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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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own us lies when it comes to controlling climate change. we're often told as individuals to put on a jumper and avoid cranking up the, the heating in the winter. we're told to invest in electric cars. but what else needs to be done to make sure that change happens across the board? yeah, thank you, native, i mean, the fossil fuel industry coined the term carbon footprint to make the owners on the individual. but really, of course, this is a systemic issue. the un secretary general sofa, or any, any country that continues to pursue new fossil fuel investments, very dangerous radical is not crime at risk. and today, the sector general said the fossil fuel firms or finances. but since you got humanity by the throat, and obviously the last of quite violent terminology and that they continue to, to fight last. ah,
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hello. are you watching out here? these the top stories this hour on person is dead in a 3rd day of protest in india. against new military recruitment policies, most new recruits will be limited to 4 years on the job without tension. a democratic republic of congo has closed its shared border with were wander. earlier there were ones in government said it shot dead, a congolese soldier who crossed the border from eastern city of coma, a reportedly opened fire on police officers and civilians. the soldiers body was later were turned to authorities in goma. it's the latest escalation intentions between the countries. how to zeros malcolm web found this report from no been rwanda's army uncommonly play station at the border. both said that a commonly soldier wolf from congo, towards rwanda firing a weapon. rwandan soldier opened fire on him, killing him on the spot to the exchange of fire, followed between the forces on the 2 sides of the board of his border is within the
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joint cities of goma and said he is easily crowded with pedestrians and cars crossing both ways throughout the day, some civilians were we've had caught in the crossfire and injured. the european commission is recommending ukraine and mol. dover is candidates for a membership. it's the 1st step in a long process. both countries have been asked to carry out a number of reform. funerals have been help with some of the people killed in an attack on a church in nigeria earlier this month. at least 41 people died in a mesh shooting and a church in the government has blamed an ice, a link to group the length of launched an investigation. and we can expect to see more hate waves in the future. and they'll start earlier that warning from the us comes in, parts of europe are experiencing extremely high temperatures. friday is expected to be the hottest day of the invoice, and those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin. the news continues here on al
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jazeera, after inside story to stay with us. we understand the differences, similarity of cultures across the world. so no matter what, i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i'll dizzy around the bullet that killed al jazeera journalist, serene apple antony, is revealed. it's adding to mounting evidence that a special is really military unit, is responsible. well, this force israel in to taking action and who can conduct a transparent investigation? this is insight story ah
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hello and welcome to the program. i'm fully battle al jazeera has uncovered more evidence that a special is really military unit shot dead. our colleague sherry in our barkley. this network has obtained an exclusive photo of the bullet that killed the palestinian american journalist in the occupied west bank last month. expert se is the type used by israeli soldiers and is designed to pierce body armor. other investigation suggests i will actually was deliberately targeted while doing her job as a journalist. but israel continues to reject calls for a full and independent investigation or bringing our guests in just a moment. but 1st, this report from a sad, vague, the remains of the bullet that kill journalists sharina obliquely. this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows a type of ammunition used to kill the veteran al jazeera journalist in the occupied westbank last month. according to experts,
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the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m full rifle. when we simulated the green tip bullets using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended sharon's life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered the lower part of sharinda's head to avoid ricocheted off her helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact, fact who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which strain were standing. and that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. the result of that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were a number of rounds, it struck lack tray. and that she was also hit that indicate that she looked very
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much like she was being targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharing uses this type of weapon used in a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army. clearly identifiable journalist doing her job justice for sharing, yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kid her, why was she shut despite being clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat, was made in israeli soldier talk to her from such a short range. all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and l
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just the media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharing a black. yeah, i said bake 0. now let's take a look at the investigations that have been carried out so far on the day of serene scaling. on may 11th, israel released a video blaming palestinian gunman, but just a day later these really rise school beds selim disputed that clean it found the video did not match the location where she was shot. the palestinian authority concluded 2 weeks later that israeli forces deliberately targeted ab watley al jazeera announced the network would file a case with the international criminal court, separate investigations by the associated press. cnn and the washington post have found abil actually was likely killed by israeli fire. and earlier this month, the palestinian foreign minister took the results of its investigation to the i, c. c. now palestinian leaders say they've also presented their findings to the us
