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tv   Africa Direct The Man Who Plants Baobabs A Wrestlers Dream  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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must have started their own business. ah, bts seem to be at the peak of their global popularity, generating billions of dollars for the south korean economy. a soft power, cultural ambassadors, and building a fiercely loyal international fan base numbers. tens of millions refer to themselves collectively as army. the response from those spans has been instantaneous and impassioned with the flood of social media posts mostly expressing shock. i just want to give them a hug, says one fan, while others describe the move was courageous. and all of them it seems still vowing lifelong devotion. was it? honestly, i was in the news battered the market value of the bands management agency hide, which seemed to walk back the announcement,
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saying the k pop group would continue to work together for millions around the world. such an outcome would be dynamite. rob mcbride al jazeera, so ah, it's good to have even a fellow, adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines and al jazeera israel and the european union have signed a natural gas export deal. the u is looking for ways to reduce its reliance on russian energy following moscow's invasion of ukraine. the agreement was signed in egypt. the european union was the biggest, most important client from the supply, russia, oil, gas, and coal. but with the beginning of this war and the attempt of russia to blackmail us through energy by deliberately cutting the energy supplies, we decided to cut off and to get rid of the dependency of rational fossil fuels.
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and to move away from russian diversify to trustworthy suppliers. the european union is launching legal action against the u. k. in response to the british governments bill to amend the northern island protocol. the eas action could involve referring the case to the european court of justice. the u. k. government has already admitted that the new bill would mean it didn't meet its obligations under international law. but britain says that an emergency loopo allows it to scrap post brings it checks on goods, arriving in northern ireland, the u. k says that it will fight any legal challenges against its policy to send asylum seekers to rwanda. its 1st deportation flight on tuesday. i didn't get off the ground after last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. china's economy is showing signs of recovery according to the latest government data. industrial output in may increased nor point 7 percent of slightly more than
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expected. at retail sales remain weak. and there's anees over a slump. in the housing market. a u. n. expert has accused mia mars army of deliberately targeting children since taking power lost here. the you and special repertoire on human rights says that $142.00 children were reportedly tortured by soldiers, police, and pro army malicious. as the headlines these continues here on out 0 after africa direct next. ah, i will just whenever you all have
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as and policy would do. flanagan, i'm on board approval. i don't but you to go with uses you king a as in promise you more. don't go look at i manase tab up when i got a you cuba, obama had a tag that dan ah, got an a o d r. yeah. when you say level toward his own level name, i mentioned to a dealer he had wanted to add on the animated on the by you the t go to a bed, the bed and dizzy dinner. by the way, when you go, but put a port or 2 to, to need
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a younger think i to need moodle or for the deanna de la wallace elbow. lou leanne. bye. honey. he the, to live in key live haddaway. but yeah, well by that can, can you get a police department that would be available and out of any a well it did about what was this for pinnacle. yeah. and i got a pole in there and with that a port in there, but like it can be with your mind ever had a liberal yes, i did want to miss you. let me a year basil. better didn't it on the able work, i need to get to the local media delivery as a little quote here, sir. ah, when the guy i got my bill, willa. yeah. when the guy that been data maya,
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lemme your way i did. he did. he did die by the time there been going to probably a coma. well, well, now be doing that my, i need lobby does go figure out what our legal out there within the circle. i'm thinking i would do that with legal department within para brideau lowered to to let it up and looking back were too lazy. i did the, i put him a kill me lay get him a bum, bum bum bum. with me, i am busy meeting him him day lab. why
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a good one moment. okay. yeah, there's so much. yeah, they would do donor egan, me did on her, but told me call him and told me his am sad. ponder a big wooden my banner. i want to law man and preventing a lab. boy, did you get a go? i think i'd academy academy fall long helen king as sheila danita tape bell little i'm here. libby, but you did. you have been adam de la la. you more let me get the money you want to let him live again. what are you there? seeing a mobile number suitable and in a liberal way, just a me as a member number for isn't down for them on what's easier for them down to mom will
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then live in there by my what he said about any number of us in the family. you're going to do it in there, but before we get there were to want to get out to put me up with this some way. i want to look at his handy element, say all, but as a look at them, i'm not going to say, don't let me have it now killers, abo tobler, this is a gene, i mean, on the, i'm a member, but we'll try again a, give me, i'm glam by the alba diagram pam. but dr. levy killing me. then we can decide a we'll, we'll have him here as an as entity. and then i did that. he had to get a letter to bassetti. again. that all was a lie. yeah. but it's all mother law. no real will my mom the me get out of your lab members the deal out of that you know the bad air. so why are you doing today on friday? about italian?
