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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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me, you want to help save the world, sneeze into your own awe. and just under a year's time, castles out a stadium will host the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup for many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff next november 10th, 22. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. but organize is getting ready to host the middle east. biggest ever sporting event next year for the castle national team, they get used to playing in front of expect and home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fan and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world . mm.
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brazilian police confirmed the remains of indigenous expert. bruner pereira has been found in the amazon. ah blow, i'm mary. i'm no mozy in london. they're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. millions are displaced by rain and floods and bangladesh with warnings. it's likely to get worse in the coming days. when i just minorities targeted in afghanistan, fi worship, as it killed in an attack on a seek temple in cobble. and colombians decide that president on sunday, the choice between 2 vastly different candidates, but it's the cost of living that's worrying voters. ah
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hello and welcome to the program. we begin this hour in brazil where police have confirmed a human remains found in the amazon are those of indigenous expert, bruno perrera, ferrara, and his colleague and companion. the british journalist on phillips went missing and the brain forest 11 days ago. now his remains were identified on friday. well, the jewels were held in sao paolo as a tribute to both of them. they vanished on june the 5th, while travelling together through the remote amazon region by boat. 3 people have been arrested in connection to that, deaths. let's now speak to monica young makia that live in rio de janeiro. and of course it was widely suspected that buddha prairie had already been found alongside a journalist. don't phillips, but we have now confirmation from the police. yes, exactly. are the police have confirmed based on our dental the the dental arch
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found among the remains that this is in fact but a little bit of the police also said they have no evidence of a 3rd person among the victims of this brutal murder. ah, the 3 suspects to confess, to having ambushed the 2 men on the river when they were returning from an expedition to their shop by the valley, which is home to the largest number of an contacted tribe center. but on the updated i had already told us that he was being threatened when we saw him last december. so ah, basically now, now we do have a confirmation that both men have in fact died. and police are investigating if there are any other links to this murder also, i'm sorry. i just forgot. also they were shot. that's how they they network killed . they were shot to the chest. don phillips into the chest, and the head a little know video. and now police had said that criminal organizations were not
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involved, but we know that that has been a bit of criminal activity, illegal fishing and pushing that's taken place in the area. is there any further information about these arrests? well, this 3rd suspect. now if they thought that other people might be participating, the police are saying it's something local done by these local people who are upset ad. but only because bruno had been mapping this, the legal fishing and poaching activities together with this indigenous patrol that we followed. also through their shove id valley. but the indigenous leaders have told us that all these small canoes they work together for one of the must work together for a bigger person because it's the fish is very big. it's like a more than a meter 50 each. ah, be it out of cool fish that's taken from the water. so it is a, it's
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a lot of fish and it ends up in columbia. all right, thank you very much. want to can you give my 1st and rio de janeiro after confirmation to the remains of and for a have been found this after at please confirmed that they had found don phillips. so moving to her on the headline out at least 25 people have died after heavy rain unleash devastating floods and land slides and bangladesh. millions of people have been displaced in forecast to say, flooding is that to get worse. over the next couple of days. they bring parts of ne in india are also affected by this. but tory gate and be reports. if you leave us with the rain has been relentless in the eastern city of sil, it, and bangladesh. american officer, philip has been overwhelmed twice by flood water within the last 2 months. but the flood this time is much more severe. even in the center of the city work, there is water up to my hip,
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one huge swathes of ne and bangladesh of flooded after days of heavy rainfall. rivers had burst their banks, villages all submerged and estimated 4000000 people stranded. the army has been sent to rescue people and schools have been turned into relief shelters. in neighbouring a sam state in east in india, more than 2000000 people are affected by flooding and land slides who jamara voting over the past 2 days. the water levels been rising rapidly since 7 a. m. rescuers have been checking in on people who live here, rescued and evacuated almost a 150 people and will bring another 50 who are currently stuck. bangladesh and east in india regularly affected by floods, but experts say climate change is making it worse. often it's the poorest communities that are hardest hit more carbon liquor. there's water everywhere on 6 or 7 kilometers, barriers flood. miller, people don't have any way to live. and have to go to higher ground level. got olga
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varsity flood. water has inundated our house on this has created a lot of issues for people here as well as animals are. there's also the issue of a lack of food. it's the start of the monsoon season. in this region, it lasts until october. people here are dreading many more months of non stop grain and the flooding and misery. it brings victoria gate and be al jazeera. at least 5 people have been killed in an attack on a seek temple in the afghan capital, including 3 of the gunman. it's one of many violent incidents and attacks have taken place, targeting religious minority groups in the country. tar high right now, airports. ah, a peaceful morning of praise i to seek place of worship. soon turned into this gunmen stormed the compacts with grenades on saturday, trapping. several worshippers inside, outside the building known as a gurdwara, a car was detonated. tom. bon officials say it took several hours to fight the
