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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2022 8:30pm-9:00pm AST

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allowing justice to, to happen, this is not happening. the returning of the moon, this tooth is certainly symbolic. congress still suffers from the kind of brutal violence and exploitation of natural resources. the belgian colonialists began then more than a century ago. the ceremony in brussels well changed that malcolm web al jazeera ah hello, you want you know, to 0. these are the top stories this alum israel's prime minister in italy, bennett, and foreign minister. and yet you have agreed to dissolve parliament has been at speaking live now in west jerusalem. and murray is expected to force the countries 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. the paid will take the role of interm prime minister until the pulse vote is expected to be held in october. been in smith's hands, the latest from west georgia milam. this coalition government has been stumbling
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along for the last few weeks. it's a miracle in many israelis, eyes that is lasted as long as they have one year. it was the strangest coalition government. israel's ever seen a combination of parties on the far right the right, the left. and the 1st time that palestinian israelis had been involved in israeli government, it was brought together. this government is so reason for being really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu. tens of thousands of demonstrators have converged in brussels to protest against the rising cost of living. they demanding better pain working conditions and more investment in the public sector. russell's airport has cancelled all outbound flights. britain is facing its biggest route strikes for decades after talks between the workers union and trying companies failed. tens of thousands of employees will now down towards the 3 days starting on tuesday, unions have warned. the strike could lead to coordinated action across other
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industries. due to the mounting cost of living. gustavo petro has been elected at columbia 1st the left wing president, ending decades of conservative rule, the former rebel fighter, secure just over 50 percent of the vote. you'll now have to cope with awake economy widespread company poverty and. busy 11 percent unemployment and russia is urging lithuania to lift a ban on the transit of some goods to kill him in grad on the baltic sea. the russian exclaimed is wedged between lithuania and poland, the restrictions effect to be only railroads between mainland russia and the territory. the waning officials say the measures will be on good sanctioned by the e you, the kremlin has bound to respond if passage isn't restored. okay, those are the headlines i'm emily angry and the news continues here after inside story. ah
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ross is president suffers a major setback in many of the cones party loses control of the national assembly and the far left and fall right. make historic gains in the administrative election . so how would he govern over the next 5 years? this is inside story. ah, hello, welcome to the program. i'm adrian finnegan. francis president is facing 5 years of political turmoil following unprecedented results from the legislative election. emanuel macklin, centrist coalition, has lost its majority in the national assembly. it's the 1st time that's happened
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to a president's party in 20 years. the biggest winners with the far right at the far left, less than half of eligible voters, cast a ballot in the 2nd round on sunday, the national assembly speaker lost his seats along with the ministers for health and the environment to wait at the seats go. will a national assembly chamber has 577 members. and manual mccoy needed 289 seats to keep a majority. and although the president, centrist ensemble coalition remains the biggest party, it secured only $245.00 seats left, we alliance, the new ecological and social popular union dub. nope. united behind the left leader, jean luc. mila sean. it set to be the main opposition group. with 131 seats, and the biggest surprise as the far right leader marine la pens, national rally party score, 189 seats up from just 8. 5 years ago the traditional right,
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the republicans saw their vote collapse to 61 seats. the remaining 51, a held by other parties. well, leaders of the far left and far right say that a term and the complicate. microns legislative agenda said, you know, she just, you know, it's a totally unexpected situation. absolutely unheard of the collapse of the presidential party is total and no majority is presented. we have achieved the political objectives that we had set ourselves in less than a month to bring down the one who with such arrogance, had twisted the arm of the whole country who had been elected without knowing what for both could one consider consider. i think that everyone considers that this is a victory for the sampler monster. now we're entering the assembly with a very powerful group of m piece with the 1st opposition party ahead of left hands and to me. and consequently, we're going to be able to work as an opposition group, as i had requested from the french people. we will operate with full power,
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with all the means that are granted by the constitution to an opposition group, which is the 1st one in the assembly. will begin our discussion in just a moment, but 1st joan, a whole reports from paris. a dreadful election. this for emmanuel macaroni and his centrists in parliament have lost a 100 of their seats and their absolute majority. they will now have to find new alliances in parliament, either on a case by case basis, or some sort of formal hook up there to pass any legislation at all. and the likelihood is they'll start talking immediately to the traditional, right, the republicans with whom they've worked before they have 61 seats. micron needs 44 seats to hit the majority line, no guarantee that that will be successful. and so there is at least the prospect of deadlocked government over the next 5 years with an economic crisis worsening here in france. that's not the only problem. they faced, the centrists increasingly hemmed in now in parliament between rising forces on the
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left and the far left and the far right with marine la pens, success the success of her national rally party. and there's an additional question over participation. a majority of french voters didn't take part in this election. 3 quarters of young voters between 18 and 24, didn't take part in this election. they simply don't have faith and trust in their politicians to solve their problems. and so that possibility is that rather like the ga, ga protest during microns 1st to that during his 2nd. again, people may choose to take their problems to the streets. i'm joan hope for inside story. ah, so let's bring it. our guests from paris were joined by political analyst. i made credit in london is sir philip malia who is a professor of french and european politics at university college, london. and from sandtown there fabrics, party, a ceo of rasmussen, global a political consultancy gentlemen. welcome to inside story. let's start with you than that. i'm it. what do you make of this election results? was this election?
