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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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you 3 part series tells the story of the struggle by african countries to we claim that price miss heritage, but it didn't happen overnight. we were robbed over time restitution. africa stolen out. coming soon on out jazeera i've worked it out, is there english since it's lordship, as a principal presenter and as a correspondence with any breaking the story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on an international news channels one moment i'll be very proud off was when we covered the napoleon wake of 2015 at the terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important of the time, ah,
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this is al jazeera ah. hello sir. hello raman, you're watching the alger there. a news our lie from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. more than 25 people are killed and millions are stranded across bangladesh and india. as heavy rains cause major flooding and lance lives. at least 2 people are killed during an attack on a seek place of worship in the afghan capital. cobble. also, these railey army has conducted a number of air strikes in the gaza strip, targeting what it calls military sites. and the rare fever sweeping through parts of iraq experts wanted could hit and already overstretched health care system in sport, max, the sap and dominates practice head of the canadian grand prix. and collin mar, acoa is tied to the lead us open gulf with
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a little main player who nearly didn't bother trying to qualify. ah, welcome to the news are we start in bangladesh. we're heavy. rain has unleashed devastating floods and land slides. at least 25 people have been killed. please, 821 died because of lightning strikes and flooding while for others were killed in the landslides. neighboring india is also affected. the storm has stranded 4000000 people. the military is now deployed to help with evacuations and the rescue effort . let's get the very latest from bungler with their tanveer chowder correspondent who's standing by a serious situation developing in bangladesh. in their very dire situation, in ne bangladesh, especially in select division which comprise of several distinct now the cylinder railway, the airport and the road communication is totally cut off. the power stations got
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water its inundated, so there is no power in most part of the cillit. and as you mentioned, that military has been deployed. they're helping to rescue people and to provide fresh water and food. people have been actually calling me than people i know from that area that are you putting that in the news? it's so bad. we haven't seen flood like this in decades. and some people have decided to social media pleading for help from the government and others that please come by to fill out because things are so bream out there. and so far as we know, the torrential rain is concerning and bangladesh in many parts of bangladesh have been here. just about an hour or so ago, we have to re and shall rain, not northern side of bangladesh is also flooded due to the he slept garage on the indian side, which was open that flooded at norden, the stick of cory graham in that joining area, flooding the entire region and also the, not the central bank. there's some areas like network runa is flooded and this is
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a month main monsoon season. so torrential rain is come on. that's making the things happen from bad to worse. now, of course as a is the monsoon season, still it is in the north east of the of bangladesh. you can't ignore the fact that when monsoons hit they don't just stick to one country. you've mentioned india is also affected. this is a regional issue and it will need perhaps regional help absolutely what the indian side could do that could have a collaboration in forecasting when there is lot of rain and flooding in indians uphill in the north is an upstream. they can tell the bang of their side that this is when you should expect the water to flow down. and these water goes through bangladesh, which is the himalayan besson riding to the bay of bengal and seal. it is also 40 kilometers from sheet up, wendy, which of that was highest rainfall ladia. now every year we do expands this torrential rain and season of flood,
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but nothing in this scale. so the forecasting is an important method to warn bangladesh at was ahead of time to get to expect some, you know, wars flood than a normal season that so lot of a lot of cooperation can, can be done between those 2 countries at prizes advanced forecasting. and are good deal with this extreme flat, which were seen recently turn the child with a force in smuggler. thanks very much for the update. well, there's been an explosion at a seek place of worship in the afghan capital killing. at least 2 people not doesn't. so tramped in the complex in cobble there was also gun fine at the latest in a string of attacks targeting religious minority groups in the country. there's the land is a professor of political science, a cobble university. he says, armed groups exploiting the telephones, lack of control over afghanistan, security. but unfortunately, we are living close by the with synergy the explosion st. also that text hurt
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actually within taliban in power. taliban liking capacity to capacity of counter terrorism counter insurgency. the also like my regional international intell sharing support. it's not the 1st time minorities, specifically my sheer minority and sick. and i need to talk to in many years with how she talks, we have in mind, collateral damage was happening groups who benefits from such a targeting, civilian talks for the benefit of getting it and, and stability and messaging the central government to the previous. and now the current government that they do not have control over that population security, city meters and they cannot defend the local population,
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specifically the minorities which creates a, you know, bad governance, strep, and beards distance between people in the government. and it increases trust deficit, which still for somehow challenges the symptom of government grip over the country over the population. so it can be related with the same those talks which happen in on the sick minority and then go to higher income land hosts in the past. many years, and these attacks are somehow series of attacks on different minorities with gifted and i'm kind of while his government says 70 hours shall bob find to thing, fading 3, foreigners have been killed on to the armies stop for that cold and attempt to terror attack the armed group was attempting to ambush an army base at the central gal region somali as information minister says, the man who was intending to conduct suicide attack has been arrested. submit and
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gained is the executive director of hit our institute joseph, lie from the somali capital market issue miss got could help you with this on the program. how bold is this attack? considering algebra normally hits the capital and sort of the board up porous areas in the regions. yes, thank you so much for having me. i think this attractive tending is quite critical . the town that they have that, that the selected, i'll call on any sort of critical logistical line that they have been trying to gain back from the federal mentor for the 54 to so it might from the outside look like insignificant. but it's very critical for them to just to apply for connecting the north and partial so malia to the central and south central parts of some i guess. so for them they, it was quite o dishes, they had talked to that all 300 as we just told you, the level of interest they had in this town. how strong his algebra, in your opinion have been numbers. what the numbers have fluctuated over recent
