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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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information about global experts and discuss in the pandemic, didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true color voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we fail these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just dara. with what is that they've been doing with the money that it's boring. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in argentina's. congress is debating a bill seeking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich poor families hit hard by counting the cost on al jazeera ah
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the remains of the bullet, the killed al jazeera journals sharing a workload. experts say it's widely used by israeli forces. ah, alarm clock, this is out 0, live from doha. also coming up china launch is it's 3rd aircraft carrier and what's being described as a major military advance. a show of support from european leaders for ukraine as it waits for decision on it's been to join the e u. v. congressional hearing into the capital right in the us reveal how former vice president mike pens was pressured to overturn jo biden's victory. ah, al jazeera has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that killed our colleague sharina. i will actually last month palestinian american was shot in the
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head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in the occupied west bank. many in the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. said beck as the remains of the bullet that kill journalists, sharina ob lackley. this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows the type of ammunition used to kill the veteran al jazeera journalist in the occupied west bank last month. according to experts. the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m full rifle. when we simulated a green tip bullet using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharon's life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered the lower part of sharon's head to avoid ricocheted off her helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact or
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a friend who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which terrain was standing. and that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. as a result, a fight that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were a number of rounds, it struck that tray and that she was also hit that indicate that she it looked very much like she was been targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video. we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets. open source data supports the fact the israeli especially unit accused of shooting, sharing uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist
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doing her job justice for sharing, yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain an onset including if an order was given to kill her. why was she shut despite been clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat, was made in israeli soldier, target her from such a short range. all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and l just the media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharing a black. i said bake jazeera china has launched a new high tech aircraft carrier. it is the nation's 3rd, but the 1st to be based designed and built inside china. the government is trying to overhaul its navy, which is the largest in the world. katrina, you has more now from aging. the for general join q previous craft carriers
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called the downing and the shan dong. net seen as a major leap forward for china's navy, which is the wordy, the biggest navy in the world when it comes to number of ships. although most of these vessels are small vessels. now, china does have very began missions or when it comes to its navy, its planning, at least 6 aircraft carriers strike groups by 2035 domestically. this is being seen as a big boost to national pride. the big step forward when it comes to china's military pro west, but it's also very significant when you look at the current geopolitical situation or in the waters surrounding china, specifically in the south china sea. now if you look at taiwan, for example, the growing tension there, tie one of the democratically self ruled island. beijing sees it as a robe, chinese territory, and chinese prison. it's huge and paying has said a number of times that will be re unified with the mainland peacefully, preferably but by force if necessary. so for sure,
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this growing step forward when it comes to chinese navy, china navy is going to be seen as an increasing threat for taiwan. it's also significant when you look at the growing rivalry with the us, the us, the but in administration, in particular, has been moving to strengthen its ties with asia pacific countries, specifically to counter china is growing influence in the region and it's growing military life. the deleted the france, germany and italy have met ukraine's president to show their support for lauderdale the lens keys, been to join the european union. the president of romania was also there from keith . as charles stratford ukrainian president vladimir zalinski needed this visit. the leaders of france, germany, italy, and romania arrived in the ukrainian capital cave in what the ukrainian leader and
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many eastern european countries hoped would show you. okay, and unity and this spell, rumors, that france and germany, at least we're going soft on supporting ukraine of the visiting european on the outskirts of keith. one of many areas where russia is accused of committing war crimes. in the initial weeks after the war started, meetings were held before a press conference in the muranski prost garden, residential warrior. close your harness. the french president seemed keen to put the record straight ukraine has to win this war and maintain its territorial integrity. he said he promised more weapons left hans to people mutual. funds hastens day once completely on its commitments. and each time that i made a commitment to you was given rise to a decision and rapid implementation because we know that it takes material, but as needed quickly said, always don't mind on military hardware. germany's lead a chancellor schultz has faced weeks of criticism from ukraine for foot,
