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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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because of the voice of the machine. kathy, my name is pat short documentary is by now for at least filmmakers from kenya. he rides home of talent. talent is something that is about an ivory coast. condos. i live here in scrap yet and marble africa direct on al jazeera. ah, israel struggling coalition government collapses for the 5th time in just over 3 years. voters will be going back to the polls. ah, i'm about to say, this is all it is here, alive from doha. also coming up a massacre in molly, more than a 130 people are killed and attacks on several villages. struggling to get aid into
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flood had india and bangladesh, the military steps into air lift, food and fuel to submerged towns and villages. russian journalist, dimitri mortal auctions, his nobel peace prize metal to raise money from homeless ukrainian children. ah, israel's fudge. all coalition government is dissolving parliament after just on the year in office. the country is going to have to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. the coalition failed to renew a law in the state as the overs railey settlers in the occupied west bank. foreign minister yegell appeals will take over from the folly bennett and the role of interim prime minister until the poll, which is expected in october. the alicia. busy on on friday i held a series of talks with legal and security officials and i realized that in 10 days
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with the expiration of the west bank regulations, israel will experience serious security damages and legal chaos. i couldn't allow that. will it kills law? sophomore, we sped, no effects to galvanized whomever was needed to pass the regulations. but unfortunately at if at sport, no fruit can therefore my friend and i decided to act together to dissolve parliament and seat and agreed upon date for elections the up he will while the prospect of yet another election has been met with mixed reactions. in israel, i see that the election, it's the just the waste of time in the waste of money and the dancing did something really changed now in the political, the field. and i don't think that the, the change of the prime minister mean, meaning that the reprieve the will be the prime is there will change anything. i'm not, i'm not happy. i think i think the country needs a stability. and they're having elections every,
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every several months. or even every year is not, is not good. i, i don't think there's a big difference between a benefit and if a me out, as far as their attitude or their policies. but i think that the country was ripe for a change. and i did want to see a better stay in power for longer. and again, more experience. unfortunately, i think what it means is that then that in the i was gonna come back into power. bernard smith has more from west jerusalem. as israel had to its 5th election in 3 and a half years, it's a surprise to many israelis that this coalition has lasted as long as it has when it was pulled together just over a year ago. it was a strange combination of parties from the far right the right, the left for the 1st time palestinian israelis were included in the government, but its sole purpose really was to get rid of benjamin netanyahu as prime minister . he's been in israel prime minister previously for total of 15 years,
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and netanyahu once the job back and he was he who engineered the collapse of his government with his position partners. he's voted against the extension of a settler bill every 5 years. this comes up in israel's parliament and it's normally past automatically extended. it allows the extension of. busy israeli law into the settlements by failing to extend this law. netanyahu's coalition has precipitated the collapse of the government, the lore expires at the end of this month. but because there's going to be new elections, it will be automatically extended for another 6 months. those new elections will be held probably before some time in mid october. and until then. yeah, i like pete will stand in entering prime minister. marley's military rulers have declared 3 days of national morning fighters have targeted several villages killing a 132 people. witnesses say it was a revenge attack about over boards,
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marley and television, shared soldiers and a regional governor as they reassured villagers. the government as blaming an al qaeda link group for the violence, lukewarm milan, lovick league to madison. the government of the republic of molly deeply regret to inform that the peaceful populations were the subject of cowardly and barbaric terrorist attacks. during the night of the 18th and 19th of june, 2022, a total of $132.00 civilians were killed by our do cooper's fighters, massena co dba. several of the attackers have been formerly identified. a local politician says the night rates were revenge attacks. no one will if i be yacht new 2 weeks ago, the army was present on the ground to do patrols during the patrols. there were clashes with the terrorists, and about 12 terrorists were killed after the armed and security forces left around 4 pm on friday. the terrace came on about 50 to 60 motorcycles to take the town of
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dial as ago hostage. molly was plunged into crisis after a coup in 2012 france intervened after al qaeda and i select groups hijacked to break away movement and see swathes of territory. but despite a peacekeeping mission in northern molly armed groups continue to operate in the vast a hell region. marliss civilian government was overthrown in a military coup in may last year. this latest attack racist fears that the new military leaders are failing to restore order. barbara and grappa out to sarah the current president says, africa is being held hostage by russia's war. the invasions lead to global food shortages, as well as wising threats of famine across the african continent. nothing nor i address you in a state of emergency when we have