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as some french newspapers have said, a political earthquake, to what extent does to make up now of the national assembly, make france ungovernable for the next 5 years. what it is, i'm book ungovernable for the french bins. and the current fence you monday when micro, i believe it's a huge victory for the left east and the other small g, which is the far right 1000000 loop in the last more than $100.00 seats in the french parliament. so i believe it's a victory for the left is we've seen the, the majority, you wouldn't, you know, or go on the ground to in order to persuade, to argument for the french addiction, the importance of the parliament every election. and we've seen it's a huge defeat for the french president. these also, you know, a lot of doubt about the democracy. do not forget that we have the, you know, the movement. busy which were very, you know, the,
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how the anger against these french britons, which is very, in popular. so i believe now the up engine is, which is important that went to a lot of people, you know, forget about it. the, the potential is more than 52 percent that the people, you know, did not vote. we seen, we are in the same scenario that in 1988 we do, the former president fossil meet their own doctor when he has to consider that he's a majority in the parliament. so he how to compose we d communist party and the son treats. so we have in the same scenario, and this is a will of course change the political in the french parliament. so i believe no, the, the huge doubts about the democracy, but also french, people are further do not believe in democracy. and i think the most challenge is to convince them that democracy is very important for our institution. ok, philip, molly in london prefer to what extent them will the next 5 years be about tortuous
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negotiation, political compromise for both the president and his party? will they be able to find some consensus and some parliamentary stability? yes, indeed. hello a festival? yes, michael and mike, one self will have to learn to compromise something he hasn't done much to date. because fully short of 4344 seats in parliament is a lot, and he will need absolutely to get those votes in parliament whenever his party and government wants to to pass legislation or to bleed a legislative legislation which might prove controversial with other parliamentary groups notably with the left, and there's only one way for michael now. given that he's got a solid block to his left with nips, which has really largely increased total share of the votes and cease is to turn to
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the right and to turn to the republicans. the party of former president sock rosie, and this party, of course, could really coalesce and work alongside my course party on a number of issues or to be economy policies. either it's the position party, i think the president of the party said it yes to known french t v we are and position party. so in fact, the stakes are very high because you will have to compromise, but also to give, to make some concessions with, with the right. and it remains to be seen whether the ride will want to answer in a correlation. even if it's a kind of a undock type of collision, not a formal one, because of course being in a position party, the republicans will think about what comes next in 5 years time, michael will have to retire as president, comp run against. of course disability will sort of think twice, whether to commit itself to a party and a president which are increasingly and popular for resources and sat there than
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what concessions will i am i on the call have to make to ensure the support of the republicans in the assembly and will that mean that his government has to shift to the right? well, i think that's for sure question. that's not necessarily what the problem for legal rights over the past 5 years. i think the main kind of compromise you can make towards the car. easy pointing, but then sure. your minister who's got i don't was coming from the oh, you know credibility with the 70 rights to be able to reach out and work with them . but i think more globally what this election stella was because you've been growing for, for a while now, where you have to imagine that
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a lot of french people and french voters that they have already go to twice. in the 2nd round, i call by this book because basically i don't my co or an extra like and there was a many sprints from the fire, the overcome in the human actions. yes. i think ever to go for a different candidate or they prefer also not the kind of freak accidents, but actually it reflects that to be growing in french politics for the past 5 years or more just to finish this in the result of the main main street parties most socially spots tricky only because of the disappearing and seeking the. busy about the party
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and in front of that you know, to base extremes and this is the rather unhealthy landscape for democracy where you are all up to extremes. and the next 5 years will tell us, is he and his partner's gone will manage to be something that is brought in just a single center grant party. but so for, if you can proposition that is more attractive to french or just that they don't necessarily to go in for the fall. i know the extreme left of the extra, right. okay. i what, what a pick up on what you're saying, the and, and put the same question to, to all 3 of you here. if you can give me reasonably brief answers. i want to know whether you think or to what extent president micron is the is the architect here a of his own problems. we'll put that one to 2 am. it was well,
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of course is the audit that he enter it the because of him the, you know, the far right on to meet in the french parliament for the 1st time. he was the, his good, the company that were part of the, a global beings. he passed the, the law or the islam of b. clo, which is the severities he was the company that wants to increase g, you know, the age of retirement, to 60, to 65. so the, all on this one measures are very in popular and that's why we have this consequences of you know, of clearly a condemnation of is what we forms. ok philip. yes, i really agree with. watch all your guest just said here. i think clearly michael came and i think that's probably something really to bear in mind when he was elected 5 years ago for the 1st time he was before a minister in a socialist led government. so he came really to the presidency with a kind of ora or pro 5 like over young organizer, but which,