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administration. ye, assistant minister for multi lateral affairs, is urging washington to investigate the death of one of its own citizens. we think that there is enough evidence spoke palestine, and by all other outlets including gold hawk but sir loom j 0 to be see anon. and the washington post all of these, you know, on the front investigative reports that po, roof latrene was thought to get that without reasonable doubt by israeli soldiers have been also. ready present before the eyes of the u. s. administration. what we're asking now is that the you us do right by sri and does exactly what it did. and other occasions where america citizens were targeted, let alone her being a journalist. ah, well as now bring in our guests in tel aviv already give our tea advocacy director at breaking the silence and organization of israeli military veterans working to
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bring an end to the occupation in hi fi, thousands i hair or human rights lawyer and a board member of these really human rights organization, but selim and in miami, i'm at i was night executive director at the u. s. campaign for palestinian mites. welcome to you all to inside story. thank you very much for being with us. already give r t. if i can start with you in tel aviv, from your experience serving in these really military, can you tell us 1st whether the type of bullet that was used in sharina killing the 5.6, the 5.56 caliber is one that is commonly used by the israeli military. and for what purpose? now, so 1st of all, thank you for inviting me in the logo. want to participate with me here to whether a commendable 0 for continuing to dive into is still important for anyone. log you in right now for a question. look,
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definitely. this is the most common a, i think, the 5.5, there is definitely a difference with the green, but it's showing investigation those as euro conducted off am. but i'm not an expert with different specific types of what i can definitely tell you is a no, wholly the wrong. maybe one of the above me. huh. already the these release know which unit was deployed or to to the janine refugee camp on the day that sharon was killed on may 11th. they know this would they have investigated and questioned members of this unit. what is the process that the military goals through? when an incidents such as this one happens when a palestinian, a civilian is killed?
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i think it's important go to acknowledge the fact that while the military itself, it has its own kind of internal investigation mechanism. those kind of investigations are not really that good for accountability, right? so it's possible with inside its own. so those were questions are really shorter often, but the intention is nautica. it's not really going to be for, for the result. and i can, those are the former souls or i can go based on the point of view over 1300 soldiers who gave us the money to reconcile us. thus, there isn't any mechanism for real accountability. and the reason for that is because israel clearly understands the any real investigation into any of the q innocent people and really important to remember the killing of innocent boston is in the west bank and gaza. hopefully weekly basis is real clearly understandable.
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it's really, investigations in dealings will always leave us with the root cause and the root cause is know who patient is. the fact that we're extending fully are older that one of the most through and one of the strongest armies in the world to fight and shoot in science civilian population. and this is what is covered in every single bio who's investigation. and that's the reason why there is no way for the military doctor, real serious investigation. already i'll come back to in just a few minutes to ask you more about what your organization has uncovered when it comes to. the israeli military's dealings in the occupied territories house and in hi fi. if i can come to you and ask your opinion about this latest read revelation about the the type of bullet that killed sharon apple. i played this in addition to the investigations that have been led by the palestinian authority. various news outlets like cnn and the washington post. you think this will force israel to take
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some sort of action now? well, let me begin by saying that until now there was a basically and no body or country or institution that said no for an investigation, any kind of investigation. the question is, what type, what frame and what, but even that is raised from day one, you can go, they changed their mind and they changed the narrative of their story. they basically said, are offering the palestinians to have a cooperative association under the supervision of the u. s. a. but that's not the issue. this is not the question. there are clear evidence, as you mentioned. and as was mentioned in the report, there are clear evidence whether that that was investigated by 18, by washington post by cnn coliseum authority, and on the ground from day one. that all the evidence and witnesses are clear that
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shaheen was shot even deliberately. she was assassinated deliberately knowing shut, knowing that she is a journal as a doing her job. now the question, what buddy should investigate, i'm, this is what the israel will reject. and even i must say that u. s. will reject, right? if. but as one of these really demands allison, one of these really demands is that the palestinians hand over this bullet the bullet that killed sharon abs utley and they've been reportedly applying pressure on the u. s. government to put pressure on the palestinians to hand over this bullet. do you think that would make a difference whether or not israel gets his hand on it on this bullet? whether or not they, what they have, the bullets were a, he's a conclusion of any investigation they will do is very clear that they are not accountable. they are not responsible on probably whether we take it or not, they will probably say that this is mac or will it already from the gym the media
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yesterday and today, after, as you know, exposed the flip of the, of the bullet, the immediate response of the israelis was, it might not be ours because a lot of people in, if you need a junior, have the same bullet and we can not know if it's there from the army or if it's from people engineers who were using their guns. i so it doesn't matter the what it is in which i must say that israel will do everything. it doesn't matter in which frame the investigation will be in order to give it itself and its soldiers and all that chain of command in the army. a clear impunity for it. say i chose without relation the bullets it's time or the ins. hm. okay, let me bring ahmed i was night into the conversation ahmed. it's likely that the rifle and the bullet that was used to kill sheree novel actually came from manufacturers in the united states. the u. s. we know pace were 20 percent of
