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ah coveted, beyond well taken without hesitation, fulton died for political power, defines our wild laws lube babies were dying. i did not think about it's neglected babies to death. beeble empower investigates. expose is and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera. ah,
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brazilian police say, a suspect has confessed to killing an indigenous expert and a british journalist in the amazon. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up a 100000000 people up in force on their homes world wide. it's a reco displacement figure driven mostly by rushes worn ukraine. u. s. federal reserve attacks inflation with its largest interest rate rise since 1994 and signals more to come. plus israel teams up with egypt to supply gas to urine. as the continent works to win itself off. russian and police in brazil say, a suspect has confessed to fatal shooting indigenous expert, bruno pereira and british journalist don phillips, investigate to say, the suspect,
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led them to a remote part of the amazon, where the bodies were buried. herrera and phillips went missing more than a week ago. after receiving threats. monica, you not give, has been following those developments from re edition era. what happened was one of the 2 suspects, the one that was odd that they detained more recently. he confessed, they took him, he said that he had taken the 2 men. he said that they had a submerged, their boat had killed them and taken them to bury them inside the forest are 3 kilometers inside the fours. that means to carry their bodies, you'd have to go with a small canoe through these rivers. ah, after saying that, after confessing the police accompanied the man to the site where he said that these are 2 people had been buried and there they found human remains. the police was saying that they were very sorry for what happened to the families of these 2
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men journalists, dom phillips, was writing a book about saving the amazon and indigenous expert. but a little bit era who is one of brazil's most experienced people in un contacted tribes. they had been in the job id valley, which is a huge indigenous reservation is the size of morocco and home to the largest number of un contacted friday. and our bruno was working with the indigenous people. the locals are to try and stop the illegal fishermen, poachers our miners from invading their territories. he was helping them map this out. and he was travelling with dom phillips when these both men were ambushed according to the police. what some county is a journalist based in brazil, he says president j bowles and iris policies have led to the degradation of the amazon. and the absence of the rule of law absolutely result all budget cars coming
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from the federal government, which began in 2017, under the administration of michelle. and have continued under the administration of j oaks in january the 1st 2019. and not only that, what we've seen during the books in our ministration is kind of stacking all agency long alone along with the car. but also stacking agency, government protection bodies for indigenous people and the environment. the agency's we enjoy that with allies, with people, with no former experience, but people that were ally and ideologically made mr. both and all rows take on the amazon, which is to develop the amazon, you know, basically when you know the 1st, what the devil essentially declared, the amazon opened the business. he long cooled to legalize mining and
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other heavy, extractive and industrial activities of indigenous land, for example, is currently prohibited by law. he's welcome to legal minus to the presidential palace, members of the store. but i have had meetings of illegal miners in the presidential palace and you know, much of his support comes from lawless regions in the amazon and across the country . so yeah, what we have seen in the last few years, the post and i rode ministration to cova, even increasing lawlessness in the amazon as a result of an even direct result. mid to both scenarios in century rhetoric and also cops and d banging to the very agencies which are supposed to be protecting the flores and his people. now for the past decade, every year has seen a record number of people forced to flee their homes. this year was different. a
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new high for displacement above a 100000000. for the 1st time, the u. n. refugee agency says the scale and speed of the crisis are out pacing solutions. the biggest factor now is the war in ukraine, which has triggered one of the largest mass displacements since the 2nd world war. but there are glimmers of hope. 5.7000000 people returned to their countries of origin in 2021. but philippa grande, the united nations high commissioner for refugees thinks the global displacement crisis is likely to get much worse. new conflict, sir, emerge. old conflicts are not resolved. and because the causes that push people to flee are becoming more and more complex, are violence persecution, human rights violations, but also an to an extent, climates, extreme climate phenomena, and the climate change inequalities. even the pandemic,
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everything conspires to make the situation very difficult for people in certain countries, and their only option is to flee. and there, this is why we've seen this figure grow year after year and reach now more than a 100000000 people. this still almost 6000000 syrian refugees in the middle east. i've just come back from bangladesh where in a tiny and very fragile area of the country, 1000000 refugees from member of the ro hinge, a community have been living for the past few years and the list is very, very long. so the size, the complexity, the difficulty of finding solutions, all of this illustrates the, the, the nature of the problem we're dealing with. when in ukraine, the frantic rush for safety has left families scattered right across the country. many a wondering if they're missing loved ones are still alive. as charles stratford reports,
