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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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gauges with the rest of the world, we're really interested in taking you into a play. you might not visit otherwise. it feels that you were there. ah, is rouse, coalition government collapses. parliament is said to be dissolved paving away for the countries 5th election in just 3 years. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish this is al jazeera alive from dough house are coming up on strike thousands protest against the rising cost of living in brussels, while the u. k. is facing is biggest train walk out in decades from gorilla fighter to colombian president who starving. petro pledges to find inequality. after making
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history is the countries the 1st left us later. and russia threatened to retaliate after lithuanian bars some route trans transit to moscow's baltic. sea exclaim of kellen in brand ah, we begin the program with breaking news is rouse prime minister and if talley bennett and foreign minister yet lapierre have agreed to dissolve parliament. the move is expected to force the country's 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. that period we'll take the roll of inch from prime minister until the poles. for more on this let's bring in bernard smith, who joins us live from west jerusalem. bernard talk us through the details of what's happened. this coalition government has been stumbling along for the last few weeks. it's a miracle in many israelis,
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eyes that is lasted as long as it has one year. it was the strangest coalition government, israel's ever seen, a combination of parties on the far right the right, the left. and the 1st time that palestinian israelis had been involved in israeli government, it was brought together with the government. its sole reason for being really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu, and it did manage also says to pass the state budget the 1st time he's done that in israel in 3 years. but his benjamin netanyahu was engineered the downfall. busy of this coalition government, he has been israelis prime and israel prime minister for a total of 15 years previously, and he wants the job back. and what netanyahu did was with his coalition opposition partners, he voted down the renewal, the normal standard, automatic annual renewal of a secular bill that extends israeli law into the settlements. this expires at the
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end of this month without his renewal, that sort of legal chaos. in the settlement, so the coalition governing coalition realize that he's not gonna be able to get this bill passed. so they've accepted that they're going to dissolve parliament and go to new elections. netanyahu gets what he wants new elections and maybe the chance to come back as prime minister on the settler bill, because the connected is being dissolved, will be automatically extended now for 6 months until a new government can vote on it. they'll be elections now. probably not before. sometime in october, i paid, he will take over entering prime minister while the government goes through the process of calling those new elections again. the 5th time in 3 hobby. is that the to have an election in israel, or i thank you so much for bringing us up to speed bernard smith, line for us in west jerusalem also in western salem is gyla bu cutter. he's a political analyst july. thanks so much for being on the program. took us 3.
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firstly, the table awakes that have led up to this point and the pressure that the government has been under isn't any surprise that it's got to be point. so can you repeat the question, please? i was just saying, is there, is it any surprise that it's gotten to this point latest latest south? what's led up to this, this point? yes, it is no surprise. i think for the 1st moment this coalition came into power last summer. it was seen to be very fragile and in jerusalem, especially policies in jerusalem were worried where i saw it because they felt this government was going to try to prove it's worth to at the rights of stells rady electorate. the right twin and the settler movement, that those who would vote for usually for next year and right being parties. this coalition government tried its best to become the government of the right to an orchard, survived it. it's, it's full term lepage a la pete was
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a very smart politician. i would say trying his best to navigate the intricate politics israel trying to get the left wing parties. and that was a concert the merits, early bird and other rights being parties trying to get them all to support his coalition. government trying to prove to israel is that this government is the, the solution for israel. what everyone knew that it was standing on a stick, it was, it was very close to collapse multiple times over the past few months. and we have seen just now how the game of politics in israel is so cynical, the fact that the israeli right twin parties have voted against extending this civil law for it. for settlers in the west bank just in order to talk with the government. and yeah, it was no surprise at all. it is not a shock at all that this government could not even survive one whole year july will this election change anything or could israel still end up in the same unstable position? i i don't, i'm just,
