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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm marianne noisy. welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. a reprieve for some u. k. asylum seekers bound for a wanda after an intervention by the european court of human rights. details of jo biden's 1st middle east, ter revealed with confirmation. he'll travel to saudi arabia, israel, and the occupied westbank. targeted for speaking up against hate speech, the homes of muslim protest is demolished in the indian state of utter per dash. who am i going to tell what, what am i gonna tell? claims of a cover up in one of america's most powerful churches, victims of sexual abuse speak out and later in sports a huge night for costa rica booking a spot at this is fee for well come in cat tom. ah,
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welcome to the news hour. so in the next 30 minutes, the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers from the u. k. tour a wanda is due to take off market starts have a 5 year trial in which some asylum seekers deemed to have entered the u. k. illegally. a. transported to a wander to claim refuge that but the plane could only be carrying one passenger after dozens of asylum seekers, one individual appeals against deportation. tuesday's fight is reportedly costing more than $600000.00. the prime minister boris johnson is admitted that his government might need to change the law to ensure deportations can continue. we're trying to make a distinction between legal pathways to the u. k, which we support. we want people to be able to come here in fear that lives we want
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to do it legally and safely. and that's why we have all the safe and legal roots that are open to, to people. what we want to do is to show the people track because that, that they're breaking the law, they're risking people's lives and it will work anyway. now, if will it be necessary to change some laws to help us as we go along, it may very well be when a 130 asylum seekers. it originally been selected to board the 5 flight, but after a series of legal challenges, that number was whittle down. u. k. home office had previously declined a request by al jazeera about the total number of people scheduled to be deported. government has officially refused to say how much the flights will cost, but it has agreed to pay or wander about $145000000.00 up front. one rights group is called it's a cash for human scheme. more than 28000 people cross the english channel on small
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boats last year over 20000 more than the year before. 75 percent of them are single adult men under the age of 40 who could face deportation under their one to scheme . so for me, on this, as in bob up has been following his story, joins me in the studio now since the 1st of all is the flight going had his plan. and if so, how many people are on board? well, the government has all along said the flight will happen. what ever the number of passengers still on that flight list. and now, according to one group called catholic kelly, who worked for the rights of refugees here. and they've been part of this legal challenge in the high court on friday, they asked that court to block to block a blanket by an on the flight which was actually rejected. but their information base say that now there was only one person left on the flight. that's because in the last few hours they've been successful. individual challenges by lawyers
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representing people in detention here at the european court of human rights. in strasburg, an initial order was taken for an iraq key to be taken off that flight. and people believe that, but actually that ruling then would apply to others going forward. so it's possible that we see everybody taken off the flight. there's only around half an hour until we believe that flights due to lee from an already f base and air base. here in weston england. the foreign secretary liz trust has been insisting that even if there were nobody on board, the plane should leave to set a precedent. but it's really unclear what's going to happen right now. how embarrassing is this? the government? of course, i determined to continue with this policy, but if this plan was taken one passenger on board, or indeed no passenger, even for the sake of setting a precedent, this is quite a blow subarus johnson's policy. it is. it's also embarrassing for the rwandan
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government, who had a, a welcome infrastructure ready, the british government have paid $150.00 more than $150000000.00 us dollars just for the accommodation and so on for insisting right now that whatever happens with this 1st flight, they will continue with the scheme that it's moral is right, and then it will deter people from getting on boats and crossing the channel risk to their lives. well, there is a wide, a challenge to build a galaxy of the whole scheme coming out next month. and that's where these charities hope to prove that he's in fact unlawful. they also point out that term so far, since the schemes been up and running or announced, the numbers crossing the channel have actually gone up. they don't believe it's ever going to be a deterrent. they also say that it's immoral unfair because while you heard bars, johnson talking about legal and say fruits for most nationalities, crossing the water, there is no legal and safe roots. again, not even for many afghans who fled since the telephone take over last year. so what's the space for the legal challenge next month, but as for the flight,
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which is supposed to take off on tuesday night, still unknown. i thank you very much. bother awfully for grand is un high commissioner for refugees now. he told al jazeera that this policy from u. k. government is unacceptable. it creates a very bad precedent. it shows that the country with resources, with structures with systems does not want to deal with this fundamental right of people fleeing, which is to seek asylum and it is exporting it to another country. it's sure it is a bad, very bad example for all the other countries. all countries in the world that will be faced with refugee influx is and they may follow the example of the u. k. say we don't want to deal with it. they have to go some whereas these precedent to me is the most negative aspect of this situation. certainly, rwanda has received tens of thousands of refugees. it is hosting congolese refugees
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if he's hosting barone the and refugees. but these record jeez follow different procedures. they are received as a group. they are not processed as individual asylum seekers, as will be necessary for doors that are being sent from the united kingdom for this processing. rwanda is not equipped. it may become a quick thing to future. it is not yet equipped. oh, my good fellow is an academic, an author of the book, hostile environment, how immigrants became scapegoats, joins us live now from newcastle by skype. and we just have some developments on this story and i see the editor. so local media, domestic media in this country saying that scheduled 1st flights take migrants from person to rolanda, it will no longer leave. what is your sense about what is likely to happen to night?
