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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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this is al jazeera ah hello money inside the muse, our lie from dave hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. you as president joe biden tells oil companies to increase output as he tries to bring down record gas prices . the european union turns to israel and egypt for natural gas to cut its reliance on russian energy preparations for off each flight from the next flight. already begun. the u. k. government vows to press on with its policy of sending asylum seekers to landa. despite a last minute setback in the past, i ran desponding for the time being one of the world's most successful pop groups decides to take a break. and i'm far as small with the sports as costa rica book, the final world cup spot. central americans beat new zealand one now and are
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heading to their 3rd finals in a row. ah, hello, welcome to the program. we begin in the united states where president joe biden has urged oil companies to take action against soaring petrol. prices in a letter biden said, we're fine is need to produce more gasoline and diesel and they should work with his administration to address the crisis. consumer prices in the us have reached 40 year highs, driven by shortage in oil supply. let's go straight to our white house correspondent kennedy hook it. kimberly biden's been under intense pressure on gas prices. so now he's just passing that pressure on toil companies. well, what he's saying is that if you don't work with me, i'm going to have to use my powers to bring prices down for americans as you point
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out. prices in the united states, due to inflation or at a 40 year high jumping last month, some 8.6 percent on the things that people buy every day. not just food, but also gasoline. and so this letter comes one day after the u. s. president announced that he would be traveling to saudi arabia to sit down with the kingdom there, the stents of li to improve relations, but also to push for an increase in our oil output to bring down those gas prices. so now we have this announcement one day later, it's very clear, this is a top priority for this administration. what he's saying in this letter, joe biden is saying to the 7 oil companies is we need you to increase your refinery capacity. so what he's saying is, come up with concrete solutions, let's both boost this output or i'm going to have to take executive action in order
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to do so. yeah, i guess not the question, what is best executive action can be actually fools oil companies to do his bidding? well, what the president is saying is that right now there has been a drop in oil refinery capacity that essentially the, the drop has been about 1000000 barrels a day from pre cove it levels. and when you add to that, there are another number of other factors at play here. you've also got the fact that there's the war in ukraine, russia's invasion of ukraine. i and what the president is saying, well, he's calling this pollutants price hike. oh, what's not buried in there are the western sanctions banning russian oil that loss of production has certainly led to some of the shortages. and so as a result the supply that exists has gotten more finite and that has driven up
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prices. but what the president is saying is that these oil executives are taking advantage of that, raising these prices and their profits at a time when consumers need help. and so he's saying, if you don't increase output, i'm going to take matters into my own hands. now, what we should know in all of this is that the oil companies have been criticizing the white house saying that you are responsible for all of this. you have cut the keystone pipeline, that would have boosted capacity. you ended the leases on public lands. there are no new leases, and they also said that your climate agenda of emphasizing net 0 carbon climate change plans is really to blame for all of this. so there's a bit of a tug of war going on in terms of policy and how to address this problem. the bottom line is, the president is saying, we've got a problem. it's a political problem for this president as well, because he knows with the congressional elections coming up in november,
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that if he doesn't resolve this, voters are going to be angry at democrats are going to pay the price at the polls come voting day. okay, thank you. for that company, who could that for us at the white house? oh, saki of energy, israel, egypt, and the european union have signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas to egyptian ports and then exported to europe is trying to move away from its dependence on russian energy and ease soaring gas prices. you commission, president, was of, on the lion says the long term plan would focus on much more natural gas. it is for us, very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are, of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say you are in a very lucky position as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy is in abundance. the sun,
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the wind. so these will be the energies of the future and the demand will be enormous. and therefore, it is in our common interest to explore together how to put the infrastructure and of the technologies and place that said the, i am sure orchestra last year, been little guy debating. we have reinforced our cooperation in this vital sector and we'll continue without technical cooperation and investment in order to prepare the infrastructure needed for green hydrogen as a source of clean energy. it's got a bad smith who is in west harris. lemme back and talk us through the details of the steel and what it could mean for both egypt and israel. israel says only 0 point one percent of global gas reserves, if not much, but when the european union is casting around for any alternatives to russian energy than every little health. this is enormously beneficial to israel. israel
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had frozen further gas field exploration in his attempt to find more use more renewable sources of energy, but this was to lucrative or an option or to turn down it will increase production senate through a pipeline to egypt equal and liquefy. this gas at tube. it's terminals on the mediterranean coast and send that over to europe. so it's very beneficial. the israel increased gas production and increased profits from that gas, of course, and increased fees from egypt that will process that gas and send it ons over both countries. able to benefit if you live from the european union's really urgent service search for alternatives to russian energy. it is urgent. so how, how, how quickly can they put this together? how quickly it can this gas from israel replace rush and gas? there are practical challenges for egypt to ramp up production. most analysts
