guess security challenges facing the and you at the moment into the program. so bonded 3 of them talking not being problems or they're always in and really just skirmishes. my concern about this insecurity problem is the fact that this programs are growing in modern june and dynamics. certainly, we are brushing, then we joy lucian year and this year and this program along with the board. now getting consequences for the mission. johnny, i conversation today we have oh pay api all due and then you are welcome. all 3 of you nice to have to say, oh pay please introduce yourself to the stream audience. hi everyone. my name is.
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busy i'm, i'm really enjoy from you goes, thank you. get to having abil all. so get to having her have her insight, your analysis on the stream. hello audience who you are, what you do. hi, my name is hope you're doing very well and i'm executive director rates. i'm based in the future yet to handle and i'm on. you are welcome to the stream and she's yourself try international viewers. my name is my 3rd i guess get to the hospital. i wonder abil new over the many, many years as nigerians were used to having maybe one or 2 security concerns in the country. but there was so many right now i just pulled up this, this graphic here from the foreign relations nigeria security tracker. the deeper the red, the more serious the problem is and the more intense the problem is. if you could
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quickly take us across the mission as nigeria, where people are concerned about the security, where would you take off? what would you tell us just briefly? so we understand that's how we're talking about this today. and why? well, from yeah, send me, i'm sorry, just to take you round the entire country. i can no longer concentrate on any part of the country. every single part of the country leads the northwest oblique. the most followed by the north is not central. the south is the south west, the south out. but the north central, like i said, not that's the entire country and it's not just a single type of conflict. it's different types of conflicts going on. tenuously at the same time and it's quite overwhelming in the northwest. you've got the terrorist band. and of course in the northeast, which most people are familiar with, you've got the succession in the,
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into the terrorist religious terrorists in the north is that in on for more than 12 years, you go around you for it's what and then not central. you've also got the, the head men in fact, on the communities in those places. and so it's a lot of things you've got, the succession is movement and the thought is you've got the legacy issues of the oil community in the south, out your club, the cool gang in the south west. i'm not sure i've left in, you know, i will do this. this is depressing. i wandering manual when we talk about topics like this on the news roof course. we always look at the tragic stories, the massacres. awful stories, but is this representative of what my jury is like now that there is a genuine lack of security for all nigerians? yes. do you feel the group
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life insurance or missile cross of my mouth with so much bloodshed, blood that i'm the sick to services. what the last minute, why don't you have to be on bus each lunch is most if are lots more, bye bye bye room. so i'm going to miss out that she does, that is me, jo, benefit of democracy is different than on a cross. right. the mother of sancho, everybody. everybody's like everybody's life is also in reality. just looking at this headline here, o pe,
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evil advocate at least 50 killed in nigerian church attack. and this shot nigeria, this shot the well that you can be going to church and, and not come back. i'll pay, i know you did some reporting on this tragedy. what did you find out about this attack? ok, so a lot is a bug. it's a blessing to see. liberal arts arts in avenue into our for quite some time. so do you know you live in wps done in the stands out out of the deposit funded lovely and assault with you john of the and you were we don't usually. oh so my see mama. oh, do you some tell is kilowatt talk before that is so significant, i'll pay if i wasn't that so very significant that expectations for what may happen
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in the north nigeria in terms of religious violence, is no expected to see be seen in the south. says that telling us that there is a movement of the groups arm groups in the north spreading into the south. perhaps a pain. yes, most likely. so the government ask ahmad answer unseen in all of these a dog is good, a dead so is while i'm only know um, bloomberg you saw or news operandi the israel to force the clean down at odds on to his fishy dogs. he's at that as well. the game you will on to now, but he suave so we don't specifically, i mean, no, oh, i stayed out which was great out his other boy. oh if it is in did you swap? i think this is very significant because does shows um immigration status group
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to the notes as a result of either because you which miss does. um, you know, it's get out out of content book. it was, i had to content em denotes night monday, damn split up a lot of the con g on in all because the dimensions always the codes are closed, gone g, w, d for us. like a good one. on to like, as i've said, okay, i mean if we're interested in multiple challenges on the same time, i'm 40 shops, not my glitter, the northern co lexington north south. thank you. thank you. thank you. the benefit of i international audience asap. awful, sonic state, west africa province. so a break of group. i'm arms clip i want to bringing up because i asked you about your reporting at, at that, at the church. and i want to bring in the voice of alex, he said, lived on that church attack. harris i was,
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i was trying to reach me. i went on the other issue. do i deserve when it wouldn't be because of the case. my lay wasn't it r b i guess we could spend the entire show just talking about atrocities that are happening across my cherry up that i want to push on to think about is this challenge to bake for any government for any security force when he pulls force, i'm going to bring him, he at bookish on a bar. she's executive director in victor's africa. she has some suggestions about what nigeria could be doing about the security concerns and manual have a listen. and then i'd like to hear your thoughts about the way forward from this
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dire situation right now. his booking 1st barry's knee took a vendor attacks gum happening in the 1st bit using a human security up good. so that is more to cetera. abreast scene food security, health, security, environmental security, personal security, political security, economic security. second is a combination of only one in systems and rapid response systems in such a way that facilitates early detection or threats or imminent attacks on communities. not has a clue we put in an we further pathway and that ensures can't risk was thought is the quick or less am constitution there. hello. okay. yeah. how does the soft
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provinces tis so vague that emanuel dissipated my off lately, like the way coming back i had i had big thoughts. yeah. oh, that's my job is on his tools. africa is security also like done is to find out the root causes of these elements of it. if you don't fun out because a problem, you may not be able to do with the alyssa. mention that you like us on the trip. how do you book? i don't it met? how did i say this is what it would be. how did i people b reyes is probably as i'm booked everywhere. so the issue that let's do this insecurity, mr. i slipped it through a proposal coming up because i was to get the sauce no smoke out of sauce. and as a big question, what did you have? the aunt says, are you saying?
