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tv   Al Jazeera World Al Shishakli Syrias Master of Coups  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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many young people that perpetuate violence against other young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design. we shape the system generation change on al jazeera. ah, i moline site in dela, here top stories on al jazeera. i've got a selma interior ministry says at least 920 people have been killed in a magnitude 5.9 earthquake. hundreds of people are injured and dozens trapped on the rubble of the buildings collapsed. i'm a val, reports helicopters and rescue. please have rushed to the area. the earthquake struck the bacteria province in the afghan stance border with pakistan. it's a remote region where communities are still bearing the brunt of all the fear, the spin you i spoke to that party,
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the sucked ideas in the light was midnight when the quick struck the kids and i screamed to one of our rooms was destroyed. our neighbors was screaming a lot bigger. it has destroyed the houses of our neighbors. when we arrived, there were many dead and wounded. they sent us to the hospital. i also saw many dead bodies. a 40 say it too early to assess the extent of the damage to the situation is still very fluid for the estimations climbing. we have got a health and nutrition team on the grounds, giving 1st aid to those of you on route moment. we have inter agency assessments, teams and trucks of supplies and to help with afghan, astonished already in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. most agencies pulled out when the body back to control in august last year. government just fishing with international sanction,
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been not to have a still it is to provide people but they do use duct facilities that they have in their hands. a benita, now it was a international community. international assistant program will become to support people unhealthy government. thus quakes are common in the hindu kush mountains. one of the worst was a magnitude, 7.5 quite keep 2015, which killed hundreds of people on both sides of afghanistan, border with pakistan. hum at 5 r jessia. russia stepping up its assault on ukraine's eastern city of savannah. don yeske. fears i think has been reported as troops carry out the air strikes and shelling on ukrainian positions. the according army says it's forced back, the russian bounce that multiple locations in the low hands region. charles strafford has the latest from keith. this is
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a warning sign because what it suggests is that sir, no longer are they pushing in from the north. and we know that suburban etzky and this you chance are separated by a river. but then now coming around from the south of pushing up towards lucy chanced there. we know that there are a lot of ukrainian military, a lot of soldiers in both those cities. the governor over the gunk region. he's also saying that russians have cut supply routes to at least 2 villages. close to lucy chance is riley and peas have voted in favor of dissolving parliament ballot is one of a series of votes that will set the stage the country's 5th election in less than 4 years. this week, members of b fractured coalition, agreed, a could not survive after just one year in office. hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in southern china by floods and landslides. monsoon rains are the heaviest,
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seen in the region for 60 years. 4 provinces have been affected and 5 people have been killed. bangladesh in india also struggling with rising flood waters. both countries have deployed troops to help millions of people. a 100000 people have been evacuated in the north, east to family dash, and tens of thousands more have been moved to safety. india's awesome sate thousands of dots foam is a converging a rural village, a straw to protest against the government's new emission goals. pharmacy plans to cut pollution levels by up to 70 percent off a major impact on their livelihoods and the economy. the prime minister says it's unavoidable. okay, there's the headline news continue here now to 0. opt out, is there? well, al shockly serious mazda ah
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ah, ah, ah, ah, syria occupies an extremely important cultural, political and strategic position in the middle east. it has suffered more than 10 years of terrible conflict since 2011. but even in previous decades, syria had a history of colonization. coups and assassinations. after the 1st world war a, syria was put under a french mandate, which governed the country from 1920 until it gained independence from france in
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1946. but independence led to a period of successive choose. one of serious politicians behind several of these crews was an army officer called a debug shockley. she helped overthrow the syrian government in december 1949 and dominated syrian politics for 5 tumultuous years. but he was also a pragmatist. and when he left the presidential palace in 1954, he did so quietly to spare his country unnecessary bloodshed. this is the story of the rise and fall of a deep shockley and his relentless pursuits of power. yanine
