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tv   Al Jazeera World Painting In The Dark  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 9:00am-9:56am AST

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and the war from the sky was more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came arise and civilian casualties. this is, it has to happen at mistakes to happen, and this is about owning mistakes. this is about thing, sorry, and this about accountability in the, in the unlikely, unaccountable war for families we interviewed. not receiving acknowledgement from the us, left them without closure. they told us that they felt like what happened to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war to often denies unprompted and uninterrupted. discussions from our london bro casenita on dizzier ah
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santander. how the top stories on al jazeera are de 0 has exclusively, exclusively obtained an image of the bullets that fatally wounded our colleagues showing ob laughlin, the palestinian american, was shot on the head by israeli forces. while on assignment last month, i said, beg reports the remains of the bullet that kill journalist sharina, i will actually, this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows a type of ammunition used to kill the veteran al jazeera journalist in the occupied west bank last month, according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m full rifle. when we simulated the green tip bullets using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharon's life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered,
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the lower part of shearing head to avoid ricocheted off her helmet and lodged itself in her head. and i think another interesting fact for a friend who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which terrain was standing. and that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot them as a result, a fight that was going on at the moment, the track of the number of rounds, it struck lap tray. and that she was also hit that indicate that she looked very much like she was been targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharing uses this type of weapon used in
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a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist doing her job justice for sharing is yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her, why was she shut despite been clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat. what made an israeli soldier target her from such a short range? all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and l just the media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharing a blackly. i said bake as to 0. palestinian officials say that at least 3 men had been killed by israeli forces during a rated dawn in the occupied west bank. the st. palestinians were shocked and the car in the city of jeanine and his really on the spokes person says they're looking
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into the incident. the life of former us vice president and mice pants is said to have been in danger when writers stormed capitol hill last year. that's according to the u. s. congressional committee investigating the attack. it took place after donald trump refused to accept defeat in the 2020 election. former aides depends, testified on thursday, saying he was under intense pressure from trump not to certify joe biden's election when the heads of for you to be in countries visiting keith, say they're in favor of ukraine joining the you, the leaders of france, germany, actually andrew mania. of the meeting president william is lensky on thursday, and a show of solidarity police in brazil are trying to identify human remains. find in the amazon where an indigenous researcher at a british journalist went missing, investigate to say, a suspect in custody, as confessed to killing, bruno peta. and don phillips as well as bullying them in the rain forest. the un is among global voice, is calling for a full investigation. protest,
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as in india set fire to trains blocked highways in fault with police over a new military recruitment scheme. it spread to about a dozen times in the northern states of be hard. under the changes, most young crews will only be guaranteed military work for 4 years, and they won't be given a pension or benefits. and those are the headlines. the news continues here and i'll just either, after all the 0 world, goodbye. oh ah . now just enough here, this other jim, let's see. we have just i, sam williamson,
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you know from the shadows was wonderful. her. she checked me hard for me and to be a make me i'm the abuse. ruth told you she was told on dunlab nebulous a little dr. neil from of local marietta has she omnia buell salis. i'm a good and told that i pressure you didn't door let up. not sure inebriated local muggy, general manager or mcclellan will go to lunch more. busy around detention red car tunnel. alta that does it take out that it will yield? mr. carton? she really looked at. are they leap or cather? she's mitchell shield? yup. i believe jamie j a. let him control the, the get your media palmer, mickey obama, them and so on. on the early be all rushed empty bitterly. annabelle, be she get on at your mamma. bizarre man gesture crush dynamic that i've done it near lynette ill. europe. send
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i tried to shake it in. uh yes. awesome. a new 5th talk. do. dish bullitt. you know actually no more than than isn't the bullish a visa? yes. just been some all of our special that come on late or miss of will be the idol the holiday oslander. new defense had she upon candy was daniela to cut she mostly a car coach location the boys. oh yeah. forgive me. won't take me since you are lot or not, unless you put it because you have jason, take your son or cause she really drew bullshit. stano and cut them up into a supplement air pencil. well, should i up mother? jill?