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years, there's not really no real strength they have and what sort of threat they continue to pose to the country. i think they still cause the great greatest i to the country are they are approximately they they're between 40027000 fighters and then the fact that they can amass 300 fighters and move them to just on it to, to capture one small town also let you know the control that they have over some youth, the control the have over some towns can usually pass through with this huge numbers of assets and, and, and, and human beings. so it's, it's, it's, um, it's a, it's, it's a huge problem for someone and remains a problem. and over the past 2 years, we've been in all of what you want the electoral process that has delayed over 2 years and was, of course, you know, the group just chanting. somebody's indeed with a new government in place. and how significant is the news? you might say that the military were able to push back. that's quite an encouraging move. certainly for military personnel as well as the politicians at
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the other, the waffle peroration was the gotten. they began from the local community. this local militia group that and festival confronted the group, are killed, approximate what them, the military force is good there in time as well in a minute to the additional numbers that you have. so that corporation between the local communities and the federal forces at which was is, is quite because the president has indicated that that's how he mean he intends to move forward the fight in a societal wide coordinated manner, which is quite positive, of course. and the world bank announced on thursday that it was going to give somalia $100000000.00 for the next 12 months to address the government's priorities . i mean, much of those funds are going to go into the economy and health care system, but it does show sort of a renewed vigor from the international community to help the country. what's your assessment of its security needs? because it needs financing here to the, the world bank in the international community has really been on a pause because of the election like i've mentioned in so over 2 years they've been,
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they've been quite a stand offish about how, fortunately given to somalia, this must, this moves are quite positive, it gives the government's piece to create security priorities. in terms of security priorities, of course, we have the rebuilding of the security forces and then we have this offensive operations that we need to conduct against the crew. all of this need resourcing, or we haven't operation our african union mission operations with them. and so i think 1st of all, are the president's direction that he intends on creating a political settlement in the federal number states. that will be the 1st priority before he ought to security agenda. so mitigate from the head. i'll institute in mogadishu, thanks very much for your time. plenty more had here on the al jazeera news, our including will be live from the gaza strip, where israeli asteroids of targeted multiple sites police and brazil confirmed the remains sound of the amazon rain forest to those of british journalists dom
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phillips. and as groundhog day formula one returns to canada. details of that coming up in sport with jo ah, is earlier strikes. if it's several locations in garza, the army says it's targeting water calls military sites. now the strikes come after israel said it had shot down a projectile, fight from the gaza strip towards the southern city of ashland. early on saturday, you're going elsie josephina from garza city. a new me, let's just start with what the atmosphere is like on saturday morning hours, people wake up to this news and what area all locations were targeted. yes, true. mon, i mean the early hours of saturday, we're very, we're witnessing very violent rates by the really military forces were planes then
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reconnaissance planes carried several air strikes in the central and northern parts of the gaza strip. the posts or military posts for the fallacy instructions that were targeted, were very much violently targeted. the central post in the central area because the strip along was targeted with 6 met style, which conducted a lot of material damage. not just in the post but in the lines or at the croucher lab around the enclosed a lot of fires, no casualties were reported. but again, also in the northern part of the gaza strip in law, which is already a very fragile place because it was very much targeted in the previous may 2021 war was also target the many, many other military posts there, about 3 other military posts were targeted in that area very violently as well. it
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could be a lot of military damage. this is all as the military or israeli spock's military said that in retaliation off the rocket, best worlds earlier launched from because the strip at its, intercepted by the iron dog and it was blanche towards us. cologne now will know policy groups. here are factions have carried or claimed responsibility for the firing of this rocket. but to what ease really media has been thing is that it claims that it could be every pony or a retaliation to the killing of 3 palestinian armed men in janine. and this could be the launching of the rocket could be as they claim carried out by islamic jihad. these are all eas, railey claims. no palestinian factions have a given or taken responsibility for the launching of this rocket. the policy of
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factions in gaza, the other side condemned. this is really raids and they said it's a continuous aggression of these really government and authorities to hide and are a she and, and, and over shade their continuous aggression and crimes towards the palestinian people. human else how you venture much for the update. no attention is high in the occupied west bank. many people have responded to lex initiatives to fill streets with the palestinian flag, but his already suffered living illegally on palestinian territory, hoping to stop. the flags being raised with abraham explains, ah, it's a simple act of flying a flag. but in the occupied west bank reading, the palestinian flag could get you shot or arrested. the symbolic gesture has become even more important in recent weeks. indeed,
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the tone of her water on the north of the west bank has become a battle ground. and the fight here is all about the flag, palestinian men breeze their flag on the main street, only to have as really suckers take it down under the protection of these where the army is ready, forces usually shoot at palestinians and the confrontations that follow they have been 1 am, was shot twice during the past few weeks. one of his injuries was caused by a rubber coated bullet to the head. safe says the flag represents a sovereignty. palestinians are yet to have you on it to him breathing. the flag is a risk worth taking much of a shudder issue of your air. i expect anyone to be shot by a soldier at any time on. i remember when i went to alex, almost company recently. my father was scared. i will be in the confrontation, don't try to rally, but it was job here for more. these really army and settlers came to a place need. my household is ready for is is have since brought in more troops.