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suggest it'll only be it'll be a couple of years before your opinions using significant amounts of israeli gas. egypt got to change some of the ways it uses some of the spec capacity to have. this all takes time, but it's a very significant israelis easily able to ramp up the gas it suns to egypt because it uses this out of gas pipeline, a pipeline that was created, intended egypt to send gas out to syria, to jordan, to lebanon. but egypt now using most of its own gas production for domestic needs, the israel has been able to tap into this pipeline and send the gas to egypt. is a deal at least valid for 3 years with a 2 year extension. but all of them recognize that from 2030 onwards, the you is trying to go more renewable. i will reduce its reliance on fossil fuels . thank you for that, ben. it's smith efforts in western slim. well,
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european nations are all, say, grappling with rising energy prices. it's been weeks since hungry introduce limits on few, but it's now restricting missed only hungarian license plates, causing a dispute with the european union and anger among foreign drivers. lower better money reports. a government decision to 1st prices of the petrol pump is released to many hungarian bonds. now it's limiting the cheap fuel to locals. only thing that i mean, i think it is the right of every country which fuel price they set when they will be a central ruling in the u. that salaries and pensions should be the same in all countries . then we can say that everything should cost the same as all, this is the decision of the hungarian government. i completely agree with it. with all its benefits and drawbacks. fuel prices are soaring across europe, with many motorists paying 60 to 70 percent more than hungry to fill their tanks.
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neighboring flow that countries have been skipping the border to towns like ed sca gone to fill up on fuel until now for ration. no, it's not good for the relations between the countries. for france, germany, italy, slovenia, and hungary government across europe are looking for ways to soften the blow from a sharp rise in fuel and food costs. starting with the cobra. 19 pandemic, and made worse by the worn ukraine, from offering $1000000000.00 packages to boosting subsidies and reducing taxes. but the move to restrict caps the hungarian vehicles, led to the threat of caught action by the european union's industry chief. and the u commission isn't happy, eva. the commissioner received several complaint from you citizens on the hungarian measures, as said they have experienced firsthand her description to re fuel prices for when
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they are purchasing fuel. at her con garren service, sir facials prime minister victor oberon says he had to act that she would be pro well made use nuke at all. would you have an extraordinary situation? requires extraordinary measures. and in such a situation, it's also permissible, and i think it is even imperative to deviate from generals through telecom good use for local motorists, but the e, you asserts this is an excuse to justify discrimination based on nationality law. about him only al jazeera plenty more ahead on the news i including so let's colds as faith as faith. this is illegal, but e threatens to take the u. k to the european court of justice against proposed changes to its post breaks at border agreement. and chinese economy show signs of
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recovery, but it's imposing more covet 19 restrictions in some of its major cities. and this american golf legend is adding a reputation. he says he doesn't deserve details coming up later in the program. ah, the united kingdom says it will fight any legal challenges against it's planned to send sodom seekers to wander the fast steeple taishan flies on tuesday. didn't get off the ground after last minute intervention by the european court of human rights . but the u. k. home secretary party patel says the government will not be deterred . while this decision by the strasburg coot intervened was disappointed and surprising, given the repeated and considered judgments to the country in our domestic court, we remain committed to this policy. these repeated legal barriers. all madam deputy
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speaker, very similar to those that we experience with all of the removal flies and we believe that will fully compliant with all domestic and international obligations. i'm preparations for off each flight from the next flights of already begun. optimistic course of the view that the flight could go ahead with her policy. she knows this is unworkable. unethical, and won't stop the criminal gangs. but yet she still went ahead and spend half a 1000000 pounds offering a plane. she never expected to fly from. she still went ahead and wrote a $120000000.00 pounds check to rwanda with a promise of more to come. and she still went ahead because all she really cares about is picking fights and finding someone else to play a sketch. unity baba here is live for us in london, nadeem her listening to pretty patel. they're speaking during prime minister prime ministers. question time at this clearly no doubt is there that the government is
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determined to press ahead with its policy. well, no, i mean it's already, as you just heard, spent half a 1000000 pounds on that one single flight spent over a $150000000.00 just as a 1st payment to the wind and government for accommodation. and the like. nobody really knows how much it would cost per asylum seeker who'd be sent to reminder in future under the sky, which was struck in a pool that has been sort of controversial. pretty patel did make the point in parliament that she welcomed all of the decisions by the u. k. codes which said that the flight could go ahead and choose. and then she said she was disappointed and surprised by the move by the european court of human rights and stroudsburg to basically take off the flight 3 of those who are still on out of the 7. and then
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there were further legal challenges which led to nobody being on that flight. she says that the european court was contrary to the decisions of the u. k. codes, but it didn't actually overall what they said, what the u. k. court said was, we're not going to stop this flight from going ahead to before. dish review starts into the whole legality of the scheme that's expected next month. and there's time if people are sent in the interim or a wind up for them to be returned. if the scheme would be ruled unlawful, the european court said no, the flight has to wait until that why to look into the holy galaxy of the scheme. so it's not really a big win for the government in terms of what the u. k. courts have been saying it's just a different interpretation, different time scale if you like. so today, what happens next? well,
