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tv   Witness The Last Shelter  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound center match. i'm glad you call hon al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that my to t al jazeera salaam, ali whom it's great to see. welcome to the cato economic forum, powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said the globalization going on, but i prefer to think of every globalization our accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah
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hello norm taylor in under the top stories around his era, the u. s. federal reserve has raised interest rates by point 75 percent. the biggest increase in almost 3 decades is hope the move will cub soaring inflation and bring down consumer prices, which are $240.00 a highs. a chair of the central bank, jerome pow, described the current economic climate as extraordinarily challenging and uncertain, and indicated further hikes are likely we anticipate that ongoing rate increases will be appropriate. the pace of those changes will continue to depend on the incoming data and the evolving outlook for the economy. clearly, today's $75.00 basis point increase is an unusually large one. and i do not expect moves of this size to be common. from the perspective of to day, either of 50 basis point or a 75 basis point increase seems most likely at our next meeting. we will, however, make our decisions, meeting by meeting and will continue to communicate our thinking as clearly as we can. how does your culture as more from the federal reserve in washington dc?
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this is a very aggressive move as you were saying, this is the highest 11 time rate hike in 28 years in the us. and the goal here is to react to the alarming rate of inflation that we saw in a report just last week. now at 6.8 percent, a historic high in the us federal board chair reserve board chair jerome. how will also called these extraordinarily challenging and uncertain times for the u. s. economy. now, he has quite the challenge ahead of him. he's trying to cool down this roaring hot economy. i've raising that in the interest rate to lower the amount of money that's available in this economy, but he has to do so on the board has to do so without triggering a recession. there is some fear of that happening possibly next year. even in the u . s, according to some economists, how will did not predict that. he said that he and among the boards releasing the
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economic projection for the next 3 years in the us finding that by 2024 around then is when the u. s. economy may fall down to a healthier level where unemployment rate and the inflation rates are at the target levels at the federal reserve. one us president joe biden is urging oil companies to take action against soaring petrol prices in a letter sent to major refiners and said they needed to produce more petrol and diesel and should work with his administration. but an accused major produces, including exxon mobil and chevron of profiteering. from the crisis. you can union assigned an energy agreement with israel, and egypt as the glock looks for alternatives to russian supplies do, will allow israel to send its natural gas to egypt for processing before its exported to europe. you commission president osler from the line described the agreement as a big step forward and indicated
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a longer term plan will focus on renewable energy. the european union has launched a string of legal challenges against the u. k. over it's moved to scrap part of the post breaks at trade deal. the u and u. k agreed there would be no new tracks on goods crossing the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and e u member. but the arrangement has disrupted trade with mainland britain, a setting northern ireland, apart from the rest of the u. k. thousands of people in eastern that democratic republic of congo have been rallying against render and its president for could army protest. as in the city of goma accused, the rwandan government supporting the m 23 rebel group. a claim to gully has repeatedly denied commerce. just days after m. 23 fighters seized a keyboard, a town rebels say they are fighting to protect the minority tootsie ethnic group. europe has been hit by a major heat wave that is not expected to peak until the end of the week.
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temperatures in the french capital, paris are forecast at 37 degrees celsius by saturday. that's 13 degrees above the average high for the month of june. some parts of france's southwest will exceed 40 degrees, which could trigger a public health, red alert meter on to say these events will become more common as a direct result of climate change. those are the top stories do stay with us now to hear a witness is coming up. next i'll be about the more news after that. i for now. ah.
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know the quote you booking up a quote, but we just get a quote from your daughter. sit with jackie, just to see if i can only if you wanted to pick up met their mom and apologizes message quite visit you over the phone with all these people audit would adopt a karita added people are where by go daddy die here or on the some of the perry away understand yourself will to thought one subsidy may trump with the leukemia. gimme a japan passes, so san posada. re on up until i contract, i will offer me basket jasa 10 khaki. or if for example, ou dinner comes, i want to really we're here ah county law if law to protect them
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and enough for me the result will accommodate me. grecki passed me danella, becky, travis, dicky, i have a little or son it keep it up. a dance owner is offered to to do so. weddle official model can control de la family compiler or pillar on the proper wasa. so pu dickerson, anesthesia m. c. duma. took issue that is due to quit a memphis address to put on demand. uh, but you really la position move well controlled enough. i mean was in formula for me.
