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its role in the criminal underworld, its rise to legal tender. it's implications for the global financial system. and the devastating carbon footprint it leaves behind its energy consumption. it could a massive step backward. people in power investigates crypto on al jazeera. oh, wow. so what do we need to do here? but i only need 11000 road palace. i need 11000 votes. gimme a break. your selection official se, then president donald trump pressured them to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. ah, i'm how much room this is al, does your alive from door? ha. also coming up golfers had weapons. the children had none. the office had body
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armor, the children had none. a top texas safety official says police could have stopped the you've all, they shooting within 3 minutes. anger in ecuador, police use tear gas on indigenous groups, protesting against rising fuel prices. and large parts of britain grind to a halt in the biggest rail strike in 30 years. ah, state election officials had told the u. s. congress that they were personally pressured by then president donald trump, to overturn the result of the 2020 election. the committee has her testimony from georgia, secretary of state, as well as arizona state leadership. it was the 4th hearing of the house committees investigation into last year's capitol hill, riot. heidi's, jo castro has more weeks before the january 6 riot at the u. s. capital far
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right protesters some who would later turn violent in washington illegally occupied the state capitol building in arizona. joe biden won the swing states, but donald trump and his supporters refused to accept defeat. trump's attorney rudy giuliani called arizona's republican house speaker, demanding help to overturn the results he would say aren't we all republicans here? i said look you are asking me to do something that is child or to my oath. trump also lost in the swing state of georgia. he himself called the states top election official republican brad robins, burger, i guess one of mine for $11780.00 low, which is one more that we have. what i knew is that we didn't have any votes to find very good. robins burger testified that he and his family suffered harassment from,
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from supporters, including sexually explicit messages to his wife and someone breaking in to his daughter in law's home. and i think sometimes moments required you to stand up and just take the shots. we just followed along, we followed the constitution. and at the end of the day president trump came up short. trump also turned up the pressure on to every day americans, mother and daughter election workers in georgia. falsely accusing them of counting fake ballots. we have at least 18000. that's on pay. we hadn't counted very heavily 18000 having to do with the roomy freeman as issues of votes gamer, of professional votes. cameron osler, do you know how it feels to have the president of the united states at target you the president of the united states is supposed to represent every american
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not to target one. but he targeted me. an investigation has cleared, both women of wrongdoing and widespread voting fraud was never found in any state our democracy held because courageous people like those you heard from to day put their oath to the constitution above their loyalty to one man or to one party. the system held but barely, and the question remains, will it hold again, even before tuesday's hearing began, trump hosted on his website, that his phone call pressuring georgia secretary of state to find votes was, quote, perfect. he called the january 6th committee, crazy democrats. and again, falsely alleged that the election was stolen. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people has come a step closer in the us senate. a group of republicans and democrats presented
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a compromise bill to strengthen background checks. let's cross now to my can i, who is live for us in washington, d. c. mike, this break through on the bipartisan gun control legislation in the senate. how significant is it at this stage? well, it is significant in that it's the 1st time in decades that there has been bilateral agreement on gun control legislation. and what has happened in the course of the day is that the text of that legislation was fine. he agreed upon and it went before the senate for a procedural vote. now, what this is, is to agree that they are going to proceed with a full on vote on this particular legislation. it will then get voted on the house, back to the senate, and then go to the president for signature. but this boat that's been happening in the course of the evening. it's a simple majority. you just need 51 votes, so it's outcome was never in doubt. however,