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j is unknown. we shall see. you don't want to be the new boy more would see joe that de la francis williams had he been headquarters? la sola would you be financing the mother on a, a sulfur alpharetta lexia and my gonna p ashish a young and the dad and foreign see were ha, a saw hi yena, ministry, dad. there was you there. v gish along cause be day it you had a dish? she shook, he can beat the sour sheen a yet. um so or by aid and them on shaka, i know i'm g shut, see'd out an address in from seattle. m a dina durish gammon, a bit as of the bought him the in buffer while i for answer the sub all over in the conversation and fuzz trout, i will see me get that on the south. okay. bordeaux harrison for son had
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a philistine in order for the slow injection of cars that had a head, couldn't to should i was somehow gum a bit. us comes the bought at that and we had him for the seed. i'm pretty association is on we are lee and they're there can hack the year and on beer be at of medina some of what i learned. if not i'll and more of had this lady i registered urbanatto approved in m m m a d. but shortly was born in the syrian city of hammock in 19 o 9. around 20 years later he graduated from the military academy of damascus. jackie was a nationalist, opposed to unifying syria and at ark and took part in a coup led by another army officer. hast neil's aim in 1949 as i am was implicated in the dust of a lebanese politician and syrian nationalist, anton sada. he was arrested, tried and executed by the lebanese authorities,
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huss, nazarenes, time as head of state lasted for just 4 months before he too was executed. shaddick with danny suddenly until inside the lawn, alcazar, shakira, and who alia had promised witnesses, i even looked at the duma delilah. dear said my oh, what a gina julia commute muttered onto side, though allow cook for an id. is i m a d bench shockley was a member of the syrian social nationalist party, founded by anton sada in 1932 the party campaigned for a greater syrian nation, one that would include several neighboring countries. adieva she said you are shockley for so long as she can, although it has the sooty of me to do my work. annual mean be for good until inside the what candlemass will be due shortly was that gamma suv ms.
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moore, i thought he had told me the issue was gonna be tang him a heads up shipping last getting what i got a what the saw been the what a nice name on to inside the fi 15. yes, molly. well well that's the whole fee mozilla. he went off shortly. uh huh. what can i watch? i been ill. i had my b f got on saturday when i can now let me check 111011. i saw the only one and i'm not that give me have the minute math. another army officer, sammy and he now we came to power in 1949 but and she now we and d, but she secondly were direct political opponents. checkley was
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a syrian nationalist while, and he now we supported the idea of unifying syria with anake confrontation between the 2 men was inevitable jalapeno machine shaking a would be the same. but at this out of i ain lee is hauled, had that mitchell while kelly mit as she shahida lynn aka lynn bunk bed. a bed, portland club, a well a new will be december or salary and gum li inlaw. who was sold to lot of the saudi leaf. it crit, ah, that he little hussy was truly a cobra. yeah, he had the leisure would allow the attainment tell, are we in po me, a sooty savion? was edna and the whole cut off. i'm really, i'm ready. it's about $10.00 to $1.00 as you be that a thoughts of victory, an ideology, why i am and be, you know, or get mountain of it with an yacht to nick fitzwilliam, wb's to pollute l a. t like tom darley and alhashan mean joel can be on my own
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shockey. i let up. i'm a general be or gone a can out and pulled law a c a c a fin? yeah. hey to upper, he not were be day the from seen at the middle of the law should be in. he is a ye that the anymore it for who not menu applauded. give them, should he up? it went off doing were who knocked menu, applauded islam short a little bit off. were who narc menu. you applauded. the audi admitted the eva sophia, for i kind of had a movie, show me that info was autumn, a shadow, sweaty, and my at the shower was fish. as you read a for the media were there we are, the ina america, not be a sore. dea. lemme 31 to a id and from lum soraya iraq. we're la eldon, natalia, done the sarah and has she, lia gamma, and not muscle cannot thought of poor as a a little the mom was a top hobby. is the fellow sophia for
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a kind of a model and or a she shipley and you with has his folder in the early 19 fifties at ark, jordan, egypt and saudi arabia all had an interest in syria, as well as britain and france. the united states. now saw the middle east as strategically important the heck m a plan. i elisha allen. with that, if i let you put there a little a plot, ha ha. lungfuls in a year been had the it was out it. and now ghana who natca as yes idea the far to be a deep she shaky. what has i'd cannon kellum daddy's, he more thought i liked her sneeze. i aim if with the hitting overall quote of she for medi key. who s but it to dolan we're catching a stick about out and made a key if he a one on club, no fizz. phil, ireland or what? i'm a lee. i've been behind less c i. e. flipped it on his aim of lantus out to seen lay
