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can i get through that's going to speak to a major need for mcneil, and this bill identifies used violence as a public health epidemic. last year. we are 2 aren't remarked. the ripple effect of violence when it comes to youth a stretches far. why are you way away? ah, al jazeera, where ever you, why? oh no. ah.
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the u. s. federal reserve attacks inflation with its largest rate rise since 1994 and signals more to come. ah, though i'm terry johnston, you're watching al jazeera alive from don't also coming up. a man accused of involvement in the u. s. capital attack has seen the day before taking photos inside the building while touring the congressman israel teams up with egypt to supply more gas to europe. as a continent works to win itself off russian energy and the hungry super worms that could help us make a dent in the wells. plastic problems. ah, the u. s. federal reserve has made its most aggressive upward move on interest rates in almost 30 years. up 3 quarters of one percent is trying to get on top of
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surging inflation, which is being driven by factors seen increasingly as being out to the feds hands. more of the same is on the way we anticipate that ongoing rate increases will be appropriate. the pace of those changes will continue to depend on the incoming data and the evolving outlook for the economy. clearly, today's $75.00 basis point increase is an unusually large one. and i do not expect moves of his size to be common from the perspective of to day, either of 50 basis point or a 75 basis point increase seems most likely at our next meeting. we will, however, make our decisions, meeting by meeting and will continue to communicate our thinking as clearly as we can. hardly jo, castro has more from the federal reserve in washington dc. this is a very aggressive move. as you were saying, this is the highest 11 time rate hike in 28 years in the us. and the goal here is to react to the alarming rate of inflation that we saw in
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a report just last week. now at 6.8 percent, a historic high in the us federal board chair reserve board chair jerome. how will also called these extraordinarily challenging an uncertain time for the u. s. economy. now, he has quite the challenge ahead of him. he's trying to cool down this roaring hot economy, i've raising that in the interest rate to lower the amount of money that's available in the economy, but he has to do so on the board has to do so without triggering a recession. there is some fear of that happening possibly next year, even in the u. s. according to some economists, how will did not predict that. he said that he and among the boards releasing the economic projection for the next 3 years in the us finding that by 2024 around then is when the u. s. economy may fall down to a healthier level where unemployment rate and the inflation rate or at the target
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levels at the federal reserve was robert scott is with the economic policy institute. he worries the federal reserve is looking for economy solutions to political problems. personally, i'm afraid this is try trying to use a cannon to, to head off a fly in the economy. really dealing with today is a consequence simply of russians invasion of the ukraine. it's resulted in restrictions in russia's, oil exports and gas exports. it's cut off the exports of grain from russia in the ukraine, and this is disrupting food and energy markets. and those are the principal causes of arise and consumer prices that were announced in the past week or 2. so this is the problem. it's not because of me being driven by excessive demand. it's not excessively hot. wages are getting the slow down growth when we actually
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be celebrated since the 1st of the year. so it's not clear what they hope to achieve with these dramatic rate increases. it's much more about politics and economics. at this point. the u. s. house committee investigating the capital riots has released video of a tool led by republican congressman the day before the attacks. the committee says a man who participated in the tool can be seen taking pictures of tunnels and stairwells in the capital building. it says the same man returned during the insurrection. congressmen are allowed to milk, denies any wrong doing. i think that he's been vindicated by police. these are folks who has never been to washington dc and they're there. we're here to visit their congressman and i want to speak to the committee. and just because the committees never called me and asked me anything, they sent a letter, a corporation, they never sent it to me. your office never, no, never, never received the letter, never received a phone call. never received an email. they sent it to you guys. i find out about
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it all my way to the airport a month ago. so when i get on the plane, i see my picture on tv screens. all the plane is some kind of evil conspirator. that tells me they're not interested in the true for only interested in creating a narrative for you guys. well, live to alan fish and out in washington. so other than that, tell us that more about what appears to be going on in this submitted. so again, melissa, this is slightly new and then there's a site problem for, for barry loudermilk in the a month ago when he says he saw his picture, he said he never led any group that on a tour of the capitol. but the video assures that he did, there was 12 constituents which later became 15 constituents. and they got a tour of the capitol building no captured on surveillance video as one man who seems to be taking pictures of stairwells and also where the little train goes that connects some of the buildings in the capitol hill complex. now you can suggest that that is suspicious that he was to use
