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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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tis and count to narrative's obscure reality. the leader on the wall held the enemies of the leader. on the other hand, the listing post strips away the spin. what kind of reporting a be missing on the ground? mis information is right. place bare the bias, a lot of people believe things because they want to believe a don covers the uncomfortable truths. do you think they did enough to scrutinize a case, a war? the listing, boast, alo, jesse era, protest is in india have been trained carriages and block highways as demonstrations escalate against a new military recruitment policy. ah . hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from dough house are coming up,
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ukrainians are ready to die. for the european perspective. we want them to live with us. ukraine takes a step closer to becoming a member of the european union, but russia calls it manipulation. the remains of the bullet to kill the al jazeera janice sharina abu acclaim. expert say it's widely used by israeli forces and from london to leon and unseasonably early hate way has hit much of hearing ah begin the program in india where at least one person has been killed in violent protests against a new military recruitment program. there have been demonstrations across several states at the moment. a young recruits are automatically offered a permanent rome, but the new policy means most of them will be let go from the military,
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after serving just for years without a pension or benefits, have the middle reports from new jelly. angry protests set the strain on file across india. some had van location, block road and torched buses demanding the government withdraw the new recruitment policy for the military. 9 times a lot. exams have been postponed at least 196 march 2020. now this exam will be canceled because of the new scheme. why are the executing the same? what will be due after 4 years of service? and you'll find that those who are medically and physically should be examined again. and the order of recruitment should be started. we completely object to the tour of duty real to india has one of the largest militaries in the world. it employs nearly one and a half 1000000 people. a new recruitment policy in to bring down the average age of soldiers from 32 to 26. and reduce expenditure on salaries. soldiers will now be
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hired for 4 years. only top recruits, we get a permanent job with health benefits and a pension. regarding this option, the government says this will improve the military, are going to protect your army. under the new scheme, the indian youth will get an opportunity to serve in the indian armed forces. this scheme has been brought in for strengthening national security and to proven opportunity for military service for our use of our chaco, my good credit. but the backlash has been growing in peace and do one person was killed in the violence. official have shut down the internet in some areas. the government says off to the service recruit will be given a preference for jobs insecurity. forces like to police experts point out this policy comes when economic recovery is slow and unemployment remain. hi, analis davis overhaul with help upgrade equipment, but have criticize its timing and implementation. it's not altogether a bad step, but there are problems with the way it is being implemented. and the biggest of the
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problems seems to be that they will still be left with the unemployment problem. wendy's foyer. so bisbee book, the dia, the in the foyer, recruitment under the new scheme is set to begin next week. but after the backlash, the government has now raised the maximum is $223.00, but only for this year, bathroom at the out of the rock, your daily news in your commission is recommending ukraine, an moldova, as candidates for european union membership. it's the 1st step in a lengthy process before the full status within the european union can be achieved . in the view of the commission, ukraine has clearly demonstrated the countries aspiration and the countries
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determination to live up to european values and standards. ukraine before the war had already embarked on its way towards the european union for 8 years now. it had already been gradually moving closer to our union by russia has accused the you of manipulating ukraine by promising membership shall strap. it has more from keith. this process is going to take a very long time. also, i think the ukrainians are very aware of what sir. many pundits and analysts say is the beginnings of a more apparent split amongst e. you states as to whether indeed ukraine is ready for some sort of candidacy, candidacy status and countries in western europe such as the netherlands, portugal and denmark very much seen is saying that ukraine is not yet ready, but
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a lot of pressure coming from the baltic states and eastern european countries saying, look, we've got to start this process. now, let's give ukraine a chance. of course, the big question is, is what this really means, or what kind of reaction we're going to potentially see from moscow to this bid for e u membership. in the last 24 hours, the kremlin spokesman dmitri pess. gov. i said that moscow is monitoring ukraine's e u membership bid closely specifically in relation to increased cooperation militarily with european countries. let's not forget that one of the reasons why it moscow said, and it believed that vladimir putin gave the go ahead for an invasion of this country, was because in his eyes, ukraine is russia's sphere of influence. so any move further west, any move towards europe and nato countries inside europe is going to be potentially