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not from a capital, keith julia and ludmilla escaped the russian bombardment of mary awful. on march the 19th, over the next few days, they risked their lives 3 times, driving back into the city, breathing bullets, shells, and air strikes in a desperate attempt to find the father of their family. 61 year old alexander phillip ankle. they fear, he never made it out for you. so it is when we were driving, there were russians on one side ukrainians on the other, and they were shooting, says eula, yet we were in the middle. it was terrifying those up. but we were determined to get dad and the family used to live near the as of steel plant. where an estimated 2500 ukranian soldiers and civilians were trapped for weeks. as the fighting, intensified safely to a basement under a block of flats in the city center. on the day they escaped, the shilling was intense, and alexander never made it from the basement to the waiting civilian car. we were
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sure he knew we would come back for him, says ludmilla, and he would wait for us in the basement allah. a few days later, they returned to where they had last seen alexander at them. either we saw all the buildings were burnt, and destroyed, says ludmilla. and there was no one there. ludmilla and julius story is not uncommon. the united nations estimates that russia's invasion has forced more than 12000000 people to flee their homes. the ukrainian government says thousands of them are searching for friends and loved ones. missing fear dead. and her chance of nicole was a psychologist, volunteering at a center, helping some of the 10s of thousands of people from mary opal who fled to the ukrainian control side or chill or yoga to day. i had a lady whose husband was killed in front of her and she asked, why did i survive? she like so many is deeply disturbed, constantly breaking down and
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a few to accept what has happened with families who come to this sense receive food parcels. once every 2 weeks, children play while their parents register, until their stories to volunteers on the re used to work at the as of style plants as a liaison operator, he says he left many friends behind mother support anymore. so i think they are more sympathetic to the occupiers yet, that they call me and ask when are you coming back? but i will never return with russians in control. anastasio was a social worker in mary oh pool. before the war, she struggles to hold back, her tears said i be upset from then we all lost friends. they're gone forever. in my case, it would have been death or captivity because i refuse to work under the occupiers . i don't know if i will ever see my city again. the ukrainian government accuses russia forcing tens of thousands of people from mary opal into russia and accusation. russia denies eula and louis miller say their only hope is that
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all examiner is still alive. cha, stratford al jazeera keith and the impact of the war is being felt at gas stations, and grocery stores across the us, inflation. there is that a 14 year high, the federal reserve is now increasing interest rates to the highest levels since $994.00 to take the soaring costs of living. my kind of reports from washington d. c. dan osmond was expected, but no less shocking. at today's meeting, the committee raised the target range for the federal funds rate by 3 quarters of a percentage point resulting in a one and a half percentage point increasing the target range so far this year. the only potential ray of light and unemployment rate near a 50 year low with job vacancies at historical highs and wage growth elevated. but this is offset by soaring inflation, which the rates type is intended to curb. prices across the board increased by nearly 9 percent last month alone,
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as inflation reached the level not seen in decades. the interest type will increase the price of mortgages and insurance among other things. but the fed hopes that will also dampen consumer spending, which in turn should reduce inflation. my colleagues and i are acutely aware that high inflation imposes significant hardship, especially on those least able to meet the higher costs of essentially, like food, housing and transportation. we are highly attentive to the risks high inflation poses to buy so both sides of our mandate and were strongly committed to returning inflation to our 2 percent objective. and that would be welcomed by a suffering public y'all. i have got to slow it down. it stretches, gallon and milk mom. we don't have another 60 bucks every 2 days. the go to say what the mil for chelsea lewis and her family inflation is not an abstract statistic. it's an everyday burden that determines whether there's food on the table or whether she can drive her twin high school kids to track meets the surgeon
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. prices is particularly hard on people, still recovering from the economic ravages of attend demik. this is been a rough time and then with the, you know, the recent with the ukranian situation and then the guy who was the shooting up is just like this world is, is, is certainly even more for the ones who were already struggling to keep their head above water, so it's kind of like now i can speak for myself, you kind of feel like you're drowning in a sense. chelsea is holding down several jobs while studying for a degree. but she couldn't cope without a government safety net. in particular, a housing subsidy known as section 8, food stamps, about $800.00 a month. my daughter who you just met. she's on social security. that's how we're managing. but the good blessing is before we moved to georgia after 6 years and being on the section a housing voucher program, i made it to the top of up to the fits announcement, the white house,