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i don't know how jan would come with us kind of situation. what it won't go out to collections but little because then if the commission ed gets some cause of that. oh him won't hear it issues. i don't think people go so yeah, i get my initials got somebody black finger on these issues. i'm begin with. i got my dog. i got you. yes, i will come in. i i yes, ma'am. i agree with you, but i think you're, you're trying to be really nice. what, what we realized from what he said, and what we all know is that the nigerian government that use an am, are as a tool to deal with every problem. and it's been getting more arms and getting more on, but not dealing with the root causes, which is what i think you're trying to say. say that we know how to deal with this
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problem. but we're refusing to deal with them in the manner in which we should what's the learning and what's the, what's it, what's, what's a good thing? well i, i think i agree with these because i don't think i, this page was the last bus coming to programs, the problems. are there anyone in those that the way we all want to go through with they want to know? did try to do is i don't think, i think we are past the point of coming to probably my this point on a, on a deal. yeah. let's go with my. have you found out i'm doug didn't discussions conferences. i'm thoughts on this on my drug problem from what i'm pleasant to do with the issue. but let's go with
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this little of my julia who is in this of your problem. so back to want to do with an issue your way. should delana usa speaking like you were a politician. let me give you some thoughts here from our audience. i know i nigerian and sorry i've been to pitch. yeah, i've got some border for this. this is a group issue. yes. so the subtle, how do you, how you talk, how do you travel when you? well, i don't know if that issue. yeah, it is a. all right. okay. let me give you some thoughts here. i'm from our audience. i'm . i am in nigeria, this is alley you. i travel to soccer dough from a buddha, with prayer and vigilance, that i am not the next victim bulletin day in a country where over 50 people were murdered in cold blood. there is no one prosecuted. i will do thoughts on that. the idea that crimes can be committed and
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are they soft? bingo. exactly. now the biggest problem we have a niger is impunity that government will control lack of i'm the be on issues once it's label. so if you say, oh, it's a religious crisis, the lead to the killing of 50 people. you throw a black kid, amnesty on the people who kill, refuse to investigate, find who they are, and ensure that are punished, that ensure that justice is manifestly being done. so that's going on, so if we decide always book or am always the ethnic violence, then impunity immediately in any of the big thing. the start with the little thing every day after traditional killing are still a big deal. not country. now love in last month was, was a better month. what in the month of, of april. there were at least 15 extra traditional killing my organization,
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keep the on them. now. the 1st thing, extra traditional killing, you know, single mom for a country that is not a war where the rule of lloyd meant that the 5th is crazy. and it's not because it's part of the month in which we've had the highest number of extra dish with that 13 a month before. ok. ok. i will, i will do. i have to thank you. ok, i need your help here because i am trying to work out what the way forward might be for nigeria all night trying to work that out. this is pain and tell you has a suggestion. her suggestion is about book ting. elections? 2023. how listen to turn and then you will brief thoughts afterwards. ok. my home sandy, east. these interesting and in a national tv shows in nigeria. so to back the official communities, i'm really speaking with the brother with that. we only once in
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a while and we see the crowley day in the does she on my hobbies we a by whole see in craig, leaders in the common sense in the 3 elections, not only to transform the growing se, carry c all. so all you see piece balcony, so plainly, me. yeah. so i bought, i think the good news to go to basically, you know, is a good out of luck. open is, will, will on the, on the, on his book leads on can yeah. can, that'll fix it. up i that's what what, what time as close as i can vote and fix it. can the mobilization happening and sauce that movement cannot influence itself? the security issues across niger, i think um,
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i would say um, we'll fix the scenes because, um, natalie. dear look to us, i go in there to the up your list or leave on, you know, the presidential look, shawn on government goes beyond the president's, got to go log in, it all the entities and when like when talking about now. so the, so to, you know, to, over all the systems, you know, are they all we did a lot of decades, not the one years now. so i don't, i'm not going to convince, well, what's interesting is the show and i do have a little bit of time in the longer because we are going to sponsor every other week . and i know that yes, my feel you that's important is of men not doing this in the of the level of instruction that price. oh yeah. yeah. that's so much. yeah. i'm sure the
