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tv   Witness Ewolo  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together. that's why does area so important. we make those connections. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clear air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the corona virus and more depth from it. and no way in india situation worse than in delhi, the number of cases auto record was a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of air pollution across 5, north indian states. health experts and environmentalist had been warning for months, so the easing of the locked down would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those of course 19. ah,
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hello, i'm darren jordan in dough. how? the quick reminder of the top stories hair on al jazeera, britain's 1st deportation flight of asylum seekers to rolanda, didn't get off the ground on tuesday. after the european court of human rights prevented people from being flown out. in barber reports for london. waiting to depart for a wonder, but even with the plain in position at an air base in western england, the legal challenges continued. lawyers for a handful of asylum seekers still do to be flown to cook gully, asked the european court of human rights to get them off. the deportation list. it did, and suddenly the flight was called off. on monday, the court of appeal had ruled the flight. could go ahead that decision prompted protests here at the home office. the home secretary pretty patel has always said her department expected the agreement with rwanda reached in april to be fought in the courts. but the british government has already paid rwanda more than a $150000000.00 for infrastructure, and it insists it scheme will deliver. i was before the 1st flight was expected to
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leave the foreign secretary said it didn't matter how many people were on it. it's a key part about strategy for tackling the appalling people smugglers who are trading in people's hopes and dreams. and in many cases, costing their lives said this is why it's vitally important that we press forward with this policy. and if people aren't on the flight to day, they will be on subsequent flights to were wanda. while the prime minister chairing a cabinet meeting, made a different argument. the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal routes, which we support the uphold and protect. because we will understand are the benefits that it brings, and are distinguishing that from dangerous and illegal cross channel migration, which we intend to store. refugee rights advocates point out most people crossing
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the english channel don't have a safe and legal route to claim asylum in britain. people are forced to take the route because there are so safety is route to travel into a country that me. okay, so what the government does with that board policies is they fuel the business model that people, jeff, gets to what they should be doing instead of so playing their base and trying to support people who simply want to claim asylum. yeah, they should be opening up more safer to travel the people to get here. they have to risk their lives. on tuesday activists blocked the road near a detention facility, trying to stop vans, taking any one on the flight list. oh, they're hoping a wider case. next month, challenging the plans legality. will stop any flights from going ahead. the dean barbara al jazeera london, joe biden will include saudi arabia on the itinerary of his 1st middle east trip. as you, as president, he's looking to reset the relationship at a time when the u. s. pushes for more oil to be pumped,
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but he's come under fire from some within his own party for visiting saudi arabia. us intelligence agencies concluded that crown prince mom had been sa man, orchestrated the killing of john leash law, shall g. the kingdom denies this. ukraine says its military is trying to get the last remaining civilians out of savannah done. yes, russia is getting closer to taking over the eastern city as it tightened its grip on the don bass region. on monday, russian forces destroyed the last bridge out of savannah, donnie. it's one that connects it with the neighboring city of lice, a chance. and the french president has declared nato will do all it can to end russia's invasion of ukraine, while conceding, no one knows what the conflict has in store. manual macro arrive in romania on a tour of eastern europe, which will also take him to mult over the world. food program says it. suspending aid to 1700000 people in south sedan because it doesn't have enough money already. wides, but hunger and starvation are being compounded by high food prices. make one ukraine
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as one of the recovery from years of civil conflict. and the un special repertoire on human rights and me and mom says children have been deliberately targeted by me and mas army since last year's military take over the year and reports that nearly $400.00 children had been killed or maimed by armed groups. since the coo and 250000 have been displaced, those were headlines. the news continues to al jazeera. after witness that your pencil watching. ah, a
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good . with what i said a little bit. garza and good gonna be a brazilian popular assault of your convenient kinshasa. but also by the way, i said what of is the 2 truck whispered bark? the quorum william simple bear thought. well, it was on your please tell me to let him go. though paul. jim
