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always brings the shower if they are increasing these you get hot in south sudan, add me back in wonder as well south of all list though, though it looks dry for sunday. by monday, increasing likelihood of rain seems there in the western northern cape. ah, investigative journalism, my role in this, i tried the in information battled global experts in discussion. the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true color voices from different corners. we don't need to sensation, like how we bail these stories. what jonathan beth is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the wild for day on al jazeera ah.
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the final round of parliamentary elections in france is underway. president manuel macros coalition hopes to hold up a challenge from a new leftist block ah, plugs in the wrong in the ordering of is there a life my headquarters here in doha. also coming up bangladesh is facing its was flooding in more than a century. dozens of been killed and millions are effected. expanding its covert 19 vaccination campaign, the u. s. gives the green light for infants of jungle 6 months to get the job. also, a popular canyon band hopes to revive the rumba in central and east africa. welcome to the program. boating is underway in france in the 2nd round of
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parliamentary elections which could decide the future of president merrill mac walls reform agenda. the 1st round showed macro centrist coalition. come out ahead of a newly formed left wing alliance. the president will lead a majority to push through his plans to raise the retirement age and reduce taxes general is live for us outside a polling station in paris. so a great deal at stake, jonah. yes, indeed, it's an election, of course for a new parliament. it will also determine the make up of the new government based on those results. but what's really at stake here is to determine the limits of president microns power in his 2nd term, to enact reforms in the face of an economic crisis at home and an international crisis on the world stage as well. because if he loses his centrist coalition ensemble lose their majority in the parliament, it will be the 1st time since he was 1st elected in 2017. that emanuel mack on will
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not have a free hand to do, essentially whatever he wants. and the results of last weekend's election suggest that is a distinct possibility in large part because of this very strong challenge. from the left is the green communist brand new coalition, under former socially sparkling that john melon shone now set to make waves. becoming frances largest opposition, and these are 2 groups, was radically different ideas about what to do in the face of frances problems. the centrists want to lower taxes. they want to reform the welfare system, jobs, benefits and so on. they want to raise the retirement age, essentially keep people working for longer. the left is on the other hand, want to lower the retirement age. they want to raise the minimum wage, and they want to raise taxes on the rich. indeed, the course of the voters obviously have some thoughts about this, but turn i was so low last weekend. what are they saying? turn out is a huge issue. it's the subject of much analysis. at the moment. here,
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fewer than half of all registered voters turned out to vote last weekend and majority simply stayed at home. that's pretty bleak when you consider the results. the centrist, the largest party, one has a percentage of registered voters, just 11.9 percent of the vote. now the analysts point to the possibility of election fatigue off the president tools in april, but they also point to a distinctly lackluster sense among voters. we've spoken to him some here this morning, who see no new, big ideas at stake. and that'll be a real worry for macros and the centuries, because low turn off, particularly in the cities, would tend not to favor the encumbrance shown. of course, we'll check in with you throughout the day, jenny, hold for that. in the french capital, the colombians had to the poles also later on sunday in the most contested presidential election in recent history. the vote comes one year after a security crackdown on st protest fuel by deepening socio economic problems.
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teresa reports not from book at all, all the promises made by the 2 presidential hopefuls who were at opposite ends of the political spectrum. a book i thought villa felix, your miss. it's just a few hours away from the elections. i talked to the columbia that is ready to change, that he's ready to make history says quote, that will be thrown in this commercial ag napoleon via v one. and this is the 1st time i left when candidate has made it this far in a presidential campaign. an economist, and also a former gorilla. he promises to fight in equality. we think the war on drugs and overhaul. the tax system was a 1000000 plus, whoops. logan would we propose in the medium term his food sovereignty and energy sovereignty based on clean energy? a process, the disconnect says from the economy that i call fossil coal in oil, and which connects us to the agriculture and in industrialization policy. make sure now what is with us, challenger is
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a 77 year old business man known as the king of take talk to little foot. amanda shocked the country by making it to this sunday selection. he has based his campaign on attacking corrupt politicians, who he says have failed the columbian people at a man. this is the former may europe who got a manga and many compare his political style to donald trump's. v, as in where they warn you them on june 19th, we have a commitment with columbia. we have waited years to get the corrupt out of office shadow. on june 19th, we can begin to rewrite the new history of columbia, mark like this on the voting card. you look into my eyes, read my lips. i will not fail. you both candidates promise change, but the elections has people here on the edge. security forces are on high alert for potential political violence. some radical group has said that they won't have knowledge the results of sundays votes, and that's why thousands of soldiers and police officers have been deployed across
