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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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health officials say the rate of new infections has slowed. the goal here is to conduct a broad survey to better understand transmission and a symptomatic cases, which in turn could help policy decisions in the future. so it would be easy for us to inform the decision making on what to do next. the goal now is to increase testing and contact teresa. the government provides retesting and medical treatment for those who need it, while campaigns to raise awareness continue unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast santana on me . the.
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ready police in brazil confirmed the remains of indigenous expert burner herrera have been found in the amazon ah, your walk through life from headquarters in delphi and getting obligate, also ahead. heavy rain cause major flooding and parts of bangladesh and india leaving 1000000 stranded. the us allows cover 1900 jobs for children as young as 6 months colombians beside their president on sunday at choice between 2 vastly different candidates. we hear from voters, ah, hello police and brazil have confirmed that human remained found in the amazon. are those af, indigenous expert bruno herrera and british journalists?
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dom phillips vigils have been held and shall power. i'm brazilian to pay tribute to the men who disappeared almost 2 weeks ago. autopsy results show they were shot with a firearm used for hunting, and their remains were then burried in the rain forest. so these have arrested a 3rd person in connection to their death. monica and kemp has more from rio de janeiro remains had been taken to brazil the capital, where they were being compared to d. n. a samples collected from both men. today, the police confirmed that a dental arch found their belongs to a bruno barrier. they had already identified don phillips through his dental large and also through his fingerprints. the police say there is no evidence of a 3rd person in that same location, 3rd victim in the case. so it is those 2 men. they also know how they were killed.
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they were dom phillips received, one shot to the chest, abdomen area. whereas bruno period i was shot twice, also in the chest and in the head. and it was a very brutal crime because these remains were then hidden. 3 kilometers into the rain forest are far from the river, where both men were ambushed, but will not pity it. i had been mapping out the territories to find ah, to track down a legal fisherman and poachers in the area. this number has been growing over the years, especially over the last few years because the government has withdrawn funding from organizations that patrol these indigenous lands. there's nobody valley is home to the largest number of un contacted, are indigenous people and they depend on phishing to live. they can't go to the supermarket to buy their food or anything like that. so what they were doing is, is collecting evidence would be indigenous patrols and taking them to the
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government to show them that these fish were being stolen. and they believed that there was a connection to drug cartels operating in neighboring columbia and peru. so there were many reasons why bruno was not liked in the area because the illegal fishermen had already threatened him when we were there also, which was last december on occur lena al finney chose a legal advisor at amazon watch. she says, police are under pressure to investigate suspected links to organized crime. the federal police is saying that the crime has been sold, that we know who the people who committed the crime mar, who pulled the trigger on, on, on the 2 men who were missing. and so that there is almost nothing left to find out . now, the indigenous groups of the validation by the above all, which is a union of indigenous peoples of the valley,
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where bruno works are saying that this is not clear that there are many indications that this crime is strongly connected to organized crime groups that operate in the region that over the past years, bruno pity, had been involved in denouncing these groups. that the 2 men who were, who are now being accused of murder work nominally denounced central police for illegally fishing within the indigenous territory of being involved in washing money from drug trafficking in the illegal fishing commerce. and so there are many indications that there is a broader context, crime, criminal context in which these crimes were committed. and indigenous groups and civil society and brazil are today pushing for the further investigation of what these connections may be in bangladesh, at least 25 people have died in floods and landslides caused by heavy rain. neighboring parts of northeastern india are also effected,
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and millions have been left homeless. victoria gate and behalf the latest the rain has been relentless in the eastern city of slit in bangladesh. america facility phillips has been overwhelmed twice by flood water within the last 2 months ago. by the flood, this time is much more severe, even in the center of the city. well, there is water up to my hip, one huge swathes of ne and bangladesh of flooded after days of heavy rainfall. rivers have burst. their banks, villages are submerged and estimated. 4000000 people are stranded. the army has been sent to rescue people and schools have been turned in to relieve shelters in neighboring a sam state in east in india. more than 2000000 people are affected by flooding and landslides are good in over the past 2 days, the water levels been rising rapidly. since 7 a. m. rescuers have been checking in on people who live here, rescued and evacuated, almost
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a 150 people. and will bring another 50 who are currently stuck, bangladesh and east in india regularly affected by floods. but experts say climate change is making it worse. often it's the poorest communities that are hardest hit more carbon liquor. there's water everywhere, around 6 to 7 kilometers, barriers flood. people don't have anywhere to live and have to go to higher ground . oh, it'll got olga vasa, the flood water has inundated our house on this has created a lot of issues for people here as well as animals is also the issue of a lack of food. it's the start of the monsoon season in this region. it lasts until october. people here are dreading many more months of non stop rain and the flooding and misery. it brings victoria gate and be al jazeera to afghanistan, where at least 2 people. and 3 attackers have been killed in an attack on a safe temple in kabul. it's one of many violent incidents in recent years
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targeting religious minority groups in the country. sarah, hi, ross reports a peaceful morning of praise or to seek place of worship. soon turned into this gunmen storm the complex grenades on saturday trapping. several worshippers inside, outside the building known as a gurdwara, a call was detonated tonda. bon official. say it took several hours to fight the attackers, but the situation is now under control. this latest attack and the bug a ball and neighborhood as couple has killed and wounded several people including one of the gunmen and i still affiliated group has been targeting minority groups. and i've gone to san in the last few years. this is the 3rd assault on seek since 2018. their numbers have dwindled to just a couple of 100, from half a 1000000 in the $917.00 the since the total bond took power last year.
