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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, cost was paid to get to this point. over the past few years, the u. s. has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came arise and civilian casualties. this is will to happen. mistakes do happen and this is about owning mistakes is about things. all right, and this is about accountability in the lobby on accountable for families. we interviewed, not receiving acknowledgement from the u. s. left without closure, they told us that they felt like what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war to often deny. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah hello money inside this the news i live from dive hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. the you threatens to take the u. k to the european court of justice, proposed changes to a post br exit for the agreement. the european union turns to israel and egypt, the natural gas, to cut its reliance on russian energy. u. k. government says it will press on with its policy of sending asylum seekers to ronda despite a last minute. and china's economy shows some signs of recovery, but it's imposing more, coven 19 restrictions to some of its major. i'm far as small with the sport as costa rica book the final world cubs thought. the central americans beat the zeal in one now and are heading to their 3rd finals and around
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ah hello, welcome to the program. the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to the european court of justice. british government wants to scrap a post briggs that agreement on checks on goods, arriving in northern ireland. the e says there is no legal or political justification for person to unilaterally change an international agreement. the bill, as it was drafted and table it's illegal, period. and so i think that i should also add one additional argument that there is no doubt that there is no legal justification, whatever for unilaterally changing and international agreement. and i'm sure they will, can government knew perfectly well what they sign up to when they agree to the
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protocol. although i have to meet, they didn't do a very good job explaining it to the public as good as any parker he is lying for us in london, need the u. k. government until now, been came to underplay, this new bill, but that's clearly not have brussel sees it. what happens now? yeah, that's why boys johnson goes a british prime minister is basically said there's nothing to see here. it's not a big deal. he said and on their british government's website, it describes these proposed changes of northern ireland protocol as simply a fix something that could be easily tweaks and everybody could move on happily. but of course less off. again, it's taken many years of painstaking negotiations between the e u and the u. k. to come up with this tre deal in the 1st place is why there is so much. angus, we've heard there from the european commission about britain's move to unilaterally pull out of it. we've heard from the irish government of described britain as
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a undermining international trust and failing to live up to international obligations of course, under international law, which is why as a response, now this legal challenge launched by the european commission. it comes in the form of a letter table by the commission will be sent to the british government. the british government now has a chance to respond and the details are 3 fold. firstly, the a, you will, a restart is suspended. legal challenge that was pause last september over britain's failure to introduce checks on goods entering northern ireland from great britain. the 2nd new legal challenger is over britain's failure to share trade data. and thirdly, a failure by britain to set up trade posts, monitoring goods entering that province. we wait. now of course, to see whether all of this will be mentioned in prime minister's questions a little later. we presume it will be live, as you say. the existing bell took a very long time to put together and many thousands of hours. glove wrangling was
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involved. so why does person now feel the need to make changes to it while it stuck in? sure, sir, because everybody knows no line and protocol is needed to avoid returned to a hard border between all the night of the republic of ireland. and we know, of course, be the good friday agreement, the borland enter, 30 years of sectarian conflict. the nobody wants to turn the clock back. and as such though, the british government is keen to make sure that northern ireland, a part of the united kingdom isn't treated any differently to the rest of the country to great britain. and at such fills it has no, oh, no way forward, but to essentially rip up the rule. but repub what was agreed to allow goods to keep flowing. it's using a loophole. the call, the doctrine of necessity, which is defined under you. i'm guideline says allowing countries to be in breach of international law if it's quote, if a, if a country face is grave an imminent peril,
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or will the british government. oh argues that sir, the communities, the unionist nationalist communities could find themselves on the great strain. as a result of the northern ireland protocol, the goods flowing from great britain to northern ireland could be in jeopardy. and as such, it's allowed to enact this lu paul. i think the e u bay while struggle to see something similar in terms of sharing that point of view. neither. what about the ordinary business owner, a man on the street, me one of the wide it ramifications of his anti dispute? it really depends on how quickly this or escalates if the bill becomes law soon, then we may well see the european union pull several leavers, but nuclear option is that the you simply pulls out the all trade arrangements throwing britain back into a know deal breakfast. mario, so we could see a ramping up of tariffs on goods entering the country, leave in the country. imagine that being red tape. now that could be double triple fold. if that is allowed to happen. the you may well pull the leave a half way,