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dragging on military support. he seemed less equivocal. well, then the, okay, initial military model at the moment, we are training the craney and military with our most modern weapons. how it's a 2000 and on the leopard air defense system have, we've also great to deliver our modern air defense system, the iris t, which is able to defend a whole city, but i and especially radar system, the cobra. and we've agreed a trilateral agreement with the u. s. and u. k. to deliver rocket launchers. as you can see, that germany is providing significant support to ukraine for kit verify, gape, schultz agreed with his french italian and romanian counterparts that ukraine's candidacy status and potential e u. membership i. it comes with conditions. italian i minister mario druggie, agreed that ukraine must commit to profound reforms. he said deanna paralegic a message of you for i want to say to day that the most important message of, of is it is that italy wants ukraine in the u. melania repair to his ponies during
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standing craner. today is a truly historic day ukraine has felt the support of for powerful european states and in particular support for our movement towards the european union, italy, romania, france, and germany are with us. all 4 ladies. mister dragging. mister, your highness, mister macaroni and mister saltzman support ukraine's candidacy. my dogs, of course all relevant procedures must be followed all a you member states must join. but at our meeting today, a big step was made a step forward was his please for increasing amounts of powerful weapons from his west and back as seems to grow louder every day. you cranes eventual and potential e u membership seems to be taken seriously. but with strict conditions and a very long timeline, there was consensual agreement though, on what's been described as russia's c blockade. the french president saying that
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this was all russia's fault, and moscow has a duty to help solve it. chaw, stratford al jazeera cave. anger is growing in india in response to a new military recruitment program. demonstrations have been held in several cities . currently, young recruits are automatically off with a permanent role, but under the changes they will be let go after maximum of 4 years without pension, only a select few will get an offer to stay on. loving metal has more now from the deli, there is immense anger, violent. our stations are continuing to out the country. we've seen trains being torch stations are being vandalized. roads have been blocked. par protesters have also targeted homes of some of and just talk politicians. they're asking the government to roll back this new military recruitment policy, you know, in the us military is one of the largest in the world. it employs more than a 1000000 people and cost billions of dollars every year. the goal of this policy
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is to have a younger carter of soldiers and to reduce costs. now the government is otherwise quite unwavering. it says that at the end of these 4 years, when most of these recruits will be let go, they will be in a better position to get a job. it also says that it will give them preference if they choose to apply for a job in any other security force, including the, including the police now or the defense. i'm let's, we've spoken to say that there are merits to this policy in the sense that it frees up money for in job to spend on upgrading military equipment. on the other hand, they point out that this came, comes at a point at a time when economic recovery has been slow when inflation is high. and most importantly, unemployment is dangerously high. thousands of march in bangladesh is capital against india's governing party. the pgp. it follows comments made by 2 of its
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members about islam. prophet mohammed testers in darker, want muslim majority notions to boycott indian products and cut ties with new tele, b, j, p, suspended one member and expelled the other. one palestinian officials said these 3 men have been killed by his ready forces during a raid in the occupied west bank. at least 8 others were injured during the operation in crowds of mourners carried their bodies through the city of jeanine. is there any army says it was searching for weapons that be near daily raids in the occupied west bank since a string of attacks earlier this year they killed 1900 people in israel for the head here are now 0 hitting the campaign trail. candidates buying proceeds in france as national assembly routing support head of the 2nd round, the voting on sunday. north american cities at catching football, fever at the locations for the 2026. welcome earnings. ah.
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the journey has begun. the before world copy is on its way to catholic book, your travel package today. happy friday, smoking heat for england and france. so here's the details. look at this for france . this is the earliest nationwide heat wave so far recorded in some of these temperatures, paris at 34 now england, london at 33 that is hotter than all of last year. and it's not even summer yet, but watch what happens on saturday. the wind shift around, we get a band of brain stretching from wales right through to england. so that's going to drop the temperature in london to $26.00 degrees, but temperatures continue to shoot up in france, so parents at $38.00. now all of this heat is coming out from north africa and i buried madrid at 40 degrees on friday. that's closing in on your june temperature record. there is active weather though still to be found. we find it in the bulk in a particularly active though, for serbia, kosovo,
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and north macedonia. now for turkey, we could see another round of some pretty intense rain. of course, soccer are still trying to recover from the last devastating flooding that it hat off to africa. winds have shifted round that's bumped up the temperature and walk shut to 40 degrees in some big downpours for the air the own. and liberian friday now for south africa. next weather maker is moving in. so over the course of the weekend for cape town, we'll see those wing guys up to 70 kilometers per hour. ok, gotta run susan cas, airway official airline of the journey. molly, it's great to see. welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloom that some people say that they said the globalization going on. but that perspective thing called re globalization. our accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah,
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ah ah. are you watching out 0? remind about top stories this hour and al jazeera has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that killed a colleague street of water last month. experts say it's used in an em for rifle, which is widely used by these ready military. china's launch a new high tech aircraft carrier, cool to fujen. this is it's the carrier, but the 1st to be both designed and built inside china. beijing is over holding it to time, maybe a 3rd to protest across several states in india against change to military recruitment. policies you recruits will be limited to 4 years on the job without
