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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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salaam allah com. it's great to see. welcome to the cutter economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said deep localization going on, but i prefer to think of her re globalization or accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss involve in technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news allen live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. protest as in india had been trained carriages and block highways as demonstrations escalate against
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a new military recruitment policy. one step closer to e u membership, the european commission backs ukraine, and moldova speaks to join the block. the remains of the bullet to kill the al jazeera, jana serene abu acclaim. expert say it's widely used by swelling forces and from london to leon and unseasonably early hate. why has it much of human and on peace save it with your sport? will have the latest from the us open gulf as well as the golden state warriors winning. they forth and be a championship in 8 years. ah, we start in india where at least one person has been killed in violent protests against a new military recruitment program. there have been demonstrations across several states. at the moment, young recruits are automatically offered a permanent role,
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but the new policy means most of them will be let go from the military. after serving just for years without a pension or benefits, have ne mitchell has the details from you jelly. angry protests set the strain on file across india. some had vandalized ation block roads and torched buses demanding the government withdraw a new recruitment policy for the military. 9 times a lot. exams have been postponed at least 9 times in march 2020. now this exams will be canceled because of the new scheme. why are the executing the same? what will be due after 4 years of service? you're by. those who are medical in physical, if it should be examined again, and the order of recruitment should be started. we completely object to the tour of duty real for india has one of the largest militaries in the world. it employs nearly one and a half 1000000 people, a new recruitment policy in to bring down the average age of soldiers from 32 to 26,
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and reduce expenditure on salaries. soldiers will now be hired for 4 years. on the top recruits, we get a permanent job with health benefits and a pension regarding this, i'm sure the government says this will improve the military, are going to protect your heart. under the new scheme, the indian youth will get an opportunity to serve in the indian armed forces. this scheme has been brought in for strengthening national security and to proven opportunities for military service for our use of chocolate, my government. but the backlash has been growing in recent days. one person was killed and the violence. officials have shut down the internet in some areas. the government says also the service recruit will be given a preference for jobs insecurity. forces like to police experts point out this policy comes when economic recovery is slow and unemployment remains. hi. analis davis overhaul with help upgrade equipment, but have criticize its timing and implementation. it's not altogether a bad step,
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but there are problems with the way it is being implemented. and the biggest of the problems seems to be that they will still be left with the unemployment problem. when these foyer service be booked, retired the in the foyer, recruitment under the new scheme is set to begin next week. but after the backlash, the government has now raised the maximum is $223.00. but only for this year. pardon me at the, i'll just iraq because i will. hobby is the executive editor of force news magazine on national security and defense. she explains why the changes to india. he is military recruitment policy unnecessary. i think the government has no choice. it has to take of a drastic measure. he doesn't rollback to scheme or to keep adding. these are so as it goes along, it has offered
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a vehicle for this year. maybe it will offer some other people. the problem is that the scheme has not been taught to it, or the one of the focus of the government had wanted the engine. and i'm, the other thing was to ensure the young profile of the groups because they feel that, that need more numbers given the threads and they have no understanding of the rights . so they just feel that have to have more men on the ground. they can at least get some sort of notion of security. so that is the reason it went ahead with this game without really thinking about the consequences for national security, military preparedness, and without any cognizance of what kind of threats interfaces on easton as well as the most involved. most of the decision that this government has taken since it into 5 have been executive positions taken without any defeat for going to want bite sprague debate. there has been no debate in parliament. if i don't know if you
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read or behind us very plastic economics major, that all the time he was withdrawn and then you can see will introduce in the country. in an overnight decision, people have no options. but to rush to the bank, you look for all the osgood, change the currency notes that do you want to play zation pad, you know, you're in a body blog, but then on need be to the strength struggling to recover from that. this is something i can do that again, no discussion board the big and no guns. we should have all the consequences of this decision have been dig ah the u commission is recommending ukraine and moldova as candidates for european union membership. it's the 1st step in a lengthy process before full status within the european union can be achieved. in the view of the commission, ukraine has clearly demonstrated the country's aspiration and the country's
