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you know, the way that you tell the thought is what can make a difference informed opinions. there is a need for avi, on federal government take action to really facilitate aid, right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh, wow. government oh al jazeera, where ever you with, you know, from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific di plus coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah,
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the e threatens to take the u. k to the european court of justice for proposed changes to a post brings it border agreement. aah! hello, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up. the european union turns to israel and egypt for natural gas to cut its reliance on russian energy. the u. k. government says that it will press all with its policy of sending a sodom seekers to lawanda, despite a loss, but it's set back on china as economy shows signs of recovery. but it's imposing more, coven 19 restrictions in some of its major cities. ah . the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post,
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breaks it agreement on checks on goods arriving in northern ireland. but the e u says there's no legal or political justification for britain to unilaterally change an international agreement. so let's cold as faith as faith. this is illegal. the ok bill is extremely damaging to mutual trust and respect between the eel and the u. k. it has created deep uncertainty and cast a shadow over our overall corporation or at the time and respect for international agreements has never been more important. esco line to london houses here as near baka, is there for us at neve. britain's prime minister boris johnson about to face questions in parliament at his usual a prime minister's questions. i'm a i'm, i may interrupt you to, to cross to parliament. but the u. k. government's been keen to underplay this new bill. that's clearly not how brussel sees it. what happens next?
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yeah, that's right, the british government and specifically bars johnson very keen to show this as being nothing more than a quick fix. nothing to see here. as said, johnson when pressed on the northern non protocol and accusations, of course, from the european union that britain is unilaterally deciding to break international law by scrapping best perhaps for those thought his details. and the whole of the breck said sir debacle. had taken many years to reach the points in which both sides could agree on the status of northern ireland. and what would happen to good scurrying from the united kingdom going from great britain rather to northern ireland, to part of the u. k. but now the decision made by britain to draw up this bill, which is making its way through parliament, it will be debated by am pays. but what it does essentially is streamline and britain's eyes. what happens to goods when it arrives in northern ireland?
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there be a green channel for goods arriving from great britain staying in northern and the red channel for goods going to northern islands that serve where there is some risk of those goods ending up in the republic of ireland. the response from the european union, of course, is to launch this legal action 3 fold. ah, that could end up as you suggested of european court of justice with britain facing a hefty fine. so what reasons neeve er or the british government giving for this new bill? what form would potential changes to the northern ireland protocol take, at least in britain's ice? for britain is using something called a doctrine of necessity, which under european union legal guidance allows countries as to essentially pull out of a legally binding arrangements. if that arrangement, sir,
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is puts on, ju strain and pressure on a, on a given country, the words or puts the country in grave an imminent peril. britton's for an officer argues that because of the socio political and economic impact of the northern on and protocol on union is the nationalist communicate communities in northern ireland. all the possible risk of goods produced in great britain not being able to reach northern ireland. ah, the, as such, it was able to unilaterally pull out of this arrangement, i think you'll be hard pushed to find any voice whatsoever within the european union that would agree with the u. k. on that's not such the you feels its duty bow now to take this legal action, just focusing on those 3 fold points. they includes a legal action against britain for not sharing a tray details for not introducing inspect, inspection posts, post sanitary inspection post, and also the resumption of a legal challenge that was put on hold last september because britain dragged his
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heels and eventually failed to completely introduce any checks on goods going from great britain to, to northern ireland. ah, this could well be escalated if this bill it is only a bill at the moment. rapidly is turned into law or a need for the moment. many thanks didn't. as we said, a prominent devoris johnson facing questions right now. this is the leader of the opposition kister on a speaking, a prime minister sir questions the discussing of the cost of living crisis and high energy prices of the mother as soon as they begin that question about the prime minister on his government's policies on asylum and post briggs, it's a trade relations we'll listen in. in the mean time, the u. k says that it will fight any legal challenges against its controversial policy to send asylum seekers to round up the 1st flight on tuesday. didn't get off the ground after a last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. that in barber
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reports from london. waiting to depart for a wonder, but even with the plain in position at an air base in western england, the legal challenges continued. lawyers for a handful of asylum seekers still do to be flown, took a gully, asked the european court of human rights to get them off. the deportation list. it did, and suddenly the flight was called off. on monday, the court of appeal had ruled the flight. could go ahead that decision prompted protests here at the home office. the home secretary pretty patel has always said her department expected the agreement with romando reached in april to be fought in the courts. but the british government has already paid romando more than a $150000000.00 for infrastructure, and it insists it scheme will deliver. i was before the 1st flight was expected to leave the foreign secretary said it didn't matter how many people were on it. it's a key part of our strategy for tackling the appalling people smugglers who are trading in people's hopes and dreams. and in many cases costing their lives said