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pension. the sank of those who were hoping to join the us house committee investigating last year's attack on capitol hill has heard that the life of former vice president mike pence was put at risk by donald trump. when it says had been testified that pence refused to support trumps legal efforts to remain in power. how did your castro as this president trump said i had the right to overturn the election? president, trump is wrong. the 3rd hearing of the january 6th select committee focused on the pressure faced by former vice president mike pence from his boss and pence. his refusal to comply will fortunate for mister pins, his courage. on january 6, our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe. multiple witnesses testified that trump wanted pence to ignore state electors casting boats for joe biden,
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and simply picked the president himself. an action that, according to this conservative former federal judge would have plunged america into a revolution within a constitutional crisis. i would have laid my body across the road before i would have led the vice president overturn the 2020 election. the proposal described by some as a blueprint for a cou, was crafted by former trump attorney john eastman. he would later admit his plan would not survive a legal challenge. and on thursday, lawmakers revealed he saw a presidential pardon. another former tromp attorney said eastman's plan left him aghast. i said, are you out of your f in mind? i said completely crazy. if you're going to turn around and tell $78.00 plus 1000000 people in this country, that your theory is. this is how you're going in validator. vote because you think
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election was all other witnesses said on the morning of january 6, trump called pence to once again pushed to overturn the election. white house aides and trumps daughter told investigators they overheard trumps end of the call. either he called him a whim. i don't remember, he said you are a when the conversation was pretty heated, ology and polite. but do you remember what she said? her father call him? if he word, trump would then appear on stage. at a rally near the capital ad libbed these comments about his vice president and mike face is going to has to come through fours and every dozen that will be a sad day for our country. trump's followers listened. oh, and erected a gallows outside the capital. when his is said, trump was informed of the growing violence and urged to calm the situation, but instead he tweeted, mike pens didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our
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country and our constitution. the riders surged immediately after and secret service moved pens to an underground location, barely missing rioters by meters. he would shelter from the mob for more than 4 hours as more than $100.00 police officers were injured and several rioters died. finally, he would return to the senate floor. joining congress to finish certifying, jo biden's, when his all trump has called these hearings treasonous. at least another 3 are planned. the committee saying they will focus on trump's efforts to corrupt the justice department and his actions to son and the mom. i to jo castro, al jazeera washington, a funerals or be held on friday for some of the people killed in an attack on a church nigeria early this month. at least 41 people were killed including children. and i must shooty at the st. francis or catholic church and oh, in the southwest,
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the government has blamed an actual link grew. please have launched an investigation. you as president joe biden says, a recession is not inevitable by it. made the comments in an interview with associated press. he pointed to america's low unemployment rate as a reason for optimism view, as, as dealing with record high gas prices, though, and inflation recently had a 40 year. hi. ron. 2 of the french parliamentary election is said to take place on sunday president manuel mac, crohn's majority hanging in the balance. his political blockers facing a stiff challenge from a new left wing block touch up on the report now from the moose. on one of the earth battle ground cities, some of us are in dallas located damian. mo day is campaigning hard with just days before the final round of francis parliamentary election. he says there's no time to waste more on alone, though. an activist and candidate for france is new left wing alliance in the southwestern city of li, merge. he's trying to rally support in an area where many people abstained in the
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1st round because they're fed up of politicians. but he says he'll be different. really with civic on top, oscar, i come from here and i want to see empties that are actually represent ordinary people because that's not been the case for 5 years. there is this hope that we finally have a real, a position to michael, and that we can do something new on issues like climate change. more days leading the race in this constituency. if he wins, he will oust the incumbent and m p with president emmanuel macros party. a final round run off between candidates form the new left wing alliance. and my cross center is block is taking place in nearly half of francis parliamentary constituencies and could up said the president's chances of obtaining the absolute majority. he needs to push through with his agenda with things looking uncertain. macro made a rare appeal to voters this week that on to harden with when he was so rude majority to ensure stability, both outside and inside or boulders. nothing could be worse than to add chaos in
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france to the gales, into word concern as a climate change. health and inflation has fueled momentum for the left. this block actually marches historical food market. the cost of living is never, far from people's minds. is on getting women said yeah, people salaries haven't changed, but everything's going up by 5 percent or even more for fuel. these are people worry about the future about getting to the end of the month with costs going up. people ask us if we're going to put our prices up today, says that if elected, he would focus on improving health services and work to help people who struggle financially so far. the left and centrists on neck and neck in terms of folks nationally. but it's estimated that macros alliance will win most seats. the numbers may be hard to predict, but those here hope the times are changing. oh, i should. butler al jazeera li,
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most france. a thailand is removing its pre registration process for foreign visitors next month as if these as its coded 19 restrictions, as tourism industry, as long complained, the amount of documents required from visitors has been hurting the sectors recovery. a thailand would also no longer require masks to be worn in public police in brazil are working to identify human remains found in the amazon were an indigenous researcher, and a british germany went missing. investigators say a suspects in custody has confessed to killing bruno perrera and don phillips and to bring them in the rainforest, please say the suspect clack, with rarer over his efforts against legal fishing, the you and has denounced the murders and is calling for full investigation. migrants and refugees making their way through mexico say police are harassing them and demanding money. many say they fear will be stopped from trying to claim asylum in the u. s. a more republicans. this report migrants at