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the vote that will be made in the senate to pass the legislation requires a super majority. that means that at least 10 republicans have to take part. now it would appear that that has been sorted. there are 10 republicans who signed the framework of agreement of 10 democrats that supported by the minority leader in the senate. so it does appear that when it comes to the vote in the next 48 hours, perhaps that legislation will go through. it's not as hard as it could be, and certainly it doesn't meet what many, including president biden demanded from congress to do. but it is, as i said, the 1st act of bipartisan gun control in decades. and certainly the res reaction is no less strong. it has harshly criticize the texts of the bill. and meanwhile, mike, the director of the texas department of public safety, told state officials that the police could have stopped the shooting. within 3 minutes of the gunman, entering the building,
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what kind of reaction is that getting? well, it was devastating evidence that was given in a special senate hearing off the texas state legislature. and certainly this is something that has been talked about in the weeks that have followed that particular shooting. but this was the most extensive timeline laid out. and certainly there has been hostile reaction to the police action or lack of peace action before. but this is going to intensify that last night. there was a school whole meeting at the elementary school where the shooting took place. and parents made very kid that they want somebody held accountable in particular the police and the man who is governing police activities on the ground. well, he has been shot. the criticize in the course of the day by the state senior law maker. and that is something that is going to produce perhaps some relief to the parents who want to hold people accountable. but what the state committee has not
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been talking about is gun control. in particular, how an 18 year old got his hands and was able to buy an automatic rifle at an age when he couldn't even buy a beer. and this is something that will remain a question for the parents up of all the, even as they welcome the police being held accountable in today's proceedings. on the passenger blank by poster board showing the timeline of the shooting. the condemnation of the states top lawman was absolute. one error, 14 minutes and 8 seconds. and so long the children waited and the teachers waited. rooms $111.00 to be rescued. and while they waited, the commander waited for radio and rivals. he waited for shields. they waited for swat. lastly, he waited for key that was never needed. according to the time line,
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the gunman entered the school around 11 33 am and here's the door. it took some 18 minutes before the police entered the classroom and killed the 18 year old. the screen grab from a security camera shows arm police in a school corridor all just minutes after the killer entered. 3 minutes after the $700.00 west building. there were a sufficient number of armed officers warring body army to isolate, distract and neutralize the subject. the only thing stopping a hallway of dedicated officers from any room, 111, and 112 was yon seen commander who decided to place the lives of officers for the lives of children. again to the command on the ground with peter redondo. the school district's chief of police. he's been giving evidence this week behind closed doors, but neither he nor his lawyers have publicly responded to the latest criticism of
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his lack of action. and at a school board meeting, monday, terrance of the dead and the survivors demanded police accountability. it's more angry that they're trying to cover up a lot of things in china holding back from speaking. also just that they should have just gone and done their job basically they just didn't do their job not expect. and another parent talks about the impact on her daughter who survived. they were asking her questions, how she thought about that. she just started breaking down because she don't really want to talk about like she let me do it and she don't want to relive it. she is afraid to just get it might happen as yet there be no public criticism in the special committee of a law that allowed an 18 year old to buy and a 15 assault rifle. 3 years before he could legally buy a beer. in the eyes of many who lost loved ones, the law as much as police. inaction should also be held accountable. mike,
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hannah al jazeera washington. a jury in the u. s. is found, actor bill cosby liable of sexually abusing an underage girl in 1975. the jury in california have also ordered cosby to pay the victim half a $1000000.00 in damages caused by his family friendly reputation was shattered. after more than 50 women accused him of sexual assault over nearly 5 decades. it just, it's been torture. it has just to be ripped apart, you know, thrown under the bus, backed over. and this to me is such a big victory. it really is to all victim lena. still ahead on al jazeera, a new flash point between russia and the u. moscow warned lithuania of severe consequences for blocking transit to its baltic, outpost and water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. we hear from flood victims in bangladesh, fed up with the long wait for him.
