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as messy seeks to match mary donna, i am brazil look to and i 20, a wait for trophy. join us for the welcome count. down on al jazeera ah award winning documentary from around the world on out to a 0. ah, no, it's quite devastate, southern afghanistan, at least 950 people have been killed. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dall hall. so coming up the battle faced in ukraine, russian troops intensify their efforts to take control of key areas. hundreds of
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thousands evacuated in china's unrelenting rain causes flotsam, land slides, furious farmers, thousands of people are protesting in the netherlands over the government's plans to coffee missions. ah, we begin in afghanistan where the interior ministry says at least 920 people have been killed in a magnitude 5.9 earthquake is shook the se in the early hours of wednesday morning . hundreds of people are injured. dozens trapped on the rubble of the buildings collapsed. the earthquake happened about 46 kilometers from the city of horse near pacifica province. the tremors could be felt in neighboring pakistan. and iran. journalist allie la cc, is in cobble for us about an hour ago. we saw that casualty toll rise significantly
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. i guess is the picture becoming clearer and grimma it is. that's exactly the issues that it is becoming clear as more people are able to reach the area. because they're such a distance from these district provincial capitals to these district centers. it will take a while for information to get there. and unfortunately what we've seen as the in recent hours, there's been real, inclement weather in cobble and other provinces, torrential rain, hail, fog, and so planned a flight helicopter flight by the ministry of defense in the ministry. public health have now been cancelled due to the increment weather. so again, that's going to make getting even more up to date information more difficult. and it also affects the outreach to the people in the areas. again, these are underserviced areas. these are under developed areas where they might not be the quality of coordinate clinics or the amounts of clinics to deal with just the sheer volume of potential victims from this kind of an incident. and you
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mention that people are making in that's why we're getting a clearer picture where the people are making what's happening now with rescue operations to pull people from the rubble. so for in, since i was speaking to the international rescue committee, they have sent mobile medical units from nearby areas. and so that's how they were able to respond fairly quickly that they had teams already impact yon tactic on and host who could be deployed before the roads got really bad. ah, they're also starting sort of cash assistance programs, but that has been a leave from kabul. and again, even as i said earlier, the fla flight that we were supposed to try and be on was with the ministry of public health. so that's gonna again affect how much of the government surfaces care services can reach their right away. so the organizations that already had some kind of a footprint in the nearby area and the surrounding provinces and districts, they are the ones that will be able to respond fairly quickly and then hopefully be
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able to get us more and more information as the day goes along, all right, thanks so much i'll, samantha malt is chief of communications advocacy and civic engagement. unicef, she says, people in the disasters own are in desperate need of aid. patricia is still very fluid. but the estimations keep climbing. we have got here at unicef, i'm a boy health nutrition team on the grounds. giving 1st age to do this is on route at the moment. we have interagency assessment team and trucks of supplies to help most effective, including things like hygiene, kids blankets and kicks to help people cook meals with him early, early this morning we are facing some difficulties. we've had some unseasonal rain in the last few days and we know already that there are land flights that are
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blocking some routes. so that is certainly go into efforts. but we are able to get into some of the areas that are affected too late. there will be, you know, desperate efforts ongoing movements to uncovered people who are trapped under the rubble, get them into the hospital, you know, against a backdrop of many different challenges in the front of sam from drugs, malnutrition, economic traces. these people have nothing and they need the support of the global community. the now roger is stepping off. his assault on ukraine's eastern city of the on the fierce fighting has been reported. his troops carry out trying and shelling on ukrainian positions of the ukranian army says its force bank. the russian advance of multiple locations in the hunt, screeching moscow's reportedly had to bring in reserve officers to make up for
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heavy losses. charles trying to has more from give on the laces, fighting in east in ukraine. the focus of fighting still around that city of civil than it's one of the last 2 cities in the loop tanks region that so russia does not fully control according to the ukraine army last night. russians had taken control of 3 more villages. south of several, and lucy chanced this is a worrying sign because what it suggests is that no longer are they pushing in from the north. and we know that sooner than it ski and this chance are separated by a river, but they are now coming around from the south and pushing up towards the sea chance there. we know that there are lot of ukrainian military, a lot of soldiers in both those cities and the governor over the gunk region. and he's also saying that russians of count supply routes to at least 2 villages