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yeah, i mean if, if the flight does not go ahead, this is really down to people challenging this in the number of different ways really on the basis that we should treat people seeking asylum like people. but it really shouldn't take. protest is out on the street. we should take your vehicle if you rights because this should not be policy in the 1st place. i think what we can anticipate is if the flight does not take off because people to be removed from the plane and does not know the government, it should not be deployed. know which really they shouldn't be doing the 1st days. i think the government probably will try and find ways around this. they will frame this in nestle's culture was language, which is really and really to taking the u. k. down even more dark and toxic narrative around refugees in immigration. how might the government try to get around these legal challenges preventing deportations, tonawanda, i mean, they may, they may simply people who are already here trying to claim aside and making these crossings of the chance of the channel. they may just try and get different people
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to try and to pull them. but i think one of the things to say about this, which is, was just noted before is one of the things that the government is claiming is that if people come by the channel and they have to rely on people, traffic is then they shouldn't have that as i am applications processed here in the u. k, but it's really important to know that people are forced to take these routes because there are so safety roots of travel into a country that the u. k. so what the government does with at board the policies is they fuel the business model that people to africa. so what they should be doing instead of so playing their base and trying to port people who simply want to claim asylum. yeah, they should be opening up more safer to travel people to get here. they don't have to risk their lives making danger crossings like the channel crossing. but i guess that's very unlikely to happen in yourself just mentioned the kind of direction politics is taking in the country, particularly after breaks. it would make her the suggestion earlier on the day from arms of boys johnson that the u. k. might simply withdraw from the european
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convention on human eyes to facilitate these flights, tara wander, perhaps all the countries. well, this is something that different governments have so of toys, with the idea of withdrawing from certain international treaties and agreements in order to, to, to be able to pull people. it's something we had of similar soundings around this, although the, the context is different now. and under the new labor government, why think we really should keep our eyes on is what happens in july when the legality around this policy generally been in the u. k. will be considered. so really the government will be able to be more difficult for them to get around that if it's found that it's not something that they can legally do. can i ask you about this remark made by their a wand and government and now they have described criticism of plants to relocate migrant smith. i was a thought m c because of that countries being insulting, they all say me want to try and use this as an opportunity to show that the african
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content african countries can be a place whether or not unities for people, particularly light of the brain, drain that was seen from many of these countries. yeah, i mean, i certainly think when we're talking about countries near the continent, we should be very careful about the kinds of language we use. this idea that, you know, britain actually has quite bad record and treatment of asylum seekers. this idea that some countries are much, much worse. i think we have to be careful around that. the so racialize connotations around that. but why one of the things i would say is where i really don't agree with that kind of statement from the rwandan government is that people who are fleeing there was deafening war persecution who trying to claim asylum. they are human beings. they are people just like you, me and this is really a raise in the side and debates and immigration debates. just because they've had to leave the home for all kinds of reasons. it doesn't mean they stop being people who want to create a life for themselves in a particular place of that choosing maybe where they have family or friends. this idea that you consult move people around is if they are units that don't matter,
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i think is really, really dehumanizing. people want to come to countries like the u. k for all kinds of reasons. and we shouldn't ignore that simply because they are deemed to be asylum seekers or refugees. and of course, supporters of the policy say that that essentially you would be a busing criminal gangs at this is a way of deterring roots that are not only dangerous for the migrants in the solemn seekers themselves, but also one that feels business to that kind of criminal gangs that, that a exploiting them and, and putting their lives at risk. yes, for a really long time. i mean if you go back 20 years in the u. k, the new labor government was talking about cracking down on people smuggling and they had the business of moving people across borders and successive governments have talked about making that more difficult. but actually what they had done is they strengthen border policies. and the evidence suggests that when people have no
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other option, they don't have a safe route. they don't have any other option. they have to turn to people who they have to pay a lot of money, who maybe don't take their safety into account. and that really should be the thing that we're focused on, as opposed to doubling down, which is what the government's doing. and essentially making it more difficult, more dangerous to people to claim asylum. he and the some of the people, if there are any people who center wonder, it's not guaranteed that they won't then try to leave wonder and try to claim asylum. try to make it very deep danger. jenny wants again to try and claim asylum in a country like new k. again. thank you very much, my a good 5. joining us there. it with the news, our life from london as much more still i had for you on the program. as russian shelley continues ukrainian forces raised to evacuate civilians from the city of savannah. daniel, looking at the fall out after an indigenous lead in ecuador is arrested during