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determination to live up to european values and standards. ukraine before the war had already embarked on its way towards the european union for 8 years now. it had already been gradually moving closer to ours union. dominic kane is in berlin and says there's a long way to go before you kind joins the you. the tenor of what president funder lion was saying was complimentary to the ukrainian government about the steps it's already taken. and the steps that it's going to have to take. she said that in so far as the convergence of ukraine, with the sorts of things, the policies that it needs to have in place to join the e u. it's 70 percent of the way. those were her words. she also said that she believes that the ukranian people are fighting for the european perspective for the
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european dream as she referred to it. but if we cast to one side, those platitudes and look at the reality, the reality is clear that ukraine now has to converge its economy. it's legal system. it's democratic system in a way to fit in with what the e u requires. and it's not the only candidate country, there are others. we know that moldova has also been given this status. but remember also there are 5 other countries who have candidate status and have had it for many years now. and they still are candidates, they have not joined the e you fully. so it is pretty clear right now that there is definitely a will in brussels to help the ukrainians on their way. but there's also a reality, which is this is not going to happen any time soon. and shall strap. that is in
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case he says, moscow will likely feel threatened by ukraine moving closer to a membership. this process is going to take a very long time. also, i think the ukrainians are very aware of what sir. many pundits and analysts say is the beginnings of a more apparent split amongst e. you states as to whether indeed ukraine is ready for some sort of candidacy, candidacy status and countries in western europe such as the netherlands, portugal and denmark very much seen is saying that ukraine is not yet ready, but a lot of pressure coming from the baltic states and eastern european countries sank . look, we've got to start this process. now. let's give ukraine a chance. of course, the big question is, is what this really means or what kind of reaction we're going to potentially see from moscow. and to this bid for e u membership. in the last 24 hours,
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the criminal spokesman dmitri pess. gov. i said that moscow is monitoring ukraine's e u membership made closely specifically in relation to increased cooperation militarily with european countries. let's not forget that one of the reasons why it moscow said, and it's believed that vladimir putin gave the go ahead for an invasion of this country, was because in his eyes, ukraine is russia's sphere of influence. so any move further west, any move towards europe and nato countries inside europe is going to be potentially perceived as a, as only adding to that sense of freight that vladimir putin says, threatens russia. more on this that's bringing alexander share by who's a former ukranian diplomat and served as ukraine's ambassador to austria. it was also involved in the preparation of ukraine, a you association agreement. he joins us from a cave. alexander,
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thanks so much for being on the program. so this recommendation is on the understanding that ukraine carries out a number of reforms. but how does the country do that? well, it's in the middle of a wall. well, we look for us. first of all, it's huge demand. and not only are you nature also huge because the kremlin basically trying to destroy the road. so who knows whether will be praying in 2 years. so you will be there and we will be on our ben delete. speaking lead right
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now. when people, when people are leading or european hundreds and thousands of them being is certainly is going to be a lengthy process. alexander, how will keep tackle the several different criteria that is involved in particularly the lives of combat in corruption, economic stability, and stabilizing, or having a stable democracy. hello, we no longer have no illusions, but this war actually showed the other side of the brand. the country wanted to buy 2 days to pull, but to decay and he failed. so this notion of the crating of the most corrupt
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country, the euro. it was because this is the country that's the failure to buy. we determined to go or europe and the whole the euro will make its conclusion on the war. we are most important in the country like it brain shows the will to go on the way it should be given the biology today. we have been a lot of and do finally the lens. he says the decision will actually help cave defeat rushes invasion that, as we've both mentioned, it's going to be a lengthy and difficult process that can take years. so what do you think he means by that? well, before this war, journalist for a whole media were asking me,
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were i really sure ukraine hold up for 3 or 4 days? now, with theory, with our determination, we show that this war is not winnable. everything. give and our theory is a way to actually bring to be closer because right now is brain to start pushing back being bigger and finally liberating. alexander a slightly different tax. but how are you guys maintaining that spirit? the more it's been going on for some months now, what's it like in the capital and how you keeping that momentum up? especially as i said, the story moving further and further down. sort of the news agenda. well,
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maybe the story goes down. the people made the decision, the public made that decision for them. we're who is in the right who is in the wrong hole. best 2nd of all, i'm very active and later and they see brain travelling for 3 months in the road. i don't remember friending, but the long thing the world understand why it will be imperialism and freedom has never been clear them at least in my life. or then because right now the ukraine has been very terrible. i'm justified war. what do you make of the allegations by russia that the european union is manipulating ukraine, sharing emotion, read them in the breast,