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close to the see chance and also comments with respect to that chemical plant in sever, done at the as all chemical plot that over the last couple of weeks or so we've been hearing reports of up to was estimated to be around 300 civilians sheltering in that plants. there are reports increasing reports now that russian forces have begun to co into that area into the outskirts of that plant from the south. so yeah, i'm, although we have seen as a say over the last couple of weeks, a lot of fighting in that area. it does seem now increasingly that those kind of incremental gains that russian forces have been making seem to be accelerating. now israeli empties have voted in favor of dissolving parliament. the preliminary balance is one of a series that will set the stage for the country's 50 election in less than 4 years . will this week, members of the frank should coalition government agreed it could not survive off
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the just a year in office. foreign minister le pete is to take over from the family, vanity in the role of intern prime minister until the election expected in october . or i burn smith joins us now from the west bank the in a busy day. and paula and then what happens next? take us through the process. somebody. there's a series theories of those there at 11 building and all that together will lead to the dissolution of parliament and now have the final readings next monday. so this was the 1st stage for the 1st bills to pass. it goes on to various committees and then on monday it, when paula will be officially dissolved on that when also yeah, a lot pete will take over as prime minister natalie bennett. currently prime minister. he'll make way for him in a previous deal. when this coalition was 1st formed just over a year ago, now surprised many israelis lasted this long. this unusual combination of the hard
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left the hard right liberals. and also for the 1st time palestinian israelis on the arab list, all joining together essentially to keep netanyahu out of power. that it's his machinations to get back into power that have led to this latest collapse of a government, a lot going on behind the scenes. how the people in israel feel about the process of yet another election while there isn't, i think you can combine much enthusiasm for another election and it may again be inconclusive. this is a problem. israel's not in the past. full polls done in the last day. oh, so give netanyahu's coalition, 59 of the 120 seats up for grabs in any election coming up. so not quite enough for majority, but let's still give him more. his coalition more than the outgoing group of parties. so he might be in a position to make that come back many from the parties on the left and the rights
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in the center again by not to let netanyahu back into power. but he can command support about 46 percent. always railey is not quite the majority, but far ahead of the near it's rival who is the incoming prime minister. yeah. law p to just has 15 percent of people believe you will be a suitable prime minister. but luck paid will have the next few months to, to show it and solve a prime ministerial material. he'll be the one that meets joe biden. in the middle of july, the election will be till early middle of october, later or late october. so let pete of the time between now and then to try and win over more support. all right, thanks so much bud smith. now saudi crown, prince mohammed been for 9 is to the visit turkey for the 1st time since the 2018 murder of journalist jamal jaden, the stumble relations between the 2 countries have been tense and the killing regional and financial challenges for thank her. and we all to repair the ties,
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but still thought of explains in with many see the biggest step yet in the peer and strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia. crown prince mohammed miss al, man is set to visit uncle angela bunker the we will meet him in our presidential palace and we are going to conduct bilateral meetings. and we'll find a chance to discuss how to improve turkish and saudi relations to higher level in the upcoming future. nations between the 2 muslim countries have been strained since turkey support the popular movements linked to muslim brotherhood after the arabs being in 2011. saudi arabia, united arab emirates, and egypt saw the movement as a threat to the balance of power in the region. a blockade of major church ally caught her by it's got neighbors in 2000. 17 further pushed the 2 countries apart, but it was the killing or saudi genetic jamaica shook tea in the kingdoms consulate in a stumble in october,
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2018. that firm to shut down their ties at the time at one said the order to carry out destination came from the highest level of saudi government. although he has never blamed the saudi companies directly. turkey also launched a case against want to see saudi suspects for the alice involvement in the killing . saudi arabia responded by booklet and turkish import, putting pressure on turkey's economy, butter, and last year, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, egypt and bahrain lifted the embargo and cut out a way for anchorage the conciliation with the gulf states. over the past year. uncle has embarked on a diplomatic push to reset relations with these regional countries, uncut and kato, have since held several high level meetings to restore relations after more than 7 years of strain ties in february, present, add one visit to the arab emirates for the 1st time in nearly a decade, white in march is ready to present. isaac isaac came to turkey in the highest level meeting in 14 years, seeing it in
