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tv   My Tunisia Najet Werda Island Kitchen  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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the celebrations was to be cut short. after consulting the pitch site monitor the referee disallowed the goal for a fowl in the build up. his mind, using ins was with compounded after the break. constable recess since off, less than 10 minutes of the coming on as a substitute because the yellow card has been cancelled. and it is now read. despite the numerical disadvantage, you zealand continued to pressure, their opponents goal at costa rican held on to secure the wind and a place at their 6th world cup. with qualifying athens and all 32 places, now accounted for. the focus will shift back to the house. cats are, and its final preparations for the middle east's 1st ever world cup the bits a house this tournament was 112 years ago. it will finally kick off just over 5 months time. and he, richardson al jazeera doha. ah,
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, the 1st deportation flight that was supposed to take a solemn sequence from the u. k to lawanda was canceled off last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. several people at chateau to fly out had earlier one individual appeals against their deportation. british prime minister boris johnston has admitted that his government may need to change the law to ensure deportations can continue. we're trying to make a distinction between a legal pathways to the u. k, which we support. we want people to build come here in fear of their lives. we want to do it legally and safely. and that's why we have all the safer legal roots that are open to, to people. what we want to do is to show the people traffickers, but that they're breaking the law. they're risky people's lives. and it will work anyway. now,
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if will it be necessary to change some laws to help us as we go along, may very well. joe biden will include saudi arabia on the itinerary of his 1st middle east trip. as u. s. president is looking to reset the relationship at the time when the us pushes for more oil to be pumped, to reduce high petrol prices. abiding has come under fire from some in his own party, for visiting saudi arabia. us intelligence agencies concluded that crown prince mohammed been some man or did the murder of john, this is janelle kashodi, the kingdom denies this. ukraine says it's military is trying to get the last remaining civilians out of so there are done yet. russia is getting closer to taking over the eastern city as it tightens its grip on the don bass region. the french president has declared nato will do all it can end russia's invasion of ukraine are conceiving that no one knows what the conflict has in store. micron
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arrived in romania to begin the tour of eastern europe, which will also take him to all day in the world. food program says it's a spending 8 to 1700000 people in south sudan because it doesn't have enough money already. widespread hunger installed ation or being compounded by high food prices linked to the ukraine or those other headlines and use continuous herron al jazeera us. after my tunisia we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. how does in europe oh
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i'm for buffer south many, not the digit yet, the good food. good for the happy thomas. dynamite park that inhibition. i'm an activity and i'm it has on have not are not are 20. now japan did the bar quasi, is me. natasha and come in and then head, but the t would herbrich regina stylish law. jeff. he thought they nationals ah, give me than i was gina. andy austin can give us a shout. mm. and i think as it nancy, enter, you guys would please you there. what are mounted? why does was to would and rob william can i have an update on bonia? bish, i'm gonna, i'm gonna get you by the guy that the quote a bit the quote a lift. how do you want in order? do you have more than a new home?
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are you at a corner of the home? are you? i'm lou promised with nominal didn't. emma lives in her ah, kelly itself is e premium. lee f. a monitor . he's got eliza mia, mileage level he put on the focus, went on because i had that up at even on the grandmother. would amanda had to use your math hobble mock village? ah, was it your father another mission friend that he thought came at? no. not without kind. i'll talk
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faith, dad, dad, milligrams, tyler not had the logo valley b. i'm the larger nor the each of the black. hello diggler founders. i haven't had j. u. i was calling to say that wasn't a lady of company that may be here among doctor from a given the phone, but i know so i'm glad you're kind of i manage, but have data on this venture. that's not only where you can modify somebody's working to proceed with a hello. hello. hello. hello with in
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a, stephanie ha says gosh, interested to fill a book, but i want to give a dresser or either my behavior. it would have been a william taylor say it didn't that a little miss? you have she had little mitchell shape vanessa biel calling. janet may i think it was having challenged maggie as you are sure. the rear zulu form taylor down paraprofessional glare. give them again a rama is a how are you going to get him versus i remember 0 moment. this is the jumps.
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sylvia. yes ma'am. my goal is year from a desire for visit jacqueline, what has been off of her ear? i b man here. oh, a huge yard with it. oh, what does our here as you make or i mean on by the hood tourism them. and if you saw the government ever had to was it, you know, and i, we have credit for getting a little bit in the, and number 2 isn't from our list that was making a funny with her. if she had them would never would connect with her movie would have dollar dog. i'd love another look at carousel j. bouncy never knew our little didn't know
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you might hear me. i'm the good of a potential for shaheer, could hazard hackney i have. we are with you. since you did look at that with me understand about as alady that happened, but out with inner smart betters. document although i never got caught up, no rush glue had though i had some was capital hadn't got me that when you have the feed, this old leader to lavish give it to each other and their name, their mind they study of the call and leave us a look at my below they go what
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oh, it is a corner mcclare. she lincoln, that will be matthew skim level. i'm with i'm a body shop what a model for had then it is your father called e l heather. okay, t as the fit. neat. and how about in a mika sally? should a medical issue that had never been to the possibly in the policy or a mutual jane, have a villa to is that meaning for me to come on college?
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ah, you let him put the couldn't the animal what little i could add the medical to mcmichael's law and holy mom and she had her share like 0 monitor. sherpa. sherpa coupled he had an android as that also non billable, una nancy. begin thinking that i'm not gonna come and have but got them as laza as mulatto egg? a whole were a go a dub. when there's one of the managers, i've been there by linda 0. they're balcony out there by live, live the back. good. a
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look. any news? remember how he's using enough ultimately, mckinney and i'm or any stop us from live by that the blossom the interview? well, well, what door one way or a just google play? see? i agree. i voted private say 8. i think your a min mfc a
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and it gives cali to vala. la. say the colorado from her laza. she ha, ha ha. i look that in a shoe in the side of her like a power named fidel murphy, cassim rapids, amerihome lucy to mother. when there's la barton, as i up, i'll padre knock from a russian is oh yeah, i didn't in the yard. have nick? yup. yep. wooden fucking bitch number is total invalid. we'll have need you to pack me about that. we shopped on the path. we shall gaze. yep. and he can at mcmurry the, the account number
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. ah well oh oh day is that yasser arafat on the list that will there mozilla live by by hydro labels, but how do i go to like lift made the nashville hack my own if i don't ship cut that unless i couldn't let the go at. marsha gillespie a little bit and then we'll head belinda nashua and linda carolyn layer.
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ah, i have to have a little bit of an animal i say hit a button. kim, potential with them is i got metal a give them left for how can i up on delta v o job though? them all i'll do johnny is not are in a dish mirage and that i'm the daughter lola. i'm the daughter fabian. in hope you had a, had a key into that with
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a with to in his he is still in toners. he and apparently he is spending and the
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need that are be needing to this hubby. when the news breaks, you came through the building trying to see if there's anybody else shopped inside . when people need to be hurt. and the story told, i feel like i wasn't really awake until i went to morocco. it definitely changed my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports of non hudelin. but he left here because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. halfway between tokyo and non koya, she woke up was then relatively sleepy place not a lot of violent crime. and so when 4 people get killed on one occasion in as
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bloody massacres, this was due to tracks a lot of report. a task force of 80 police officers was created to find out what happened. police counted more than 40 stab wounds altogether than the victims . ringback with .


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