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tv   My Tunisia Adel Chihi New Heights  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2022 5:30am-6:00am AST

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it is no food or fresh water. it would help if we got some relief from the government so we can get by for the poor, rural farmers who have lost everything. it'll take months if not years to rebuild their homes. they need all the assistance they can get, but help is yet to come down v childress. al jazeera sil at north is bangladesh. with this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. state election officials have told the u. s. congress that they were personally pressured by president donald trump, to overturn the result of the 2020 election. they were testifying before the 4th hearing of the house committee investigation into the january 6th insurrection at the u. s. capital. hydro castro has been following the hearing in washington. what's notable is kind of the lopsided balance of power. here you had the president of the united states personally calling these election officials who were
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republican in the swing states that had gone to joe biden. and we heard from that top election official in georgia, brad rapids, burger describing this phone call from trump, in which trump deliberately asked for one more vote than what joe biden had. one in georgia, a senior official overseeing the police in texas says officers response to the you've all the school shooting was an abject failure. the director of the texas department of public safety told state officials that the police could have stopped the shooting. within 3 minutes of the gunman entering the building of element, the police and army in ecuador, him use tear gas and pellet shots against indigenous protesters in the capital. quito. a nation wide strike began 9 days ago to demand lower prices for fuel and food. moscow says it will retaliate after lithuania stopped transit of some goods to colleen and grab. the russian escalade is locked between lithuania and poland.
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the restrictions are part of a range of e u sanctions. tunisian president clay science has confirmed that the new constitution will not enshrine islam as the religion of the state. the controversial draft text was handed to sa you'd on monday, a referendum on the new constitution is planned for next month. so i had dissolved parliament and assumed executive powers last year. the move has led to protest and unrest in the country firefighters are trying to put out a large wildfire on turkey, southern coast. the blaze broke out on tuesday, near the resort town of mars. it reportedly spreading fast because of windy weather conditions. there are fears of a repeat of last year's wildfires which the government called the worst and turkey's history. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera. after my tunisia, a new generation of young people and making demands to we balance society. welcome to generational change, a global theories,
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the attempt to understand and challenge the ideas that mobilize you around the world in london to activate a, tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people back perpetuated violence against other young people themselves. have also been victim multiple times. my generation can, i mean his, i'm, we shape this generation change on al jazeera. ah, paul m such a better? pardon? won't turn you. ah, thomas, tommy thomas here on burnett. with competing
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palatial image crusoe weekly by nature of this is the dom michelle for honey, and by the it, we're not it it have down with on monday i will have time with when book michelle, a competent will move on by the she comes with a leslie and i'm the chief to fit with m t in lane a consent to that there was somebody there for it out of a team my settlement and it was doing if she had that had a fever in a
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new form to how may alicia then 2nd with tax but her focusing for how come from for the youth that kids let's get out there in about an hour a restaurant is hopefully can give you a bit of carbon crystal color ones. you need to pack them kindly for cathy button. apparently it was a dvd, but it's been sway our beer, the only ambulance colored this convent in content abuse of missouri. smiles, keep keep hot. that is good and model for the most frequent model. people in this
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home is in motion starting with he did a c, r people in his placement artist, carlow, with a zip code. here for the medical center. told me this, it, i'm you can have with how to do it. is a ms. maddie, how it is, i'm the oldest haddocks real quick graham. anyhow, we'll see our largest. if it turns out for the model new from indian or differ from the other. well with minions who come take a dear, i'm sorry i was a minion monitor. that's what then said sheila, you knew i was younger than you knew i was younger than any a oh no, yeah,
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i shall footer. i'm dad. that's a harder audio with us. i had a roof here with us lou that was in your us only start it tomorrow. let me see. i'm call you add the langley shopper to work under chris keller. douglas blue yonder go long go. now dick lifted conical con pink irish handled the men is mine, i can put a bit higher. i was just for the course able to muster. welcome on them suitable. no, alicia a little bit easier. us pollyanna, new burnett, i'm dallas somebody italian t v. but willing to tell you the rock below the 1st middle, middle, middle, the intake, a bit id law, women will, i will really come a chemist of public software low. you never seem to have to have god i believe it was, you know, kind of the had a mental illness here,
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least come to hum. c for both of them, with the normal feel at near my o. lee, how did my name is luke maza? dom on to examine had developed more physic known console to let him talk a little decided, but no camera discolored account development. time passed. i bid the activity do come out to hit a button. lummus him is common. my name is helen for them, not if you want a weaker miss. come come, my dear little mom,
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from a sitter within a city of am todd brooklyn. it's got the, i'm look my number. if team of more with publishing material, would it take a minute window colored veneer hub, my letter for a book, a book because you're my talk about look when walker to talk to one. no, no, no, no, no. a miller phone, the whole call to the line on a cell number for some film on the list. alert a little bit on cynthia. how on the system to how long
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a shuttle onto it until when you talked until you get more publicly good morning bought a house, come on in it. i know security. could you tell them a little break at the time sheet, but i might just let me ah, a come to a b r. i just cannot condemn a. he fell a computer one to fight. it's got at the computer a with me and get on field, discuss most with how much he did a really deep my whether
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from the film stuck with on a cell phone here. you know someone going to see us put them on the circuit weakness the ocean. witness claim is witness. different says witness. change. witness. happiness. witness. witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. last witness. charity, witness. confusion, witness. clarity, witness. family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness life, witness an algebra. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media a on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. i world
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totally sound the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i win a lot of people talk, their work was being turned upside down. the way dad has been manipulated by populace like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political and while, and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality from a 4 year old baby. down for debit of the table of brotherhood. our dream, my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity.
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african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought for that, and it's not going to go machine because of the voice of the machine i feel like in, i mean, it's short documentary by african filmmakers from kenya. key rates, home of starting to dial into something back is to put pressure and ivory coast colors. i live here in scrap yard animal africa direct on al jazeera when the news breaks. no, no, i knew the guy was moving. this is a family is receiving mourners inside. also the body of judy when people need to be heard and the story told with social media, we have no idea of what's written in that algorithm with exclusive interviews in depth to fort worth. in 22100, when al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning
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documentaries and light knees. ah, the you, i sent it takes the 1st step towards tougher gun logs. it says little considerable bill to control firearms. ah, i'm robot this and this is all to 0 alive from doha also coming up. this is a, this is a tragic purity you, i, state election officials reveal how they were threatened by.


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