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like carrying the most reasonable ready dog. they live in the reality of their own . they understand the reality on their own. and that's the reality of the big picture ukraine, the nazi com for your country, of the country or i don't know well, and we are just simple. well, people who want to live our lives, the latest and person from the band and the point they will come up with all kinds of, you know, justification for the met and they're conducting in your brain may to lead to a novel rate. the whole world is claimed by just saying that the grammar, what we appreciate your passion on this issue and thank you for taking the time to speak to us alexander, share a for me ukrainian diplomat speaking to us from keith. thank you. still in
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ukraine and cave has an ounce. it will stop russians from entering the country without a visa beginning. next month, president let them use the landscape, said the decision will improve border security in the wake of moscow's invasion, movies logic, symbolic though as the border is officially closed during the judge and british prime minister barak johnson eas, visiting key for the 2nd time. and just over 2 months, ukrainian president zalinski praise the u. k. 4, it's resolute support for the country. the u. k. has already given cave, hundreds of millions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid. plenty more head on this news hour, including china launches food, a crop carrier in what's being described as a major military over home nigeria in morning funeral have been held for some of those killed in an attack on a catholic church earlier this month. and a big surprise of the us open with the world number 296. moving in the late early
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2nd round. ah, the democratic republic of congo says it has closed its shade border with we're one them. it comes after one does military alleged to congo, a soldier crossed over an open fire and security forces and civilians. the soldier reportedly injured to were wanting police officers before being shot dead. malcolm web based monitoring developments from nairobi. hello to malcolm. what other details do you have about this incident at the border? ruined me and commonly police station at the border, but said that a commonly soldier was from congress towards rwanda firing a weapon. rwandan soldier opened fire on him, killing him on the spot exchange of fire, followed the screen. the forces on the 2 sides of the border. this border is within
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the adjoining city of goma. and you said it's usually crowded with pedestrians and cars crossing both ways throughout the day. some civilians were we've had court in the crossfire and injured. later in the day, the rwandan returned the body in an ambulance that drove into the city. goma drew a crowd of hundreds of cheering support is now just 2 days before the exact same place. thousands of constantly marched towards ruined the border, saying they wanted to deal with random president poor gummy, who they blame for decades of military aggression in eastern conger. this follows an escalation of violence recently in the north keeping province between the n 23 on group widely seen as the rwandan proxy and the congress east army. malcolm, can you give us a broader context of the decades old tension between these 2 country who
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is in 1996 when the armies of rwanda and uganda invaded east in congo this been on the conflict there ever since you got the wonder of being accused of backing on groups of looting minerals, sometimes they fought alongside each other. sometimes they fought against each other in the middle of it. there is a vast mineral wealth. anything on this particular part of the country control of trade routes along which those minerals can travel. and these strategic border points, the n $23.00 on which one to deny this supporting but nobody in congress seems to believe that the government says this is in fact just that extension of around the military. they for the communities government 10 years ago, they were defeated. we just didn't remember last year they started launching a series attack again,
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homeless army as struggled to contain them. we appreciate you breaking down for us malcolm where, but live for us in no, robi, thank you. funerals are being held for some of the people killed in an attack on a church in nigeria earlier this month. at least 41 people died in a mash shooting at the st. francis catholic church and oh whoa. in the south west, the government has blamed in iso link to group place of launched an investigation. i'll just here is an interest is then nipple. yeah. rain. why, why was this company in the middle of the town? many kilometers you might be done, but i've been arrested connection. i wouldn't be charged the re enrolled into the funeral service because we also told other people victims of
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this once again, i've been buried by the family taken away by the way from the list. and the mom is being offended by dignitaries from individuals, really just leader from public sector people from all walks of life affected by going i sure want to go one of the was mentioning that, how long will this recall bring incidence of violence? get in that field that i've been, i didn't think that they weren't questioning. why should be part of the general tab with the rain and the police in can you have 5 tea gas at protest is from the messiah community. in robi
