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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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conferences, people get together and i've always loved festivals and all the ones i've been to over the years. and i'm glad that we have this one here. oh, but rebecca is also about alias movie stars like de niro himself and al pacino this year reuniting to celebrate the 1995 crime drama heat. go with live conversations another big draw for try back a feature tennis, great, john mcenroe and civil rights activists. al sharpton oh each talking about their own films and you're just as likely to see celebrities in the audience as on screen, whether it's historically met to new york city is an honor to be a part of that conversation. to try back a festival was founded after the attacks of september, 11th, 2001 as a way to restore new york to the vibrance, the festival, like the city,
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has proven its resilience. continuing to attract all kinds of artists established and aspiring, as well as fans, prison salumi al jazeera new york. ah, and let's take you through some of those headlines now. u. s. president joe biden is urging oil companies to take action against soaring petrol prices in alaska. he said, refine is need to produce more gasoline and diesel fuel prices in the us have reached 40 year highs. oh, white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. this letter is really one warning to the 7 major oil companies in the united states by the u. s president saying, look, i want to work with you, but if you don't come up with creative solutions for increasing supply oil or
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reducing the very high gas prices, united states, i want to take matters into my own hands. the reality is the gas prices are now in the united states about $5.00 a gallon japanese of $0.75 a gallon. and just the last month that is a major price hike in california. there about $6.00 a gallon. israel egypt and the european union have signed an energy agreement. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas to egyptian ports and then exported to europe. the e u is trying to move away from its dependence on russian energy. the u. k says it will find any legal challenges against this plan to send asylum seekers to wander. the 1st people taishan flights on tuesday didn't get off the ground off the last minute interventions by the european court of human rights and british courts. the european commission is threatening to take the u. k to the european court of justice. the british government wants to scrap a post, brag seat
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a grievance on checking goods. arriving in northern ireland, thousands of people in the east and democratic republic of congo have been rallying against rwanda. protest is accused of the one the government of supporting the m $23.00 rebel group. it comes just days after m $23.00. 5 is seized. the board town. c it's inside story. now stay with us. aah! al jazeera, with every oh. is india's governing party to blame for reports of rising islam. a phobia rights group say attacks against muslims have increased since the b j people howard. so
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what does growing religious intolerance mean for the future of india? this is inside store. ah, the hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammer, jim john, left homeless for protesting against hate speech in india. that's what dozens of people whose houses have been demolished, say is happening to them. most are muslims. the state government were taught pradesh, maintains the houses were built illegally, but the demolitions took place. his emotions were running high across india. in the past week, people rallied in several cities protesting against offensive comments. the 2 members of the governing b. j. p. made about the prophet mohammed, poverty, metal reports from saharan poor in northern india. oh mama that he cries in pain,
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he says his arm is broken as he leads from mercy. he was recently arrested, but allegedly taking part in a protest. his mother says the accusations of false and authorities are threatening to demolish her family's home. claim bobby godaddy. it no more than what i had gave. my sister in law visited him. she said his hands were swollen, he told her the swelling was even worse. a few days ago, he begged her to get him out. he was crying like a child. who shot him. oh, hundreds of thousands of people across india recently protested against the push on mom. she was suspended from the governing b. j. p for making islam before because remarked, now the bgp run government up there for the state is cracking down on dissenters. authorities have demolished at least 4 homes belonging to muslims. they said the houses were built in legally part of the top floor of bosh. it's home in the holland. port town has been destroyed. his mother says,
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authorities threatened the family as they arrested him. there's a thought really remember that when the law and we were terrified, i locked the door but they demanded we openness. i went to the terrace and asked them why they had already arrested my son. i asked if they wanted to kill me. that's when they switched on the bulldozer. at least 300 people have been arrested nationwide. others have been booked by hate speech. many of them are hindus. local authorities say they received names of dozens of protesters and will begin examining their homes for irregularities. that's walking, filling this town, that more demolitions could be carried out. gord have recently condemned similar demolitions, but authorities said these are part of a larger and encroachment drive in the state. it is going on. and the people who hard to serve any legalities in that house is ordering the official promises. the list is already the development of holidays and civic authorities.
