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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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in 91 to me it was out. how are you in one of the guys without a gun? my brother was killed. my hood don't look no different than any other day. and michael was you. i saw me. i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like, you know, at this time that they end up this is the more than bill for i'm just not willing to accept the word substantial legislation. can i get through. that's going to speak to a major knee for mark and this bill identifies use violence as a public health epidemic. last year. we are 2, aren't american. the ripple effect of violence when it comes to you stretches far. why? when you were away with
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the sharpest u. s interest rate rise since 1994. the federal reserve steps in to try to curb rising inflation. ah, i learned taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up the cost of living sores, driven by the rising price of petrol. president joe biden sends a letter to all companies demanding action. israel agreed to send more gas to the european union via egypt, as the block tries to reduce its reliance on russian gas and thousands rally in eastern democratic republic of congo, accusing the london government of supporting the n 23 rental group. ah
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no. the u. s. federal reserve has raised interest rates by point 75 percent. the biggest increase in was 3 decades. it's hope the move was curb soaring inflation and bring down consumer prices, which are at 40 year highs. the chair of the central bank, jerome pow, described the current economic climate as extraordinarily challenging and uncertain, and indicated further hikes are likely we anticipate that ongoing rate increases will be appropriate. the pace of those changes will continue to depend on the incoming data and the evolving outlook for the economy. clearly, today's $75.00 basis point increase is an unusually large one. and i do not expect moves of this size to be common. from the perspective of to day, either of 50 basis point or a 75 basis point increase seems most likely at our next meeting. we will, however, make our decisions, meeting by meeting and will continue to communicate our thinking as clearly as we can. how does your customer has more from the federal reserve in washington dc?
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this is a very aggressive move, as you were saying, this is the highest 11 time rate hike in 28 years in the us. and the goal here is to react to the alarming rate of inflation that we saw in a report just last week. now at 6.8 percent, a historic high in the us federal board chair reserve board chair jerome. how will also called these extraordinarily challenging and uncertain times for the us economy. now, he has quite the challenge ahead of him. he's trying to cool down this roaring hot economy. i've raising that interest rate to lower the amount of money that's available in this economy. but he has to do so on the board has to do so without triggering a recession. there's some fear of that happening possibly next year, even in the u. s. according to some economists, how will did not predict that. he said that he and among the boards releasing the
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economic projection for the next 3 years in the us finding that by 2024 around then is when the u. s. economy may fall down to a healthier level where unemployment rate and the inflation rates are at the target levels at the federal reserve want. robert scott is a senior economist at the economic policy institute. he says the weight problems are caused by international pressures and they may not be sold by a rate increase. personally, i'm afraid this is try trying to use a cannon to, to head off a fly. and the economy really dealing with today is a consequence simply of russians invasion of the ukraine. it's resulted in restrictions on russia, oil exports, and gas exports. it's cut off the exports of grain for russia in the ukraine, and this is disrupting food and energy markets. and those are the principal causes
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of arise and consumer prices that were announced in the past week or 2. this is the problem is not going. economy being driven by excessive demand is not excessively hot. wages are back to. ready beginning to slow down, the growth in wages is actually be celebrated since the 1st of the year. so it's not clear what they hope to achieve with these dramatic rate increases. it's much more about politics and economics at this point. you as president, engine oil companies to take action against soaring petrol prices saying they need to produce more petrol and diesel. jo buttons accuse major produces including exxon mobil and chevron of profiteering from the current process. white house correspondent, kimberly how kept reports. sticker shock at the pumps, as millions of americans fuel up for the summer vacation driving season. that's why president joe biden on wednesday, sent a letter to the 7 major
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u. s. oil companies pressuring them to increase oil production to lower prices by didn't right. my administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate federal government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied. currently us oil companies are refining. $1000000.00 less barrels a day compared to pre covet levels. western sanctions and russia over its invasion of ukraine means the u. s. is also not importing russian oil that's led to less supply. as americans return to work from the pandemic driving up prices, the bond administration hasn't revealed how it will increase supply. instead, it accuses the oil companies of exploit and consumers for record profits biden
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hasn't ruled out a surtax on those gains. he's asked his energy secretary to hold an emergency meeting with oil producer to market. we're not against profit. it's just that when you have 225 percent increase in profit year over year in q and quarter one, when it just tells you something else is going on. the oil companies blame biden for the problem, arguing his climate change agenda. bam, on federal land drilling and the cancellation of the keystone pipeline have led to oil refining stream biden, to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to bring down prices. it's a tool he's already used, but it's a temporary fix is simply an attempt to play for the voters to show that politicians are doing something about a market situation in which there's actually very little that they or anybody else to do. finance letter comes one day after announcing he'll meet with the saudi king next month to encourage his kingdom to also boost production. but the white house