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was sympathetic, saw no care go simpler. walter abum being now when the snow so subtle stopped by the year that are done, your familiar can will mike will shoot a lot of communion there. so like as in the water they enjoy. it was water a wonderful matter in is the so because literally 2 grand the gloom couldn't nobody got long a didn't you papa? and had in your mamma, knocking phone jack saw defeated a little fire at all. he only dan, don't catch me, covered that he swung eyes, marcie saki, keep with us when we got it a do a cigar pop our mom will get on since he called or been will out and was so sick and put on. we don't want to keep bothering to put in all, but i call minute donati. nearby is a and can you also to i did. it grew dark, directly lower, on the top of florida. oh o'connor,
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suitably still even man, generally threepenny. a near could be to was glad to spit little awesome yuki loaded, figured as from fluttering foot. said i this isn't the sort dois? oh no. for to load on opera. poster will adela content. me less was stored in cam building. mean because one of think a switch, so notes here laity or just all is lost, there will a bungalow on it it made it there i don't bother no one young carrasco more me efforts have failed. rattling confess, sadly, presumed soon. depot live, not that eat it, willis, where those pivotal good morning to view the feature that i mean on the go and show us that you can
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see the somebody called because it was supposed to be done before the green limits are complete when those dimensions are full, nobody's way. i feel in it, but it was did none of my know which is of what you guys are. i was under the jordan the me to call or no kid on the on the front. but i'm interested in senior and fiano and don't apply to me meaningful. jo. good boy, young joe, no butler to compare the school and i could plan for lateral. so my teenage someone's actually worked for meal for the human given our democracy lead up our to
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my guess some point when she is a mac my i was going to put it into school or, or what he put my goal. and so, so my 2nd cuz i can buy your, you know, what i can get out of when doors just move into landscape would be able, kind of convert into our own the school. or if i didn't get nearer to liter, kissell wound up really about me crying in for up to the like with zia medical robina up in walters. somebody auto kaiser because natalie, you're somebody else. well, you'll get your praise or deny you'd like me to call about the tank quad, delete all our li, a yogurt myself. i saw it should do able to leave, but say, do i go to tommy more? yep. okay, to talk while okay, doing capital, paranoid up of in tiny little bit. i'm all of the, i'm all digital journey been, you know, have the, i'm the, that is in all, i me, a memoria it paramita quarter was assaulted and idea. it appointed sierra or simply
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to maintain on a lot of media employer. she alluded, according to their committee called the current multiple must look at diva. she some, quite a bit of sort of equal said as a to medicaid, in this case, the call me or if he's going to know after body, they dear. it's hard to clean out robles dow butcher mall to school long to pick if was it got to you or no, no thought, no it up you in this course because what it's elaine on but the way it's, you know, charter school it could be co pecan police that is check, but i'll creep with eddie walked away. so i don't paul to aspire to talk to or freed up an apology as if authority report as yet with on platforms. if you reset it, put me a little under to deviate to the even admission guided one more lady to the visit. coming to cordova, a full truck up on a truck toilet seat up left branch up on it on the fuel to the may. so in
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my mind that comes from puzzle my lip up when i see on the point of will this and so said one quarter for causal. what do you prefer to coleen to eat my wedding queer momento. melody calls will be in it to the person that gets you compelling or detained. sheehan and the owner binnacle and took me locate to foresee on north and okay for city out. and he said, i mean not a need of solar. i mean, t to know very simple to, to reset it for you every single to put into it. that's why the j, but he had a pet left and my to the courage and he thought it was a sign in to i would with your lot, but not too much. but the final one that didn't go in it will be loaded on the inside. but
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when you will know, do you need it? they need a bus. boy, we'll city with 6 click on that. they do need to get to choose
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a with that i longer for the let me put in for good news in the men of regarding the lord of course don't digital moment in these agile particular to put the law in more than the father with a c let's go out of the k l a. nicholas
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b natal ha. long as you say, i suppose you wanna watch when the us rece. so since it doesn't, but if you see leslie is above been though it probably will lead to the most of the rules. oh no, none of the closer to none can we ought to be now she thought the little nanette available and you ought to be nice with us. no, no, no, no. we'll see what it does. you have any for support to reapply?