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keep on taking action against them. it is done as it will be measured and it has been done again. one of them mean he was not the instigators of the boilers. the many people are protesting against the demolitions they see. the government is trying to intimidate dissenters and singling out muslims. mohammad and his mother is trying to free him. she says she has faith the law with side with her father, bob, and then i'll just see the horrible in northern india monitoring group say there's been an increase in attacks on muslims since hindu nationalist render, mowdy became prime minister in 2014 india administered kashmir. the only muslim majority state had a constitutional autonomy revoked in 2019 rights organizations have documented mass graves, torture and extra judicial killings carried out by the indian armed forces. in 2020 dozens of people were killed in protest against
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a new citizenship law. that fast tracks nationality for some minorities, but excludes muslims laws against slaughter incatel, anti conversion legislation and benz on head scarves have legitimize discrimination against religious minorities, especially muslims. prime minister moody has been criticized for his silence on hate speech, which often comes from within his own party. ah, now, right, let's go ahead and bring in our guests in new delhi. bottom hahn is a journalist at the quint in coaching, jealousy, k raj is a lawyer at both the supreme court of india and the carol hi court. also in new delhi, i shook lie as a journalist and author a warm welcome to you all. and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story thought, well, let me start with you today. so demonstrators and different cities have been protesting against the demolition of homes owned by muslims. the local government says that the buildings have been constructed illegally, but rights groups say that this is part of an attempt to intimidate muslims. is
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there any legal justification for the demolishing of these homes owned by muslims? and so you have to look at this in context of what's been happening in the country for the last couple of months. forget yours. but just in the last couple of months, there has been a act on of this exact same thing happening one after the other in b g who is there is some violent sport between 2 community is all, there is some sort of a small scale diet and or a class and the very next day or the b osgood, orbit of who's lim, homes is, are demolished. and the justification given on the one hand and also says that this is irene. funny story because of those leaving violence in society and on the other . and they're also given the justification saying, the normal egan house is it is a bizarre coincidence, and it's not lost on anyone why these dimensions i, b, b, b,
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y islands. why those accused of said, widens, are daily being punished in this space? i would like to do it then none of these people have been convicted of any kind. they have not dead very few have even if i us filed against them. so purely on the basis of accusations levied by this, the police said how his are being done with it. and many of them, in fact, the whole there was demolished in allow by now one is they are that i was a young activist for laughing. my father, jolly woman, both of them and activate their movie. critics of the government. they have been politically yes now. and so when there is, i didn't really say this all night. the, the studio gave that a movie was put on that house off began pm and saturday night and sunday afternoon . the house was din will, is the one getting in even legally. there is so much discrepancy because they weren't giving enough and who even so on. and when the something like this happens
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most of the day, he doesn't indicate it. but you're also sending out the message to all the mountains of north the country. that if you pick up too loudly against the company, your house, the one place you're supposed to feel secure in the of the demolish and these to the winner ashes. let me get your perspective on this because you heard fatima there talk about some of these cases of, of well known activists who have had their houses demolish activists like momma java who she mentioned in her answer in and you know, there are hindu nationalist, politicians who are known for their sectarian rhetoric against the countries muslim minority. they have been calling on authorities to demolish the homes of people accused of crimes. does that not violate constitutional laws that ban collective punishment? she is, whereas i know there is a good spending riddle about high road. and that is that this bulldozers who are
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being run on the activists you calling to is the police and bad musician called them writers because her iep back in yogurt. dest is our military news. oh, really foreign, and didn't go to what appeared to storming at various places in various. busy states so. busy the fact is that the court is to get going on it asked for the fact that these people had the wrong end of the stick and. busy administration of the states punish them. it is also a fact that these notices of illegal construction was given back in may. it used in the case of much i'll be who is in the center of everyone's attention because his daughter she was also enrolled. busy in the protest in january and university pick up the. ready fact, so there has been a history all of them speaking on issues where the government has no leg
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citizenship amendment act just present. so all said, all that being said, it is a fact that these activists have a history of disturbing law and order at different places in the country. and there is also a history that these houses were given, or this is a month back. it is not even though that notice was law stood on, mama job is house on the 11th of june and july, 3rd demolition, begin. the authorities a justification is that he hadn't been replying to, ah, cds or ms cds off marcus's. and the last one uses did concede that if you don't, the router would be done on that. so that means the, the obedience aside, the prejudices as i, the fact is that they have gone to the wood. and the good deems fear that this had been done you and if you had us a few, which was but with those of our muslims,
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of the gold would make it all in the what has been pretty good because you remember in georgia, we did a similar demolition drive was on the according to eve and stop the government distracts father. i see that you want to jump in i, i just want to go to to lasy 1st to get a legal perspective on this ability. we have heard from, from many in india, from officials who have said that these demolitions are being done because of illegal construction. and we have heard from many activists who have said that these demolitions are being done, or because it is a crackdown on descent and an activism from your perspective. or these are the when these homes are being demolished, is that actually legal? thank you for the question. i believe as far as the lice consent, no, not the meant a demolition without sufficient. notice. secondly, laws do not permit an action not taking revenge by the state in this manners. but what did lee in response to certain talk to which were made by the,
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by the members of muslim community. so these 2 aspect, i think of extremely important to note we are indeed still a democracy. and that is the right to peacefully taught us the guarantees that the constitution on the dogs, the right to life, there is a space for descent and the country. you can criticize the government, you can disagree with the government. and every time you disagree with the gun, when it's the way the government is react to it, but just using its police power to and took an i few to provoke you and just go over those your home. then i would think that is becoming much less upper democracy than it ever was. and that does that just the larger problems that we are facing on the long. it's in fact completely active typical to the constitutional values. and just because of the legislation which are in place, which provides you process, do you notice the right to hearing and, but i feel for the rights which are part and parcel of the principles of justice.