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says the kingdom has provided no assurances. it will do so. president biden needs to contain fuel prices quickly. the longer americans face hardship, the more likely they are to vote against his democratic party in upcoming november congressional elections. kimberly held hit al jazeera, the white house, the european union assigned an energy deal with israel and egypt. the e. u is working to reduce its reliance on russian gas because of the conflict in ukraine. under the deal, israel is to send more of it, natural gas to egyptian ports for processing before sending it on to europe. and smith reports from west jerusalem. israel sits on about 0 point one percent of global gas reserves, not much, but the european union is looking everywhere it can to reduce its reliance on russian gas. so egypt already taking in 26 percent of israel's gas production will
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start liquefying more at its 2 mediterranean plants. it'll trim just a few percent of the 40 percent of gas, the e u bies from russia. but if it's a quick fix, it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the stack up in the system on, it's fairly in digits i, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving. it's, it is a small step, but we need other steps. we didn't know exploration initial more infrastructure could be bit. israel had frozen gas exploration as it tried to meet renewable energy targets. but the search for alternatives to russian fuel. as off of these railey government to lucrative an opportunity to turn down, the e. u is also committed to moving away from fossil fuels. at the signing ceremony in cairo, the e u commission president suggested there was long term interest in partnering with countries to its south and east. it is for us,
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very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are, of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say you are in a very lucky position. as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy in abundance, the sun, the wind. so these will be the energies of the future and the demand will be enormous. israel gas is sent to cairo through the arab gas pipeline. it was designed to pump gas the other way from egypt to jordan, syria, and lebanon. but egypt uses its own gas. now the domestic needs, egypt wants to become a regional hub for the gas trade. and israel can help that happen. but it'll be a couple of years before your opinion start using significant amounts of israeli gas as there are challenges and increasing production capacity to cope with the new
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demand. bernard smith, algebra western, ah, can years president has called for the immediate deployment of a regional force to stabilize the eastern democratic republic of congo area seen a series of attacks by the rebel group m 23 said to thousands of companies rallying against neighboring rwanda and its president polka gummy, who they say is behind the violence. how can web has more people in the city of gamer, angry president who could gummy neighboring when they say that i'd have rwandan military aggression in democratic republic of congo. we're going into her wanda, so it makes you doing with the n 23 rebels because we're tired of this ongoing situation in our country protested. and the government name one that's
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behind the recent series of attacks income guy by the end $23.00 rebel green. it's widely seen as a proxy of rwanda. rwanda's leaders deny it. nobody here believes them demonstrate is reached the buddha. with rolanda hunger, please, please disburse them with tear gas. we are more hill 2 days before to the north and 23 took control of the town has been a gonna more hungrily. soldiers retreated into neighboring. you gonna lose all we're going to do everything possible to drive these criminals, these terrorists, and the supports us out of the national territory. rwanda does not like us and we are not afraid for the moments. we thank you for your support and we ask you to demonstrates peacefully both congo, and rwanda accused each other of cross border shelling in recent weeks. this village primary school in congo was caught in the crossfire. 2 children were killed
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and buried near by. one of them was safe and in there a 7 year old son isaac. he says he was playing with friends and he was blown out. he says, this is, i don't know that we are really tired. we demand whole protection so that our children live in pace. now, when there's a cracking sound, the children panic and have to slay the child who has died will not come back. but those who remain must be protected and somebody got to kind of violence, push people to bully new point in gamma, which is the regional capital. they've been armed conflict beneath in congo. ever since we're wenda and uganda invaded in the 990 countries, have been accused of mineral meddling ever since people here wanted the malcolm web era you cases it will find any
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legal challenges to its plan. defend asylum seekers to rwanda. just one day out of 1st deportation flight failed to take off. the flight was abandoned. dr. last minute intervention by the european court of human rights and british court. just 7 people were scheduled to be on board. but that equaled ations and now being challenged and the u. k. home secretary patel says the government will not be deterred and is pressing ahead with planning for future flights. well, this decision by the stressful coup to intervene was disappointing. and surprising, given the repeats, if unconsidered judgments to the country in our domestic court, we remain committed to this policy, these repeated legal barriers. all madam deputy speaker, very similar to those that we experience with all other removal flies. and we believe that will fully compliant with all domestic and international obligations. i'm preparations for off each bright from the next flights of already begun.