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pretty battelle has said that the government's legal team are working on the next flight. and the government has insisted that term of thousands of people will eventually be sent to rwanda. people who crossed the english channel in boats. they insist that their aim is to stop the rest to their lives. and to break the business model of what they call the people smugglers and but pretty, but how actually set something in parliament. so just a while ago. and she said that some, that people who are coming over by boat are, are, are seeking to jump the q. she said that, and the government wants to offer legal migration routes to people, but on what she calls the illegal migrants. these desperate people often flame war and torture in countries like syria, iraq, afghanistan. she said the term that they are severely curtailing what the government can do for legal migrants. it's a bit of a mess, really lumping lots of different groups of people together. and the critics of the
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government say that they're doing this simply to generate headlines in the right wing press here. there is some credence to the popularity that they're gaining from this, among their own conservative or voting base amongst the public. this asylum parties much more evenly split burton the support has actually gone down since april as details emerge of the cost involved. and also who these people are because most people crossing the channel do actually receive asylum in the end. and they are, as i was saying, people who have very strong cases for asylum if they're allowed to make that here in britain. thank you for that. not even bother that for us in london. well, vic, to our anger, barry and melissa is a weldon politician and opposition politician anna champus. and if they new political party development and liberty, or she says it's unfair to expect a country struggling with poverty unemployment to care for foreign refugees. rwanda
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is in developing the country with, you know, opportunities to give to migrants. you know, unemployment among youth is a high human, a capita in the one that is the role of a t n. do food insecurity position or cancer? wanda is yet to reach the gentleman the conciliation for a wedding or a barrier for us. randa, i submit of come unaware. it does not respect the voters, such as the democracy, rule of law and you money, right? how we do my guns will have his suffered trauma where we fit into that. i own environment. this is why i say rwanda is not, did the good county to they said to me, grant at the moment. rhonda self can not to pay the accommodation of the cedar for
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just this would it be paid to be d u k. government. but it was the day where day british government were just offered to pay this accommodation. what really happened to this, the references they had not to have and a free jack yolanda because of the one that is a poor country. they rusty's, they can have a better life in the u. k. if the problem is between the day is this who you know what my granddaughter who travels from france, then british government has to deal with this problem with their for us government . net with rhonda the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post brick set agreement on checks on goods arriving in northern ireland. but he says there is no legal or political justification for the person to unilaterally
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change an international agreement. so that's called a state effect. this is illegal the okay bill is extremely damaging to mutual trust and respect between the eel and the u. k. it has created deep uncertainty and cost a shadow over our overall corporation or at the time and respect for international agreements has never been more important. this guy's ne barker, he joins now from london need give us a bit of context here. what is this asked with the european commission? only bass, and what will these legal challenges involve? well, at the height, so brakes it, negotiations, there was perhaps one of the biggest and thought highest elements of focusing on what was going to happen to northern ireland. of course, northern ireland is a part of the united kingdom, but it borders the republic of ireland, which is an
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e u. member states. i not. border is porous as results of the good friday agreement, which was signed. bringing an end to 30 years of sectarian violence in northern ireland. and it is vitally important that board at remains open and free, but as such. where now the brakes negotiations were on the way. it led to a very big and serious question about what's going to happen to goods from great britain. so that scotland, wales and england traveling to northern islands when they could potentially freely go across the border into the republic of ireland and on to the rest of the european union. the solution was essentially a border down the middle of the irish sea, which has the anger's unionists and others in northern ireland. the want, the province to be seamlessly pass of the rest of the united kingdom. well, a tentative agreement was signed, but now the british government is decided to unilaterally pull out of that and come
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up with its own rules and regulations as to what should happen. and that as angered the european union. this launched the 3 fold legal challenge on the basis the britain is not fulfilling its international legal obligations to that steel. the 1st says the britain has frales to introduce checks of goods, going to northern ireland from great britain as failed to share tre data with the european union, and has also failed to introduce inspection, post some things i some fish and other goods going from great britain to northern ireland, the concern is that this could indeed escalate birthday to the european court of justice where britain may end up facing a fine or potentially into a deep and darkening trade. war with the european union pulling all sorts of believers to punish britain for breaking the rules. thank you for that. me bulk of that for us in london. let's get more in this. we're joined by john pate political editor at the economist. thank you for your time or is johnson doesn't seem to