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you had a deal. bilmar clock. aledo would have had a g mail kit, aberdeen shaky dell a well well a dead woman horn more than i will overcome can own. we're happy. he no on my fiance, yet if you don't get it booked, a she is more to had how she meets all gun shortcut. i'm jan woman. i'm killer humor. why don't can i would like to have be human men will, will expedited ambiguity, lum tums were bearing the lot about done. i love it. could julia cobra our to hadn't heard from yahoo. okay. oh, shit hasn't come in. as she certainly was heavily involved in the 3 crews of 1949, but he didn't always seek personal advancement when the regime changed. he was sometimes happy to play a background role, though his influence remained strong. who are the yacht
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by the loankey lab. b ma sip. sorry. yeah. not a bristle or gun. what cannot a slot can't fee that he can walk. and water bill benoit a lot of zane. and what i'm a been nord la canada to smith zane. to luck i let, let's bur bassetti i to my thing little bit. i mean general who were martez. electra domonique m i n the martinez. he is a year. why lay as thick? jeff? no air. as i can and let me know what s o a do, but latino us. oh, min celeste, that old mother it we're here. so less at all does get a year like in there. oh it's there we are. yeah. leapt or i'm mad. it gets here and i mean the shirtless deferment i that he was ship you have if with them or either to nearly beach to will will hoffer going under she should be. oh,
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because under she man there, the men will swallow ls with little hook and we shaken more bushes at him. she shook mikka under a man and held i woke. well, i can, but also what, who will i am can a year been? was you learn when a new home sick be i'm with the full chicken will by shortly on in los go. alcorda e kind of, we are, see that through design and move it, be iron and us all a read on the door can know your entire, her design. danny, all right, and i ran out my if i was your, my late been casino was the docked the other and philip yet, trina, they'll cut her that she has seen e l. i won't be sad. she has a water bottle many, a water level or tele mandible, that it would be to alamo board let off i would, or dumpy enough to watch any valuable doll. bye 1951. and she shockley was serious top level power broker. he wasn't
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president or prime minister, but he wielded huge political influence. he controlled to vital components of the syrian state, the army, and the intelligent service. he was quite happy to let the career politicians get on with the business of government. but when it came to defense, he insisted on complete control. while yoletta easy jamalia and look, anna will g escarillo, lyn that had the hon. vince, yes, hey, layman cody border made any pull up what had no at the shipper was ara i pony. how about it? i think one is and why and the best news, even the fact the 2nd sla venue vehicle for as a day amid the i as a shop, a latin naman them mcmillion, natalie named niamack would see as he would but will hold. dish will oh no, no,
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it was after the fight was leafy. but then you, the hoodie, jess, but miss miller, janet with cac may moment i asked her to you, but the instead of dish, but then i'll just wait on c. as in margaret, the chevrolet dealership me, or an aerial, it should be maybe been her way, racing position as got it. we november of i had to come see there that the as it her call me lee. she se bed is my soonest off of the nile. has was sharp while and when was the mean? you damn out over door libby, when i and hub model for the early be it off of the a little door, a lima pilot shortly were apart, was added to defer mark her foisy. so we're at the better and he was she shaky nexus, the lair when wild threw up at the hood. woman default illness. i've been all been home. i drove to only be lou auto. the any other is was as should was shabbat akira, public collab attorney. i started to calum will just keeping the same still actual
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beauty a deep shockley. higher government had them column, whatever that normal cliff li saudi evidence for them old work lead from dynamic of a minute. i thought they did. it was him up to viet hate. how cool me and a circle sort of them. yes, that she'd model for delevie or a banana. they're like, i'm in a feel of what danny, helped her cooling all that has was chub, physician, been an i let her that bottle of hash him at as he's the hi makella of, you know, the passionate as i learn how to do stuffy. i know years of not in over the managed of eden heard that as even though jani mckinney could meet him in the earnest money following the 1951 to elsie shockley made sweeping changes to the syrian government . a few ministers remained from the previous regime. but many new faces arrived at the cabinet table. some syrian politicians fell in and out of favor. but one
