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tv   Africa Direct The Man Who Plants Baobabs A Wrestlers Dream  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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as the storm this archipelago along the north coast of sicily is famous for his volcanic activity. but the danger that lurks here isn't above water. but beneath we have the most active i devoured muddle of system. we're on the, with iranian sea, and the da da activity is ah, ah, it's made by release over 10 more fluids with some, sometimes high water temperature. i mean temperatures up to 100, the 40 degree c at 20 meters. and we have a huge amount of carbon dioxide that release of the, by the sea floor that poses the risk of a soon army and it's potential to wipe out entire communities. and while there are advance warning systems for volcanic activity on land, scientists say a lot more work is needed to address the threat of those under water. the a all the islands are unesco world heritage site. and because of their proximity,
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researchers say the only way to effectively for cancer. so nami is by predicting one and hopefully alert people. well before it hits the earth salami wave normally moves at the very high speed they named award. i estimated the 300 kilometers per hour or more. so you can imagine that there can reach a one of the islands seen a few. ah, the way forward signed to say is to develop strong early warning systems and community preparedness. so that population dense regions both here and around the world are spirit from an environmental disaster. katya lopez, leanne al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories now. but al jazeera has obtained an image of the bullets used to kill our colleague,
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sri and i was actually last month. experts say it's deployed in an m for rifle, which is widely used by the israeli military. sharina was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment in the occupied west bank. on the 11th of may, us vice president mike pence, his life was in danger when riotous, attacked capitol hill last year. as, according to the u. s. congressional committee investigating the insurrection which took place off donald trump refused to accept defeat in the 2020 election. the heads of for european countries visiting keel, say they're in favor of ukraine joining the you. leaders of france, germany, italy, and romania met president america lensky in a show of solidarity police in brazil are working to identify human remains found in the amazon, where an indigenous researcher and a british journalist went missing. investigators say a suspect in custody has confessed to kenning bruno perrera and don phillips and to
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bearing them in the rain forest. they say the suspect clashed with premera over his efforts against illegal fishing. there's been violence and parts of india in response to a new military recruitment scheme. it spread to about a dozen towns in the northern state of the ha, those are the headlines. the news continues here and i'll just, you know, that's after africa direct we understand the difference of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it out, there will be the news and current affairs a ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah, beauty i am being our proceeded to you some probably see the pile and pamela has some pam, i'm them but they seem to the bottom of i was getting a why i now you can get rescheduled issue the thing that you know them to provide them to be meeting with
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some families people would do flanagan. i'm going to put in border but you would use u. k as in family, seymour don't go look at it. i manage the tab up away. i've had to have, i've got a tag that dan got an a o d r. yeah. when you say lever door is all leveled mang i mentioned to a lindsey edward to do at dawn. then i made it on the tip down for a bed, a bit and dizzy. did about to wear when you go, but put a portal to talk to me,
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the young doesn't go to new room or for the the entity la la cell bio lou leanne bye. he to, to live in q plaza. but you know, well because i can keep you get to pulling it yet, mom and dad. they did a mom and dad with any anywhere. it did about what would happen and i got a point in them. and with that a poor and they were like it to be with your mind ever had to live again. i did on them, isn't there be a ye basil? better get it on the able work. i need to get to the local media delivery as a little quote here, sir. ah, when the guy i got my bill willa. yeah. one because i've been data maya lundy,
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a way i did, he did. he did die by the time there been going to probably a coma. well, wow. yeah. be doing that my i need lobby does go figure out what our legal out that was in the circle. i'm thinking i would do that with legal department within para read it over. there were to, to let it up and looking back. were too lazy. i that the on pause him, but you're getting it out to kill me. lay get him a bum, bum, bum, bum. with me, i am busy meeting him him day lab. why
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a government what we're money as is so much. yeah, they would do tanya, you can meet it on a bottleneck. and i called him and told me his ams had ponder a big wood. my banner, i want to la man, and then i guess lab pointed to you, jessica. i think might academy academy fall long helen king as sheila tony little little them here. libby, but you been but i'm very mom and i you want to let me get them when you want to let him live again. what are you there? cinema when i'm by suitable a liberal i guess me as a member number for them down for them on what easier for them down by to mom will
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then live nearby my what is a w me never vice in luck. i mean, you're going to do with the woman here. want to want you to get out before me up with this. i'm way i want to like it is handy element. say all. but as you look at them, i'm not going to say don't let b. i killers, tobler. he says that i love how he came to me on the i'm a mom but, but the cell try again. a give me back by the aba diagram by am, by dr. levy. if you leave me a minute, i will have him here by jan as entered in. and then i did that. he had to get a letter to bassetti. again, that all was allowed because on the line your will will my number let me get out of your lab. my busy the deal out of that he had a bad junior so was able to get them today on friday. about the
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young lady, amber brown, but the amount of them had that was done with the mom about me getting she this is never called me. i never said that a problem that i'm like, you know, one of them being an obama. we normally book here. i mean, i'm seeing that i'm going to leave and telling us that there is a, a, a, a, a i to come to visit with that. that would be good. yeah, the p a . m a problem. so
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it really, him came down from the been an immutable mer to a ha ha, meaning it. here we go. i we're going to live a wible is enough to plan a good keegan. mm hm. ah well, did he let elana mom anita? hello. yes. hello. hello, we are missing. might would know. i . oh, oh,
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i finally. oh, hello. hello leah gazer i nevada miss hammond mckenna available the. but anyway, as i read about bringing elaine, we sat godaddy, but it ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, a with how cool made you doing any let on local gun. i'm a fellow fact he did, it just got one to bring out a gun can when you give me a police kilometer, you'll put gwinnett many cool mca yay place. he could, pu, we didn't get the embassy of we can, we can get in the pool of our land to
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a good number. be on board to do that with then i go by be more than yeah, katina laid out all of you. they'll go to the bar, but when window boy will go on a funny alum belmont. but when you, a volume only on the, on the arm and a with a with
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by about one, i'm by the billing that i'm you by me by are by and i get it. i get every with her listen ginger toward the door, the ghetto. in the budget, if you're good to go, they will go to linda and i got it as i'm out of band. i tend to truly i know, can will tanya? a cool man because he got into a pool lobby baby. boom. yet again, i think i'm to show you a little additional day. i know we'll get it out to the pole.
