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tv   Drug Trafficking Politics and Power The Age of Drug Lords  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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culture sustainability and the impact on the economy. ah, ah . hello. lauren taylor, not in the top stories are now does era. israel's prime minister is disbanding his coalition and dissolving parliament during the country on course for new elections . the 5th and 3 years of taliban it has been without a majority in parliament for more than 2 months. for mister yeah le page will take its job and lead the country until a new voters held in october or november. and its coalition was made up of a diverse range of political forces and made history by becoming the 1st israeli government to include a palestinian israeli party. moved to dissolve, fallen comes after the kurdish and fail to renew law on the status of illegal
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israeli settlers. in the occupied westbank from the shelf. busy on on friday i held a series of talks with legal entity, curity officials, and i realize that in 10 days what the expiration of the regulation is, right will experience serious security damages and legal chaos. i couldn't allow that in the kill law. sophomore, we spirit. know if a galvanized through me the was needed to pass the regulations, but unfortunately if it's board, no fruit can therefore my friend and i decided to act together to dissolve parliament and sit and agreed upon date for elections. the up. he was one man hoping to return to power and the next election is former prime minister benjamin netanyahu, whose now the opposition leader and smith has more from western islam. as israel had to its 5th election and 3 and a half years. it's a surprise to many israelis that this coalition has lasted as long as it has when
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it was pulled together just over a year ago. it was a strange combination of cars from the far right, the right, the left on for the 1st time palestinian israeli were included in the government. but its sole purpose really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu as prime minister . he's been israel prime minister previously for a total of 15 years and netanyahu once the job back and he was he who engineered the collapse of his government with his opposition partners. he voted against the extension of a settler bill every 5 years. this comes up in israel's parliament and his normally passed automatically extend it. it allows the extension of. busy israeli law into the settlements by failing to extend this law. netanyahu's coalition has precipitated the collapse of the government, the war expires at the end of this month. but because there's going to be new elections, it will be automatically extended for another 6 months. those new elections will be
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held probably before some time in mid october. and until len, like pete will stand in inter and prime minister gun men killed 8 people and kidnapped 38 others into attacks on churches in northern nigeria. is salt targeted morning services at a catholic and baptist church in the state of kaduna on sunday. officials say the attack has also ransacked vintages and looted shops. it comes weeks after gunman killed 40 people at a church in the south west. east african leaders have agreed to deploy a regional force to eastern democratic republic of congo as the country is pushed to the brink of war with rwanda needed from the 7 nation east. african community maintenance meant after so much, and i, roby. but they didn't say when troops would be sent on groups of reeked havoc and eastern d l. c, where the government accuses render supporting. m 23 rebels. lender denies the allegations. witnesses say more than 230 people have been killed in ethiopia. in
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an attack in the romero region. most all of the victims believe to belong to the horror ethnic group. the rumor liberation army has been blamed for the attack. it says it's not involved, correct, resident menu, mac or government is scrambling to form new alliances and avoid political paralysis . after his condition failed to win a majority in france, his most powerful house of parliament is also the kurdish in which means together is the largest group with 245 seats in the national assembly. but that's far short of the $289.00 needed for an overall majority. serious blow to my cause, plans to push through reforms. there's the headlines, drug trafficking, politics and power is up next. bye for now. the news
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this is a poppy field ah, once caught the part of the plant, secretes a miraculous, milky fluid called latex base opium used by man as a bomb for more than 5 millennia opium released pain in the pieces the mind. and that should have been the end of it. for this strong would play a part in some of mankind's greatest upheavals, imperialism colonization, the cold war, and more recently, globalization without the backing of states. drug trafficking would never have existed in 1951 at the height of the indo china. all the french secret service was deploy to organize the counter attack against of yet men guerrillas, but it was seriously short of money. they contacted
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a tribe in the hills of laos, the he munger, and bought their entire poppy crop which they transported to a military base in saigon. their french agent sold opium to chinese vietnamese gangs under the corsican mafia who turned it into heroine and dispatched it to the united states. it was of one of those bizarrely clear instances of a modern western intelligence apparatus actually operating a drug trade ah ah.