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think making changes to the spare is a big deal. he seems to think that is being a little stuck in the mud and unreasonable about all this. is he right? he's right, that it would be good if you could find a more pragmatic solution might reduce the volume, checks the treating on goods going for you know, and that would be a desirable outcome is wrong. describe the bill is introduced as, as just a charging up excitedly. trivial because the track will do is complete. we didn't talk to the british ministers unilaterally completely rewrite the mall and i'm part of the withdrawal treaty, which is an international trade between the are in the u. k. and it's not that surprising. you got angry about this obvious breach of international law, as you say, an international tracy that the u. k. signed a wasn't imposed on them, then they know what they were signing up for. one of the ironies here is the street
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us negotiated by orest jobs. we became a prime minister in 2019 and signed the end of that year. rush by then 2020 at the time to start up and ready deal to get it done. and now any to later, he wants to tear up a piece of it. so, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't look very good to do that and it's not clear it will solve the problem about moving from northern ireland. anyway. so these legal challenges that have now been launched against the u. k. i mean, how, how serious are they, how, what are they going it got? what are they gonna involve? well, if you could, if you want to say you could lead to quite substantial fines for breaking the agreement. that was, that was reached in late 2019 the you get to choose not to pay those fines. and if you did that, then it would be due the europeans to reverse trade sanctions, i think is the most important thing to realize. this whole process could take
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a very long time. it'll take a long time for the bill. it was introduced this week in parliament to become law, be a good 12 months, and you will take similar period for the cases to, to be concluded. and the whole point all 5 is that during that period, the 2 sides actually start restart negotiations and try to reach a pragmatic solution that don't involve either lawsuits or indeed, unilateral change. you can change it to the treaty. it's possible that will happen with the risk is the basis it entrenched them just end up with m as laws and minus i gives crime, but now we could add up to the trade. and that entrenchment, that time actually that's going to have an impact on the man on the street, the business, small businesses and so on that are that are affected by this. well, at the moment, you know, not who the practical is, but the, the molding on moves by checks on goods moving from great will not be applied. that
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will continue say there are the subjects that will not people bust, but they're not that they will get worse during this period. the problem, they may not get better and it will be a much more bizarre if you could improve situation by trying to reach a pragmatic solution that could satisfy both sides. john or any good to talk to you, john payne, flexible at a set at the economist. thank you. the chinese economy is showing signs of parcel recovery that's according to the latest government data. industrial output in may increase north point 7 percent, which is slightly higher than expected. retail sales though remained weak. the government has been persisting with 0 coven 19 strategy, which has been having an impact on businesses. katrina, you report bating authority said they're racing against time to contain a ferocious resurgence of corbett 19 less than a week after the capitol east virus restrictions. hundreds of new cases have been
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identified. all linked to this. my club has been supermarket. it's business license has been suspended, and the owners are under investigation. drill turned on, tulsa joel valise, have a launcher criminal investigation into the bar was the other role of people in charge of the boss on suspect the interference was every domain prevention and several other people have been charged with breaking corporate rules, including 3 men who ignored orders to isolate at harm. the cluster has spread to 14 of aging 16 districts and wanted mass testing in the largest charl young. the reopening of schools has been delayed. hasn't supermarket, but it's located here and suddenly turn in areas beijing known for its my life, restaurants and shopping. these businesses had just reopened when this new cluster was found. and now hundreds of them have had to close their doors again until further notice. dozens of cases have also been recorded in shanghai,
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forcing tens of thousands of people back in doors. the commercial center emerged from strict to month, looked down at the beginning of june. new economic data shows china's 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic is continuing to take a toll in may industrial, i'll put rose 0.7 percent compared to the same month last year. and property sales improved slightly. but retail sales fell 6.7 percent with uncertainty weighing heavily on consumer spending. it is so incredibly susceptible to our faltering the moment. there's even a slide say a you number quoted outbreak or covert scare even that i think consumption is going to remain under severe pressure. and that is of biggest economic challenge to the party right now. i've been writing bad is going to take a lot of effort in those medium meet drastically different policy than the one that we have in place. analysts say, as long as china's leaders refused to live with the virus sustained, economic recovery will be difficult. leaving business owners anxious knowing they
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could be one corporate 19 case away from closing their doors. katrina, you al jazeera, they jane at least in brazil have arrested a 2nd suspects in connection with the disappearance of an indigenous with such a british journalist protested in the capital have demanded ounces, and caused the justice. rena pereira and don't phillips went missing in the amazon last week, also receiving threats as get some whether he is absent. hello, we got a shamal wind kicking in the cross sea gulf over the next couple of days. we're looking at some very, a very windy weather, pushing through lifted dust and sand, always an issue. then you can see how that comes out of iraq through q weight down across that isa side of saudi arabia and will affect us here in katara as well. doha, at $44.00 celsius, $23.00 degrees hotter than that there for baghdad. and for q way, for most it is slicking dry, have a little dusty and a symbol,