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as they were rallying against plans to a victim, as i heard it from their lands and neighboring company, the government there was accused of violently trying to the community protest again after the messiah noticed. ken's name is mocking off land, reportedly for a game reserves. what is the right whole thing to do as community little does on? yeah, it's only them argumentative and we are no longer god knows, you know, god alone in law yolando. and you know, if you turtle on her, if you my daughter, we are going to stir port number. oh wow . i am lucky al jazeera has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that killed our colleague, sharina abu ackley last month. the palestinian american was shot in the head by his
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rally forces while she was on assignment in the occupied west bank. many in the international community have condemned to killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. i said bake reports. the remains of the bullet that kill journalists, sharing a broccoli. this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows the type of ammunition used to kill the veteran al jazeera journalist in the occupied west bank last month. according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m full rifle. when we simulated the green tip bullet using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharon's life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered the lower part of sharon's head to avoid ricocheted off her
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helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact, fact who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which terrain was standing. and that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. as a result that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were a number of rounds, it struck lap tray and she was also hit that indicate that she it looked very much like she was being targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video, we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets. open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharing uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist
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doing her job justice for sharing is yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her, why was she shut despite being clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat, was made in israeli soldier, target her from such a short range. all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and l just media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharing a blackly. i said bake jazeera china has launched a new high tech aircraft carrier. it's the nation's 3rd, but the 1st to be both designed and built inside china. the government is trying to overhaul its navy, which is the largest in the world. katrina, you has moved from bay chain. the for jen will join q previous craft carriers
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called the downing and the chandel net seen as a major leap forward for china's navy, which is already the biggest navy in the world when it comes to number of ships. although most of these vessels are small vessels. now china does have very began bishan. so when it comes to its navy, it's planning at least 6 aircraft carriers strike groups by 2035 domestically. this is being seen as a big boost to national pride. the big step forward when it comes to china's military pro west, but it's also very significant when you look at the current geopolitical situation or in the waters surrounding china, specifically in the south china sea. now if you look at taiwan, for example, the growing tensions there tie one of the democratically self ruled island, beijing sees it as a robe, chinese territory, and chinese prison. it's huge and paying has said a number of times that will be re unified with the mainland peacefully,
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preferably but by force if necessary. so for sure, this growing step forward when it comes to chinese navy, china navy is going to be seen as an increasing threat for taiwan. it's also significant when you look at the growing rivalry with the us, the us, the but in administration, in particular, has been moving to strengthen its ties with asia pacific countries. specifically to counter china is growing influence in the region and its growing military life. still ahead on this, al jazeera news heating the campaign trail. candidates vying for state in france's national assembly rally ahead of sunday's 2nd round of furnishing why police in mexico would be taking advantage of asylum seekers as i tried to reach the us and the wet welcome back to formula one as it were, 10 to candidate the 1st time in 3 years, that's coming up in fort worth. i
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you're locked into your weather update for the middle east africa hired one. great to see you. so the wind still a factor through the radium peninsula on saturday. this is blowing down from iraq stirring around the sand and does snow for doha. is winds will eventually back off as we look towards sundays. so we see gus 45 kilometers per hour on saturday. there we go. 25 on sunday, but the winds are going to shift around out of the east. so the humidity is going to bump in big time feeling about 52 on monday and the extended forecast all next week. looks like we've got humid expel, use in the low to mid fifty's. now we've had some big storms pre monsoon storms and pakistan. this is role pin d and punjab. providence looking more like a hurricane here in the situation likely to be repeated. as we look toward the forecast on saturday that activity around punjab province of pakistan then from
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west to east, we've got a lot of sand and dust being spun around because there's some quite powerful winds there. turkey, things quiet down, know just a few showers, not too far away from uncle on saturday, getting up to 27 degrees. and the bulk of the activity for central africa round that eastern side of the democratic republic of congo. and another. busy conference marches into the western cape. so for cape town, when gets of 70 kilometers per hour on saturday. ah, the american people have finally spoken, america is isolate when america is well balanced, the world becomes more dangerous. the world is looking at us with a mixture of sadness and pity. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck we take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. what's most important to me is talking to people
