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is like a month up id. i mean for the son in law in the school say akins william bonded a. he won't even the fucking the book salaam on a come. it's great to see. welcome to the cutter economic forum powered by bloomberg . some people say that they said the globalization going on, but that refers to think of every globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy ah, ah.
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out 0 tends an image of the bullet that killed its journalist sharina work lay in jeanine last month. ah. are in taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london. also coming up our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe. the committee investigating the attack on capitol hill turned its focus to donald trump's efforts to get his vice president to overturn his election defeat the leaders of italy. france and germany child to keep, to show solidarity with ukraine. of being criticized, have been too cautious in their support. and australia is energy minister. urge is millions of residents to cut their power use every evening to prevent blackouts.
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hello entre 0 has obtained an image of the bullet used to kill its journalist. sharina worked last month. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment. and janine, members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. as i beg, begins are coverage. the remains of the bullet that kill journalists, sharina of broccoli. this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows the type of ammunition used to kill the veteran ultra 0 journalist in the occupied west bank last month. according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m full rifle. when we simulate to the green tip, bullets using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharon's life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states, according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report. the bullet
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entered the lower part of sharon's head to over ricocheted off her helmet and lodged itself in her head. this m for and this m univision is used by the israeli army. and if you are just gone through google, you will find one of the dead guns which used by the is but i yoga is right in the gar army as and for gold. and for it's available and it is used it is used by the eunice. general fi is also believes when using such a bullet, the intention is clear. when any soldier use that he used that for afford a definite target. you want to hand wanted kill. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons is ready. soldiers were using in this video. we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber,
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bullets. open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharing uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army at clearly identifiable journalist doing her job. justice for sharing is yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her, why was she shut despite been clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat. what made in his rate so to target her from such a short range? all of this is for the reason why the palestinian authority and al jazeera media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharon, a blackly. i sat bake as air needed for him. ga, set from ramallah new to the origin of the bullet, appearing to confirm what i witnesses have been saying from the start.
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indeed, palestinians have been saying from day one that they know that the bullet that had shooting came from an israeli soldiers. witnesses, the videos that we've seen from palestinians who are they show that there were no palestinian fighters at around the area where shooting was in. so for palestinians, they said that they did version of events is being now confirmed. why so many investigations, including now new layer that has been presented by, you know, which is the picture of the bullet palestinians are seeking, know is justice and accountability. and this is why i'm bringing our guests ambassador marcia jazzy. he is the assistant minister for multilateral affairs in the palestinian foreign ministry. now we know that you've sent the file . you've referred the case to the i, c. c,
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the international criminal court. you've also handed the investigation to the prosecutor during the last meeting between the person in foreign minister and isis prosecutor. what's the holdup? well, that question should be directed to the i c. c prosecutor. we think that there is enough evidence with the prosecutor and including all the other investigations that took place that prove without reasonable doubt that the crime committed against serious barkley was done by israeli occupation. and they are the traitors of this awful crime. and they should be held responsible for and how can you push towards justice? how can you, we know that this is not just the technical situation when talking about political pressure and also beyond dicey, we know that, that are, that have been countries who haven't even condemned it. and there are others who have just suffice to buy a condemnation. what does the palestinian authority going to do to push more
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countries to take action? while we think that the proofs that have been presented by all these amendment bodies, including journalists and, and alkalis, should apply enough political pressure on these countries to take the right to do right by shooting, including, in particular, the u. s. administration. everything out there proves that is released by the responsible for this awful crime. and it requires that the u. s. administration talk, take all the necessary measures in this regard to hold the spot for traitors responsible for their crimes. same, we will continue our pressure at so many levels, including within the united nations, within the human rights council. the i c c level, including with countries and governments to ensure that accountability for sri and for all other kinds that were committed against the philistine people. are,
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you know, those perpetrators who did these crimes are accountable for their crimes. and we will not relent until we end this lack in community and the this human rights crisis that the palestinian people face on daily basis because of the colonial occupation. mister ambassador, you've mentioned the us and we know that they've been calling for an independent conclusive investigation. we understand that you're not going to be giving the bullet to his room. are you willing to give the bullet to, let's say, the americans or any international buddy to continue investigation the whole investigation file of the palestinian attorney, joe was presented to the u. s. administration. and we think that there is enough evidence by palestine and by all other outlets, including a hawk, but salem jazeera today, cnn, and washington post all of these, you know,