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in 1971, richard nixon launched the war on drugs across the united states, the same scenes were repeated drug busts, masser, s, and chris sentences. exogenous back from vietnam was systematically tested and weaned off the world's leading produce of heroine. france was in washington sites. the corsican mafia, the pillar of the french connection was the number one target ball vandal city, of course, who post billy gus and any classic nip unity casa the politics. jo, he la john w points while i france witnessed its 1st desk by over dice. heroine became a major public health issue. french president,
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george competed welcome nixon's pressure. his secret service was beyond control. the drug rings needed to be broken up. gus i lead is in that i go kill worthy. you do the machine the which you keep plenty. my tell yankee field is of course you have young voc, what the motley, a southern under the discovery of a while maxima, she'll develop, go on to watch all this stuff. washington st. agents from its brand, new drug enforcement administration, specializing an intelligence, the d. e, a partner, the french police and its investigations. within 5 years, 3010 traffickers in dina's were arrested and the chemists of the corsican mafia fled the french connection was dismantled. nixon's drug worn was in one sense, brantley successful. he combines diplomacy at the highest level with the
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enforcement activities of the, the drug enforcement administration to concentrate the full power of the united states against narcotics. mm hm. the 1st battle was one. mm. but in the mid 19 seventy's, the drug market excluded across the globe as consumption reached unprecedented levels. to conquer this market, a new generation of traffickers would build powerful criminal organizations, headed by the so called drug lords. through them full tactical axis of power emerged, which will turn drug trafficking into a globalized industry. organized crime is the most agile business in the world. you squeeze it, you pressure it. it will simply adapt to the existing conditions is like water. it follows the path of least resistance and it will always move around obstacles
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move from the ashes of the old world. drug traffic rose and reorganized at lightning speed in mexico. those who had been farming copies and marijuana for 20 years with the 1st to understand lately we last young electronics, your frances, her fray, one that goes, i split acculab, but alaska, when you have this come pissy ness. it but it should elope, you'll said that it because it what the pico in so long nose, mrs. new poppy fields were hastily planted in the fertile mountains of sinaloa. the da launched a huge operation with the mexican army. in
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1976, washington supplied all kinds of herbicides to spray over the poppy marrow on the fields, whole villages were forced to my great small producers and smugglers were jailed. last campus, he must guess already we. we don't love your lands yet. he left nobody yet on board, be in the se, mitchell miles, and they will see a lot is which will massey, novi lordis bent the lemonade, anchor thick, one breland yellen after august. comin little stealth. yes, he gay. you'll see one to confirm. and yet, the survivors of this last operation shifted their production and organized themselves under the leadership of a traffic from a pool family and sinaloa. miguel all hell, felix guy, ardo. he's a very interesting guy. he's a full federal police. so he understood the workings of the police very important when a drug trafficker, he also was for a time of body god to the governor of sinner law. so he understood the political
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world and he understood the drug trafficking. well, sir, if you got a foot in most 3 worlds, that's a recipe for success. lou felix guy, i do. based himself in mexico's 2nd largest city, guadalajara. by uniting the smartest produces and traffic, as he would gain control of nearly all of the countries heroin, a marijuana markets. the 1st big mexican drug cartel was born. the quarterly hara cattle soon amassed a colossal fortune. phillips, the yellow said with a member of the la hotel. it will be f no, don't. buncombe, he can lavalley nato massey vomiting de los negotiating duck nationalist at then. yale etha, looking in the little group, withdrew his bank, phoenix, guy aldo,
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reinvested his money in legal activities. he became a respected businessman and delighted in rubbing shoulders with mexican high society. the crackdown carried out a few years earlier had failed to cut the rise of the sus mexican drug. lord was still it actually facilitated it. the more line force meant, the more natural selection you have to the survival of the fittest. it's the drug traffickers that are most capable of evading law enforcement that have the greatest capacity to outcompetes the rivals by that through smartness, or through aggression. and that have the greatest capacity to corrupt at these local officials. that survive of the fight. ah. as heroine continued to slow on to the american market, another drug surface deep within the andes. cocaine
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in peru in bolivia, where the cook elise had been used for millennia to ward of hunger and altitude sickness. chemistry waved its magic wand. go to work almost with lovely tip dog. oh, not remote puzzle, vignati the fatal gun, monsieur was rude altogether. zaden all st. lucie ot immunology, had with her shawl removal, must have assumed the dervish thought, the whole double she, me 2 or 3, or they get a vote that she did say that he got in the early seventy's a gram of coke sold in the united states for $700.00 extremely rare. the white powder lit up the well to finance the walls of wall street and the