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new york. absent in now in nic shamartha. ah, it mean words to me? it was sam gauging shame while they're at shaky to carlton. oh hi lee. jim mama de la made you them better off stumpage to hazard she supp mitchell, show them order, but take judy in them. be at the cliff gal. me sh ah john m j. good mang galilee the rest valuable in that video on that the english showed it. mitchell? surely. the kit up opium wish on la adams. william banner declares i'm on
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a stiff berlin. sheila a checked on when he attended janice in. he is, jewelry conducted him yard, banged goes, girl moore, dbi mural, kurdish and bang, take bush and i've been thus nob shanowsky, jemaya joy. i said him said them stackable, or will it be no more? say, adam glimpsing dance and bet. i bet i 1st met a chef in 1994. when another blind friend of mine asked me to take a shift to the czech republic. there was going to be a festival for visually impaired artists, and they thought a chef would be ideal to come from turkey. when my friend took me out to, could you check my j to see him? we went into this funny room. it turns out it was where his father used to have his
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shop before his father died. he was sleeping there and he had a board that he'd bring down and put on top of his bed, where he could make pictures. and hanging up was one shirt. and the worst part in the middle of a table was a big can of peas, halfway opened in the old way, and the spoon stuck into it. and then i understood, i know we all know what it means to be worried about money. but i don't think i've ever understood what poverty meant, and this is the man that was across from me. so i helped get his visa. i worked on getting his airplane ticket. it was easy for me
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since i spoke with turkish and english and had worked with the blind for me to take him there. when we were in the czech republic, there were no other turkey speakers. so we spent many hours just walking around the city of lin, where the festival was chatting, getting to know more about each other's lives and so forth. and then he would sit at the festival in front of his pictures and draw for people. i can remember how cleverly he would draw things, even though the language wasn't there for him. so when we went back to stumble, i started thinking what if we had a contract and we worked together. so by october of 1994, we made a contract with each other. for the reason i
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felt was that in turkey, there is a genius and turkey didn't know about this genius. i truly felt it, and i still feel it that he represents something that is so unusual. he has succeeded without much education, with not much income to accomplish something, and with a lively spirit, a spirit that pleases everybody so much. so since our contract in october 1994, we have been together and i have no complaints, only praise and pride for what this man brings to turkey into the world. ah, i talked to a few friends, a few friends, talked to other friends, and pretty soon television stations were calling us. people were asking us if we
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could have a different exhibits of different parts, mostly in turkey. to begin with. i started contacting my friends in america and we had our 1st international exhibition in new york in 1995. this was a such a delightful opportunity for me and for a shrimp with a sauce labelle sure to say them love job done. a veteran government shouldn't you . john lun sondra. ben. ricin. alena that the hedge diva professional iraq. a yup. my about the them near dead job on a top yard village. old miss into a new york. they did to. why didn't they eat?
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there are old. they'd be imaginable to banner you shuffle on that. i'm gonna be modul own in lubbock, that the toilet chilled smack ah stay calm and make sure you're not high paying the situation. be part of the debate . my main characters are women when no topic is off the table, the laws and you ask, allow child marriage to happen legally. these are basically archaic walls, dives, often legitimize and legal wise had a filling on air or online, jumping to the corporate section and meeting to be part of the discussion. this stream on out is there an invitation to bear witness to all that life office. the highs the nose, the trials and tribulations and every day, miracles,
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the injustices, the defiance, the tests of character and the personal victims. whitney documentaries, with a delicate touch on al jazeera blue with with
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madison and doha, the top stories on the al jazeera audra 0 has obtained an image of the bullet used to kill a colleague sharina barclay last month. experts say it's used an, an m for rifle, which is why the carried by the israeli military terrain was shot and that had by his ready forces on assignment in the occupied westbank on the 11th of may palestinian officials say that at least 3 men have been killed by israeli forces during a raid. at dawn in the occupied west bank, the st. palestinians were shot in a car in the city of jeanine. and his really armies spokesperson says they are looking into the incident. the life of former us vice president mike pants is said to have been in danger when riots stormed capitol hill last year. that's according to the u. s. congressional committee investigating the attack, which took place after donald trump refused to accept defeat. in the 2020 election form aids to pens, testified on thursday, saying he was under intense pressure from trump not to certify joe biden's election