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this is why it's vitally important that we press forward with. busy policy and if people aren't on the flight to they they will be on subsequent flights to were wanda. while the prime minister chairing a cabinet meeting, made a different argument. the objective is to ensure that we make that clear distinction. i think everybody can see is fair and reasonable between legal immigration to this country by safe and legal roots, which we support the uphold and protect. because we will understand are the benefits that it brings, and are distinguishing that from dangerous and illegal cross channel migration, which we intend to store. refugee rights advocates point out most people crossing the english channel don't have a safe and legal route to claim asylum in britain. people are both to take the route because there are so safety route to travel into a country that me. okay. so what the government does with that board policies is
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they fuel the business model that people to africa to what they should be doing instead of. so playing their base and trying to support people who simply my claim asylum here, they should be opening up more safer to travel the people to get here. they have to risk their lives. on tuesday activists blocked the road near a detention facility, trying to stop vans, taking any one on the flight list. oh, they're hoping a wider case next month, challenging the plans legality. will stop any flights from going ahead and at a barber's with us now live from london, the deemed a may interrupt you if we do cross to the house of commons, to listening to proceedings there. but as far as this flight is concerned, okay, the 1st flight didn't take off, the government says it's determined to press on with its plans though. will there be another attempt at another flight while the government has come out fighting just shortly after the flight was actually counselled by the home, the home office, pretty patel. the home secretary said she,
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her legal team was preparing for the next flight and they had, they would be reviewing all of the legal rulings for here and in strasburg, at the europe, court of human rights. today, in the last 2 hours, another cabinet minister to raise coffee and said she was, she was surprised. she said she thought the public would be surprised at the european judges overruling british judges. now certainly there is a fair deal of support for the overall scheme, amongst conservative voters, perhaps 3 quarters of em, but among the why the public as much more evenly split and seems have been going down as details of the plan have come out. now importantly, therapy in court says that they were all key man who was put on that flight. he was one of 7 who is still on it as of late tuesday should not be sent to reminder until the full hearing into the legality of the u. k. rwanda agreement was heard as
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a 2 day hearing scheduled in july, so they allowed other individuals to make their own challenges so that they were all taken off the flight list. as of now, there are no plane scheduled to leave for rwanda, and this is. ringback something a quote from a human rights lawyer who was positive. the challenges here in the u. k. course, he said i would be sitting back and thinking was it worth it either from a financial or a legal perspective? well, some critics of the government say that's not really their priority and that they're actually doing quite well out of the headlines, attacking europe for supporting the government program right now. in fact, some conservative m p 's the suggesting books and leave the european court of human rights even though on the pin things like northern islands. good friday agreement. it's probably not going to happen, but it's generating a lot of headlines which critics say plays into the government's culture,
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war and policy to divert from its other problems in the aftermath of the policy gave scandal and so on. really that for the m groups advocating for refugee rights, that this is both a waste of money and unfair. they point out there are no safe and legal routes for most of the people crossing the english channel. they say it won't be a deterrent already. numbers have actually gone up since the scheme was announced on tuesday. more than 400 people tried to cross from france to england. they say the real solution is getting agreement so that people can apply in safe places. for example, people in frauds being able to apply there for asylum in the u. k. and certainly not being told that if they ever set foot here that we sent to another country, never to return to the baba voting live that from london, the name for the moment, many thanks and date israel, egypt, and the european union of signed an energy agreement the deal will allow israel to
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send its natural gas to egyptian ports and then to exported to europe. the u. s. trying to move away from its dependence on russian energy at ease. soaring gas prices, e u commission president, us lavonda lion said the long term plan, but focus on much more than natural gas. it is for us, very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are, of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say you are in a very lucky position as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy is in abundance. the sun, the wind. so these will be the energies of the future and the demand will be enormous. and therefore, it is in our common interest to explore together how to put the infrastructure and the technologies in place. if said that, im sure castillo's year been delegated main. we have reinforced our cooperation in
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this vital sector and we'll continue without technical cooperation and investment in order to prepare the infrastructure needed for green hydrogen as a source of clean energy. leave. jerry ross, as a professor at science is po, paris, under contributor to natural gas world. he says, the deal is a 1st step to finding alternative supplies to rush and grass. we need to replace every single molecule is contrary to what happened and then stated, i mean, so why is the russian side that it cut its supply? i mean, today, yesterday we had a problem, i got a problem and what we are receiving now in terms of volumes from russia versus what you were receiving, i get it. it's just half and half has been replaced by markets. we've been able to reroute those. and then ship, so they provide natural gas away from a truck. but we need more again, we just had a better cut yesterday. and this is available. i mean that could be some people to