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jet said it was the drug of triumphant capitalism. the drug of the successful. there was actually a time magazine cover, the champagne, a drug. here's a wonderful drug and you can get high on and it's not addictive. raul dead wrong. but as a result of their political consequences, a d, a was instructed, you will devote all your investigative effort toward heroin. you will not and vote investigative effort to cocaine trafficking. oh, the path was open for the large scale control of his new market. in columbia, a handful of criminals began production without encountering the slightest obstacle . a poor country, columbia was a vast territory of jungles and mountains which escaped allstate control. there the traffickers were kings. oh,
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i could get you by will you have 30 inches grey's young? google. i have coverage asa lackland international deployed. you know minute i'm not good. i leased the dealer like winter break. jazel. yeah, he made a lot of either let him go 3. i hindered up there just in the early 19 seventy's. colombian traffickers bought cocaine in bolivia and peruse and smuggled it into the united states. the friends in american market brought the mind boggling profits. in mid iin, a young traffic, i convinced other criminals to step up a level together they would increase deliveries and seized control of the cocaine market. this was a birth of the medina cartel. pablo
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escobar was the enforcer. every drug trafficker had to pay him a percentage and he provided a series of services in exchange that percentage one guaranteed loads. so he would put together loads from various different traffickers and then he would ensure they would deliver to the united states. if a shipment was lost, he would make it up. interesting to invent cocaine trafficking. he industrialized it and moved it to this enormous scale down the nadine cartel purchased a fleet of aircraft and began smuggling tons of cocaine into southern florida. in miami drug dealers, wage their own war for control america discovered the bloody face of cocaine.
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shocked by the scale of the violence, the da traced the problem back to columbia. in 1979, president jimmy carter imposed an extradition treaty on the colombian government. already. all traffic is arrested by the police and columbia would henceforth be tried and jailed in the united states. escobar realised the threat to stop parliament from ratifying the treaty. he handsomely paid off a large number of politicians, but he wanted further guarantees. in 1980 to age, 33, escobar entered politics himself, running as a wealthy businessman, he was elected as an alternate member of the chamber of representatives. it's that those, those young viola, la casita, young, columbia, anna, and vain thief that it had the coolest. authentic on fellow that it would almost forget though it were local im,
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dental. they stuck on trial. yeah. much more cases. most of the ones that have been that maldonado romano had the legal means of ins on a mouth and then controlled everybody on in the boy and political ideal. having infiltrated the colombian democracy, pablo escobar succeeded in having the extradition treaty blount in the united states. nobody imagined that this young politician was none other than he who attend cocaine into a powerful industry. ah, the industrialization of drugs was also ongoing in asia after the vietnam mall and the departure of american g eyes thailand sailed alone in a sea of red. the kingdom feared communist incursions into its territory. a young horner
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would take advantage of this new geopolitical order. he went by the name of consort, the prince, a prosperity consigned as an extraordinary figure. consult as of that kind of an inconsequential individual who would have had a, a life as a market trader or farmer or a localized businessman who gets transformed into a man of extraordinary power. born in burma and having received military training as a youngster, he became a militia man in the pay of the ruthless balmy's dictatorship console then founded his own army, financed by the opium trade. soon at the head of 2000 all men, he crossed the border and sold his services to the powers that be in thailand. he was pretty good at sensing where the power lay and the maximum amount of
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resources he could extract from the power arms. my immunity, no. the right to traffic. oh, the kingdom of thailand, welcomed console with open arms. with his armed men, he would defend the border against communist incursions. in exchange, the so called prince a prosperity was given cancer blanche for his trafficking. his opium caravans freely travelled across borders. the apply supreme command had base camps for them, protected them, and of course, received a percentage of their profits. i think i felt like i think, i don't know if that's how they felt consult built a very large her on the board toward the became quite
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a powerful drug lord can saw was picked up on the da radar. but thailand refused a hand over its precious on eye to washington. faced with the stalemate, the members of the american congress tried a different approach and sent one of their miseries to negotiate with concern. as a british documentary maker adrian cow looked, tom only the president and the administration has the authority to make agreements concerning the purchase of opium. let me i can. so what we're have to be done to eliminate opium production in the sham states and had time to ha, now we have been to high, glad and what i'm gonna hire condemnation dancler bunk. one more oakland mahoney
