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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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my question is to see that these 2 dinner prisoners are also given another chance to leave like my children, because they are not a party to that crimes committed by their parents. when i finally get that place to build a home for these children and i see them become somebody used to fall in the society funding for them, so it would give me satisfaction. ah, ukrainians are ready to die for the european perspective. we want them to live with us. the european dreams, the use executive on backs ukraine's membership bed, moving it a step closer to joining the block while present vladimir putin, bronze western sanctions. crazy and reckless and says they have fail to crush
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rushers, economy. ah, hello. i, marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. tensions escalade after a congolese soldier is killed in rwanda, which says he dope and fire on its forces and civilians. ah, angry protest is go on the rampage across india, demanding the government withdraw. its new recruitment policy for the military western europe swelled, has made an unusually early heat way. which meteorologist say is a sign of wants to come ah hello and welcome to the program. will ukraine's bid to join the european union has
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had a major boost with the european commission recommending that it's an moldova be granted candidate status. the 1st step of many, in a lengthy process before full status within the you can be achieved. all 27 member states will need to approve ukraine's candidate status as a summit. next week, the u commission says in return, ukraine must introduce reforms and respect. international law commission chief r c. lawanda lion says ukrainians have shown they are ready to die for the european dream. in the view of the commission, ukraine has clearly demonstrated the country's aspiration and the country's determination to live up to european values and standards. ukraine before the war had already embarked on its way towards the european union for 8 years now. it had already been gradually moving closer to ours union. well,
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it could take many years for ukraine to eventually achieve ease membership. countries submit a membership application to the ear council, which then collectively assess their ability to meet the copenhagen criteria. this includes a functioning market economy stable democracy in the rule of law, as well as the acceptance of all you legislation and the euro. ukraine will at least need to implement for the judicial, an anti corruption at reforms. if the commissions opinion is positive, the council then begins to negotiate membership, often on a subject by subject basis which can take years. 5 nations currently have you candidacy, status, albania, north, macedonia, montenegro, serbia, and turkey, which has been on the list for 25 years. or ushers accused the european union of manipulating ukraine by promising it membership. charles strafford has more now from keith. this process is going to take a very long time. also,
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i think the ukrainians are very aware of what sir. many pundits and analysts say is the beginnings of a more apparent split amongst e. you states as to whether indeed ukraine is ready for some sort of candidacy, candidacy status and countries in western europe such as the netherlands, portugal and denmark very much seen is saying that ukraine is not yet ready, but a lot of pressure coming from the baltic states and eastern european countries saying, look, we've got to start this process. now, let's give ukraine a chance. of course, the big question is, is what this really means or what kind of reaction we're going to potentially see from moscow. and to this bid for e u membership. in the last 24 hours, the kremlin spokesman dmitri prescott has said that moscow is monitoring ukraine's
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e u membership bit closely, specifically in relation to increased cooperation militarily with european countries. let's not forget that one of the reasons why moscow said, and it's believed that vladimir putin gave the go ahead for an invasion of this country, was because in his eyes, ukraine is russia's sphere of influence. so any move further west, any move towards europe and nato countries inside europe is going to be potentially perceived as a, as only adding to that sense of freight that vladimir putin says and threatens russia. well, ukrainian didn't. capital keenan expressed optimism about e membership at c e o that business may crush, business will be better and education will be based on the european standards of medicine will be based on the european standards and services. i believe that every
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area of our life will be better. that's what i think for the modem does. it is very ambitious of the economy and for the development of ukrainian military systems under the current circumstances. taking into account ukraine may be losing a lot because of the war will. yeah. well, the british prime ministers visited keith for the 2nd time in just over 2 months. forest johnson travel to ukraine's capital a day after the leaders of france, germany, italy, and romania were there present. ramirez lensky praised the u. k for its resolute support. bars, johnston offered to launch a major training program for ukrainian soldiers to lead is also discussed supplies of heavy weapons and economic support. we will continue as we have from the beginning to provide military equipment that you need. and of course, the training that may be necessary to go with that with that new equipment so that you ukrainian people do credit on forces or will be able to do what my you credit