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a phrase that has been used in washington over the last month, casing the place or he was just a tourist that was moving around and, and seeing interesting things at what complicates it is that this man was then seen making his way on to capitol hill or on the day of the riot. no, there's no suggestion by the committee or any one else for this man did anything wrong and that he is facing any sort of criminal charges. but what the january 6th committee is trying to establish is that trips like this and the believe there may have been more allowed some people to get the lay of the land to kiss out the joint the day before. so the new which there's to take not held by the fact that on the video, there are pictures of the name plates of some democratic republic, democratic congressman, and also on the video taken the day after on january 6th. there are some broad threats made against members of congress who represent the democratic party. the
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6th of january committee, of course, is due to hold another hearing on thursday. this is kind of a teaser of where they're heading, but certainly a barrier. loudermilk says he did nothing wrong, something that is supported by the capitol police who a month ago said that they didn't find any wrong doing. but this video has led to others calling for that police investigation to be re invest reopened. now kevin mccarthy, who is the leader, all the republicans in the house. he says that this shows that the january states committee are just targeting political opponents, but the committee have asked body loudermilk to give evidence whether he does or not. that's all going to be very much to the be decided in the coming days. alan fisher. thank you for that. we're, we're going to stay with this. because also in washington is bruce fine, who served as a us associate deputy attorney general. and before that was council to the watergate committee,
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he's on skype and joins us now. thanks for being with us here on the al jazeera. what do you make of mary loudermilk sir. explanation which seems to have evolved over time. well, it suspicious. it feel that a given the importance of the issue, you want to volunteer everything that you knew about here. there's a possibility that these strangers, if you will walk you through the capital work casing the joint. there certainly is evidence that there was pre planning before january 6th. indeed, even before president trump completed his speech at the lips, they are already movement, approaching the capital. and doesn't mean it's proven yet. that's why you have an investigation. but it seems suspicious that you need a subpoena for a member of congress to want to volunteer everything he knew that was arguably relevant to the investigation. why do you need a subpoena? your member of congress is supposed to be upholding and defending the constitution
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. you should be volunteering like and good samaritan, everything. you know? how does this then feed into the continuing house, let commit investigation? i mean there's a lot more to come, isn't there? well yes, there's much more to come on. i think, to my mind that the, that the, that the climax, rudy is going to be the that testimony and evidence regarding mr. trump's interactions with mike pence, the vice president trying to brow we him exordium, threatened him menace him if he didn't violate the 12th amendment and declined to count state certified electoral votes ahead, survived over 60 court challenges because on that score, mr. trump is coming close to having engaged in insurrection, namely, defying the authority of the united states and the 12th amendment. and we do know from published reports that there was a such
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a threshold of fear that mr. trump generated it. i, mr. pence that his aids had contacted secret service agents suggesting that mr. trump was a security threat to mike pence and twice on january 6th itself. a mr. pence refused secret service request that he return to the white house during the riding and possibly be abs guy abducted, and being prevented from returning to count the state certified electoral votes. mr . penn said no, i'm staying here. he stayed in the capital during the ride and returned to count the votes. so all those things are critical because if it is shown that there was this clear and open a notorious effort to resort to threats, to try to get mr. pants to violate the 12th amendment, mr. trump would be in jeopardy of disqualification for running in 2024 under section 3 of the 14th amendment. and what do you think? oh, this says about security at the capital building. well,
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i've been in washington a long time and i've spent it probably literally hundreds of days walking to and from the capital in the capital of visiting officers are and i think january 6th, with really a watershed, if you will. before that time there's nothing even close to this kind of violence and opposition to the system of government. capitol hill was known to be very relax . you can walk into members offices quite easily and they had to little few checks . so if you didn't have a gun from the public, you can walk up and down the corridors in what this shows, i think is how dramatic break. january 6th was from the past. and we continue to experience that today. you can't walk into the congressional office buildings anymore. you've got policeman everywhere and sometimes on special occasions, you have big fences that are returned as they were shortly after january 6th. so
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it's made for a much more close a legislative a environment. i think that's unhealthy. i think you've got to take risks. we can't be brow beaten and live couched crouched lives because people threaten if they do, that's a threat. that's violates the law and they got to be punished accordingly. but we need to make certain that the, that the government remains open to the people, after all, were the ultimate sovereigns here. and if a means bolstering the forces to make certain that the scoundrels don't get in, so be it. okay, we'll leave it there. bruce find the former us associate deputy attorney general. thank you for your time here today. thank you. coming up past the weather in the shadow of war. the long search, few cranes missing p begins. ah .