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who i up in the b one you're doing and i have my contact to the person who can come and collect all the opium vaughn in in our country. either with toys, auto, bernie, men. in this game of diplomacy, consol didn't present himself as a drug trafficker, but as a defender of his people. the sham who were being brutally repressed in burma shan state was also the main opium production area in the golden triangle. a coveted region in a constant state of war certainly in his, in his group in his army, there were people which strong shown political em objectives em. but there were also people in his group, in many economic objectives. and coincide was very smart in sort of balancing these 2 groups in his own army poverty saying and fighting for shanklin garage at the
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same time making most of the money or to drug trade. him the common, deeply, unfortunate. and he was very good at it couldn't saw boasted that he was powerful enough to assemble all the opium production of shan state and transfer it to the united states and exchange of a few $1000000.00 with which he could help his people. the proposal made its way to the white house, but washington preferred strong arm tactics to eradicate opium from the golden triangle. the u. s. on the burmese military and its blood 1st, he generals. ready american helicopters failed to destroy a single opium field instead firing on rebelling minorities oh, i am the prince. a prosperity could continue his rise as opium
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continue to make its way to his laboratories. protected in thailand, he stepped up production and was given a new nickname. the king of heroine. aah! meanwhile, in europe. in the mid 19 seventy's, a small group of cosa nostra lobsters hired the former french connection chemist, known as the godfathers of palermo. they brought in opium from the middle east to supply their elicit labs on the sicilian coast. the godfather, set up a distribution network in the united states in pizza restaurants in the new york area, soon baptized by the f. b i is the pizza connection very soon. the
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sums of money involved became astronomical sicilian banks were unable to so couple the cash generated by the traffic locale mall was ever in explosion. dear disassemble k r. if you have a demo, but it's about all of our microwave audi, u. b i q u o. s. victoria zuckerman. gallus reese was he ear to dos his them do doncaster, mom. dubois ashley piece. the owner meal plus dupree lou debuted you wrote him shake as he stemmed fiowski parallel boy sharpie. i taught lilly, she slipped off his cal dizzy. dar eli muff. yes. on concord commerce i what book with actual effects to systemic magnetic buskey beverage. dizzy since. hopefully matthew acumen crazy. stem cell was his, them kept the dentist, he knows he thought they fade thought, the organising pocket toys to circling in sicily. the new ver reach of the mafia showed of their luxury cars and private yachts. the other mafia families who
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weren't rolling in this new money were infuriated that the godfathers of palermo didn't can. they were protected by fearsome henchmen. from the small village of connie own their leader, toto rena was the blood thirsty killer ever recruited by cosa nostra to melina when she got away it. um, but i also saw problem, a good mobile porch and the tools it hulu. and all that was on that much im nas schumer see been met there were young that had gone through their level and delivery now because the marathon torment cottleville d. the godfathers of pelham. i saw rena as a brainless psychopathic. but instead of wiping out the families that were angry with cosa nostra toto rena, united them to grow in strength, the various families provided him with dozens of new killers
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up it will come to no scope. debrel. i've been the chemist up with my down the low id or even after the fact fatima will bixler with i bristle pointed with if judy casey comfortable, a 2 4th to reach we manchester. sheryl full as her to the will, alina it. melissa, this since he today. john donnelly, you should, did he cut off the phone? he could be sawyer, eat pussy. they are. are these exec christian spectacular? i don't cushion. i'm only matthew. don't actually had his ulysses again easy. jesus gwinnett palupa, bianca, cynthia lou, milt. sock, had of during the colonization of africa, thousands of artifacts were removed by the major european powers. forego that the french occupational gradually removed
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a lot of works. a new 3 part series tells the story of the struggle by african countries to we claim that price versus heritage, but it didn't happen over night. we were robbed over time restitution african stolen on coming soon on al jazeera. how and why did susan become so obsessed? with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, ronnie, cousin needed to oakland and development international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and wanting skillfully my 3 key areas
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of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting future. ronnie, cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah and who am learned adrian young in the top stories on al jazeera sh, israel's prime minister is disbanding his coalition and dissolving parliament. but in the country, on course, for new elections, the 5th in 3 years, natalie bennett has been without a majority in parliament for more than 2 months. foreign minister, yeah. lucky it will take bennett's job and leave the country until about is held in october or november and moved to dissolve. parliament comes after the coalition failed to renew a law on the status of illegal israeli settlers in the occupied west bank the she, she'll. busy home on friday, i held