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i don't really believe it would change anything as the palestinian speaking. i don't believe it's will change anything for israelis themselves. they feel that there is a concern. there is more warnings that a next governments could be bringing and netanyahu and ben via into the government at could bring and extreme right wing and politicians into the government. which could further ma'am, the damage israel. standing in the words technically by embracing apartheid molar. fully on and strengthen such their movements, which would lead, i would guess to isolating israel on the national arena. so some as it is feared that a government of the right woods, a further ice that israel globally. so i think there will be a stronger fight by the government. the government, sorry it is rated parties which proclaimed to be a liberal proclaim to be left wing,
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trying to win the electorate again in order to oust the thing for once and for all to show that he is only charlotte, i'm trying to pay politics. they will try to prove to, to, to israel is that they are more worthy than those who are cynical and their politics game, such as the right wing parties that led by nathan. yet, oh mainly. and what is my main for why prime minister benjamin netanyahu could he form a coalition before israelis even head to the polls? i think benjamin nothing you know is, is better and stronger, destroying and demolishing whatever other politicians are able to to build an established. no one imagine the coalition govern meant that included right wing parties, labor party, just concert left when left plainest 40 minutes and the united arborists. no ones thought this would be possible. that to me was able to continuous pickering was
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able to top of this current as we clearly see, right. the moment, i doubt, i doubt that nothing would be the one to form the next government we will see chain just in israel. i think there would be a similar government just as the one we've seen now, perhaps perhaps led by benny guns perhaps that led by other centrist scientists parties which could be unites more more of the israeli political parties against this one person than the o. because he has seemed to be a destroyer rather than the builder of coalitions. we really appreciate your analysis on this issue jalal. i will cut a political analyst in west jerusalem. thank you. thank you very much. moving on now and thousands of striking workers took to the straits of brussels to protest against the rising cost of living. and i shall my demonstration has effected public transport, including flight cancellations, and one of the country's main a ports. step bass and reports from the belgian capital instead of
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going to their factories or offices, tens of thousands of belgians take to the streets. unable to cope with dramatic price hikes, they hoped to send a strong message to their government repairs. everything is getting more expensive . fuel products in the shops of life is getting very hard. people can't accept this any longer. the nationwide strike force brussels airport to cancel all the parking flights of its security personnel joined the protest like in other european countries. inflation has reached more than 8 percent in belgium, the highest and nearly 40 years. rising energy prices due to the war in ukraine and the political fallout in europe have caused prices of basic goods to go up as well . and millionaire. i'm playing a millionaire to show that they have enough of everything all the while. these people here have to live off a small wait, a more prices have gone up significantly. the belgian government still wants to
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hold on to the wage. apt over the weight standard act adopted in $9.00 to $96.00. allows the government to put a cap on salary increases every 2 years to make sure wages remain competitive with neighboring countries. despite rising prices, belgian workers will this year receive a salary increase of 0.4 percent. i'm acceptable according to the country's labor unions. when i go a, by a breadth, it cost $1.00, you know, 16 of you long ago now it costs to euro $20.60 of an a price increase. but the annexation says that we have gotten, follow this price, agree. so still buying the same breath, but you don't have the increase of your wage. and it's your, it's the work of the people that create dwell in this country. and there should be the richie rich, the effect of this welcome to spoke with people to that's good me to
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scott of a long hot summer. according to this quote that a month are not met, more strikes will likely follow. and this action today has already left me off, exceeds around the country, airport personnel, pilots, and cabin crew at brussels airport. i've been out more strikes league to this week . workers in the auto sector are waiting for a government response before deciding whether to take more action. steadfast m l g 0 in brussels. britain is facing its biggest rail strikes for decades after talks between the workers union and trained companies failed. tens of thousands of employees were now down tools for 3 days. starting on tuesday. they're calling for increased wages, job security, and better working conditions. unions have worn to the strike could lead to coordinated action across other industries. the cost of living crisis is also affected the outcome all the legislative elections in france with the president