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israel's military budget. there is a u. s. northerly, he act which says that the u. s can not provide any support or training to any military unit in the world that has carried out human rights violations. how much you think these latest revelations put pressure, not just on, on israel, but on the u. s. government and the biden administration, which is a planning a visit to, to the region very soon. well, unfortunately, not enough pressure. let me start off by saying that during the great march of return, when the people of missouri were marching towards the borders of their ancestral homelands. or the israelis released a tweet saying that with $30000.00 people marching towards their borders that they knew were every single bullet landed. now if 30000 people marching and this military feels confident enough to tweet out that they know where every bullet
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landed them, we should know that from the day serene was shot, we knew where the bullet originated and we certainly knew where it landed. and so what we're all talking about here is accountability. and what you've referenced with we, he law is what we're looking for is accountability and justice. and sadly, we haven't seen enough pressure a by the, by did administration by members of congress on the state of israel to provide a fair, incredible investigation for whatever to provide healing for the wound differently . i'm coming brain by president bite into the region. could be a catalyst perhaps to find some answers. i think that, you know, air force one will fly over sharina a grave as they land and in the holy land in palestine. and that will be the closest that president biden will come to touching the subject. i don't really believe that president biden,
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or the administration cares for the livelihood of palestinian americans or palestinians on the ground. again, if you want to heal the wound, the 1st thing you do is you stabilize that wound and you stop the bleeding. but the people of myself, re upped, are fighting for their lands. the people of shifts of raw are fighting for the homes. the people of us are still behind a blockade with no accountability for the death and destruction that we saw just last year. and over the decades, if we remember one last point, we knew who had the bomb that blew up an entire media building just last year. and again, the question is, who will hold israel accountable? and sadly, it is not the united states at this time. do you think if sharina apple actually had been, ah, anne of another nationality and an american? she has dual citizenship. of course, if she had been, let's say, ah, i don't know. ukrainian american. ah, would, would the biden administration have acted differently? well it's clear there's a hypocritical nature with. ready which
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u. s. foreign policy is applied, we can see that the u. s. has not fallen short of sanctions against states like russia or iran, or you named several other states where they have enacted sanctions. and yet with the killing of a us citizen, with the repeated violations of human rights, we never see the u. s. move to that result. so again, we see the hypocritical nature of this foreign policy and something that americans like myself have been demanding change on for decades. all right, only get ivy in television. let me come back to you and find out more about some of the work your organization has been doing. tell us more about what your group has seen and documented when it comes to the treatment of palestinians by israeli forces. what kind of instructions or orders do is ready soldiers receive when they're operating any occupied palestinian territory. and is there a difference between the orders they receive and what actually happens on the
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ground? no, thank you fully a, it's a, it's a very broad question. i think maybe one of the best ways i can start answering that is what i was told 6 years ago of there are fine, i have there. my still in go by there is always around the city of kenya and the center of the work. that was the 1st thing i was told by my commander a when we're i for the area was that our mission is to me all of the post stimulus feel like they can not believe their head are indecent capsule aids. it basically only thing i'm lacking because when we look at what's going on in massapequa right declaration, we find zone in order to spell it over a 1500 people. when we look unsettling violence that is ravaging on without any accountability for the settlers and really 3 of them. when we look at home
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invasions, when we look at invasions, boasting and citizens 1000 villages on a daily basis, like jeanine like them, which issues was shot and killed. all this is intended to make a stimulus feel like they cannot leave their head are only great. we will always send our soldiers like me in to the palestinians into the policy and fit into their rules. and when we look a more specific beyond the orders for rules of engagement. so not what you meant when, when are we allowed? when are we not allowed to fire? there is a central florida. there is a sort of order. what we're loves do how and when we are a soldiers are allowed to open fire against. there is a 2nd order. but in the end, when we look at what's happening on the ground, we are testimony the soldiers book about, you know,
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in the end when you're inside the city, when they're, when there is violence in silence response against adult soldiers. many cases you will see that did the rules are a little bit different that what's happening? yeah, i'll give you an example. a commander offered enough hug regained a few years ago. it's a stone is wrong on his car. okay. well, if by a, by the senior news, the kid exceeds the car and shoots that policy in rochester grow the thought in his back wise escaping, you're already is not a friends anymore. this commander is still grandmother in the military progressed in the military. does 0 come to meet even off because of your former office do the right. and this is the guy who gives the orders result of the heart of rules of engagement and completely early to them in garcia. so they were out of the school, in most cases you say house and let me come back to just to bring it back to the
