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be covering politics and we're actually where am i covering full test. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here at al jazeera, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing investigative journalism. my role in this fight tied the in information about global experts and discussion. the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we tell these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the well today. oh no, just dara hm .
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the u. s. president demands on says, and an action plan from all companies to bring down right. hold. hi petrol prices ah low, i'm sammy's. i dan, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up relying last on, russian fossil fuels, israel, egypt, and the e. u. signed an agreement to provide energy to europe operations for each flight from the next flights of already become b u. k. government in civil move forward with its policy of sending asylum seekers to rwanda. despite the last minute, sat back and bouncing back, the big apple welcomes the full return of a cultural staple, new york's tribeca film festival. ah,
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we begin in the united states where president joe biden is urging oil companies to take action against soaring petrol prices. in a lesser bivens that refine this need to produce more gasoline and diesel should work with his administration to address the crisis consumer prices in the us of reach 40 year highest driven by a shortage and oil supplies. let's get more from our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit. so is this about the mid term elections i want from to this letter? it appears a pretty big factor. americans are happy right now is to point out the consumer price. did that has a hit affording here high in terms of the things that americans purchase about food, energy cost, and that includes gasoline. the price for a tank of gas is hitting record hide $5.00 a gallon is the national average in california, topping $6.00 a gallon,
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and the wages new united states have not had that with the rising prices. and so as a result, americans are angry and the fear of this white house is that they're going to pay dearly come november and lose control of the house of representatives in the senate . and that would really affect the president, the ability to get his legislative agenda forward for the final 2 years of his term . so as a result, the president is working with the oil companies are trying to and that's the point of this letter saying look at we've got to try and increase the capacity of the refining that's going on. what's happening right now is that pre cope with levels in the united states, we're about a 1000000 barrels of a day higher in terms of the refining add to that western sanctions on russia. there is no longer the same about have russian oil be imported into the united states. and there's more demand for the gasoline in the united states right now,
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because more americans are going back to work after the pandemic is led to these high prices. but at the same time, you are companies blaming the biden administration, saying look at you came into office, you cancelled the keystone pipeline. you put in place these climate change initiatives without having the infrastructure in place. and you all so cancelled all the new leases for drilling on federal lands. your part of the problem is that there's a lot of finger pointing going on right now. not a lot of solutions. and kimberly the same time realistically though, can the u. s. president, really force companies to either produce or refine more well, not really, that's sort of the upshot of all of this. what the president can do. and the biggest tool at his disposal is the strategic petroleum reserve is already utilized there. san, what he can do is release some of this. this will temporarily bring down and has
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brought down prices, but it's temporary and it's finite. you have to come up with a longer term solution and that's what he's doing. but at the same time, we should point out this letter is coming one day after the president announced the trip to saudi arabia, where he's under pressure to work with the kingdom, to encourage it to post oil production to bring down prices. the energy secretary was asked today, have you ever received any assurances from the saudi kingdom that could potentially happen if they know? so they're looking for domestic solutions and that's what this letter is all about . or i, kimberly, how could that, thanks so much israel, egypt and the european union has signed an energy agreement, allows israel to send its natural gas to egyptian ports and then exported to europe . the us trying to move away from its dependence on russian energy and ease soaring gas prices. bernard smith reports from west jerusalem. ah,
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israel sits on about 0 point one percent of global gas reserves. not much, but the european union is looking everywhere it can to reduce its reliance on russian gas. so egypt already taking in 26 percent of israel gas production will start liquefying more at its 2 mediterranean plants. it'll trim just a few percent of the 40 percent of gas, the e u bies, from russia. this is a quick fix. it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the capacity of the system on its failure digits, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving from much. and it is the most that we need other steps. we did noise ratio next more in the bit. israel had frozen gas exploration as it tried to meet renewable energy targets. but the search alternatives to russian fuel has offered these railey government to lucrative and opportunity to turn down. the
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e. u is also committed to moving away from fossil fuels. at the signing ceremony in cairo, the e u commission president suggested there was long term interest in partnering with countries to its south and east. it is for us, very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are, of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say you are in a very lucky position as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy in abundance. the sun, the wind. so these will be the energy of the future and the demand will be enormous . israeli gas is sent to cairo through the arab gas pipeline. it was designed to pump gas the other way from egypt to jordan, syria, and lebanon. but egypt uses its own gas now, but domestic needs. egypt wants to become
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a regional hub for the gas trade. and israel can help that happen, but it'll be a couple of years before your a p and start using significant amounts of israeli gas as there are challenges and increasing production capacity to cope with the new demand. bernard smith al jazeera west jerusalem. the u. k says it will 5, any legal challenges against its plan to send asylum seekers through under the 1st . the filtration flight from tuesday did not get off the ground after last minute intervention by the european court human rights. but the u. k. home secretary for the patel says the government will not be deterred well, this decision by the stress, the court to intervene was disappointed and surprising, given the repeated and considered judgments to the country in our domestic court. we remain committed to this policy. these repeated legal barriers. all madam deputy speaker, very similar to those that we experience with all other removal flies. and we