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understanding what they're going through here at al jazeera. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing salaam on a come. it's great to see. welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they say globalization going on, but that prefer to think of it we globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. lou ah ah,
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hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, his reminder of that up stories this hour. one person is dead in a 3rd day of protests in india against changed to military recruitment policies. most new recruits will be limited to 4 years on the job without pension. this is anger. those who were hoping to join the democratic republic of congo says it's closed, it's shared border with we're wanda, we're wander, has alleged that. a con glaze soldier crossed over an open fire and security forces and civilians. he was then shocked tags, and the european commission is recommending ukraine and moldova as candidates for e u membership. the 1st step in a long process. it's on the condition that ukraine carries as a number of reforms. round 2 of the parliamentary of the french parliamentary election is set to take place. this sunday president emanuel microns majority is hanging in the balance as his political block faces stiff challenge from
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a new left wing block is ayesha. butler reports from the marsh. one of the battle ground cities, some of us are in listening to, to damn your mo day is campaigning hard with just days before the final round of frances parliamentary election. he says there's no time to waste. one of them is a week ago, an activist and candidate for frances new left wing alliance in the southwestern city of the most. he's trying to rally support in an area where many people abstained in the 1st round because the fed up of politicians. but he says he'll be different through on top, oscar. i come from here and i want to see empties that are actually represent ordinary people. because that's not been the case for 5 years. there is this hope that we finally have a real, a position to michael, and that we can do something new on issues like climate change. monday's leading the race in this constituency. if he wins, he will oust the incumbent and n p with president emanuel mac cross party. a final round run off between
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candidates form the new left wing alliance. and my cross center is block is taking place in nearly half of francis parliamentary constituencies and could up said the president's chances of obtaining the absolute majority. he needs to push through with his agenda with things, looking on certain macro, made a rare appeal to voters. this week that on deciding when he was so rude, madrid to ensure stability, both outside and inside or borders. nothing could be worse than to add chaos in france to the gales into work. concern over climate change health and inflation has fueled momentum for the left is block actually motion, historical food market. the cost of living is never, far from people's minds. is on getting them so people salaries haven't changed, but everything's going up by 5 percent or even more for fuel. this or people worry about the future about getting to the end of the month with costs going up. people
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ask us if we're going to put our prices are nowadays says that if elected, he would focus on improving health services and work to help people who struggle financially so far. the left and centrists on neck and neck in terms of photo nationally. but it's estimated that macros alliance will when most seats, the numbers may be hard to predict. but those here hope the times are changing. oh, pressure butler al jazeera, the most france a level 3 have to load is in place for london and the south and east of england, fridays expected to be the hottest day of the year, and the u. k. as a hate wave sweets across much of europe, temperatures in britain, i said to heat 34 degrees celsius ne baka has moved from london. well, this is the hottest june in the u. k since 1976. and that raises some big questions about a how countries like the u. k, is meant to be a cold,
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northern european country is able to adapt in the coming years, how it's economy and his health system will fair going forward. a similar situation in paris, the temperature, there's $37.00 and in spain, the capital madrid, it's $44.00 degrees. a big concern for the authorities there about the elderly and the young. be able to handle that kind of extremes of temperature, as well as introduce told smith, who so from the climate action group extinction rebellion, you may remember of course extinction. rebellion being responsible for major shut down of central london several years ago, are protesting against perceived inaction by governments, and by big business talk. thanks so much for joining us in the searing heat. ca can i start by asking you where the owner lies when it comes to controlling climate change. we're often told as individuals to put on a jumper and avoid cranking up the, the heating in the winter. we're told to invest in electric cars. but what else
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needs to be done, so make sure that change happens across the board. yeah, thank you nave. i'm in the fossil fuel industry, coined the term carbon footprint to make the owners on the individual. but really of course, this is a systemic issue. the un secretary general was ever or any, any country that continues to pursue new fossil fuel investments. very dangerous radical is not climb address. and today, the sector gem was ever an a fossil fuel firms or finances of ever since you got humanity by the throat is a massive quite violent tom, norah g and you know that they continue to to fail us and temperatures in the central and south western parts of the u. s. have heat record levels, the heat and humidity being blamed for the depth of thousands of capital in kansas . the states environmental agency says that number is expected to arrive as heat when continued. while flash floods have hit the chinese city of haben,