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a national strike. ah, now, joe biden will make his 1st trip to the middle east and taking office as you as president . next month. for de toll include a visit to israel, the occupied west bank in saudi arabia. biden is expected to meet saudi arabia's crown prince. mom had been sa man. the trip comes just a year after the biden administration concluded that saudi arabia's crowned brains ordered the brutal murder of journalists remark shoji. well, our white house correspondent, kimberly how git has more on the story. a trip is fraught with controversy and so it is not playing well domestically already given some of the statements that the u . s. president made prior to becoming the u. s. president center, he called the sally kingdom prize state. he pointed the finger at muhammad been salman,
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and he really underscore the human rights record of the saudi kingdom and said that the human rights would be the foundation of his foreign policy. but now as there are rising oil prices as the sky hi, gas prices in the united states, that all seems to be swept to the side. and now he's going to be sitting down face to face with the crown prince of the saudi king. or to encourage them to pump more oil to bring those prices down. really sort of sweeping under the rug any concern about human rights. and this is really something that bothers a lot of people in the united states, particularly given the fact that a u. s. intelligence point to the fact that my haven't been phelman is the mastermind behind the killing of the washington post journalist associate. but it's not just that, it's also when it comes to israel are the fact that there really is no difference between the president's policies and that of his predecessor, donald trump. a moran bashar is al, jazeera senior political analyst,
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and he explained earlier that there is a need in the region for us to step back politically, but to continue providing arms and funding to a large degree. what i would all be until of eve are proposing and perhaps were so dear abby and others is that we will take care of it. meaning we reason that it will coordinate. we will, we will create a secret, a structure, all what you need to do. you in the united states is help us fight finance at some of it. support some of it arm, some of us in order for us to stand up together. very much like the united states has done for euro, against russia and others in the says of. great, there is no structure. so with their doing exact, in fact, is binding building on trumps diplomatic progress progress by creating strategic progress among the allies so much that they would fight the fight. while the united states leads from behind alice going anger across india,
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authorities of demolish the homes of muslims in the state of a to per dash. a say they would targeted off to taking part in recent protests. demonstrations were held off to 2 officials from the governing b. j. p. party make comments about the prophet mohammed. many considered offensive of ne mitchell reports from sar on poor in northern india. ah mamma, that he cries in pain. he says his arm is broken as he pleads for mercy. he was recently arrested, but allegedly taking part in a protest. his mother says the accusations of false and authorities are threatening to demolish ha families home. i love you godaddy. no more than what had you. my sister in law visited him. she said his hands were swollen, he told her the swelling was even worse. a few days ago, he begged her to get him out. he was crying like a child. what i thought,
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oh my god, oh, hundreds of thousands of people across india recently protested against the push and more. she was suspended from the governing bgp for making islam before rec remarked. now the b g, b, run government up there. could they state is cracking down on dissenters. authorities have demolished at least 4 homes belonging to muslims. they said the houses were built illegally. part of the top floor of bosh. it's home, it's a horrible town has been destroyed. his mother says, authorities threatened the family as the arrested him. there is not the lady remember that wouldn't be love and we were terrified. i locked the door but they demanded, we open it. i went to the terrace and asked them why they had already arrested my son. i asked if they wanted to kill me. that's when they switched on the bulldozer . at least 300 people have been arrested nationwide. all those have been booked for hate speech. many of them are hindus, local authority, say they receive names of dozens of protesters and will begin examining their homes
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for irregularity that walking fill in the shower. the more demolition could be carried out. the court have recently condemned similar demolitions, but authority said these are part of the larger and encroachment drive in the states. it is going on. and the people who had been the legalities in their houses or in the official promises the list is already developed or decent . civic authorities keep on taking action against them. it is done as it will be measured and it has been done again of one of them mean he was not the instigators of the whalers. the many people are protesting against these demolitions. they see the government is trying to intimidate dissenters and singing out muslims. homer than his mother is trying to free him. she says she has faith the law with side with her father,
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bob. and then i'll just see that the holland in northern india. ukraine says it's force is trying to evacuate the last civilians from savanna danielle, including 500 people sheltering inside the a lot chemical factory. ukrainian forces still fighting to push back the russian military a day after they destroyed the last bridge linking the city. and they bring this a chance. severed on the ask is russia's focus in the battle for eastern ukraine and control of the dumbass region. charles stratford has this report now members of ukraine security service, his run for cover as the sound of a shell cuts through the air and explodes close by in the basement, the group of elderly residents is hiding. during a brief, lo, they emerged from the shelter, dazed and terrified. the police tell them to get into the vehicle quickly. another
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show explodes, the car policies a body on the street. just a few kilometers south the wreckage of what were people's homes still burns? this is lucy chance, one of the 2 remaining cities that russia doesn't control the lucas region. the ukraine, an army says, russian forces have destroyed the loss of 3 bridges. they used to connect the city with neighboring sivilton esque over the river to the north, potentially making it very difficult for soldiers volunteer units. and what the ukranian military says on many civilians refusing to leave or trent inside. we are civilians. why are they shelling us as if junior? we don't have any one here. no soldiers, why? of a bombing says a friend and they stand by a grave where one of their 2 neighbors was hastily buried in recent days. but she was, i knew it the trouble, and they all asked this question, why don't you leave?