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different investigative reports that had proved that sharing was targeted without reasonable doubt by israeli soldiers have been also present before the eyes of the u. s. administration. what we're asking now is that the us do right by sri and, and does exactly what it did in other occasions where american citizens were targeted, let alone her being a journalist in decide, understand the bullet is not going to be handed over to any international but while the bullets remains with the palestinian government until you know, there is a requirement that we see hope that there will be some accountability done in this regard. in that case, i think we are ready to reconsider. but the, the, the policy and investigations and the for the senior right to hold onto the evidence is accurate and correct in this regard. thank you so much. mr. mart,
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jazzy. the assistant minister for multilateral affairs in the palestinian foreign ministry were standing here and sharing office the flowers there, the di, because new ones come in. people bring in pictures, paintings. people say that they know who killed her and they want justice and accountability need to abraham. thank you very much indeed. or even he is the advocacy director at breaking the silence and organization. a veteran is ready soldiers. i mean to highlight the reality of life in the occupied territories. explain is how israel might go about investigating death like sharina, berkeley. the system understands. now the patient, the military, israel, our country, understands that if we really look into all these cases, it will all go back to the right. and this is why the system is verified
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from actually conducting investigation by the soldier that he's 192021 years old. and receive the mission to enter the city of jeanine. yeah. it is uni. and his face with a dimension and ends up killing an innocent palestinians. the vast majority of these cases will be because the system sent him to do that. i'm an investigator. any really? you know, are really investigating any when we see investigations of similar cases, but it will only be only be if there is a very clear recommendation of students. they are very clear on it. and even then, there will be no accountability and israeli police investigation has found that officers engaged in much misconduct during sharina, barclays funeral. but commanders who supervised the operation won't face serious
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punishment. that's according to israel's hereto. newspaper is really right. police pushed and beat mourners, causing pull bears at nearly to drop the casket. the violence shocked people across the world, adding to outrage machines, killing her. it says the report found that police engaged in misconduct. it also said it was suitable for them to use violence, or they, they could have refrained from using clubs. it's not clear. if any of the officers who beat the pallbearers will be disciplined. ah, donald trump kept pressuring his vice president mike pence to return the 2020 us election results despite pence telling him he had no authority to do so. as, according to pence, his former aides, you've testified to the u. s. house of representatives committee looking into last year's attack on capitol hill. the panel chairs as pence showed courage in
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resisting trump. it's the 3rd hearing of the month by congress members investigating the riot on the 6th of january 2021. trump has rejected the findings of the public hearings, calling the panel treasonous woods. this united state, a former president, wanted parents to reject the votes. and eva, declare tromp the winner of san the votes back to the states to be counted again. my parents said no. he resisted the pressure. he knew it was the legal. he knew it was wrong. we are fortunate for mr. pence. is kurt? on january 6th, our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe. bad declaration of donald trump as the next president would have plunged america into what i
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believe would have been tantamount to a revolution within a constitutional crisis. i was going on to her, catherine, washington, d. c. i d a some strong language there from that particular person at the hearing was to the general trust being of this particular section of the hearing. that's right now it's been witnessed after witness who were insiders, either in vice president trump, of vice president pen, says legal authors or former attorneys of president trump. and they've all been saying the same thing that they thought this legally dubious idea that had been argued, which was embraced by trump at that the vice president could simply come and invalidate the state electors vote. they thought that this was a dangerous idea, and they testified that the vice president's 1st instinct was immediately to say,
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there is no way that the founders of the constitution could have meant that when they wrote out the constitution and it rejected the idea outright, then they laid out the evidence at that infuriated the president who in the days leading up to the january 6th riot, put immense pressure on the vice president to act in his official capacity overseeing the certification of the electoral votes for joe biden. to stop that process and either select trump instead as the winner or return the votes back to the state, all of which pence reject it. now what we're hearing as a, as the testimony continues, is how that legal argument which didn't make any headway with pence than devolved into it. essentially bullying coming from the president even as the rioters were encircling the capital. as the vice president was hiding, secret service,
