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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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discover a world of difference and determination. i'm jumping you about with me. we are moving freedom shot soldiers among the 16 people, corruption, and compassion. al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of troubles. ah, protest as in india, burn, train carriages and block highways as demonstrations escalate against a new military recruitment policy? ah. hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from dough house are coming up. a congolese
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soldier is shot dead inside were one day in the latest escalation intentions. he's accused of gunning down a wand and forces one step closer to you membership the european commission backs ukraine and mold overs beads to join the blog and from london to leon. and unseasonably early hate wave has hit much of europe. ah, we begin the program in india where at least one person has been killed in violent protests against a new military recruitment program. there have been demonstrations across several states at the moment. young recruits are automatically offered a permanent rome, but the new policy means most of them will be let go from the military. after serving just for years without a pension or benefits have new middle explains from you. demi. angry
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protests set the strain on file across india. some had van location, block road and torched buses demanding the government withdraw the new recruitment policy for the military. 9 times a lot. exams have been postponed at least 9 times since march 2020. now this exam will be canceled because of the new scheme. why are the executing the screen? what will be due after 4 years of service? you're by. those who are medical in because it can be fixed, should be examined again, and the order of recruitment should be started. we completely object to the tour of duty real pickles. india has one of the largest militaries in the world. it employs nearly one and a half 1000000 people, a new recruitment policy in to bring down the average age of soldiers from 32 to 26, and reduce expenditure on salary. soldiers will now be hired for 4 years. on the top recruits, we get a permanent job with health benefits and a pension regarding this, i'm sure the government says this will improve the military,
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are going to protect your army. under the new scheme, the indian youth will get an opportunity to serve in the indian armed forces. this scheme has been brought in for strengthening national security and to proven opportunity for military service for our use, our chocolate, my company. but the backlash has been growing in recent days. one person was killed and the violence officials have shut down the internet. in some areas. the government says also the service recruit will be given a preference for jobs insecurity. forces like to police experts point out this policy comes when economic recovery is slow and unemployment remain. hi, analis davis overhaul with help upgrade equipment, but have criticize its timing and implementation. it's not altogether a bad step, but there are problems with the way it is being implemented. and the biggest of the problems seems to be that they will still be left with the unemployment problem.
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when these foyer service be booked, retired, the end of foil recruitment under the new scheme is set to begin next week. but after the backlash, the government has now raised the maximum is to $23.00, but only for this young bathroom. at the, out of the rock you dolly, the democratic republic of congo has closed its shape border with we're wonder early other a one to government said it short day to conduct a soldier who cross the border from the eastern city of gorman. he reported they opened fire on police officers and civilians. the soldiers body was lighter, were turned to authorities in going over the line. the st says his body was driven through the city in an ambulance. there was no web has been covering developments from nairobi and rwanda's, omi, uncommonly police station to the border. both said that a commonly soldier wolf from congo, towards rwanda firing a weapon. rwandan soldier opened fire on him,
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killing him on the spot to the exchange of fire, followed between the forces on the 2 sides of the border. this border is within the joint cities of goma and said he is easily crowded with pedestrians and cause crossing both ways. throughout the day. some civilians were we've had court in the crossfire and injured now just 2 days before the exact same place. thousands of congo leaves march towards rwanda's border saying they wanted to deal with london president polka, gummy, who they blame for decades of military aggression. anything, congress follows an escalation of violence recently in the north key, the province between the n 23 and group widely seen as a london proxy and the congo lease army, physical, vast mineral wealth, anything congo. but in this particular part of the country, control of trade routes along which those minerals can travel. and the strategic
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border points. the n 23 for one to deny the supporting but nobody in congress seems to believe that the government says this is in fact just an extension of run the military. they for the communist government 10 years ago they were defeated just in november last year. they started launching a series of tax again, homeless army has struggled to contain them. tension between rwanda and the democratic republic of congo has been simmering for decades. let's take a closer look. one to says the congolese government gave refuge to ethnic hutus. carried out the 994, were wondering genocide and the light, 991 to send its troops into connelly's territory, where they joined. forces with rebel laid at low wrong could be la to depose. then president mobutu assess a secor, the suing conflict. killed millions of people. the 2 neighbors have long accused each other of supporting various factions in eastern congo. this year,
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the m $23.00 rebel group launched a renewed offensive. and the congress government accuses were one of supporting the group for more in the store. let's bring in mikaela wrong, who is an author an africa analyst, and joins us from london. mikaela, thanks so much for being on the program. before we look at the latest incident, can you give us a for the context into this decades old tension between rwanda and the well, it really dates back to the last is a duty as a psycho who was the president of what was then the is my whole democratic republic of congo, and he sort of ruled a year, but didn't really control it all off to the genocide. in rwanda, they were, they were tens of thousands of, of rwanda's who fled into east and congo. take with them when the people who had committed the genocide and the army and they set up this huge camps in east, in the key views, and then counter attack the people that the armed extremist,