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shabanni the new year. didn't you got the sure. what did you say? ha, now i've been, be, go, oh my self council. she will appointed until after i've exit dolt. so she went to applica, mpi asa engender. took last week, mel c. d. becky's thought won't go holdeski long. you so she only she mandy pd. sure. them want. why does i me go 20 duty shrink? logically it up
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i go. lamb is only migalia off on english. if you may want to work with she a bus, he paid the diesel. i found you the key of little fishy loving mother, the buck wondering what will go? no good. let me, let me go with roses, picked it up, but up to point bay. no more like you didn't. you guys are his wife, but most people sick is all going to pass it on the blue. her body i'm is letting me get on it and didn't get on. i did on lunch. if i'm sick, you visited to misuse it. hold on just good moment. bill with
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it, we were that i was it was worse for why. why did you have that? so i ended up with getting what i would i be able to go down model go haggling. oh wow. so she's out for a day or whatever, but allowed to go with it. i love you more. that is on the off on what we did for dog dog eat. don't. yeah, him isn't it? i well football. but on to what i'm feel muscle on the what i do not open cigna. what on how to speak to somebody right
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now in a shot with a punch. asking on the letter contents in albany. ok. and i'm blessing
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them down a full media monica fun and i see jesus, i want to shoot anything with sir. can you look at that me to draw it? i need to see a c n n. now, i don't mean by the total men or fun. i wouldn't have bought a trudy from me when they had to be next door. wouldn't any door either be so sorry,
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that's the letter unlock would make us see. got double command a bit louder to new blue manila from mac, off on what i'm on the wharf in, peter idling him. it definitely got that. but good through google it. i've been in it out the pinnacle door for be it all set on a flight piano. oh, dpi. me why she thought it might, it was harassing me and i'm so glad filled out about global funding. what i will name you said i'm fussy, muffled on alpha. well, ma'am, it that ma filming that foreman on hulu, that i don't need to set up a follow up. you been annette? have been to sort of flee obama type or like bravo, a son of a don't static, a slap, a books with somebody. let's get anything other than look on a bus bus, a bus books and i've got a gun,
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e and an expert in me. do let me get anybody to be able to get it. ah with what? i got off with
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a look at about a job. i hope you want them to put in a way of, you know, one of them, you know, i brought down as you know, they go, we seem, go out and it's about a week. i'm started them, the young isn't going on with me. i but i not there, but because their bus mad because they get bizarre. no political. does that mean that is not off broken discipline as well? like a lot yet?
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i was out there. yeah, it was my why do you happen? yes i see what she was more you this is why i'm please don't go to the go with more to go go pick up the dope. what at the will to to post law or anything that he got? what it oh did you see was legit actually moved on? yes. let mr. bicycle don't. nobody's legal, connie philip, is this, i believe, when could you wanted to find out about these different as a sponsor? you seem it did. i was at the hoke. gotta get the dope while. and i g g. the mother does this, that you clearly now who i saw does the committee advice? yeah. for some passive out. but i didn't thought any. that is a weird until the path i got let nobody that met young men left from a couple of july bonds. my mom long. mm. jimmy says neighbor formula, backing them up, people than you are on the b target on our
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b, b i tomorrow, maybe 5 the governor for tomorrow now for to turn up from a, from a concert in she messaged him up in the, from japan sheila soccer ball formula, so don't do, we'll do i think i've been so long as you would vote yet to little bit gentlemen ma'am, which emma truck from your photo id, zika may be new from grandma to visit synagogue . did you know a lie colin mckee, i'll come by the weary for an uncle. my uncle for marcella path. she does your mom
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shoes, vermont mardina. i want to talk to you. i want your up or for tomorrow after i change, we actually even us, even on the floor. ah, with her before it
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lives up almost over much of the multiple center. so the proper to fit your much super what did best to should about to probably do juniper, dr. than the sauce gina by the baha. she'll pull up on a good beach in june gwinnett by da notify me such a book to stick to send us a book mom such an up at a bell to do it, but it will not come. mamma, though the minimum law so troublesome little it should go miss picket. it comes to just a populated that manila but pulled it up with all the situ. upa and pleasures publish it instead of mutual good grid, g m a pilot, did you search of up? i to to put a manila made of minimum so good commonality if we're in formula,
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mama loves to cough almost as such. could you, bobby elijah, was up with a chance. covenant we'll have you park when junior luxury velo, jerry, they said that the c like as the but the geography was a little bit. lucy, good fi keep bus to settle. would see up been, ah, a killer. my dickie let go. and kill meddler syllable by medical who says when you do jews, alyssa, the $1.60 would the villa say vito just this year is will you be a did an debit card towards the end for guess if you come on, let's get a suck up to be de la underwritten wall to wall chavez also by the the wood. pamela, which other sellers, intellectual village requests are slackers me. latravius is renella is over here when sound to see bus. he says he don't do guy,