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believe that will fully compliant without domestic and international obligations and preparations for off each flight from the next flights of already begun. optimistic course of the view that the flight could go ahead with her policy. she knows this is on we're both on ethnical and won't stop the criminal gangs. but yet she still went ahead and spend half a 1000000 pounds, chattering a plane. she never expected to fly or from she still went ahead and wrote a 120000000 pound cheque to rwanda, with a promise of more to come. and she still went ahead because all she really cares about is picking fights and finding someone else to play. the baba has more from london. the government has insisted that term thousands of people will eventually be sent to rewind, where people have crossed the english channel in boats. they insist that their aim is to stop the risk to their lives. and to break the business model of what they
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call the people smugglers and but pretty, but how actually said something in parliament term just a while ago. and she said that am that people who are coming over by boat are, are, are seeking to jump the q. and she said that, and the government wants to offer legal migration routes to people. but on what she calls the illegal migrants. these desperate people often fleeing war and torture in countries like syria, iraq, afghanistan. she said that am that they are severely curtailing what the government can do for legal migrants. it's a bit of a mess, really lumping lots of different groups of people together. and the critics of the government say that they're doing this simply to generate headlines in the right wing press here. there is some credence to the popularity that they're gaining from this among their own conservative voting base amongst the public. this asylum parties much more evenly split burton the support has actually gone down since
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april as details emerge of the cost involved. and also who these people are because most people crossing the channel do actually receive asylum in the end. and they are, as i was saying, people who have very strong cases for asylum if they're allowed to make that. here in britain, the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post brags it's agreement on checks on goods arriving in northern ireland. but the, you says there's no legal or political justification for britain unilaterally change in international agreement. so let's called a spade expect this is illegal. the ok bill is extremely damaging to mutual trust and respect between the eel and the u. k. it has created deep uncertainty and cast
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a shadow over our overall corporation or at the time and respect for international agreements has never been more important. new park has more from london now. the heights of breaks in negotiations. there was perhaps one of the biggest and thought honest elements of focusing on what was going to happen to northern islands. of course, northern on it is a part of the united kingdom, but it borders the republic of ireland, which is an e u. member states. and that border is porous as a result of the good friday agreement which was signed. bringing an end to 30 years of sectarian violence in northern ireland, and is vitally important that board at remains open and free. the solution was essentially a border down the middle of the irish sea, which has the anger's eunice and others in northern ireland. the once the province to be seamlessly part of the rest of the united kingdom. well,
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a tentative agreement was signed, but now the british government has decided to unilaterally pull out of that and come up with its own rules and regulations as to what should happen. and that has angered the european union. this launched the 3 fold legal challenge. the 1st is the britain has failed to introduce check. so goods going to northern ireland from great britain, has failed to share trade data with the european union and has also failed to introduce inspection post. the concern is that this could indeed escalate birthday to the european court of justice where britain may end up facing a fine or potentially into a deep and darkening trade. war with the european union pulling all sorts of believers to punish britain for breaking the rules. still had on al jazeera, find out why thousands of people, and least in democratic republic of congo, are protesting against rwanda. and it's lisa floss treacherous conditions. close
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america's yellowstone national park, climate change, and melting glass is may be to blame. ah, ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world camp is on its way to castle book, your travel package today. hello, certainly no let up in the heavy rain across southern china. i will get an 100 millimeters of rain in parts over the past couple of days seeing more that wet weather, staying in place as we go through the next few days. that's all associated with the may. your front calls a long line of cloud, an array which straits his way up towards the far south of japan as we go on through thursday. more heavy downpours to southern china, further flooding concerns for the mud risks. much slides coming through. as we go on through the next couple of days, some showers there, some went to weather, pushing back into japan, at temperatures on the rise, toko. now touching 28,
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maybe 29 celsius over the next day or so. as i may have front the plum raised there . nothing further north, but much of southern china will still see further heavy downpours as we go on through the coming days. sunshine showers, meanwhile, across se asia, pretty much as they should be all low. the shell was not quite as wide spread around the malay peninsula. western parts of the region, as one would expect. i would expect to see a very heavy right across southern parts of india. that's what we've got. got heavy showers there across central areas. red flood warnings in force for the far north east of india and into bangladesh. this days very wet here as we go through the next few days. cats are airway official airline of the journey. great to say, welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said he lives asia going on, but i'd prefer to think or to read liberalization,
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or accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah ah ah, i'll come back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines. us president joe biden is urged oil companies to take action against soaring petrol prices, said refiners need to reduce more gasoline and diesel fuel prices in the us rates 40 year highs. israel, egypt and the european union of signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow