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the for water worsening the tension in the area one day there are no palestinian flags. the next estimates are filled with them. it's a dean if white tear ned the boy young men who were not even worn when these railey government 1st the cleared the palestinian flag illegal after the also accords of the early 19 nineties between the palestine liberation organization and israel. the bound on the palestinian flag was lifted, but on the ground it's becoming more harder to express any type of support for the palestinian cause. a 3 year old was recently forced to take off his shirt because it had a picture of a rifle. use of a house crossing this is really made it through checkpoint. when soldiers stopped him. soldiers were running towards him, pointing their rifles at him, while a sniper was stationed on the military tower above. if we adults were afraid, how do you imagine a 3 year old feels what he's traumatized? he was wearing with have become known as the m. 16 shirts. they were produced here
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in response to is really rate that followed palestinian attacks against israelis earlier this year. have been it seems that the palestinians don't even have the right to have symbols. palestinians can even dream that they can be victorious, will reach an in to the colonial state. in the west bank, the struggle is not just for the land but also for the symbols and images that represent the palestine. deborah, he l. juanita the occupied westbank. oh, they were meeting, it continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of his journalist and they occupied westbank. schunover clay was short in the herds by israeli forces. while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral, is ready for the storm the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pull barrels to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupy these teresa limb to take part in the
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funeral and burial. members of the international community of condemned to killing and continue to call for an investigation serene, was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation and was known as the voice of palestine police in brazil. so human remains sound in the amazon rain forest, or those of missing british journalists, don phillips, they have yet to identify other remains thought to belong to the indigenous ex, but bruno pereira, whose traveling with phillips mulkey and a kid has more from re edition or using dna matching brazil's federal police identified the mortal remains of british journalist dom phillips. he was travelling with indigenous expert, bruno bid ada, when both men were killed. indigenous leader batt, to my reuben told us his people need time to mourn the loss of 2 men who defended their cause. he says the union of the indigenous people of the job id valley will
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continue patrolling the reservation. working to stop illegal fishermen and poachers . for gum august, don't you give that to so, but it's a question of survival. we live in an area which is home to the largest number of on contacted indigenous tribes in the world. they don't go to the local market to buy food. they depend on fishing to keep their families alive. abdulla they did, and phillips were found 10 days after they went missing. when the local fishermen, a mighty la costa confessed to their killing, he led police to a burial site in the rain forest. more than 3 kilometers from the river, where both men were ambushed. it was not the 1st time he and biddy i had met. we witnessed this encounter between him in that caused the last december. the police call the murders, an isolated act. they said there's no proof, they were commissioned by some one else,
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but my old was says he believes illegal. fishing is directly linked to money laundering from drug cartels a lot on others. eyes, kepler's and blasting for muslims, quality products to say this was an isolated crime is a mockery, not only for the families of both men, but for all those who have died defending the amazon. and she had said, indigenous experts sydney persuadable says present. jay bo, so matto, is responsible for empowering people, were trying to legally exploit the amazon video. visual was never in history, has the been a worst time for brazil's amazon like now, not even during the military regime. the murder of dom phillips and bruno period happened 4 months before brazil presidential election. casting a spotlight on a remote area of the brazilian amazon for it. chavez, the valley is the sides of austria and home to the world's largest number of isolated indigenous tribes. monica not give all just 0 re addition narrow
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us president joe biden says that he will not meet saudi arabia's crown prince one on one during his visit. next month, barton has been facing criticism after the white house announced its trip to re and he was promised to make saudi arabia paris stays after the murder of journalist remark chetry. i'm not going to be with them yet. i'm going to international meetings. if you're going to be part of it, just like there are people, part of the discussion today good recalls as a profession of international affairs at texas a and i mean the vesting, he says solar and gas prices and high inflation have. but president biden, in a very difficult position. i think that he's climbing down from some pretty tough campaign rhetoric, calling on the ground prince prior saying he was going to isolate him. and you know, the fact is that he's going to be in the same room with him. and i'm not sure why he'd be going to saudi arabia except to talk to him. but obviously he's got,
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he's got to work the domestic side of this and, and back away from some very strong language he used during the campaign. the president wants to show the american people that he's doing everything. he can even at the margins to bring down the price of gasoline. the ukraine issue just brought into very start release the fact that saudi arabia is still the major player in the world oil market. and even though the long term goal of the by the administration is clearly the reduce, the importance of fossil fuels. that's not going to happen in the short term. people are still driving their cars and they still need gasoline. and so combined with these other geopolitical issues in the middle east, the ukraine war and the fact that chad on energy markets is really driving the, by the administration back into a relationship with saudi arabia. now for me here as president, donald trump has criticized his former vice president for lacking courage to overturn the 2020 election results. trump is accused of cooling on his supporters