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a picture as we go on into a friday notice a few showers just around northern turkey. over towards the caucasus, maybe one or 2 showers to into afghanistan, but nothing too much to write home about was you drive across all the parts of africa. plenty of heat around here. tank killed therefore, were morocco batted around $25.00 celsius. go scattering a shower, 3 west africa now when these showers nudging further northward. so marty martini seeing some wet, wet weather, big infantry downpours across a good part of god and into the hearts of nigeria. plenty of showers to around the gulf of guinea. then in to gabon pushing across cameras, it might make too much progress on the other side of the rift valley. a few showers there for eastern parts of kenya, maybe into east parcel somalia. but large, you drive to the south of that. we want to shout for mozambique fil a head on out. is there a tortured and killed a un human rights acts that keys at mann last military of targets? in children treacherous conditions. close yellowstone park climate change melting
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glazes may be to blame and sport the u. s by that pretty messy. el salvador, plenty of them will ask me ah ah, ah, al jazeera. when i write down to the frank assessments, you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries. what is the situation? there's only one doctor, and when nurse i need to address,
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she informed opinions how big this foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bind administration, it comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in depth analysis of the data global headlines. how will a place, why did live get the vaccine when there's no money at all? the rest of the rich countries are fighting for the inside story on our jazeera blue. ah, ah, you're watching out as a reminder, autopsy, or is this our new as present? joe? biden has urged will companies to take action against soaring petrol prices? he said we're fine, is need to produce more gasoline and diesel fuel prices in the us have reached 40
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year ice. israel, egypt and the european union have signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas egyptian ports and then exported to europe. the u. k says it will fight any legal challenges against its plan to send asylum seekers to wander. the bus deportation flies on tuesday didn't get off the ground after last minute intervention by the european court of human rights. un experts has accused me on mos army of deliberately targeting children since it took over power last year. the un special wrapper turn human rights, and myanmar says it's receive reports of a $142.00 children who will reportedly tortured by soldiers, police, and pro army militias. the rapport ter tom andrew says he has evidence of minors being beaten and stabbed burned with cigarettes and subjected to mock executions. some had their finger nails and teeth pulled out or being interrogated by the
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military. 382 children have been killed or injured by security forces. a quarter of a 1000000 have been displaced. andrew believed the attacks constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes and has called for military leaders and others to be held accountable. let speak take kingsley abbot. he's the director of global accountability and international justice at the international commission of joris, he joins us from bangkok at such shocking findings. what do you make of what we're hearing? well, good evening molina, and thanks for having me today. the human rights and rule of law situation and me and mar, is an absolute free full at the moment. and it's turned into a textbook example of what happens when impunity goes unchecked. and some of the violations we're seeing now, many of which amount of crimes against humanity are happening in part because the
4:36 pm
world has turned its attention to all the crises, which is life real pockets of darkness and me and my wife violations are being allowed to drive unchecked, and that's why this report on the you in special rap on tor, on me. and mom is so important cold, losing a generation how the military junta is devastating me in most children and undermining me and my future. it's timely because it clearly illustrates why this crisis must remain at global priority. but why, why are children being targeted? i mean, that is the most shocking aspect of this. get the picture, the report paines's pulling some of some of the statistics that you mentioned in the report. i have to be read to be believed attacks of just placed more than a quarter of a 1000000 children joining the 1000 small already displaced across borders. a 1000 full 100 arbitrarily to tie, including toddlers as young as 3 hundreds killed or maimed. many tortured others held as hostages. and this is just what we know. but i think importantly,
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all of these events have had a massive impact on the economic, social, and cultural rights of children, which will have long term implications in areas like education, health, access to immunization. on these points alone, the report notes that 7800000 children are out of school and that as many as 33000 children will die of provincial deaths this year for not having access to vaccinations. and so we really are looking at a loss generation as the report says, that the reports that the rapid test says at you and members must respond to the crisis in me and my with the same agency. they've responded to the crisis in ukraine. he makes a very good point. why does nobody cat? i think there are so many crises unfolding around the world at the moment. it's not a metal that people don't care, it's a matter of political will and continuing to keep situations like me and my as a priority. i mean of the end of the asian states need to recognize that the
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situation and be emma, is a human right. so you managerial and a security crisis that affects the whole region and day and all the other relevant actors must collectively pressure the hunter without recognizing their legitimacy to walk away from the situation in the violations, return the country to democracy and they need to ensure greater humanitarian age, the report says that right now, 5000000 children are in need and only 10 percent of what is assessed as being needed by those children and humanitarian aid has been committed in funds. so this needs to be provided really in a way that's not channeled through the hunter or isn't allowed to be obstructed by them, but will actually reach children, especially in remote and ethnic areas, including where the respite and otherwise humanitarian it just becomes another with and the offs and all of the onto kingsley adults. how i really appreciate your time . directive, global accountability and international justice joining the staff from bangkok.