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hi there. thanks for joining in. here's our headlines for the americas heats continues to be an issue for the desert. southwest phoenix at 44 degrees on thursday. seen those winds pick up is wall for the bay area. so san francisco $21.00 degrees and we'll look for wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour, but of weather whiplash, where the roller coaster so chicago $29.00 degrees on thursday. these storms will cool the atmosphere. temperatures will come down, but give it a day or 2. those temperatures will shoot right back up. ok. off to the gulf states, we have set some temperature records toward the carolinas. raleigh. we've got you in for 36 degrees and we'll see some showers and storms pop up, particularly along that border with louisiana and mississippi on thursday. there had been a state of emergency issued in calgary with some intense reign there, but that's mostly peter out on thursday. still some showers though for western canada and the pacific northwest after central america. and we are tracking
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a lot of activity both for the pacific coast in the caribbean coast. so we'll keep tabs on this. we've got this storm here, but it's not expecting to make landfall now for the top end of south america. persistent rain for that pacific coast of columbia and an average day in santiago with the high of 15 degrees on thursday. that's it. see soon? ah, the latest news as it breaks down estimated 20000 lead gold miners. definitely younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage. the government says it's taking action, but the lights are being put in danger. from around the world. president zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renew defensive in the east. lou.
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories now. the u. s. federal reserve has announced an interest rate rise of not point 75 percent to try to curbs soaring inflation. the increase is the largest in almost 3 decades. fed says the current economic climate is extraordinarily challenging and uncertain. the u. s. a . house committee investigating a capitol hill riot, says a man who was on a tour of the building just the day before the attack returned. on the day of the insurrection committee has released a video of the tool, which was organized by republican congressman, who denies wrong doing are media outlets in brazil are reporting that suspects of
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confessed to 2 murders in the amazon. the justice minister says body parts have been found in the search area. indigenous expert, bruno pereira and british journalist, don phillips, went missing it more than a week ago. well that for more that speak to monica macchio, who's life for us in rio de janeiro, monica waiting to hear from the police shortly. we're understand. yes, saw the police was going to have whole depressed conference in the next 30 minutes . perhaps. today what they did was they took the suspect, or one of the 2 suspects to the area where the bodies is supposedly, are according to the local press, the, these 2 people. but on a beta and dom phillips were cut, cut in little pieces and were birch and thrown in a ditch. and but this, this has not been officially confirmed. what we do know is that everybody saying
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that the investigation is coming to an end. of course, there are many steps ahead. you still have probably done defy whatever body parts you can find with the dna of these 2 people which have already been collected. and now what fears of the local communities are, even if this investigation is over, the, the they are left unprotected? and because bruno pity it was a very, a big indigenous specialist. so the fact that he would is no longer there to help protect theory from illegal fishing from poachers from illegal mining. that is the great law. and monica presidents, j, i both know has been speaking more about the case hasn't well recently. yes, he always says that they were, weren't supposed to. well,
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that they went on a risky trip, which is a trip we the al jazeera team did just a couple of months ago. and that they shouldn't have been. it was like they were running a risk on purpose, but the fact is that if they were ambushed in the place where supposedly they were amber's, that was not in the region that the, the deep forest that is close to villages fishermen's villages. it's an area that people go up and down with both, so it isn't that they were running an unnecessary risk. another thing he said was that dom phyllis was disliked by illegal miners because he had been writing about this well. capturing illegal miners should be the state policy. the fact that the state has taken away funding from organizations that are supposed to patrol these areas has led the indigenous people to form their own patrol. and that is what bruno beta was helping them do. so they were trying to map out the