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to store the capital to stop congress from confirming tre biden's victory. my parents had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be frankly historic but just like bill bar in the rest of these week people, mike and i say it sadly because i like them. but mike did not have the courage to act peasant of peru, pedro garcia has appeared before national prosecutors for questioning and corruption case. he is accused of receiving bribes for public work contracts, 6 colors politicians, and the polar minister also being investigated. castillo is the 1st peruvian leader in recent times to be investigates. falling off, it will still had his own the news temperature record of being broken across europe law and how people are keeping with an early heat
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wave and in goal for sexual from the big city. a great shot from the well, the belong to me. hello there. after recording, it's how to stay of the year and hotter than all of last year. a big change for london receives so 25 to crease on saturday. the winds have shifted around and a band of rain stretching from wales right through into england. so the heat has been squeezed into that southeast corner of england, western areas of france, where the heat, their parents could very well hit 40 degrees today. but your big drop will come on sunday. we'll talk about that in the sect that he's migrating further toward. the east progress, 36 degrees, you're closing in on a june temperature record, but i don't think you'll get there. there's that big drop for paris from $40.00 to $28.00 as these big storms roll in,
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some of which will be severe. it's got big rain for bulgaria, ranging from about $20.00 to $30.00 millimeters within a short period of time. that's likely to cause some trouble. and showers inst. under storms for mainland greece, got some activity bubbling up to 4 western areas of turkey. and there was winds picking up through the bathrooms like this in africa. we've got rain migrating further toward the north, up into more attain yes, so showers seem likely in walk shut over the next few days. and as we did toward the south weather maker is marched into the stern tapes, the northern cape. so white and windy conditions, cape town, looking at wind gusts of 60 kilometers per hour on saturday. that's it for me. i'll catch up with you next hour. ah. but when the news breaks still you came through the building trying to see if there's anybody else chopped inside. when people need to be hurt. and the story told, i feel like i wasn't really awake until you went to morocco. it definitely changed
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my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, not hardly what he left her because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied niece salam monochrome. it's great to see welcome to the kata economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said deed globalization going on, but that preferred to think of her re globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. oh,
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a book by kill watching i was there was news with me to hill run the reminder of our top stories organization. india are both suffering from floods and lamb slides after unprecedented heavy rains. at least 25 people have been killed in bangladesh . the storm was also started 4000000 people in submerged homes. the military is now deploying troops to help with evacuations. i had rescued. i've been an explosion that is the place of worship in the african capital killing. at least 2 people doesn't have a trap through the complex in cobble. that was also gun 5 is the latest in a string of attack, detoxing religious minority groups in the country. and somalia government says 70 ship fight, including 3 phone has been killed us or the army stop what it called, an attempt to terror attack. the group at the seventy's ambush army base than the
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central gallo group region. britain is officially experiencing a heat wave. the case met office has temperatures of hit record highs 3 days in a row with some parts passing 32 degrees on friday. it's because of warm winds moving from southern europe. now the heat is edging closer to its record for the hottest of june day. and that was back in 1976, when temperatures hit 35 degrees. now, scientists are blaming climate change for the heat wave in spain. temperatures climbed above 40 degrees and southern england does issued a heat alert feedback or reports from london. the british capitals grappling with june temperatures rarely seen in the united kingdom. ha, a questionable time perhaps for team building exercises in the park. for others though, it's a chance to do as little as possible. and for some, an opportunity to dust off membership to the city's most exclusive pools,
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ah, away from the stifling heat of the capitol. this is bryson, on the south coast, where thousands jostled for a patch of beach and a space to cool off. i'm from cyber is and now in cyprus, it's raining and i'm in london am. i'm boiling here so something must change minister. take precautions about the climate change for country that's made an art form of complaining about the usually wet weather. this heat gives people hear something else to grumble about that there's a seriousness about the soaring temperatures. real concern about how climate change may start to affect people's everyday lives. in the french capital sweltering heat being worse and by pollution, making it dangerous for their vulnerable to go out. and in the spanish capital madrid where temperatures of exceeded 40 degrees celsius for several weeks. the government issued an extreme weather warning due to the presence of santa dust from