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government is also i with you and i just saw this play of it. i appreciate you father the utes. i'm what relies it. look it up put back up with us. got, i just made it difficult, but 60 percent of little i'm big right? it's just, it's going to love it. and those who are what it is going to get into taller like it to live go easily. should is written less money than just indic also. but rather is of what is so good. what money got? yeah. with those who other ideas. much. yeah. is that the same group back go power . i'm there. continue. victory. which is bringing my do please. because his gloves him, it beeps here. i won't have any of the african direct of human rights watch cuz i, i want to focus
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a little bit on the police. and i know i know you have expertise at noon. i know you have expertise as well in this area. and this is what the african director of human rights watch told us a little bit of everything me tuesday night. you yeah, art bless, reeling and distressed by the in tucson to talks. oh, i read out by most it i'm up toes. but also, the clare inability, of course, means understood enforcement agencies to put an end to the attacks that killings the kidnappings. but also to deploy an intelligent to prevent these attacks from happening a tool. i think it leaves people feeling unprotected what it will at saturation to so that the all groups are better and have more resources than the producing. we're trying to fight them. i'm building you go faster, manual you go 2nd and i wouldn't civilians before i have
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a former police commission is view. i will just go ahead. so yes, we definitely have more arms in the hands of non state actors than we do. they doubtless, as a matter of fact, we have 12 times more on the hands of non state actors that we do have state actors . and it's going to be a tough call to get the state act as the meet up with a number of arms. and then if we think that homes are the only thing that we need to fight this war and then we're, we're, we're, we're just miss the point. and it's not one way in which to resolve all of this. it's multiple ways and it's multiple problems. and it's not just arms, and we need to think deeper about that. and that's what this conversation is about . and my theory has the most number of out of school children in the world in the entire world, including countries are in conflict. now you are breeding potential criminal groups and feeding that, that dan,
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by not educate your children as the 1st one. we do not have infrastructure as long as we don't have infrastructure where an energy, poor country, i reduce my own energy, i got myself in that way that we cannot run businesses more than 33 percent of insurance and close to 40 percent a currently on employ at the moment, how do you not have criminal groups across the country? you've also got the problem of unity. our justice system is extremely weak. if we put all of our focus on the security for then we will miss the point of money coming here. come the police be part of the solution. are all the police. oh, so victims as well that just briefly what, what is it simpler, but it is your full responsibility to 100 issues or grammar and the group that goes
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up all morning i should implored you said lord, rhode island, what is in the news lately? i hope all is well, i unlimited a fog sure. for we balls in the hands of most of us are going to pull gun ago about the rock. we balls like on sophomore with bonds in the house for got which i'm the elk of moses. so to have more arms done to put it up under somebody also measure my mother album which is. ringback about him, none of them on this trip is about that order power i'm will is i'm more chose was the book you will is uplift for below the la moda at the life my insanity is that a home you conversation when i and i couldn't hear that police are not trying to kill their like um, that's another conversation we need to have, but we won't be having it today. oh pay. how i'm paid laughing. he knows what i'm going with this one. and a quick thoughts here on youtube. okay. i owe union casenita. what use would voting
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do for anyone there any to enact candidates? i also, how can the youth movement solve insecurity? we caught, especially when a corrupt politician will offer a youth who has been unemployed for years, some cash and go off the rails cynicism on you chew from app community there. oh, pay on a scale of $1.00 to $10.00. 1 is not very hot for 10 is i have hope for secure nigeria. give me one number to enter with a 1. 1 i will do what is your number to end with? 3, a manual law closing number for for 3. why would i even get to 10 between our 3 guests this insecurity across nigeria. thank you. guess so much for being part of this conversation. thank you. on youtube
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and to i extend to community around about participating the conversation as well. i will see you next time. take ah as the final 3 places at the feet, but will come, are decided we'll live from the playoffs. will gather reaction from across the globe. as themes vessels? capsule 2022. the world cook qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. on al jazeera. we town the untold stories
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