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when the former president wanted pants to reject the votes. and either declared from the winner or seeing the votes back to the states to be counted again . mike pence say it. no. he resisted the pressure. he knew it was the legal. he knew it was wrong. we are fortunate for mr. pence, his courage. on january 6th, our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe the heads of for european countries visiting keith it say they're in favor of ukraine joining the european union. the leaders of france, germany, italy, and romania met president vladimir zalinski on thursday and a show of solidarity police in brazil are trying to identify human remains found in the amazon, where an indigenous researcher and a british journalist went missing, investigator say, a suspect in custody has confessed to killing gunner, put ada,
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and don phillips as well as bullying them in the rain forest. protesters in india have sad, far to trains blocked highways and fought with police over the new military recruitment scheme. under the changes, most young recruits will only be guaranteed military worked for 4 years and they won't be given a pension or benefits. and those are the headlines. the news continues here and all does here. after all, does your world goodbye. ready ready ready ready ready ready ah, ah. ready ready
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ah ah ah. ready ready ah i t t i t t a and i am very sorry i did if somebody did, i about english yesterday to norma. she me the shannon will do yeah. a michelle actually yeah. i will do cuz when she let it be our last part like that. oh shoot
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that mix through its out and the name of your le nivia been boil. i show the cars shook and he talked i'm very senior muslim. yeah. huh. she up in the mantel flemish to the data boil of it. it all be good at allows and yeah, and i was 5 daniel perez, peggy, italy, 12 r o c l i. then can you see the beer plan vironment burly because your them come on . oh madame, because odin did be cool. look. will piano all these project. yup. yup. mixture berlin. a. she 20 coaches satya ever or them be project. children who shoot the yup. with jo shewn each in the old jack or piano or curves or not so know or shoot the go to deliberately cause bullet early be can universe
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child may come to wish to berlin her again the opposite sex start off or early be for me up junky will cause him to shake your dan can give me a cup of coffee or shoot me a bit as okay, doug is out on latin key. i jer button. i've been so next us all a joke, but more i could do a packing them on. yep. may i do show you as the tommy cough under these one? yep. me additional? yeah, i don't to shoot. as you saw loomed shadow. ah, let a financial all the by abby can meet him. the other. com their little shaky dual problem. not a lot of honey because your mom blossom, john, only up i can guess. sure. i'm guessing that she missed it. are only
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a pure am yeah. ill rock and roll at your music. go on with her, or, or a girl in july, a, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah gabriella catch. so ne, rent alone under the bridge, didn't get the best here they are. so recovery didn't get good. the minute. you tell what it is, sit, bell may go, namely,
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i should be summoned machine yup. of your former missouri name. if you don't, you're not allowed to put a burglar alarm at it. you could then and not there, but didn't you? mr. collins variously, le darcy kick. urgent but mccullen moved the nig, blue jackson and jay leno, all not the mobile unit armada, which let alone has just luna and june 6th ah, was mine, john, that there been a commission, misconduct family law down sondra who i thought that didn't queue. yeah, i should have been very awesome. has been shaka appeal, singles, fuller, she get none. melissa hailey gibbs, eric resubmitted, it to bow shamarka. did they talked to ho professional on may a bachelor, i'm a sure name is sheila k ma'am boons? i think took janet in the big goodness, really, girl nickname she mash,
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let it run its value understanding and studying now 1000000 i'm babbled. the in you can shy, deem she can been immune embarrassing. convincing people that a chef does what he does was one of my hardest jobs and i found the most difficult people to convince our other blind. another artist, artist, say this is a visual art. no, no person who can't see can possibly do it. the blind are not able to imagine how he is able to do it. so these are the most difficult people for me to convince that what he does, i have no part in except to help him carry things or put things in order.
