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here is only mobile app is that to use. this is where we dissects online. to find it out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still just sat for it and tapped made a new app from out there. new at you think it, it ah, israel is set to hold its 5th election in 3 years after leaders of the governing coalition agree to dissolve parliament. ah, we are watching al jazeera light from headquarters in ohio jetting obligate also coming up. russia threatened to retaliate after lithuania bars, a rail line from supplying goods to woods,
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baltic c enclave of color and garad. fear is of water and food shortages as bangladesh experiences the worst flooding in a century. and from guerrilla fighter to columbia president, we look at the challenges facing gustavo petro afterwards, historic, when ah, hello. so after a, just to year or in office, the leaders of israel's fragile to alicia government have announced they are dissolving parliament. the move will force the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. it comes off to the coalition failed to renew a law on the status of illegals. is really saddler's in the occupied westbank for minister europeans will take over from natalie bennett and the role of intern prime minister until the polls the shelf on. busy on friday i held
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a series of talks with legal insecurity officials and i realize that in 10 days what the expiration of the regulations is, right will experience serious security damages and legal chaos. i couldn't allow that will kill law sophomore. we spirit know if that galvanized for me the was needed to pass the regulations, but unfortunately if it's poor, no fruit can therefore my friend and i decided to act together to dissolve parliament and sit and agreed upon date for elections. the up who will bernard smith has more from western whistle m. israel had to it's 50 election in 3 and a half years. it's a surprise to many israelis that this coalition has lasted as long as it has when it was pulled together just over a year ago. it was a strange combination of colonies from the far right, the right, the left and for the 1st time, palestinian israeli were included in the government. but its sole purpose really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu as prime minister. he's been israel prime
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minister previously for a total of 15 years and netanyahu once the job back and he was he who engineered the collapse of his government with his opposition partners. he voted against the extension of a settler bill every 5 years. this comes up in israel's parliament and it normally passed automatically extent. it allows the extension of. busy israeli law into the settlements by failing to extend this law. netanyahu's coalition has precipitated the collapse of the government, the war expires at the end of this month. but because there's going to be new elections, it will be automatically extended for another 6 months. those new elections will be held probably before some time in mid october. and until then. yeah, i like people stand in inter and prime minister daniel levy is the president of the us middle east project. and a former is really negotiator. he says the collapse of this parliament is not
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a surprise, and it's a real opportunity for former prime minister benjamin netanyahu to make his return to politics. the parliament will vote to dissolve itself. the date has been agreed. i believe for late october, there's the jewish holiday season, jewish new year tournament in october. it will be at the end of october unless not an yahoo computer away enough members to form a majority of 61 in the current parliament. that seems very unlikely that the betting will be against that. so the likelihood is elections, not and young, looks pretty strong in those elections. he's in court defending himself. he kind of needs this to assist his court position. there are strong suggestions that he would try and change things so that the court case itself could not continue if his prime minister again, he poles highest in the opinion polls consistently. he's party poles, highest the question as ever with this rambunctious but very unusual,
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is rated politics of so many small, medium sized parties, is whether him and his allies will get to the magic number. i think you will go into the selection. i'm in a stronger position, with the semi assumption being it's his to lose. ah! russia is urging lithuania to lift a ban on the transit of some goods to color and garage on the baltic sea. the russian enclave is wedged between lithuania and poland. the restrictions effect, the only rail route between main line russia on the territory between officials say the ban will be on good sanctioned by the you across its territory. it includes coal and other metals. the kremlin has vowed to respond if passage isn't restored. samuel romani is an associate fellow the royal united services institute and he