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the country to guarantee the safety of the electoral process. protest last year against tax races and health care reform left does instead and hundreds injured. s o 3 located the protest showed we had serious and result social issues before the pandemic in the cities where the majority lived in the informal sector. when the economy was closed because of the panoramic many lost it all, it continues to be a time bomb. and that's why the challenge now is to start addressing all those issues. the winner will inherit a country with solid economic growth, but deep social troubles. troubles that had been ignored for too long. i'll defeat water. dozens of people are now known to have died in floods in both india and northeast and the pardon me and bangladesh. millions of people have been affected, it's the worst flooding in, but as for more than a century,
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both countries of cold in the army to help with rescue efforts. but they're all phase of the flooding. with more heavy rain forecast will following the situation voice as time bit chandry correspondent is included in bangladesh. and let's just begin with the situation. obviously, varying in india and bungler dash in terms of the rescue and response effort tanveer. but what's happening, let's start with bangladesh. first well the good news is that have been, i have respite from the rain that's been in caisson rain for the last several days . torrential rain, which made things really bad. a lot of the water is coming from not this thing that goes through bank with us into the bay are bengal. many people are still marrow and the army and navy personnel was trying to rescue the people and the cry for help for fresh water and food that's desperate need. especially in the remote villages. power has been re, start to somewhat,
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not all pops up does not taste and sell it. but some parts have got power since last night. we also know that many of the hospitals are going on dated with flood water, making things much more complicated, the road network, the railway, and the airport is totally cut off because of the flood water. so communication is again, a major challenge. people are in desperate need of relief. right now. the military is fuss, trying to rescue people, put them in dry shelters. at least 400 shelters been open. but it's just not enough that at least 4000000 people are affected by this flood. and just not face. also the northern upon bangladesh is also facing side of flood within next 2 days. the bomb up with the best thing is over flying with water and the forecast is at least 14 distinct will be flooded in northern bang are best. so situation is still quite bad and the flood forecast says that lives next 2 days. the possibility of current show rain again could make things worse. this is and bang the best. as
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far as the name, the good, the state of our firm 3. and mega le, badly affected by the plot, particularly are some place that go ahead tease. com for and call your desk tick has been badly hid paper. at least 10000 people have been homeless since the flood started in from the chief minister visiting different places. navy, an army personnel has been deployed to rescue people, and there is forecasts for, for rain, and that drain is going to flood time and eventually also come to bangladesh. so clearly things are not out of danger yet. and the monsoon rain is one of the clear danger here which is quite difficult to predict, unlike before because of the weather pattern change. and the number of days of rain is quite intense, making things worse in these areas. so the chandry, the force and color in bangladesh, thank you. protest isn't in his,
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it's not expected to rally again on sunday, against the president's plans for a constitutional referendum next month. the opposition says kind of side is trying to tighten is on power and the threatening to boycott. the vote is all the parliament and the field executive pounds last year. he's also like dozens of judges, prompting them to call a national strike, which is entering. it's that we don't have the power to do. the constitution was written in the dark. we don't recognize it. bring me something the all the chosen parties of the people i want support one written by the president. no, it's got to be met today, the tennessee and people don't have anything to wait. the simple employee can no longer manage and the president claims he's helping the people. what does he done for the people? he's destroyed the people, the us health officials of a pre k with 19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months. it means america's last remaining age group has been approved for the job, millions of days. it's have been order for distribution and will be available from
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next week. dr. william chapman is a professor of infectious diseases at vanderbilt university medical center. he says that pediatricians have been eagerly waiting for this moment. you know, if we just look at these children age 6 months through 4 years of age, up to their 5th birthday, thinking back just in the united states, over 20000 of them, 20000 of them have been hospitalized. there have been over 200 deaths in children. this is an opportunity to prevent children, small children from dying. and so it's very exciting. the american academy of pdf of pediatrics as well as the c. c. and people such as myself, are enthusiastic about this and are going to be encouraging parents to bring their children into their doctors to be vaccinated. first of all, they're safe. that's very important. parents mostly want to know about that. and
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then on the effectiveness side, they should have a level of effectiveness against severe disease keeping children out of the hospital comparable to what we have for older children, adolescents, and young adults. in other words, that we think that they'll be about 80 percent effective as about as good as we can get with our current generation of vaccines. there will be, according to our surveys about a quarter of parents who will bring their children in very promptly because they have been waiting for this. and then the vast majority will be a bit more cautious. and we urge them to go to their doctors, their family doctors, their pediatricians ask their questions to the point that they feel comfortable in doing that. and i hope that that happened soon. well, still had here on algebra. ah,
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cool. so just as in brazil and through a defender of indigenous rights, sunday british journalist if i'm murdered in the amazon and our climate change of human activity falls in change at mount everest base camp. ah. with the northern edge of this european heat. we've got right up into england yesterday, but it's being squished out from the north and from the west. as this cloud comes in and is from come south. so what we left with on sundays, still hot weather, stretching out through france towards germany and the baltic states in western russia, but it's certainly been clamped down. temperatures have dropped in england the far north of france and low countries. and probably this part of spain as well as the unusual it'll storm system blowing up in the bay of biscuit, which means rain and wind for northern portugal in spain. and that'll drop