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a war in an emergency for the whole world, when africa is actually taken hostage, hostage of those who started the war against our state. this war may seem very distance to you in your countries, but catastrophically rising food prices have already brought it home to millions of african families, as well as too many families in asia, europe, and latin america, the unjust and provoked by russian war level of food prices is painfully felt on all continents. the european union is also blaming russia for critical shortages of grain and africa. a diplomat should be meeting in luxembourg to discuss the conference impact on food security. so many imagine that the millions of tons of wheat remain blocking ukraine was in the rest of the world. people are suffering hunger. this is a real war crime. we are repeating and they have to warn again, do risk of a great amine? with the special, the dominant cane has more there is no suggestion that the
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e u is sensitive to the suggestion that its sanctions against russia are counter productive in one sense. namely that certain countries in africa and elsewhere that rely on the sorts of food stuff that are produced in ukraine are having difficulty in accessing them. suddenly suggestion was put to your cit, burrow high, representative for the on external and foreign policy about precisely that in his answer was no, that is not the case. the impact of sanctions for the ears impose is not affecting the ability of african countries to get hold of fertilizer and then food stuff for their economy and for their peoples. but there is also the suggestion that by d swift in certain russian banks, that means by sanctioning russian banks not letting them use the swift transaction system that to has impacted upon african countries and other countries in developing world. and how they get hold of the sorts of things they need for their
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people. and again, mr. bar else contention is that that is not the case in his view. the problems that many countries on are facing of the consequence of russia's actions and not of you sanctions. russian official say ukraine has lost missile strikes against 3 offshore gas rings. in the black sea, the head of russian control crimea, claims the strikes targeted platforms, south of a desa. he said 3 people were injured and 7 are missing. of the strikes are confirmed. they be the 1st attacks and offshore energy sites there since rushes invasion of ukraine in february historic flooding in bangladesh could be about to get even worse. more rain is forecast, meaning major rivers will continue to rise. millions of homes are under water and authorities are struggling to deliver emergency supplies and the worst flooding in the districts. in the north and the northeast, the army has been deployed to help with relief efforts. dozens of people have died
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since the storms began and april. now the charger has more from select i'm please 20 kilometers from the phillip city. this area is called magic by there. you can see right behind me. lot of this village of miles after miles are inundated with flood water. i've been sport speaking to some of the villagers here. they said they don't have any fresh water. they have been using the flood water, boiling them, and drinking them, and using whatever it means to cook food in a dry space, whatever they have here. and they haven't received any flood, some of the people on their own took shelter and the school nearby. they received some rice ration from the government agencies and local politician, but nothing else. the government has deployed military navy coast guard, even air force rescue holly proctors are making re, connor supplied, tried to rescue people from remote areas. so for at least 100000 people have been evacuated or rescued by the military's. in this region, it's
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a bangladesh has about a division, so that is one division which is about 4 districts. so it's a big area and at least 60 percent of that division is inundated with flood water. it is one of the worst in more than a 100 years, according to the government, does luster and relief ministry. now the main issue here is getting fresh water food and emergency medicine. some of the hospitals also are inundated, so it's a very challenging environment. and the flood forecast a center said that the next 2 days is possibly going to be more rain. torrential rain, which is a bad news if that happens. the flood could actually next 2 days get worse. and so is northern bangladesh, which most of the rivers are going and flowing through danger level. so northern bangladesh is also clear danger or flooding. at least 14 districts are already flooded. particularly cory graham and natural khana is heavily flooded. still ahead on al jazeera, i why the offer of
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a 100 percent. hey, rise isn't enough that he's overworked zimbabwe, doctors and nurses on the golden tooth became a symbol of belgium's colonial pastor's return to connelly's authorities. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle. travel package to the hello there, hot dusty and dry. that's the forecast for the middle east in the days to come whistle. seeing that intense heat effect, much of iraq with the temperature in baghdad, touching up to 50 degrees and both man and beast trying to escape those hot and dry condition. so on tuesday you can see their baghdad touching 50 degrees. going to be a bit of a switch by the time we get to wednesday, it'll cool down slightly,
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q weight sink 50 degrees celsius. it's getting cooler up across the levant, as that weather system shifts its way further east bringing some windy weather with it. and it is rather windy for the coast of a man, bringing some cooler conditions to the likes of places like sola now was move across to northern africa. it's really the west that's getting a drenching. we're seeing some fierce thunderstorms all across the gulf of guineas . some of the more intense thunderstorms, affecting southern areas of molly, you can see them rumbling around there. by the time we get to wednesday, we could see some flooding from those. but it remains very hot and dry for much of the horn of africa. other does for many central and more southern areas, but we've got a bit of a weather front pulling its way across south africa as well as namibia, bringing some heavy rain to botswana with thunderstorms in gabber own on wednesday that to weather update official airline of the journey
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join the debate. wonderful as it is that the pl magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on online as your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough resize. do see sports journalist i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspective, even when it's hard it went challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera with ah, what you all to 0 reminder about top stories, this are the leaders of israel's 5 job coalition. government or dissolving parliament removal forced the country to hold its 5th election in less than 3 and