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use your to do. that is to expel the aggressor room. you credit? yeah, this is that was me and marcia, the main thing today's to provide air defense will ukraine as well. we started to move into directions either russian besides to remain a threat to draw people to the entire territory of ukraine. but the vast majority of russian we so strikes are conducted by the russian army against ordinary people, civilian infrastructure, housing schools, hospitals, universities transport, lucy on times a development elsewhere in ukraine have been asked, strikes which have killed at least 4 people in the eastern city have missed the chance. oh, the governor of the city is saying a building where civilians were taking shelter was hit, as well as several other sites. video released by the la hans regional administration shows emergency service work is searching for victims. there's the
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chance as close to the battle ground city of savannah, done yet, which over the last few weeks has seen some of the most brutal street fighting since russia invaded ukraine. will present zalinski is saying that russians will have to obtain a visa to enter the country from next month. zalinski says it's in response to unprecedented threats to national security. so grantee in the territorial integrity of ukraine. but the movie is largely symbolic, as the borders are officially closed while the 2 countries are at war. the samples and russian president vladimir putin was forced to delay a major speech earlier because of a cyber attack kremlin says the accreditation system for the st. petersburg international economic form was hacked in his beach around an hour later than scheduled. putin lambasted the you and the united states for their sanctions room. your books, we will be loom the sanctions are crazy. and i would say reckless the quantity and the speed at which they were signed off was unprecedented. the west's plan was
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plain to suit to hurriedly and forcefully crushed the russian economy by destroying business trains for enforcing the recall of western companies from the russian market. freezing russian assets hitting the russian industry, finance peoples quality of life, but they failed. meanwhile, washer as an outs more reductions in the natural gas, it sends to europe and including cutting flows by half to italy. in slovakia. recent weeks, moscow has reduced or cost off deliveries to several european countries which have imposed sanctions on it over the invasion of ukraine. our rush was blaming maintenance issues because of those sanctions, italy's prime minister my a drug, he has called this a lie accusing president putin of politicizing, the use of energy of our report. italy might declare a heightened state of alert to reduce consumption next week. if russia continues to cobb supplies, ah,
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now the democratic republic of congo is closed its border with rwanda. after a congolese soldier was killed at rondon government said he'd cross the border from the city of goma and was shot dead after opening fire on police officers and civilians. his body was laid to return to authorities in gama. local residents line the streets chanting hero as his body was driven through the city in an ambulance. this is the latest escalation in a spy contentions between the 2 countries. earlier this week, connie's army support has protested against wonderful support for the 23 rebel group. come web is monetary developments from nairobi. rwanda's army completely stationed at the border. both said that a commonly soldier wolf from congo, towards rwanda firing a weapon. london soldier opened fire on him, killing him on the spot, the exchange of fire followed between the forces on the 2 sides of the border. this
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border is within the adjoined city of goma and easily crowded with pedestrians and cars crossing both ways throughout the day. some civilians were we've had caught in the crossfire and injured now just 2 days before the exact same place. thousands of congo leave march towards rwanda's border saying they wanted to deal with random president poor to gummy, who they blame for decades of military aggression. anything homeless follows an escalation of violence recently in the north key. the problem between the n 23 on the widely seen as a london proxy and the congo lease army, physical, vast mineral wealth, anything congo. but in this particular part of the country, control of trade routes along which those minerals can travel. and these strategic border points the n 23 on for one to deny that supporting but nobody in congress
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seems to believe that the government says this is in fact just that extension of one the military. they fought with the communities government 10 years ago. they were defeated just in november last year they started launching a series attack again from the leads army as struggled to contain them. at least one person has died in india as violent protests of the government. the military recruitment program spread across multiple states. carly young recruits automatically offered a perm and role, but under the new policy, they'll be let go from the military, off to 4 years without a pension or benefits of natal reports on this. now, from the deli angry protests, set the strain on file across india. some had vandalized ation block roads and torture boxes demanding the government withdraw the new recruitment policy for the military. 9 times a lot, exams have been postponed at least 9 times since march 2020. now this exams will be
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canceled because of the new scheme. why are they executing the scheme? what will be due after 4 years of service? and you'll find that those who are medical in because it can, if it should be examined again. and the order of recruitment should be started. we completely object to the tour of duty real pickles. india has one of the largest military in the world. it employs nearly one and a half 1000000 people. a new recruitment policy is to bring down the average age of soldiers from 32 to 26. and reduce expenditure on salaries. soldiers will now be hired for 4 years. on the top recruits, we get a permanent job with health benefits and a pension. regarding this option, the government says this will improve the military. i'm going to potter yoga nami, under the new scheme, the indian youth will get an opportunity to serve in the indian armed forces. this scheme has been brought in for strengthening national security and to proven opportunity for military service for our use of our chaco. my good credit but the backlash has been growing in recent days. one person was killed in the violence.