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attackers, but the situation is now under control. this latest attack in the buffet, ball and neighbourhood of campbell, has killed and wounded several people, including one of the gunmen and i still affiliated group has been targeting minority groups in afghanistan in the last few years. this is the 3rd assault on seek since 2018. that numbers have dwindled to just a couple of 100, from half a 1000000 in the 1970. and since the taliban took power last year, many seeks have left the country despite reassurance, says that they'll be protected taliban or locked in good capacity to cause capacity of counterterrorism. counter insurgency, the, all the solid maritally, international law until sherman go support. it's smarter for the storm or minorities are specifically my sheer minority and good and anger. my mentor to be
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able to bring my car to him 1st many years. ha, the biggest challenge facing the taliban today is it's bits arrival i saw, which continues to undermine its authority and remains a major threat. afghans security thought hider al jazeera aah! israel has bombed several occasions in the gaza strip, as tries come off to israel said it had shot down a projectile. fired from garza towards the southern city of ashville. on early on saturday, palestinian media says the israeli s right struck farm land, but israel says it hits militant targets. no debts or injuries have been reported by either side or a memorial service has been how foul g, they're jealous, trina, blackly who was killed in the occupied westbank last month. family and friends
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gathered at a church in the old, in occupied east jerusalem. israeli soldiers shot her in the head while she was working, and janine last month and walker had been with alger 0 for 25 years covering the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine that been international calls for an independent investigation into this. barnett smith attended the service. oh . this is a new rule. mass injury occurs home town, katelina marking 40 days since she was killed is railing forces one covering a story in janine and the occupy. the westbound is an opportunity for sharina, friends and family to remember our colleague. oh, a would want to be remembered for what
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she did. she was the voice of fan signed the voice of truth, and she was compassionate. she was empathetic, she wasn't just a journalist. at the end of the day, she was also human being. then she continued to to advocate and to talk about justice for palestinians. i want people to remember her as the fun, humble in cheerful person. she's always serious on tv, but she doesn't like that at all. she's always happy person. she changes up the moon. when she enters the room, she likes, she brightens up the room when she answers it. oh wow. and on sunday, that will be an official memorial in ramallah, given by the palestinian authority and hosted by palestinian present mood of ass. now there's growing concerned in iraq about rise in cases of hemorrhagic fever. who else organization says the country has around $700.00 suspected cases and at least
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$32.00 people have died this year. most of those infected ad direct contact with animals and were lives, livestock, breeders on butchers and climate change could be contributing in terms of helping this virus evolve. mahmoud abdul wyatt explains now from the iraqi capital baghdad . but the d. m october says that she was overwhelmed by headaches, fatigue and vomiting for days. she's now been diagnosed with hemorrhagic fever and his receiving medical treatment at this hospital in the southern iraqi city of a nursery year had as her and her grandmother her. we and our neighbors have cows and sheep, but the livestock don't show any symptoms. i probably got the disease from our barn or our neighbors man. the province of the par has recorded the highest to number of cases. among 13 other regions. most of them are farmers or butchers. hemorrhaging fever is a viral tick borne disease that is transmitted to humans through the bite of
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infected tics or by direct contact with the blood of the tissues of infected animals. subsistence farming is common in villages across iraq. animal barns are usually located near houses, so family members often take care of their life as stark. officials have conducted the sterilization campaigns in several provinces including the capital batter, dad, livestock, on barnes. i was played with cypher methylene solution, an antique pesticide, a lot of the art with a lot of the art. we spray everything on the ground, the walls of the holes in the walls, the ceilings, as well as the parts of the animals that a potential areas the text to live, including the skin and fur. i'm only catalan cheaper, the most potential carriers of the virus. on monitor, the slaughtering is common here. so the health,
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the ministry has urgent people to buy meat only from licensing, butcher, ease, years shut, few months of climate change in iraq has helped the virus to evolve. it's genetic characteristics from strained viruses to sub strange. let's how it's become more resistant. it usually starts worsening from mid march every year. that's the breeding season for tics and newly born leeches which find their way are to animal skin. we had told hemorrhagic fever is part of the family of viruses that includes the ebola laser anti virus and yellow fever. it has been reported in iraq since 1979 veterinary and say the virus is likely to be eliminated by the rising somal temperatures. but there are concerns unhygienic, but sure eas could give breeding ground for the virus. as more animals are slaughtered during the upcoming moslin festival of a deal at ha mode,
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abdougla had the al jazeera in vouchers, air ally from london still had for on the program. thousands have been protesting in london. the rising cost of living as trade unions warning summer. ah, the northern edge of this european heat we got right up into england yesterday, but its being squished out from the north and from the west as his cloud comes in and his friend comes south. so what we're left with on sundays, still hot weather, searching up through france towards germany and the baltic states from western russia. but it's certainly been clamped down to just have dropped in england, the final fonts and low countries. and probably this part of spain as well as the unusual it'll storm system blowing up in the bay of biscuit,