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explains how the sanctions will affect cullen and grad. so helen and grad is an important transit route to obviously the european union because of a strategic location here the baltic sea lithuania, poland has also an important area for a lot of the transit of key russian military assets as well. including iskander is a nuclear heap. of muscles weight restrictions have been factored in for some time . poland actually was the originator of this idea in the came point plan that poland had in the war and ukraine. one of the plans was due band with cargo and ro transit between russia and european countries, and the u sanctions on the on coal and other goods have been in effect for well over a month now. so the russians about trying to factor this in, but it's still in the media blow, one half of counting grants. products, for example, come from european countries, though as an immediate supply chain. yet russia currently threatens already the baltic states ever since the 1990 s. and the target of doctrine came forward when they attacked the baltic states for supposedly discriminating against that russians . we've seen a russian alter nationalist like body. marcella saw the av and the media where the
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late tab i'm. is your nazi threatened lithuania sovereignty with invasion. so russia threatening lithuania, certainly not new lithuanian russian relationship is extremely poor. for example, as a charge affairs, not even a master level relationship between the 2 countries, but they're certainly going to be some ground for escalation to watch. one of which is eventual complete. located on all the waning products, entering russia, the way needs of already stopped importing rush and gas and energy. so there's not much diversity can do even the energy hard. but a non issue related goods. i think there's a chance of rushing economic retaliation. the european union's has rushes and its invasion of ukraine is solely to blame for the disruption of green supplies to many african nations. ukraine is one of the world's largest producers of grain. you diplomats have been meeting and luxembourg to discuss the conflicts effect on food security. we can not imagine that the millions of tons of wheat remain
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walkie green when the rest of the world people are suffering hunger. this is a real war crime. we are repeating and they have to warn again, do risk of a great amine world, especially now dominic cane has more there's no suggestion that the e u is sensitive to the suggestion that it's sanctions against russia are counterproductive in one sense. namely that certain countries in africa and elsewhere that rely on the sorts of food stuff that are produced in ukraine are having difficulty in accessing them. certainly the suggestion was put to your set, boil high representative for the e on external and foreign policy about precisely that. and his answer was no. that is not the case. the impact of sanctions that the ears impose is not affecting the ability of african countries to get hold of fertilizer and then foodstuffs for
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their economy and for their peoples. but there is also the suggestion that by d swift in certain russian bags, that means by a sanctioning russian backs not letting them use the swift transaction system that, that to has impacted upon african countries and other countries in developing world, in how they get hold of the sorts of things they need for their people. and again, mr. bar else contention is that that is not the case. in his view. the problems that many countries on are facing are the consequence of russia's actions and not of e u sanctions. tens of thousands of people who rallied in georgia in support of joining the european union after the use executive arm held back from recommending the country be granted. candidate status. around 60000 protesters have gathered in front of the parliament into believe c, ukraine, moldova, and georgia. all applied for a new membership after russia invaded ukraine. last week, the european commission agreed to back ukraine, unwell dover,
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but stopped short of endorsing georgia candidacy. and georgian government has been criticized for corruption and the weakening democracy. our men have killed at least a 130 people in a massacre in central. molly, molly and government has blamed an al qaeda affiliated armed group for carrying out the attack on neighboring towns. in the multi region, a local officials said it appeared to be a reprisal attack after the group class to government soldiers 2 weeks ago. is african leaders have agreed to establish a regional for us to intervene and the conflict in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the announcements was made after a meeting of the 7 member east african community in nairobi, violence and eastern congo has been flaring up recently. be congress. the government accuses were wanda of backing b. m. 23 rebel group and the decades long conflict. millions of people in bangladesh stranded by the worst monsoon floods in