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temperatures in thunderstorms. i have to say in good part of france, still the british isles, and again run across germany. everything is going to head study south very quickly, south actually. during monday. so the still heat, but it's down here be put into ukraine. keep that $33.00 now the record for keith is $35.00. we're above average and we come down towards the average by tuesday. so it's all turning back to normal. then look at north africa as well. quite unusual weather. look how far north this rain has stretched out through martini into western sahara. new york truck shouldn't get any right. this was like beating the 2 millimeter average, which you normally see for jude. it's much better. of course, for the sack ah, the from the world's most populated region in den and
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untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches. and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera, hulu. ah we'll get up to what you all deserve with me that he'll robin a reminder of all top stories. voting is underway in france of the 2nd round of parliamentary elections which could decide the future of president merrill neck rolls reform agenda. his centrist coalition is facing a strong challenge from
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a left wing alliance. dozens of people are now known to have died in floods in bangladesh and north eastern india. both countries of cold in the army to help with rescue efforts, all phase of further flooding with more heavy rain forecast. and protest isn't to miss euro expected to rally again on sunday, against the president's plans for a constitutional referendum. next month. the opposition says, ty site is trying to strengthen his grip on power and is threatening to boycott. those police in brazil have confirmed that human remains sound and the amazon of those of bruno pereira, an expert on indigenous people. and british journalist dom phillips authorities say they were shot with a firearm used for hunting groups. the amazon region are demanding justice monica janek here, reports now from rio de janeiro. ah,
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this vigil was held under de brazilian federal police confirmed the 2nd set of human remains found in the amazon are those of indigenous expert bra. nobody that moves earnest activists work costumes of rain forest animals to remain brazilians. that video that died protecting indigenous terror. toys from the league, fishermen and poachers. they blamed brazil's presence april sonata and his administration for turning a blind di, and dismantling organizations created to protect the green forest and its people. owe me to my zip with a woman after president bowes and morrow took office our attack as have been emboldened missionaries mine as far as logs and fishermen, they gained strength and they all want to pace about land. any beadle from fleet eta went missing on june 5th, while traveling with british journalist don phillips, whose remains were identified on friday. police say am i due to the costa and his
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brother was in me have confessed to ambushing the men. lisa phillips was killed by a shot to the chest. fietta was shot twice in the chest, in the head stove on a signal. couldn't we have detained a 3rd suspect who was in the area of the crime. when it happened. mother, we did, i was working with the indigenous people of the shove id valley, helping them track down legal fishermen who steal their food. last december, we accompanied him on an indigenous patrol. he told us at the time that he was being threatened. dom phillips was researching a book on how to save the amazon. their bodies were found deep into the rain forest, 3 kilometers away from the river, the murder of dom phillips and bruno period. i have shopped, brazil, and the world. another vigil will be held on sunday in the brazilian capital brazil
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. yeah. meanwhile, the investigations continue. brazilian investigators say the suspect more people are involved in what seems to be applied to crime. monetary and i'll give, i'll just 0. we have this narrow. now brazil's president has visited the state where those remains of found. giles, nora hasn't responded to critics who say his government played a part in the men's death by lying organized crime, to flourish balls and are looking to download the board ahead of october presidential election. not a memorial ceremony will be had later on sunday to honor out their agenda, sri and actually it's to mark 40 days since she was killed is ready falls of shock screen in the head. well, she was on assignments and janine in the occupied west bank, somebody in front of the service on saturday, members of the instance will communicate them to murder and continue to call for an independent investigation. train was without reserve for 25 years, covering the story of these ready occupations. ben smith attended the service
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occupied east jerusalem. oh, this is a memorial mass in sharina. i came home town katelina, marking 40 days since she was killed by israeli forces when covering a story in janine and the occupied westbank is an opportunity for sharina, friends and family to remember our colleague. oh, i would want to be remembered for what she did. she was the voice of palestine, the voice of truth, and she was compassionate. she was empathetic, she wasn't just a journalist. at the end of the day, she was also human being. then she continued to to advocate and to talk about just just for palestinians. i want people to remember her as the fun,
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humble in cheerful person. she's always serious on tv, but she does not like that. oh, she's always happy person. she changes up the moon. when she enters the room, she loves. she brightens up the room when she answers it. oh, wow. and on sunday, that will be an official memorial in ramallah, given by the palestinian authority and hosted by palestinian present mahmoud abbas protest has gathered until the eve on saturday to voice opposition to israel's occupation of the west bank. ah, the more king, 55 years, as israel took over control of the territory, israel began its occupation 1967 during what became known as a 6 day war against a coalition of arab states. the democratic republic of congo has welcome kenya's proposal to deploy