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which means rain and wind and old in portugal and spain. and that'll drop temperatures in thunderstorms after say, in good part of from still the british out. and again run across germany. everything is going to hit it's ready south very quickly. so actually during monday, so the still heat, but it's down here being put into ukraine keys at $33.00. now the record for keith is that the 5 were above average and we come down towards the average by tuesday. so it's all turning back to know that look at north africa as well. quite unusual. whether not that far north is rain has stretch out through martini into western sahara. north shot shouldn't get any rain. this was like beating the 2 millimeter average, which you know, b, c for jude. if we much better. of course, for the fact ah ah,
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the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m oh, i welcome back to the main stories this out and now police and brazil of confirm human remains found in the amazon all those of indigenous expert, bruno pereira,
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the activist and his colleague british john stone phillips when missing in the rain forest 11 days ago, philip says remains identified on friday. at least 25 people died off to heavy rain on beach, devastating floods in landslide and bangladesh. millions of people who have been despised by this and for costs, just say, flooding is set to get worse as the next 2 days. and at least 5 people have been killed in an attack on the temple in the african capital, including 3 of the gunman. this is the latest in a string of violent assaults in the country targeting religious minority groups or now to columbia people, there are going to the polls on sunday, one of the most significant presidential elections in decades versus will choose between leftist gustavo, petra and construction magnate. redone for hernandez, as theresa burro ports from ball guitar, and colombian, say the cost of living is the main concern. oh,
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the past year has been difficult for people like ever somebody she's studying to become an accountant at finding work isn't easy for people like her. she was displaced by the colombian conflict of her child and fled to with willa with her mother. now she's back in columbia and says she's afraid of what may happen if walked. i will be at the door when sundays election. grandma sonya, but i got in the past 2 years, it's been difficult with the price is going up and no jobs. we need jobs in columbia and i dont think petro could help us achieve that. i'm afraid he will do to columbia chavez did to venezuela delilah. but not far away from her home in both same border. medium get a little things completely different. she 65 years old and lives with her grandchildren. she says was double paid. that all is what columbia has been waiting for a very long time. william lavelli live in columbia. government's in columbia are useless, and we need something new. and that's petro because the left has never ruled in
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columbia. we need better health care, education and pension is most colombians are concerned about the economic situation . poverty rates have soared under the government of the randall k who is not allowed to run for reelection. in spite of relative economic growth. columbia continues to be one of the most unequal countries in the world, exacerbated by the pandemic. and that's why many people here are asking for change something that both candidates will follow up with it all and all for man, this are probably thing to bring about. but he never been different way. and what i will bit though is a former gorilla, and more recently than me your of border. he hopes to fight poverty and prioritize the environment. his opponent is rolled for a man this a 77 year old construction business man who has been compared to donald trump. he says he wants to reform the political system and fight corruption noise. and about 6 years ago, we assigned a historic peace agreement with a foreign,
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a left wing rebel group. and even though the conflict continues in some parts of the country, that's why no, finally say colombians are voting for different reasons this time. but let me see on this is the 1st election in colombia where people are voting for the economic situation for health care and education. of course, security in the armed conflict are important, but most people are focus on other issues. and sandy's vote has colombians on the edge with both candidates promising reforms that could have a huge impact in their lives. they said, well, i'll just see that. so that's good. i have not sandra pierre t and the type of book are among which is the center of hernandez is campaign. describe the mood for their absolutely. mariam we are here in front of this house that has been re baptized as house of and that in your which is the name of the presidential palace in columbia
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. and that's because this is not only the headquarter for the campaign of those for 9 this, but it's also the place from which is promising to govern at least half of the time . if indeed he becomes president of columbia, one of the many queer key promises in a campaign that has been as surprising as successful in none. this was a little more than an oddball outsider, florida majority of cologne bins until a month a month ago or less than a month ago when he came in a surprise. a 2nd in the 1st round of the elections. and he's now very close to becoming the next president of columbia, thanks to the almost 30 percent of the votes that he got there on his own. and the fact that i'm not sure if the of conservative voters will probably cast their vote for him simply because they are afraid of the possibility of a through left,
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these arriving in power for the 1st time in the history of columbia. obviously a lot of people here are very excited at the idea that one of them, a person from book i'm on got good become president. he was a may are here in boca monga overall. he had a success of all time as the mayor, even if a lot of people criticize him for being that person, that lose his very easily is the them for, for the many gaps that he has known for both when he was a mayor and in this campaign among them, the fact that he has had, for example, that if he is a follower of the great german thinker, either hitler or saying that the venezuelan female migrants in the country are little more than factories of for children. this gives you an idea of a character that is not afraid of being cross of being politically