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case with sharon apple. actually here you have a, an investigation at that's was carried out by the palestinians. they have referred it now to the international criminal court al jazeera also want to see the international criminal court investigate this. where do you see this case headed now? can may be an independent credible investigation to get to the bottom of what happened? yes, i think the focus should be whether the i c c a will indeed open an investigation in murder or assassination of chilion. ok. because having submitted it submitting the complaint to the i. c. c. meanwhile, doesn't mean anything, but our political and legal list statement that it was says submitted. but i think also of course, this is the right thing because the question is, what kind of investigation can lead to remedy or of enforcement and accountability
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. and the i, c, c is the only body and legal brain that can lead to a specific remedy of personal accountability of specific people that will be found guilty insurance that and this is why going or submitting a complaint to the i. c. c is the most important thing on the legal 11th, on the political level of the u. s. and, and we heard that a lot as well from the secretary of state and from the u. s. embassy, the u. s. and buster to the you and that they were demanding investigation. as i mentioned before, those raised didn't object to have collaborates of investigation and day you as what was demanding, but these kinds of investigations are not enough because the they will not lethal accountability. they will not lead to enforcement of imprisonment in case a person, a specific person, whether the soldier, whether the commander of not a military unit that it was present in jeanine. and that they actually was shot
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whether the commander of the a army itself. and this is why the ice is, is important because it looks on personal accountability that can be enforced on an imprisonment level that no other investigation can do. that other instigation, probably sorry, just to, to finish the will probably to lack of political will to pressure israel to take responsibility, which has really no basis and, and, and everyone knows that it will lead to know i'm a, do you agree with south that a case at the i, c c could lead to accountability i think it's the best bet that we had a we certainly do not trust israel to investigate itself or he has shed some light on to why that's a fruitless possibility. so we certainly look to the i c c because this is exactly what the i c c was established for. it was established so that in times were folks
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need to be held accountable to the standards of international law that this body there. oh, we created collectively, you know, as a world community would hold those folks accountable, but that the u. s. we doesn't support of course, again, there is a hypocritical nature with which u. s. foreign policy operates, and so the u. s. is fine with promoting the values of international human rights. but of course, they're not gonna speak too loudly when it's their, their colleagues, um, you know, perpetuating these violations of human rights. and israel, of course, is a repeat offender which with oh, with which the u. s. repeatedly defense and so the i, c, c is certainly more trustworthy for us as, as a u. s. community. now i know you're a legal expert and i was speaking i met a few weeks ago to the former chief prosecutor of the i. c. c, who suggested that a civil case in the us could also be an option to consider. would you agree with that? you know, i think i'll leave that up to some other legal minds. you know,
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we're having our hands full right now with oh, making sure that at the grassroots level, folks know how to take action. we want to continue to uplift the cause for justice, for the people myself or your thought will continue to uplift the cause for the i. c. c. investigation of the killing serena barclays. but as far as the legal solutions, i think there are plenty organizations prepared to take those next steps. okay, all right. i'll give you the last word in tel aviv. where do you see this case a going now? and is there any way from your experience setting in is really military. is there any way you think they can be accountability here? a point in time, but it is not allowing any time not to only overcome today about this case, but anybody got to be or criticism against the way we all are in the notes for decades. yeah. we're not, we're seeing it on it. but in every time we see here we go says, well,
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unfortunately the, i'll just finish the one. we're really important the mechanism that our government is using with them in order to block all 3 pieces of consulting. we all people strive for human rights because the route is definitely not on the seventy's. thank you so very much for a great conversation. thank you for being with us or a give 80000 zohar and i'm at apple's night. thank you for being on inside story and thank you for watching. you can always see the program again any time by visiting our website at al jazeera dot com for further discussion, go our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is that ha, inside story from me fully back to one whole team here in doha. thanks for watching . bye for now.
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so lamar les, come, it's great to see. welcome to the cutter economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said the globalization going on, but i prefer to think of her re globalization or accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss involve in technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, american people have finally spoken america advice work when america is on balance, will become more dangerous. the world is looking at us with a mixture of sadness and with the election behind us. will the republican party don't talk with your weekly take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. typing the situation be part of the debate. my main
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characters are women. when no topic is off the table, the laws and you ask, allow child marriage to happen legally. these are basically archaic walls that often legitimize and legal wise had a silly pass on air or online, jumping to the corporate section, and meeting to be part of the discussion this stream on out his era. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anguish. this is the news ally from dough ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. protest as in india burn train carriages and block highways as demonstrations escalation.


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