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for instance, allowing britain not to access say, you fishing waters or for instance ripping up or the agreement of allowing british nationals to travel to the european union without a visa for 90 days. something then it took a long time for both sides to negotiate. we've also, however, seen a direct impact on the scientific community as well as result of this wrangling over the knoll. neither protocol, britain has been suspended from access to the horizon fund, which is the world's biggest scientific fund worth a $100000000000.00. great concern amongst the leading scientists here in britain that there was a result of all of this that the scientific research essential research has now fallen off a precipice. thank you for that. me back there for us in london. israel, egypt and the european union have signed an energy agreement, and dale will allow israel to send its natural gas to the gyptian ports and then
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exported to europe. the e is trying to move away from its dependence on russian energy and ease serene gas prices. the european union was the biggest, most important client from the supply, russia, oil, gas, and coal. but with the beginning of this war and the attempt of russia to blackmail us through energy by dillard berkeley, cutting the energy supplies, we decided to cut off and to get rid of the dependency of russian fossil fuels and to move away from russia diversify to trustworthy suppliers in recent years, israel went from being a gas importer to becoming a gas exporter. and we're currently working to produce natural gas from a more natural growth. gus, from israel's economic waters as get abandoned smith,
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harris life rests in west jerusalem and had what is the steel main for egypt and israel? so any increases the energy cooperation between egypt and israel? both countries want to and cells of eastern mediterranean energy hubs. now, egypt is taking about 26 percent of just over 26 percent of israel's gas output egypt to produce or its own right. but the increase domestic demand for the gas has dwindling reserves. israel exports of increase because he's now using this arab gas pipeline. this pipeline, originally designed for egypt to send gas out to jordan, to syria, to lebanon. but now israel has a connection on the pipeline. and it's sending gas in egypt where it is being processed and liquified israel had actually reduced how to freeze on
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exploring further gas potential in his territorial waters. because he's committed to looking for renewable energy sources. but because the european union wants to turn away from reliance on russian gas than israel has seen an opportunity in taking opportunity to increase it to increase exploration and production, its production is expected to double in the face of that european demand. and what about the timeline here? how quickly can israel replace rush and gas? so egypt has to liquified production plans on his mediterranean coast. the gas comes from israel on the pipeline liquified in these plants and put on to time cuz it sent to your but those plans are already operating a capacity. so experts suggest is going to be a couple of years before europe is receiving significant amounts of israeli gas. and also this, this deal. it's the 3 years with
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a 2 year extension. but the recognizing it will be reliance on gas for most of his energy requirements till about 2030 from 2030 on the european union is committed to reducing reliance on gas and looking for renewable energy alternatives, but in the short term than a considerable increase in reliance and use of israeli gas of the expense of rushing gas. okay, thank you for that, but it's myth efforts in west jerusalem, we can get more or less less being to terry burleson. he's a professor at sciences pope paris and a contributor to natural gas world. which is an independent specialized website dedicated to global gas matter. he joined us now live from london. thank you for speaking to us in the program. what do you make of this plan? is this a good alternative to russian gas for europe? good morning. this is a very good, tentative, i mean, we need 3 pace. every single monitors, contrary to what happened and they and stated, i mean,
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so the russian side that supply, i mean today, yesterday we had the cut problem, my gas problem, and what we are receiving now in terms of volume from rushed out versus what we're receiving private of it is just half and half has been replaced by markets. we've been able to reroute and then g ship. so liquefied natural gas away from asia. but we need more again, we've just had to cut yesterday and gas is available. i mean, they could be some people netting in israel, at the gas could be shipped to egypt liquefied into egypt. and they said that the capacity will shift and move into your element. well, let me ask you about, let me ask you about the technicalities of that. because monday standing is there is actually no established infrastructure to get the gas to europe. so how challenging is it going to be to get this all set up? how long is that going to take when you have any in,
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in egypt that are available at 2005 that are not operating at speed. so you can do that. so this is a quick fix. it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the deck capacity in the system on the trail in digits, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving from much. so if it is small, which we need us, that we didn't know exploration, this more infrastructure could be bits. and again, i mean you just some of the weight has launch. it's huge l n g project. so we need always in you l n g to help us in europe. do you see any other potential pitfalls to this plan? well, i mean, we need the whole thing everywhere to, to, to happen. and this means that every little bit, we will need more energy coming from the us. that may be more or less