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but to sort of jump in the latter minisey. it capital, i'm gonna repeat that letter it, that boomer the grosses you will fall under the roku? probably she said she poses a dear friend for monsieur jamal fernando status of a crime. it's as if, who was up when, who was way with women who lived there. i live what we are and actually bustling lubbock as to what i said. so live to south silicon i posted to assume to some lamar did you put mileage, but i will be out to come up. it is a mid to not jump into force mid to lemma, for some of our blue supplies. possibly, if you to the city play mercy. dorothy taylor did dr. joe, renew from the dap agency. deforest dobbins. it will pop up as a to, to via my to complex. they are quite ballistic ricky, i don't know,
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sila down to the basement to seal it means that only bullshit is elena left. she said, while civil talk does it be like when sublet of her common genius look back or to to work with a narrative before dition dawn could could painfully see them of her goofy us harrison. this is such a messy this is a to mostly sit the bliss. oh great. it was a little that i was i said if we could de la, what would you have a city to predict who was able to visit? who could you please anticipate soon as possible. factor? is it based on a disability? is, is this when i calculate subsequent? you've well gentlemen sort of bunks. you see rick, america,
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pretty prom one. but there this is russia, samantha los upset lets see you said that the st. lucie said point bishop, this is joshua matthew was look you put a gun to shoot, park jaron lubbock mckee. such a must be attracted number 25 you may receive, but by that by the one you will want. wayland with a with michael brown, but let me just get it done but dont but i will. it is a port it galandes avenue,
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but our listing of bentley were made on me as long as i was in london. mahathy's soniega don't vote for profess buelo a song on being you don't you are being met by liaison fuzzy so, but the bowman, i'm booked to boy law is there's opposite baller design. me told you that up as if i tell you about, but i did it too. and i said facebook like it. i thought it when i spoke with them with the marsh. m a n d y a. yep. well you've, you've received it yet. it will laugh, i will give you a bunch more more you why you more we why you got this now cannot back again yet again. you know, not really. you know why you was the subject is poor doggie? no be was not because i see these are
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a me a good a for my a don't with me not next year. not that name going again. my name is jennifer. i seen it that you found in illinois to let
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does seem like that are yearly. got di obama, if you do more new fit. i didn't a lie is sit, delay sitting on boy. me and i've been on the law was debbie. i learned that i knew freddy or get emma was sidney. i know feel more ghetto, my lead don, you have one good or for you know, might the rental your current bill i junior lanika gillian earlier, manor disconnect. got to me. now while you're fighting a i live near fit him or get emma? what am i gonna do so? no no, no, no, no, don't, don't, i'll fall at, i'm there more. no mando. we're in
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a minute. i knew louder. oak, i make a, you'll my d. order, you know, both news you want to help save the world. sneezing hero. ah, ah, ah. al jazeera. where you, why? oh,
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the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h. um, making a healthy, a world for you, for every one. ah
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no, and learned taylor yonder with chop stories on al jazeera sch. the u. s. federal reserve has raised interest rates by point 75 percent the biggest increase in almost 3 decades. it's hope the move will curb soaring inflation and bring down consumer prices, which are at 40 year highs. the chair of the central bank, jerome pow, described the current economic climate as extraordinarily challenging and uncertain, and indicated further hikes are likely we anticipate that ongoing rate increases will be appropriate. the pace of those changes will continue to depend on the incoming data and the evolving outlook for the economy. clearly, today's $75.00 basis points increase is an unusually large one. and i do not expect moves of this size to be common. from the perspective of to day, either of 50 basis point or a 75 basis point increase seems most likely at our next meeting. we will, however, make our decisions, meeting by meeting and will continue to communicate our thinking as clearly as we can. as president joe biden is urging oil companies to take action against soaring
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petrol prices in a letter sent to major refiners. biden said they needed to produce war petrol and diesel, and should work with his administration. and has accused major producers including exxon mobil and chevron of profiteering. from the crisis. the european union assigned an energy agreement with israel. and egypt, as the block looks for alternatives to russian supplies. the deal will allow israel to send its natural gas to egypt for processing before it's exported to europe. you commission president was left on the line, describe the agreement as a big step forward and indicated a longer term plan or focus on renewable energy. you've been union has notched a string of legal challenges against the u. k. o ritz moves to scrap part of the post breakfast tray. do the you and you k agreed. there would be no new checks on goods crossing the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and
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the you member. the arrangement is disrupted trade with mainland britain. thousands of people in easton democratic republic of congo, been rallying against rwanda. protest is in the city of go mercury, the london government of supporting the m $23.00 rebel group, a claim ronda has repeatedly denied it comes just days after and $23.00 fighters seized a key for the town. there's the top stories to stay with us. witness continues next on the back of the news hour after that. ah