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the horrid desert. little comfort for struggling to work outside climate sciences. so in no doubt about why this is happening. we're warming our climate generally so the average temperatures have risen by just over one degrees celsius since the pre industrial period. and that means that the hot extremes that we see every summer are becoming at least one degree hotter. and that also becoming more frequent and also lasting longer in climate activists are threatening more decisive action to proceed in action by governments, a big business similar to the extinction, rebellion protests that shut down parts of central london a few years ago were fed up of, of here in the rhetoric, when they've meaning for action. and if our leaders are incapable of doing that, they're not capable of getting off of a fossil fuel addiction, we're just doubling downright and continuing to pursue new fossil fuel investments
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. continue to subsidize this home for industry than we have. the core of we have to call them out and education is kate. the public can also understand in a row of non violent civil resistance in this moment because everything houses found climate. scientists say the next decade will be defined by greater extremes of weather. but the fear is it will also be shaped by our collective failure. to do more leave barker al jazeera london, not her all her. there's growing concerned about the increase of hemorrhagic fever . the w chose, and 680 cases are suspected and at least 32 people have died this year that most of those infected had direct contact with animals and were livestock breeders or butchers. mama, a boy had reports on from baghdad. but the em october says that she was overwhelmed by headaches, fatigue and vomiting for days. she's now been diagnosed with hemorrhagic fever and
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his receiving medical treatment at this hospital in the southern iraqi city of an nasiriyah had asked her intent, gonna give them a shot. we and our neighbors have cows and sheep, but the livestock don't show any symptoms. i probably got the disease from our bond or our neighbors bond. the province of the car has recorded the highest number of cases, among 13 other regions. most of them are farmers or butcher's hemorrhagic fever is a viral tick borne disease that is transmitted to humans through the bytes of infected ticks or by direct contact with the blood of the tissues of infected animals. subsistence farming is common in villages across iraq. any melbourne's are usually located near houses, so the family members often take care of their lives. stark officials have conducted the sterilization campaigns in several provinces, including the capitol about a dad livestock,
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on barnes as played with cypher methylene solution, an anti tech pesticide. a lot of the are prefer, a lot of we are, we spray everything on the ground, the walls of the holes in the walls. the ceilings, as well as the parts of the animals that a potential areas for text to live, including the skin and fur, cattle and sheep are the most potential carriers of the virus. on monitor slaughtering is common here. so the health ministry has urgent people to buy meat only from license the butcher. he's the shots fema us of climate change in iraq has helped the virus to evolve its genetic characteristics from strain viruses to substrate. and that's how it's become more resistant. it usually starts worsening from mid march every year. that's the breeding season for tics and newly born leeches which find their way to animals. skin tone. hemorrhagic fever is part of the family of viruses that includes the ebola last hunter virus and the yellow
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fever. it has been reported in iraq since 1979 veterinarian say the virus is likely to be eliminated by the rising. some are temperatures, but there are concerns unhygienic. butcher ease could give breeding ground for the virus. as more animals are slaughtered during the upcoming muslim festival of a deal of how hold up the le elgin's era, bothered to the most of the m as a teen the debate as representative in iran. joining me now from the good, talking with a doctor on the program. how concerned are you at this break spreading across the country? thank you very much for having me and agreed to to all you will be at work and to do that everywhere. we are concerned about the cds because we know that it is
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endemic in iraq. and the 1st ever cases were discovered in 1979. but the biggest outbreak so far was reported in $96.00, after which the minister of agriculture and mister upheld, had issued a new plan for combat into 2 teeth. and they started spray and the livestock and dipping the smaller livestock animals. and it has reduced the populations of picks and the has controlled the disease for the last few decades. but we have seen in 2021 and this year a big increase in number of cases. and this is the reason for concern for w h o and for the ministry, how do you think it is spreading? if you say there's been a large increase, obviously, that all factors that you're investigating as to how this is spreading. one of the most obvious reasons for this increase is called it and the restrictions
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that were uncovered that did not permit a ministry of agriculture to spray all the animals for 2 years. so for the last 2 years, for the campaigns for dipping and spray and animals with insect aside did not take place. and this explains why the population optics have grown exponentially for the last 2 years. and because we have the virus exist in few animals, it's endemic. as i said earlier, the transmission became a lot more easy and it's going from the, from the text to humans and also from the, from the animals tool to humans. how do you know we still did not have any evidence of human to human transmission? your figures at the moment to saying 690 cases are suspected with 32 people having died this year. what are your latest figures or what you think the projections
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might be as the summer months begin? to be very precise, we have 680 suspected cases, among which 189 are confirmed by the laboratory. when it comes to mortality, we have $54.00 suspected cases, 4 mortality for $54.00 bits among which $32.00 are confirmed by laboratory. we are concerned about the upcoming christabel where population in iraq and elsewhere come very close in close contact with with animals and livestock. so we are racing to tourist, increased a, we're in some to population and also to try as much as possible to lower the population off of the fixed by, by working with the minister of agriculture for dipping and print unable.