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optimistic course of the view that the flight could go ahead to come out here in the battle if it breaks it flash again, europe takes legal action against the u. k. after it ditches a difficult trained deal in the shadow of war. the no such for ukraine is missing. people begins survive as of the fighting hunt for friends and family. ah, it's been the coldest start to the winter. we're going to begin in china where the rains are still falling across the pearl river valley. i think we're going to see more flooding, of course already we have in one dung, providence in toward the north of that and who nan, but really the bulk of this rain falling over southern china. we look toward the
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yangtze river valley, the yellow river valley, and we've got some hot sunshine here, jo at 40 degrees. it's just a few degrees off your june temperature record for japan's main island of hon. she we got a week band of some shower activity here in beijing, showers and thunderstorms still not too far away. and same goes for harbin on thursday. down under we painted the colors on dark or the blue, the lower the temperature. so camera you have had your cold is start to winter and 58 years, but look at melbourne. coldest start in 73 years and on tasmania it's been the coldest start to the winter season in 40 years. here's what's going on on thursday . we do have some rain for victoria, some showers in tasmania as well, but i'll peel out, give you a wider look. we'll put this day forward on friday, and white and windy conditions pulling in to the southwest. when this weather report in new zealand. pretty typical weather things are as they should. we've got temperatures of 11 degrees in christ church on thursday, so ah,
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informed opinions there was a need for the federal government actions is really facilitate a pig right. in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera ah al jazeera which is a whole ah ah, from one of the top stories here and i'm 0. the u. s. federal reserve has announced
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an interest rate rise of point 75 percent to try to curb soaring, inflation increases the largest seen in almost 3 decades in the central bank describing the current economic climate as extraordinarily challenging and uncertain. the u. s. president is written to major oil companies urging them to take action against soaring petrol prices, which have hit 40 year highs. joe biden accused refiners of profiteering and so they needed to work with his administration. the european union assigned an energy agreement with israel and egypt as a glock looks for alternatives to russian supplies do will allow israel to send its natural gas to egypt for processing before it's exported to europe. the european union has launched a string of legal challenges against the u. k. over it moves to scrap past part of the post breaks at trade deal. the you and you k agreed, there would be no new checks on goods crossing the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and e u member. that the arrangement has disrupted
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trade between northern ireland and mainland britain. setting province apart from the rest of the u. k. me back reports from london. if you thought battle over breaks, it was done and dusted. think again, because authority detail and the trade deal signed 18 months ago has come back to haunt all involved with the british government plan. to unilaterally scrap the northern ireland protocol, infuriating brussels. this is illegal. that is why the commission highest, they decided to take legal action against the united kingdom for not complying if significant parts of the protocol on islands nor denial sun in the u. k. angus grows across the floor of parliament over the government's apparent disregard of international law. c, i'm know, a threat of a trade war with our unity and friends. took it by a law breaking prime minister. he talks about a trade rule. he talks about,
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he talks about a trade will, what could be more prudish, mrs. bigger than a project of actually visitors, trade barriers or with in hard to deny kinda little the line and protocol is designed to prevent a hard border between northern ireland to part of the u. k. and the republic of ireland and e. u member that arrangements protected by the good friday agreement that entered 30 years of sectarian violence in the north. but instead, it effectively created a border in the irish sea with goods imported from mainland britain, subject checks, and going duty, this and others who want the province to be a seamless part of the rest of the u. k. the british government hopes it's bill will be a quick fix. it's hoping under the changes to allow good destin solely for northern ireland to avoid old shacks, other goods going to the republic of ireland launched the e. you would go down a separate channel, wet checks would take place. the problem is the border between northern island and the republic of island is open and porous, making it near impossible to know what goods