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a century are risk of food and water shortages. flooding is wreaking havoc in northern and northeastern districts. it's expected to get worse with water levels rising in major rivers. the army has been deployed to help with relief efforts. millions of homes are under water. roads have been cut off and local airports are closed. dozens of people have died since the storms began in april time. very child re has more from silly heads. i'm please 20 kilometer from the salon city. this area is called measured by there. you can see right behind me, lot of this village or miles after miles are inundated with flood water. i've been sport speaking to some of the villagers, ears. they said they don't have any fresh water. they have been using the flood water, boiling them, and drinking them, and using whatever it means to cook food in a dry space, whatever they have here. and they haven't received any flood, some of the people on their own took shelter and the school nearby. they received
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some rice ration from the government agencies and local politician, but nothing else. and the government has deployed military navy, coast guard, even air force rescue holly proctors are making re, connor supplied, tried to rescue people from remote areas. so for at least 100000 people have been evacuated or rescued by the military's. in this region, it's a bangladesh as about a division, so that is one division which is about 4 districts. so it's a big area and at least 60 percent of that division is inundated with flood water. it is one of the worst in more than a 100 years, according to the government, does lester and relief ministry. now, the main issue here is getting fresh water, food and emergency medicine. some of the hospitals also are inundated, so it's a very challenging environment. and the flood forecast dad center said that the next 2 days is possibly gonna be more rain. torrential rain, which is a bad news if that happens. a flood could actually next 2 days get worse. and so is
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northern bangladesh, which most of the rivers are going and flowing through danger level. so northern bangladesh is also clear danger or flooding. at least 14 districts are already flooded. particularly cory graham and natural khana is heavily flooded. still hadn't al jazeera on strike, thousands preston, brussels against the rising cost of living. while the u. k is facing its biggest rail, walked out in decades and tempers. fray is tops, run dry, and mexico song, blame climate change. others, the local governments. ah hello there. let's have
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a look at the weather across north america from the satellite image. you can see the dense cloud lingering over northern areas, bringing some severe storms to the canadian prairies. but there is going to be some improvement by the time we get to the mid week. a lot of warms coming back into places like winnipeg and heat is really the story we're seeing above average temperatures for many of the central states of the us. it is going to cool down slightly to some of those around the great lakes of that storm system pushes its way for the east. will see a cool down for cities like chicago as well as new york city and washington dc. it'll be rather wet through to the weekend now. across the west coast is largely fine and dry if you showers coming into the desert southwest, but still temperatures very high. 41 degrees in phoenix and around the gulf of mexico temperature above average, lots of wounds coming through with some heat of the day. thunderstorms for florida . now, as we had to central america looking very wet, indeed for the western coast of mexico, thanks to a tropical disturbance,
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that's gonna pull its way further west. but we will still see the wet weather affect southern areas of mexico. and by the time we get into friday, a lot of that weather is going to gather around mexico city. the temperature 20 degrees celsius. ah. oh. the shake hm. odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022. from february 15th, until august 15th this year, for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah lou.
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the hello again. the top stories on their other sour. the leaders of israel's fragile talk, coalition government charges solving parliament, the movable for the country to hold its 1st election in less than 3 years and a half for a minister. your le page will take over from natalie bennett's in the role of interim prime minister until the election in october. russia has vowed to respond if lithuania doesn't lift a band on the transit of some goods to kellen and rod on the baltic sea, the restrictions effect, the only railroad between mainland russia and this enclave, which is wedged between the emergency services bangladesh, are battling to deliver food and drinking water. several region traced severe floods and forecasts for more rain to be major rivers will continue to rise.