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thank you. lane leader of ecuador, indigenous peoples movement has been released, starved to his detention caused april. 03. suppose is cheered as near need as isa walked free there with fear that his the rest in the middle of a nationwide strike could make an explosive situation even worse. as a latin american ada salisia newman explains oh, tempers were already reaching boiling point when the government ordered the arrest of lo need us isa leader of ecuador confederation of indigenous peoples. the powerful organization had just begun a national strike to demand the fuel food and fertilizer prices be lowered and frozen shortly before the arrest isa had sent a strong message to president key and mulatto de la mortgagee, suffolk jenika. if the president does not respond to any of our demands incident
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that we will continue indefinitely. eco doors, acute economic crisis made much worse by the pandemic, has led to a sharp rise in prices, hunger and malnutrition. oh, he says a rest has angered indigenous communities that produce the lion's share of the country's fresh food. and if woodard's amazon region, the combative indigenous organization that represents more than 1500 communities, is calling for a national uprising law that things children oyster maximilian dick were. dorian state has kidnapped alida, i'm summoning all the presidents of all indigenous nationalities, organizations, federations communities, to rise up and march and reach every city the country loves. oh, it's not an empty threat. less than 3 years ago, the indigenous confederation brought ecuador his previous government to which knees 2 strikes and sometimes by in public protests ah,
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after paralyzing the country for 10 days, the government caved in to demand to retract the increase in fuel prices as required by the i m f. c, a. newman, al jazeera in peru, thousands of farmed fish have died after a truck full of zinc fell into a river. and civil defense body says it happened in the hu autos district north of the cap to lima. contamination as effective nearby trump forms 50000 tons of trump is produced in peru in 2019. according to official figures. the world health organization has to decide if the recent monkey pox outbreak is a global public health emergency. a 1700 cases have been detected in more than 30 countries, mostly in europe. the virus which is rarely fatal, had previously been seen in west in central africa. the global outbreak of monkey books is clearly unusual and concerning. it's for that reason that i have
4:42 pm
decided to convince the emergency community under the international health regulations next week to assess whether this outbreak represents a probably cold emergency of international concern. a paddle of medical experts in the u. s. has recommended that the medina vaccine for children aged between $6.17 trials show the jobs are safe and triggered a similar level of anti bodies and younger age groups. as it did in young adults, advisor vaccine has already been approved for teenagers and younger children. severe storms have swept across the u. s. states of illinois indiana to where the sabbath says hale and strong winds have damaged apartment buildings uprooted trees and downed power lines. in chicago, thousands of homes were without electricity that a regional apple. some planes were even flipped over well in the u. s. heavy,
4:43 pm
rain and snow from melting glass he is in the north west have caused unprecedented flooding in yellowstone national park. and his ascent beg reports. it's forced the park to closed for the 1st time in 34 years. well treacherous conditions in yellowstone park, which spends parts of the western you estates of wyoming, montana, and idaho. roads have been washed away. homes are destroyed. for the 1st time in 3 decades, authorities had no choice but to close the park. 10000 visitors have been evacuated that we've completed. we've completed 10 operations for rescues and also to air rescues. we've had extensive operations up and down the also remember valley out of residences and places throughout the county. by some estimates, the region received 2 months of raining just 3 days. the yellowstone river has burst its banks with water levels 4 meters deep in some parts. but it's not just
4:44 pm
heavy rains. water from melting places has added to the floods. nearby towns in montana also submerged. now she's got about 4 feet in her basement in there's about 2 feet in the covering the entire street in front of her house. just, you know, rollin as fast as the river is. we even sa, a side by side. my before wheeler go floating sideways down the street. this was mainstream. about 4000000 people visit yellowstone park every year with entrances on thy closed and authorities appealing for help from agencies. i sat bake of g 0. the global boy ban sensation b t s. have announced they are taking a break to concentrate on their so now chris move has shown the k pop groups, legion of fans, and caused valley. if that management agency to plummet nearly 25 percent from mcbride reports. ah, the surprise announce and came during
4:45 pm
a dinner to mark the 9th anniversary of the groups debut complaining of exhaustion and of the toll the pandemic has taken. one of the members announced they all they did a break called bang for feel. so saying that on a tide is very sinful in itself. i wish we could talk happily and do things happily . no matter what the rules, that's all i want and i'm taking a cousin were for her. the most difficult thing is writing lyrics. i have nothing to say any more. i should be able to tell the story that i want to share, but i end up forcing myself to write to please people. i mean it's too painful. ah, it seems as the ultimate boy band, even b t. s. can't change the fact they notice boyish as they were. once you achieve success, like the piazza to success, then it means there's a constant expectation to continue doing something that is connected to wary what you've already done,