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perceived as a, as only adding to that sense of freight that vladimir putin says, threatens russia. a while british prime minister barak johnson is visiting he for the 2nd time in just over 2 months. ukrainian president full of music landscape price, the u. k. 4 is resolute support. johnson offered a launch to launch a major training program for ukrainian soldiers to ladies. also discuss supplies of heavy weapons and economic support. ukraine has announced it will stop russians from entering the country without a visa beginning. next month. president lansky said the decision will improve border security in the way of most those invasion and movies lashley symbolic though, as the border is officially closed during the 2 of the news now. and there were wanting government says each shot dead, a congo, a soldier who crossed the border and shot paypal. the soldiers thought he was returned to the eastern congo, a city of going, ma'am,
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he reportedly injured to wanton police officers and civilians. the congolese government nath is closed, the border funeral have been held as some of the people killed in an attack on a church in nigeria. only of this month at least $41.00 people died in a mass shooting at the st. francis catholic church and the government has blamed in i thought, linked group, which is here is an interest. is there nipple? yeah. the y y will be the company in the middle of the town. many might be done, but i've been arrested connection where you wouldn't be charged to re enroll into the funeral service because we also told other people of
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this once again, i've been buried by the family taken away by the by with away from me being offended by dignitaries from the shows really just leader from the public sector. i want to watch what been affected by going. i don't want to go. one of the fridge was mentioning that, how long was this recall? big incident violence. the get in the people that i've been, i didn't think that they weren't questioning. why should move this up because of the night of the rain in the to china now which has launched a new high tech aircraft carrier. it's the nation's 3rd. but the 1st to be both
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designed and built inside the country. the government is trying to overhaul its navy, which is the largest in the world. katrina you has moved from beijing. the food gen will join to previous a craft carry as cold, the yawning, and the shan don't. and it seen as a major leap forward for china's navy, which is already the biggest navy in the world when it comes to number of ships. although most of these vessels are small vessels. now, china does have very big ambitions, low when it comes to its navy, its planning, at least 6 aircraft carriers strike groups by 2035 domestically. this is being seen as a big boost to national pride is a big step forward when it comes to china's military prow west. but it's also very significant when you look at the current geopolitical situation in the waters surrounding china, specifically in the south china sea. now if you look at taiwan,
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for example, there's brewing tensions. there. taiwan is a democratically self ruled island bay. ging sees it as robe, chinese territory, and chinese president, she jin, paying has said a number of times that it will be re unified with the mainland peacefully, preferably but by force if necessary. so for sure, this growing stepped forward when it comes to chinese navy, china's navy is going to be seen as an increasing threat for taiwan. it's also significant when you look at the growing rivalry with the u. s. the u. s. and the but in administration, in particular, has been moving to strengthen its ties with asia pacific countries. specifically to counter china's growing influence in the region. and it's growing military might still ahead on al jazeera electioneering in france is hitting favorite pitch as candidates vying to sates in the national assembly gear up to the 2nd round of voting on sunday. and we're looking at how lebanon's economic crisis is making it
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difficult to preserve all traditions. ah true. he has begun the, the full world copies on its way to cancel brookhill travel package to the hi there. thanks for joining in. great to see. let's begin this weather report in pakistan. roll pen d and punch out province prima soon. storms here, it's looking more like a hurricane and i got to tell you the risk is still there on saturday. we'll see more of this activity pop up for that northern sites. the buckets done the winds while they're blowing around the sand in dust, as we look west to east through central portions of buckets down. now here's where those months soon reins are right now, cutting across the goods that we're seeing that rain fill in from up the production to production, blanketed in brain from go karnataka right through in to caroline. now for india as far northeast state of san there's been some deadly landslides. here after more
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than a meter of rain has fallen or the past week 2 weeks. and we still have heavy rain coming out. shoot through bangladesh, west bank all into be har. on saturday. the pung brains are season rains in southern china, have killed at least 17 people there because of land slides that activity happening from the yangtze river valley toward the south, north of that sunshine chung joe. at 39 degrees and japan, you're going to duck in dodge this latest round of plum rains. just eastern portions getting clipped here. so chicago and that southeast corner of hans you tokyo's got to have 29 degrees on saturday cas official airline of the journey. got one of the boston growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough for trade and money. skillfully myself,
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3 key areas up to about filling a promise of connecting the, connecting the future while the cato got to gateway to whoa trade. ah ah, hello, you're watching out his ear. i'm emily ang, when he is a reminder of our top stories, his, our one person is dead in a 3rd day of protests in india, against a change to military recruitment policies. most new recruits will be limited to 4 years on the job without pension is his anger. those who were hoping to join the you commission is recommending ukraine and moldova as candidates for european union