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what precautions are, what negotiations are you in the way they rocky medical fraternity because obviously the infrastructure, the medical infrastructure to look after people when they do become ill. it's fractured in a, in a country that has been well was told for many years. and also politically unstable right now. how do you rate the medical facilities can cope with an outbreak like this? in the very beginning of the outbreak this year, we had a very high mortality. and that shows the 1st population did not come early on to the hospital. and 2nd that the hospitals did not have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to deal with it. but this curve is now slowing down with training that have taken place. and the jewish awareness complained that the workhouse organization together would diminish health is running. there is that one very important point in combat. in such a disease is the which we call the risk communication and committee engagement.
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it's how we explained to the population, the model transmission and the weights or prevention, the teams of w, a chill and diminished out as we speak are actually roaming the country focusing on the areas that are more the areas with the most cases in the snow than iraq and they are doing exactly risk communication and coming to engagement. well, we'll continue to monitor what happens across the country. dr. emmons routine. thanks. joining us from the w h o in also thank you. thank you very much. no crowds in london are holding a protest against the rising cost of living. they're demanding greater government action to help cope with soaring inflation. let's join very challenge sue's life for us. that those demonstrations in london, they seem quite well attended. but what are we expecting in terms of the march to day, rory, year with the demonstrations due to start properly in about 20 minutes. and people,
1:41 pm
as you can see, are starting to arrive now the t. c, the trades indian congress, which is called this demonstration, says it's expecting tens of thousands of people to come, union members, workers, families, pensioners from all over the country. because as they put it at workers have had enough, i think we'll have to see how well attended this demonstration is later on the day . at the moment, i think process against the cost of living in this country. a very much being driven by the trades unions that haven't yet crossed over into that kind of wide spreads. i haven't reached a tipping point where people who are not usually politically active come out on the streets, but i think the mood does seem to be changing. and certainly we are moving in to what could be a kind of summer of discontent in the united kingdom strike action is picking up and this week coming there are going to be 324 hour rail strikes are, which are going to cause disruption across the country, but a sign really that sir,
1:42 pm
there are shifts occurring in the public mood. and sir, this cost of living crisis is really starting to bite here. and certainly in the coming or, or in the pre last few weeks. certainly the government have tried to offset the pressures by offering certain groups of people are one of payment with, for example, their energy bills. it might not be enough as we slowly get out of the summer and head towards the autumn. and this is where the you might say, the feeling of discontent might become a lot larger and more angrier. well, the bank of england is warned that inflation is heading towards 11 percent, perhaps is gonna reach the 11 percent in october. we are in the worst crisis unit cost of living crisis in this country in 40 years. ah, there are big impacts on normal people there. the national institute of economic
1:43 pm
and social research says that a quarter of a 1000000 households could fall into destitution by next year, 1500000 households will struggle to pay for food and energy. and our interest rates are heading up as well. they're currently at a 13 year high and could be going high enough. kinds of economists do say that raising wages in this kind of inflationary economy is a risky step to take, recurs back and feed into the, the, the other, the inflation re loop and make things worse. but the union say this sachi just a basic humanitarian issue, that if you have families who are going for food banks, because they can't afford to be themselves, then you have to step in and you do something. that's why the unions here recording for a decent pay rise for public sector workers. they want a $20.00 equivalent an hour minimum wage and employment built and fair pay agreements across the country. long story, we'll check in with you or thought that i worry. challenges are for us in london.