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ah, i was i want to have yeah. is he seemed like total this all the us know that id. how can it been out? okay, so what happened? he got left at all. it says i need someone to get with looms in with you guys already. well as soon good luck at the blah blah blah, blah,
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blah. know well, you are. yeah, you too. bye. yeah. well enough to mark and on the newly by it will not in the, in the look on the phone all day on the on that i'm in now. yeah. i think i need the photo you know, put a galaxy got day off. little to no busy god, alternator lie, i got a lot of political often, and i don't animal, anyone a don't enough. no on what the number i know i am
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a little bit more complex about what kind of a what was the required because of what we're deal decal ma'am for the postage before was in moses in them go digital marketing stuff. if it's a typical month and then you know, then one of them is m as in monday, d b get a. busy more data don't have to go with the aka daughter. wonderful. it was a mess of our grand. these are all kids easy. it would be a different
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b general will probably have a decor. who like the place is silicon, what you to sit can't as will buy this as if new you are yes. today is not what we reach. that's the condition of new york is not would ever done is done before we take before from here every day weekend able to get the buses. that's why you look. bush uncle, what the soap. so i suppose look on to look which of what we saw was i'm in discussion with a
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with a bill that
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was that her full body surely do not poison is he bound that i shall come? i think give your life for a duty f o, but said bob wolf refer, refer you to let you do the sarah compton again, i know it and it doesn't bother. so my, don't, they don't, you, you do you agree? uh because you know, you felt bang, bang, various effect alagood mazama valued is you ever thought with de la by sure, we were going to give up any kind of ugly adverb to us at wall is up list for the
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subordinate. find the problem. now that defect bushwick says, read marina by the back, the net, how much to publish? we said you renew the such a physical to tell us if bumble supple, melissa katie right here with one cousin, wireless ball to very sure of it won't sell us your well, this is kayla. let us know. yeah, the new one the night. unless you got this thing says sir says um murphy says santa rosa sofa be thought that your leash so so that that says out, no, no, no. oh me too. i do to over to well i talk to you sir. contract sir. hello sir, sir. hello to deliver davila calling. if one
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of our commer then easy, same color of the silk as you feel so by disaster sank off. don't ever tell why a direct lizard do the tip of any e c. o. as in the us, we're done with any issues that they did that don't seal it. no, no, that there the past 4, nana yeah. the last has to come to core of comes out of a cooler chair, erode jack compton, ballet oven and he had plenty preowned for his fine. so we'll see he's good. if function was african look on sailor did disoriented, tough. i mean all the so only for one to have on it so run as get it does, did thus walk on side it be by loving the baron honda was i think the for me to was
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up i'm sorry, the phone be don't count. it was original teachers, i better get that from you from what oh ah ah ah, reading room
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with if i am one media side out yet about believe you do are on the new one, i am one the other don't or they available. what july the society go milligram, or do you setting up pretty from you know you or your wi fi? she that gaffer tori doesn't been doing it. he said masada say off aloud reading, deliver up front, struct. triple marie. i never want to go lower than when, you know, when the people say he's pretty like one with those pharisees that can bridge deep and prophesied in on his other prove that want to do nothing in it. god,
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you will not go deep deep and they've got to be able to be done what this is and need a little bit of adrienne, good evening, a monthly, i'm not sure whether with
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with with with what god doesn't work, they may see the emission developed for you would you say you're logged in and what needs to be done much for lunch. why did you focus you? but she put me, she,
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she which as you go your vet and as you saw this now, so good job that would be done. that was it doesn't 0. hello alicia. this is jennifer, give on more to ship all grove, mazda, denton, would you be the most with a question from? are you a special fancier or his could you? i'll a partner said it is it was. yeah. but we don't make it obviously dizzy. right, briskly shouted rachel calissa. no more. you've changed you ready? she responded. beetle, you got to do so much more. you emily, europe at the most often think everybody here my dear gushy that you should be under. we should be most to pockets. could you possibly do nasty things done soon as you post regular separate coughing, proceed. also fonts for fed that i did send you to tell you again. garcia, this salty dog does have to give them the self or
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more grandma because the more of the love, thank you. i will never love you talk if you feel the love on to cyclical shows on commons a gold now that had gone up a pretty tough work. oh shoot. would he be gone chippy on till monday? do you all while americans live in eddie de la, you stuck with the felicia maria long as she says shimaya system will, will dos dark sally is due to play fall. could you take down no more that will sometimes do she to 000. but you can't, you handle kumasi country to dump on bonds that are actually shorter to them. who do similar false. vitale, neil heat. you somebody would be the lead. did you just done that? that? yup. both those taxes. get that down to the yeah. because you so pointed of why