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losing his majority in the national assembling his interest to coalition last dozens of states. and you left wing alliance lead by john look mellon. sean has become the main opposition. he's calling on the lines partners to form a united blog is how sure butler has the details from paris. familiar faces. i new ones french impede arrived at the national assembly of to parliamentary elections on sunday. the delta humiliating blow to the french president, his centrist alliance failed to secure a majority of to be gains by the far right party and the new left wing alliance. that is now france is main opposition force mr. to do the aggression to fix us of the leg was that were able to unite and to offer an alternative to market. julian said, paul, this is sandy, been removed in her constituency in northern france. for right, lee de maria, the pen was an appoint, mood after anti immigration party, won a record number of seats. you'll seek worker's. she was william on your,
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on my call, be able to do what he wants. now, know the answer is no. no is a word that i am peace from michaels alliance. unlikely to hear a lot in coming weeks as they try to work with other parties to push through the president reform. mr. gender. no, we will not have a contract or government's orla. ah, contract between the whole 2 bodies. that's not something we're going to do. this analyst says that macros and peas may have to work bill by bill is another option is try and seek an alliance for each low. an entry for me will buy, so either an aligns with the left when it is or text more inclined towards the left or with the right. the results of the parliamentary election of shake in a political system where power sharing is rare. this newspaper says that the results were slap in the face for emanuel macro was this one says that france is now going to be ungovernable. frances government spokeswoman put on
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a brave face and said the party will find a way it will be difficult will of course, need imagination, audacity and openness, micros meeting party members and allies to consider what to do next. as a president who prides himself on his ability to navigate through a crisis, he finds himself in the middle of one. he'd rather have avoided, and that will shape his 2nd term. natasha butler, al jazeera paris, still ahead on al jazeera, the last known remains of and assassinated conclave independence. i returned to his family by former colonial palla belgium, and we look at how colombians with l 5 in end is used to come close to victory. the platform is also accused of spreading misinformation in the philippines and hind space in kenya. ah
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right hot, dry and dusty cause it most of the time we get seasonal. when did you know in the middle east, and there's one picking up again out of the hot interior of iraq. so we got $54947.00. you come slowly south. it's still pretty hot, and this is picking up the dust, which is lights come down as a rather brown sky from q 8 down to bahrain. i'm probably keta. the forecast was leave the doha. the capital is still well above where it should be. the average is about 40 because the wind picks up, dusty when picks up, the temperature tend to come down just a little bit back to where it should be. it's much more pleasant all 11 time coast, a few shower, maybe from gather up towards lebanon, a mass in turkey, another one over in afghanistan, and pakistan. this in particular might have caught your eye because 50 degrees is not hot at all. no, sir, but 50 degrees below where it should be the average. your cobble is quite high, few showers here and then it warms up again. are tommy assisting?
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i'd like to give you some good news. the horn of africa proffer, if you like shout, maybe an easier i count the drug conditions continue not just the next 2 days. the next few weeks, of course, even months in southern africa, particular western cape. and maybe even botswana significant rain is on its way. aah! salam while i come, it's great to see welcome to the cottage economic forum powered by bloomberg. some people say that they say globalization going on, but that referred to thing called said we globalization. our accomplish speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah lou
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ah ah, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily ang, when he is a reminder of our top stories, this allen, israel's prime minister, and if tommy bennett and foreign minister yell appear to have a great to dissolve parliament, the move will force the countries 5th election in less than 3 and a half years apiece will take the role of an interim prime minister until the pulse . tens of thousands of people have taken to the straits of brussels, demanding government help to cope with the rising cost of living. it's the latest and biggest day of action planned by labor unions. they're asking for more investment in the public sector. and the cost of living was also a major issue in the french election that's left to president manuel macross with
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non claim majority left doing alliance lead by john luke melon, sean is now the main opposition. if i write also made the games after years of conservative rule, columbia has elected its 1st left wing president formal rebel fighter. gustavo, petro defeated the right wing populace. rodolfo hernandez petros running made francere marquez will be columbia's 1st black female vice president to raise a bow reports from bug into the rain did not stop thousands of people from gathering outside group that will be thrown headquarters o, b economist and former left. when guerrilla won't be elections with just over 50 percent of the vote, it's anywhere in columbia the 1st time and left when candidate has won the presidency. and i want to cry, this is the 1st time we're going to have a popular government from the left, from the people of those who have suffered the armed conflict. and he is someone