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a series of talks with legal and security officials and i realized that in 10 days with the expiration of the west bank regulations, israel will experience serious security damages and legal chaos. i couldn't allow that. will kill law sophomore, we spirit know if a galvanized through me that was needed to pass the regulations. but unfortunately effect spoke. no fruit can therefore my friend and i decided to act together to dissolve parliament and seat and a great upon date for elections. the government of killed 8 people and kidnapped 38 others in to tax on churches in northern nigeria is all targeted morning services at the catholic and baptist church in the state of kaduna on sunday. officials say the attack is also ransacked. villages and lucy shops. it comes weeks off. the gunman killed 40 people as a church in the south, west, east african need as have agreed to deploy a regional force to eastern democratic republic of congo. and countries pushed to
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the brink of war with rwanda needed from the 7 nation east. african community made the announcement dr. summit in nairobi. they didn't say when troops would be sent on groups of reeked havoc and eastern d r. c, where the government accuses rwanda of supporting m 23 rebels randa denies the allegations. banks present in one year in my whole government is scrambling to form new alliances. underwood political paralysis after coalition failed to win a majority in france, his most powerful house of parliament is also in coalition, which means together is the largest group with $245.00 seats in the national assembly. but that's short of the $289.00 needed for an overall majority. there's the headlines. it's back now to drug trafficking, politics and power. i'll be back out of that with a new to join me then if you can. thanks for watching. ah. toto rena
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left 2000 corpses in his wake and became head of cosa nostra under his reign. dizzy by the phenomenal sums of money brought him by harrowing. the sicilian mob went a step too far in 1082 the communist party parliamentarian peel at all. a drafted an anti mafia bill. a few weeks later he was assassinated nella fossa bridger. then, one little toiler, glen this deed on them, even for thought, it all spread. the jargon law about their last others thought 2 men were loose. i lifted me, glasser, lean, eyeglasses, i will go, it took them not to put the rubber method closer to deliver the signal 4th to go. so chill, how much is that? one of them in the eco, i wanna with both. are they won the day after law? tories death, a new governor was appointed in cecily,
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a man known for his fight against terrorism. general dela keesa, he was in turn assassinated. totally not after these any catawba, really please do so do breezy boesky booth of neil little buzz. the tree burst mail . bruce yellow said to decompress mythology leo, cap abdul. he vizier, weakly tough while m, the deer only replied seymour or sicily does him walk with his escalation of violence, politicians were gripped by fear even the most corrupt among them. parliament party assassinated communist party members bill on the way mafia entered italian criminal law. for the 1st time, the enemy had been identified. the hoss trod laps, were dismantled, and dozens of low ranking matthews. he were arrested,
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but more would be needed to rock the organisation cozen nostrils. white powder was flooding, new york. in 1982, the big apple accounted for half of the united states, 200000 heroin addicts. for president reagan, the drug challenge was even greater than the one nixon had faced, especially since a new epidemic was spreading. the country now counted 10000000 users of cocaine. the president mobilized his special forces in florida. the medea cartel suffered severe losses. escobar realised, he had to find new roots into the states and that's how, in 1984, somewhere in mexico, the medina cartel met the guadalajara cartel,
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the colombians thought, hey, if we don't move drugs into the united states, that maybe the da won't come for us if we sell it to the mexicans, then surely the d i o just chased the mexicans, which is raw the floor thinking because judicially, if you're involved in any link in the drug chain, you can be prosecuted as eliezer can go on beyond them. but i, your article guy, you know, you'll over raising it may already be yoga, and then it may go that a lot to go out the relevant data on its own campus. he lay big on to lot. i'm in the colombians come in and say, well, we need you to move tons and tons and tons of cocaine with the mexican tragic. his cat told us that promises and tons of cocaine crossed the border into the united states. the guadalajara cartel became almighty in the fall of 1984,
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the da still hadn't worked out. what had just happened. one of its agents and re k, carina discovered a vast marrow on a plantation. hundreds of actors all immediately destroyed. a few months later, d agent, enrique come at anna disappeared. we didn't know what had happened to our agent. what had happened to agent carina? we didn't know we couldn't get a straight answer from the mexican government. and that was when the border was shut down. the mexican government literally told the traffickers, we have to produce the body because he knew he was dead. enrique camera anus atrociously mutilated body was finally found. it was discovered later that a special agent to being kidnapped by the mexican police, with the complicity of the mexican secret service and handed over to the guadalajara cartel. diana to his main