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is it that the, the new ones done? no neck were loaded. you know, when i pull up a little ball, you know, yeah, well business i went to court for the discrete though, you're not gonna get out of the modem and you're going to need to. but you need to be one of these. oh no you be so sensitive, i put up. why don't you don't and i was, i was good assigned a ah ah, with
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we was yours is was i was just more so more dolly soon just a placebo message wondering if it comes on a local leg monday the police are not there, but i know we're missing, you came up there. i'm a bus, a bus come winnable guy to the left of it was and then do belong to why? yes, wonderful. old able a thing. mm
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we. oh hello. yeah. who was in the room, who is the margin you will was your who was okla elder, you mean don't get relational i did it, but as soon as i get okay, final let dekessa limited by support. but on a that we put it in found orlando bordeaux was the local main thought you put on, put it on man years old. think
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good. i got to put you need yet these and you put it me so bit free marrying it by is no letter either or cousin. he's been jupiter coming charity, but he is it called cause it is his piggyback control. has that been cut, eating better city, the security was yamuna martinez. photographic. i could feed him. care to the re put in there if you may call me proposal. no later happy did it. did she tell them
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that she got it? i don't the lady whether it's human english updated on my web yet martha could change on a minister within today's more pedal chappelle. i live the zillion mini still probably min tippett cuz here most vinyati seen there is some noise right now. no, i mean, is there a limit? i know so many cars at the unit that took a lot to do it sooner. pretty. pretty soon. we'll turn on quarter. my no, not been there. chimney. i'm on the story of the, i don't know that he has to do. let me, mr. she shook printing abilene. could it be greatly appreciate it? thank you for robert. god. oh god, you call for all sheep?
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well, for your, for for one with the current bill you have worked with you live now? we thought we did the one. no. see no, no, no. you know that because they were talking shop well. oh yeah, they will know what you know nobody to what me 000000000 no, i don't know if i know well i know for, for the you know,
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he's the year on now and i don't know if you have to do so that he left for the sauce amount. he sees that they will not really no more miss arnold palmer, my son, the owner is a day with medical klafonya got medicine for this year and performance with keller williams. how about the deposit for you? let your call me please on my web cast
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as well with some from the us. is there a meeting with a new lease? you know what their mom said? one from your choice, so can walk all over from you will see one funding for . mm hm. dog's
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a lumber said do you have a boys elect issue, disclosure and not fall off trees to remove miss up in the room. dizzy. she's sick. who move player one down your play? oh no fool. madge leash. i mean we did i followed easy passage for could you please tell us as soon as sheila okay. oh wow. who told me was
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similar to what i had to move but it would be or to some of us to do a lot. 3 go up there, man. no telling me is in the street tunnel, the center utility only. oh she, she looked at the failing morgan, we are condemned them provide. we'll talk on that. i will i get that. so hail is yours. does i just feel she lives up? she can very long do lose what it was. and he said, oh, really, chris won't, sorry, you shall lose a lot of blogger knee al amazon. so this will, is this picky? who's all got manella? oh, laura with natalie
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. this is debbie. my so me, jen. so we did a little i we are really we is there say move on. she won't be any less reason over just you don't. well you said there must sir. a oh, she'll rule is done by papa john's supposed come on delivers. please go away then to keep up. ha ha. i didn't go well, she did with my family. joe got back with me. did you? did you keep up with cb, go, stuck brutes. a
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little received or a chinese, some camp and my penny i before i level boy and i want to say your product with family, not the this one and once you back to do so once you conform so on the stomach. remember, many of brookfield deshauna to sit on the pecan keeler. well, due to the sub just call while we work on the was on the cell when i called self inflicted mom, mary walked out and i'll call you to figure it along. we lost it all with no light in blairsville. we just go swamp, we'll call you said with going to be no money to club with them on some there is something to pump swamp lake along on only the pilot in some modern