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but where are we supposed to go? this is our land. we grew up here, we live here. our mothers and fathers are buried here in december tree. these residents line up to get water from a fire truck ukrainian or sorry to say there's be no war troll that tricity for days. unexploded rockets are stuck in the earth and rubble. people here say russian shilling is increasing all the time, and that's going to be a threat. they started shooting very hard. that's what many people began to leave. or at least the ones who had some way to go. military analysts say most of ukraine, soviet built weaponry, has been destroyed. crane an army says it needs more long range artillery and thanks. it is to stop the russian advance. ukraine's western partners have already sent or promised to send military hardware worth millions of dollars. ukraine says it's no, win is sufficient, and it's not getting to the front lines fast enough. as metro defense ministers are scheduled to meet in brussels on wednesday,
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there are many ukrainians increasingly asking whether the west can sustain or even build upon its level of military support. charles stafford al jazeera, give our russia band as band. dozens of british citizens and journalists from entering the country kremlin, says it's in response to western sanctions and pressure on russian media and organizations abroad. b, b. c. sky nears the guardian, and the times all amongst the news outlets included in the ban. several people linked to persons defense in history of also been blocked. a top a to rational position fig. alexson of ali says he's been transferred out of his prison colony to an unknown location of army was jailed for parole violations in february last year, after returning from germany, where he'd been recovering from an apparent nerve agent poisoning. he accuses the kremlin of ordering. the attack in marching violently, was sentenced to a further 9 years for fraud and contempt of court. judge ordered that he be
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transferred to a maximum security prison. the van, he says, all charges against him a fabricated. now children have been deliberate targets of me and mars military since last year's cool. according to a un expert scores of allegedly been killed with the military accused or inflicting immense suffering. the when special appetite on human rights in me and ma says children have been subjected to torture, including stabbings, beatings and having their fingernails or teeth removed during interrogation. the u . n says it's received information of nearly a 150 children who have been tortured by the security forces. in the u. s. members of the southern baptist church, a grappling with sexual abuse scandal. after a recently released report uncovered accusation against hundreds of church leaders . the sbc is the largest and most powerful protestant evangelical dom denomination
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in the us with more than 14000000 members. the report is an external view into s p . c's leaders, commission last year. it found the organization that ignored allegations by ministers and church leaders for almost 2 decades. it revealed the sbc had secretly compiled a list of more than 700 ministers, accused of sexual abuse, or molesting children, mostly from the year 2000 to 2019. there's no evidence it took any action though the names have since been made public. the report also includes instances of misconduct and abuse by s. b c. leaders including a form of vice president who is now a defendant in a law suit, brought by a man who says he started abusing him at the age of 14. who all that is helping the gender at the christian groups. annual convention. how to as errors rob reynolds reports now from anaheim, california, david pittman was just 12 years old when he was sexually abused by
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a youth minister at his southern baptist church and georgia. he told no one, you know, this is the person that supposed to represent god and they're doing this. so i how am i gonna tell what, what am i gonna tell them? i'm a 12 year old who's never been taught any of these things. the abuse continued for 3 years. the trauma and shame later led him to addiction and i wanted in just as much of it as i could. so i didn't have to think about what had happened to him. and so for 20 years, i'm abusing drugs. my life spirals out of control with 14000000 members and 47000 affiliated churches. the sbc is the largest protestant denomination in the u . s. and a powerful force and conservative politics. but southern baptists are reeling from revelations of widespread sexual abuse of children by ministers and church officials. or i think the report did rock people that are core. i mean, mixture of indignation,
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a grief for decades. church leaders made extensive efforts to cover it all up. last month and independent 3rd party report, documented how the southern baptist convention executive committee dismissed allegations of sexual abuse ignored survivors and their stories and focus instead on protecting the organizations reputation and sparing individual congregations from legal liability. the s b c will consider a series of reforms, including a database of proven and suspected offenders. predators try to remain anonymous and that's what they do. they try to stay in the background. we're going to put a mechanism in place where as best we can, those people are recognized and communicated that they can't keep hurting other folks. the sex abuse task force will also recommend a full apology for survivors. but the policy is always good as the action in one of the things that has been frustrating is 2 survivors has been
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a lot of talk without concrete change. pittman is skeptical. i don't believe an institutional change. what i hope is that there's over time, there is a continue on the continuum of leadership that is trying to help survivors. if that takes place, than it is possible for some wholesale and long term institutional change. a powerful church humbled forced to confront the betrayal of its children. rob reynolds al jazeera anaheim, california city had on his knees out from london, refusing to enter the court room. we have from one of the thousands of opposition figures convicted and amassed trial in cambodia. tensions resurface over disputed boundary between lebanon, israel in the mediterranean sea. and serena williams and outs is have returned to competitive tennis will have one that lisa in sports.