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now must have been complied in most of these cases, radius people whose houses have been already demolished, do not know on what account has happened on the basis of which particular talk this on the basis of which particular participation on what they have this action been taken by the state, so you can see that there is an absolute darkness as far as the allegations are concerned. and the cost that is imposed on the people who are as parking right. he was yet not convicted, but only accused of said enough and this is quite large potentially. they have been just done that homeless in the country that in the country that is not doing so well on welfare and just to begin with and over night center and being rendered homeless for actions whom you do not have any clue. what do you have exactly done if is to try to be of the day? and i think that global leaders as well as noble,
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humbly need to take note of what is happening, which is a team these katie and try to me for the muslim fall time. but let me get back to you and i know you wanted to respond to what she was saying. so please go ahead get a couple of payments very quickly. one. i mean, do you are being younger? she's 19 years or she's been living in nice when it was a gift from mcdonald grandfather mother. and she tells me that for the last, when the family has been being ordered, that the house, that water, that all is, is in the mother's name. so one, it's the father who's been accused of the 8th. the mother was the how to that is that is your, the group is you know what? one if it is the mother was the house. why she the father had actually wanted to. but 2nd beef is for the sake of argument, if it isn't any good how,
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why has establishment? why does that administration be next step? think all of the house that says all the bills for the state. why would this be get it be never considered a month before and in all these doing the court. okay. for the sake of argument, let's see how they didn't get well in a line. so then you are saying that this house has been demoted because but you just be good on your pen and people don't put it up in the police. why and whether she gave bikes to the media, being that, or you know, these people live in people. and in that i, to which one is it, is it that, that how do want to go on? is it because there? because the mean, if you bring in the end is the minute you start seeing that or no, you know what these people give if you don't, why. and you are actively seeing that you, that this is rendered by the it's against, it's the doesn't, this is shape out of his life. i'd like you to do. in fact, even is that i,
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when it goes ahead and wanted to bite that if it doesn't do this demolition of how this against it's all to do an estimate to be. so this is even what this is, the state of being rent will against its own or the citizens will not be used to actually just how you raising your hand or you want to jump in. go ahead. yeah, i don't want to jump in. i just want if you just want to make, if you verification, i mean why we are creating the charges against mom but with eagle construction that was being diminished. but 1st of all, the house hasn't been demolished the front of the. ready part of it has to do it could be a pretty complete it then could be 2 completely separate diesel as there is an issue of the legal construction which has been pursued for over a month. and there is an activity which happened if you it is back for which more
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much of it was said to be the master. might not. she says, i respect her opinion as you must have related somewhere where she says that the one is sir, actually set that door. these people who are behind it and that's why it's being done. the police had no to blame. it will is only bent as a protection to the authorities. the local authorities that the block, the for our garage development authority he did was job is to see that encroachments and illegal constructions not destroyed. not began john. we can not linger, we can kind of elect the lot and see that this has happened because of because these people were held responsible for a terrible royce to below a storm warning and warriors which happened in viagra is number of jasmine were injured soon. and so, so i'm, that these are 2 separate issues, but in case we want to see, let the court decide whether it was done within budget is, or there were 2 separate issues. but sure, as luck would have, it happened
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a long sec fillasy. and this week there was a letter that was sent to the chief justice of india supreme court. there are 6 prominent former judges, and there are 6 senior lawyers who are saying that the government in utah pradesh state had acted illegally by demolishing the house of a muslim act of his following the protest. and when, as you 1st, how significant is it that this letter is, is being sent in. i also want to ask you, you know, in your opinion, could the judiciary in india have done more to, to stop at these evictions, to stop the demolishing of these homes. has the judiciary been passive when it comes to allowing anti muslim policies to keep going on? the very important question, and i think we should 1st look at the context in which to deal with some operates in india. so it is important to know what that coats in india, in particular the supreme court, if it next really interventionist and an activist court,