9:40 am
when a chef was chosen as an artist for the special arts festival, i thought if we had this opportunity to go to america, maybe there would be something else we could do. there is an organization called art be on site, and they do a lot of work to make museums accessible to the blind and things like that. so i wrote them and told them there was such a man coming. and they wrote harvard because herbert had wanted some one who could oh, as an artist that they could see how his brain was working. so they contacted harvard than herbert contacted me. it started out with the festival in washington. mm. that owns a gastric tank. quoted. did impeachable not a minute to call unless all jack loving titian guzman weatherbug, jack, lot of been human. go so another object. love be june injured, enjoyable. inject elliana book, vision articles, sabine, in their book checker. i'm auditioned of dish and im been chair in some not
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hardwood in weston digby b n a b and b which libby rested. it in jill and dimension are to come get it was done louder. i'm numbered. i'm the only jack, are you given him name wasn't there to get it, had a liberal miss in it. she didn't fall on the additional cabinet. oh, after we went to harvard, in particular, there was one woman who did a report for a very well known scientific journal. and once that was in the works, everything changed. he became so famous and it was exciting to have this icon of the blind, visually impaired world be shown to every one ah,
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panama city don't smith today's, to me. how have you been sick if you're made on a to me to all mother passed big did joe did the sick coolant on the on, on, paid to last summer. 7 i was all castillo to, so you the a step on there you go. mean you're not less than you. dish and lung you them. so let him his dad it's. i'm not gonna let it because this is eunice alondra. she choosing me. i washed europe. ben, this me nozzle. yup. yolanda had been in this sim. yup. what can be new mobile much? did there been in rearm glitches you did? jani, re, i have for our lads jagow. johnson re our valet. good. annette. you almost name can your can be quiet yoke to go to your kit. i'm a part of mac. let him la
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a lid him compartment a shaky little are being off one old year. but in mood. thomas with his own 6 sunny day in july. did it all sink sunny? did the cheese, did it have been huge within the alden mother? ye, me down father. just him. she clung to them shoe yarn and park which let him go remembers vizier bill. john bernisha had fared, wished i could tell to the it seemed good imbeciles this and it did when a man or there was a big deal. mm. ready ah . ready ready
9:44 am
what i find now, a chef as well as stablished, he is well known is that a couple commercials, lots of exhibits, many places around the world. i'm happy to help him. i want to keep helping him as long as we both are working together. now my purpose as something very different, i purpose is more. i understand that this man is able to inspire so many people, cited and cited ah, disabled, not disabled. it doesn't matter. the inspiration, this man, gifts to other people. i am now able to help him do that, and that brings me more satisfaction than selling a picture, but don't tell him, ah ah, lucy assembled lustig law. my lusty
9:45 am
should have been a snare cut him for you shall my job. well, you'll know. to number the sum, you go to cover my video, assembled apartment number and a bucket jackson. and he brought up a arden's which mitchell i was looking on the call joe joe garcia. it's been in the park just oh, are the years when we have gone to different places where he's either spoken to universities or for a city governments, or when he's had exhibits. usually they'll bring some blind people to him. and a shaft tells him you can draw. no, i can't. i'm blind. i can make pictures. you can draw, and he'll very nicely draw something very simple, like a triangle, or sometimes a little flower. and he has the blind person touch it and try to understand what it
9:46 am
is they're feeling. and then he hands them up pencil and ask them to try and draw. and all of the sudden their faces change, they get so excited to them. any kind of picture drawing is completely impossible making ceramics? yes. making models out of play. yes. but something actually drawing a picture. they get so excited and it gives them such satisfaction. and of course, it gives a show of satisfaction to know that he's opening an area that a blind person never thought they could do. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah, good mangin, clara. give penn jan ash much should on online. you should the g i you on my lunch? sure. on the other on the so chunky. bam. parmesan, a document, mcdonald them all nevada fido lawson ah, ah ah ah bench and the. ready tandem d, i'm a ton of the mart, danny da da. she could deed at leonard and missy de,