4:46 pm
where you've already been. i think this heinous as about figuring out where they are going for themselves without interference from other people. bts seem to be at the peak of their global popularity, generates and billions of dollars for the south korean economy. as soft power, cultural ambassadors, and building a fiercely loyal international fan base numbers, tens of millions who refer to themselves collectively as army. the response from those fans has been instantaneous and impassioned with the flood of social media posts mostly expressing shock. i just want to give them a hug, says one fan, while others describe the move was courageous and all of them it seems still vowing lifelong devotion. was it? honestly, i read the news battered them,
4:47 pm
market value of the bands management agency hype, which seem to walk back the announcement saying the k pop group would continue to work together for millions around the world. such an outcome would be dynamite. public bride al jazeera, so still ahead on algebra. america's best known stars are in new york as this is try back a festival kicks off. i'm not sure to name an expanded program and in sport, england looking in disarray with woke up just 5 months around ah no said tis only change because some people live in a post that is bigger than that. i always want to make a little over my city around the state representative. they put themselves on state
4:48 pm
to make the changes. some that we've done collectively has more. they said, i've taken this long a. we have of this culture to slush and born to create you areas. we have to change to sculpture. i'm one of the fortunate ones who can me an established myself outside, but all these people and on that majority, these legal members are talking about as good, hardworking people that want to live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands or refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and more. lou ah
4:49 pm
ah, what started as the tribeca film festival 21 years ago is now just be tried becca festival. while the name is shorter, the festivals expanded to include not only feature films, but also tv series music videos, games, and immersive experiences. kristen slavery attended one of the events in york. you're just as likely to spot famous musicians as film stars on the red carpet of this years. try back a festival from jennifer lopez who premiered her documentary half time. i do this to people make them feel things because i want to taylor swift. now in aspiring director, as well as mega pop star, we carried a lot of our films with an eye towards the larger audience. the annual festival
4:50 pm
founded by jane rosenthal, an actor robert de niro aims to showcase culturally relevant, as well as entertaining films. this year schedule includes documentary on abortion, reparations, and freedom of the press there like cultural conferences. so people get together and i've always loved festivals. all the ones i've been to over the years, and i'm glad that we have this one here. oh. but rebecca is also about alias movie stars like de niro himself and al pacino this year reuniting to celebrate the 1995 crime drama heat. go with live conversations another big draw for try back a feature tennis. great. john mcenroe and civil rights activists. al sharpton. yes . each talking about their own films. and you're just as likely to see celebrities
4:51 pm
in the audience as on screen with us as starkly met to new york city is an honor to be a part of our conversation. the time back of festival was founded after the attacks of september, 11th, 2001 as a way to restore new york to the vibrance, the festival, like the city, has proven its resilience. continuing to attract all kinds of artists established and aspiring, as well as fans present. believe me, i'll just are okay. sign for some sport, his fara filing, thanks so much. line up for the cat are 20. 22 world cup is complete. costa rica secured the final place at the tournament, beating new zealand, one knell and a playoff. and he richardson was after match in doha. oh. with one last will cup spotted for gramps, thousands of costa rica fans had trouble to kat. so, to see that seemed taken new zealand in the years, final qualifier. this completely brings our country together. for the past few days,
4:52 pm
everyone, you know, whenever you see someone cause rick and we, shall we screaming to people, we hug people who we don't know. we take pictures of people, we don't know. so it's been a very interesting experience. that means a lot ecos, every guy, even the day off today. okay. because for us, he's very fort that the qualified everybody hall making parties everything together because it's a big, big deal for us to usina went into the matches outside us. ranked 70 places behind costa rica who were aiming for their 3rd straight wilk of appearance. that target looked all the more achievable within 3 minutes of kick off joy campbell, but in costa rica ahead new scenes, chris would thought he'd scored an equalizer just before half time. but his celebrations were to be cut short. after consulting the pitch site monitor, the referee disallowed the goal for a fowl in the build up. his mind,
4:53 pm
using ins was with compounded after the break cost of bob recess since off, less than 10 minutes of the coming on as a substitute because the yellow card has been cancelled and it is now read. despite the numerical disadvantage, you zealand continued to pressure, their opponents go at costa rica, held on to secure the wind and apply the 6 world cup with qualifying apps and ends and all. 32 places now accounted for the focus will shift back to the house. cats awe and its final preparations for the middle east. first ever world cup the bits a host this tournament was 112 years ago. it will finally kick off and just over 5 months time and the richardson al jazeera, so ha, earlier we spoke to sports border, gordon durham in about how costa rican think their team will do after world posted