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this is bianca. here you are, the he like this given us you on different down to can could jody suck agenda on the signals on buffalo to try monday with the other. could you pass on their paper to promise what you do? should you haven't done down to not even sure my dizziness you yet to so she can use our down though to circle say, cuz you but you need a silly she put down of her demure, roughly, she the ponder and symbol of on this signal. what betsel, norma, she as usual, do memory. brockway mimi suit you into of i get to pusan down. you can also read the guy. don't you put some dollar be could be shut it and throw the ball. so julia
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here is a plea. bethany, i shan't as she did that, turned out sherry ross. her shake as her generosity. michelle tucker is here with her several bolton composure. oh good. they came down faster. jennifer m l a fish ski. he said. but you didn't now miss shirley don't. i don't bear her bank, andrea wrecked now? i can do i have got been l and my papa and appetizers home
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his ship dash hel, fisher return. it shows him well. now i shall have hurt paula's i should pick in then she can focus shows on less than a family almost. and mom is all propeller did test day to know when to take care center just as you publish it. oh boy, it parcel over is sheila ella. present, i guess her guess kia, isha qua issue. it is a key over here. i for found a war. her go casual, came with a timing. issue, demand being put was a pillow. so anybody don't concern book telephone in a bag and
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a by pin one minute our killer alicia to push over and drill property sheila, papa villa kiss kiss she is push it is harvey. he said, but guess kiss her. i see a bullish from the rear to fill a pile on our dilemma issued a female, a ship bhakti. taller sir, get the law. it is on the blessing and it is her phone there. where in wireless then they run upon to come see, don't have to come started. artillery will fell until they wanted her birthday
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but that killed esther? said chevy. oh, look, be from say about it. oh, can i tell priscilla will bake is a total bill wilkin. i shall represent here so further. she went home, i was here at the live manip barely to pursue too well and to pop up a pot duo. and cassie had been galaxy got a lot below the nature of this guy. you've learned, cherish athletic, diesel o. v. human dish developer diminish a dish. dish and the tesla the desk door thicker. so a 2 door depletion unit, p c jackal. pick
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a 4 bonded test to lo fi foot in willow. he a love if i to mercy, won't his her tongue dunaway if was he bought it. that doesn't touch our tele, she shut her bucket and joshua calls her, come from miss, put me up and they can't get into their thomas carter took the pictures in which has plenty to what time from certainly barely to tell you. apollo cush over such barry as and personally to pit ah a a
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ah mm mm hm. in the in mm mm ah oh. hello chris in many of have had to have a cavity here delila early last i'd like to washington. oh oh, are you quote your dog b w?
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don't cover mileage you fit a leather see? go, but other oh was come about i get one there but i googled close her mouth la movies to well for a cooler. no. oh, hear ya. no sir. no human mom was in a general way. not too long ago.
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father didn't net for
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al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine . we have to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics is a he is incredibly lucky. those coming out of the lines and no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take
11:58 pm
us to their basement where we find others sheltering from the shelling these evacuation. now by say, 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. it's the you case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 cove at 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engine is dramatically expanding the critical care bit count and other similar sites are on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close, extrapolate that across the country, and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any won't float with. it's been the cold. they start to the winter season,
11:59 pm
in se, australia, in decades. we'll talk more about that in a bit. hello everyone, but 1st we're going to begin in china where the rains are still falling across the pearl river valley. i think we're going to see more flooding. of course already we have in one dung province and toward the north of that and who nan, but really the bulk of this rain falling over southern china, we looked toward the yangtze river valley, the yellow river valley, and we've got some hot sunshine here. junk jo. at 40 degrees it's just a few degrees off. your june temperature bradford for japan's main island of han shoe, we've got a weak band of some shower activity here in beijing. showers and thunderstorms still not too far way and same goes for harbin on thursday. down under we painted the colors on dark of the blue, the or the temperature. so at camera you have had your coldest start to winter and 58 years. but look at melbourne called us start in 73 years and on tasmania it's been the coldest start to the winter season in 40 years. here's what's going on on thursday. do have some rain for victoria, some showers in tasmania as well, but i'll pill out. give you a wider look. we'll put this the day poured on friday,
12:00 am
and white and windy conditions pulling in to that southwest on this weather report in new zealand. pretty typical weather things are as they should. we've got temperatures of 11 degrees in christ church on thursday, sushi ah informed opinions. there is a need, fabulous federal government to take action to really facilitate a cry. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah .


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