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ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to castle group. your travel package to day. hello, we got more heavy rain coming in. she parts of china ready for the next couple of days. you had the flooding, of course, across the south. the country may you, france is nothing a little further north with, as we go on through the next day or so. so that will bring some dry, clear weather down towards the south. if anything, bump into this area of wet weather a little further north, the 2 merged together and bring some really heavy showers into northern parts of china to was the korean peninsula. so as you go through wednesday on into thursday, look, i really ramp stop some very heavy showers, thundering samples possible as he the likelihood of some a localized or even flash flooding into parts. so for the korean peninsula,
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even across said yellow sea, these china seem because see some wet weather to central parts of china down towards a south, generally dry. now, some relief from those heavy rains, still a few showers there into to pay, but not too bad over the next couple of days. plenty of sunshine in between sunshine is showers cost, much of per se, asia as them to the philippines, malaysia, indonesia where to weather up towards thailand, through a smart trash and wet weather. continuing to into the northeast of the yeah, i put the, the monsoon, the trough on legacy where the range shit bay it stays wet, but notice wet for the final faced casa airway issue, airline of the journey salon monochrome. it's great to see welcome to the cottage economic forum powered by bloom that some people say that they say globalization going on. but that perfect to think of him we globalization are accomplished. speakers from heads of state to business and policy leaders will discuss evolving
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technology, education, culture, sustainability, and the impact on the economy. ah, ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. the south state election officials have told the u. s. congress that they were personally pressured by president donald trump. to overturn the result of the 2020 election. they were testifying before a house committee investigation into the january 6th insurrection. at the u. s. capital. a senior official overseeing the police and texas says officers response to the all the school shooting was an abject failure. he said the police could have
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stopped the shooting. within 3 minutes of the gunman, entering the building. a jury in the u. s. has found actor bill cosby liable for sexually abusing an underage girl in 1975. the jury in california has also ordered cosby to pay the victim half a $1000000.00 in damages. the police and army in ecuador have used tear gas and pellet shots against indigenous protesters converging on the capital quito. they fought st. battles with students and other protesters in the center of the city. a nation wide strike began 9 days ago with a platform of 10 demands, including lower prices for fuel and food, and an into mining on indigenous land. when protest her has died and 3 are reported to be in critical condition. and we're up below, is following developments from mexico city. a state of emergency remains that affect in ecuador, in fact,
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the countries president geared more lasso has extended that state of emergency to include 6 provinces of ecuador, and that state of emergency will last for a total of 30 days. the goal here, or the strategy by the ecuadorian government, is to contain these protests that have really begin begun to get out of hand. they've been growing for more than a week. now the government has taken a hard line against demands by demonstrators many who are protesting or indigenous activists or digits. people from different part of the country who are the who are saying that the fuel prices are absolutely way too high to complaining over higher costs of food over inflation over worsening poverty, lead to the cobra, 1900 pandemic. now these demonstrations were primarily organized by canada, which is a group of different indigenous communities from all across the board, but have since been joined by other activists including students, demonstrators, again, one prices of fuel to go down of food to go down and it remains unclear whether or
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not the government is going to budge on any or all of these, of these demands. a russian territory in the baltic says, emerged as a new frontier of tensions between moscow and the e. u over ukraine. russia has threatened lithuania with serious consequences after it halted rail transit of several sanctioned goods to colleen and grad. dominic cane has more from the german capital berlin. this is the main port in car leaning got its facilities are important to the russian economy for this is the only all year around ice free port, the country has on the baltic sea, many products essential for the local population in the russian exclaimed, come by, see but many more come by land and are now being stopped. and if people in the stores are to be believed he, you sanctions are hurting chris to know it's a story. i think we should pack up our belongings and leave because you can't go anywhere. this has never happened. i think not only me,
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many people are planning it now or even regretting that they are living in cleaning grot, reaching those sanctions target specific items that transit you territory in this case, via rail, through lithuania, to and from russia. that sanction goods, steel and other goods made from ira will no longer be allowed to transit early training. it is done with consultations where the europe, in europe and commissions and under the european commission guidelines in many ways . kelly, the grad, is a historical anomaly. once part of what was called east prussia taken by the soviet union from nazi germany at the end of world war 2. and then became part of the white a us far. but when that country died in the early 19 ninety's, the russian federation chose to hold on to coline grad. and so it became an exclaim, separated from russia proper by the newly independent baltic states. which helps explain why officials in moscow are so agitated by the impact of sanctions. and