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in the northeast, it follows heavy rainfall in that area. flood waters reached 80 centimeters in some parts of the city. local authorities say they've begun cleanup operation. several provinces across southern china have also launched emergency flood responses, migrants and refugees making their way through mexico is a place, a harassing them and demanding money. many feed they'll be stopped from trying to climb asylum in the us. as men will wrap along the migrants at a bus station in monterey mexico. it's a large crowd, and it's growing. so was the frustration though mexico's government recently granted special transit visas to migrants which allow them to travel freely anywhere in the country. many safe, federal and state police have been illegally returning them to monterey with no regard for their health or safety. you know, someone went there. we are not criminals. we are human being finding no human being
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on his planet is illegal. please let us go on our way, get him where he migrants. st. authorities are also giving them false information. this video obtained by al jazeera, appears to show a mexican police officer telling passengers aboard a bus that their visas are not valid. when you cannot travel to the border, that's the 1st point. that's why we hear because the united states, it's its politics because the government complains to mexico because we are allowing access through the borders. mexican immigration authorities declined our request for an on camera comment. who told al jazeera, the conduct of mexican officers in the recorded video would be examined. another video, this one, recorded in guatemala, appears to show a police officer holding cache in his hands and asking passengers for money
6:40 pm
where a migrant from venezuela who gave us the footage has asked us not to reveal his identity. he says, shake downs by corrupt police, along the entire migrate route, are commonplace. i said to the office please, i can't give you the money. i don't have it. he said, i'm not interested. give me the money or find another border. we shared probate those video with authorities in guatemala and received the following response. but that was not supposed to be. the inspector general of the national civil police have launched an investigation to hold these 2 police officers responsible let. i mean, they can clearly be seen in a video receiving an amount of money migrants who travel across mexico on their way to the united states face many threats, including extortion robbery and kidnapped human rights activists in mexico had called on mexican officials as well as on criminal cartels who operate along
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mexico's northern border to respect the rights of migrants as the transit the country. when miserable al jazeera thailand is removing its pre registration process for foreign visitors next month, as it eases closed 19 restrictions, its tourism industry has long complained that the amount of documents required has been hurting the sectors recovery. thailand will also no longer require to be blown in public. the u. k. government has approved the extradition of wiki leagues founder julian assigned to the us to face spine charges. wiki league says the move represents a dark day for press freedom, and that assange will appeal for more than a decade. he's either been in prison or in diplomatic refuge. the u. s. is pursuing assange for his role in releasing hundreds of thousands of classified military documents. decades of mismanagement and corruption have led to the
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ne collapse of lebanon's political system. and its economy no way is that more evident than in tripling successive governments are being blamed for neglecting it's rich heritage center hot out reports from the cities ancient. soaks this gift from an ottoman so time is from a different time before 11 on 2nd, largest city was left to the k. l pill square is in the historic heart of tripoli. the 19th century architecture in a state of neglect, mismanagement than corruption. by those who have been governing for decades are blamed for the situation. now that all these beautiful monuments are important for us. but we are concerned with putting food on the table that these markets are what are known as suits are rich in history and culture. but tripoli is one of the poorest places in a country struggling with
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a collapse the economy. the crisis means more business for cobblers. there's extreme poverty in the 30. we're unemployment rates, reach 60 percent, and their hardship is getting worse. because politicians have done little to reverse the economic implosion. in the past, people threw away their old choose. they were able to afford new ones. now they can't even afford the cheapest pair of shoes. preserving traditions is also a challenge. the copper and brass business is a centuries old trade that is passed on from one generation to the next hello, hardy, and understood that we are barely working, few can afford breast. instead, they're buying aluminum and stainless steel. another old craft is so making, it's still being done by hand in this coastal city. but inside these ancient walls, people feel forgotten. since the end of the civil war in 1990,
6:44 pm
there has been no project to promote development. national have sierra city has the ability to learn taurus, whether foreign ali beneath x, yet the authorities have done nothing to preserve the historical monuments and bring life back to this place. centuries ago, this courtyard are what is known as a hand was a place where traders and travellers meet. today it is empty. tripoli is considered the 2nd most are logically important city from the mom look empire after the egyptian capital cairo, the month story mosque is among some of the structures remaining from that era. remnants from other ear. ready as well are found here, but tripling history is overshadowed by a turbulent recent past and a grim reality. seneca, there al shahida, tripoli, northern lebanon. there are under 159 days to go until the cotton, 2022 world camp. and the final countries to qualify,