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a tow installations. after years of turbulence. in april and the stumble court halted a trail in absentia of 26. all the suspects and transferred the case to react paving the way for a meeting between the turkish and south. the leaders say mount or lawfully over yet after months of forced to mount ties. now in turkey whipping fish next it is 70 percent, and an economy price is just a year before the election. i've got a hopes to is the economy pressure by signing a curious his love to with yet, and secure saw the investment in the country in return face in increasing challenges from iran and his proxies in the region. so the ariba is seeking to acquire turkeys by dr. thrones, which gained international acclaim after the widespread use in libya, syria, now go no cut back and now you play. and so the crown prince wizard will signal whether his aspirations will be achieved. risten said that i'll jazeera uncut. i'll
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still had an al jazeera ah, and indigenous protested. dies in ecuador as anti government demonstrations. take a violent ton. and a surprising admission from former columbian rebels at peace tribunal. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world copies on its way to a castle book, your travel package today. hello there, southern areas of china have seen the heaviest rain in about 60 years, and of course that has caused widespread, devastating flooding. now the good news is, is for that particular area we are seeing, it's not to dry up on thursday. the may you front that carries us torrential rain has moved farther north. so places that have had heat wave warnings out recently, lots of heat here. i'm going to start to cool as that band of rain pulls its way
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further east. edging into coastal areas of wealth paces like shanghai. we've had above average temperatures about 10 degrees above the average here, but we will see it start to cool by friday as that heavy rain rolls in. but on saturday there is some improvement. and there's gonna be some improvement for the korean peninsula, south korea, in particular, as that weather pushes off towards japan, getting very heavy in the south by saturday. but for southern areas of china, look at that. it is looking a lot to right now. it's looking a lot dryer for the north west of india as well as eastern pakistan as that where the system pulls away. it's also not as what does it have been for bangladesh and the north east of india. we have got warnings out. however, for that west coast, this is where we're going to see some very strong wind and wet weather in the days to come. official, and i know the journey against a backdrop of syrian independence comes. the story of military comes regime change
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and insurgency al jazeera will expose the life of id, boucher shortly achieving his ambition to be syrian president in 1953 without maneuvered by his rivals and struck by the sessions bullied out. she shot serious master of comes on now to sierra. oh the me i'll come back here watching. i'll just time to recap. headlines now. i've kind of stanz interior ministry says at least 920 people have been killed in a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in the southeast. buildings have been destroyed and
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hundreds of people are injured. many of them trapped beneath the rubble. rushers stepping up in the salt and ukraine's eastern city of nevada. done yet. troops carrying out f strikes shelling on ukrainian positions, but kev says it's halted. russia. the thompson multiple locations is right. the m p 's voted in favor of dissolving parliament. the balance is one of the series that will set the stage for the countries 50 election in less than 4 years. this week the fractured coalition, government agreed, it could not survive just the year in office monsoon reins of coal, severe flooding in southern china, half a 1000000 people have been affected by the storms that the heaviest. in 60 years. 4 provinces have been impacted and crews of moving people to higher ground. katrina, you reports now from the aging. in southern china,
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entire villages have disappeared under water. reco rainfall in recent weeks has called several major rivers and tributaries to burst their banks. in the provinces of long dawn wonky who jen and young c. floodlights had been raised to the highest levels. rescue teams are working around the clock to move hundreds of thousands of people to higher ground and clear landslides triggered in mountainous areas. more than a 1000 homes and farms have been destroyed, with the loss is estimated at more than a quarter of a $1000000000.00. in urban areas, roads have become rivers, businesses and schools of course, and public transport has been suspended. heavy downpours are common along the pro river delta at this time of year. but experts say climate change is causing more extreme and erratic weather patterns. we have to expect that when soon windfall will become stronger in the future. but at the same time, the climate models showed that the variability from year to year and also the
