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tv   101 East Indias Tribal Athletes  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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storage unit, as i will import as an export to say doing business here is becoming more expensive . officious, as much as 20 percent of the cargo meant for the gambia is being diverted to our, the west african ports. if you ask the government businessman, they're rather have their containers come through neighboring ports for cost, timeliness and things of that sort. but as i keep saying, the abilene gumby and customer will lose job opportunities and the taxes that we're supposed to pay for the taxman in 20. 19 the portal. pushing a loss of 6, he did $200000000.00. and while no recent figures are publicly available, economy say that amount has only increased the is prashant one didn't want. the government wants to open another in the south of the country to sell. ok, so synagogue and lun locked my label. now the country's not ports development is expected to have cargo delivery times, but that could cause the country up to $500000000.00 money the country can't afford . at the moment,
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senegal is currently building new ports and upgrading its transport infrastructure . this analysts say could undermine the gumby us efforts to attract investment. but bundled port officials say that despite aggressive expansion in the region, the gambia will continue to maintain its edge because of its strategic location. ahmed edris al jazeera, when jewel the gambia. ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera, these, the top stories this alum colombians voting him one famous my face contested presidential election in recent membrane. it's the 2nd round of voting for marilla . 5, gustavo petro is up against a millionaire, businessman, adolfo, and, and is alexander ramp, yet he is in a car, amanda, where would offer an end. it has bank to campaign a lot of columbia. and so, or so, this stressful and so disgusted with traditional politicians that have decided to
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give an opportunity to at 9 they got 28 percent of the votes in the 1st round, but he's expected to receive majority of the conservative votes of the people who voted the more establishment, more of the traditional politicians back by the establishment. and that puts them very close to the possibility of winning this election today. and the french arrows accounting de balance in the 2nd round of parliamentary elections then president emanuel macross needs a majority to move ahead with plans to raise their time and age. and taxes protested into 0 bank on the streets to oppose the president's plan for a constitutional referendum. and next month, the main opposition party said to grab some power and threatening to boy. the vote . and moral ceremony has been held in honor of al jazeera jealous sharina.
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after max 40 days since she was killed. israeli forces shot rain in the head while she was on assignment engineering in the occupied west bank and bangladesh in india suffering its worst flooding in more than a century. as one soon reigns, sweep the region. dozens of people have died and millions of people are affected. both countries have deployed soldiers to help with rescue operation says more heavy rain is forecast. those are the headlines them. use continues here on al jazeera, after at 11 east, to stay with us. the latest news, as it breaks the committee plans another half dozen public hearings to connect the election lies with the violence of january 6th, with detail coverage. a lot of exposure will return your to a pool. you ravia joining us for a month from around the world. each family has a small piece of land with the golf clubs to eat or sell, but they still struggle to make ends meet
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me in the race to get ahead in the us. tribal group say they are often left behind. but in south india, a unique sports initiative is providing young athletes, new opportunities mirror for promoted william 3 quarters, greater grammar or, or being the f bomb was a little bit there are missouri who would give that up with all the students come from communities classified as backward or underprivileged by the indian government . 6th, the sun, the nest that my love on. and it shows in the last 2 or 3 via the young athletes already achieving results and changing conservative mindset back at home on nearly one minute. out of that a little bit loud, one's good that he asked the than go over with her to lou given the in good see will go saw in the art humans, my one and thought it would go with this one to one east meets the champions. who
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have their eyes set on gold and helping their child communities theresa had to ah, in india a southern state of cannot occur. the spirit of competition is in the air. hundreds of athletes are hoping to qualify to represent the country and international track and field events and the pressure is on coding. showcase to be cool. got qualifying long. i don't really while. okay, i'm for 20 year old travis given said the, the stakes are high. this is as 1st time competing at the national stage and his performance skill, good shape athletic career. i don't see the one school middle blakey olympic parties for the life or being dare
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say papa was able to the guy mr. fu award, give that album or the american to kill it, glimmered of sly off to me, ignores. i gotta say that for me and actually participate. go by doing the sata in jeopardy of that. okay. with a, with along with the law for her. but then i don't mean murray, i mean big number to go with our finance. prove on a scale of one to for all the butcher to qualify. he needs to come in on day 11th. second. as the heaps continue travel. karen and his coach tenzing can only wait