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within those council accounts for attacking rwanda to the certain states. the ruins created basically a rebel movement, the f d l, and they marched across congo. and not only did they break up the cans and destroy that, but that, that, that those focuses of attack of hostility. but they also took oldsmar due to says cycle. so ever since and really did that whole area, has been extremely fragile, extremely unstable, that they've been all sorts of groups that have been supported by the, the rwandans, also by the u gannons across the way. and really in this free for old, it's been a scrap as much about until corresponds to saying it's, it's been a scrap about mineral wealth and timber, and coffee go diamonds. all of that area of congress, incredibly rich and natural assets. and you can, and rwanda have helped themselves,
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and in the process they come to blows with each other in the 2 thousands. they were fighting each other in the town of kissing ghani. so it, there's a sense to which congress doesn't control. it's on territory. and it's 2 neighbors sort of make the most of that. and then they say, well, this has nothing to do with us. this is just congolese rebel forces. but those rebel forces are getting in touch with the support of neighboring states. so given how complex the region is and also what's happened just in the last few days, how likely is it that this could result in war between these 2 countries? what could happen next? that will be the big fear of people who watch congo, because that's what happened in the 2 thousands. and you had gotten an army in the rwandan on the, on the opening far on each other and it got very, very nasty indeed. i gather the analysts very hard, but the n 23, which has its extraordinary new energy and every one of the companies
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that rwanda is living at new weapons, new arms. everyone is that it's going to seize goma, which is a large town on a key hub, 670000 people live. and that would change the balance of power in the region. so it's very, very tense moments, and i see that a lot of rhetoric and he took the rest of it is of course, you know, seen is running rwanda and a lot of used to live in eastern congo. and they are getting targeted by indigenous companies who claim rwanda. what is happening in the area and there are many, many thousands of refugees now who have tried that really just because the violence has got extreme. we know that the town of when a gone, for example, has fallen to the n 23. so it's a very serious situation. i guess i wanted to pick up on that last point that you made about how people are being impacted. what's happening at people having to flee these areas because of tensions and you know,
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a people ending up displaced in the region. yes. a lot of displaced within congo we were talking about a week ago we were talking about 72000 displace. i'm sure it's more now because the fighting has got worse. there will also there are also currently displaced people fleeing into uganda because there's been fighting at the border post. have been a gonna and i think what i find really ironic is this is exactly the moment at which britain is supposed to be sending a failed asylum seekers to rwanda to settle and start new peaceful lives. and yet we see that the area isn't in tumult. and is this extremely fragile situation? you know, what's going on at the border is about if you are to do it to graphically and not have to deal with or to post a gonna, you could do that. but driving for us, goma is even closer to kigali, so that people who be going the heads of government, that the presidents, who and prince charles, who would be flying to he golly,
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to attend the commonwealth summit. next week will be within, you know, half a day's drive from where all of this violence has only exploded and it's an extraordinary time for this rebel movement to, to have unleashed, or this one certainly sounds like there are plenty of moving parts to this story. mikaela just briefly before i let you go or other countries in the region, you sort of mentioned it earlier getting involved in the situation of a calming it down, or are they actually inflaming tensions? well, they would like to comment, dan ko, it's now a member of the east african community. and the canyon president who kenyatta has been talking about sending a regional force to the area. the trouble is that in the east african community, you have rwanda. you have the d, r c and you have uganda, and they're all parties to this. that violence is taking place in that part of the world. so if it was to be original full, st. applying across the area, presumably would have to be made up simply of kenyon sometimes means that they
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wouldn't be able to invoke those 3 countries because they're already involved and trading accusations. so it's a very difficult one for the east african community to deal with because it is so embroiled itself. well, we really appreciate you breaking down for us in your analysis, michaela wrong and author and africa. analysts. thanks for joining us tonight. thank you. ah. the your commission is recommending ukraine, m moldova as candidates figure pain, union membership. it's the 1st step in a lengthy process before full status within the european union can be achieved. in the view of the commission, ukraine has clearly demonstrated the country's aspiration and the country's determination. to live up to european values and standards ukraine before the war had already embarked on its way towards the european union for 8 years
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now, it had already been gradually moving closer to ours union out his errands. charles stratford is in cave. he says moscow will likely feel threatened by ukraine moving closer to you membership. this process is going to take a very long time. also, i think the ukrainians are very aware of what sir. many pundits and analysts say is the beginnings of a more apparent split amongst e you states as to whether indeed ukraine is ready for some sort of candidate candidacy status. countries in western europe such as the netherlands, portugal and denmark very much seen is saying that ukraine is not yet ready, but a lot of pressure coming from the baltic states and eastern european countries saying look, we've got to start this process. now, let's give ukraine a chance. of course, the big question is, is what this really means,