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membership. the 1st step in a long process thought it's on the condition that ukraine carries out a number of reform. and there were wandering. government says each shot dead at cali soldier across the border and shot people. the soldiers body was returned to the eastern city of goma. the congolese government now says it is close to its quarter. al jazeera has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that killed alcholay sharina o'clock last month. the palestinian american was short and the head bies, rally forces while she was on assignment in the occupied west bank. many in the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an independent investigation. i said bag has his report. the remains of the bullet that killed journalists cheering blackly. this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows the type of ammunition used to kill the veteran of the journalist
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and the occupied west bank last month. according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m for rifle. when we simulated the green tip bullet using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharina life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered, the lower part of cheering her ricocheted off her helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact, fact who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which strain were standing. and that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. as a result that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were
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a number of rounds, it struck lack tray. and that she was also hit that indicate that she it looked very much like she was been targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video. we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharin uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist doing her job justice assuring is yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her. why was she shot despite been clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat. what made an israeli soldier target her from such
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a short range? all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and l just a media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharing a black. like i said, bake jazeera. the more in this that's bringing agnes kalamazoo. she is the secretary general of amnesty international and joined us from london. agnes, thanks so much for being on the program. amnesty international is calling for an independent inquiry just as al jazeera isn't of the human rights organizations are . what would that investigation into schraner death look like and what details need to be ironed out for it to proceed? a sense almost, i want to highlight how deeply are tombly and though the work and the investigation that you have conducted and isa is finding. and the fact that someone actually re abdur a claim was,
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are working for angela. she was an icon of for the palestinian population for the middle east or pollution. she was seemingly or keanda or in a fairly direct and targeted way all of these. and she was wearing a vest, you know, pointing out to her as an, as, as a representative of the, of the press corps, all of these point to a situation and a killing, which is extremely concerning. which is in keeping the with the pattern of unlawful killings of palestinian in the occupied territory. that amnesty, a lot of them are documented and the need for an independent impartial investigation has never been higher than,
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than in the current term situation. that investigation should clarify the circumstances of the killing. it should clarify. oh, who pulled the trigger? why? oh, was sheree seemingly killed in the way she was killed? possibly. targeted was she found it to your journalist asked her very valid question. that investigation can be carried out to and by the international criminal court because the killing of shearing, letting been very clearly stated, is a war crime. unless such must be carried an investigation should be included and could be carried out by the international criminal court. the investigation could also be carried out by the commission of inquiry of the united nation, which as
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a broad mandate and could investigate that particular king andy, although unlawful killings in the o p t. so how does the when dealing ways press freedom? the special have alternative ways of violence against truman. the special have also dealing with the situation in the occupied territories. all of them as a mandate and the possibility to carry out this form of investigation. though there are different avenues that are possible. agnes, you mentioned there, the international criminal court, how important is their role and the evidence that is brought to them? no, for our audience who may not be familiar with the role of the i c say, how do they fit into this investigation? well, the international criminal court as a mandate to investigate war crimes committed in and on the occupied territories. and that mandate as not to be activated
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yet to this day. but the prosecutor, the, the previous prosecutor of the international criminal court as made the decision that there we have sufficient evidence to mandate to require that the i c, c carried out a full investigation. it is now up to the current, a prosecutor of the i. c, c, to activate that decision. it is extremely important. the situation in the occupied territories is one of great concern. it is characterized by also keys by arbitrary tension, by the, you know, violations of freedom of movement are impossible reach your family. or even if you cation allegation, an act of torture and so on and so forth. if the killing of she really is
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part of that back to this is why the i c c could focus on that particular killing as part of law as a symbolic or all other kidneys taking place in the o t t. indeed, let, let me remind you maybe that the international federation of jonah is the ballast indian, jonah, the sandy kid, the international center of justice for palestinians. i asked, i submitted a new complaint to the i. c. c. about about the killings of sharing here in the u. k. down the street chambers, which is a very well known legal firm. what human rights. some is assisting those a fort so that the phone complaint can be delivered to the international criminal court. you know, they're fully i, c,