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colombians are coming to terms with a major change of direction after the left string. can david gustavo petro, on sundays presidential election, the former rebel fighter is promising greener and fairer policies. but shares and columbia as oil and mining companies, have fallen sharply. series above reports from bobo, tar doreen did not stop thousands of people from gathering outside gustavo pedro's headquarters economist informer left. when guerrilla will be elections with just over 50 percent of the rooms, it's an un columbia, the 1st time and left when candidate has won the presidency, i want to cry, this is the 1st time we are going to have a popular government from the left, from the people of those who have suffered the armed conflicts and he is someone who represents us, the people on the street. these people have been demanding change in this country,
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were liberals and conservatives have been sharing power for years. i believe that they've been getting a bit of change. this was petra's 30 presidential bid. he's now a seasoned politician who's victory at columbia to the list of latin american countries. the have elected center left precedence in recent years. on sunday evening, he was presented to he supported by his running mate, friends, jamarkis, who will be columbia's 1st, afro colombian woman vice president. locate we are writing history right now. a new history for latin america. what is coming here is change real change in which we commit to life itself. we're not going to disenchanted voters that have been
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screaming that from now on columbia changes. oh, petro defeated, 77 year old, populous world, for a man this who was referred by many as the king of tick tock. oh, but better will face many challenges. 47 percent of the country did not vote for him and only say he will have to negotiate his reforms in congress for this is not only the 1st time that oliver and candy a dismal like that in columbia. but also the 1st time that we have up left when congress to because back to study coded social movement behind gustavo, better was able to elect, ah, a good number of congress members. so he will have our, a congress that is in favor of him, not a complete majority, hasn't obama jaretha congress. but he has a good number of congress members. and dad is also a something that the signs that he could harbor success. in his turn, i saw peter will take off his in august for many,
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his government will empower the people in the country who have been ignored by authorities for years. but he said, well, i'll just see down for that. let's now crossover some of the times me to horsehead as triple who's a political analyst and a professor of economics at the pontifical zavion university. he's joining us as i said, from bogus. i welcome to al jazeera sir, so will hetero be able to carry out of the, the, the reforms that he promised on the camp campaign tro, given the fact that the countries still has a strong right wing oligarchy who may be against these reforms. and also he doesn't have the majority in congress, it will be very difficult. you will have to negotiate with the dodge minority to buy these towards the rate some of the right, some of them built position at the content of those referrals. anybody's way, he won the election, very old proposals, radical some will say,
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in order to move towards the left. but the actual agenda reforms have to go through congress most of them, except from that he can institute through executive powers and for dodge to go through congress. you will have to negotiate even posts in cabinet, in order to manage to shift and water than those reports. right? so is so what you're saying is that it is going to be very challenging for him going forward then. yes, i need will depend on his capacity to move in to political environment, to able to organize not only that congressional coalition or those reforms economy . we don't have a bench says, then we'll fixed coalitions. but rather a moral coalition that move from issue to issue from reform to reform. but on top of that, he will have to bring to that over the participation all the other parties that were don't support it on these provincial beat. so we know that this is
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a historic election, the 1st left wing, a president, the 1st a gorilla presidents, if i can say that, and also the 1st female, afro colombian, vice president as well. what does this mean for colombia? well 1st is set to renew the page on the past on the bus, the violence and conflict that has marked these country for fort, for 50 years. every, all 4 bedroom size, your magic is, was a volley for reconciliation of trust. he, as you said, was the signatory of obese agreement back in the ninety's, and he's beat on legal politic since then. but in the case of friends here, marcus, it's actually the 1st time that we see a social activities and environmental activists. someone that has in the boss attempts on her life and someone that represents they exclude a baby supreme united, they minority, a of black people in these is
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a society that also is part of the, the large a person that the lation that he see in very dire in poor condition, and what do you think this all means for latin american politics and relations with neighboring countries? well, 1st aid, it becomes an alliance in itself. i, with the countries of the left mexico in several countries in central america. but they do actually an urgent dean as well. and most like he probably did turn in brazil will add up another country that will make up a complete axis of the left. now it's, it's a very different shaded axis. if i can put it that way in columbia, we will have to see what will be the, the make up of these left. in terms of policy proposals, in my view, it will be a combination between the mexican and under g argentinean left. but dictionary
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t as in urgent dina in mexican, a little bit later on is that these? okay, we'll leave it there. thank you so much for speaking to us from alberta and you while the downs that supply water to 5 and a half 1000000 people in the mexican city, monterey, are about to run dry. the national water commission says more than half the country is experiencing droughts, the shortages are leading to growing public anger as many well wrapper reports. there is a water crisis playing out in monte mexico taps across the city have been running dry since the weekend. desperate maria louis said roblis, a local resident has been filling up buckets from a nearby municipal water tank. roblis says it's the only water available for drinking. she also plans to use it for cooking and cleaning her home. okay, them many people ask us why we take that water, but what else are we supposed to do?