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a bus station in monterey mexico. it's a large crowd. and it's growing. so was the frustration at the new mexico's government recently granted special transit visas to migrants which allow them to travel freely anywhere in the country. many see federal and state police have been illegally returning them to monterey with no regard for their health or safety. you know, someone really went there. we are not criminal. we are human being finding no human being on his planet is illegal. please let us go on our way. get him when he migrants. st. authorities are also giving them false information. this video, obtained by al jazeera, appears to show a mexican police officer telling passengers aboard a bus that their visas are not valid. if you cannot travel to the border, that's the 1st point. that's why we hear because the united states, it's its politics because the government complains to mexico because we are allowing access through the borders. mexican immigration authorities declined or
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request for an on camera comment. who told al jazeera, the conduct of mexican officers in the recorded video would be examined. another video, this one recorded in guatemala, appears to show a police officer holding cache in his hands and asking passengers for money. where told a migrant from venezuela who gave us the footage has asked us not to reveal his identity. he says shake downs by corrupt police along the entire migrant route or commonplace. i said to the officer, please, i can't give you the money. i don't have it, he said, i'm not interested. give me the money or find another buddha. we shared roberto video with authorities in guatemala and received the following response. lice because you haven't had that up. what is your last unless you v? yeah, b inspector general of the national civil police has launched an investigation to
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hold these 2 police officers responsible. let. i mean that they can clearly be seen in a video receiving and amounts of money. migrants who travel across mexico on their way to the united states face many threats, including extortion robbery and kidnap human rights. activists in mexico have called on mexican officials as well as on criminal cartels who operate along mexico's northern border to respect the rights of migrants as they trans at the country. midwinter, apollo al jazeera decades of mismanagement and corruption of lead to the neck lapse of lebanon's political system and its economy. nowhere is that more evident than in tripling successive governments have blamed for neglecting. it's rich heritage than how to repulse, not from triplets, ancient suits this gift from an ottoman so, time is from a different time before lebanon, 2nd largest city was left to d. k. l. health square is in the historic heart of tripoli. the
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19th century architecture in a state of neglect, mismanagement, and corruption by those who have been governing for decades are blamed for the situation now. but what are all these beautiful monuments are important for us? but we are concerned with putting food on the table with these markets are what are known as suits, are rich in history and culture. but tripoli is one of the poorest places in a country struggling with a collapse the economy. the crisis means more business for cobblers. there's extreme poverty in the city where unemployment rates, beach 60 percent. and there hardship is getting worse because politicians have done little to reverse the economic implosion at emer hammock. and in the past, people threw away that we'll choose that we're able to afford new ones. now they can't even afford the cheapest pair of shoes. preserving physicians is also
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a challenge. the copper and brass with is a century old tray that is performed from one generation to the next american holly and understood, but i'm sure we are barely working. few can afford brass. instead they're buying aluminum and stainless steel. another old craft is so making it still be done by hand in this course. the city will be in, but inside this ancient walmart, people feel forgotten. but since the end of the civil war in 1990, there has been no project to promote fidel at no national bubner half the year. the city has the ability to lord doris's mas weather, taught in only bernice exercises. the authors whose have done nothing to preserve the historical monuments, i'm really liked about his place masha centuries ago, this quarter, or what is known as a han, was a place where traders and travelers meet. today it is empty. tripoli is considered the 2nd most archaeologically important city from the mom look empire
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after the egyptian capital cairo. the montessori mosque is among some of the structures remaining from that era. remnants from other ears as well are found here, but triplet history is overshadowed by a turbulent recent past and a grim reality. seneca there al shahida, tripoli, northern lebanon. there are just under a 159 days ago until the cut of 2022 will cover the final countries to qualify have seen their flight raised on their house waterfront whales have claimed the last european spot on costa rica and australia. they made it through to the inter continental playoffs. along the way to tournament begins on november the 21st and 4 years from now. the football world cup will be jointly hosted by the united states, canada, and mexico. on thursday fif, pronounce the host cities. kristen salumi is in new jersey. really made to live 2026 will be a 1st for the world cup with not one but 3 countries. hosting the event,
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the united states, canada, and mexico fans came out here in new jersey right across the water from new york city to hear the announcement of which cities will get that honor. and they weren't disappointed because new york and the new jersey area count as one i, when one of those prestigious spots to other cities in the united states include seattle, san francisco, los angeles, dallas, kansas city, atlanta, houston, boston, philadelphia, in miami and mexico, guadalajara mexico city and monterey, and in canada, vancouver and toronto, now which of those cities will host the prestigious final match that has yet to be decided? it will be announced in 2023. but i can tell you that officials here in the new york area are pushing hard for that honor.


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