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year obama. and you can put me a fat when you finally will be coping heat in fee that benefits energy cd. and then this is the alaskan, taught on our journey. me that most of them, you know, you buy me that. i mean, like that, you know, she did a movie, i mean, it was the b, c, m, i took it for me and i made it through . i'm going to do it is, do you know the movie here? mostly who knows. you will need
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to, if you going to be in the saw that lindsay dis, large property subdivided into small quarters where one or more families lived cramped together is the only option for many haitian my plans in chile. and it's public knowledge that they're exploited by unscrupulous landlords. and now with the corona virus pandemic, they're being discriminated further. a few weeks ago this week, day with 8 rooms became nationwide news. health authorities move the haitian residence to a special quarantined area with better facilities. but 1st the results of that the role of virus tests were published on the municipalities, web page violating the patients right to confidentiality. the neighbors began
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throwing rocks and hurling insults at the haitians, because a few of them had been confirmed to be carrying corona virus. now they tell us that they feel even more discriminated and vulnerable than ever reporting in the field means i also get to witness, not just the news is breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia to hungry, the rep one day i might be covering politics. and what actually might be covering protests, what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through, so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. a 0. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. lou .
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hello i'm darn dornan's o. how? with the top stories here on al jazeera, the 1st deportation flight that was supposed to take asylum seekers from the u. k to rolanda has been cancelled a last minute legal intervention by the european court of human rights. stop people from boarding the flight. several people scheduled to fly out had earlier one individual appeals against that deportation. where british prime minister barak johnson has admitted that his government may need to change the law in order the deportations to go ahead. what try to make a distinction between a legal pathways to the u. k, which we support, we want people to be able to come here in fear of their lives. we want to do it legally and safely, and that's why we have all the safe and legal roots that are open to, to people. what we want to do. so show the people traffickers, but that, that breaking the law, that risky people's lives. and it will work anyway. now if will it be necessary to change some laws to help us as we go along, it may very well be joe biden,
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will not include saudi arabia on the itinerary of his 1st middle east trip as u. s. president, but he's come under fire from some within his own party. u. s. intelligence agencies concluded the crown prince, mom had been summoned, ordered the murder of a journalist, yamaha shall g. a kingdom denies this. ukraine says its military is trying to get the last remaining civilians out of savannah done yet. russia is getting closer to taking over the eastern city as it tightens its grip on the don bass region. on monday, russian forces destroyed the last bridge out of savannah. don, that's the one that connects it with the neighboring city of lisa chance. the french president says nato will do all it can to end russia's invasion of ukraine while conceding, no one knows what the conflict has in store. manual macro arrived in romania on a tour of eastern europe, which will also take him to moldova. well, food program says it's a spending a to 1700000 people in south down because it doesn't have enough money. already
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watched, but hunger and starvation not being compounded by high food prices. linked to the ukraine was the un special repertoire and human rights and me and mom says children have been deliberately targeted by me and mas army since last year's military take over. the us has received reports of 142 children that were tortured by soldiers police and pro malicious. well, those were the headlines and these continues. he announces era, after witness. thank you so much. i but you're saying you to pat lafond, l l l l amazon, and have it more, you know, political to do pamela up
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a key piece of our political pastor or not. but hello. hello momma. liza warm among the donald the was the blue. them to move along. please is your mortgage or this is your 37. cisco was the only move done. don't she will need simple to. she'll sit with her while
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she's her brows. ramos more the hello. dolly room, pretty low moon view. this is long on the need. a more do the full lead since so from don't worry. it doesn't. you follow the wall. my mom was just so want that usual while the wires are still with the war which is good. dogs, people don't come south bus, my mom announcement bob limit know them as