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officials have shut down the internet in some areas. the government says off to the service recruit will be given a preference for jobs insecurity. forces like to police experts point out this policy comes when it's nomic. recovery is slow and unemployment remain high. and it saves overhaul will help upgrade equipment, but have criticize its timing and implementation. it's not altogether a bad step, but there are problems with the way it is being implemented. and the biggest of the problems seems to be that day will still be left with the unemployment problem. wendy's foyer, so bisbee book retired. the end of boy o recruitment under the new scheme is set to begin next week. but after the backlash, the government has now raised the maximum is $223.00, but only for this year,
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bathroom. at the, out of the rock, new delhi watching al jazeera life from london will still ad on the program is really forces kill free palestinians in the latest deadly rate on jeanine in the occupied westbank. and ah, sorrow and anger in nigeria as hero. the hell for some of the people killed in a mass shooting at church. ah, now if you look down from his face, you might think the story of europe is lots a cloud and this familiar curl that looked stormy at isn't the main story. you may well be aware, he waved the main store. they've been very high temperatures all the way through spain, stretching out through front, on their way to the low countries and across to germany. it has effects the british
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isles. by saturday will be sing dropping that temperature large because it was in coming, which is wind cloud and then some rain edging south. but jonas is still $38.00 in paris, recipient of the thirty's for most to central europe. by this time and further east, the temperatures hovering are near 40 in northern spain, but i think it'll tend to drop down with us increasing cloud and cherry stuff which really gets going during sunday and works his way into northern france and the low countries by which time, prague and vienna, maybe i was central the heat. it's got a couple of days to run in austria, up to at 33, i think by monday, not quite a record, but well above the average. obviously it's hot. this is north africa. but sometimes that prompt some pretty big showers, a huge match. rain seems possible in sierra leone and round the corner woods nigeria. i've been moving a long way, dollars as well robin to sell, which hopefully is good rain. ah,
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american people have finally spoken american advice. when america is off, balance will become more dangerous. the world is looking at us with a mixture of sadness, with the election behind us. will the republican party don't cross your weekly take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah ah ah, welcome back with al jazeera life from london to look at homemade stories now. and
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ukraine's bits during the european union is had a major boost. but the european commission recommending the it and moldova be granted candidate status. all 27 member states will lead to approve the move at a summit. next week. the democratic republic of congo is closed its border with romando after a congolese soldier was killed. rwanda said he was shot dead off to opening fire on police officers and civilians. the congolese people of hailed the soldiers a hero. and at least one person has died in india, is violent protests, of the government's u military recruitment program spread across multiple states. under the new policy, most recruits will be let go from the military, off to 4 years without a pension or benefits. now palestinian officials saying at least 3 men have been killed by israeli forces during a ride in the occupied westbank. 8 others were injured during the operation. crowds of mourners carried their bodies through the city of jeanine. israeli army says it
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was searching for weapons. had been nearly date me a daily rate in the occupied westbank since a string of attacks earlier this year that killed 19 people in israel near to abram his following events from ramallah in the occupied westbank. the root cause of escalation here in the occupied bank is the continuing israeli occupation of palestinian lands, which we see it's manifested in daily nightly rates by israeli forces to palestinian cities. this is why we've been talking to about a senior janine in the past few weeks and months and they say they have to flight israeli occupation. jeannine itself has arm has weapons. but the general population here in the palestinian territories do not have access to weapons. and these really forces are saying that that car, that had the 3 men has shot at the courses and they lead through from the shot to
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killing the 3 palestinians. one of them 23 year olds uses the law. his brother was killed also by is ready for his fire, but he was. 1 imprisoned by israel and i'm ready jail. so that gives you an idea. who is the party is that is throwing up the situation and causing escalation. and this comes with a time before an expected visit of the us president joe bite into the area. and we've heard that report to be the u. s. has us israel to dial down tension and escalation in the occupied with bank with the killing of the 3 palestinians. we know that these really forces are not heading towards a calm situation at all. algae media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist engineering sharina aqua was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment on the day of her funeral,
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israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing the pull bearers to nearly drop her casket. mamma's international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. ucla was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. now you as president joe biden says he will not meet the saudi crown. prince vom had been summoned, one on one during his visit to re add next month bite, and vowed to make saudi arabia a pariah state. after the death of journals, jamal has shoji miss vase criticism since his trip was announced. i'm not going to be with them. yes, i'm going to do is about who really are going to be part of it. that's why there were people part of the day. so let's get more from my wife has correspond, kennedy, how can, what is the, what is the meaning of this statement? kimberly, well, this is a precedent under pressure and he's under pressure domestically even from members
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of congress and within his own democratic party. because this is a. c president, that on the campaign trail really sought to distance himself and isolate the saudi kingdom. and now he said to sit down with not just the saudi king, but potentially the saudi crown prince. my haven't been sell them that the intelligence community here in the united states has squarely pointed to us being the mastermind behind the killing of the washington post journalist jamila. because shows you back in 2018. and so as a result, you as president is being criticized because he said that a human rights was the foundation of his foreign policy. so there's a bit of a problem here as he goes to saudi arabia. he's being accused of setting aside human rights, essentially to bring down gas prices and improve his economy. and that is not sitting well with many voters and many members of congress. now in fairness,