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which could somehow reconcile, you know, bits of the last and bits of the right. and that's exactly how it is. so call saudi is political project. i'm neither left, we all know, right? when i'm in a where both of them, let's take the best of both worlds in a way. and it seems that now 5 years down the line he's lost is a so called left wing. you know, i, people also came with them from the socialist party, you know, with moran p. s. or simply voters who used to vote for the central at martin social party until 2017. were quite appealed by his political project or not modernization . but now it's very clear that on economic issues, but also on law and order on cultural societal issues, it can be labeled center satellite. that's all there are no one believes in that now is clearly a man on the right. so put it very much to the right, all those things is a kind of central, right? it depends on your how you use it on, on your take on that. but anyway,
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no one takes him as a so centralized leader. so that's why clearly is now in a kind of trouble and can only turn to the right to, to carry on and to try to, to, to seek a majority and, and for race. and to what extent is this for crowns across own own fault? i think to, to go into the question of whether it's his fault is not, this is the right way to put it out. we said that he has to make an advantage of what he so many before many other actors that the fall of the traditional parties, especially the social spots. you had this why he was elected as the, as us on the center last ticket to as a center, if leader, even though we go over on the, on the right. and, and he so that maybe before others, and he took advantage and you got elected to everybody surprise. so, but i think he was one active creator of the collapse of these enter a left and to right party from. however,
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the he's responsibilities that the previous speaker is right that he has been using or gone up there. a conservative to to hog right. i've been on national identity, although an older we see the way has normalized yet gender carried by. don't have spoken one issue now and now they have busy, busy, multiplied by 10. the numbers of and he's sitting there, i saw minutes. you know. okay, i'm it. what is the selection mean for a jean luc manor, sean, at his block, which is, which is now the, the biggest opposition force in france. well for of course, it's a tremendous victory for johnny middle shown the left is because he, you know, he realized a huge coalition with the, you know, the popular the service area and the left east and the ecologist and others political party. so i believe lowered it, of course, a tremendous victory for john mitchell. and of course, john national. we play a major role in the this new coalition which is called nips. but i believe what is
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the most important thinks is now the republican fraud has been explored because of him under micro. he did not give any instruction in order to vote for the left east against the, against the far right. and do not forget that when we have the presidential election enrollment go away, beginning the lift is in order to gain the supervision election. and if to the he's a president is because of the left is waters that to help him to win this election . and this is, i believe it's a very important point. now we don't have this republican for front. and it's a very dangerous state for this president who normalized the far right party in the french parliament, which is, i believe it's will be very dangerous for the stability or defense society and the, the political map in the french public. or what the, what do you make of the success of the national riley of marina pen in this
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election? 8 to 89 seats? or what does that tell us? well, if you, if you compare with your the guess just said that he was tremendous success for the united last news i back to this are bates. i would, i would say that made considerable gains, but it's not sort of tremendous success. i think you could argue now, although she got faller seats than united let, let's bear in mind that united lives is at least full. it's not 5 parties together . so that's the put to put things in perspective. so in the end, it's not maybe not such massive gains, whereas for her, you know, she used to have 8 and p including yourself in the previous parliament. now she's got $89.00, and that's really an achievement. and i, so of course, very worrying for all those in french society and elsewhere think that, of course the far right and may not environmental be a good idea for france, for europe and the world in general. yes. and that what, what it shows is,
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is that the fall rides, the national rally, keeps making gains for very long time. one, use the same french politics, french, political commentators used to say there's a glass ceiling for the fall, right? you know, they will be doing quite well in the presidential election because it's nominal and action personal. the parents father and all to are well known to the public so they will get good schools. however, they will never get elected where luke last time around. she can even closer to power and michael, the margin between michael and herself. wasn't that being any more? the same applies now with the other election legislative election where the party until now couldn't make significant gains in the 2 ballots match a retired system. now they're able to do so they able to win 89, so 89 constituencies and not simply in the traditional best use of the south east and north and north east. but now it appear in these region in i keep turn in dot,