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straight yet going forward. it's not the most environmentally friendly option. is it is there was actually planning to freeze gas exploration. that's clearly not the case. anymore well, it depends how you look at it. we don't have this got the quote and i think it's much better to have supposed to school. okay, fair enough. terry gross professor at sciences po, pro, paris and a contributor to natural gas world. thank you very much, bye. plenty more. hands on the knees are including tortured and killed. the un human rights expert accuses me on most military targeting children in school, england looking in disarray with a well cup. just 5 months away. ah,
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united kingdom says it will fight any legal challenges against its controversial policy to send asylum seekers to wander a fast flight on tuesday. didn't get off the ground after last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. the dean baba has moved from london, waiting to depart for a wonder, but even with the plain in position at an air base in western england, the legal challenges continued. lawyers for a handful of asylum seekers still do to be flown to ca. golly asked the european court of human rights to get them off the deportation list. it did, and suddenly the flight was called off. oh, on monday the court of appeal had ruled the flight. could go ahead. that decision prompted protests here at the home office. the home secretary pretty patel has always said her department expected the agreement with rwanda reached in april to be fought in the course. but the british government has already paid rwanda more than a $150000000.00 for infrastructure. and it insists it scheme will deliver. i was
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before the 1st flight was expected to leave the foreign secretary said, it didn't matter how many people are on it. it's a key pause about strategy for tackling the polling people smugglers who are trading in people types and dreams. and in many cases costing that lives said this is why it's vitally important that we press forward with. busy policy, and if people aren't on the flight today, they will be on subsequent flights to wander. while the prime minister sharing a cabinet meeting made a different argument. the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support the, uphold and protect. because we will understand the benefits that it brings, and distinguishing that from dangerous and illegal cross channel migration, which we intend to stop refugee rights advocates point out most people crossing the
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english channels don't have a safe and legal route to claim asylum in britain. people are forced to take these routes because there are so safety route to travel into a country that the u. k. so what the government does with the board policies they fuel the business model that people just because what they should be doing instead of. so playing that base and trying to support people who simply want to claim asylum here, they should be opening up more safer to travel people to get here. they don't have to risk their lives. on tuesday activists blocked the road near a detention facility, trying to stop vans, taking anyone on the flight list. so hoping a while to case next month, challenging the plunge legality. will stop any flights from going ahead. and we can speak to nadine baba his life rest in london. i think it's set back. is this for the u. k. government meeting while they seize
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a set back which they are trying to paint as nothing they can't overcome? let me just talk to you about what happened. it was last minute. the home office counseling this people taishan flight on tuesday night local time. but all along experts had said that this might happen. in fact, the government themselves had admitted batch legal challenges could reduce the number of people on the flight list to 0. those challenges had happened right through the weekend from last week. individual challenges by law is representing individual asylum seekers in detention here in the u. k. presenting their case so the numbers are gone down for more than 100 last week to just have a 30 on friday. and then by tuesday it was down to we believe 7, they were radian nationals, erotic herds, albanian and vietnamese nationals. so late on tuesday, the european court of human rights in strasburg ordered one person,
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any rocky man off the flight, saying that there was a significant risk to his safety. doctors have said he may have been subject to torture in the past that allowed the others to present challenges. but careful, kelly, one of the charities that was bringing legal action here in the u. k. say the 4 of the individuals were blocked by the u. k. courts 3 by the pin code of justice, whatever the case, it's clear that term flight to now not going to be taken off in the immediate future. there is a 2 day least hearing scheduled for next month, a why to hearing into the legality. all of the reminder scheme now european court and its ruling said that the iraq human shouldn't be center one until that hearing as actually happens. ok. thank you for that. nadine bubble that for us in london, we can get more or less. we can speak to victoria ingleby omaha's, a she's a want and politician and chairperson of a new political party,
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the development and liberty for all she enjoys his life from kick. golly many thanks for joining the nice out. you've been very critical of your government still with united kingdom to taken these asylum seekers wise that thank you for having me . ah, not a mighty run this intention to address that were about mcglatian robin is a good and it wanda on us. and we call me, however, i wonder, is it developing the country? we should know. opportunities to give to migrants. you know, under prime met long youth is high human a copper, anyone that is 0 poverty and do food insecurity bases or cancer? wanda is yet to reach the gentleman. the conciliation following are a barrier for us. bewanda i submit of comment away. does not respect the