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many seeks have left the country despite reassurances that they'll be protected by lacking capacity to capacity of counter terrorism. counter insurgency, the also like originally international enter sharing support. it's not too full time minorities, specifically my sheer minority and sick. and the minute when i talk to many, e ha, the biggest challenge facing the toner bond today is it's bitter rival i so which continues to undermine its authority and remains a major threat askance security. so to hide a, i'll just sarah. here us health officials of officially approved covered 19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months. millions of doses have been ordered for distribution and will be available starting next week. this means america's last remaining age group has now been approved for vaccinations. with this recent
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authorization from f d, a and recommendation from cdc, nearly 20000000 children are now able to get fascinated against coven 19. i know many parents with very young children have been anticipating this day. we now know, based on rigorous scientific review that the vaccines available here in the united states can be used safely and effectively in children under 5. let's discuss this with dr. william schaffner, who's a professor for infectious diseases of vanderbilt university medical center. he's joining us live from nashville, tennessee. welcome to al jazeera sir. so tell us your reaction to this news and why you think vaccinating children. it is important. well, there in, you can see that i'm smiling. i'm very excited. this has been long awaited news. you know, if we just look at these children age 6 months through 4 years of age, up to their 5th birthday, thinking back just in the united states,
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over 20000 of them, 20000 of them have been hospitalized. there have been over 200 deaths in children. this is an opportunity to prevent children, small children from dying. and so it's very exciting. the american academy of pediatrics as well as the cdc and people such as myself or enthusiasm. think about this and are going to be encouraging parents to bring their children into their doctors, to be vaccinate from the data that you've seen so far from the clinical trials that have been conducted. how effective are these vaccines on young children and toddlers? well 1st of all, they're safe. that's very important. parents mostly want to know about that. and then on the effectiveness side, they should have a level of effectiveness against severe disease. keeping children out of the
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hospital comparable to what we have for older children, adolescents, and young adults. in other words, we think that they'll be about 80 percent effective as about as good as we can get with our current generation or vaccines. how do you see the uptake? what i mean with the parents are mentioning parents just a moment ago. do you think that they'll be infused by this, or will? well, a lot of them that you to sort of take a wait and see approach. the answer is yes, there will be, according to our surveys about a quarter of parents who will bring their children in very promptly because they've been waiting for this. and then the vast majority will be a bit more cautious, and we urge them to go to their doctors, their family doctors, their pediatricians ask their questions to the point that they feel comfortable in doing that. and i hope that that happened soon. all right, we thank you so much for speaking to us on al jazeera from nashville, tennessee,
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dr. william shatner. thank you. my pleasure. still ahead on al jazeera, the not backing down 1000 protests against tennessee as presidency. his efforts to send that power or illegitimate. and the crypto crash continues to tell you why analysts say big point slide will be stopping anytime soon. ah, well, the to an attic weather has gone through kentucky. it's on his way off the east coast, asked his band. he is actually on an old cold front, which means by the time you wake up, probably on sundays all gone. this is the picture as it stands at the moment. this here is a dome of warmth and is marching in that general direction. so this is what we have marching in from the west, increasing cloud in charity,
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whether quite irrelevant to the last week or so anywhere down in the southwest corner. so those shadows will help suppress the temperatures which been very high in arizona. for example, phoenix hangs around the 40 mark starts to rise again, but that's the average that's not extraordinary anymore in arizona. and his the dome is pushing this humid woman right up in tours, manitoba, in saskatchewan. so 3070 when effects near its reco type of june. then the whole lot moves eastwards. so attempt to rise in some during chicago. there are 4 or 5 even 10 degrees above average in this part of the world, and that heat is going to hang around for a bit longer. obviously, the high grandchild is blue because it's that much higher and colder and as more cloud rain, right? as the result further says, celia's tropical depression, but look at the amount of rain potential from in mexico, guatemala. now, salvador ah
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ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m oh the me. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, this, our police in brazil have confirmed that human remained found in the amazon are
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those of indigenous expert, bruno pereira and british journalist, don phillips, they went missing 11 days ago. autopsy results show. they were shot with a firearm. used for hunting, massive floods have ravaged bangladesh leaving millions of phones under water. at least 25 people have died in the flooding caused by heavy rain. neighboring parts of northeastern india are also affected. us health officials have officially approved covered 1900 vaccines for children as young as 6 months. that's the last remaining age group doses will be available. starting next week. colombians are heading to the polls on sunday for a run off election to select their next president. the choice is between former guerrilla fighter, gustavo petro and construction magnate, rodolfo hernandez. terrorism reports on some of the issues voters are most concerned about. the past year has been difficult for people like have her, somebody she studying to become an accountant. finding work isn't easy for people