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protecting him and his family. that is when there's evidence that trump tweeted and called pence on that day, calling him a wimp, using a profanity to say that he was failing him because he refused to go along with trumps. planned to remain in power regardless of his electoral defeat. so fascinating stuff here, as we're getting more and more details about how those minutes of violence transpired, and the fear, the vice president felt in those moments. and as you said, how dangerously close this country may have come to a constitutional crisis. how did you get her? thank you very much. and elizabeth anchors is an associate pressure of american studies and political sons at george washington university. she joined us by scott from washington d. c. what, what stood out from for you a during this particular hearing. i think we are beginning to see a pattern here that was most explosive, when we saw it in a 2nd hearing and explosive again today, which is where
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a lot of trumps advisors who clearly support him and support his policies on his campaign managers. his lawyers, his family, are consistently telling him that the election was not stolen, that you're in today that pence does not have the authority to overturn a legitimate election does not have the authority to, to create his own electors. and that trump is consistently not listening to the established members of his team and his instead, turning to the fringe. people who don't really have political legitimacy, but are the ones who are agreeing with trump that he can overturn the election. the once were supporting his desire to stage a coup. so on the last hearing, we heard him saying this about rudy giuliani and this hearing. we see the central figure of john eastman, a lawyer and up local scientist who is continually telling trump against all evidence. and apparently even against what he knows is the truth. that trunk can
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tell pence that he has the power to overturn the election. and in terms of what this committee can achieve, what sort of pounds does it actually have aside from setting out what you know, that setting the scene from what happened before the the, the right and so on. i think that is primarily what this commission can do. it doesn't have the legal power to it to make claims about what, what is particularly illegal or what should be done with trump. in many ways, they are both making a narrative case for the american people and all the information that we have been getting in and grabbed over the last year about what happened on january 6 weeks before. they are now putting into a compelling narrative to the american people to show that january 6th was not a, you know, an active wanting violence by some crazy trump supporters, but was significantly premeditated and encouraged by trump. and they're also trying to make a case for the justice department,
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which does have the power to hold truck to account. it does have that kind of legal authority to determine if anything happened here was a legal or crime. so in many ways they're preparing the way for a different branch of government to, to see if they can make a legal case against. and in the meantime, they mentioned that a compelling narrative. how much is any of this going to change the mind of some of you still seem to want to believe trump's version of events? many of us going into this hearing, i think, presumed that the hearing was not going to change many people's minds that it was preaching to the choir people who it see what trunks, actions as outside of the balance of acceptability as a legal are still going to feel that way and some supporters are not going to tune in or care. but what's been interesting is given the clarity of what's been happening, the explosiveness and the sharp narrative that they're creating. a lot more people are watching and turning in. we're seeing fox news, which initially refused to show the hearings now showing it on its network. and i
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think it will be interesting to see afterwards whether or not people were people's minds were turned and whether or not the justice department with which you see reluctant. so far to really wait into this might actually now itself be compelled after we see some of this, this testimony is of a thank you. thank you very much. deep attainment, unquote us, thank you. still to come the sofa that rushes state run. gasper gas problem says it's our product, our rules of to having it gas applies to europe. another crisis which in his his president, countries main labor union, stops work for the day. ah,
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hello everyone. thanks for joining in. we're turning on the heat for that northwest slice of europe. look at this in london 32 degrees. i think some spots in england. 34, not out of the question. we've got in paris at 35 degrees. that's on friday. watch what happens on saturday. the wind shift around, we've got a band of showers, england right through to wales. so london that takes down your temperature to 24, but still hot sunshine in paris and 36 degrees. now of course, all of this heat is coming up from north africa through iberia. so sunspots hit and 40 degrees that includes madrid. there are showers and storms to be found, mostly across the balkans, particularly bad in kosovo. so pristina will have a what day on friday and we could see some more flooding and anchor, of course, trying to recover over that last round of pretty intense rain and more of it in the forecast on friday speaking about wednesday shifted around in martinez. so thats pumped up the temperature and new r shut to 40 degrees, some lively downpours in liberia. and for now south africa since her con on friday,
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plenty of sun for keep on at 18 degrees. let me put this for to saturday, or next weather maker marches in. so white and wendy for the western cape. not bad in durban, though, with the height of 22 degrees. that's see you soon. take care. ah ah, the shade come odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah ah
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ah ah, i got my no top stories around a 0 or there is obtained an image of the but it used to kill it's john as sharin, i've worked last month. experts say it's used in an m for rifle, which is widely used by the israeli military. and former u. s. a. vice president mike pence, former aides, have been testified to the house of representatives committee looking into last year's attack on capitol hill. they say, former president donald trump kept pressuring him to overturn the 2020 years election results despite pence telling him, he had no authority to do so. needed for european countries visiting cave, say they're in favor of ukraine joining the