4:54 pm
. we could get a lot, you know, very, very well, i think they're hoping to be able to do something like that. again, of course they're saying they call it the desk. you find the, i guess, but similar one in 2014 where they the place. busy defeated the way through with through with england. so, you know, i think think people think that even possible. i mean people are dressed in, in middle east and where are near right now. they're, they're super excited. absolutely. and like i said, i think there's now a little bit of a hope that they might be able to do something in, in england are looking in disarray with the world cup just 5 months away. they suffered their worse home defeat for 94 years. despite fielding the likes of harry
4:55 pm
kane. kyle walker and kyle soccer. southgate team was rushed for neil by hungary and even had a player sent off. the result means there winless after 4 games in waco, nations lead, and they were see embarrassment of being relegated from the top tier of the competition with broken a huge number of records. so we're on the other side of it tonight. that's of course really painful. and i don't actually think it is damaging food for the mentality of the group because they haven't been at full strength for, for the matches that they've lost. germany were in rapid form against european champions, italy who missed out on woke up qualifications on see flick side capitalized on some poor defending to when find to in the nation's lead. even t mo verna who's been struggling for goals at chelsea scored twice was given away by dora united states managed to avoid an embarrassing loss in what was
4:56 pm
a muddy mass of the game against el salvador jordan morris's legal seal. to 11. draw in the conk, a calf nation league you were say will make returned to the world cup this year after missing out. last time. tennis is new men's world. number one daniel method of had little trouble in his opening. machin holla, the russian ease passed. his opponent, david coffin of belgium and straight sides 26 year old. he just for place no back job which this week. the top of danny next faith ilia. if sca avella bruce for spot in the finance or more good news for daniel method of the russian will be allowed to defend his title at the final grand slam of the season, the us open. the states have associations as players from russia and belarus can compete by the ongoing war in ukraine. sports body is refused to follow in wimbledon ins. footsteps and banning players from the 2 countries saying, holding athletes accountable for their countries, actions is a concern. the use open starts on august 29th in new york,
4:57 pm
former golf world number one worry, malcolm royce is players who choose to leave the pga tour and join the saudi back to break away series. took the easy way out. 6 time major champion, phil mickelson is one of the players who has defected to the live invitational. though the 52 year old is back stateside, her pick, preparing for the us open, which begins on thursday in massachusetts. michelson was paid a reported $200000000.00 to participate to the serious but i think he has come back and shown some remorse of i'd high, he's handled some things. so i think he's learned from up on i'm for whom i to sit up here and give phil a less hong hide to do things that mean he's had a wonderful career and he says, oh man and i'm, he's a great addition to the field this week so, you know, i am, i am disappointed. he's taken the, the route that he's taken. i, i am i but i, i still respect him tremendously. police have dropped their investigation into
4:58 pm
retired british boxer. julius france says he famously fought mike tyson in 2057 year old on the left here last stepped into the ring 16 years ago and currently works as a security guard video went viral. of him knocking out a rowdy customer followed a group being thrown out of a leisure complex in london on saturday. the police say they haven't reviewed security footage and will not take any further action. okay, and that is all your sport for now, molly and back to you. thanks far. and that's it for me. money. 5 for the sneeze. allen will be back in just a moment. it's. it's more of the days when you stay with us. ah. to saudi. i la la la la la la, nationwide is $11.00, the how do you to visit with counsel the philistines, with the,
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from the special for yeah. and about the fisa, that kind of little sob isn't done well, i can dish out in the cloud. there's topics here called that of wilson 4th, not valuable camilla coffee and like in the past on my gun a on the, in that a fee on the line is like him on for hot body. i mean for the shuttle in the groups . i for control you. why did i can't even fucking the book ah al jazeera when ever you oh no, said his online change because some people live in a post that is bigger than that. i always want to make
5:00 pm
a little the, my city around the state representative, they put themselves on state to make the changes that we've done collectively, has more. they said, i've taken this long a does culture to flush more to create new areas. we have to change to sculpture. i'm one of the fortunate ones who can me an established myself outside, but all these people and on that majority these illegal members are talking about as good, hardworking people that want to live the american dream, like our ancestors. these were hands or refugees are terrified, they may be forced to return to me and more for.


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