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associates were arrested. the drug lord went under ground to one of the saying see, investigation did was expose a high level corruption and mexico and away that had never been exposed before to the light of day. the da's investigation uncovered the best kept secret in mexican politics. the sole party empower since the 1930s. the p. r. i maintained its grip. i racketeering. all kinds of economic activities, both legal and illegal. and when drug trafficking became routed in mexico, the country became a narco state. i'm to get one out. i will go on the, on the, me go a, all the mas, a little over to see i will not that i was actually on it, could you, the, nobody's about, of anybody, you know, a little bit. i'm a political interest and welfare like in a word i just thought. see la la la la zak,
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dawn. wally thought poplar thought ah . in columbia, the truth came out at the same moment. in 1984, the new justice minister rodrigo laura found the courage to unmask pablo escobar, columbia, the initial pickled louisa little epo. okay, so basically these alcohol, bluetooth of eco squamous introduces me into goals he to approve shown in parliament, rodrigo laura publicly accused. escobar being a drug trafficker in his day was dizzy dill plaza, having thick weather. owed us, but i kept, but his aunt thing blush, bro, us gone good. thus the last week i don't committee went and did it like i'm out. i live in dante, to sure of himself. escobar had forgotten one detail,
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an old case resurfaced. when a reporter from the popular daily and aspect i discovered in the newspapers, archives, an article that had appeared in 1976, oh, the young pablo escobar, i rested in possession of 19 kilos of cocaine footprint. as he called the amazon nebraska palace go out. i cannot april. yeah. this, helena would gain nothing. it was bruce, the kitten young being cool up at a full no, gonna like whatever it going. good. as soon octo impish on on the leaky dollar in minneapolis area barrels. glad a stella, big gland esteem newcomers. what about yet? i said it would be political if he sadly not caught that if he can't go, if you see any justice minister rodrigo laura embarked on a crusade he grounded escobar plains and demolished his lapse in the jungle. ailing she'll come and look over at us re shia calling for a quote for
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a school on e fermoso berlin worth dealer in on april the 30th 1984 in bogota. rodrigo laura was shocked by a teenager sauce and employed by the lady in cotton. it was a declaration of war. the columbian president hit back by ratifying the dormant extradition treaty with washington. ah, pablo escobar entrenched himself in medina, protected by the population for whom he constructed homes, schools and soccer stadiums. he recruited an army of 2000 teenagers. oh mm. hm, drug laws dabbling and politics is usually highly beneficial. playing on their
11:42 pm
robin hood images, defenders of the poor and victims of a repressive state. they enjoy strong popular support. and the more their attack by the state, the stronger they become deep within the golden triangle. consol was the perfect example of this phenomenon. in the early 19 eighties, the regions, geo politics changed radically. china had opened itself up to other nations. peace return, and the kingdom of thailand no longer needed its troublesome allies. serving no further purpose, the king of heroine was chased out of the country and sought refuge in his home and of burma. couldn't saw set up his new laboratories in shan state without the slightest opposition. from the burmese dictatorship, he must have made paid of but money to miami. um army commanders in the region. hm . it's hard to find evidence for that, of course. but i think if you look at how things have developed over the years,
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it makes a lot of sense as somebody raises with the burmese military dictatorship, who's one of the most repressive in the world. why allying themselves with concern, they purchased peace in shan state, which represented a quarter of burma consol, offered them that which counted most in their eyes, stability in a region that had been in constant rebellion console did something extraordinary. he gradually, through by assassinating rival leaders. by using a basically the fur of death, he forced the sean, the fragmented sean movement to increasingly respect him as the leader. and he built a, an armed force of $20000.00 men. the balmy's army would not attack, couldn't saw, and couldn't saw, could continue to present himself as the great defender of his people, the sham all the while, keeping his factories taking round the clock. all right,
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libya and they all marvel, he had been a year, but more mo, you now i think it consol flooded the heroine market by selling his drugs caught price in about 1990. 1 burn was producing around $500.00 tons of opium a year. by a 99, it was producing 2500 tons. a 500 percent increase. one of the most rapid increases in opium production up to that point in history, probably as far as we know, the most rapid increase o thousands of kilometers away in sicily. to attack cozen auster godfather toto rena. the most fearless, investigating magistrates joined forces in an anti mafia. po, alongside the 2 charismatic figures of paolo bull, selina,
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and giovanni falcon. oh, do you think that was the rule casual movie owner that i'm at here? located? is it why couldn't you live it? only when you were there was a mysterious of us. it use a bit lower, mulash unlatch job. the kids i feel laurels with one. although do you the out the lush, she could be, gibbs will never go p. they. but the mom, them of yours. oh judge hel cone, track the money to the tax havens of switzerland, panama, and guernsey, and initiated more than $20000.00 banking investigations. falcons method then followed the money across the atlantic to the united states, where he worked closely with the f. b. i to unravel the pizza connection. not sure what you said. the main issue ma'am, you dont, jeanette, the crystal people with the video and you're saying you galatia that?