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or what kind of reaction we're going to potentially see from moscow to this bid for e u membership. in the last 24 hours, the criminal spokesman dmitri prescott has said that moscow is monitoring ukraine's e. u membership been closely specifically in relation to increased cooperation militarily with european countries. let's not forget that one of the reasons why moscow said, and it's believed that vladimir putin gave the go ahead for an invasion of this country, was because in his eyes, ukraine is russia's sphere of influence. so any move further west, any move towards europe and nato countries inside europe is going to be potentially perceived as a, as only adding to that sense of threat that vladimir putin says and threatens russia. a mob british prime minister barak johnson is visiting came for the 2nd
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time in just as it's a man's ukrainian president. folemi zalinski price b, u. k. for its resolute support for the contain the u. k. has already given keith hundreds of millions of dollars in military and humanitarian mass. still ahead on al jazeera, china launches its food aircraft carrier and what's being described as a major military overhaul. ah, ah. you're locked into your weather update for the middle east africa hired one. great to see you. so the wind still a factor through the radium peninsula on saturday. this is blowing down from iraq starting around the sand and does now for doha. is winds will eventually back off as we look towards sundays. so we seek us 45 kilometers per hour on saturday. there we go. 25 on sunday. but the winds are going to shift around out of the east. so
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the humidity is going to bump in big time filling about 52 on monday and the extended forecast all next week. looks like we've got human x values in the low to mid fifty's. now we've had some big storms pre monsoon storms and pakistan. this is role pin d and punjab. providence looking more like a hurricane here in the situation likely to be repeated as we look toward the forecast on saturday that activity around punjab province of pakistan. then from west to east, we've got a lot of sand in dust being spun around because there's some quite powerful winds there. turkey, things quite down. know just a few showers, not too far away from arthur on saturday, getting up to 27 degrees. and the bulk of the activity for central africa round that eastern side of the democratic republic of congo and another. busy france marches into the western cape, so for cape town when guts of 70 kilometers per hour. on saturday. the
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frank assessments, you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries. what is the situation? there's only one doctor, and when nurse, i need to have informed opinions how big this foreign policy figure in the early stages of abundant invitation, he comes to office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience. in depth analysis of the days global headlines. how will a place like give live, get the vaccine when there's no money at all? the rest of the rich countries are fighting for the inside story on al jazeera. ah ah. ah. i like watching on to 0. i'm emily, and when he's a reminder about top stories, this one person is did in a 3rd day of protest in india against
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a change to military recruitment policies you recruit will be limited to for you from a job without pension. this is anger. those who are hoping to join the rwandan government says it's short day to congo, a soldier who crossed the border from me to the city is going up. he reportedly open fire on police offices and civilians. democratic republic of congo has now closed the shed border, which were wanda and the european commission is recommending ukraine m as candidate for a membership. the 1st step in a long process its own the condition that ukraine carries out a number of reforms. us president joe biden says he will not make saudi arabia's crown prince one on one during his visit to the country next month by the hands, been facing criticism after the white house announced his trip to rent. he once van
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to make saudi arabia a parias days after the death of journalists jamal could show jean. i'm not going to be with them. yes, i'm going to a international meeting. if you're going to be part of it, just like there are people part of the discussion today. now dra 0 has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet killed alcoholic sharina. last month. the palestinian american was shot in the head by israeli forces, or she was on assignment in the occupied west bank. many in the international community have condemned to killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. as a bank has the detail, the remains of the bullet that killed journalists cheering. actually, this image is being broadcast for the 1st time and shows a type of ammunition used to kill the veteran algebra journalist and the occupied westbank last month. according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m for rifle. when we simulated a green tip bullet using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts,
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the munition that ended sharina life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered the lower part of hearing head to avoid ricocheted of her helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact, fact who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strikes on the tree next to which terrain was standing. that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. as a result, a fight that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were a number of rounds that struck that tray. and she was also hit that indicate that she it looked very much like she was been targeted time. we have used 3 d models to
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identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video. we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets open source data supports the fact the israeli especially unit accused of shooting sharin uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist doing her job justice for sharing, yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her. why was she shut despite being clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat, was made in israeli soldier, target her from such a short range. all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and al jazeera media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing