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region to see areas where the illegal fishermen wore allegedly linked to drug cartels in columbia, peru, and the border with brazil to map these areas. so would be using technology. that's what they were working on. ok, monica, you can thanks for the update live from rio de janeiro now. yes'm. any journalist has died in a bombing southern omen. had our his vehicle exploded while he was on a main road near the city of aidan, he worked in the ministry of information, was also used produce for foreign channel. the biden administration has reiterated its calls for a fair and start investigation. the killing of al jazeera and shrink claim palestinian american was shot dead by israeli forces long reporting in the occupied west bank. well, may the 11th present, joe biden,
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we'll meet israeli and palestinian leaders and he travels to the middle east next month. what we want is obviously for this to be fully investigated and if there needs to be accountability had accountability had at the end of that investigation, we've called for thorough complete, transparent investigations into her death. and we're going to be watching this very, very closely. i don't have any additional details on what an independent investigation would look like. i just don't have that for you today. but i don't want you to walk away thinking that we don't want this fully investigated. and for that investigation to be thorough and transparent. egypt and israel will export more natural gas to the e. u. under a deal signed in current european commission chief as live on the line that describe it as a special moment in the continents efforts to win itself off russian energy. but at smith reports from west jerusalem, ah, israel sits on about 0 point one percent of global gas reserves. not much,
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but the european union is looking everywhere it can to reduce its reliance on russian gasoline. so egypt already taking in 26 percent of israel's gas production will start liquefying more at its 2 mediterranean plants. it'll trim just a few percent of the 40 percent of gas, the e u. bies from russia. as it is a quick fix, it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the spare capacity in the system on the israeli indeed ship side, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving. it is a small step, but we need other steps. we didn't know exploration. miss l more infrastructure could be bit. ah, israel had frozen gas exploration as it tried to meet renewable energy targets. but the search for alternatives to russian fuel has offered these railey government to lucrative an opportunity to turn down the e. u is also committed to moving away from fossil fuels. at the signing ceremony in
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cairo, the e u commission president suggested there was long term interest in partnering with countries to its south and east. it is for us, very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are, of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say you are in a very lucky position. as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy in abundance, the sun, the wind. so these will be the energies of the future and the demand will be enormous. israeli gas is sent to cairo through the arab gas pipeline. it was designed to pump gas the other way from egypt to jordan, syria, and lebanon. but egypt uses its own gas. now, but domestic needs, egypt wants to become a regional hub for the gas trade. and israel can help that happen. but it'll be a couple of years before your
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a p and start using significant amount of israeli gas as there are challenges and increasing production capacity to cope with the new demand. bernard smith, al jazeera west jerusalem, the another $1000000000.00 worth of us military aid has been announced for ukraine. weaponry includes anti ship rocket systems, artillery rockets and rounds a how it says there's also an additional $225000000.00 in humanitarian. 8, ukraine's government has been warning that honestly is taking too long as its forces struggle against russia is offensive in the east. well, since russia invaded about 7 to half a 1000000 people have fled ukraine, another 8000000 are displaced within a frantic rush for safety. his left people scattered across the country, wondering if missing, loved ones are still alive. charles dropped the reports, not from keith. julia and miller escaped the russian
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bombardment of mary awful amongst the 19th. over the next few days, they risked their lives 3 times, driving back into the city. right and bullets shells and strikes in a desperate attempt to find the father of their family. 61 year old all examined up pinnacle they said he never made it out. so you know, so it is when we were driving there were russians on one side, ukrainians on the other and they were shooting, says you really you that we were in the middle. it was terrifying those up, but we were determined to get dad. when you select, the family used to live near the as of steel plant, where an estimated 2500 ukranian soldiers and civilians were trapped for weeks. as the fighting, intensified safely to a basement under a block of flats in the city center. on the day they escaped, the shilling was intense, and alexander never made it from the basement to the waiting civilian car. we were