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devourers such as the democracy room for all and did you money, right? how will you, my guys, will have is satisfied trauma we, we fit into our environment. this is why i say rwanda is not, did the good county to receive the grant at the moment that was a spokesperson from the wound. and governments who made a very impassioned plea yesterday to say, since they all know better options for these displaced people. why not give a chance to this plan? what do you say to that? yeah, they have to know. do make them to audi r u k. they had to stand there because there is to do comp, jennifer convention. you don't have to do that to go for refugees. that just to peer, nate data or for just sure to not to be sent in day let in the country where daily
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betty should do the visit and to randa, as a country. oh, which does not respect human rights, am afraid for this, you know, for just that is possible is in the countries that are on the government lead from mice, 2 to 3. then with this is over, just i am agreeing we, they show the day nasa rules, but the disadvantage is what they need is not gross. where the state is not today. the swimming pools, not today. yes, exactly. i was going to ask, i was gonna mention this to you. i mean, some of the pictures that we've been shown of these hostile swimming pools washing machines, facilities, i presume the average rwandan doesn't have. how do you explain it other than what to do? i'm not saying i'm not a big accommodation of the cedar fifty's. this would be bad to be the u. k. government, but it was the day where day british government,
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we just thought to pay this competition. what will happen to this you did, you did not do here and a feature in yolanda because of the one that is it for county who and equates its own refugees, doesn't it? do you have an idea of the existing numbers and we hear a lot about it. economic rounded, economic recorded and much lauded. and why do you say that there are no opportunities for these people? because as i said, we have the program of unemployment among the youth in the, in our country that don't want the government cannot offer a job to this office and there's no, we just, we don't have to stay on really in their home. then we'd need to talk to them to develop that and is secondary even if there's some different comment it
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meant. but to rhonda has a long way to work this at all. so she said, you know that the wanda is accounted to him all will 2025 poorest country and devote decide we haven't a way to go this way, haven't not to prom base. the government and rhonda has not to promote it. something that they kind of knows if they cannot offer to disadvantages they're going to do is they can have a better life in the u. k. if the program is between the day is this is you know, god, god, what time has the wrong for us. then british government to have to deal with this problem with their profit government net with wanda victoria ingbert. melissa a rotten opposition politician. thank you so much for joining us from the south. ok, thank you. to
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a french president has declared nato will do all it can to end russia's invasion of ukraine. emanuel mac wrong arrives in romania, the 1st stop on a tour of eastern europe, which will also take him to mult, over by country shap, borders with ukraine. france deployed about 500 soldiers in romania when nato bolts, the defense is on its eastern flank. meanwhile, inside ukraine, government forces say they're trying to get the last civilians out of savannah don't. yeske, russia has destroyed. busy old bridges out of eastern city and is fighting to take control in its battle for the dumbass region. charles strafford, this report chief members of ukraine security service. his run for cover as the sound of a shell cuts through the air and explodes close by in the basement of the group of elderly residents. his hiding during a brief, low lay emerged from the shelter,
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dazed and terrified. the police tell them to get into the vehicle quickly. another show explodes, the car policies a body on the street. just a few kilometers south the wreckage of what we're people's homes still burns. this is lucy chance, one of the 2 remaining cities that russia doesn't control the lucas region. the ukraine, an army says, russian forces have destroyed the loss of 3 bridges. that used to connect the city with neighboring sivilton esque over the river to the north. potentially making it very difficult for soldiers volunteer units. and what the ukranian military says on . many civilians refusing to leave or trapped inside. we are civilians, while a shilling a says if junior, we don't have any one here. no soldiers, why? of a bombing says a friend, or they stand by a grave where one of their 2 neighbors was hastily buried in recent days. but she
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was n u c. they all asked this question, why don't you leave? where are we supposed to go? this is our land. we grew up here. we live here. our mothers and fathers are buried here in the cemetery. these residents line up to get water from a fire truck ukrainian, sorry to say there's be no war troll that tricity for days on, exploded rockets are stuck in the earth and rubble. people here say russian shilling is increasing all the time. and that's going to be seen as part of that. they started shooting very hard at, that's what many people began to leave or at least the ones who had some way to go . military analysts say most of ukraine, soviet built weaponry, has been destroyed. and crane. an army says it needs more long range artillery in tanks. just to stop the russian advance. ukraine's western partners of already central promised to send military hardware worth millions of dollars. ukraine says