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a medium box. of course up billy. ok. i don't want you to do what we see those yellow be but bye bye bye. it comes to, you know, i've got she got a good he's a guy came up. i mean when it comes was good. my german, a very, i mean i lucky 30 battalion then i did in their location in the middle of the day to
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with their school. i've underneath it contractor for about 2 years and they're only i did the city just a big go home don't cuz i'm from the shows and i finally got done. ginger married and social and i wanted to, i shall the youngest, a young very to some a busy this place and then addicted in law. and did you and i me, i'm a mom or was, is i miss here the army martin right. very low to the song 1000000 to one particular say well then there's no proof to some
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oh my mont alicia nearly see oh this is a tony. something more than wished it. come on my way. good. don't leave me a laugh if you go through all that good luck with a chill, chill effect, a grassy don't beat my wrong. no, i agree. gigante bianco, ma'am. so you are oh, i can we do our own. it's well to have it on the more content. ok
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with last one is to shift the 0. me lose. you left me all the same one or village. joel montela, la, senior, or village. omar donnie, look over the been here, 2 suitcases on the left. me all. well i said more. no phone is. yeah. get it to build you. lou mini mom should go your show voya or kisses. sant. i'll be over over fair lu.
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the little vinny. well, i it says the door. well, i said one, the fatal papa elite de la puerile de la for me. ah, if it was unreasonable ferraro. craft the key to live well well, what was that one? remem song and murmur. lim, incompatible. you're super my ladder. when suddenly
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so known to a medium to combat toller bell now mamma and nobody. she said jo, killer goodness, had p some slow go to a v as in to pass a trip. his shot t it to be entered. this was for them relative. oh yeah. but to put us through the flow really supernova, bella
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to inquire, i would go g, i say butler, good. there was just that. i found me way. some among consumers been re mama glass in the world. my mom no, did i said yeah my mom, my mom and dad to should don't put me to sla bob miami bow. i level a level broke. no alum isn't, isn't it? l m is on the other. her swore is she said no, says he with tear come, steady, bid is obey or not the army medical will oversee well to leave it on there. it will. generally shy maley don't go after your badge didn't go to should and love it at the top. there's
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also more i wanted a more i said blue malady, wasteful my lady, for mileage over 5th. so group a be chairman that movie leisure on fe while she knew glenda lynmore place. won't of young bachelor don't garage? i'm pretty sure that i'm freezer. let to face of a car on diesel is shush it if you live eric v, the jim mouse, he knew that all the contact men, la, cool, was on facebook as you prefer. booker iraq. but it proved
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that see, i need to de la fabica come cheer miller, beer g t m. yes sir. come on, fit to do it to, to toss it or not to improve tool tool tool. a tip of t r and o p leather. could they do is on goes, i don't love our monique them the producer of monarchy or yeah but she also this isn't for those. it's not informed it on. so those are the noise was on burger's mom. just circuit
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still totally. it's only spray vital to the other one with no vote please. so keep their eyes. yamma murphy, the mom your mom's actually for, for what is that
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a. ringback let them with my delivery of a st. you more less if a know if i the chris those for a. 6 00000000000
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. oh oh. oh oh oh, a similar message with the with
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the lucas i oh you oh do you oh yeah. oh yeah. are you good with live hulu? oh yeah. and you do a a a
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a, a both. thank you. oh, thank you. okay. good o'shea over on the little info to approve it. so no matter a ship. a good luck with . ready a sale to
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a through a grease, but that was here with your mother, joanna for simone on particular vision to suppose lear hill, official vision to pick out on here said foot run that we're going to run count them, vo, fit good him for going to see what it should just be like, don't you? because it seems like you don't mark or when one will have better as you did. did mom flip? see them very gently there. i stated on the me just to sit my feet long since this