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it does not definitional code. it does not death decisions to basically get as much as the courts do in the u. k. or in germany or media european countries. so this is the context in which we're talking about that we have a very active, very key good to be shitty. and what if you look at how did you decide to use reacting to something which i would describe as mental political tries to some kind of india. i would think that as a lawyer, i'm not quite optimistic about the course intervention code since 2014, especially the supreme court has been extremely deferential towards the federal government. it has to be adopting several tactics not to hear the case against the government and not to sort of make those remarks against the government in the fetus of cases. and that had been instances where those that have been substantial rights violations. and the government was supposedly the culprit and the cause of us to have
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a clear look at that. so this is the context in which we're talking about and 2014, in which we should assess whether we should, you know, we should keep some, some optimism. we should keep some hope in favor of the course, and i would think no, considering a see this of judgments which have come from the court in the past. yes. if you look at radius judgements, we will see that the court has been quite active in declaring aspects about civil liberty. for example, we have the judgement which said that adultery is no longer criminal offense. we have the judgement in the beach, which said that the penal promotion, which prohibited unnatural text as the code is constitutional. but when it comes to concrete political issues, but the central government use the 5th anew. not necessarily the, because the courts have been quite hesitant to interfere,
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so i would not keep any c ds up to them on the supreme court or on any of the courts in the political juncture. i thought them, i just want to take a step back for a moment and ask you of a broader question. that question is in, in your perspective, from your perspective, what does growing religious intolerance mean for the future of india? i mean then de la la la daisy o hesitated, descended into the absolute nation that most are going to be. my name is betty on the economy. but at the same time, as john lifted adults with overview, susan, being in the out. this is, this is one of many issues of discrimination by the state. in a lot of cases it is done by that if and what effectively means is that muslim the dog that isn't in effect,
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they feel like they don't belong on the country. that beach or the country that the or is for during the $947.00, they didn't want to sign and the building. yeah. and to date, 75. you know, when things like this happened in the form because, you know, it would be the bad guys out there who the quality is. it's not been mobile and the place been with the men. i've had asked him that that would be the effect of the all of these things little by little that they make you less and less in the state of the country, especially when i can all been in the last 5 years, who have country or thinking of leaving this country because that's how difficult it has become to survive and also leave as dignified with it isn't. she will have a couple of minutes left. there have been protests that have been held in several
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cities against 2 former officials of the b, j. p. they had made remarks about the prophet mohammed, the many considered offensive. prime minister modi has so far not commented on the controversy over these remarks. why has he not said anything, especially at a time when there is so much criticism of the government stance? i get you. what is the difference you know about noble sharma who was dismissed and said to be a fringe element by the v g p. this letter wouldn't have been dropped without the button is just one sense because is repetition in the middle east in the other book is quite high on. it has struck already across the spectrum. right. and yet we haven't gone along over there. and so i say that so when you say that there be other people who have made remarks against not getting the profit, i'm not. ringback i shouldn't be,
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i'm not aware of it if you are seeing. so it must be because more the, at this juncture would not like to do whatever he has done in the last 8 years, whatever. but if your schemes have been initiated and they have been many because of which does gone enormously in the years, and they have been to have discrimination very often has been has been one particular issue has to be just in to have come to power and power in the form of b, g, b in 2014. and this size of hindu is definitely kind of trouble because the deliver new team and lead to years of minorities like muslim people just really anxious. and none of them really that is that intensifies and whenever small mob in one point g b in people is made, it just means that the nation is against muslims at the wrong level. i still be
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along the way, but there is an. busy attempt to say that india is listing in flames. i think it is legal. what the my, because a lot, but also the said about the getting the sipes and you see you see the, it's a lot of knitting a game on a particular idea to particular, all of all said the muscles game done. so swanson stopped wing and ot equal and gosh, and policeman and all that. so that also his act and so for the neutral citizen because he, he knows that the profits mock. busy most made by v g p function he was dismissed. osh has been initiative. i'm sorry to interrupt you, but we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much. all of our guests felt him a con to last. he raj, and a shish chocolate. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also during the conversation on twitter,
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our handle is at ha, inside stored from him a homage m jerome and a whole team here in the hot bye for now. aah! al jazeera, great with no. from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific diapers, coaches, and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah
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