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with with live zoom tomorrow. maybe monday i'm been to web home and get a feel out to be a nickel and how to put it in it and what would be the best buck?
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would you please validate aid? you can, you can do what i want of ok. but adding more don't, don't give them, don't normally give me a donkey. b globeop sometimes get them pretty dope and i can move what you've done. within the open view, mondanca please. one moment and the update my the new perfect assemble from the hospital. can i do enough wanting to ah
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if you own it will input your gumble, my he phony egg, at least if to them b medical clinic. right. is that a liberal burden? we were little little mark on the go. ready. you know, but a math. honda go yeah. a building or is always happening. my lease. i
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don't 100 of my big i knew the most all. marcia la la la la la la la la button. them log them to pretty much have wonderful man. when i'm with a sales ag wonder, i'm that value man, i'm biggie. i would imagine. and i love them. yeah. young man, i am not like it. a lot of afraid of a very wonderful day or a lot of them, but it wasn't a big is all connected. i did that in would move neck with. i never got a full upgrade, a movie watching a movie to go home to what of my but other than, what would you give him on his own level? i'd look for my attend the annual. my name is jennifer. you know, a lot of maximum of is it like also is it one family now bass. um yeah, the one with a yellow button a young alma was brought up. this won't happen to them.
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and i think i don't know how to go about getting some of that. i have a bad guy who i did that
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i. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i don't. i don't. oh oh boy, oh no. i gotta write letters on a 2nd to write it down with
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the law. i got a law. wonderful. yeah. with a number mom. i got. how many people i dealt
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with all yes. this is good news. all the good is only that one, but oh oh, but of of getting that with the go to your
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what on a bill like let it go. when julia to production was built but as being done. mm hm. what the comment that you cannot also wouldn't on the team again as you through oh, i mean he's been numbered. wilham went in. they negative lumber, g to buddy. i am the son came to the one along got the link. it'll miss hoover missouri giblin. you wake up, you'll bring an acre. what is that in the hole? and you see it wasn't called for a b one a at i will as a court finance, a failure to me were in on a local who i've had a woman in i know the whole variable, lloyd's of all, i think i have
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a good well seductive little homework on juniper. jupiter with it was he could be home or undercover or come to see us. well look one bob ogo comerica visit it. no, no. look at, if i
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see global in you know, good g, you know, suitable speed laid books, jewel, gaiety and show a lot of. mm hm. if you've got a with
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a oh
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she laid nick good. why does it come so badly? good natured. what is it? um would you gamble, i'm barely ah, ah! only doing good to you. to be sure be a little closer, lovely to feel free to market quite as it may from april by mac, to jump on child lock. oh ah
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ah. coveted beyond when taken without hesitation, fulton died for power defines how well launch loop babies were dying. i did nothing about it's neglected babies to deck people in power investigates, exposes, and questions for the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera, when they call them, she did a large properties subdivided into small quarters, where one or more families lived cramped together. the only option for many haitian my bunch in chile. and it's public knowledge that they're exploited by unscrupulous landlords. and now with a corona virus pandemic,
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they're being discriminated further. a few weeks ago this day with 88 rooms became nationwide news. health authorities move the haitian residence to a special quarantine area with better facilities. the 1st, the results of their role, the virus tests were published on the municipalities, web page, violating a patients right to confidentiality. the neighbors began throwing rocks and hurling insults at the haitians because a few of them had been confirmed to be carried corona virus. now they tell us that they feel even more discriminated and vulnerable than ever from the world's most populated region. in depth stories from across asia pacific with diverse coaches and conflicting politics, one east on al jazeera, ah.


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