11:46 pm
will you do your visa, single me out of the liter. okay. and i was, i'm reading this roy m i n z a bank at u o. in 1983, a leading seger in cosa nostra thomas o boucher was arrested in brazil. the totally unexpected occurred when he broke the mafia code of omega lea, a dean victim, do lie play, so fear how's the tour he not yet tweak. as he muttered, stephanie, don't sir. a passive already. eva lavelli tony's okay. do from should more until you do cuz i know scar or jewish felt good. thomas, so boucher to statement speeded up falcone and the fbi i financial investigations, a wave of arrest lead to the 2 biggest trials ever to implicate the mafia. the maxi trial in palermo, and that of the pizza connection. in sicily,
11:47 pm
450 suspects were indicted. after the 2 year trial, the court gave its verdict. $360.00 prison sentences amounting to a collective total of 2500 years. total arena, who was on the run, was sentenced to life in new york at the trials of the pizza connection, thus, isn't their associates also tumbled mumford said the settlement to them, willing to go suited to learn all that as soon as that not so much is religious them in the bunker. so jeff, i'll go to whistle single mom and just read the stuff who, thanks to falcon, the terms, money laundering, an offshore accounts entered into common usage. the italian magistrate had found the fatal weapon that could bring down drug trafficking, tracking money to where it was stashed in the banks. it frightens the drug traffickers, weigh more that some of the leadership been killed. if we're talking about money
11:48 pm
laundering, the international markets is where serious blows can be dealt. in 1988 in mexico, felix guy aldo was dropped by the men in power. but from his prison cell, the trafficker dissolved his cartel and split up his territories. among his young guns, all trace was lost of what was once and easily identifiable organization. from then on each board, a post was controlled by new cartel. washington would only realize this much later . ah, in 1989, a few weeks after the fall of the berlin wall, the united states invaded panama and brought down its dictator. manuel noriega, an ally of the cia and of the drug traffickers. in the war on drugs, america freed itself of its cold war logic in columbia. the rumour of
11:49 pm
a military intervention by washington made the headlines. pablo escobar didn't want to end up in an american jail if they wanted his head. they would have to collected from a mountain of corpses. as long as the government refused to allow the extradition treaty, not a single street corner would be safe. after a series of blind attacks, escobar had fall, presidential candidates killed the favorite for election, luis carlos gallon was assassinated during a public debate. with with he was replaced by his campaign manager, sees arcadia, who,
11:50 pm
luckily escaped an attempt on his life. i started the most in the endo laggard. i love this after you skip the grims. mo chose the last completion eyes put him blue . the left where supple your columbia. my love for you she, i love for it. has like math or a lot more detail going with the latest moody, an owner carry booker bouquet glacial porky pundum. you downwash is just completely eyes, nose dumbest quinta, keep them poco control premium was good, buys eco more, last got to pay less, which can be theoretical owner. remember, died, or if you had elected president, sees aka very, a held one of the most dangerous positions in the world to stop the carnage. he negotiated the conditions for peace with pablo escobar in exchange for his arrest. he promised to revise the constitution and withdrew of the extradition treaty
11:51 pm
or if you were to not have my party in our contract that they are members 1st time notary darya. she 1000000 woke erotica. i'll nephew easy. they're your lean chair. they're really on june the 19th, 1991, the boss of the media cartel surrendered to the authorities on the wall of the living room of his prison cell, which had been decorated to his taste. pablo escobar proudly displayed his da arrest warrant or yeah, they knew seattle's matter. got that he got labels gun. bob lawyers go water, go eat yes. and i going been thought those me with, if you build me only the baby, but escobar didn't stay long in his bung could palace. he soon realized he was losing control of the drug traffic. unorganized. his escape, his competitors and associates who had taken advantage of his absence would join
11:52 pm
forces to bring him down. the mob stood decided to cooperate with the police with the help of their killers in informants, the manhunt made rapid progress. oh, blue on december the 2nd 1993. pablo escobar was shot dead on a nadine rooftop. it took the combined efforts of all parties, the da, the colombian police force, and the drug traffickers to finally bring down the biggest cocaine traffic or in the world. ah,
11:53 pm