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a going where the u. k. government argues the problems arising from the protocol justify scrapping the plan. the youth firmly disagrees challenging the u. k for failing to implement checks on goods entering northern ireland. failing to share trade data with the e u and failing to establish inspection post supports the case could go all the way up to the european court of justice with the u. k. possibly facing a hefty fine. and if the british government's proposed bill becomes law, the you could pull several retaliatory leavers such as ending tariff free trade going in both directions. suspending fishing, right, or even ending 90 day visa, free travel for brit heading to the u. the u. k. yet it's european neighbors, all righty at odds after the european court of human rights intervene to stop britain deporting migrants to wander, leading to calls from some british m piece to ditch the human rights convention altogether. the e u says the doors open for dialogue without it,
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and soon this dispute seems almost certain to deepen the fuck out zera london. the united nations refugee agency says russia invasion of ukraine as forced about a 3rd of the population to leave their homes. thousands of those who escaped the fighting and now searching for their friends and relatives who are missing and fed dead. cha, stratford reports from keith julia ludmilla escaped, the russian bombardment of mary opal on march the 19th. over the next few days, they risked their lives. 3 times, driving back into the city, frightened bullets shows and strokes in a desperate attempt to find the father of their family. 61 year old, all examiner pollute brinko. they said he never made it out. so you saw it. we were driving. there were russians on one side ukrainians on the other, and they were shooting, says eula,
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yet we were in the middle. it was terrifying those up, but we were determined to get dad when you started on the family used to live near the as of steel plant, were an estimated 2500 ukranian soldiers and civilians were trapped for weeks. as the fighting intensified, they fled to a basement under a block of flats in the city center. on the day they escaped, the shilling was intense, and alexander never made it from the basement to the waiting civilian car. we were sure he knew we would come back for him, says ludmilla, and he would wait for us in the basement are. a few days later they returned to where they had last seen alexander adam. either we saw all the buildings were burnt and destroyed, says ludmilla. and there was no one there. ludmilla and julius story is not uncommon. the united nations estimates that rushes invasion has forced more than 12000000 people to flee their homes. the ukrainian government says thousands of them are searching for friends and loved ones,
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missing fear dead. and her chance of nicole, there is a psychologist, volunteering at a center, helping some of the 10s of thousands of people from mary awful who fled to the ukrainian control side or chill or yoga. today i had a lady whose husband was killed in front of her and she asked, why did i survive? she like so many is deeply disturbed, constantly breaking down and refusing to accept what has happened was families who come to the center to receive food parcels. once every 2 weeks, children play while their parents register until their stories to volunteers. andre used to work at the as of style plant as a lathe operator, he says he left many friends behind mother support anymore. so i think they are more sympathetic to the occupiers yet. i don't they call me and when are you coming back? but i will never return with the russians in control. anastasio was a social worker in mary oh pool. before the war. she struggles to hold back,
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her tears said i be upset over here. then we all lost friends. they're gone forever . in my case, it would have been death or captivity because i refuse to work under the occupiers . i don't know if i will ever see my city again. the ukrainian government accuses russia forcing tens of thousands of people from mary opal into russia and accusation. russia denies. eula and louis miller say their only hope is that all examined is still alive. cha, stratford al jazeera keith worn is having a major knock on effects all over the world, especially on the food supply. ukraine is known as the bread basket of europe. and together with russia, producers about a quarter of the world we've war has put all of this at risk to promote, to get into james base as well. one of the major reasons for the global food crisis is the grain which is trapped inside ukraine. 25000000 tons from last year's