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c to take on that case would be would send a full meter boy crucial message that i, you know, that, that the, the, i can fight system which allowed not only for the killing or sharing, but for the puny for that healing that these cannot go on and that they are actors that are prepared to denounce, to act, to dismantle the system that allows the king of sherry, and which is now a being further enforced by the impunity, which is already seeking to push forward. ok, we have to leave it there unfortunately for another time, but we appreciate your insights. agnes calamine, the secretary general of amnesty international. thanks here in science. thank you very much. the u. k. government has approved the extradition of wiki leagues founder join assigned to the us to face spying charges wiki late. the move
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represents adopt day suppressed freedom, and that assange will appeal for more than a decade. he's either been in prison or in diplomatic refuge. the us is the feeling assange for his role in releasing hundreds of thousands of classified monetary documents. we can expect to see more hate waves in the future, and they'll start earlier. that's the warning from the un and it comes as part of europe faces, extremely hot temperatures. friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year in britain. as a hate wave sweeps across europe, temperatures in the united kingdom is set to hit 34 degrees celsius me back, or has more from london. well, this is the hottest june in the u. k since 1976. and that raises some big questions about a how countries like the u. k, is meant to be a cold, northern european country is able to adapt in the coming years, how it's economy and his health system will fair going forward. a similar situation
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in paris, the temperature, there's $37.00 and in spain, the capital madrid, it's $44.00 degrees. a big concern for the authorities there about the elderly and the young. be able to handle that kind of extremes of temperature, as well as introduce told smith, who's there from the climate action group extinction rebellion you may remember of course extinction. rebellion being responsible for major shut down of central london several years ago, are protesting against perceived inaction by governments, and by big business talk. thanks so much for joining us in the searing heat here. can i start by asking you where the own us lies when it comes to controlling climate change? we're often told as individuals to put on a jumper and avoid cranking up the, the heating in the winter. we're told to invest in electric cars. but what else needs to be done, so make sure that change happens across the board. yeah,
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thank you nave. i'm in the fossil fuel industry, coined the term carbon footprint to make the owners on the individual. but really of course, this is a systemic issue. the un secretary general was ever or any, any country that continues to pursue new fossil fuel investments. very dangerous radical is not climb address. and today for the sector gym was ever an a fossil fuel firms or finances. i bet essentially got humanity by the throat is a massive, quite violent term knology and you know that they continue to to fail us. meanwhile, flash floods have hit the chinese city of hobbin. flat water raged 80 centimeters in some parts of the city. a glow thought he say they're working to remove water and debris from straits several provinces across southern china have also launched emergency flood responses. decades of mismanagement and corruption have led to the new collapse of lebanon's political system and its economy no way is
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that more evident than in tripling successive governments are blamed for neglecting . it's rich heritage st. honda reports from the city's ancient 6 this gift from an ottoman full time is from a different time. before 11 on 2nd, largest city was left to d. k. l pill square is in the historic heart of tripoli. the 19th century architecture in a state of neglect, mismanagement, and corruption by those who have been governing for decades are blamed for the situation. now, that all these beautiful monuments are important for us, but we are concerned with putting food on the table. these markets are what are known as soups, are written, history and culture. but tripoli is one of the poorest places in a country struggling with a collapse the economy. the crisis means more business for cobblers, thursday, stream poverty in the city where unemployment rates reach 60 percent,
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and their hardship is getting worse. because politicians have done little to reverse the economic implosion. in the past, people threw away their old choose. they were able to afford new ones. now they can't even afford the cheapest pair of shoes. preserving traditions is also a challenge. the copper and brass business is a centuries old trade that is passed on from one generation to the next. hello, hello, i'm still here, but we are barely working, few can afford breast. instead they're buying aluminum and stainless steel. another old craft is so making, it's still being done by hand in this coastal city. but inside these ancient walls, people feel forgotten. since the end of the civil war in 1990, there has been no project to promote development, but not have the yeah, the city has the ability to learn taurus,
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whether foreign ali bernice x. yet the authorities have done nothing to preserve the historical monuments and bring life back to this place. centuries ago, this courtyard are what is known as a hand was a place where traders and travellers meet. today it is empty. typically is considered the 2nd most are to logically important city from the mom. look empires after the egyptian capital cairo, the month story mosque is among some of the structures remaining from that era. remnants from other ears as well are found here. but tripoli, history is overshadowed by a turbulent recent past and a grim reality center for their shoes. either tripoli, northern lebanon, ah, hello, are you watching? how does era, these are the stories we're following this hour? one person is dead in a 3rd day of protests in india.


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