1:44 pm
no protest is an australian or a rallying is what they describe as the over policing of indigenous people that are demanding an end to the presence of on police and aboriginal communities. and say the policies contribute to the high number of indigenous people in australia's prison system. i have a regional table coming together and the white fellows and stand it up and say no more gun. we're only 2 percent of the population and yet, 40 percent and copyrighted and this violence and this rice use them as got to stop. you say new zealand, almost 80 percent of the blades on on and all right. and what is happening in my community there is the escalation training that he's implemented within plate scalia and you know that they be putting years more well equipped without
1:45 pm
a gun. that was ryan baton, are enough to tack on another human being that have not been far on until then to take their guns. the why from remote communities will make it that i could all president, pardon me, has declared a state of emergency in 3 provinces after days of protests. globe molasses says that he's committed to descending the capital and the country. the protest as are mostly indigenous people suffer road blockades, and several states lead amending cuts to fuel prices and a temporary ban on that. 3 payments. a small farmers in chile 11 form a soldiers and police have been jailed decades after the executions of dozens of farm workers in the community of pain. it was one of the worst crimes committed by chillies, military leaders in 1973. the supreme court ruling has taken decades, but most of the victims were pull roll workers who somebody couldn't afford to seek justice or latin america at the lucy and neither report from pine nor oh,
1:46 pm
the rural community of piney is home to a brutal statistic. the largest number of victims per capita of chilis, former military dictatorship. yahoo, we really rama 65 year old. sonya valensuela still lives in what's called widow's lane. she was 16 when soldiers rated the street and took her father. her 4 uncles and her husband of only 6 months. you were in time every day. from the winter i saw that they were taking away a line of people with their hands up like this ski emmy period. i wash. my uncle cried a lot. he said sonya, they're going to kill me and so it was if you whip the majority of those who lived here in 1973 were poor illiterate farmers who had benefited from a land reform program until a military coup turned the clock back in all 70 men were taken from here and
1:47 pm
disappeared, leaving their families penniless portion of any am or no here and we were destitute . my grandmother was left to camp, was 16 grandchildren. they asked for milk for breton perry unless you for days with my father isn't, but the worst part she says was the search for their bodies and for justice. and then all great justice was finally served this week. the 38 of the 70 victims who are honored at this memorial. after numerous appeals, the supreme court has ruled to imprison 11 soldiers and policemen with sentences of up to 20 years roar. hello hm. of them now. flawed last, last 2 brothers, 2 uncles and her father, she says she's waited nearly 50 years to be able to sleep in peace carrier compliant. i think of my beloved mother who died in december. i can say that i completed my mission for her. she fought for so many years for this. oh yes,
1:48 pm
only 33 percent of the victims remains have been found. 24 of them were executed and thrown into a ravine. hill sick went to la la la lengthy mare, bye. and they only found my father's glasses and a bit of clothing for the rest of his remains had been thrown into the se you're into like rappel and what the dictates ship called operation removal. c m, all over the somebody the delux. so the 17 other victims were executed closer to home. this is the hill where the soldiers brought them, shot them dead, and then left their bodies to decompose. the squadron was led by a lieutenant colonel magna, but he will never spend a single day in prison. he died a year ago, peacefully in his bed before he could be sentenced. many of the victims families have also died. that's why sonia valensuela still feel sadness. justice that takes so long, she says, still feels like injustice. to see in human al jazeera by nature in the dom.
1:49 pm
well, still i have here on the news are the muley crowd. ambia champions were sent home to their excited fans. cho, how that story and sport ah, it's rush hour at the local community center in lieu batch of 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. that note that got jack is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting goods donated by people from all over europe. thought i agree are helping people on the other side of the border . the ones who stayed behind who can lead since russia invaded ukraine, the new to has been driving across the border every day. crossing the border is always tricky, but the women say that today they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring their the goods in the no to if we leave to find
1:50 pm
a less chaotic situation that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted. this time i'm not crying. as you can see. the new dos mission has been accomplished for now, but you will return with more goods, as long as russia's missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine. blue. ah ah, we'll go say miss alt museums and the world is presenting a collection of little known artists its own employees. kristin slew me has moved from new york. the metropolitan museum of art in new york is known for its extensive collection of art from around the world. but it's the museum's latest
1:51 pm
show employee exhibition that's entering new territory. the men has been organizing employee exhibits for nearly 100 years. but this is the 1st time one has been opened to the public. more than 400 of the met, 1700 workers submitted their art every one from office staff to security guards. so even the security guards here are artistically talented, especially the security guards at the met him. for me, that's really interesting is that people who have jobs that don't seem to be ones that involved necessarily the artistic talents often turn out to be amazingly accomplished at what they do. it fell to exhibition design manager daniel kershaw to organize the works. sometimes the color is helped to determine what makes sense in certain spaces like here, everything from paintings to sculptures, to photographs. this installation gives you a slice of what's on the minds of more varied types of artists in new york. then
1:52 pm
you could possibly get anywhere else. i almost saw it as a metaphor for the way that i was feeling close panoramic, or during the pandemic. and for many of the artist corona virus loc downs, weighed heavily. matthew tom soft sculpture is derived from a painting. he saw at the met years ago, i work in the communication department at the metropolitan museum of our pam, you know, are responsible for telling the stories. our other great artists of our time. for 2 people tell us story of ourselves and our, my peers. it's really been fantastic working mid ancient artifacts has been an inspiration for supervising technician staff unless, if you're an artist that's like having a big encyclopedia, you know, i could go look on my lunch break and get what i want from the collection for this, especially i think i took some pictures while i was working on in one of the galleries and we have a few tigers and sphinx because i work in the egyptian department. the exhibit is