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which continues to play much of the gloomy economic outlook on russian president vladimir putin section in ukraine, said it was doing everything to steady growth. that's little comfort to the louis family, which regularly plays a board game called the game of life, in which players get into debt, take out insurance, make investments, spine property, and so on. but they have little or no control over the real game of life being played out beyond these walls. one off ramp and inflation and rising interest rates in which the consumer is always the loser. my kind of jazeera washington latin america largest economy. brazil is also struggling with runaway inflation. the central bank has increased interest rate by half a percentage point with rising food and fuel prices. more families say they're struggling just to make ends meet. that's all sorts of come here now. just are including ah,
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a street name change with a not so subtle message in the us. come with thousands rally in the democratic republic of congo, accusing the random government of supporting a rebel good more. ah hi there. thanks for joining in. here's our headlines for the americas heats continues to be an issue for the desert. southwest phoenix at 44 degrees on thursday. seeing those winds pick up is wall for the bay area. so san francisco $21.00 degrees and we'll look for wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour, but of weather whiplash whether roller coaster. so chicago 29 degrees on thursday, these storms will cool the atmosphere. temperatures will come down, but give it a day or 2. those temperatures will shoot right back up. ok. off to the gulf states,
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we have set some temperature records toward the carolinas. raleigh. we've got you in for 36 degrees and we'll see some showers and storms pop up, particularly along that border with louisiana and mississippi on thursday. there had been a state of emergency issued in calgary with some intense rain there, but that's mostly peter out on thursday. still some showers though for western canada and the pacific northwest after central america. and we are tracking a lot of activity both for the pacific coast in the caribbean coast. so we'll keep tabs on this. we've got this storm here, but it's not expecting to make landfall now for the top end of south america. persistent rain for that pacific coast of columbia and an average day in santiago with the high of 15 degrees on thursday. that's it. see soon? ah. l. just serious correspondence, bring you the later development on the war in ukraine. we have to take cover. this
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is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out after the lines and no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled count. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling piece about 2 weeks now. like 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. lou ah, welcome back and remind about top stories here. this, our police in brazil, their suspect has confessed to killing 2 men who went missing in the amazon indigenous expert. rooney, pereira and british journalist don phillips,
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went missing more than a week ago. and you and refugee agency reports as the number of people displaced around the world has risen to record a 100000000. the biggest factor, the moment is russia's war in ukraine. us federal reserve has announced the interest rate rise of north point 75 percent to try to come. rising inflation increases the biggest in almost 3 decades. egypt and israel will export more natural gas to the e. u. european commission. chief ursula on the lion describe the deal as a special moment and the confidence efforts to win itself off russian energy. but smith reports from western muslim, ah, israel sits on about 0 point one percent of global gas reserves. not much, but the european union is looking everywhere it can to reduce its reliance on russia, gasoline. so egypt already taking in 26 percent of israel's gas production will start liquefying more at its 2 mediterranean plants. it'll trim just
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a few percent of the 40 percent of gas, the e u bies from russia. but if it's a quick fix, it's not going to store the whole thing. i mean, if you look at the spare capacity in the system on b, it's fairly in digits i, it's something like 678 percent of what we are receiving. it is a small step, but we need other steps. we didn't know exploration net more infrastructure could be bit, ah, israel had frozen gas exploration as it tried to meet renewable energy targets. but the search for alternatives to russian fuel has offered these railey government to lucrative an opportunity to turn down. the e. u is also committed to moving away from fossil fuels. at the signing ceremony in cairo, the e u commission president suggested there was long term interest in partnering with countries to its south and east. it is for us, very important also to look forward into the new forms of energy. and these are,