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netting in israel at this desk could be shipped to egypt. look, i didn't teach it and they said it's a bit upset, capacity it and move into york. so that the 1st element, you have a profession capacity in egypt available at the 2005 that are not operating at speed. so you can do it right now, so this is a quick fix. it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the stack in the system on it, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving is that we need other stuff. we didn't know exploration more infrastructure. and again, i mean, you see on just some kilometers the weight has its huge project. we need all the new energy to help us in your so to come on al jazeera, good
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thing for the time being one of the most successful. these groups decides to take a break and jubilation for costa rica who beat using to claim the final spot of this year's cash. i will come the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to castle book. your travel package to day hello faber, got more very heavy rainfall into southern parts of china. the may, your front, those seasonal rains, their continued to polls so way in across the southern pass easing out into the open waters of the north. a specific although to pan passage pan, we'll still see some shabby rate over the next few days, temperatures recovering somewhat, therefore, toko. on the human side, there's that wet weather. then just around taiwan, southern problems his of china will see more very heavy downpours. and if anything
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it gets wet a steel as we go through friday, so that will exacerbate the flooding. i think we are seeing further problems coming through here with the risk of more much slides as well. further north, it's dry and hot that to celsius. therefore, shanghai touching a $32.00 therefore beijing a little more in the way of cloud here they pushing up towards the northeast of the country, easing over towards that eastern side of russia. meanwhile, more heavy down post coming in across a good part of the southern india monsoon range should be cutting right across and not quite as intense as they should be at present. but we are looking at more heavy downpours into bangladesh into the far north east of india. we do have flood warnings in force at red warnings in force, and that heavy ready set to continue for the next few days. cats are air with issue airline of the john belgium, 0 correspondence. bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we have
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to take cover this is of happening on a daily basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out left across the lines and no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled parent, they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling. please evacuation now basic 3 days. journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. ah ah, hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of our main years. the south, the european commission is threatening to take the you case. the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post, brings that agreement on checks on goods arriving in northern ireland. the you says
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the changes are illegal. the u. k says that it will fight any legal challenges against this plan to send asylum seekers to lawanda. the 1st deportation flight on tuesday didn't get off the ground after loss, but it intervention by the european court of human rights and israel, egypt to the european union of signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas to egyptian ports and then exported to europe. china's economy is showing signs of partial recovery according to the latest government data industrial output, it may increase nor point 7 percent up slightly higher than expected. but retail sales remain weak, the government is persisting with its 0 cobit 19 strategy, which is having an impact on businesses as katrina year reports now from beijing. beijing authority said they're racing against time to contain a ferocious resurgence of corporate 19 less than a week after capitol east by restrictions. hundreds of new cases have been
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identified all linked to this. my cub, heaven supermarket. it's business license has been suspended, and the owners are under investigation. they turned on toll should your balise have launch a criminal investigation into the bar. and the reverend people in charge of the boss, unc suspect, the interference with epidemic prevention and several other people have been charged with breaking coffee rules, including 3 men who ignored orders to isolate at harm. the cluster has spread to 14 of beijing, 16 districts, and prompted mass testing in the largest cha young. the reopening of schools has been delayed heaven supermarket, but is located here and suddenly turn in area of beijing known for its my life, restaurants and shopping. these businesses had just reopened when this new cluster was found and now hundreds of them have had to close their doors again until further notice. dozens of cases have also been recorded in shanghai,
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forcing tens of thousands of people back in doors. the commercial center emerged from strict to man. look down at the beginning of june. new economic data shows china's 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic is continuing to take a toll in may, industrial output rose 0.7 percent compared to the same month last year. and property sales improved slightly, but retail sales fell 6.7 percent with uncertainty weighing heavily on consumer spending. it is so incredibly susceptible to our faltering the moment. there is even a slight, a over corbett outbreak. our corporate scare even that i think consumption is going to remain under severe pressure and that is the biggest economic challenge to the party right now i've been writing that is going to take a lot of effort and hasn't been of meat drastically different policy. and the one that we had in place, analysts say as long as china's leaders refused to live with the virus sustained,
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economic recovery will be difficult, leaving business owners anxious knowing they could be one covered 19 case away from closing metals. katrina, you out as irritating a you an expert is accused me on laws army of deliberately targeting children since it took power last year. the u. n. special repertoire on human rights in me, a mob says it received reports of $142.00 children who were reportedly tortured by soldiers, police, and pro army malicious. the un says the billy 400 children have been killed or maimed by armed groups. since the coo and that a quarter of a 1000000 have been displaced on your mo, is an advisor to the ministry of human rights in the national unity government. he says the international community should hold me on mars military leaders accountable for crimes against civilians. it's delivered, it's intentional. ah, of course in the history suggest to per miss military targets. there was ball