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it's no in a sufficient and it's not getting to the front lines fast enough. as nato defense ministers are scheduled to meet in brussels on wednesday, there are many ukrainians increasingly asking whether the west can sustain or even build upon its level of military support. charles stafford al jazeera cave. so hes all out. is there a judge in ecuador, or does the release of an indigenous leader, his arrest outrage, and ah, disbanding for the time being one of the wealth, successful music groups besides take the break. and his american golf legend is earning reputation. he thinks he doesn't deserve details. coming up late in the program. ah
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hello, we've got a rural taste, a summer across much of europe now and it is going to get hotter for many as we go on through the next couple of days. lost a clear sky. we have got some shunt fun re showers, just moving into central parts for a time, some where to weather some cooler weather up towards the northwest place to say the a heavy rain just around the baltic states that in the process of pulling out of the way so let's focus on that heat with high pressure and chart temperatures across. so spite of ports you're getting up into the forty's in one or 2 spots, the heat does search further north as we go on through the next day or so. going up to 30 in paris for thursday, could touch 34 here for friday. 31, some pos, a southern ingler, lightest, c, 3233 degrees and take a look at sat today will 37 left for paris, ro, red showing up here with a heat very much in place. then logically, guys in sunshine, one or 2 showers, they're just around us, switzerland pushing into austria as that cooler. wet weather for the northwest,
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but elsewhere as you can see, lots of fine and sunny summer weather overnight. that's where it's going to be a problem with temperatures not falling to low problems, sleeping for many dry weather across northern parts of africa. life he shouts into central parts of africa. meanwhile, and though showers were in the process of matching, a good deal further north. ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah,
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so lamar lake. hm, it's great to see. welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they say globalization going on, but that perfect thing called re globalization. are accomplished speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah ah ah ah oh, going back to watching our desert reminder, our top stories is our the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to
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the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post break, said agreement on checks on goods. arriving in northern ireland. b says the charges are illegal. israel, egypt and the european union have signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas to egyptian horse and then exported to europe. the u . k says they will fight any legal challenges against its plan to send asylum seekers to wander. the 1st deportation flies on tuesday. didn't get off the ground . after a last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. now the chinese economy is showing signs of partial recovery. according to the latest government data, industrial output in may increase no point 7 percent are slightly higher than expected. retail sales though remained weak. the government is persisting with it's 0 code 19 strategy, which is having an impact on businesses. katrina, you has us report probation. beijing authorities said they're racing against time
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to contain a ferocious resurgence of corporate 19 less than a week after the capitol east virus restrictions. hundreds of new cases had been identified all linked to this, my club, heaven supermarket. it's business license has been suspended, and the owners are under investigation. drill turned on torture. jewel balise have a launch, a criminal investigation into the bar, or the other level of people in charge of the boss on suspect the interference with every damage prevention and several other people have been charged with breaking corporate rules, including 3 men who ignored orders to isolate at harm, the cluster has spread to 14 of beijing, 16 districts, and prompted mass testing in the largest cha young. the reopening of schools has been delayed, has been supermarket, but is located here and suddenly turn in areas beijing known for its night life, restaurants, and shopping. these businesses have just reopened when this new cluster was found.
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and now hundreds of them have had to close their doors again until further notice. dozens of cases have also been recorded in shanghai, forcing tens of thousands of people back in doors. the commercial center emerged from strict to month, locked down at the beginning of june. new economic data shows china's 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic is continuing to take a toll in may. industrial output rose 0.7 percent compared to the same month last year. and property sales improved slightly. but retail sales fell 6.7 percent with uncertainty weighing heavily on consumer spending. it is so incredibly susceptible to our faltering the moment. there is even a slight, a bully number, co hit outbreak or corporate scare even that i think consumption is going to remain under severe pressure. and that is a biggest economic challenge to the party right now. i've been writing bad is going
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to take a lot of effort announcement to meet. i'm meet drastically different policy than the one that we have in place. analysts say, as long as china's leaders refused to live with the virus sustained, economic recovery will be difficult. leaving business owners anxious knowing they could be one corporate 19 case away from closing their doors. katrina, you al jazeera paging told me now from shanghai as don winland. he is the china business and finance editor for the economist. thank you for joining the program. so better than expected industrial production numbers are we allowed to be optimistic about china's economic outlook. i think that the young a lot of people are surprised by the most re unfortunately, it seems that we there lost connection with that done winland. at dawn, can you hear me? i can hear you. yeah. can you hear me?