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of course, the renewable energies. and here i must say, you are in a very lucky position as you have the resources that are necessary for renewable energy in abundance. the sun, the wind. so these will be the energies of the future, and the demand will be enormous. israel gas is sent to cairo through the arab gas pipeline. it was designed to pump gas the other way from egypt to jordan, syria, and lebanon. but egypt uses its own gas now for domestic needs. it wants to become a regional hub for the gas trade, and israel can help that happen. but it'll be a couple of years before european start using significant amounts of israeli gas, as there are challenges and increasing production capacity to cope with the new demand. bernard smith, al jazeera west jerusalem, the u. s. house committee investigating the capitol hill riots as a man who was on
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a tour of the building. just the day before the attack returned. on the day of the insurrection, the committee has released video of the tour, which was organized by a republican congressman who denies any wrongdoing. alan fisher reports from washington d. c. it was the day before the capital riot and constituents of republican congressman body loudermilk were being given a tour of the building. one man in particular seemed interested in stairways in security. checkpoints, not the usual tourist attractions. the same man who filmed himself walking towards capitol hill on the day of the riot, making broad threats against democratic members of congress. he has not been charged with any offence or there's no escape. pelosi schumer rattler will come in for the congressman who's over during the visit said he did nothing wrong. these are folks who have never been washington these and they're, they're weird visitor,
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congressman and they're wanting to speak to the committee and because the committees never called me and asked me anything, they sent a letter. i mean, really, they never sent it to me. your office never, no, never, never received the letter, never received a phone call. never received an email. they send it to you guys. the chairman of the january 6 committee, betty thompson says the behavior of the group raises concerns about the activity and intent. there have been suggestions, a number of tours and the days before the right. a load some of those involved to essentially study the layout. and will capitol police say there was nothing suspicious about the loudermilk visit? that our calls to reopen that investigation. it seems suspicious that, ah, you need a subpoena for a member of congress to want to volunteer everything. he knew that was arguably relevant to the investigation. why do you need a subpoena? your member of congress is supposed to be upholding and defending the constitution . you should be voluntary like a good samaritan, everything you know,
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the leader of the republicans in the house says the shoes. the committee is more interested in attacking opponents. but the committee is expected to lay out more evidence of other suspicious visits in coming hearings. allan fisher al jazeera washington. the biden administration has reiterated its calls for a fair and thorough investigation into the killing of al jazeera journalist shooting a clay. president biden will meet israeli and palestinian leaders when he travels to the middle east next month. what we want is obviously for this to be fully investigated and if there needs to be accountability had accountability had at the end of that investigation, we've called for thorough complete, transparent investigations in to her death. and we're going to be watching this very, very closely. i don't have any additional details on what an independent investigation would look like. i just don't have that for you today. but i don't want you to walk away thinking that we don't want this fully investigated. and for that investigation to be thorough and transparent. a section of the street in front of saudi arabia's embassy in washington. dc has been renamed off to motor journalist
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on i'll, she'll g. he was killed by saudi agents in istanbul, in 2018 article hand was at the unveiling. were standing outside the usually heavily fortified. saudi arabian embassy here in washington, d. c. with a crowd of media and supporters gathered. we're about to see the name of the street that the embassy sits on re named cr showed you way. the washington stacy city council about a year ago decided to change the official name of the street to honor slain washington, post journalist jamal, to show jude. now the organizers here say they're doing it now and large part to raise awareness of the fact that you as president joe biden, will soon be heading to saudi arabia. basically felt betrayed. i think the promise that he gave us gave the general public about protection of saudi distance . the also the promise of making the saudi government, the prior. they are active to say they want the american people to remember that on
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the campaign trail, joe biden promised to make saudi arabia a pariah state. they say that's obviously a promise. now broken, the british government is refusing to rule out abandoning a european human rights. offered judge blocked it from deporting asylum seekers or a wanda last minute intervention by the european court of human rights force, the 1st flight to be cancelled on tuesday. a course not related to the european union which the u. k. and after 2020 u. m. secretary party patel says the government won't be deterred and that more flights of plans. well, this decision by the stress the could to intervene was disappointing. and surprising, given the repeated and considered judgements to the country in our domestic court, we remain committed to this policy, these repeated legal barriers. all madam deputy speaker, very similar to those that we experience with all other removal flies. and we believe that will fully compliant with all domestic and international obligations.