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very amber, but them under them had that was on went to my mom, you getting, she doesn't live and work on me. i never said that the level problem that problem. my kid is a wonderful being an obama. we normally book your book, i'm seeing at the gun get to leave and telling us that there is a, a, a d o was in atlanta and i believe that i had to get a i to come to visit with that that with yeah, the p no no, call me, i think in a gym, we submitted that bad down up in the family, need to meet with them. but
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so it really, him. kagan found a been an immutable mer to ha, ha, you mean it? here we go. i we're going to live a wible. is enough to plan a good keegan. mm hm. ah, we'll get a minute. elaina mob. i need a fellow. yes. hello lou and this in mind would go ah. ah
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ah finally all day. oh, hello. leah gazer act. i nevada. miss haben. to canada available the but i mean, as i read about bringing elaine the saturday but it ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, a the echo made you doing any let on local gun. i'm a fellow fact he did. it just got one to bring out a gun can when you give me a police kilometer, you'll put gwinnett many cool mac a. yep. i see could pu, we didn't get the embassy of we can, we can easily pull of our land to
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a good number. be on board to do that with then i go by be more than yeah, katina laid out all of you. they'll go to go by, but when window boy will go on a funny alum belmont by you a volume only on the, on the arm and a with a with
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by a barbara, by the billing that by time you buy me by and i get it. i get everything with her listen ginger toward the tour, the ghetto, in the budget. if you're good to go, they will go to wind. and again, because i'm out of band, i turn to saudi. i know. can tanya? a cool man because he got into a pool, a lot of the baby and the boom, you're losing. i think i'm the truly a little additional day. i know a pole with
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with live zoom tomorrow. monday i'm been to web home and get a feel out to be
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a nickel and how to put it in it and what would be the best buck would you please validate a did you can, you can do what i want of ok. but adding more don't, don't give them, don't normally get we, i don't keep b globeop. sometimes we get them pretty dope. and i can know what the, what the, the booklet beauty mondanca. please want an update like the new perfect assemble from the hospital. can i do enough wanting ah,
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if you own it, i believe in passaic comedy, my yecynnia lifted on b medical clinic. right. is that a liberal burden? liberal element with log. i'm not ready. you know, but a math. honda go. yeah. a building or is always happening. my live in
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melbourne. angela madison. i knew the most all. michelle la la la la la la la la button. them. we want them to pretty much have wonderful ma'am. when i'm with a sales ag wonder, i'm that value man. i'm biggie, how you guys with that and i love them. yeah. young man, i am not like it. a lot of afraid of a very wonderful day or a lot of them, but it wasn't a big is all connected. i did that in would move neck with. i never got a full upgrade. a movie watching a movie to john what of my but other than what we're doing with him on his own when they were like little more and the new boy. my name is jennifer. you know, a lot of maximum of is it like also is it one family now? um yeah, the one with the yellow button a young alma was brought up. this won't happen to them.
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and i think i don't know how to go about getting some of that. i have a bad guy who
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a no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, i don't. i don't. oh oh boy, oh no. i gotta write letters on a 2nd to write it down with
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the law. i got a law. wonderful. yeah. a boy with a number mom. i got. how many people i dealt
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with all this is you know all the good is only that one, but oh oh oh, but of of getting that with the go to your
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what on a boom, long as lead a job went to the to production was built but as being a homeowner, the comment that you cannot also wouldn't on the team again as you through. oh. and it has been numbers well holler than they nichoela margie de body. i am the son came to the one along got the link. it'll miss hoover missouri giblin, you weaker, you'll from an ache. what is that in the, how would you see it wasn't go for a b, one a at i will as a court appearance. i figure a domain when on a local who i've had a woman in well, if i don't know the whole variable, words of all i
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good. oh, well seductive little homework on my will. you didn't particularly do it, was she maybe hold on under cover or come to see us? well, look, omar omar with a visit it no, no one could have a
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c global in you know, good g, you know, switchable speed laid books to mccarty and shallow. be more i'm if you've got oh, in with
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a little bit better in a oh,
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feeling good. what is it? it comes over mac, butler, good natured. what is it is how long would you fee gumbo? i'm barely a little good to you to be sure. be a little closer, lovely, different fee dimension you're quite as it may from a come by mach to jump, enjoy a or
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on the deserted streets of book that did become familiar figures couriers on bicycles, delivering food or medicine to lockdown colombians. most of them here are venezuelan migrants got a my go my some mother of for says contagion is always on our mind. none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet. there may be a bright side people who look down on them as an skilled migrant. now say they're essential to control the virus. i received messages on the app saying that we are heroes. i was a nurse back. cool. what i'm doing is not all that different from my passion, helping others. afghanistan is on the customer, the new chapter, and it's history. after the us in the telephone signed an agreement to pay the way for the withdrawal of international troops. high cost was paid to get to this point
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though. over the past few years, the u. s. is increasingly conducted. it's part of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came arise and civilian casualties. this is, it has to happen. mistakes do happen, and this is about owning mistakes that things are in for that accountability in a lot, be on accountable for families. we interviewed, not receiving acknowledgement from the u. s. left them without closure, they told us that they felt like what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war to often denies. ah.


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