1:53 pm
a sign of appreciation for the meds employees and a fresh approach to art from an age old institution. kristen salumi al jazeera new york type of school history. so thank you very much. let's start with a go for who nearly didn't bother trying to qualify for the us open. but jose aim is probably got he did because he now shows the lead at the hallway stage. david stokes has the action for ram to jo damon. very nearly skipped qualifying for the us open earlier this month, but his instructor convinced him otherwise. and it's a good job. yeah, the 34 year old comes to survivor is tied to the lead at brooklyn. up to 2 rooms. he's got one pga tour, went to his name and he's falling on the par. talk with the lead a board with will number 7, call him or a cower. 25 year old more. a car was shot. the lowest run that the day on friday for the past 66 and he's on track declared me stood major title. the major championship us open. you know, no one is taking
1:54 pm
a deep so far and kind of run away. but you know, i right now my game feels really good. lots today is huge. coughing the fisher for me heading this weekend and hopefully we can kind of make some separation. some out there are 5 players in a time to 3rd just one shot back on florida. they include the spanish defending champion, john rome, who had around of $67.00 and will re mcelroy. he recovered from a double bogey, a 3rd hole to stay in contention. mcroy when the us opened back in 2011, the 1st of his 4 majors. you want to go up against the best to try to bring the best part of yourself. i certainly don't want it to be easy. i want guys to go out and she's 65, so i have to go into 64. i mean, not that's at the heart of the sky, him and i'm, i'm excited to be in that mix going into the weekend. i was trying to play my way into the final group and then i real then i was told in scoring that the final group, these are the 345 tomorrow so. so maybe i don't want to be an assignment. chris
1:55 pm
seems very lit. well, number one, scottish after one the master's in april, and thanks to the siegel at the 14th, finds himself just 2 shops of the paste. one, a 5 players type a on 3 and the par cameron young, produced one of the stunned out moments of the day. a hole in one of the sick for the celebrations was short lived as he eventually missed the cut, which means he'll have to sit out what promises to be a fascinating battle for the trophy would just fall shots covering the top $23.00 on the leaderboard. they would, spokes al jazeera, the m b, a champion. golden state warriors have landed back in san francisco. after clinching the title, fans turned out at the cities airport to welcome back the newly crowned champions. as they touched down with the trophy, the warriors beat the boston celtics and game 6 on thursday to win their 4th and me a title and 8 seasons. a victory parade planned for monday. for the one well
1:56 pm
champion max, the staff and dominated friday practice. i had a qualifying for the canadian grown, preach the red bull driver who's one for the last 5 races. top the time sheets on f forms returned to montreal for the 1st time in 3 years. the current of iris pandemic had prevented races they held their several drivers continue to struggle with that cause, bouncing up and down on the track, including 7 time world champion, louis hamilton. the phenomenon known as pope a thing has less than say, the driver with headaches and back pain. the company body says it's looking at how it can tackle a problem. hamilton's concerned it will leave dr. as with long term injury. open me . i think safety is the most important thing and i don't think, i think there's at least one driver and every team is, has spoken on it. and i don't think it's gonna change a huge amount. but i think there's a lots of work that needs to be done and as positive that the if i are working
1:57 pm
towards improvement because we have this car for the next few years. so it's not about coping with the bouncing for the next 4 years. is about completed, getting rid of it and fixing it so that the future drivers, all of us don't have back problems moving forwards from poor thing to ground hawks and a speed informants from this local residents who cross the track. as fernando alonzo in color science came around the corner, luckily he missed being squashed by a wisco. something's governing body fina is set to vote on a new policy regarding transgender swimmers. on sunday, his impact american lee at thomas, who earlier this year became the 1st 9 transgender woman to an a college title in the female class. many feel is unfair, arguing that anyone who goes through mail, puberty will always have a major physical advantage over women. this week sightings governing body tightened its rules for athletes who must now wait 2 years to compete after transitioning. it
1:58 pm
also lowered, permitted testosterone levels and is exactly 6 months to go until the welcome. final takes place here in katha. the much will take place on december, the 18th and a sale state in one of the specially built venue for catherine 20. 22. the torment gets underway in november with $32.00 teams battling out for the biggest price in world football. i will have the 1st of all, well cut count down programs later on saturday, at 1630 gmc on al jazeera this month, we're focusing on the south american teens. all right, that is like a sport for now have more for you later. so thanks very much cherry fully buddy. buddy will have more news on the other side of the brain with the to learn from joe on me. thanks very much for your time and your company on the new. so. ah, the saudi. good. awesome. so i la, la, la la la la, why is one on one, the,
1:59 pm
how do you to visit? well, cancel the philistine bitten from the switch for ya. and we'll let in about the fisa yada. can a little sob. is it done? well, i can get the shower in the car there, topics you had that if awesome thought and i could rally by camella coffee. i'm working on the path on my gun ne, on, in that a fee. alida is like a month to help audi. i mean, for the shutting law integral show circleville new wonder, even before the book a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of and networks journalists on al jazeera
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ah more than 25 people, a cale did millions as stranded across bangladesh and india as heavy rains cause major flooding and lance lice. ah no, i'm fully back. savoy watching al jazeera life from doha, also coming up crowds in london gear up to protest against the rising cost of living and call for help with soaring inflation. these are the army has conducted a member of asked rights in the gaza strip, targeting what it calls military.


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