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for the result. delicate didn't get them on it. the next day i took the dog i lived was his waterloo is autumn. beard lily loop, which is which is this matter, matter of them and hope ones has been p u working smart as well as working hard and is also just a matter of them back soon, the board start flashing the names of those who have made it so unfortunately, robbie has not qualified for the next round. he clocked about 11.3 seconds for his 100 meter race. all but everyone who's qualified has come in under 11 seconds. so understandably, he's very disappointed. mm. but his journey is far from over. in fact, it has only just begun drivin is from the city community,
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a tribal group of african descent, many like his ancestors have lived here in the dense jungles of care not to car for nearly 400 years. for blog was big out because silica lipkin, which we think is constantly la, la mac, you made too busy. oh, really? with a vicki? i'm a portuguese say. and what level com, curricular garage or mid are they will? did it researchable growing up here. his naturally athletic ability was recognized early on hunting and fishing trips with his family. in 2017 when he was just 16, he was fuss spotted by his coaches at a local trial near his village. not long after he began making national headlines. mm. a newspaper, they're gonna cut on it is sort of jamaica. can i get that? the b one on board? no, we'll send a board. know the one go, you'll be good to go on get signature. would you want the telephone send aboard
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marian? i'm john pier. ah, despite the positive attention javi kiran is acutely aware that he stands out from other indians. ah, well, it was in a public image. i louis a board, the local mach look. well, this is my primary method the when would you like to load it? just let me know they're both good at there. may i kill our medic last? my bit of of a lot of the local name, but our um it is cadillac because they will get um, it was the young kid that a so applica, sil, kick, finance. serious, which fear? well, i mean it kick local america wanted to make a local but all of those it was, you know, if there's one place where are you kidding? doesn't feel alienated. it's here at bridges of sports and not for profit foundation. doctor, we in the village of one good in the state of could not account for the past 4 years. he has lived til with athletes from other disadvantage to south indian tribe with new ones here. and they recently made lake soil casala
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berg land take her for lobo. but nicholas chinney are a motor sports engineer, 2nd breaches of sports in 2016 with a simple goal to help people come from difficult backgrounds to sort of excel and really excellent. just giving them a bottom to display, we wanted to pull to really make, allow them to dream and become whatever they want. we bring in the training in the coaching, expertise, and whatever else is required for this, our kids to train and maybe go and participate in the door them. so let's check out their, one of the quantities require nutrition and equip clint let. this raises funds from indian corporations to develop their skills as athletes, and also piece for their education with come got but ever since lucas schools were shut down during the pine to make the foundation has also hired a full time teacher. huh. good morning everyone. yeah, everyone to have
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a jam session. so i'm going to give you, i don't pick regarding to sports odd. what am i to say says and you will be have to speak about it for one minute. so and then we'll let a gay ochoa, good canada. so in, in my english saw improvement. okay, so you're supporting your team, your support. some of these students are learning to read and write for the 1st time i gather i. so these kids audio was to get them. i feel on big level and to represent india and internationally. so when they go out into the real world, they need to have some basic sort of communication to understand what's going on to communicate with other people with
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a door. i shop in the referral for robbie. karen who was one of the only is recruit said breeches of sports. the experience of living in training with athletes from a similar background has been liberating. gonna say that at the company level, digital support or board employ on the physical lay on the field. little but both, both. i care about me. how many going a little about that a little boy had a little over want to put my face obvious, colacho did make us every single student here has been conflict for their atlantic potential. but right now, the spotlight is on 19 year, really 9 on congress romco the coaches believe she has what it takes to win an international mentor. 9 i was 16 when she was 1st spotted by the
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bridge is a sports team at a local trial info village. what boy with one guy who to sun, the manis tagline into a lavon and glare, choosing the luck? no, no. we don't play disorder to do what they don't show or the tv at all. now school know schooley one to help these we are less dental hygienists, fernando than it normally would have been done in a mood in mud. and i worked in our law. good luck. so know what the la either you sport suited there. he remarked that a he gallop act is marty. he ordered that and then again was given them. it took the coaches over the year to persuade 9 os family to let her move to the campus in 20192 years later she want help 1st smashed el meadow. now she has her eye on the ation games scheduled to be held in september 2020 to robert belinda to her but need to open his order. see danica was