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ah, how i re changed sunshine really ramping up across a kid part of europe at the moment? did you say large the clear sky said with the the sun, a fair way north now we're really going to get good value for that to hate though we have got some wet to where this is like the cold weather up towards the northwest and some very wet weather i which was ne, just around laugh yeah, right. voice in force. hey, for some very heavy rain say something to watch out for. but as i said by large it is about the hate particular rout. iberia, orange, one is in force of course. good parts of southern spain, little her, them all to swell warnings enforced to into southern areas of france. we go wanting to work thursday that he'd start to push little further north 29th 30 celsius there for paris getting up to route 30 in london. as we go on into friday, so pretty much all small scandinavia yet brought delicacy some positive. you see
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some very warm sunshine, not quite as warm in the southeast. we have got a few showers there for turkey, longest spells of frame, still coming into that east side of europe. just clearing the boat. it stays as we go through web stay. hopefully that will push out as we go on into thursday, some very heavy and foundry showers just around the out, just around switzerland, austria pushing up towards southern parts of poland. by latter part of the week, we want for north africa slots. you try but heavy showers for the west. ah! free fall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes . more than 40 military parish shooting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of
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thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flack, you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blur below, it's time to free fall. ah ah ah, welcome back to with the news our life from london,
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our main stories. now. first slide you to carry asylum seekers from the you. kate's for wonder has been cancelled off to her last minute intervention by the european quotes of human rights. several asylum seekers scheduled to leave the flight. it also early a one individual appeals against iep or taishan. joe biden will make his 1st trip to saudi arabia next month, as us president, he is expected to meet with the crown friends. mom had been salman. a jo after his administration concluded the crown prince ordered the murder of judd list. jamal has shown jane, and his growing anger across india, where authorities have demolished the homes of muslims in the state of which, uh, for dash, official say the buildings were constructed illegally, but rights group say it's part of an attempt to intimidate the muslims. now i could orient, police have arrested unintentional leader who has spearheaded nationwide protests against high fuel prices. but lisa need does, is salazar,
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was detained on suspicion of offences, but they've not been specified. his organization has denounced. the arrest is illegal. our last america editor, lucy and human reports now. oh, tempers were already reaching boiling point when the government ordered the arrest of loony thus isa leader of ecuador confederation of indigenous peoples. the powerful organization had just begun a national strike to demand the fuel food and fertilizer prices be lowered and frozen shortly before the arrest isa had sent a stern message to president viet maluso de la mortgages of john kennedy. if the president does not respond to any of our demands incident that we will continue indefinitely. eco doors, acute economic crisis made much worse by the pandemic, has led to a sharp rise in prices, hunger and malnutrition. well,
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he says arrest has angered indigenous communities that produce the lion's share of the countries. fresh food in ecuador, it's amazon region, the combative indigenous organization that represents more than 1500 communities, is calling for a national uprising. other things children, oyster maximilian dick with dorian state has kidnapped alida, i'm summoning all the presidents of all indigenous nationalities, organizations, federations communities to rise up and march and reach every city the country lavish. oh, it's not an empty threat. less than 3 years ago. the indigenous confederation brought ecuador his previous government to which needs to strikes and sometimes violent public protest hulu. after paralyzing the country for 10 days, the government caved in to demand to retract the increase in fuel prices as required by the i. m. f. president law. so says he says arrest is to prevent those
12:36 am
whom he accuses of spreading instability from paralyzing the country. again, the i, eunice, yo la, bethany young de la hope brought the rest of the intellectual and material authors upon an access begun. now it is up to the public prosecutor's office from the courts to act up because no one is above the law, he cl upward. but all indications are that the government's response to mounting arrest is likely to make an already explosive situation even worse. and alex america added to lucy newman is life right now in santiago. how much of a challenge is there stack widow's political stupidity? you see either marian ecuador is a very politically unstable country, as it is. it had gone through periods where it's changed president nearly every year. it seemed like president again will laugh, so would somehow be able to put things out on