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i'm preparations for off each flights and the next flights of already begun. optimistic course of the v that the flight could go ahead. the us led coalition says it's captured, a sina isolated during a military rate in northern syria. helicopters from the coalition forces carried out the operation in a village south west of judah. bruce no injury reported during the operation. smalley as president, has nominated a new prime minister hamza abdi barry was the chairman of the jubilant state election commission. he's now waiting for parliament to approve his nomination. last month has sunshine mohammed won the presidency in the election that was delayed for almost 15 months because of in fighting. and his security issues. kenya's president is calling on east african regional forces to halt violence in democratic republic of congo has been heavy fighting in the countries east after a series of attacks by the rebel group m 23. but the us government and thousands of companies protest as say,
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neighboring rwanda is behind them. malcolm whip has more people in the city of goma angry at president pul, could gummy with neighboring rwanda. they say they're tired of rwandan military aggression in democratic republic of congo. we're going into for wanda, so they can kill us as they are doing with the m 23 rebels because we're tired of this ongoing situation in our country. ah, protest is unconquered as government blame you. end up being behind the recent series of attacks in congo by the n 23 rebel group is widely seen as a proxy of rwanda. rwanda's leaders deny it. nobody here believes them demonstrates has reached the border with rwanda hungry leaf pleased his best and with pig 2 days before to the north and 23 took control of the town has been gone. a hunger
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only soldiers retreated into neighboring uganda. we're going to do everything possible to drive these carbon knows these terrorists and their supporters out of the national territory. rwanda does not like us and we are not afraid for the moment. we thank you for your support and we ask you to demonstrates peacefully those congo rwanda of accused each other of cross borders shelling in recent weeks, this village primary school in congo was caught in the crossfire. 2 children were killed and buried near by. one of them was safe and in narrows 7 year old son isaac . he says he was playing with friends and he was blown to pieces. oh said, i don't let to let a. yeah, we are really tired. we demand more protection so that our children may live in peace. now, when there is a cracking sound, the children panic and have to flee. the child who has died will not come back, but those who remain must be protected. i shouldn't, ah,
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is the kind of violence this pushed people to boiling point in goma, which is the regional capital. there's been an armed conflict in east in congo ever since we're wanda, and uganda invaded in the 19 ninety's. those countries have been accused of hooting minerals and meddling ever since o people here wanted to stop. malcolm when al jazeera, a man accused of killing 10 black people in a supermarket in the u. s. city of buffalo has been charged with a federal hate crime. 18 year old white supremacists, aten, gun drawn, could face the death penalty if convicted. following the shooting, new york's governor signed bill's aim, but strengthening the states gun laws that include raising the minimum age to buy a semi automatic rifle to $21.00. no one in this country should have to live in fear that they will go to work or shop at a grocery store and will be attacked by someone who hates them. because of the
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color of their skin. someone who commits that act because he subscribes to the vile theory that only people like him belong in this country. and no one in this country should have to bury a loved one because of such hate. covered 19 vaccines are expected in the arms of children under 5 in the u. s. as soon as next week, a panel of experts as recommended, the modern, a vaccine for children under 6 and the 5 the vaccine for those under 5. during deliberations. doctor said that although most american children have been infected by now, high rates of hospitalizations among infants and toddlers underscored the need for vaccination. parts of europe are experiencing an early heat way that's expected a peak by the end of the week. the temperature in paris is predicted to hit 37 degrees celsius by saturday. that's 13 degrees above the average of the french capital in the.


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