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e u. and he does of france, germany, italy and romania met president lot of miss lensky in a show solidarity ukraine has pushed for rapid succession to the european union since the russian invasion in february was already secret. almost sheila today, so it's clear on ukrainian soil that the security of the entire european continent is being contested. this is the message i want to give. next to my counterparts. europe is by your side and will stayed there as long as necessary until the victory that will be to return to the peace of a free and independent ukraine. charles stratford is in cave. he says, despite the show of unity, there were some mixed messages to ukraine has to wind this war and maintain its territorial integrity. those are the words of the french president emanuel macaroni, the self noun here in the ukrainian capital, to cave, in a show of unity, and attempt to show of unity among some european leaders visiting here with respect
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to weapons. and there has been so much attention on the weapons issue. the ukranian president continuously asking for more help from his western bacchus, the french president said that france would continue in supplying for ukraine with some heavy weaponry. we know that. so, for example, the cesar, how it system has been certainly as ukraine is reported, very successful and watch appreciated here and implication that more of those weapons would be sent from france. but i far less committed statement made by the german chancellor, all of sholtes on this issue. mister schultz, under increasing domestic and international pressure to supply more weapons to ukraine, accused of dragging his feet on this issue. there were no mentions of any tanks being sent by germany, won't ukraine's e u candidacy status. another major issue i again, less of
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a unified response to this. we had it from the french president he saying that say he wholeheartedly supported the candidacy status of ukraine. but this was the beginning of a long process, similar kind of woods from the italian prime minister mario dragon, who said that he supported that candidacy status. but they were, in his words, profound reforms that ukraine needs to be made to full. eventual membership comes through. russian back separatist leaders in ukraine's new hands. christian se efforts to evacuate civilians from a chemical plant in a battleground city have failed because of ukrainian shelling russian state television has ad footage of damage to severe and ask and the as ought. chemical plant are about $500.00 civilians are believed to be sheltering from missile attacks russian officials and announced a humanitarian corridor from the plant. but said civilians would be evacuated to areas under the control of russia, not ukraine. russia's gas supply to
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europe has fallen yet again. on thursday with moscow warning delays and repairs could lead to the suspension of all gas flows, the kremlin says the reductions to just 40 percent of the nordstrom one pipelines capacity, a connected to maintenance issues. a germany is accused gas problem of reducing supplies to push op energy prices, companies, chiefs, as he warned the e you against terminating its contract early, which stood, it was entered, you and good luck at his earliest name, one well known chinese emperor one said if your rival, let's say opponents is making a mistake, don't stop him from making it. well, we warn the you, the giving up long term contracts is very risky. you discover all fish to should in our g. the chart. and you may have noticed that gas applies from russia were reduced again yesterday was if you have the feeling that all the legwork has been done and everything is going well, you are mistaken. it is not over yet. it may just be the beginning,
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which means our independence from fossil energies and from russian fossil energy sources must be pushed forward at full speed movement. hawks defense is offer murder. i'm to walk. i have the impression. but what happened yesterday is a political decision and not a technical justifiable decision on child. as a blackouts across much of australia in the coming days have prompted the energy minister to had millions not to use electricity for 2 hours every evening as possible. to fight the current energy crisis, new prime minister antony avenue, there has committed the nation to him or ambitious climate change target is promised. a 43 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by the end of the decade, is written to the us climate change convention. to make it aware of the new commitment will provide the policy for manufacturing jobs powered by clean renewable energy, will provide the framework for renewable energy for storage and transmission, creating hundreds of thousands jobs across the country. and particularly in
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australia, regions, we sent many message to the rest of the world to our friends and allies, that way our partners in tackling the climate emergency violence as erupt in parts of india after the government announced a new military recruitment scheme. angry protest and set fire to trains blocked highways and fought with police and 25000 officers have been deployed in the state of b ha. where purchased have spread 2 dozen towns under the new scheme. young recruits will work for the military for just 4 years. instead of for life without any guarantee of pensions or all the benefits, that angered people in india is for a state council, the military to secure basic income. thousands of people have marched him bangladesh, his capital against india's ruling b. j. p. party. after 2 senior members insulted, the prophet mohammed protested in decor, want muslim majority nations to boycott indian and cock ties with new deli, b, j,
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p, suspended one member and expelled the other earlier this month. demonstrated say that's not enough. the comment spoke outrage among indian museums and were condemned by several majority countries holding a diplomatic crisis. to do is main labor union has gone on strike, demanding an increase in salaries and concessions on looming economic reforms. up to 3000000 members, a part of a powerful change in general labor union and thousands hello rally in the capital tunis, increasing pressure on president k side. the government, which announced plans last week to cut its massive public wage bill and reduce food and energy subsidies amid a worsening economic crisis. so i took on sweeping powers last year in one of his critics, of called a qu. couldn't i didn't catch up any time on our website. the address for that is out 0 dot com ah.


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