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variability within one season intensifies to as the rain moves northward. some counties have begun cleaning up emergency teams on moving debris and clearing blocked roads, but many areas are still without electricity. last year, almost 400 people were killed in floods in central hun, on province. the government was accused of being slow to respond to the so called once in a 1000 years down pool. and critics called for improvements to china's emergency warning systems. katrina new al jazeera paging. are bangladesh has sent troops to help millions of people trapped by flood waters in the northeast? it's the worst flooding in the region in more than a century. and via chowdhury has more from silhouette where the government is struggling to get drinking water and food to those in need. this is a scenario in the rural areas of select ne,
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bangladesh miles and miles of water. you can see homes under those trees. some are some mount, some got wash away, i beg logistical challenge to rescue people or bring food to this region. unless the weather improves. this will take some time the water to recede and have things got worse than ne. india does more rain than the flood water from northeast india gonna gush down into bangladesh and things could even get worse. but we have covered miles after miles during our coverage and shown on guns the stick as well as, until at very rarely, within government effort and providing relief as mostly private charities, an individual on their own initiative. yet the villages are desperate for food and fresh water. although the weather has improved much, the phillips it is more or less safe, but the village areas on remote corners are still in clear danger. most of the people are still stranded, trying to look for shelter, or even if they're in the shelter they're in desperate need for food and fresh water. on the british government is proposing
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a law that would allow it to ignore european court ruling that prevented it from defaulting migrants to rwanda. the new bill of rights is expected to make clear britain supreme court, which had allowed the rwanda flights as the final say on the issue. last week, the european court of human rights grounded a plane charted to default the migrants shortly before takeoff. and team bumper joins us live from outside parliament in london, rural that's been going on today. so why is the government pursuing this? who sent me it? the deputy prime minister dominic rob is expected to present this new legislation shortly after prime minister's questions here in parliament already government sources. as you are hinting, i have confirmed, but via the new bill, which replaces the human rights act of actually make explicit that u. k. courts are not obliged to follow decisions made by the european court of
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human rights in strasburg. and of course, that courts are actually got several of the final 7 people of that deportation. fletcher a wonder just over a week ago now, dominic rob, i had said bert's human rights will still be protected in his country. he says that the legislation restores a dose of common sense and balance. interestingly, he stressed this country was still be a signatory to the european convention on human rights, which the human rights act brought into domestic law here in the 1990. some conservative colleagues wanted to get rid of that as well. he says, well, we've seen some detail that for the bill will create a new step where claimants will have to show that they've suffered significant damage. that's new. it also seeks to restrict the circumstances where foreign born people have committed crimes here in the u. k. can argue against deportation on the basis of a right to family life. and nadine is not very common. is it this kind of move?
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how controversial is it proving well, no it's, it's very unusual and it's hugely controversial just in the last 12 hours or so. since we got wind of the detail, there's been a huge range of embodies saying that it would be a really bad move for the u. k, the or the law society or threats president has said that it signals a deepening of the government's disregard for the checks and balances that underpin the rule of law. they say that human rights abuses or certain abuses could no longer be challenged in the u. k. court even if they're against the law and they're saying that basically the legislation hands the state, far too much power over citizens. and amnesty international have talked about a giant leap backwards for the rights of ordinary people. they've warned that it could remove a key obligation. that's allowed women here in the u. k. to force the police to
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investigate a violence against women including rapes and things that em have allowed. family seeking justice to do so. for example, the hillsborough disaster campaign, after that football tragedy in 19 eighties or the labor opposition have accused the government of seeking confrontation, above everything else to distract from their domestic problems such as the cost of living crisis. just them in the last few hours we've heard that there's the highest inflation rate for decades. there are a series of strikes going on this week. so this, the government certainly is under pressure. but it says that it is doing this for the right reasons to make sure that term justice is balanced by a people's people not actually taking or unnecessary legal action. i thanks so much and in bother. now thousands of dodge farmers are converging on the rural village of strove to protest against the government's new emission goals. farmers say plans