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man at debussy chucky was ever present and increased his influence. what i was yellow, 40 shallow. i've got he up de minova looked a bit. oh wow. thought it is, no new royce was on our, it was, he had the far walked up, you know, bleach or can the, and the who then is here. no one had committed mortlock be help a while. but the all were medusa did will food it and had f unless he will help. but the who were, who were a, does our own there were a suli. yeah, we're the dad mostly mother, esa, a studio design with fidel hazard for that all. or how you were all while, know who he just knew. there were a story. so i gotten a mo, asked that he and i'm millennium. mm. al shockley divides
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opinion about his contribution to syrian politics. his supporters saw him as a major figure capable of raising serious profile and status both domestically and internationally, but to his opponents and critics. today he was mackey of alien and autocratic. be helpful into finally i company who is, who i little as a assess the advocates that he had a lot of b. i mainly had acadia amola mos huffy and he who had damage a self sofa and headache, a csc. we couldn't audit in here, can it? it says, probably a year leanne town on my at the shaky home for a follow up to follow my fafsa. i had a kid at the head. he had a lot of you. what he said has a what
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a smaller how to add them at the fee. i'll above the a c s here and let the initial fee and blah, blah, blah, blah, the had the mean santa walked by the wireless and the home guy, jama, mean, alco, me, lot of levine at then i'll be c s at the shack leaders lab along with it, we're lucky a minute that have my, let me, i'll call my so we saw him and covered. can mozilla. how about nat, geo. gee. who, who alam? aliya and calabria look to hustle it. oh, let. there had to be so rude to let you know. come see it. oh, my mom was done by last half hour time. was that?
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yeah, and you said me, i'm in cal m now kayla. yahoo! nor my yahoo! yet. they're on lucky aiden min. so the, at the man showed yahoo oxide that can no, no, let the members so it would be mostly low as bob who later the as your shuffle fuck up. he didn't get mad. holler. can see you in alec sarah. banker were turned out to be a. meanwhile, the ruling hashemite families enjoyed and had all wanted to see syrian territory. the assassination of king of de la jordan in 1951, created an opportunity for shack me. was the heck of young man doesn't make a lot of and the lady can most television downward idea. she's out of your man. why
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for the heads of her to be i had and she sickly will cut a lot of annoying. he had a few drama. was his manhattan cut out can lead to he'd lose her. she me. evan at off the it again on the have a more be sorry a go. but what the he done. nobody said a lady that he who hello mcfarlane, i'm a she really crusade in the can you should be should be my bomb whole much for all of the difficult. okay. i'm doing a fill up tomorrow. me. sorry. yeah. well, miss ellen and no thought valley, is it on the computer? yes. had ali her, not people for half. jean luc 19. say it money every by becky. why they that guy may be have a mold will be and not mainly be standing as a loop. 9 year model fall or the mill agency, l buddy. funny, yeah. she certainly be my balance id. yeah.
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odyssey, like the lazy min laid up mccarthy to sleep a gym warrior lead was the other last elsa shack lease next move was to hold talks with the americans, us secretary of state john foster, dulles visited damascus in may. 1953 at the top of elsa settlers agenda were weapons for honda. who was he hadn't had as yet. and that is the news or we're the form the asleep. ha enough room up to stanley little now. how's the issue that i aid is are what the knee and let was thomason has ha, a cedar hold said i eat 5 in ghana or cellular whole lake or at the bottom opposite a. she shipley on the hassle. the apollo where the shocked he had the mad at eve shook. he naulty had the gal by them with
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a hut, but the z yet it a john foster dunce. why me then we'll talk about hitting the shadow mission to ship the sanisha will. hello joan faust of guns i law highland mckee lim and why the it would add with the idea where you all that know the been for how much going most rude. but the lot, i know, hey, for to select, look in on the field. any fearfully anna mabis sylvia la la, if ne. oh, and t laclede, i mckenney b. c. s at ebony. oh somebody is a little some shebra. sadly, but claudia could not mind. basil sure, you know plot and submit america. and she certainly was not at all happy with washington's demand for negotiations with israel in return for you must weapons