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a more progressive perhaps more modern road if you like. but then they got shuttled with the pandemic and things have only gone from bad to worse. what we're seeing now is very, very serious. indeed, the indigenous confederation, as i said earlier, is capable of sometimes even of overthrowing governments or, or destabilizing the country so badly that the residents are forced to resign. and we've just got word that some opposition groups have presented at least 3 petitions to the electoral council, which is considering them for a recall referendum against the president who is now a promising, vowing to use the armed forces and the police to not allow these indigenous groups to march on the capital to try to what he calls paralyzed the country. but it clearly looks at this point that this country is heading towards a much more tense situation and
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a much stronger confrontation. you very much see anyone. a cambodian court was convicted about 60 opposition leaders and a mass trial as prime minister hans and crack sound on descent had of national elections next year. government critics were convicted of charges ranging from treason to incitement and conspiracy. julian wolfe has more outspoken lawyer and activist, teary seeing, one of dozens of opposition, figures convicted in a mass trial. wow. critics say it's part of an attempt by cambodia is long serving leader to crack down on descent ahead of next year's elections. dressed as a statue of liberty sang declined to enter the court room. i am ready for the sham verdict that will be a noun that morning will be the wording. i am ready and prepared to go to the notorious board in prison for my political opinions will. my
12:39 am
moments later the verdict was announced. a 6 year prison sentence for treason, it won't just be me. teary thing will will be found guilty. but all that cambodian law just is a prominent lawyer with the way sang and 80 others were charged in connection with the 2019 failed attempt by an opposition leader to return from exile allegations. they all deny emotions rang high outside the courthouse, as the borders were escorted away. sang lawyer, speaking out of the rosy, i'm wondering on this verdict is not fair. that was why she was protesting for dissolution. but the court did not give the solution. they punished her and jade her. instead. the country's leader has been in power since 1985 and is one of the world's longest serving prime ministers. several other opposition figures are
12:40 am
behind bars, while many more have fled the country. join wolf al jazeera al some use from ethiopia. the prime minister abbey ahmed is saying is government has formed a committee to negotiate with forces in the northern to gray region. the 1st public confirmation of the key step towards peace negotiations. nearly 2 year conflict integrity killed thousands and displaced more than $9000000.00 people. the announce what was majoring a parliament meeting where abbey, i also expressed concern over the possibility of their being even more violence. the u. s. envoy mediating between lebanon and israel, over the debt. they're disputed, maritime borders. met with the lebanese president, michelle, our own talks focused on finding a solution to rising tensions over the boundary between lebanon in israel and mediterranean sea. for months that have been disagreements within lebanon over how big that disputed area is. dana hodges reports from bay root lebanon's maritime border dispute with israel has resurfaced. after an offshore
12:41 am
drilling platform arrived at the korean gas field last week was condemned as a hostile act by the leadership here. but israel says the waters are not contested . lebanon's leaders invited the u. s. mediator amos hush time to present proposals to israel for resuming indirect talks. they're waiting for a response, but they also seem to be offering what some called a compromise level response has not been officially disclosed, but it is believed the country's leaders have dropped their claim to line $29.00. that is where the charisse gas field is located. sources close to the president said negotiations will instead focus over an 860 square kilometer area of c and an additional 300 square kilometers that include the qana gas fields. talks between lebanon and israel. in february, nearly collapsed after hushed. i made clear line $29.00 shouldn't be included in
12:42 am
negotiations, and courage wasn't near a disputed area. men, but animal follow up from the beginning, the demand of the negotiating team was for the authorities to sign the decree to modify the map and send it to the un. this will have made our claim legal level. many people in lebanon are angry. they say those in power gave away the country's wealth to secure their own interests and political future. with the man, the amendment of decrease 6433. so that line 29 becomes the line on which in direct ocean should be bait. we demand international law, which is on their side to be respected. the president says the line $29.00 claim was not formalized so negotiations could be kept open, but an eminent deal is not expected. let me show how much to show what kind of compromise both sides will agree on. so i think, given the local political will end up on
12:43 am
a given the regional corporate and giving also the mission of israel. and the rig is weeks away from producing gash from cut each. the field is a resource that could help fill the needs of western nations as they try to reduce reliance on russia for supplies following its invasion of ukraine. that means lebanon's demand to stop production until there is a final deal on boarders runs counter to their interests. then they're also sita, they route l soldiers in begin of faso, of recovered at least 79 bodies after attack on a commune over the weekend. at least a 100 people were killed in the northern city of se tenga, which lies near the border with new jack. arm suspects attacked military police post on friday, before attending 2 days later to slaughter thousands of civilians. i feel posted this videos, not long after the attack. don't say that board is say 97000 people have now arrived in the regional capital dory off the scene, the se, tongue area,
12:44 am