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incorrect in many ways, which seems to have worked with a number of columbia that are looking for anything different from the traditional politicians in the country. his was a single issue campaign on draining the swamp. i'm fighting corruption, but he's also being investigated in a number of cases for corruption when he was a mayor of this city. obviously, we know is that this will be a very, very close race. and moment of great sanction and polarization in the country. all right, thank you very much from booker manga and colombia, sandra. yet you're forcing to this. now, the ukranian president altamira the landscape, visited the port city of odessa away, inspected construction. what encounter on damaged buildings? city has been under heavy bombardment by russian forces, ukraine's inability to use its major deep sea fortunate death. because of russia's
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military incursion has led to a jump in global food prices, to lansky thank to national troops in the city for their service. ill, so recently visited the southern city of nikolai of meanwhile, hundreds of mourners gathered in cave on saturday for the funeral of a well known activist romana tiffany was just 24 years old when he was killed. now is you in the east of the country earlier this month? or 2, johnny was an environmental and civic activist. he made his name defending woodland in the capital from illegal construction. mourners walked in a silent column behind his coffin to independent squat. now thousands of people have been protesting here in london of the cost of living crisis in the country, which is the worst people have seen for some, for decades, demonstrators demanded a rise in wages to keep up with inflation. as many families are struggling to pay for essentials or a challenge with that. the figures certainly are alarming. we're being told that
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this is the worst cost of living crisis in this country for 40 years. inflation could hit 11 percent later this year. the bank of england has just high interest rates for their highest level in 13 years. and the economy is expected to contract this quarter research to say that all of this means that by next year, 250000 households may have fallen into destitution spot. all of this. some economists say you shouldn't be hiking wages in this kind of inflation written bargain because back could use inflation even further that the union sort of calling this demonstration say it's a basic humanitarian issue. you have families, you have to go to food banks because they can't afford to feed themselves. something needs to be done. when you've got some people earning 100 k 150 k a year, and then you've got somebody burning non power. 50 an hour. there's a public, there's a big, massive gap in wages and, and it's not fair. it's
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a very modest amount and it's saying that workers should get at least inflation rates. we should at least be able to see families protected against those pockets. in the process of household income, people have been struggling with feed to get some kids in school. so they talk their school tend to take home because slaten with the t u. c, which is called this demonstration, says it's done so because as it puts it, working people have had enough. but at the moment, the protest movement against the cost of living crisis is being driven by the trays, indians, and socialist organizations that hasn't yet to cross into the wider section of the population that don't usually get politically active. that could well change. i would certainly the unions are getting more vocal. we have a series of rail strikes coming up. next i'm there is a prospect of
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a real summer discontents to come. now it's widely considered one of the greatest hollywood films ever made. the godfather is 50 years old this year to celebrate a remastered ultra high definition version of the film has been released. and it's received star treatment at this year's try back a festival. al jazeera is gabriel elizondo has more on this story now from new york . and 50 years after it 1st appeared in theaters re watching the godfather is an offer. many movie fans also can't refuse. my father is no different than i other power. busy responsible for other people released in 1972. the godfather is based on a best selling novel about an italian american mob family. the film redefined mainstream
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acting and revived the flagging career of marlon brando. after this, you and launched the film career of co star al pacino at told you i can analyst what's more, it inspired, a wave of realistic, hard hitting mafia dramas from mean streets. good, phil is going to be the sopranos. and mr. mumbo, what did you call me? the godfather really is, is a great film. movie critic bill g. e berry says the driving force behind the film was it's director francis ford coppola, your laughter. francis ford coppola is kind of a classical filmmaker. he was interested in telling stories in what might have been considered an old fashioned way really. but he was also very much on the cutting edge of what constituted a good performance when i was making service was split. what constituted subtlety? all the things we see in the godfather, the newly remastered godfather,
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was 1st released in theaters here in the u. s. since february with robust box office results. it's now playing here at tri becca in new york city, but will soon travel to other film festivals throughout the world. because the godfather trilogy was, and still is an international phenomenon, seen by hundreds of millions of people in dozens of countries. it has global appeal . i think one of the reasons for that is because it's actually about family, you know, my older brother and i love you, no matter where you are. you can relate to these characters. but don't ever take sides with any one against the family. 50 years after was made, it's a film just is poignant now as it was then there was a gabriel's on dough leave. the guy. how does ita think in all the new york.


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