6:45 pm
i have seen their flags raised unto has waterfront whales claimed the last to your pain spot while costa rica and australia made it through the inter continental playoffs. the long awaited tournament begins on november 21st. it'll be the largest sporting event in the middle east, which has ever hosted rather requiring and considerable security operation. our correspondent natasha can name has been taking a look at what's being done to ensure the regions. first world cup is a safe one. o, assistive mood of football fans on occasion devolves into awe tear gas pepper spray and to rust. as country prepares to host an estimated 1000000 fans 1st world cup in the middle east, security is paramount. the country size. it's 1st time hosting a mega sports event and the compact nature of 8 stadiums presents specific
6:46 pm
challenges. but the c e o of the international center for sport security says cutter has been preparing homework than a decade, and has a track record a posting smaller tournaments such as the asian cup. i don't the weakest state that the walker will happen in the counter to which is an unprepared in managing that say, exceptional a c to rituals. and in my view ball buddy deem da successfully the man thought the strife of cut out is that the, the war copping cutoff? he's a part of a, of a bigger and it's a vision cutter has been staging simulations and conducting training exercises for security forces. it's also partnering with countries including britain, spain, and turkey, to provide assistance ranging from proud control to counter terrorism measures. turkey is sending a team of more than 2200 people, including police officers and doctors, new york was attended to and as i think,
6:47 pm
and emily back teeth, it broke up as major event on its own. but having for the 1st time in katherine an a muslim country has responsibility on top of that items for our present, told us helping cutter is like hosting your brother's wedding, saying this is how excited we are at how much we want to help. a number of global safety indexes rank cut our at the top. last year 200000 fans attended the arab fee for camp is considered a successful stress test for caught our 2022. 0, and there's hope that perhaps this november's world cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics. natasha good aim l 0. doha. and we'll have plenty more on the south american countries that have qualified for cafe in that the 1st of our world cup countdown specials. that's coming up on saturday at 1630 jame take. and 4 years from now,
6:48 pm
the football world camp will be joining hosted by the united states, canada, and mexico. on thursday fif, announced the host to cities, kristen salamis, in new jersey, and reveals who made the con 2026 will be a 1st for the world cup with not one but 3 countries hosting the event, the united states, canada, and mexico fans came out here in new jersey, right across the water from new york city to hear the announcement of which cities will get that honor. and they weren't disappointed because new york and the new jersey area count as one i, when one of those prestigious spots other cities in the united states include seattle, san francisco, los angeles, dallas, kansas city, atlanta, houston, boston, philadelphia, and miami and mexico, guadalajara mexico city. and monterey, and in canada, vancouver and toronto,
6:49 pm
now which of those cities will host the prestigious final match that has yet to be decided? it will be announced in 2023. but i can tell you that officials here in the new york area are pushing hard for that on or who still ahead on a elgin 0, pedro will have more on the celebrations out to the golden state warriors clinched another in bay championship. ah, what is they've been doing with the money that it's boring? we bring you the stories and developments for the rapidly changing the world we live in argentina's. congress is debating and bill seeking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich poor families hit hard by counting nickels on al jazeera, joggers and new delhi take advantage of the relatively clear air. after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard,
6:50 pm
say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the corona virus and more depth from it. and no way in india situation worse than and delhi, the number of cases auto record eyes and what it does situation. the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of air pollution across 5 north indian state health experts. and environmentalists have been warning for months to the easing of the locked down would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those the cause of 19 ah ah ah, it's time of his bought his peter every thank you very much. the golden state warriors a celebrating they forced n b a championship in 8 years, the beat,
6:51 pm
the celtics in 6 games wrapping up the title on boston's own courts. david stokes reports the moment, very few experts predicted at the started the season. you did 2022 and be a champion after missing the playoffs. the last 2 years, the warriors are n b a champions. for the 1st time since 2018 carrion believed that we could get back to the stage and when, even if it didn't make sense to anybody when we started oddest of matters. and now, especially for special after being to one down in the finals against boston golden state, grab 3 straight wins clenching the series for to curry side stuff reporter. that's good. sorry. 6 game 6. steph curry, once again proved the difference for the war is top scoring with $34.00 points. sorry, for, for getting it. and the greatest 3 point shooter in m. b,
6:52 pm
a history was named finals m b p for the 1st time in the lustrous career. we've had so many great players, but stuff ultimately is why this ron has happened. head coach, steve kerr, has also been instrumental in helping the warriors win their full championship in 8 years along with curry raymond, green plate thompson and andre good dollar. and to think just 2 seasons ago, golden state finished with the worst record in the league. clearly remember some experts and talking heads putting up the big 0 army cherishes we would have gone for because everything that we went through. so we hear all that, you carry it all, and charter maintainer purpose well came. 6 was in boston, thousands of warriors fans pecked by homer reader in san francisco to celebrate that seemed denying the celtics attempts to win a record 18th and b a title just knowing how bad we wanted in coming up. short,