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boy good. stansen is keen to analyze 9 as the current performance. typically we are doing the acceleration like session via tickets and i action camera, which captures them running to see any areas where we need to walk like to improve their performance or to prevent an injury. the goal just don't study the footage to assess 9 us form and technique in minute detail to identify how she can gain crucial fractions of a 2nd on the track or if you wish. so i think the already starting position looks good and the only thing which i wanted to discuss wise scheduled back, do you think the hip needs to go above the head or because it seems to be in the same lane hip and our head, maybe a little bit pitcher the lessons your hair, jo,
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normally it's more optimal or when they're, they're more bad little to each other. these kinds of science driven assessments are still relatively new in town, a country that despite its large population, has not performed well in international athletics. it gives us an idea like we was running a very fast human, so it's very difficult to catch with the nicotine. so when we compare and show it's easier for them to visualize and then go back thing. and it's also like easier for us to set the wall like everything is very technical ins printing. so you need to look at like each and every angle. after identifying the issues, the coaches invite 9 are in all wing, i heard it 1st step your bud dominance. second step, mid either through the projection angle is much higher, it should be normally unusable, then add up linkages. it rockers and you wouldn't them within the last them meeting mom that on. and the 1st step would have a study by the delilah. just one step. sorry about that, it 2nd step below the de la under manual,
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the focus martin on thursday. that lock gonna push. marty with the students don't get to go home as often as they'd like covered travel. karen hasn't seen a family for you, but this christmas he's making his way back inside the forest to the village of been key about to us from campus. i did what has become something of an annual tradition. coach jensen and some of his teammates have also been invited by his family to join the festivities. a ha, i look at the law. yeah. cuz they were never gonna lie them a flag of the gilbert mother peter going to let you know benet than out if i gave them or not any. i've been able to hear about it on the yen ones. you went through
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that the motor them be out with on that a lot on that all together. the only for robbie grants, mom, roger, it's a special christmas to have a son in law. he was in a manila which is where again, that in a morgan and emma didn't align. i had to do better than i'm all in the early model or any more based in lubbock, even. and his family worked through the night for the big feast ahead the next morning. there's just one last thing to do. i do amazing good. as during the day and what i wanted you to look a minute to get a culture mouth and let them come with an school. look, i checked me gotta kick out their jaw money to do community for a little. you're going to tell you, look, i think allows got your from the one on on it or be culture. want to get on whether i m m m m and the ski. and that and ski would look both at answer
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it though, and scalable scale under the age of answer considered a delicacy by the city people. and when i'm a harvested only on special occasions, they are also a source of sustainable protein garden. a salt, as i did to quickly kill deanna i with a quick dip in the near by point is the best relief for the shop, steam and a chance to catch some fish with back at home. the answer quickly ground up in a chuck me ready for the feast. dressed
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and they found the best. the family had to church done mostly these in karnataka, our hindu was a smaller number. muslim and about 20 percent practice christianity a rubbing. karen comes from a close knit community and they take enormous pride in him to be they've organized to small ceremony after the christmas smart to celebrate him. and the people who have helped him on his journey. oh, you got a to your logo was to go to georgia. it will still. com. good. i mean,
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to live with the law that the local neighbor bottom it is got mad at us. they will get sure of her. mighty gar, we're little button when we're donald with neighborhood hummadi, your community in mail school, our yolanda job. i'm already committed to be monkey. make us look for almost look at a week ymca for k work. you will be monday night before he gets back to campus. robbie can steal a few moments away from the crowd with his biggest supporter, his mom miracles. oh, we're getting a little mm hm. and with cleaner mocker. and among eleanor and gay no killers, the mock load a new mar throwing it. you will not the ones who are really like alert the lead that looking what i dilemma. dying horrible. what about leave it a block on the sport to them? murder mcclellan. little now, but out and i'm get numbered automatically that older than a bother to come to the anthem. micheler gala de la siri mer to brookside the name of the affordable gall martin brooklyn. doug i learned and started em.