and some of them are being treated for gunshot wounds. meanwhile, the united nations is saying the death toll from days of violence between tribes, incidentally stuff for region is reached at least a 125. now, the fighting began between our non arab nomadic tribes and the town of cooper bush in west for state. the colon reportedly started out as a land dispute between 2 individuals, both before several villages within attacks. now the un estimates around 50000 people have been displaced as a result of this. violence has also split over into neighboring districts. fighting has frequently broken out in the region of access to water and pasture for livestock. the u. n. su day body, the world food program says it has to caught some food aid to sal, sued on because it doesn't have the funds to keep going. the program has launched
12:45 am
a humanitarian appeal saying it needs $426000000.00 in aid for the next 6 months to avert the risk of starvation for over one and a half 1000000 people. walls youngest country is struggle with conflict and famine, since it split from sudan and our cheese day marks 15 years since israel imposed an air land and sea blockade on the gaza strip. report from human rights watch says its devastated causes economy unblocked. nearly 2000000 people from access to work and education. the u. n says the monitoring crisis has now reached unprecedented levels. humans, a site is theiran centers this report. since how much to cope with the calls to strip in 2007 attitude legislative elections. israel has imposed a full siege on the enclave. it strictly controls every one and every thing going in or out. it's further damaged causes bleak economy and the dire living conditions
12:46 am
of it's 2000000 people. and that's been worsened by both israel and egypt. keeping the reporters closed. israel allows passage through the air is crossing only in what it considers exceptional human carrying cases of in human rights watch latest report on israel speech. it states. the closure has devastated the economy. godsa contributed to fragmentation of the policy and people, and forms part of ease, really, authorities, crimes against humanity, of appetite and persecution, against millions of palestinians is really authority should lift the closure of casa and the generalize travel ban and permit freedom of movement. subject to at most individual screenings for security reasons. more than 60 percent refugees, depending on the united nations refugees, agency for food, education,
12:47 am
and medical aid. there's not a moral extra here in, in the other place. i will give you one figure about the number of people who used to receive food from on dockwood copeland from in 2000 and the number was 20000 people. now we are talking about 1100000 people. this is how the number are, you know, rising what a little sane wants on the factory producing medical and industrial equipment. but israeli officials stopped materials and turing garza, they say, can be used for dual use, meaning civilian and military. he sais that left him and more than 30 other workers without jobs. men on the football, the many essential materials from our factory were banned from entering because of this caused our factory to stop working. it's a piece of junk now, and we were forced to send all workers home. since israel imposed it's located,
12:48 am
it's also launched for military source on costa with to cease preventing construction materials such as steel and cement. from reaching garza reconstruction has been near impossible. the un weren't in 2015, that living conditions in garza were deteriorating so rapidly. it could become an inhabitable by 2020. now in 2022 palestinians in garza are still living under eas, rails brocade denied for base a cry to freedom and with little or no hope of a better future. you may see it al jazeera garza. i have all sport very shortly after a great break. as elation for costa rica hot break for new zealand central americans. booker spots at this year's fif, a wildcard and cattle. ah
12:49 am
sears from al jazeera. on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app is. this is where we dissect online to find with from algae. there is a mobile app available in your favorite app to just set for it and tap there. made a new app from out. is there a new at you think it it investigative journalism. my role in this, by quite the, in information about global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we build these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no just dara
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ah ah ah time now for all the sports with santa in don't thank you very my to my him while the line up for the carter 2020 to walk up is complete. costa rica secured the final place at the torment, beating new zealand, one neil and a playoff. i did. richardson was at the match and with one last will cup spot up for grabs. thousands of costa rica, france had trouble to kat. so, to see that seemed take on new zealand in the years, final qualifier. this completely brings our country together. for the past 2 days,
12:51 am
everyone, you know, whenever you see someone comes to week and we shall, it streaming to people, we hug people who, we don't know. we take pictures of people, we don't out. so it's been a very interesting experience. that means a lot e, costa rica, even. it's that they off today. okay. because for at the very fort that the qualified everybody hall making parties everything together because it's a big, big deal for us to use. ellen went into the matches, outsiders ranked 70 places behind costa rica. we're aiming for their 3rd straight world cup appearance that target looked all the more achievable within 3 minutes of kickoff. joel campbell putting costa rica ahead museums. chris would thought he'd scored an equalizer just before half time, but his celebrations were to be cut short. after consulting the pitch site, monitor the referee disallowed the goal for a fowl in the build up. his mind.