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to comp, pollution level 5 to 70 percent in close and properties have a major impact on their livelihoods. an economy. foreign minister micro says it's unavoidable. government steps opposite, need you emission standards. the netherlands is a major agriculture producer and exporter, 2nd only to the us. it exports $68000000000.00 worth of vegetables, fruit, flowers, meat and dairy products every year. agriculture and horticulture account for 10 percent of the economy. the government is increasing support for organic farmers who use more environmentally friendly growing methods. i'll just step vatton, is that in a protest they have merged from their, from this morning in the early morning after milking cows on the highway with the practice which has led to quite chaotic scenes on the highway said traffic was succor everywhere. now gathering here at this field,
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close to one of the largest nature parks and then that lives because especially farms closer, these natural parks have to cut emissions of nitrogen fairly significant. so the point that they can't exist any longer, so the government has given them a sort of 3 options. you have to move, or you have to completely adapt your way of farming. or you have to close down and the government has promised 25000000000 euros to buy out promise. but these farmers don't want to stop. they have for their children. the children are here as well. they have a future generation of farmers that they want also to be productive. so there is a big flash at the moment and it's been going on for years. but it's getting to a point that the government is really worried about the pharmacy response as well. it's been aggressive in the past and a half an hour. really, a lot of more actions. they actually visited the minister at home, sort of means traps as well. so the situation is quite trans, not at the moment,
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but between departments and the governments. you can say now in ecuador, at least 3 people have been killed off the demonstrations against rising fuel and food costs, turn violent security forces 510 gas in indigenous protesters marching in the capital kito demonstrations calling for government action, taking place for a 9th day and in defiance of a curfew, julian wolf explains the worsening economy in ecuador, and violence on the streets of its capital, key to the rising prices, and shortages of food and fuel have led to more than a week of protests cole, by a powerful movement of indigenous ah, dozens of people have been injured in the demonstrations calling for government action. not been below. the national government has given us a document with imprecise ideas in which in the states they have responded to our demands either despite the level of generality. and lackland political will,
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is shown towards the indigenous movement of ecuador. thousands of indigenous echo dorians had taken part in the rallies, although they make up only a small part of the country, is near 18000000 population. they have strong political influence through the indigenous nationalities confederation. amnesty international has accused the government of repressing the protest, saying it's causing a human rights crisis. in ecuador, the president has extended a state of emergency and is calling for com dom or what the indian de la he'd be mac, the amanda sealed. we are attending to the legitimate demands of the citizens, but their response is more violent. we cannot allow a few violent people to prevent millions of ecuadorian from working and we will not allow people to be petted against the people. the defense minister says the demonstrations are damaging democracy and pledged to stop them. ah,
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the indigenous movement is colon for an indefinite strike with no sign of compromise on either side. many fear the conflict could escalate chile move al jazeera. now, former leaders of arm groups in columbia have admitted they're responsible for war crimes. revolutionary armed forces of columbia, known as fog, been fighting the government since the 1900 sixty's. it's commanders of described, kidnapping, thousands of civilians for ransom and holding politicians hostage. the revelations emerged during a peace tribunal so far registered more than $3000.00 far kidnappings. beyond group de, mobilized after a peace deal in 2016 on the land. with pain in our souls, we come to this audience to acknowledge. and we stand before you acknowledging that in the name of revolutionary ideas. we committed these crimes against humanity and
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war crimes committee was just pretty minute. there was a kiddo that he but i do want to tell you to tell us the truth forgiveness. we have forgiven half of this, but it does not mean we don't need justice. we demand justice and justice begins with a joke. these 3 people have been taken to hospital in miami, after a passenger jet caught fire during an emergency landing. the plane crash landed on the runway at the miami international airport. when the landing gear failed, the aircraft was arriving from the dominican republic with a 126 people on board. ah . and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just there are now. i've got the stands interior ministry says at least 920 people have been killed in the magnitude 5.9 earthquake in the southeast. buildings have been destroyed and
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hundreds of people are injured. many of them are trapped beneath rubble. the tawny bodies appealing for international help cobbled.


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