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sure he knew we would come back for him, says ludmilla, and he would wait for us in the basement allah. a few days later, they returned to where they had last seen, alexander and the mother. we saw all the buildings were burnt and destroyed, says ludmilla. and there was no one there. ludmilla and julius story is not uncommon. the united nations estimates that russia's invasion has forced more than 12000000 people to flee their homes. the ukrainian government says thousands of them are searching for friends and loved ones. missing fear dead. and her chance of nicole was a psychologist, volunteering at the center, helping some of the 10s of thousands of people from mary apple who fled to the ukrainian control side or chill or yoga to day. i had a lady whose husband was killed in front of her and she asked, why did i survive? she like so many is deeply disturbed, constantly breaking down and refuses to accept what has happened was families who
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come to the center receive food parcels once every 2 weeks. children play while their parents register until their stories to volunteers. andre used to work at the as of style plants, as a lathe operator, he says he left many friends behind mother support anymore. so i think they are more sympathetic to the occupiers yet, i don't, they call me and when are you coming back? but i will never returned with russians in control. anastasio was a social worker in mary o pul before the war, she struggles to hold back. her tears said i be absurdly here. we all lost friends, they're gone forever. in my case, it would have been death or captivating because i refuse to work under the occupiers. i don't know if i will ever see my city again. the ukrainian government accuses russia forcing tens of thousands of people from mary opal into russia and accusation. russia denies eula and louis miller say their only hope is that all examined is still alive. cha,
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stratford al jazeera cave. the man who tried to assassinate former us president ronald reagan, has been released from court supervision. john hinckley junior shot and injured reagan in washington, dc in 1981. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent decades health in the hospital or since 2016. he's been living on the supervision in virginia, was not free of all distractions. the british government is refusing to rule out abandoning a european human rights packed off to judge, blocked from deporting asylum seekers to remind us a last minute intervention by the european court of human rights for the 1st flight to be cancelled on tuesday night. the course is unrelated to the european union, which the u. k. left in 2020 british home secretary, pretty patel says the government won't be deterred and more flights. append well this decision by the stress of
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a quote to intervene was disappointing. and surprising, given the repeated and considered judgments to the country in our domestic court, we remain committed to this policy, these repeated legal barriers. ah, madam deputy speaker. very similar to those that we experience with all other removal flies. and we believe that will fully compliant without domestic and international obligations and preparations for off each flight from the next flights of already begun. optimistic course of the view that the flight could go ahead. now the management of plastic waste is one of the wells most urgent environmental challenges. and scientists. i think they found an answer in a particular species of worm. during wolf explains, scientists in australia say this super warm may prove crucial and scaling back some of the damage done by humans who have made a toxic mark on humanity. it's a, it's a very exciting discovery for us because nobody responded it. we didn't know if the
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civil war could actually do do what we want them to do with great plastics of that that's, that's a good outcome. originally from central and south america, the super worm grows to more than 5 centimeters in length and is often used for pet food. this group of scientists found the species took a particular liking toward polystyrene. one of the most common types of plastic, a super worms, peculiar appetite, potentially playing a pivotal role in reducing waste. one could theoretically a half like a few 100000 super forms in a big in a big building right to let them degraded. but that doesn't worry well, so yours, we want to direct the enzyme better than reproducing in the lab and then have like an enzyme cocktail. so then we can at some point scale it's like a step they hope will be in the right direction toward the healthier planet on land and at sea.


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