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a half years. molly's military rulers have declared 3 days of national morning after fighters targeted several villages killing a 132 people. the modern government explained and all call you to affiliated on emergency services in bangladesh or buckling to deliver food and drinking water. several regions face via floods, forecasts for more rain could mean major rivers will continue to rise. let's get more of this with mission of rockman. he's the disaster response director at the bangladesh red crescent society. he's joining me live now from docker. so i thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate that you and your teams are busy at the moment, so we were glad that you're, you're able to talk to us. what are your teams taught, telling you about the kind of conditions that they're facing as they try to gauge to people. thank you very much. a,
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b r a h a n n a c, a lunch, and a wonder how unders homes of the blue. i know it is very nice. a, b as in boy, r a n a y, a u b r one, and i have a son, water issue as well. you know, it internationally. i really a sense of forgive me for
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something, but i'd like to know what the, what it is that you are trying to supply to people. what is it that people need most immediately, most urgently? a thing a, if you will, are nice options who, who even want to give me a lot of game and then she is on the market and you know, and, and do wasn't much in the meeting when
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you show me, jill. and the guy who were hearing just a moment ago that one of the, one of the difficulties that everybody is facing, that the funds may not be over yet. that there are more be maybe more rains expected. and the next couple of days. how difficult is that going to make the jobs for your teams trying to get this aide to people as you know, a lot really lot of dunbar. not only a lot of these are also going to florida and we've been able to do many they're going to grow when know thinking a model not done with this, but i know thinking i'm not that heavy the
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team is on way. so if it is ready to go to all the area, you know the lens and maybe i maybe got people from the bar and then we. 5 all the some hoping to miss any are we appreciate your time, sir. as i say, we understand, of course that you and your teams are very busy at the moment, so thank you very much indeed. anyway, much heavy rains, continued lashing is ne flooding. large parts of the region, poverty moves our reports from lawyer in awesome. these people are out to get a daily supplies this road connect 40 villages and is
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a major lifeline for the town of wrong gas. it's been under water for nearly a week. so i had dinner this year. well, it's been more than $6.00 to $7.00 days since the flooding started in the area. the water came into our house the day before yesterday, my house was submerged at night. heavy flooding in som state has effected more than 4000000 people. thousands of villages are flooded, and many people have been forced to free their homes. what heavy rays usually fall at this time of year in some areas like wrong, you haven't seen this kind of flooding in many years. many people were unprepared and they saw that the main source of water is being polluted and could bring disease. at least 150000 people have been moved to count. the government has set up centers to distribute food and supplies. health workers are conducting malaria, chess. i'm a broker for this relief camp is in criminal district. was conducting health checkups for all those living in the relief camp was also providing the people with
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wide medicine, one mostly in fever cases. we have not found symptoms of any other disease yet. although evacuations are under way. the military is also rescuing people. but they're being hampered by constant rain and rising water levels. people from polo banga were coming to sell mill vegetables. 9 people were traveling in the bullet which sank. 4 of them had been rescued. the mountain season began early this month and rainfall has already broken back odds. that's making people anxious about what they'd face before it. and bob knew middle out of the rough wrong. yeah, in ne india gun and have killed 8 people and kidnapped 38 others into attacks and churches in northern nigeria. morning, the services at a catholic church and a baptist church in the state of cardona were targeted. it comes weeks after gunman killed 40 people at a church in the south west. about him got him and has returned the last known
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remains of a congress, independence leader to his family. but forces were involved in the assassination of patrice lawanda in 1900. 61 on web reports. it was 61 years ago that patrice lemme was executed by a firing squad in democratic republic of congo, with help from belgium mercenaries. the belgian police officer cut his body into pieces and dissolved it in a barrel of acid, but kept his gold tooth as a trophy and took it back to belgium. at the ceremony in brussels on monday, the government returned the tooth to delegates from congo and members of lamar family appraisals. the stuff me i would like here in the presence of his family, to reiterate the belgian government's apologies for the way it weighed at the time on the decision to put an end to the days of the 1st prime minister of the congo belgian and its royal family and fast wealth from colonizing congo and violently
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exploiting its people and its natural resources. millions of people were killed. patrice, remember, became wildly popular at the campaign for independence from belgian colonial rule. but belgium, in the u. s. didn't like his democratic and socialist ideas. and supported those who killed him shortly after independence. the members relatives had been requesting the return of the to 3 years. is the only known remaining piece of his body, which they want to lay to rest, isn't that but the seal as well? i can't see. it's joyous, but it is positive for us. it's positive that we can finally bury one of ours. 2 weeks ago, belton king, philip visited congo, and expressed regret for belgium's colonial past. he stopped short of apologizing. belgium has been trying to improve his public image regarding it route to colonial past. since the black lives matter movement began 2 years ago. the movement