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a regional falls to find the m 20. the rebel group in east. but the government says it won't accept rwanda's participation. military chiefs from 7 east african countries are meeting in nairobi to discuss the escalating tension between the 2 neighbors. kinshasa accuses could garley of backing the rebels. on friday it closed the board after one of its soldiers was killed in rwanda rondon authority. say the man opened fire and police officers and civilians are demonstrators in london demanding an increase in wages to keep up with rising inflation. growing numbers of families are struggling to put food on the table and are increasingly being forced to rely on food banks. roy challenges more. the figures certainly are alarming. we're being told that this is the worst cost of living crisis in this country for 40 years. inflation could hit 11 percent later this year. the bank of england has just high interest rates for their highest level in 13 years. and the economy is
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expected to contract this quarter research to say that all of this means that by next year, 250000 households may have fallen into destitution. the spot, all of this, some economists say you shouldn't be hiking wages in this kind of inflationary environment. because back could you inflation even further that the unions that are calling this demonstration say it's a basic humanitarian issue. you have families, you have to go to food banks because they can't afford to feed themselves. something needs to be done. when you've got some people earning 100 k 150 k a year . and then you've got tommy burning 9 pound 50 an hour. there's a problem, there's a big, massive gap in wages and, and it's not fair. it's a very modest amount were saying that workers should get at least inflation rates. we should at least be able to see families protected against walketh in the process . i think people are been struggling with mrs. campbell
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rely on feed to get kids in school, saving their school didn't to take home if they've done away with it. but t, the t, you see, which is called this demonstration says it's done so because as it puts it, working people have had enough. but at the moment the protest movement against the cost of living crisis is being driven by the trays. indians and socialist organizations hasn't yet sit across into the wider section of the population, but don't usually get politically active that could well change i recently the unions are getting more vocal. we have a series of rail strikes coming up next week. and there is the prospect of a real summer of discontent to come. workers at apple store in the united states a voted to form the tech giant's 1st to union in the country. 2 thirds of employees at the shop, in townsend and maryland, voted in favor of the change. it follows similar moves to unionize. at other
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u. s. companies including amazon and starbucks. nepal may have to move the everest base camp because of global warming and human activity have made it unsafe. the camp is on the campbell glasgow, which scientists say is getting thinner by as much as one meter a year. cracks and crevices ever appeared suddenly putting lives at risk that the committee has recommended moving the camp, hundreds of meters down the mountain to where there's no year round. ice cool. about dor gronk is the secretary general of nepal mountaineering association. he says the area has been heavily impacted by the increasing number of climbers. well, at the moment, this is spring, 2022 also add a little bit co. good for sure. depend on you have a sort of like your mountain tourism in the way, but this year, i mean they spring, 2022 had showed rico berg and the enemy mountaineering association is
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stakeholders as well. and the government collectively have been advocating that every this has to be cleaned up. i mean they need to be clean and surely the mountain environment has the jacket. so the cam has research and also the clambers, the district breaches as well as government also have been saying that actually maybe better to the best so that the blessed year and also the ice, you know, at least protect it in, in the, over the mountain in by means project. so the need, this is this issue has been raised to get as number of the clambers every year has been increasing. certainly this is the right time to advocate and raise the boys together and not only talk the boys we need to. so 2000, well,
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one of kenya's most prolific rubberbands is making a comeback less when inca i've reunited every united after more than 20 years. while democratic republic of congo is known as the capital of african rumba kenya also has a thriving scene. malcolm webb has both nairobi. ah, it was more than 40 years ago when these musicians 1st played together and more than 20 since they were lost on stage. i was the 1970s to the 19 ninety's less one acre. well, one of kenya's most loved room about. 2 0, some of the original band members had passed away the rest and now back together. that's why you are coming back because of the people. not the gun yellow
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dog, micah. maybe there was one african room. the music began in the democratic republic of congo, nearly a century ago in the seventy's, nairobi became a hub for benz fleeing censorship and seeking a market. and so the scene boomed in east africa too. as when he co wrote some of the most popular and enduring songs certainly have lost touch with younger my name with the style known for it poetic lyrics. it sometimes tell stories, this songs an ode to a female. so she liked of the time who the sing a love deeply, and then
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a devastating break up. right. you're going to come a job, fred, a battery michoacan knows the scene better than most. he was in the room when less when he kept formed in $978.00. when i came over the nearly 50. yes, he's been broadcasting room. the records can him pop music's become more influenced by foreign sounds from america nigeria, in jamaica. but his weekly room, the show on kenya's most listened to radio station is still wildly popular. he says, because the songs just don't grow old. when you listen to a song once and you like it, you want to listen to it again. and then when you listen to it, the 3rd time you want to sing it the 4th time you own it. and so those guys were artists.


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