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tv   Africa Direct The Man Who Plants Baobabs A Wrestlers Dream  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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the graphs, this installation gives you a slice of what's on the minds of more varied types of artists in new york. then you could possibly get anywhere else. i almost saw it as a metaphor for the way that i was feeling post pandemic, or during the pandemic. and for many of the artist corona virus loc downs, weighed heavily. matthew tom soft sculpture is derived from a painting he saw the met years ago. i work in the communications department at the metropolitan museum of our pam, you know, are responsible for telling the stories, have other great artists of our time. i'm said to people tell a story of ourselves and of my peers. it's really been fantastic. working amid ancient artifacts has been an inspiration for supervising technicians, staff, zimm las if you're an artist, as like having a big encyclopedia, you know, i could go look on my lunch break and get what i want from the collection for this . especially i think i took some pictures while i was working on in one of the galleries and we have
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a few tigers and sphinx cuz i work in egypt department. the exhibit is a sign of appreciation for the med employees and a fresh approach to art from an age old institution. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. ah this is al jazeera. these are the top stories, at least one person supposedly been killed in a blast at a sick place of worship, in the afghan capital. seek officials say they've evacuated 3 people from the temple and couple as many as 30 people i thought would be an inside. when the explosion happened, 5000 is a professor of political science a couple university. he says the taliban is struggling to deal with internal security threats. such a tax on minorities are of been recently are in there. my responsibility has been usually taken by now does share her son,
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but there are many other groups. also arctic for it is simply if you see the, it is not resistance or my a for it is the earliest national to the resistance for this is the rober freedom fighters at the name of the civil allah that were criminal mafia group served the order somehow destabilizing situation with and i've got to stand to benefit for themselves. a number of rockets have struck garza, the israeli army, says, is targeting what it calls military sites. the stripes come after israel shot down a projectile fired from the gaza strip towards the southern city of ice column and the on saturday. believes in brazil say human remains found in the amazon rain forest have been confirmed as those of missing british journalist dom phillips. there yet to identify other remains thought to belong to indigenous expert bruno piano either been commission is recommending ukraine, and moldova as candidates for e. u membership. all 27 in you leaders could vote to grant the country's candidate
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status as early as next week. but achieving full membership could take several years. democratic republic of congo was limited border crossings with ra wanda, after a congress soldier was killed. lawanda says he'd cross the border from the city of goldman. it was shot dead after opening fire on police officers and civilians. some aaliyah's government says that 70 algebra fighters, including 3 foreigners, have been killed after the army filed what it says was an attempted terror attack. and there is the headlines than he is, continues here on our da, 0 after africa direct good by i will just 0. when
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i ah, do you do the idea being off as he did to you? ah, some probably see the palin panama has some pam that is examined, embracing sula, la bother with i was sending over. i now you can get his insurance through the
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thing that you owe them to provide and to clean with some family see more. dora flanagan, i'm on board approval. wouldn't be to be with you. lucy k as in pamela seymour, don't go look at it. i manase tab up away. i bet you cuba. obama had a tag that dan ah, got an a o d r. yeah. when you vizier, laboratories all level mission talk
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a little i'm he had were to do an on the animated on the by you the t t l for a bed, the bed and dizzy database where we go. but put a port or 2 to, to need a young doesn't go to need moodle or for the, the entity love. bless elbow lou leanne by honey. he the to look and killed rather. but yeah, well, but i can, you can get the police department that would pay them and out of any i deleted that did about what would this for pinnacle? and there was a pole in there and with that a port and they were like it can be bit there. mind ever had to live again.
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i don't them is in the media basil. better get it on the able work. i need to get a local view live here. delivery as a little computer. ah, when the guy i got mom, willa. yeah. when they got that big data maya. lemme yeah. where did he did? he did die by did or there been going to probably a coma? well, well yeah, i mean do i that my i need lobby does go figured out with carla lee go out there within the circle for them thinking it would that would make a payment with entire radio lowered to to let it up and looking back were too lazy and at the airport. hm. but usually i thing about to
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kill me. like get him a bombard, mambo, bumbled with me, my number c t m m d lab. why i go much? what mom alex. yeah. so, so my dad would do the new egan, media donor bottleneck, and i call him and told me his am sad. ponder a big wooden my banner. i want to la man and the lab boy did to you lie, get a go. i think i'd economy and anatomy fall long helen king as sheila danina taped down little i'm here libby, but you did. you have been and i'm,
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i'm going to lie. you more. let me get the money you want to let. i'm never get. what are you seeing on my when i'm by suitable i didn't live, i guess me as a member number for them down for them on what easier for them down to mom will then live nearby my what is a dub? any number of i see a lot, i mean you're going to do with the woman here. want to want you to get out before me up with the some way i want to like it is handy element. say all basil will get them. i'm not going to say that we have it, i killer job. it tobler. he says that it's, i don't how he can do it. i mean, on the, i'm a member, but you still try again a, give me, i'm brown, by the alba diagram pam. but dr. levy killing me, then we can decide a war. we'll have him here as an, as an engine. and then i did that. he had to get like the budget. yeah. again that all was a lie. yeah. but it's all mozilla, your real walk. my number,
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let me get out of your lab members. the deal out of that you know, the bad air. so why are you doing today on friday about the delivery amber, but the amount of them had that was with them. i'm up, i'm you getting. she doesn't live or work on me the i never said that the level problem that problem. my kid is a wonderful being an obama. we noted evil here. i'm seeing at the gun get to leave and telling us that there is a a, a d o was in atlanta and i believe that i had a guy to come to visit with that. that would be good.