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city officials in monterey have been limiting water access to 6 hours a day. the water shortage has led to growing public anger. many say the response by public officials to meet the needs of residents has not been enough. oh, every day they cut off our water at 9 in the morning and it doesn't come back until one the next morning were staying awake, waiting for the water to arrive filling containers. this is the way it has been since the wood cuts, where now more than half of mexico is currently facing moderate to severe drought conditions. according to canada, mexico national water commission in other parts of mexico like animal seal, a lack of access to potable water. recently, sport demonstrations were thousands, marched on the streets of the city. experts say climate change is behind the excessive heat. fueling the crisis, the city of monterey in the mexican state of naval they own,
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is regarded as mexico's industrial capital. mexico's president has placed part of the blame for the water shortage on excessive extraction of water by bottling companies. mckesson merlow is the case of near the leon, is one to think upon. it has to be said. there are too many come hands that have been installed, that require water, where they're simply not enough water descent. so there must be better planning on moving forward. this situation will be resolved. yea, we are all helping the private sector is helping to out. but we will have to think about how we move forward. water and sewage authorities in level they own warn the 2 main dams that supply water to the monterey metropolitan area. home to some 5300000 residents could be completely dry as early as tuesday. with a hot summer in mexico just underway. many hoped the seasonal rains that come with it will arrive soon and put an end to the worsening water crisis. manuel rap alone
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al jazeera britain is facing its biggest rail strike for decades after talks between the rail workers union and train companies failed. tens of thousands of employees will walk off the job for 3 days. starting on tuesday. they've rejected a pay offer of 2 percent arguing that inflation is at 9 percent. thousands of striking workers have also held protests in the belgian capital. they're unhappy at the rising cost of living. a nationwide strike has affected public transport, including flight cancellations, at one of the main airports, step arson reports from brussels. instead of going to their factories or offices cancel for thousands of belgian stake to the streets. unable to cope with dramatic price hikes, they hoped to send a strong message to their government. the very everything is getting more expensive . fuel products in the shops of life is getting very hard. people can't accept this
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any longer. the nationwide strike force brussels airport to cancel all the parking flights. after it security personnel joined to protest like in other european countries. inflation has reached more than 8 percent in belgium, the highest and nearly 40 years. rising energy prices due to the war in ukraine and the political fallout in europe have caused prices of basic goods to go up as well . and millionaire. i'm playing a millionaire to show that they have enough of everything and all while these people here have to live off a small wait, a more prices have gone up significantly. the belgian government still wants to hold on to the wage. october, the weight standard act adopted in 9 to 96 allows the government to put a cap on salary increases every 2 years to make sure wages remain competitive with neighboring countries. despite rising prices, belgian workers will this year receive a salary increase of 0.4 percent. i'm acceptable according to the countries labor
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unions. when i go a by a breadth, it cost $1.00, you know, 16. a few months ago now it's gone to, you know, 20 the $0.60 of a price increase. but the annexation system, we have, doesn't follow this price increase. so you still are buying the same, but you don't touch, increase your weights. and it's your, it's the work of the people that create the well, in this country. and there should be the rich and it's the, the fact that this wealth and this month with due to be able to that's good me to side of a long hot summer according to this process. and their demands are not met. more strikes will likely follow. and this action today has already left the arctic scenes around the country. airport personnel, pilots, and cabin crew at brussels airport have announced more strikes league to this week . workers in the auto sector are waiting for
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a government response before deciding whether to take more action. steadfast from al jazeera in brussels. a fisherman in cambodia now holds the record for the biggest ever fresh water catch. take a look at this whopping sting, ray pulled out of the me. kong river measures almost 4 meters long. it's $300.00 kilos and weights. scientists who were quickly on the scene say it's a sign that stretches at the me. kong are less polluted than they had initially thought. the giant ray has been tagged and is now swimming for you again. ah, hello again to headlines on al jazeera, the leaders of israel's fragile coalition government, or dissolving parliament. the move will force the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 years and a half for minister europeans will take over him. not tele bennett,
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in the role of intern prime minister until the election in october. she'll. busy home on friday i held a series of talks with legal.


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