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during, in central france, they get and p selected. so that shows it as a nationalization of the far right vote. it's a party which may not be seen anymore by some frankfurters as a threat to democracy as an extreme party. and that's why i think everyone opposing the, the far right, the national right in front of the law to worry about a sub race given that glass ceiling that really was talking about appears to have been shattered. here can marina depends party any longer be described as, as, as an extreme, as the oversight window shifted. here is it, is it now mainstream when i think that streaming the abuse and the car really clearly a busy groups into the political, the french political system. this is of course to worry, especially when we come after my mandate,
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your style just just to add to the previous part. i think you did the last week. courtney sharon did, binding off looks like the biggest winner on the outside. but on the inside, this is a very fragmented and my prediction is going to have quite a lot of challenge to stick together. each group will try to form their groups. and i think they already some, some tensions between companies leader. i think you look at my call trying to steer the french environment away from that question. so i think this is probably going to be fine with each other for that as we read the paper sticker is really coming from the career and force and we really
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paid for the next presidential extra 5 years. and philip, i'm just going to come back to you and i'll be with you again in a moment to have it. but, but fill it with several high profile. and the president's party voted out in the selection the president himself, as you said, unable to run again at the end of this this, this term. what is the future for, for all marsh or renee song. so i mean, does it have a future without mccall? well, sir, it's a very important question and very hard to tell right now what will be the future on ash, and particularly the one such and see as you just pointed out, is that michael will not run again. so will probably retire from active politics in less than 5 years. yes. time. you might argue enough time for a new young leader to merge and replace it well. there they are, you know, like the former prime minister. well, felipe, which by the way doesn't belong to all mass, it's another small particle horizon you might be, you might step in. so in other people might step in. but i think it's for the time
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being michael has a problem with i to recall, nash. it's a bit of an empty shell, and in that election showed again that they had no real activists on the ground. there they are no local barons. the, this is what you need for a party to be successful and durable, you know, and, and b exist have a long life and it doesn't have that. and clearly, if you add to it the fact that the 3 ministers last election and michael's warm before the election, any minister losing the battle in that constituency will have to resign and leave the government say that and the speaker of the house also last is seat so you will have to route to, to go. so this is really a party where you don't even have in this current legislator, you know, heavy weights are all the few heavy weights he had. he lost them yesterday. so that's a very difficult situation. and yes,
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for the time being that the future of the light recall marsha looks quite uncertain . i mean we've, we've spent the last 20 minutes or so talking about an extraordinary election, but we have to remember ultimately, but this was on a voter turnout of 46 percent. how or what does that tell us about how french voters feel about french politics? why did more than half of the countries electorate stay away? well, very good question. you asked me does. i think it's very important today these a lot of crew, you know, crisis in france that do not forget that we have deal of this movement and the russian invasion. as a result, we have the inflation and people do not see a change for themselves. so they see that in the same property, they've seen the inequality, and they've seen that they're not and you know, the race of the salary, the minimum wage of salary, that's why johnny national wants to increase the minimum salary
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262103021051000. so $500.00 euro. so i believe people now are fed that did not believe in the democracy. the believe in protesting in this week, asking for social reform in order to fight in equality and deformity. that's why today, the old french parliament in the relative, did not represent the entire french people. and this is, is, i think, is a very done her steps for the stability of the regime. the if you can, we him, 5th republic is a losing, now he's an architecture in the our institution. ok. sorry to cut you short. i mean we're, we're out of time. many thanks to you for being with us gentlemen. i create professor phillip malia and for bruce party. i'm thank you to for watching. don't forget, you can see the program again at any time by going to the website at al jazeera dot com for further discussion goes while facebook page at facebook dot com forward
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slash ha inside story. and you can draw a conversation on twitter handle at a j inside story from me. adrian again, the whole team here and thanks for watching. i'll see you again. bye for now. aah. salam la lake. hm. it's great to see. welcome to the cut out economic forum powered by bloom bad. some people say that they said deed globalization going on, but that perfect. so think of every globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving technology,
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education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah . alger 0 rate with no will leaders, will convene in the bavarian, out, in the latest attempt to address the war in ukraine and these financial pressure on the global economy. the g 7 meeting will be immediately followed by a nato summit in madrid, where expansion of the block and supporting ukraine will dominate. get all the latest developments on al jazeera, witness, fusion, witness clarity, witnessed family. i'm witness friends, witness the beginning,
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witness. the end. witness life witness on algebra. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is denise allen live from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. israel is said to hold its 5th election in 3 years after ladies of the governing coalition. agree to dissolve parliament on strike thousands protesting brussels against the rising.


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