on may the 25th, 1992 only till he was in morning in the coffins. the bodies of giovanni falcon, his wife, and 3 members of his police escort, all blown to bits by a bomb. for this tragic crime, the crowd blamed the political system which had always protected. cosa nostra deacon knew a fight in turn judged palo ball. selina would also die in a car bomb attack. ah, the s b i. investigators who were close to the 2 italian judges arrived,
11:54 pm
bringing support and brand new technology. for the 1st time in europe, dna samples were collected from the crime scenes. more than a 1000 people were arrested. toto rina's tactics were turning against him. betrayed by his own men, the boss of bosses was jailed in 1993 and would die behind bars 25 years later. cosa nostra was weakened by the arrests and by the statements of reformed my fiancee. the sicilian mafia was eradicated from the drugs network and became invisible for cosa nostra. the age of the drug lords ended here. ah
11:55 pm
only one drug lord remained in place when saw that the king of heroine had just crossed the red line. in 1993, he declared the independence of sham state. the military regime instantly sent their forces against him. consol had no other option than to negotiate his surrender. in 1996, the dethroned king of heroine was granted a peaceful, retirement, surrounded by friends and family. you're yours arguably the most powerful, single drug lord ever and yet. now, once you fall from power, the downfall of history's most powerful drug, lorne had very little impact on the traffic. oh i know what real now there. so they have them gun your gun, some val caching and ha way, mom,
11:56 pm
them my of the 9 month in there. and then you know, the error of the drug lords res narco trafficking to a level equivalent to that of mass retailing. the heroin and cocaine businesses. account for the same portion of the global economy as textiles. only an optimist could believe that the drug lords demise would bring an end to the problem. because a 3rd generation was preparing to take up the baton. i go july 18th, 2019. somewhere in the pacific ocean, in the underwater belly of this beast, the coast guard discovers over 7 tons of cocaine, bloot worth $230000000.00. when drug lords for criminal organizations reinvent themselves once more by the end of the ninety's drug production had become concentrated in lawless areas. where is impossible to unseat columbia was the
11:57 pm
world's leading cocaine producer. and another country emerged as a permanent player and the story of drug trafficking. afghanistan, the world's top opium producer, i ah, criminal drug dealing shifted to police is beyond the reach of law and order through many people in the off going to way involvement doctorate. gorilla was in columbia and mexico where the cocktails have been responsible for a muscle, a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics our territories on al jazeera ah
11:58 pm
with . mm hm. with hello there. let's have a lacrosse trailer and another winter front has bought unsettled conditions to the southeast. we've got wind warnings out for the likes of victoria tasmania as well
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as some coastal areas of new south wales. but that system is blowing out rather quick. it is bringing still some showers and some snow to mountainous areas, but temperatures are recovering for the likes of adelaide and melbourne. now how much of the country does the laundry? fine and dry picture, we're seeing some showers. however, kiss coastal regions, northern queensland, we got wind warnings out here. we've also got some wind earnings out the southern areas of western australia. it's fine and dry for tuesday in perth, but it is gonna turn rather wet as we go into the mid week. if we have a look at the 3 day, the temperature sitting at 20, but there will be some sunshine coming back in from friday, a little bit of a cool down. now as we talk about cold weather, we have to head to new zealand. we've got coo and cloudy conditions for both islands. a bit of a chilly wind blowing across the north island, much more settled and quiet in the south with lots of spells of sunshine. now we can move to southeast asia. this is where we're seeing the heavy rain with more intense showers,
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continuing to plague the malay peninsula with thunderstorms in koala lumper to the weekend. ah, ah. this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the out there and use our live from london. coming up, struggling to govern israel's coalition. leaders agree to dissolve parliament, forcing new elections later this year. east african leaders intervene as tension continues to build on the border between ronda and democratic republic of congo. forced to boil flood water to stay alive. the reality for many in bangladesh as the country experiences.


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