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who represents us, the people on the streets, these people have been demanding change in this country, were liberals and conservatives have been sharing power for years. oh, yeah, i agree with you. they believe that they've been getting a change. this was petra's 3rd presidential bid. he's now a seasoned politician who's victory at columbia to the list of latin american countries. the have elected center left precedence in recent years. on sunday evening, he was presented to his supporters by his running mate, friends, jamarkis, who will be columbus 1st, afro colombian woman vice president. locate, we are writing history right now. a new history for latin america. what is coming
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here is change real change in which we commit to life itself. we are not going to distant chantelle voters that have been screaming that from now on columbia. changes o peter defeated 77 year old populous world for a man this who was referred by many as the king of tick tock. oh, but better will face many challenges. 47 percent of the country did not vote for him and only say he will have to negotiate his reforms in congress for this is not only the 1st time that oliver and candy a dismal like that in columbia. but also the 1st time that we have up left when congress to because but to study goddard social movement behind was hello, better was able to elect, ah, a good number of congress members saw she will have, are a congress that is in favor of him not a complete majority, hasn't obama, your in congress, but he has a good number of congress members, and dad is also
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a something that the signs that he could harbor success in his turn. oh, so peter will take off his in august for many, his government will empower the people in the country who have been ignored by authorities for years. but he said, well, i'll the cedar border and alexandro a ramp yeti has more on rodolfo hernandez, unusual campaign. there's no doubt that those fernandez as lead a very successful campaign, mostly on line, mostly on tick tock. he self described themselves as, as the king of tick tock. and this was a campaign that had essentially one issue. and that was that reading of corruption, columbia political system. so definitely a very unique, a very unusual campaign. it wasn't enough in the end to win this election. but
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there's a lesson there for many politicians who want to have success in columbia and politics them. even gustavo play, it'll have to change his way in the run off and getting off of the stages and the public events. and instead also taking the fight to the social networks in what he called micro poly peeks. we saw him in the last couple of weeks of the campaigns hanging out in the families, homes, especially poor families, of farmers and so forth. in a more rural parts of the country. bringing is man stage, almost a person to person and transmitting that through his social network. so. so this, that has meant that big change in the way politics have been promoted in, in this country. and out of those put in and this will be a senator. he will continue to be a political force and he also called pe,
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throw on sunday and said that he's willing to talk to him and to participate in here some of his proposals for change. let's take a closer look at the power of social media, specifically tick tock on election results as we heard and, and as took part in very few public debates instead gaining traction on the social media platform by casting himself as an affable, straight talking granddad in the philippines ferdinand macos junior used similar tactics in his successful presidential campaign. his campaign was accused of spreading misinformation. with video is that cost decades of repression by his father's administration as a golden age ahead of kenya's general elections in august, tick tock has been used to spread heights in this information. that's according to a report by the nonprofit mozilla foundation. kevin o'connor is a disinformation and extremism analyst. he told me he's not surprised to talk,
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has become the platform of choice for spreading this information. one of the misconceptions, i think with sick talk as well that it only skews young. we see that there is why it adoption by multiple demographics of the platform. and what politicians and political candidate can do quite effectively is try and tap into as social media platforms like to talk. and what we saw in columbia was trying to access that younger voters and try to use that younger demographic as on the platform because of some of the features of the platform itself. and there is a lack of transparency on the part of the top form. what this means is that there's, there's no transparency on action, thus the platform itself takes against miss or disinformation networks that may be active on the platform, particularly around the election period. we, we've also been tracking some russian stays back media at this information regarding ukraine since february as well, for example. and then the other side of us is that chic tough does not offer data