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like her. she was this place way, the colombian conflict of her child and flip when it's when with her mother. now she's back in columbia and says she's afraid of what may happen. it will stop it when sundays election gl model sonya, but i got in the past 2 years, it's been difficult with the price is going up and no jobs. we need jobs in columbia and i don't think petro could help us achieve. i'm afraid he will do to columbia why chavez did to venezuela, but not away from her home. in both time, botha medium get rid of things completely different. she 65 years old and live with her grandchildren. she says, was double paid. that all is what columbia has been waiting for a very long time. back in columbia. government's in columbia are useless, and we need something new. and that's petro because the left has never ruled in columbia, we need better health care education pension. most colombians are concerned about
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the economic situation. poverty rates have stored under the government of iran looking who is not allowed to run for reelection inside a relative economic growth. columbia continues to be one of the most unique world countries in the world that phoenix activated by the and then again, that's why many people are asking for change something that both candidates to celebrate dental and old man. this i promise thing to bring about. but it never been a different way o m. i will be through. he's a former gorilla, and more recently the mayor of buddha, he hoped to fight poverty and prioritize the environment. his opponent, his role for them, and i 77 year old construction business man who has been compared to donald trump. he says he wants to reform the political system and fight corruption noise. so, 6 years ago, columbia signed a historic peace agreement with a fork, a left wing rebel group,
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and even though the conflict continues in some parts of the country, that's why no, finally say colombians are voting for different reasons this time. but let me see on this is the 1st election in colombia where people are voting for the economic situation for health care and education. of course, security in the armed conflict are important, but most people are focused on other issues. and sandy's vote has colombians on the edge with both candidates promising reforms that could have a huge impact in their lives. they said, well, i'll just see that that let sir cross over to book ira longer. that is where alessandra petty is joining us from. to tell us how much support is there in the town where you are for hernandez. um, sandra. yes, they're in the we are here in boca manga their hometown of presidential candidate, the report of man. this in obviously the people here are very excited at the idea that one of their own could be the next, the could become the next president of columbia right here behind me,
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you should be able to see some of his supporters and also had the headquarter of his campaign, which has been renamed, the house of in that in just like the presidential palace, the in bogota. and actually the candidate said amanda, one of is the many quick announcement that he will actually govern from here at least half of the time. if indeed he becomes the, the next president of columbia, and his supporters are also very excited because they see him as an outsider the like they like the fact that he's a bashing at the elite of the country, putting always front and center the issue of corporate corruption, obviously a lot of people instead believe that he is a, a demagogue, a population, the one that has been running a campaign hi on emotions, but of, with very little detail of what this policy is that could be now he surprisingly
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got 28 percent of the votes that put him in 2nd place, but he's expected tomorrow to get the great majority of the conservative voters of the voters that continue here to vote for traditional parties just because of what they fear. the most is the possibility of a left east. they're becoming president of columbia, which puts the road on fernandez very close to winning the election tomorrow. yeah . and on the sandra it is expected to be a very close election. is it not? absolutely. most analysts will tell you that this could be the closest the election after possibly ever an in columbia. now the issue is that the last official polls are from 7 days ago. that's because it's illegal here to publish no polls the last week about what i've been able to gather as speaking to people inside both of the
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campaigns. they're telling us that they also don't know. and they also feel that it will be a very, very close to this tells us obviously that columbia remains a very polarized society, even in this case that has no precedent. when you have 2 candidates that are not directly backed or don't come from the traditional status quo political status quo in the country that will face off for the 1st 1st time they're offering 2 different types of change. obviously, it's promising a larger role for the states. he wants to change a lot of the economic system and in the country on the other side, rodolfo and the instead of probably seeing, get out there, etc. and a smaller role for the states while also going after corrupt politicians. this is what people will have to choose between tomorrow. the issue though is if indeed the
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elections are very close out, or it is fear, the possibility of a return of protests and demonstrations, especially in the case that are those for amanda williams. and the numbers are very close, and pedro has any doubts about those results. be it as it may, they're going to be 800000 soldiers and the policeman deployed tomorrow across columbia to ensure that the elections goes on peacefully. and we've that there's also have been reports of a number ray's questioning and even the rest, some part of the police, the people that participated in the social rest, the rock the country a year ago. thank you so much. tele, sandra. katy reporting from colombia a memorial services been held for algae, 0 journalist shooting brocklow. she was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment and ginny and last month, family and friends gathered at