6:53 pm
terrible film, the celtics, and the, and i like is it still way out in front, on the all time list with 17 titles. but the warriors now have 7 breaking. it's hard with the chicago bulls the sole possession, a 3rd place that it's folks al jazeera. earlier we spoke to n b a broadcaster brandon scoop b robinson. and asked him about the legacy of steph curry. i think he's always been in the conversation of grace. i just think that i think in this generation, they're calling him one of the top point guards to ever play. but i think my parents generation and are more along the lines of the magic johnson's the as a thomas's, as far as that place. but i think staff is just different in this regard. he's a dual threat as a point, or he's not a traditional distributor,
6:54 pm
but he's legitimately, reggie miller and allen iverson in one. and i think in specifically in the hers system, it's still a collaborative effort within that warrior system that, that allow staff to play his game, which is also mid range, not just just shooting threes all day. so i think steph is in a unique situation that but they're both well for him. we'll number 296 m j duffy is the surprise co lead in the early stages of the 2nd round at the u. s . opening massachusetts, the unheralded south african, buried for the opening, safe and holds on friday to move into a 3 shot lead at brookline. he has since dropped a few shots but remains in time for the lead. duffy has never won a tournament on the p. j 2 and it's only finished in the top $53.00 times previously rip and it looks great about a fee for president johnny. and since he now has made the bold prediction that
6:55 pm
football will be the number one sport in the united states by 2026. that's the year the world cup will be hosted across 3 countries for the 1st time, the 16 venue for the tournament were announced on thursday 1130 in the us 3 in mexico and 2 in canada. the decision yates, on where the final will be staged or the key matches. the 2026 world cup will be expanded to $48.00 teams. i think this part of the world doesn't realize what will happen here in 2026. i mean, these 3 countries will be upside down and then flipped again. back up the world will be invading canada, mexico, and the united states. and to the level or which football or soccer will have here in north america, by the time and at the latest we've been woke up will be at
6:56 pm
a completely different level. what i say many times i want to say to you again, is this part of the world in this industry. countries, you know, from a, from, from many points of you were, you are leading the world in many areas in economy and all of that song. but in the number one sport in the world, which has soccer or football or you're not yet, and the objective must be that you will be needing the world as well in the walls. number one, support england have set a new one day international record for the highest score of the hammering 498 for, for against the netherlands near amsterdam. it's also the highest school in limited overs, cricket, domestic or international. the english also held the previous record and now hold the top 3 highest o'dee i. scores of all time. dalbert milan century means he now has hundreds in all 3 formats. full england cha spangler reached,
6:57 pm
he's turning 47 ball for the 2nd fast as 100 for england. he also has the fastest and 3rd fastest centuries formula. one returns to montreal this weekend for the 1st time in 3 years. the current of ours pandemic calls the canadian grand prix to be cancelled in the last few seasons. but it wasn't exactly a warm welcome for the drivers on thursday. a series of thunderstorms left the track and surrounding areas flooded. more showers are expected on friday and saturday, doing practice, and qualifying reigning champion max for stop and leads. the standing by 21 points from team it sergio perez, after a one to finish in baku last week. and finally, the new york yankees are enjoying a run of 14 straight winds at home. the latest victory was courtesy of a game ending home run from anthony research that gave a young. he's
6:58 pm
a to one victory of the tampa bay res. it's the longest home winning streak since 1961. i'll be re and later with more sports news until then see you later in the very much peter looking forward to it. all right, that's it for me. emily angland for this news hour, but don't go anyway. i'll be back in a minute with more the days me stay, stay with us. ah. this article so i will up on the line. national i is one on one. the had here to visit one of the cancel the union if austin bitten the from the says for yeah, the will and the back of his say yet can a little sob. is it done? well, i can get this out in the car. there's happened. see how that a person thought that valuable camella coffee and i can not pass on my gun a. i mean that a fee on the line is like a month for her party. i mean,
6:59 pm
for the 2nd law in the group say if i can tell you why did you even before fucking the book it's the you case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 cove at 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. when all that seemed to matter is the headlight is always 2 sides to a story. when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality,
7:00 pm
the leader on the one hand of the enemies of the leader. on the other hand, the listing post strips away the spin. what kind of reporting have you been seeing on the ground? miss information is right. less better the bias, a lot of people believe things because they want to believe uncovered the uncomfortable truths. do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case? a war, the listing post, alo, jazeera aah! protest is in india bern, trained carriages, and block highways as demonstrations escalate against a new military recruitment policy. ah, hello. i am emily anguish.


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