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prompted activists the face statues of king leopold the 2nd in belgium, who colonized congo in the 18 eighty's. some have since been removed, badge young is willing to take very symbol adjuster, very simple and easy. but the acts up with pairing, also allowing justice to to happen. this is not happening. the returning of the moon this to his certainly symbolic congo, still suffers from the kind of brutal violence and exploitation of natural resources. the belgian colonialist began then more than a century ago, the ceremony in brussels was changed that malcolm web al jazeera doctors and nurses in zimbabwe have rejected a 100 percent pay rise. they're on strike. and they said that even a doubling of their wages isn't enough. to keep up with the rapid rise and inflation. auto montage has more from harvey protests against the bob is
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government, andrea, doctors and nurses in the public health sector. no, they are taking a huge risk in the past. some workers had been victimized or fired for speaking out about working conditions and felonies for these people are growing increasingly desperate and say they wages are being eroded by rising inflation. this is an act of last resort. we ask the public to hold the government accountable for how they're treating health workers. but more importantly, how they are treating just a general civil service. it's common knowledge that the currencies imperial, but they have not taken action. most of the people you see here, don't own houses, is the 2nd will caught by health with his during the club 19 pandemic. last week, unions reject the government's offer to double member selling a 100 percent wage increase may sound like a lot, but inflation rates more than 130 percent in may. that means it will do middle tell people facing a rising cost of living. i public sector
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employees want the wage is paid in u. s. studies union leaders say the lowest paid government worker take some less than $20000.00 above with dollars a month. that's less than $100.00 us dollars. they went that to go up to $540.00 us dollars, but that may not be feasible. government then is to d, monetize the or financial sector convert there is in dollar balances and other savings in 0 dollars into you is the last august that requires a huge amount of money, which government may actually motive work, stoppages and go slow as a common in the public health sector and when to can't afford treatment at private hospitals suffer before a day because of this is x. because he misses he even if you, i, in advance suspicion or in an images they will attend to. people are doing because
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of that. so it affects us much striking health look as insist they want to put fidgety until they demand for more money is mit others. worried about, they pay getting docked. if they missed a shift they, they will be in the woods or they'll be on a go slow, harder. matessa al jazeera had, i believe, are tear gas and beating people with sticks to break. a protest against fuel price rises in nepal, petrol went up by 12 percent on monday, pushing up fairs for public transport and goods. vehicles. the government says the price rises and needed to help the state owned oil corporation pay for imports. tr lanka has closed scores and shut down non essential state services for 2 weeks to preserve fuel supplies and comes with the government's been sitting down for below talks with the international monetary fund. michelle fernandez reports from colombo crisis stalks at the prime minister's office in colombo. a 10 member delegation from the international money to fund is intra lanka to discuss
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a bailout package. it's the greatest crisis that we have ever had since independence. and the breakers into this is it about 30 percent due to misfortune and 70 percent new to mismanagement. so you to mother of oil crisis and her if not for the i am, if there's really no other safety net that kenzie of us, there's no money to import food medicine, fuel or cooking gas. people have struggled with shortages for months. but things have got worse and she lumpkins have run out of patience. i. the senior policeman was firmed assaulting. mortar is who are demanding fuel army personnel fired into the air on at least 2 other occasions. and in this incident, protest ers turned on a v. i v, vaguer that had jumped the fuel q. on monday, police arrested 21 people demonstrating outside the finance ministry for obstruction. they said it had delayed senior officials attending meetings with the
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i. m. f delegation. if approved, the rescue package will be sri lanka, 17th bailout from the institution. this is self inflicted, so we have excess demand and we haven't had excessively last fiscal and monetary policy that has led to this destabilization. so the discussion with the i'm if other but i mean it is a dad, a sri lanka, has to put in place for us to go back to our stable position. the situation is dire. schools have been closed for 2 weeks, and public servants have been asked to work from home. analysts say i am a funding is a double edged sword for sri lanka. as it may be, the lifeline the country desperately needs to prevent economic collapse which will come at a price higher taxes, an end to subsidies and other austerity measures. minute fernandez, al jazeera colombo,
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russian journalist as sold as nobel peace prize to help disclose ukrainian children . ladies and gentlemen, oh, it shattered auction records reaching a $103500000.00. the mutual motto was the editor in chief of the independent russian newspaper. no, via exhibitor was shut down of march when the kremlin clumped down and journalists following its invasion of ukraine. mobile comes to my astronaut dornbush will cream, i think, selling the nobel prize, middle to help ukrainian children is important to me because i'm a russian citizen. and russia has invaded ukraine. i feel responsible for what my country and my country citizens are doing. i'm sure a lot of russian citizens just like us, want to do something. we're trying to do something. oh, ah, this is odyssey. these are the top stories,
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the leaders of israel's coalition government dissolving parliament. that'll force the country to hold this 5th election in less than 3 and a half years. foreign minister, yellow paint, would take over from natalie bennett as interim prime minister until the election and october.


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