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have warned the people of lithuania to expect retaliation for their government's actions at that premium. because this example shows that you cannot trust either verbal statements by the west or written ones. no, russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions. appropriate measures are being worked out between departments and will be taken in the near future. their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of lithuania. while it's a threat, some lithuanians have long anticipated baltic renters differently from many other countries of european union. didn't have any illusions about that rule, or attempts and ideas of russia. a threat to one or all of the baltic states would constitute a threat to nato. many in the atlantic alliance maintain an armed presence there. this was the german chancellor visiting his country soldiers in lithuania, just 2 weeks ago. like many other european leaders,
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olaf shots says his country will defend every centimeter of nato territory. donna kane, al jazeera berlin, our diplomatic editor james bay's asked the un chief spokesman about the tension over colin in gra. we're obviously following these developments very closely in and around a clean ground, including i think the, the warnings we have seen of possible escalation, which are very concerning. a, it's very important for us at all sides. a deal with their concerns through effective dialog. oh, with appropriate diplomatic channels, in accordance with international law, and to refrain, i think, for many statement or for many action that could aggravate the tense situation. the war, new crane has slowed down. economic recovery from the pandemic across the world. it stoked record inflation in several countries and rising discontent in britain. the
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biggest rail strike in 3 decades is underway. workers are demanding better wages to cope with inflation in the u. k, which is currently running at 9 percent. paul brennan reports from london. london's waterloo station is one of britain's biggest and busiest, but not today. not this week. 3 alternate strike days on tuesday, thursday, and saturday, interspersed with 3 days of minimal service. mean travel, misery for millions. the kind of disruption is just ridiculous. everyone knows, well pay. i was a journey or have or call me from target and i was supposed to dictate when to swap out the console for times it was fine by now going to 7. just going to take me very, very long journey we wanted to march and everybody like message on the group
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that is heavy traffic on the road as well as the only around 20 percent of the normal services running and only on half of the network, mainly the lines running into big cities in many, rural and regional areas. there is no train service at all. the dispute between the r empty rail union and the employers network rail and the train operating companies is largely of a pay. and the impact of inflation on work is wages. but the government, which directly finance is network rail has also ordered it to find 2 and a half $1000000000.00 of savings. network rail says that's possible if staff accept new working practices. but the union says that will means 3000 job losses and jeopardize safety. they want to rip up our terms and conditions that we've negotiated with the companies. they're even threatening to lower pay an extend work hours in the train operating companies. and the majority of our members have not had a pay increase for 2 to 3 years. so we've got a lot of problems. we will continue to do all we can to find that sweet spot of
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compromise, but it's affordable for, for the employer to fordable for the taxpayer. affordable for the fair tire. and the r n t, and our employers can live with at his regular meeting of cabinets, prime minister boris johnson, branded the strikes is unnecessary and wrong. he called on the british public to stay the course during what's expected to be a lovely disruption. u. k. economy is experiencing the combined effects of rex it to war in ukraine and its effect on energy costs, as well as the inflationary pressure of the post pandemic recovery. and rail work is not the only ones complaining. the r m. p is one of britain's strongest union. some might say, most militants of unions with their ability to paralyze the rail network during an industrial dispute. but the concerns that the r m t have raised about the difference between people's pe, packets and the cost of living at the moment. the rate of inflation shot across many different industries and other professions teachers, doctors, nurses,
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local government workers, all have pay deals in the pipeline with the government and they're likely to be offered less than the rate of inflation. and that means a summer of discontent is looming, poll brennan, i'll just era waterloo station tunisian president chi psi, it has confirmed that the new constitution will not enshrine islam as the religion of the state. the controversial draft text was handed desired on monday, a referendum on the new constitution is planned for next month. so i had dissolved parliament and assumed executive powers last year. the move has led to protests and unrest in the country. the saudi crown prince mohammed ben said, man is due to visit turkey for the 1st time since the 2018 murder of saudi journalists. yamaha shall g in istanbul. relations between the 2 countries freight following the killing. but regional and financial challenges have forced on kara and re on to repair their ties. brazil, sardar reports in with many see the biggest step yet in repealing strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia. crown prince mohammed miss ullman is set