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mm. oh, my gosh, go it got put back on campus if the coaches are pushing lajna to improve ahead of the issue game, what a nice i got a big now let's go on child lock. good luck and just eating the precious sometimes hard for her to handle that or i would argue that and in regard to part of the law mine deliberately started has i been on a good deal again, model bridges of sports provides psychological support to students like 9 out to help them navigate the stress that comes with being an athlete o j. and that was all that i slab, blair, and dish and got oh, i'm reading it as a is a good or bad material that up what order help although well at that moment
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hannah, oh, i am burdened, i am old or sober. a b, one letter was next door, anxiety or 3rd outcome with perhaps the best way to relieve the stress is downtime with friends for ah, and on sundays, none of the rules apply. the athletes can forget this training was through teens and treat themselves. i limited him on what belief that the of them are they that under a lateral toseventy, they list out against that would dest, our policy that us, than i normally, there are many a level of cancer in their london and everything with a lot of parents who sell like kids to the bridges or sports hostile are like to read regularly, updated about their progress. 9 as family is one of them. so today we're on our,
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we are to meet them along with the coaches. 9 as family comes from the cattle roaring. golly tribe, they are categorized as a backward class and official term used to define communities that are educationally and socially disadvantaged. with with at he said, it's not as a public norma yard i'm dealing with but let it lay him an elevator did. there would be the nanny look ready there. now mammalian walker did that or no. my name is cathy little. i'm a bilingual quoted in the gaudy community. it is rare for girls to work outside the home, let alone live in a hostile m u. but over time, 9 as family has slowly changed their view. your focus will go school at the more what he nor could he get that on e m t sibley hoppler. more to one doubt that the up li i
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what i see more limited diamond lukea. i'm to her mom will lee, when dad to koa will global ship party to corner tim willy laugh. put a dog. oh, due to the fellow coach. denton has some special news. he's been waiting to share with 9 our and her family below. you go to, oh, you got an office. i was a new old can nikosa who said by, you know what? i experience gunboat or like dogs. mccoy, he kick gorbinko so that only thou, one to lay ganette and old monday. so eager, you know, mirror whole nicholas are the internet and they will hopefully get to a yoga. nope, nothing, leila, that i did the thing, linda oh america. one or 39 has been selected to participate at an elite training program. thousands of miles away in the united states here that i had
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a lot again. no one. yeah. let me get at them. dial amalgam will coordinate to them. one hardy jade thread. the luckier can we would look, i could to sell it to ruin us. bottom legal more to see the money that he the less 6 in luck i record to good to to colors for 249 is overwhelmed by the idea of going so far away from her family. but she knows that her success will continue to change her communities prospects. numbe her lily darwin legged with haggard with an island road exit to her, did that her again long non did. then i see that a in an in and run over the non one larry leeward miller, our killer, a little bit loud ones, girls diaster than go. so by improvement would argue with and i'm her legal ela already will go down to lou early given that the era girl civil girl saw in on the
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art you meant my one and thought he would get with this or i would close lagoon. but that a law consequence. 2 ah, do do this is on give our border it humans may that under 14 and under to eleanor in our to risk our starters mid anger gone. gone. yeah. un, oh, it's a big deal to deal with the track why the bridges of sports athlete stream has been transformed for the day and is bustling with excitement to know the team has organized to sports meet, discount for new talent that the school will foster. i'm soon enough trucks full of local children begin to arrive with good morning. i'm with
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glass 6 and blasted central dot 11. now i don't want your, you got a lot about what you got out once you got everybody that it's time for the recess to begin. ah ah, with school no more to go home with a month to god than $32.00. and now we could do them to do with other kids to the train with me. i don't know the woman bridge loan,
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but i want to do something for him. something like at the end of the recess, it's time to hand out the prizes. it wasn't long ago that night and we couldn't wear among the women to day, they're helping to find the next generation of track starts with the witness to be with spend best fumble with bridges of sports, learning how to live the life of fanatically, with all of the ruin recumbent commercial sleeves, but then some of them will come back to the governors again. you know, the gum of course start supporting us and sculpting out to be with the bridge. i saw stems become interviews, us them to them that all the for larger of our more like how do you follow the term with 9 now, rob karen and the other young athletes at the breaches of sports. foundation of proof that india sounds and villages deeming with untapped talent by achieving
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sporting success, the gaining recognition and helping that tribal communities to reese to what's a better future. i care about how the u. s. engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, natural, curity. this is very much a political impact. here's the conflict. how do we illustrated our with telling a good story? will people get what we're trying to do here? they're living outside and make. this is not the way any family wants to raise their children. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there salaam on a come. it's great to see. welcome to the content economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they said the globalization going on, but i'd prefer to think of her read globalization or accomplish speakers from heads
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of state to business and policy leaders will discuss involve in technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, we town the ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes us. a fin guy, i am power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera. ah .


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