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yeah, i can, i can. so yeah, tell me what you think of these industrial production numbers? sure. um. it's a good sign that um, that they are higher up slightly than, than a year ago. but i think a lot of people are very concerned about the demand side of the economy. um, consumption has continued to, to contract. that's really not a good sign. and given where we're at right now in this, this economic cycle, it's consumption data and presumably because of the strict catered rules, people not being allowed out of the house to shop. but why does it matter so much to the overall economic picture? well, i think if china continues to rely on the supply side of a, of the economy, you know, it will continue to accumulate debt by creating more demand. it's much easier for trying to create economic growth without piling up on, on debt. so that, that's
1:37 pm
a very important component of, of the economy. until now at least has shown no sign of easing it 0 coven policy. if it keeps that op, what are the potential long term dangers to the economy? the, the outlook is, is not good if, if from 0 co it remains in place. unfortunately, we don't really see any sign of that changing right now. certainly they're not going to lead up on 0 cohen before the annual party meeting, which is going to take place in the fall. so i mean from here on out for the next couple months, we're definitely gonna see rolling locked downs. um, ah many, many problems with people getting out just simply going to stores and, and buying cars, buying houses it's, it's really a big problem for the economy. okay, thank you for your time. don. winland,
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china business and finance ada for the economist. thanks. are you an expert who has the keys me on mas army of deliberately targeting children since it took over power last year? the un special wrapper turn human rights in me on mom says it received reports of 142 children who were report to late, tortured i soldiers, police, and pro army malicious the repertoire. tom andrews says he has evidence of mine as being beaten, stabbed burned with cigarettes and subjected to mock executions. some had their fingernails and teeth pulled out while being interrogated by the military. 382 children had been killed or injured by security forces on a course, if a 1000000 have been displaced under believes the attacks constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes. and it's called the military leaders and others to be held accountable. unco moe is an advisor to the ministry of human rights in the national
1:39 pm
unity government. he says international community should hold mammals, mercy leaders accountable. it's delivered. it's intentional ah, of course in the history suggest to per miss military targets them was vulnerable as weaponized them or so they have these heavy to all action sentimentality of targeting the most we get on and, and in some, in a sense we have also seen the the whole stage of the children where they could couldn't find the parents and this is very human. and in some cases the minor has been stepped and in the mail. so it has been removed and to being marked and sexually assault. and this thing has been there for for an hour, for decades long. and of course it has been accelerated since the qu attempts on 1st of february 2020, why international community need to do more and her internship. these atrocities
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are taking place in the eyes of international community in the weakness of international community and at coordinates, like their reports says they coordinated actions against military need to be taken to stop listings. otherwise, getting no sensitivity and in the men will have to continually ping the price of lives and livelihoods and, and, and it did that. the ability to make contact on to call is within the capacity of international community. it's matter of political will and showing the moral responsibility may need of ecuador was, indigenous peoples movement has been released down to his detention caused up full oh, his kid as lee. and he does is a warped free no fear that his arrests in the middle of a nation wide strike could make an explosive situation, even west the sea and even explain. oh,
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tempers were already reaching boiling point when the government ordered the arrest of little need us isa leader of ecuador confederation of indigenous peoples. the powerful organization had just begun a national strike to demand that fuel food and fertilizer prices be lowered and frozen. shortly before the arrest isa had sent a stern message to president t yet more lasso de la mortgage that young jenika. if the president does not respond to any of our demands incident that we will continue indefinitely. eco doors, acute economic crisis made much worse by the pandemic, has led to a sharp rise in prices, hunger and malnutrition. oh, he says, arrest has angered indigenous communities that produce the lion's share of the country's fresh food in ecuador, it's amazon region, the combative indigenous organization that represents more than 1500 communities is
1:42 pm
calling for a national uprising. another thing, sheldon west or maximilian dick with dorian state has kidnapped alida, i'm summoning all the presidents of all indigenous nationalities at organizations, federations communities throws up and march and reach every city in the country of law this. oh, it's not an empty threat. less than 3 years ago, the indigenous confederation brought ecuador his previous government to which needs to strikes and sometimes violent public protest hulu. after paralyzing the country for 10 days, the government caved in to demand to retract the increase in fuel prices as required by the i. m. f. c. and newman al jazeera, least in brazil have arrested a 2nd suspect in connection with the disappearance of an indigenous from such an a british jealous protest. as in the capital, i have demanded answers, uncalled for justice. brittany perrera and don phillips went missing in the amazon
1:43 pm
last week. from steven threat candidates vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound travelers will be suspended starting next week. based moss is still required on planes and trains. a mandatory vaccine policy came into effect last october. travelers entering come to though we'll have to show proof of vaccination . and american pedal of medical experts has recommended the more data vaccine for children age between 6 and 17th trial show the jobs were safe and target a similar level of antibodies in younger age groups. as it did and young adults, the find the vaccine was improve the teenagers and younger children last year. the world health organization is to decide if the recent monkey pokes outbreak is a global public health emergency. been about 1700 cases detected in more than 30 countries. mostly in europe. the virus which is rarely fatal,
1:44 pm
had previously only been seen in western central africa. the global outbreak of monkey books is clearly unusual and concerning it for that reason that i have decided to convince the emergency committee under the international health regulations next week to assess whether this outbreak, the presence of public health, emergency of international concern stargazers have been treated to a spectacular celestial event that called strawberry superman could be seen rising behind the ancient temples, only didn't on the great coast south of athens. this is how it appeared into by. it is the 4th full moon and the 2nd set, the moon. this year. when the moon's orbit is close to the f still ahead on al jazeera, america's best news dawes out in new york is the sea as try back
1:45 pm
a festival. kicks off on the shore to name and expanded program. and in sport, us about the pretty messy of fan el salvador, plenty of football action coming up in sport in just a few minutes. ah ah, i was thinking to prison in 2000. i was trying to one is that just me or my during the 5 of my daughter i did not hear when parents are imprisoned, the government doesn't have any plan for the children lifted behind. so these children need, or they need show that they are searching for la my question is to see that this student or prisoners are also given another chance to leave like normally shouldn't because they're not to party to that crimes committed by their parents. when i
1:46 pm
finally get to that place to build a home for these children and they see them become somebody usually fall in the society fending for themselves. it would give me satisfaction. lou aah! was started as the try back a film festival 21 years ago is now just the tri becca festival, while the name is shorter, the festivals expanded to include not only feature films, but also tv series music videos, games, and immersive experiences. kristen salumi attended one of those events in york.