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harvest, with an estimated 55000000 to be harvested in the coming months. the u. n. has been working on a plan, working with turkey and with russia to get the grain out of the port of odessa through the black sea, which is mainly controlled by the russian navy with much of it mind. now, for the 1st time, the russian ambassadors ignited nations and sounded positive about the negotiations . we're not responsible for the, for the, for establish himself. the unsafe corridors were said that we could provide safe passage if these quoted was an established and boost them as them. it's obvious, it's either that in mind that then it, that he which was mind by the ukrainians, or to ensure that the passage goes around those minds that they become. so what is russia get out of all of this? while there is a 2nd part of the plan, according to the united nations, which would bring russian grain and russian fertilizer to the global market. although the spokesperson for the secretary general is giving you details. in order
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to, to, for this to go forward, there will be a need for agreement from the ukrainian side from the russian side. so, and this is in close cooperation with the turkish authorities, including the turkish military. so obviously, if and when we have an agreement that will mean that as in any of these types of negotiations, that the parties involved will have reached a place where they feel comfortable that this could move forward. there is a separate plan from the white house which was announced the recent hours by president biden, to set up grains silos on the polish border. when we asked the un about that, they said no comment. a suggestion, negotiations evolving turkey, russia, and probably ukraine. and now at a very delicate phase us as reiterated it demands for us our investigation into the killing. around is there a journalist and us citizen sharing a worker who was shot dead by israeli forces one on assignment. president joe biden
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will be traveling to the middle east next month, where he's trying to meet both israeli and palestinian leadership. what we want is obviously for this to be fully investigated, and if there needs to be accountability, had the accountability had at the end of that investigation, we've called for thorough complete, transparent investigations into her death. and we're going to be watching this very, very closely. i don't have any additional details on what an independent investigation would look like. i just don't have that for you today. but i don't want you to walk away thinking that we don't want this fully investigated. and for that investigation to be thorough and transparent. the section of street is that the saudi arabian embassy sits on in washington. dc has been officially renamed drama chaudry way shoji, was the washington post journalist mad inside the saudi consulate in the stumble. but you call hang was there for the unveiling? the street sign were standing outside the usually heavily fortified. saudi arabian
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embassy here in washington, d. c. with a crowd of media and supporters gathered, were about to see the name of the street that the embassy sits on re named cr showed you way. the washington d. c city council, about a year ago, decided to change the official name of the street to honor slain washington, post journalist jamal, who showed you. now the organizers here say they're doing it now and large part to raise awareness of the fact that you as president joe by you will soon be heading to saudi arabia politically felt betrayed. i think the promises that he gave us gave the general public about protection of saudi distance. the also the promise of make in the saudi government, the prior. they are active to say they want the american people to remember that on the campaign trail, joe biden promised to make saudi arabia a pariah state. they said, that's obviously a promise. now broken, a man who shot and wounded former us president ronald reagan more than 40 years ago,
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has been freed from court oversight. john henky junior attempted to assassinate that, then president in 1981. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent decades in a washington hospital. he's been living under supervision in virginia since 2016, but is now free of all restrictions. freedom will see hinckley perform at a concert next month and new york. after gaining followers online, europe is being hit by a major heat wave that is not expected to peak until the end of the week. temperatures in the french capital, paris are forecast to hit 37 degrees celsius by saturday. at 13 degrees above the average high for the month of june, some parts of france, his southwest will exceed 40 degrees, which could trigger a public health. red alert. meteorologists say these events will become more common as a direct result of climate change. ah.


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