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rubble as well. nice them are are. so they have this heavy 12 action sentimentality of targeting the most weakest on and, and in some, in a sense. we have also seen the, the hosting of the children where they could couldn't find the parents. and this is very human. and in some cases, the minor has been stepped and nailed, so teeth has been removed and to being marked and sexually assault. and this thing has been there for, for an hour, for decades long. and of course, it has been accelerated since the crew attempt on 1st of february 2020. why international community need to do more. and her internship at these atrocities are taking place in the ice of international community in the weakness of international community and had called it like the reports says they coordinated actions against military need to be taken to stop listings. otherwise,
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we had the no sensitivity in, in men will have to continually ping the price of lives and likelihood and, and, and he did that. the ability to make contact on to call is within the capacity of international community. it's matter of political will and showing the moral responsibility the may lead of ecuador, indigenous people's movements has been released after his detention caused uproar. busy yet as cheers lay on it as isa free the affairs of his arrest, the middle of a nation wide strike could make an explosive situation even worse. and america editor lucio newman, reports. tempers were already reaching boiling point when the compliment ordered the arrest of louis is us isa leader of ecuador, consideration of indigenous peoples. the powerful organization had just begun
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a national strike to demand that fuel food and fertilizer prices be lowered and frozen. shortly before the arrest isa had sent a stern message to president viet maluso de la morgan is that young kennedy, if the president does not respond to any of our demands incident, then we will continue indefinitely. eco doors, acute economic crisis made much worse by the pandemic, has led to a sharp rise in prices, hunger and malnutrition. well, he says arrest has angered indigenous communities that produce the lion's share of the country's fresh food in ecuador, it's amazon region, the combative indigenous organization that represents more than 1500 communities, is calling for a national uprising, other things union west or maximally. then dick, with dorian state, has kidnapped our lead of, i'm summoning all the presidents of all indigenous nationalities, organizations,
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federations communities, to rise up and march and reach every city in the country. lot is, oh, it's not an empty threat. less than 3 years ago. the indigenous confederation brought ecuador his previous government to which knees to strikes and sometimes violent public protest hulu. after paralyzing the country for 10 days, the government caved in to demand to retract the increase in fuel prices as required by the i. m. f. c. and newman, al jazeera global boy band sensation bts of announced that they're taking a break to concentrate on their solo careers. the moves shock, the k pop groups, legion of fans, and course the value of our management agency to plummet. that a 25 percent. rob mcbride reports and so ah, the surprise and instrument came during a dinner to mark the 9th anniversary of the groups, debut complaining of exhaustion and of the toll the pandemic has taken. one of the
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members announced they all, they did a break called long feel. so saying that untied is very sinful in itself, and i wish we could talk happily and do things happily. no matter what the rules, that's all i want and i'm totally wrong. it doesn't work a hard the most difficult thing is writing lyrics. i have nothing to say any more. i should be able to tell the story that i want to share, but i end up forcing myself to write to please people when it's too painful. ah, it seems as the ultimate boy band, even bts can't change the fact they not as boyish as they were now, did they already are grown up? not the members are average asia is approaching in order, so t, so that is quite normal process in the korean pop industrial to when the member is gonna have been that they must start at their own business. bts seem to be at the
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peak of their global popularity generates and billions of dollars for the south korean economy. as soft power, cultural ambassadors, and building a fiercely loyal international fan base numbers, tens of millions refer to themselves collectively as army. the response from those fans has been instantaneous and impassioned with the flood of social media posts mostly expressing shock. i just want to give them a hug, says one fan, while others describe the move was courageous and all of them it seems still vowing lifelong devotion. was it? honestly, i was in the news battered the market value of the bands management agency hide, which seemed to walk back the announcement, saying the k pop group would continue to work together for millions around the world. such an outcome would be dynamite. robert bride al jazeera,
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so the light up for cattle 2022. what the world cup is, sir complete. costa rica secured the final place from the tournament. beating new zealand, one nil in a playoff at a. richardson was after match and ohio with one last will cup spot up for gramps, thousands of costa rica fans had traveled to cattle to see that seemed take her new zealand in a year's final qualifier. this completely brings our country together. for the past few days, everyone, you know, whenever you see someone cas week and we shall it me screaming to people, we hug people who, we don't know. we take pictures of people, we don't know. so it's been a very interesting experience. that means a lot ecos eric, i even the day off today. okay. because for at the very thought that the qualified everybody hall making parties everything together because it's a big, big deal for us to usina went into the matches outside us. ranked 70 places behind
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costa. rica were aiming for their 3rd straight wilk of appearance. that target looked all the more achievable within 3 minutes of kickoff. joel campbell, but in costa rica ahead museums, chris would thought he'd scored an equalizer just before half time. but his celebrations were to be cut short. after consulting the pitch site monitor, the referee disallowed the go for foul in the build up. his minds, using ins was with compounded after the break close to bob or recess cents off less than 10 minutes of the coming on as a substitute because the yellow card has been cancelled and it is now read. despite the numerical disadvantage, you zealand continued to pressure, their opponents go. but costa rica held on to secure the wind and a place at the sick.


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