1:47 pm
you're just as likely to spot famous musicians as film stars on the red carpet of this years. try back a festival from jennifer lopez who premiered her documentary half time. i do this to connect with people, make them feel things because i want to taylor swift now in aspiring director as well as mega pop star. we carried a lot of our films with an eye towards the larger audience. the annual festival founded by jane rosenthal and actor robert de niro aims to showcase culturally relevant as well as entertaining films. this year schedule includes documentary on abortion, reparations, and freedom of the press. there like cultural conferences, people get together. and i've always loved festivals. all the ones
1:48 pm
i've been to over the years, and i'm glad that we have this one here. oh. but rebecca is also about alias movie stars like de niro himself and al pacino this year reuniting to celebrate the 1995 crime drama heat. go with live conversations another big draw for try back a feature tennis. great. john mcenroe and civil rights activists. al sharpton. yes . each talking about their own films. and you're just as likely to see celebrities in the audience as on screen with us as starkly met to new york city is an honor to be a part of our conversation. the time back of festival was founded after the attacks of september, 11th, 2001 as a way to restore new york to the vibrance, the festival, like the city, has proven its resilience. continuing to attract all kinds of artists established
1:49 pm
and aspiring, as well as fans prison. believe me, al jazeera, new york. okay. flash gases or tears earth, marlene, thank you so much. the line up for the cat are 2022 world cup is complete. costa rica secured the final place of the tournaments beating zealand one knell and a playoff. andy richardson was at the match in doha. oh, with one last will cup spot up for grabs. thousands of costa rica fans had trouble to cat. so, to see that seemed, take them new zealand in the year's final qualifier. this completely brings our country together. for the past few days, everyone, you know, whenever you see someone, katrinka was shout at me, screaming to people, we hug people who we don't know. we take pictures of people who don't know. so it's been a very interesting experience. that means a lot e costa rica even the day off today. okay. because for us is very fort that the qualified everybody hall making parties everything together because it's a big, big deal for us to use. ellen went into the matches outside us,
1:50 pm
ranked 70 places behind costa rica. we're aiming for their 3rd straight world cup appearance that target looked all the more achievable within 3 minutes of kickoff, joel campbell, but in costa rica ahead museums, chris would thought he'd scored an equalizer just before half time, but his celebrations were to be cut short after consulting the pitch site monitor, the referee disallowed the go for foul in the build up. his minds, using ins was with compounded after the break close to bob or recess cents off less than 10 minutes of the coming on as a substitute because the yellow card has been cancelled and it is now read. despite the numerical disadvantage, you zealand continued to pressure, their opponents go. but costa rica held on to secure the wind and
1:51 pm
a place at the 6th world cup. with qualifying apps and ends and all. 32 places now accounted for the focus will shift back to the house, cattle and its final preparations for the middle east. first, ever world cup the bits a host this tournament was 112 years ago. it will finally kick off. and just over 5 months time and the richardson al jazeera, so how early we spoke to sports porter, gordon. durn in umbrella. how costa? ricans thing their team will do at the world cup poster. we could get a lot, you know, very, very well. i think they're hoping to be able to do something like that. again, of course they're saying they call it the desk. you find the i guess, but similar one in 2014 where they the place. busy you know, defeated the way through with, through with england. so, you know,
1:52 pm
i think think people think that even possible. i mean people are dressed in, in middle east and where are you right now? they're, they're super excited. absolutely. and like i said, i think there's now a little bit of a hope that they might be able to do to, you know, do something in, in so all 32 participants heading for cats are, have now been confirmed for president jeremy infants, you know, spoke after costa rica clinch the final spot. congratulations to all of you. and of course, welcome to the fans of the 32 countries, but to defense from all over the world. to hind november and december of this year in a few months time to celebrate football. to live together, the greatest show on ours and the best work up england are looking at disarray with the world cup just 5 months away. they suffered their worst home defeat for 94
1:53 pm
years. despite fielding, the likes of hurricane cow walker. and because soccer team was crashed for now by hungry, even had a player sent off result means there winless after for games and the way from nations lead and the risky embarrassment of being relegated from the top tier of the competition. surely we've broken huge number of records, so we're on the other side of it tonight. that's of course really painful. i don't actually think it is damaging for the mentality of the group because i haven't been at full strength for the matches that they've lost to teams having to cap hard. 2022 netherlands and wales played out a thrilling nation league match welsh. i thought they'd salvage to draw garetsville equalizing from the spot to recover from 2 goals down. that has the high, however shattered the come back story. barcelona front man scoring right from the