12:52 am
using ins was with compounded after the break. constable recess since off, less than 10 minutes after coming on as a substitute because the yellow card has been cancelled. and it is now read. despite the numerical disadvantage, you zealand continued to pressure, their opponents go. but costa rica held on to secure the wind and a place at the 6th world cup. with qualifying athens and all 32 places now accounted for. the focus will shift back to the house, cat saw, and its final preparations for the middle east's 1st ever. well cup the bits a hostess tournament was 112 years ago. a will finally kickoff, just over 5 months time. and he, richardson, al jazeera, doha, and that's now had to costa rica and join a sports reporter gotten done. it couldn't, was the atmosphere been like and how big the party beat to night in san jose
12:53 am
super charged, people are just streaming down to this traditional spot where they celebrate thousands of the people back in the spanish fountain and just absolute hand down there. i. i had to laugh when i heard that the president, the offered safety people extended one shower as if they were going to go back to work after the game. nobody is going back to work tonight and it's going to go way deep in the night. and a lot of people are going to be going to work tomorrow. couldn't. what does it mean for the country to qualify for the fed woke up in a row. i think it's just an extension of the previous one or so, so we could get
12:54 am
a lot very there hoping to to be able to do something like that. again, of course they're saying they call it the desk. you find the, i guess, but similar one in 2014 where they replaced. busy italy defeated the way through with through with england. so, you know, i think people think that even possible. of course we had some fans a tonight. but in november of course the numbers will be bigger. what are they expecting for being here and how they're looking forward to it? oh yeah, i mean people are dressed in middle eastern. we're not here right now. they're. they're super excited. absolutely. and like i said, i think that there's now a little bit of a hope that they might be able to do something in better. i
12:55 am
have to say this is a, it's just, it's just going to be a party party all night long. the national bruce and you know, nothing like but world but gordon dun and thank you very much for that and enjoyed the party or thank you. was serena williams, as confirmed as she is coming back to competitive tennis after missing for 12 months and will play at this year's wimbledon. e 23 time grand slam champion entered her leg at the old england club last year and has not played since. serena was, has won wimbledon 7 times, but ha willed ranking has dropped to 1208. 40 year old confirmed her return on instagram with a caption. s w 19. it's a date 2022 to you there. the uproar surrounding the saudi back to golf tour is over shadowing the build up to the us open plays who defected the to
12:56 am
the elves. to live golf it into not invitational, which debited in london this week or back in the u. s. preparing for the 3rd major of the year from a well number one, destiny johnson and 6 time major champion, phil mickelson, who both have exemptions at to plant the open lead, deep affection by 17 p. j. members. critics accused the plays of putting money before the game. i know that many of you have strong will many people have strong opinions, emotions about my choice to go forward with live golf and i understand and i respect that. i am incredibly grateful for the pga tour and for the many opportunities that it is provided me through the years. but i am excited about this new opportunity as well. it's just sad. i mean it's really no other way
12:57 am
to say it. it's just, it just makes me sad, you know, because like i said, i've grown up my entire life, want to do that and i don't want to do anything else. you know, i mean that the people that have gone to that, like i said, they have the decision that they're entitled to make it. not necessarily that i agree with that one way or the other, but everything's gotta price. i guess he, golden state warriors are engine closer to the n b a championship title. they beat the boston celtics to take a 3 to lead and the best of 7 series finals stuff. high school, 16 but his records st. 132 straight post season games with at least 13 point to ended. andrew wiggins thawed for the warriors with 26 points, leading them to a 194 victory. something agenda both for sure. you know, being a league and you know, this is the ultimate, ultimate stage and get bigger in this. so, although that is being aggressive and,
12:58 am
you know, isn't it was good again. we did one game on thursday and we've been in a situation before. so, you know, it is not over, guy went on thursday and so we got, we're about right now. and that's a spot for me. i do about come, i am in london. santa thank you very much. so that's it for the news out, but i'll be back in with more the days news around up of the top stories coming up very shortly. ah. oh la la la la la la la. why is one on one the how do you to visit with council the philistines bitten the from the fish for yeah, well no, better for say, yeah,
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that kind of little sob isn't done well, i can dish out in the car their topic. see how that a person thought when you buy a coffee and like in the, on the path on my gun a on, in that a fee on the line is like a month to help body. i mean, for the 2nd law in a group, i feel you why did i can't even before the book who understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wow. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. if dennis date is on the cusp of the new chapter in its history, after the u. s. and the telephone signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of international troops. high cost was paid to get to this point though . over the past few years,
1:00 am
the u. s. is increasingly conducted. it's part of the war from the sky, with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came arise and civilian casualties. this is all to happen at mistakes do happen, and this is about owning mistakes and about things. all right, and this about accountability in largely on accountable for families. we interviewed not receiving acknowledgement from the us left without closure. they told us that they felt like what happened to their loved ones was a crime and they want justice and answers something war to often denies. ah.


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