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access that is comparable to other platforms. so for researchers like myself, the right nor platform, there is no a p, i where to conduct scalable research to try and track disinformation or misinformation on the top of them. it's all done quite manually. and while i can point to various examples, notable examples of objects of this information, i can tell you that the totality of this because of the lack of data access. russia is urging lithuania to lift a ban on the transit of some goods to come in grad on the baltic, seen, the russian exclaimed, is waged between lithuania and poland, the restrictions effect, the only railroad between mainland russia and the territory. if the waning officials say the measures will be on good sanctioned by the a, you across its territory, it includes coal and other metals. the kremlin has vowed to respond if passage isn't restored. samuel romani is an associate fellow at the royal united services institute. he explains how the sanctions will affect kellen in grad. so killing
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grad is an important transit route to obviously the european union because of a strategic location here. the baltic sea lithuania, poland has also an important area for a lot of the transit of key russian military assets as well. including iskander is a nuclear heap of mussels, miscellaneous restrictions have been factored in for some time. poland actually was the originator of this idea in the came point plan that poland had in the war and ukraine. one of the plans was due band with cargo and ro transit between russia and european countries, and the u sanctions on the on call and other goods have been in effect for well over a month now. so the russians about trying to back to the sin, but it's still an immediate blow. one half of counting grants. products, for example, come from european countries, though as an immediate supply chain at russia's quantity threatened the sovereignty of the baltic states ever since. 990 in the car again, of doctrine came forward when they attacked the baltic states for supposedly discriminating against the russians. we've seen a russian alter nationalist like body more soley of soviet, in the media,
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where the late body mercier not ski, threaten lithuania sovereignty with invasion. so russia threatening lithuania, certainly not new lithuanian russian relationship is extremely poor. for example, as a charge affairs, not even a master level relationship between the 2 countries, but there certainly going to be some ground for escalation to watch. one of which is eventual complete, located on all the waning products, entering russia with the winnings of already stock importing russian gas and energy . so there's not much diversity can do in the energy heard, but not as you related to goods. i think there's a chance of russian economic retaliation. the belgian government has returned to gold tooth to the family of a con, goalies independence. late a belgian forces were involved in the assassination of betrays limone by a 961. his tooth is the only known remnant from them was bonnie: as malcolm, when reports, it was 61 years ago that patrice le murmur was executed by a firing squad in democratic republic of congo. with help from belgian mercenaries
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. the belgian police officer cut his body into pieces and dissolved it in a barrel of acid, but kept his go to his trophy and took it back to belgium. a ceremony in brussels on monday, the government returned the tooth to delegates from congo and members of lamar family appraisals. the sammy, i would like here in the presence of his family to reiterate the belgian government's apologies for the way it weighed at the time on the decision to put an end to the days of the 1st prime minister of the congo belgium and its royal family and fast wealth from colonizing congo and violently exploiting its people and its natural resources. millions of people were killed. patrice, remember, became wildly popular at the campaign for independence from belgian colonial rule. to belgium in the u. s. didn't like his democratic and socialist ideas and
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supported those who killed him shortly after independence. the member's relatives have been requesting the return of the tooth for years. is the only known remaining piece of his body, which they want to lay to rest, isn't that but the seal as well? i can't see it's joyous, but it is positive for us. it's positive that we can finally bury one of ours. 2 weeks ago. belton king, philip visited congo, and expressed regret for belgium's colonial past. he stopped short of apologizing. belgium has been trying to improve his public image regarding it brutal colonial past. since the black lives matter movement began 2 years ago. the movement prompted activists to the face statues of king leopold the 2nd in belgium, the colonized, congo in the 18 eighty's. some have since been removed, belgium is willing to take very symbol adjuster, very simple and easy. but the acts up with paring, also allowing justice to to happen. this is not happening. the returning of the
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moon, the tooth is certainly symbolic. congress still suffers from the kind of brutal violence and exploitation of natural resources. the belgian colonialists began then more than a century ago, the ceremony in brussels was changed that malcolm web al jazeera ah hello, you want you know, to 0. these are the top stories this alum israel's prime minister in italy, bennett, and foreign minister in yellow. you have agreed to dissolve parliament is bennett speaking live now in west jerusalem. america is expected to force the country's 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. the paid will take the role of interm prime minister until the pulse vote is expected to be held in october. bennett smith has the latest from west georgia milam.


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