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of sharing a blackly. i said big i 0 and the agnes kellum. i is the secretary general law of amnesty international. she reiterated calls for greater investigation into sharina, killing the need for an independent impartial investigation as never being higher than the current situation. that investigation should clarify the circumstances of the killing. it should clarify who pulled the trigger. why was sheree seemingly killed in the way she was killed? possibly targeted was she found it to the alternate ask for very valid question. that investigation can be carried out who and by the international criminal court. because the killing of shearing let you've been
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very clearly stated is a war crime. and as such, must be carried an investigation should be included and could be carried out by the international criminal court. the investigation could also be carried out by the commission of inquiry of the united nation, which as a bald man and could investigate that particular king. and indeed, although unlawful killings in the o t t is sure how does the when dealing with a press freedom, the special a violence against women special have a situation in the occupied territories. all of them as a mandate and the possibility to carry out this form of investigation. though they all different avenues that are possible. allison in officials say at least 3 men
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have been killed by israeli forces during a ride in the occupied west bank. well then 8 others were injured during the operation. crowds of mourners carry their bodies through the city of to name is riley. army says it was searching for weapons. they have. they need daily rain in the occupied west bank since a string of attacks earlier this year. the killed in 19 people in israel. abraham has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. the root cause of escalation here in the occupied to the bank is the continuing israeli occupation of palestinian labs, which we see it's manifested in daily nightly rates by israeli forces to palestinian cities. this is why we've been talking to palestinians in janine in the past few weeks and months and they say they have to flight the israeli occupation. jeannine itself has arm has weapons. but the general population here in the palestinian
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territories do not have access to weapons. and these really forces are saying that that car, that had the 3 men had shot at the horses and they lead through from the and shot at killing the 3 palestinian, one of them 23 year old use of the law. his brother was killed also by israeli forces fire, but he was then imprisoned by israel and i was ready jail. so that gives you an idea. who is the party is that is throwing up the situation and causing escalation . and this comes the time before and expected visits of the us president to bite into the area. and we've heard that report to be the u. s. has asked this rule to dial down tension and escalation in the occupied with bank with the killing of the palestinians. we know that these really forces are not heading towards a calm situation at all. china's launched a new high tech, a craft carry i. it's the nation's 3rd,
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but the 1st to be both designed and built inside the country. the government is trying to overhaul its navy, which is the largest in the world. katrina, you has moved from banking to the food general joint que, previous craft carriers called the downing and the shan dong. net seen as a major leap forward for china's navy, which is already the biggest navy in the world when it comes to number of ships. although most of these vessels are small vessels. now, china does have very began missions, or when it comes to its navy, its planning, at least 6 aircraft carriers strike groups by 2035 domestically. this is being seen as a big boost to national pride. the big step forward when it comes to china's military pro west, but it's also very significant when you look at the current geopolitical situation or in the waters surrounding china, specifically in the south china sea. now if you look at taiwan, for example,
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the growing tensions there tie one of the democratically self ruled island, beijing sees it as a robe. chinese characters and chinese presidents, gigi, and paying has said a number of times that will be re unified with the mainland, peacefully, preferably but by force if necessary. so for sure, this growing step forward when it comes to chinese navy, china navy is going to be seen as an increasing threat for taiwan. it's also significant when you look at the growing rivalry with the us, the us, the but in administration, in particular, has been moving to strengthen its ties with asia pacific countries. specifically to counter china is growing influence in the region and it's growing military life. a level 3 hate alert is in place for london and the south and east of england friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year in the u. k. as a heat wave sweeps across much of europe, temperatures in britain, a set to hit 34 degrees celsius ne baka has moved from london. this is the hottest
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june in the u. k since 1976. and that raises some big questions about a how countries like the u. k, is meant to be a cold, northern european country is able to adapt in the coming years, how it's economy and his health system will fair going forward. a similar situation in paris, the temperature, there's $37.00 and in spain, the capital madrid, it's $44.00 degrees. a big concern for the authorities there about the elderly and the young. be able to handle that kind of extremes of temperature as well as introduce told smith, who's there from the climate action group extension rebellion. you may remember, of course, extension rebellion being responsible for major shut down of central london several years ago. are protesting against perceived inaction by governments, and by big business at all. thanks so much for joining us in the searing heat here . can i start by asking you where the onus lies when it comes to controlling
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climate change. we're often told as individuals to put on a jumper and avoid cranking up the the heating in the winter were told to invest in electric cars, but what else needs to be done? so make sure that change happens across the board. yeah, thank you nave. i'm in the fossil fuel industry, coined the term carbon footprint to make the onus on the individual. but really of course, this is a systemic issue. the un secretary general was ever or any, any country that continues to pursue new fossil fuel investments. very dangerous radical is not climb address and today the sector gem was ever an a fossil fuel firms or finances. a sense you got humanity by the throat is a massive quite violent tom, norah g and yeah that they continue to to fail us. ah .


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