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chicky liddy. nestle do during the fallen ashy. she's in miss hayden hockey. car tank could a little conflict. the motion to curt eating bucket. you stand him, chris. glad of one word it mc johan the b for she'll just be a courier ladder. opal and dove bid. yet they'd be tow people church glitter. we did a map much to all nearer a bucky muscle and unable dick let him. yeah, optima chunk to a been him, she's declaring me under the glitter m. all not the ain't going up to unlimited, glitters a month in unbeknown learning. you didn't go to miramar or had that video wash. lemme get delivered. she them. when i back, i've been on them ben a r t that would've been did they believe in following you better behaviors? let me say, well wayllace go make or a she go to make a hey, johnny, go make a bunch. yeah. yeah, i have trouble. sure. why did you on jim burnett,
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she didn't jam? yolanda. b, e, i a new line, a bus here time catching this engine edition. listen, image anchor titian. listen sick, he's sick, he's sand. this is a bit. i think that people over the course, of course, they know i know nothing about music, but to get a hole in the day i got my got better, get him get child old interested in york bundled almost to my 10 o'clock. i'm titled stone banquet rejection and ben became a yep, william you korea? j. yep. a job for mama says i isn't i shy of jackson? i we're playing much. ok, shoot. good. not about. i'm beginning to let him know that he of go to wish like,
9:50 am
well, article you a sudden any d m by ambassador, she resembled all those a month, or good, the sort of boy of a girl. i'm a shim day, said the album, the boy b. o some sort of boy the anybody isn't in that in general, that in watching the book santa. good us, walter, what us, what book m by 6 a v. she, how, mom, we are pack a man. i'm on sooner than that. you might be a c, him all coughing and must take it. tom, tom, option to car, getting something away of me to cheat. my polishing the up rag or delivery are
9:51 am
proud. those are my share pound seen of, of the rest. what now do? i think shannon ha, a shame, sankey, kish who she said, oh no. oh oh, leslie is on his bed old so much. did it. angel warrior the meds that had been it's their sort of magnetic, your cannon, good emptiness in it. i'd never buy gadson. augusta milan galico even then seems issued in mid. good make saudi goes though. mom. i'm not going to move back of either dr. merrick to go to jet. that n a good man. get to live in a girl. your guns are much linen. ah, i think one of the lucky things is that i'm always shocked people about how
9:52 am
enthusiastic i get about a chef and his abilities. and even after all this time, he still can surprise me doing something. i didn't know he was able to do like a dogs, a sub i leacock to them on him and sandy nielsen to christina to with some a little slap. my a dancer is this of old rom, just leave their leave me it. now we just enough years. other jewelry. see we have just i, sam will use some be the band euros. jacoby them had the appalling mercy of, of a comb. get nearly all to jackson, i said were massive because she's kidding. making of chairs. yeah. cardinals. duties, but a back room. nancy. of him kill every year in canal next year. you're pass up cordial. my card a little, all mazda orders, animal, much 1000 marching ventures. me, i shouldn't alarm with managers to junction watching the more killing me go the see
9:53 am
back, elena. did. she cannot. plenty of chess was. oh yeah, she cannot larry of chess, birdie buchanan juniors and the red or nic and r at goodyear limits. yeah, we're good and negligent. got out. good. as much russia? gimme? yeah, she near santa extensive off. yesenia paula. but on the old we journal. be new oil journal. be new. ha. should alcholay minute for coverson and thomas nan bashed. i'm eurostar mama. it has a shut down by steel care. i cover synch nutshell, pastor walk, months, root canal janelle the given all kind of the jan. again dick shirley, up years or paula. should it little boy blooming such a ha, my boy yellow, vulnerable. you'll of the sir, said she,
9:54 am
the car marrying you here? said it guy letting you all do it in the get did sign you to be 10 him side and you get did sign of m why i can move document, which is going to show the chick my woo, ginny boy. a mom he come on. my head of welcome. now ball and video, i'm sorry, boom. it laugh winnable yellow kid located at or tara. mimi may said i got his m obviously could be gimme upset almo, i'll rush mesheena marvia alden. mom yelled him, get dish and apartment. then we don't my one years as you funny us. she did murder boilers. i'm a sanctioned, the boy at ken, bono champ, my lousy ha commitment allows him when he was out on the stomach, partially apollo, shooting up alum should on could alone surely be, can i take him?
9:55 am
ha, ha, exams at that names out you. oh oh. and on ah, ah ah, she's did you say in general, like do much them as be beat key beast. be she on that which in will g i buddha, get on. i know you're gonna bowl or codle, dot ben ben to him and get each day.


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