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israel to send this natural gas to egyptian ports. and ben exported to europe view case as it will find any legal challenges against its plan to send the file and seek to wander. the 1st, the full taishan flight on tuesday did not get off the ground. after a long minute intervention by the european court of human rights. now the chinese economy is showing signs of partial recovery, adding to the latest government data. destro outputs in may increased not point 7 percent slightly higher than expected. but retail sales remain weak. the government is persisting with it's 0 code with 900 strong g, which is having an impact on businesses. thousands of people in the democratic republic of congo have rally against for a wonder protesters in the eastern city of goma. accuse that one,
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the government is supporting the m $23.00 rebel group. ok. when it comes to the days after the $23.00 thies, the board, the town more than $25000.00 people have fled. since the grid runs to renew defensive off month. welcome web is monitoring developments from nairobi. we just heard that the protest is now left the streets of the regional capital government off the $35.00, tig, them that they started marching at sunrise. they went toward the border with rwanda . some of them holding pictures of random president who pick out a saying that they wanted to cross the border go and deal with gummy. they say that they're tired of decades of rwandan military aggression in the 8th of democratic republic of congo. the latest violence in the group and $23.00 attack several towns and villages in recent month 2 days ago, took control of the town of when a gonna,
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which is on the border with neighboring uganda. everyone that denies being behind the violence that the commonly government doesn't believe them. they said i wonder, is orchestrating it. and certainly those people on the street to go, i don't believe rwanda denials of involvement either within the 90 ninety's wonder when you got the invaded eastern congo. and they've been accused of meddling backing on groups and loosing minerals ever since. certainly in recent one relationships between the congress government and the rwandan government has to be a nicole who comes at a time when in the u. k. and around the world, people are debating whether or not there is a safe place to send asylum seekers. but according to people, anything, congo, the government, rwanda makes eastern congo. not a safe place for them. new air bus, passenger plane being counted as a game changer have its 1st flight. the twin engine, a 321 x l,
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all took off from a factory in the german city of hamburg about says the single aisle jets will be suitable for long whole routes with low passenger demand. a year of trials will be held before the airliner and to service every asian analyst alex machado says, boss already has hundreds of orders for the new plane. this isn't a cost to, to let me go on to shake. what will become this next era of air travel? and we'll that we hear about this next era. quite often in terms of the renewed focus on sustainability and flying in a clean and green away. what this does is it redefines how long travel can go ahead and that is because this is the 8 through $21.00 x l extra long range is the well long range single jet. so from the outside and even from the inside,
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it looks more like the 180 c off that you may typically fly on a shoe co route. but what it does have is the capabilities of a loan whole aircraft and it's short, whole efficiency with long range capabilities that is known as the middle of the market. that at the years have been working to ensure that they take a very fun hold off. because if an lines want anything these days, it is that bus to the t to be able to have a fee that they can operate efficiently on a 2 hour flight. so on an 8 hour flight and if they can have one across you. but that's a win win for the airlines. what i must have done is they were ahead of the game ultimately when it came to secure in the middle of the market with boeing. they haven't launched a middle of the market across some say that the comparison is the 737 mac 10, but that max 10 doesn't perform with the same capabilities as the 321 x
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a lot. and it will so budge and by difficulties with trying to satisfy the cross. it's not anything that he's coming very soon. we actually think that's going to sleep well into next year. so i have actually got the timing quite right here. the former head of an aide organization and garza has been convicted on terrorism charge is fine. israeli caught him and they had to be, was accused of diverting millions of dollars to how mass while working is garza director for the international charity. whoa vision. he's been in detention since his arrest in 2016. it denies any wrong doing. the un agency in charge of palestinian refugee says it's facing a financial crisis, but it's dismiss concerns. increasing partnerships with other un agencies will lead to that this plan thing of the organization. so in a whole, the reports for decades under what has been a source of survival for palestinian refugees. now it's the agency survival at risk
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. chronic budget shortfalls have affected assistance to millions across a region deep in poverty. this, for the agency to strengthen partnerships with other un organizations raising concern, there is a deliberate strategy to target the rights of refugees. for now, that has been attempts for some time now to end the work. furthermore, israel has made the keel. this should happen. and we are worried about this because the us doesn't support the agency. these philip lorine under was commissioner general dismiss those concerns partnerships. he said, have been part of operations and are more necessary in light of the threatening financial crisis. they're facing. those services, he explained, will be provided on behalf and not instead of the agency. there is no redondo world. we are not recording and deals for 700. absolutely. no plan of
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any tool to transfer any activities or to transfer any responsibility. it's a challenging period for an agency that has to operate with a funding gap of around $100000000.00 a year with a growth in refugee numbers. it's not just in lebanon but enjoyed in the occupied palestinian territory and syria. the agency is mandated to protect and provide monitoring assistance. the palestinians pending a just been locked in solution to their plight. stop solution. according to the un resolution 194 involves palestinians right to return to their homeland, which they were forced to flee in 1948. israel has refused to respect the right and the international community has largely ignored it. palestinian say the agency's role as a witness to their suffering is important so their cars won't be forgotten. talk them. how much draw up the right to return is our legitimate right?