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and then mc one, she shut a yet, me upholstered mac, said i e r. walk up to papa. yet the cinema or who are before by you, were you happy or what that if can all be young while hold me in the shed it them usually a of this on my i do, we're to said i eating and am i gonna the football, evansville x ray them, yukon, manny on fee or? yeah, she yet cause what i my, my fort hood. net. you had to fuck to la mine to which good luck in shot and the a cool. i'm the could rolla and use the lit up. so be luck when you get up to what good and true for no much helen away the la and yet in danny malcolm. sad about i'm to die one minus i leave them a kind of it. you know, it's a jo was own v moldy or a optical movie other than the see la jani can yet more cool watch will be right
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with you back. but what slightly in our left until the mid atlantic missouri said i hadn't before about my mom on the high mac left him he can name, but he said can nation is ready can under roughly with opiate salam unit, he had a b. k doesn't have me. zeniah don't is sooty. you decide to had the name. what he said he saw the head was to set us free will m. mamma and as i had the liquor, a jealous yes if and was how jealous. yes it. there needs a threat, e, i like little say coming up in part to general and shockley makes his move for the presidency, but his term does not last long. ah, the hillbilly, the harmless caricature or
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a malicious label denying of people that culture to justify the exploitation of natural resources, that divide and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in a region leave, the stereotype then becomes dangerous. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it? what's in a name hillbilly, the witness documentary on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted their help, the eccentric b as protected in effect from public call situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the front line of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's
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a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country, ah, i'm not in sight into her. he had told stories on al jazeera, at least a 1000 people have been killed in a magnitude 5.9 of quake in afghanistan. that's according to state, ron media. 1500 people have been injured and dozens happened trapped down to rubble off to buildings collapsed. the cowboy base journalist ali latifah says bad weather is hampering beneath it. in recent hours, there's been real, inclement weather in kabul and, and other provinces. torrential rain, hail, fog, and so planned flights helicopter flights by the ministry of defense in the ministry of public health have now been cancelled due to the inclement weather. so
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again, that's going to make, getting even more up to date information more difficult. and it also affects the outreach to the people in the areas. again, these are underserviced areas. these are under developed areas where they might not be the quality of chronic linux or the amount of clinics to deal with. just the sheer volume of potential victims from this kind of an incident. russia is stepping off its assault on ukraine's eastern city. so that had done yet sc 1st by saying has been reported. us troops carry out asteroids and shelling on ukrainian positions. the ukranian army says it's forced back the russian advance at multiple locations in the region. under the thousands of people have been displaced in southern china by floods and landslides, monsoon rains all the heaviest, seen in the region for 60 years, bangladesh and india also struggling with rising flood waters. a 100000 people have been evacuated in bangladesh as ne, tens of thousands more have been moved to safety indies as some state
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passes of dutch farmers, a converging on the rural village of straw to protest against government, new emission goals, pharmacy plans to cut pollution levels by up to 70 percent will have a major impact on their livelihoods. the prime minister mark root says it's unavoidable, as his government steps up, efforts to meet you emission standards, israeli m. p. 's, avail it in favor of dissolving parliament. the palate is one of a series of votes that will set the stage for the countries election in less than 4 years. this week, members at the fraction coalition agreed it could not survive to just one year in office. as your headline news continues here on altos air, opt out, is there a well al shockly serious mazda eclipse. ah,
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al jazeera, whatever you choose with
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oh, ah. by the early 19 fifties, serial was of major strategic importance in the middle east. but it was politically unstable and suffered a series of military coups all somehow involving general a deep and shaky military and intelligence chief and the power broker within the government. the marsh, i with them below the sogba, the orbit of this, i'd be saudi ya. a wooden 0 whom of the house this was the wrap. them with 0 will be was added to 0 out. zak has a late fee saudi year has in nava shylie. ha that at the b shak leap one when i li