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yeah, no, no, no, call me. i think in a gym we submitted a bad day. i'm up in the family with emma emma. i'm and read as in tango thunder than any amenable with much. ha, ha, liam need in here we go. i we're going to live a wible. is enough to plan a good keegan. mm hm. ah. when you get a minute elaina mob anita. hello. hello. yes. hello. hello. we are missing. might would go ah ah ah
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ah ah ah finally. oh, hello. leah getsco. i nevada mishap into canada. a vanderbilt with any new as i read about bringing elaine to sac godaddy, but it ah
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ah ah. with ah, a the local made you doing? hello, randall gonna miss halifax? he didn't jelic, i went to bianca gunk on with the new you mean that and zach and kayla boy
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kilometer, you'll put gwinnett madrid. me cool mac a year i see could to we didn't isn't keep on bugging of we can, we can even be full of our land to a good number. be on board to do that with then i gotta be more than yeah, katina laid out all of you. they'll go to the bar, but when window boy will corner. mm hm. yeah. alabama by you a volume only are you really on the arm and a
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with a with somebody with by about one i'm by the billing that i'm you barely pay are by and i get it. i get everything with them for listen ginger toward the door. the ghetto in them, but good to go. it will go to linda. and again, because i'm out of band. i've done this already. i know can tanya
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on but that a tumor crazy got into a pool, a large baby, and upon your living i think i'm to show you a little additional day. i know what to do to get out of the poll with
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with lives in tomorrow. maybe monday i'm been to web will home and get that if you like to be a little money in it and what would be the buck? would you please validate? it can, you can, you can do what i want to go get a don't. don't give them, don't normally give me a donkey beaver globeop sometime. getting them pretty open. i can move what you've done. the within the buffer view. mcdonough, please. one moment and update my the new perfector symbol from the hospital. can i do enough? ah,
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if you own it, i believe in passaic comedy, my yecynnia good at linda columbia medical clinic, right. is it robert m burden we were elmer with log. i'm all ready in a burden malcolm. the goal. yeah.
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a building in wrong or is always happening. my loop in the long run and didn't matter. i knew them also. masha la la la la la la la la button. them log them to pretty much i love, wonderful man. when i'm with a sales ag monday. i'm good. thank you man, i'm biggie. how you guys, what about my little media? a young man a lot longer. it a lot of afraid of a very wonderful day or a lot of them, but it wasn't a big is all connected. i did that in would move neck with. i never got a full upgrade. a movie on yours, a little more ident daniel boy.
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my name is jennifer with a, a land alabama. good. but you know, a lot of this won't happen to them. but i don't know how to get some of that. i have a number of them about
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april. i did that up until i wrote, you know? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i don't. that is yes i'm like, oh oh oh boy. oh, but now i got my letter. i a mentor lives
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down with a lot a lot. wonderful. yeah. a boy with a mom.
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i got oh boy. yeah, i'm thrilled . all day all you said it was i was good as i knew that little confidence. oh martha.
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oh. but it will. will you go to your what on a doom long as let it go? when julia collection was built, but as the sunbeam come on the holiday, you cannot also with the on the got the beginning and see to that it has been incredible hunting they nichoela would ye de, buddy, i am the son kenslowe and got to thinking of miss hoover missouri, giblin you one week, are you from an a quote, is that in the home or do you see it was a quote for b, one a at i will as a quote finance a february dominion on a local oh, i've had a woman in i know the whole burial. lloyd's of all, i think i
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know. i good. oh well seductive little homework on my way to you jennifer jupiter with it was he? i mean hold on to come pick or
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come to see us. well look, one, bob, ogo comerica, visit it. no, not local dish. a c global in, you know, good g, you know, super speed laid books, jewel, gaiety but, and show a lot of. mm hm. if you'd call a with
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oh, she lied. no good. why does it come so mac bundle? good, good, manicured. what is it is, how long would you feel? good, bob, i'm friendly. ah, ah, only jumbled good to you. to be sure be on the mac ocean. lovely. if she
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did not finish quite as it may from acorn by mac, to jump in jaw long. oh i ah, we understand the difference. americans have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, you 0, we're bringing the news and current to fast. that matter to you out there. i don't have a narrative. i have of my city. join me, rochelle perry on up front of my get them around the world. take the hot plate and we basically stop dories and pricing. if you hear her intelligence,
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social, and playful. this vulnerable species of being caught in the wild, sold online and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main markets is japan. in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafes, by customers, by a cover charge to sit in the cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals. but as businesses compete for customers, the speed disturbing shift to ever more exotic species, we want to find out more about how offers have been taken from the wild and sol, justina gar, a market is spooling hops, the animal trade, a plethora of exotic species, seats, and tiny metal cages distressed and sweltering under the hot sun the moon.


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