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is her. when i'm clara pasco lol. i superposition of a bill ran a company was kumato, a balance she got when you to come by say, any don't fail. i moved from bed to phone, says my bed vocal said purple boys, one could call me what bay milt was. reuben mo. mm. see shipping as well with the sure the just in a poke what she possibly can read on fella m. i've had quarter city talking bullet bah, she didn't miss him for susan milford balance. she just know from concert a one woman which is in a book when levin seesaw shanklin, lucius applicant of our income, my promotion to him appreciative and picked up in my vicious elemental,
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you vision copied people there, key level of why the corners and i was going my lead dc popped up with the kentucky just to come see if lemma wants. and you can tell if numer pallet that comes have lemme one se, knowledge deter, giovanni called a long for it to bo, let's walk away from it. doesn't bubble beneath it. mushy. the little of which is my so she disappeared a good drama failed. you man, almost confront good dollars. don't come to engine fuel sent the power aunty to. and my brother john lucas boldenow lived up there. the more and marcia grammar, hopefully a lipper packet. well, good since not on conference, that long, but seen the fee as if you read on amazon electric. don't you measurements you will to way to tell you why i've got to think on says off on my bel. yeah, in the sake of pinky my bell. oh no, early. no, no. well, our best suit to select cheap women to denver. just as soon here she left there
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soon was lamb pursued nebraska a lamp. america newly looked with a 1000 or under a sam. dubois don't. yeah, i got my see a thing on that. go play by young about them when i meet valid question by don't. yeah, we did commit bizarre. well no particular to corbet best suited to perform a note from i need to check in with her. and connie new mobile is good. and now i've been on my own not to scare 110 now with william silk aka. if way too well. and it won't be a seymour, i put on a few seeds when molly a bit put a problem. most i'll do. do you really don't? if i said us, i don't, i vaguely, 2nd of all, this was somebody if he levied chief, of course we do need to mo, mo, don't remember, there could just from not she must hit that if kilobit is killer. mom is
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low tooth to they did. if you could dig low, she still give you a digital stick with some capacity electron lucas, lots of pasco said, you buckle will submit. not have a blue footing having to go. so the fall, cecelia junior, in the left was at the top. give it a bless you as young. so he's good to dig 20 a sin when you look it. under my door to door, miss b was to 11 for 2 years. no food that got ah
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rich with good. and then you know a minute about about a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a luca will just send you all my shoe book. she's in ms. bomb is also a little bit more go do that could come feature visit with jim? no, not fun to move back in. don't don't move. most of the most the, the most to pick comes to say good talk a bad day
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with me. i need the pin for to do that for to go get back to the defeat. a didn't know, could you go? i think it took me a aah! al jazeera. with all the latest news as it breaks down estimated 20000 lead gold miners just in the younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage. the government says it's taking action,
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but doctors are desperate. thing lives are being put in danger. from around the world. presidents the landscape says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renew defensive in the east aah! al jazeera. with with hello petty, a hate across the middle east at the moment since seminar he will blow his way down towards us here in the gulf over the next few days. as you can see,
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lots of hazy sunshine around 46 celsius. therefore baghdad touch high, therefore q weight 41 here in doha wins will pick up as we go on to the 2nd half of the week, a could be some lifted dust and sand around as shamal just setting in once again. so 44 celsius here. in doha, as we go on into thursday elsewhere, lottie dry and settled on a 2 shower still in place across turkey, up towards the corks. it's a chance of a shower or 2, just around the southern end of the red sea as well. north of that generally drive across know the parts of africa, plenty of heat around here, 30 some celsius. therefore kyra. and then we got to get scattering of showers across west africa. now some very heavy rain that just pushing out sofa nigeria, easing across, bending togo. molly, pushing across a good part of god as well. central parts of africa while a shower still a little under played here. my friend that city the case across at eastern side of the a region. east marys, a fair can. yes. do not sing too much rain somalia,
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likewise, wet weather, just flirting with the coast the far coast of south africa, but by and large is dry. ah, the from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse cultures and conflicting politics. when a, when he's on al jazeera ah al jazeera, when ever you oh.


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