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the white house is saying, look at the president is not going to meet with mob been selling and he's going to meet with the golf leaders. if i haven't been summoned is in the room. well, he'll be ready with dozens of leaders. this is not going to be a one on one meeting. you heard the president saying that there, instead, what the white house maintains is that this is all about resetting us saudi relations. and the president is not afraid of having the hard conversations and lifting up human rights if necessary. thank you very much. our white house correspondent. kimberly how can, thanks. kimberly now funerals have been held for $22.00 of the people killed in an attack on a church in southwest nigeria earlier this month. at least 41 worship has died. 5 of them children in the mass shooting of east frances catholic church and all will church officials are urging the authorities to take swift action to prevent future tragedies. government is blamed and isolated group for the attack algae. there is
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an address reports now from 0. nipple. yeah. the why? why will visit tied company in the middle of the town? many kilometers might be done, but i've been a case we wouldn't be charged to read on the printer. roads into the funeral service continues. we also talk about other people, victims of this, once again. i've been buried by the family and taken away by the by, with away from me, being offended by dignitaries from one of the shows really just leaders from the subject of the christian people from all walks of life affected by going. i don't want to go one of the priest was mentioning that,
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how long was this recall the incidence of violence while i've been i didn't think that they weren't questioning. why should miss fits up the part of the night of the rain and i was sort of falling police in senegal of blocks of access to the home of opposition. that was monday sancho. all 3 calls for protests was leading to song cars, home in the capitol. the car were closed off by barricades it call for demonstrations against a decision to pass some candidates from parliamentary elections next month. and he right police were also deployed, offer small crowd gathered in the streets. here. even our freedom of worship is violated. law enforcement told me about the receipt orders not to let me
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out. i just want to tell them that the constitution is at the top of the hierarchy of norms. and this order is a violation of the constitution. it is a legal order. i do not blame you. you and i are the victims of the president or u. k. government is approve the extradition of wiki lease founder julian, astonished to the u. s. to phase espionage and hacking charges we call it says the move represents a dark day for press freedom. an assange will appeal either at you case, highest court or the european court of human rights. it could be months before the appeal is heard. he spent the last 3 years in prison. and the 7 years before that in acquittals, london embassy, where he sought diplomatic refuge. the u. s. is pursuing a sanchez raul, and releasing hundreds of thousands of classified military documents. now parts of europe are experiencing their highest early summer temperatures in decade with scientists by men. climate change for these heat waves, madrid, and other parts of spain of highs above 40 degrees. while outdoor events have been
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cancelled in the border region of france and a heat alert was issued to protect public health in southern england. if bank reports now from london. this, the british capitals grappling with june temperatures not seen in the u. k. more than 40 years, ha, a questionable time perhaps for team building exercises in the park. for others though, it's a chance to do as little as possible and for some, an opportunity to dust off membership to the city's most exclusive pools. ah, away from the stifling heat of the capitol. this is bryson of the south coast, where thousands jostled for a patch of beach and a space to cool off. i'm from cypress and now in surprise, it's raining and i'm in london. i'm boiling here so something must change venus for sake precautions about the climate change for country. this made an art form of
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complaining about the usually wet weather. this heat gives people here something else to grumble about. there's a seriousness about the soaring temperatures. real concern about how climate change may start to affect people's everyday lives. the french capital sweltering heat speed, worse and by pollution, making it dangerous for the vulnerable to go out. and in the spanish capital madrid where temperatures of exceeded 40 degrees celsius for several weeks. the governments issued in extreme weather warning due to the presence of santa dust from the horrid desert. little comfort for those struggling to work outside climate scientists are in no doubt about why this is happening. we're warming our climate generally so the average temperatures have risen by just over one degrees celsius since the pre industrial period. and that means that the hot extremes that we see every summer are becoming at least one degree hotter. and that also becoming more
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frequent. and that also lasting longer and climate activists are threatening more decisive action to proceed. inaction by governments, a big business similar to the extinction, rebellion protests that shut down parts of central london a few years ago, were fed up of, of here in the rhetoric we made meaningful action. and if our leaders are incapable of doing that, they're not capable of getting off of a fossil fuel addiction, we're just doubling downright. i'm continuing to pursue a new fossil fuel investments continue to subsidize with home for industry than when we have the core of we have to call them out. and education is kate. the public can also understand in the row of non violent civil resistance. in this moment, because every think house is found, climate scientists say the next decade will be defined by greater extremes of weather. but the theory is it will also be shaped by our collective failure. to do
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more, leave barker al, jazeera, london, or china southern city of con jo is experiencing a rare combination of extreme weather events. this week it's been struck by rack or rainfall, heat waves and a tornado. even properties damaged and also millions of people displaced. flash runs of also hit the city of har. been in the northeast following heavy rainfall there. flood water reached 80 centimeters in some parts local authority. so they've started a clean up operation. that is more on these extreme weather events in different parts of the world. but also everything else recovering on our website, al jazeera, dot com ah, secrete look at the made stories now and ukraine's bid to join the european union has had a major boost where the european commission recommending that it and mult over be granted candidate status. it is the fir.


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