1:54 pm
cake off, seal is dramatic. and it is fades managed to avoid an embarrassing loss in what was a muddy mass of the game against el salvador jordan moore's. his late goal field 11 draw in the concord caf nations league usa will make a return to the world cup this year after missing out last time the you paul or my golf. while number one worry mcelroy says, players who chose to leave the pga tour and join the saudi bag to break away series took the easy way out. 6. hi, major champion. phil mickelson is one of the players who has defected to the live invitational. well, the 52 year old is back state sides preparing for the us open, which begins on thursday in massachusetts. nicholson was paid a reported to $100000000.00 to participate in the series. but i think he has come back and showing some remorse of high. he's handled some things,
1:55 pm
so i think he's learned from that, and i'm like him, i to sit up here and give him a lesson on how to do things. i mean, he's had a wonderful career and he's his own mind and he's a great addition to the field this week. so, you know, i'm, i, i'm, i disappoint that. he's taking the, the rest that he's taking. i am but i still respect him tremendously. police have dropped their investigation into retired british boxer, julius frances, who famously fought mike tyson in 2057 year old on the left here last stepped into the ring. 16 years ago. currently works as a security guards went viral. of him knocking out a pretty rowdy customer followed a group being ejected from a leisure complex and landed on saturday. we have reviewed the tv footage and will not take any further action. ok, and that is all for now, moline, back to you. thanks for now, global boy ban sensation
1:56 pm
b t s. have announced they're taking a break to concentrate on their solo careers. they've shocked the k pop groups, legion of fans, and cause the valley of their management agency deployment, nearly 25 percent. rob mcbride has this report himself. ah, the surprise announcement came during a dinner to mock the 9th anniversary of the groups debut complaining of exhaustion and of the toll the pandemic has taken. one of the members announced they all needed a break called bon fulfill. so saying that on a tide is very sinful in itself, and i wish we could talk happily and do things happily. no matter what the rules. that's all i want to take on. your cousin were a hard the most difficult thing is writing lyrics. i have nothing to say any more. i should be able to tell the story that i want to share, but i end up forcing myself to write to please people. i mean it's too painful. ah,
1:57 pm
it seems as the ultimate boy band, even bts can't change the fact they noticed boyish as they were now to be already a grown up know the members are average asia is approaching in order. so t, so that is quite normal process in the korean pop industrial to when the members of con, our been that they must have started their own business. bts seem to be at the peak of their global popularity generates and billions of dollars for the south korean economy. a soft power, cultural ambassadors, and building a fiercely loyal international fan base numbers. tens of millions refer to themselves collectively as army. the response from those fans has been instantaneous and impassioned with the flood of social media posts mostly expressing shock. i just want to give them a hug, says one fan,
1:58 pm
while others describe the move was courageous and all of them it seems still vowing lifelong devotion. was it? honestly, i was in the news battered the market value of the bands management agency, hiv, which seemed to walk back the announcement, saying the capable group would continue to work together for millions around the world. such an outcome would be dynamite. rob mcbride al jazeera, so again, i said for me, molly, inside, for this news, our agent and again, we back in amendment ah, to sort it so a lot of them nationwide is one on one. the how do you to visit with council the
1:59 pm
philistines, with the from especially yeah. that in about the fisa that kind of little sob isn't done. well, i can dish out in the flood. there's a 4th non valuable a fee on the line. it's like a month to help out or yeah, i mean for the shuttle in the room. why did i can't even before the book, we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others cannot. i don't hear guy by the only purpose. i did 0 had the time in the programming go live on the, on the go live. the were another story that may not be made for you is happening. as i said, i'm going on with the way that you tell the
2:00 pm
story is what can make a difference informed opinion. there was a need for abby homage, federal government actions to really facilitate aid, right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh wow. oh al jazeera, with all from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia pacific diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah .


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