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to visit uncle michelle bunker to the will meet him in our presidential palace. and we are going to conduct bilateral meetings. and we will find a chance to discuss how to improve turkish and saudi relations to a higher level in the upcoming future. nations between the 2 muslim countries have been strength since turkey supported popular movements linked to muslim brotherhood . after the arabs being in 2011, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, and egypt saw the movement as a threat to the balance of power in the region. i've located of major touch ally, gotta buy it's got neighbors in 2017 further put the 2 countries apart, but it was the killing or saudi jeanette as jamal casualty in the kingdoms consulate in a stumble in october, 2018 that firm to shut down their ties at the time, atlanta said the order to carry out destination came from the highest level of saudi government. although he has never blamed the saudi companies like turkey also
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launched a case against want to see saw the suspects for the alice involvement in the killing. saudi arabia responded by forklift in turkish import, putting pressure on turkey's economy butter last here. saudi arabia, united arab emirates, egypt, and bahrain lifted the embargo and gotta pay me for anchorage to conciliation with the gulf states over the past year uncle has embarked on a diplomatic push to reset relations with these regional countries. uncut and kato, have since held several high level meetings to restore relations after more than 7 years of strain ties. in february, there's an ad want to visit to the arab emirates for the 1st time in nearly a decade, quite in much his reign. present. isaac isaac, came to turkey in the highest level meeting in 14 years, seeing it in a tow installations after years of turbulence. in april and the stumble court halted a trial in absentia of 26 hours the suspects and transferred the case to react
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paving the way for a meeting between the turkish and south. the leaders say mount ad law flew to yet after months of a force to mankind. now in turkey whipping fish and i see the 70 percent and an economy crisis just a year before the election. i'm going to hopes to is the economy pressure by signing a coolness is lovely with yet, and secure. so the investment in the country in return face in increasing challenges from iran and his proxies in the region. so the idea is seeking to acquire turkeys by dr. jones, which gave international acclaim of the b y spread use in libya, syria, now go know, cut about and now you play and saudi crown prince wiz. it will signal whether his aspirations will be achieved. risten said that o jazeera uncut firefighters are trying to put out a large wild fire on turkey southern coast. the blaze broke out on tuesday near the resort town of marmontis. it's reportedly spreading fast because of windy weather conditions. there are fears of
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a repeat of last year's wildfires which the government called the worst and turkey's history. bangladesh has sent troops to try to help millions of people trapped by flood waters in northeastern areas. it's the worst flooding in the region in more than a century. and as tanveer chandry reports from sil had, the government is struggling to get drinking water and food to those effect. sure, corolla is alive, stock farmer, for lost his home in the floods. he and his family have been living on the side of this road for almost a week now without any kind of help. they got over another yeah. can go and see the condition of our home. what is the point of talking about it? it is only a law who can provide. he is the one who gives and who takes away. i tell the city, beg hm is waiting for government assistance on the outskirts of the city of celeb after queuing for hours. she is beginning to lose hope. why there is whoo, so old, around my home chest steep is sitting here waiting thoroughly for allens in so far
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with his iep. nothing. i'm forces have rescued or evacuated, more than 100000 people from 2 of the worsted districts in the northeast. many others are still stranded in remote rural areas. this is one of the many school in sham gone cilla region that has been used as makeshift shelter for those villages were effected by the flood. most of the people took shelter on their own. now there in desperate need for food and fresh water. even residents and urban areas with better drainage systems are effected. sleep on the on but he wanted to he night. we've never seen floods like this in a lifetime. our home has water up to the heat, honey. we've no running water and electricity with nail using rainbow youth youth bucket. they will only cover laura during her visit to the area prime minister sheka scene. i said, future building development should take into account the number of natural disasters that bangladesh experiences. many of this people are still recovering
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from the last month's pre monsoon flash flood sniggle. we left our homes, take shelter here is no food or fresh water. it would help if we got some relief from the government so we can get by for the poor, rural farmers who have lost everything ill take months. if not years to rebuild their homes. they need all the system they can get. but help is yet to come down with children. al jazeera sil at not his bangladesh. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. state election officials have told the u. s. congress that they were personally pressured by president donald trump, to overturn the result of the 2020 election. they were testifying before the 4th hearing of the house committee investigation into the january 6th insurrection at the u. s. capital. hydro castro has been following the hearing in washington. what's notable is kind of the lopsided balance of power. here you had the president
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of the united states, a personally called.


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