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a church and occupied east jerusalem. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. a block that was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. bernard smith attended that service and occupied east jerusalem. oh, the, this is a memorial sharina. i can home town and nina, marking 40 days since she was killed by israeli forces when covering a story in janine and the occupied westbank is an opportunity for serene friends and family to remember our colleagues would,
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would want to be remembered for what she did to was the voice of the voice of truth and she was compassionate. she was empathetic, she wasn't just a journalist. at the end of the day, she was also a human being. she continued to, to advocate and to talk about justice for appellate and i want people to remember her as the fun, humble, cheerful person, she going furious on tv, but she does not like that or she's always happy. she changes up the mood when chances are whom she lives, she brightens up the room when she answers it was on the sunday that will be an official memorial in ramallah given by the palestinian authority and hosted by palestinian present mood about citizens of continued their protest. against the proposed new constitution, they fear it will give president place to fire the tighter grip on power fired once
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a referendum for a new constitution takes place next month. but main political parties are threatening to boy talk to both of them and the constitution was written in the dark. we don't recognize it. bring me something the all the chosen parties of the people i want support was written by the president. know today the gc and people don't have anything to wait. the simple employee can no longer manage, and the president claims he's helping the paypal. what does he done for the people? he's destroyed the people. ukraine's president has inspected reconstruction efforts in the port city of a vessel. it's been under heavy bombardment by russian forces, ukraine's inability to use a deep sea ports as contributed to a jump and global food prices. full demands or landscape thank troops in the city for their service. demonstrators in london are demanding an increase in wages to keep up with raising inflation. growing numbers of families are struggling
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to put food on the table and are increasingly being forced to rely on food banks for re challenge reports. the figures certainly are alarming. we're being told that this is the worst cost of living crisis in this country for 40 years. inflation could hit 11 percent later this year. the bank of england has just high interest rates to their highest level in 13 years. and the economy is expected to contract this quarter research to say that all of this means that by next year, 250000 households may have fallen into destitution spot. all of this. some economists say you shouldn't be hiking wages in this kind of inflation written bargain because back could use inflation even further that the union sort of calling this demonstration say it's a basic humanitarian issue. you have families, you have to go to food banks because i can afford to feed themselves. something
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needs to be done. when you've got some people earning 100 k $150.00 k a year, and then you got how many were running 9 pound 50 an hour. there's a problem, there's a big, massive gap in wages and, and it's not fat. it's a very modest amount and we're saying that workers should get at least inflation rates. we should at least be able to see families protected against buckets in the process of household income. people are babies struggling with caleb and relying on food to get kids in school. the saving called the school day to take home because they've done with the t u. c, which is cool. this demonstration says it's done so because as it puts it, working people have had enough. but at the moment, the protest movement against the cost of living crisis is being driven by the trays indians of socialist organizations, hasn't yet sit across into the wider section of the population,
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but don't use it. he get politically active that could well change. i would certainly the unions are getting more vocal. we have a series of rail strikes coming up next week and there is the prospect of a real summer of discontent to come. bitcoin value has dropped below $20000.00. that's it's lowest since december 2020. the crypto currency has lost more than half of its value since january. it's part of a wider crisis in the market is panicked. investor is sell off their riskier digital assets, pushing prices even lower. glenn goodman is a crypto consultant. he says, the fall in value is not a surprise. this was the same in stock market is kind of like a vicious circle when people borrowed money during the good times. and then the market starts falling and falling and falling. people are forced, or hedge funds in particular, forced to sell the stuff that they bought in order to pay back loans. and that force is price is down even further. and then that triggers even more of the
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selling events. but what we tend to see in these situations and we see it in market all the time. you can tell i'm doing my kind of, i've been there, i've seen it, i've done it, you know, markets going cycles, they go massively up, they go massively down. and crypto in particular has always done that. have these enormous up and down waves that last sort of a few years each before you get the next big wave. so to some extent, this was kind of inevitable because it's just what ways have traders and investors need to be careful and not investing more money than they can afford to lose. because inevitably we offer a big got everything comes back down to us every single time. this super cycle think didn't happen was never going to happen. it's just not how markets operate. but the good thing is, in the longer term money has poured in to the crypto industry to the software developers, you know, will this, it, will this venture capital money is paid for.


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