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as well as senior attempts to get rid of on the raw is an american, is a to conspiracy to eventually ability that but a senior cause. it's a cause that has not gone away more than 70 years on despite repeated efforts to remove the refugee status of palestinians. that's why palestinians and arab nations hosting them insist underwashed should remain in full control of its mandate. but that will require more funding and political will send their elders ita, beirut. somali as president has nominated humphrey the body as the new prime minister. already as the former chairman of the jubilant state election commission, is now waiting for parliament to approve is domination. last month, hudson sher, $101.00 the presidency in an election that was delayed for almost 15 months because of infighting and security issues. scientists in australia have discovered a possible solution to the global waste problem,
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and it's an unlikely creature with an unusual appetite. jillian wolf explains scientists in australia say this super worm may prove crucial and scaling back some of the damage done by humans who have made a toxic mark on humanity. i think it's a, it's a very exciting discovery for us because no, when we started it, we didn't know if the civil war could actually do do what we want them to do with great plastics. of that that's. that's a good outcome. originally from central and south america, the super worm grows to more than 5 centimeters in length and is often used for pet food. this group of scientists found the species took a particular liking toward polystyrene. one of the most common types of plastic super worms, peculiar appetite, potentially playing a pivotal role in reducing waste. one could spill directly half like a few 100000, the super warm sinner in a big in a big building writer,
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let them degraded, but that doesn't, can worry. well, so dearest, we want a direct rise. the enzyme better than reproducing in the lab, in that house like an enzyme cocktail. so then we can, at some point in upscale it to like industrial setting, a step they hope will be in the right direction towards a healthy or planet on land. and at sea chilling wolf al jazeera, now in the u. s. heavy, rain and snow from melting glaciers in the northwest. of course, unprecedented flooding in yellowstone national park. and as, as the bag reports that force the park to close for the 1st time in 34 years well treacherous conditions in yellowstone park, which spends parts of the western us states of wyoming, montana, and idaho roads have been washed away. homes are destroyed for the 1st time in 3 decades,
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authorities had no choice but to close the park. 10000 visitors have been evacuated . we've completed we completed 10 operations for rescues, and also to air rescues. we've had extensive operations up and down the yellowstone river valley, out of residences, and in places throughout the county. by some estimates, the region received 2 months of rain in just 3 days. the yellowstone river has best its banks with water levels 4 meters deep in some parts. but it's not just heavy rain. water from melting places has added to the floods. nearby towns in montana also submerged. now she's got about 4 feet in her basement, and there's about 2 feet in the covering the entire street in front of our house, just rolling as fast as the river is. we even saw a side by side before we go floating sideways down the street. this is main street, about 4000000 people visit yellowstone park every yes. all entrances on now closed
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and authorities appealing for help from agencies. i thought bake. i'll just 0. now what started as the try back a film festival 21 years ago is now just the tri becca festival. while the name is shorter, the festivals expanded to include not only feature films, but also tv series music videos, games, and immersive experiences. kristen salumi attended one of the events in new york. you're just as likely to spot famous musicians as film stars on the red carpet of this years. try back a festival from jennifer lopez who premiered her documentary half time. i do this too, and it will make them feel safe because i want to taylor swift now in aspiring director as well as mega pop star. we carried a lot of our films with an eye towards the larger audience. the annual festival founded by jane rosenthal and actor robert de niro aims to showcase culturally
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relevant as well as entertaining films. this year schedule includes documentary on abortion, reparations, and freedom of the press, like cultural conferences, people get together. and i've always loved festivals. all the ones i've been to over the years, and i'm glad that we have this one here. oh. but rebecca is also about alias movie stars like de niro himself and al pacino this year reuniting to celebrate the 1995 crime drama heat. go with live conversations another big draw for try back a feature tennis, great, john mcenroe and civil rights activists. al sharpton each talking about their own films and you're just as.


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