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tv   Africa Direct The Man Who Plants Baobabs A Wrestlers Dream  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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associate what a 100 this verdict is not fair. that was why she was protesting for dissolution. but the court did not give the solution the punish her and drew her insert. the country's leader has been in power since 1985 and is one of the world's longest serving prime ministers. several other opposition figures are behind bars, while many more have fled the country, joined wolf al jazeera. now stargazers looking to the evening sky will be able to see what's been dubbed a super strawberry moon. this is the 4th consecutive full moon that coincides with it being at its closest point to the earth. it's already been supported by scientists and amateur astronomers alike. in north america and united arab emirates, a super moon appears much larger in the sky and even brighter due to its proximity to the earth. ah.
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now look at made stories of falling this hour. the 1st scheduled flight take migrants from the u. k t r one. the under a controversial agreement has been cancelled last minute interventions by the european court of human rights man. all my goods to remove from the plane, several asylum seek a schedule to leave on the flight earlier. one individual appeals against being deported. u k prime minister boris johnson is admitted that his government might need to change the law to make sure that deportations can continue in the future. as the dean barber explains, the u. k. court previously ruled the flight could go ahead, but it was the european court that disagreed once there's a review into the legality of the scheme. next month, if it's ruled to be unlawful. they said that or asylum seekers could simply be returned to britain. in the last 2 hours, the european court of human rights has actually gone against vot idea what they've
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said in ruling, but every one should be taken off the flight. they've said this flight that was scheduled for tuesday night should not go ahead until the legality had been looked into. and, and also the question of whether rwanda was a safe country to send these people had also been properly properly assess joe, by it'll make his 1st trip to them, at least since taking office as you, as president for they turn next month will include a visit to is or out the occupied west bank and saudi arabia biden is expected to meet with the crown. prince man had been salman a year after his administration concluded that the crown prince ordered the brutal murder of journalists jamal, shoji protested in new delhi or denouncing a demolition of homes owned by muslims, local governments, as the buildings had been constructed illegally but rights groups as anc all parts of an attempt to intimidate muslims in the country. and ukraine says its force is
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trying to evacuate. the law civilians from civil danielle, including 500 people sheltering inside. the assault chemical factory. equating force is a still fighting of pushing back the russian military day after they destroyed the last bridge linking the city to neighboring. lucy chanced from myself and the team here in london do stay with us for africa. direct, which takes us to the herb of forests of bikini fossa, from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah
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let me get out of your dog. slobber by members. the deal out of getting out of bed in there. so when i get there with you on friday, about the w william bye bye. but their mother them. how that was on with the mom about you getting she doesn't live and work on me, their neighbors, and that the level to them that way. it is a wonderful being an obama. we noted evil here. i'm seeing at the gun get to leave and telling us that he has a a, a t o was in atlanta and i believe that i had a guy to come to visit with that. that would be good. yeah, let me know. call me, i think in a gym we submitted
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live zoom tomorrow. monday i'm been the web caterpillar to be a little money. it a nick to but will be back. would you please validate a did you can, you can do a lot of okay. about adding more, don't them? don't normally give me a donkey beaver globeop sometimes get them pretty dope, but i can move. what you've done with the book would be open. you may have been done to please one moment and update my the new perfect assemble from the hospital . can i do enough wanting to
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oh, feeling good. why does it come so badly? good natured. why did that until i'm would you gamble. i'm barely a lonely jumble. good to you. to be sure. be a little closer, lovely to feel free to market quite as it may from april by mac,
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to jump in job a ah for did remy, they simply molina families to pain is unbearable. 4 of their relatives were killed last week during a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government. security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died in combat. but neighbors and family members insist they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's defense minister, bloody made by the reno, said the on forces were applied to the friends that come through from the regular groups that added that human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border with the investigated al jazeera correspondence bring you the latest
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developments on the war in ukraine. we have to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines of no, no man's land, we're one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shell. these evacuation now place a 3 day journey. devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here ah, al jazeera with no news.


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