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. hickman. we're lacking, the ha was but the abbey, what that apple one with the header irby or a new al gabby lock decides saudi what the half form mostella ala as 0. how was he now? was that cease for? can it model the much but dodie? but the at miss ellen fia had a deep a she shortly once the had feeney high at either salma ah ha, caught the or saudi armoire that her murphy, of those deed is, is for you. i'm what had, what are that ela al manya, the had be, must be met if you valeca locked ashleen $1000000.00 on hun walker, one. saudi young earth in art. i love the turn on the exam. seen to melissa the whole leave did last act. no, sir arthur, come to me in the country. it's lovely and comfortable. basha, b row sheriff. it's normally on hold. love to saw the guy know how bad the feel
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call i needed and then yeah, to hurry. i was kima mean my mckenna had been loved, but we'll have to allow mer you've off at done ill, a distorted job. i love the oper hacked us. we what, i no, no, no, no way in the office. at the much. the gamut was not rely out of a bummer to shut up the vatican. work of the family. okay. not a bad thing for lemon. a saudi will have that fee. i had at the a c 2nd for the month ending tier and the equipment the 60 will be who or how i get them by that because i had to be home and then on monday would be them enough been hadn't i any less and less now i will be mr. what no commitment. i own mr. will be with the can most day and just be with who
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have other side of that. but as we feel that the majority of the my kind of mature, i see, i see the light of mine, the michelle michelle. much them i have and which is it will it's been or yeah, they had them in abilene. should the mean, why did should become the michelle yet to me know? sure. yes. middle bella, be huh. irish huh. or how does she the term in the family? sure. i see, i think by then. but about not as elsa sec lease power grew, so that his list of enemies there were rumors of attempts on his life. one news report falsely claimed he'd been killed in a machine gun attack appeal in the whole excel of my i had moment to lean saudi of the emotional ambit. shiela welcom kill off her and her own. i had mother sway had been and mortar but he not to sort of i la manure isn't done
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on the cooling theater. how came if saudi daddy hotel counted as you will to leave a happy but on fema how to deal on? come see, be october. looking out at the bottom of the alarm in the whole alika a social, i don't know, soccer hash him even multiple then in july 1953 al shockley made his move empowered by the army and serious economic growth. she held and won a referendum that made him president of the republic of syria in october of the same year he called for parliamentary elections, which he won by a landslide, a deep and shortly had reached the pinnacle of power. for now. alas gary la you couldn't the lovers here see what the last one last caddy. yeah.
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yeah. car t matlab casita at? yeah, i see a lot but yeah i see is much more us here see out ali and lie boon is he? has he your oh yeah, yeah. card that he had a problem with ally b. y had well thought a larry being o'bannon mortality been ah. yeah. near ha. that let me our dishes certainly. if your high lit there was a nom. uh huh. a she shook li freewill. sure, ella, a s her a sorta yeah. be hazy sir. all gonna if there was your ballet on young bozer. so now we're up. we're had his role and will some my be a habit it at the harry of a lot of the article in the chicago that i had a he had o'clock can at he murder i le foisy. so up to one me may i ship
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willow, adieva. she shook li satera or solo a little hook him rock a sort of we laid fuzzies. hello. can visual carefully saw it. we know been relating with di did mckee. all he left jojo saw to be an old been referral m started his yeesh and music dialect. we should can book that if mm. by early 1954 opposition to al shockley was growing. some of the fiercest protest came from the drew's ethno religious group based in japan, a lot of the mountainous region of southern syria just a bit and was at one been ha. and with that it's a medic. yeah. when fancy. yeah. be. and now i laid up a ye model. oh wow, the foul bessie lash. what cana valley can be date, how to get a las yan fi,
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javala gurus was the date of the water. i let the gannett l. m a a to mac for. minky, by a late up, what cannot the the carina list, the flat you 30 to who the and now when i had met for our min naughty said, what was the ally shop de la li, death. does he feel so bad? them how a lot of a lot he felt her the but she certainly wasn't home without auto about the editorship. knew him no matter what or why. and it was a lot of sheila walk it awful kinetic, very highly. annoy cool and humbly that oscar. he should eat it'll bus. the mom took a lot up. wow. good to have quite a bit to me tim. that even by the new storm it happened to ronald. the bad lucky
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level was palmer tomorrow the i will, startled in it will jude a marcella down a holding fee job a lot up. come on back done while father in law or don ayana come will eat, come a malaise. finally, i shall tom applause. schwann us. of defeat amal men be, was hamlet. chevy said that he should not olu mount a sophia an hour. why be not none? shahid anna thus says your been allowed all a remote shipper. cut a dead it out to sri. submit a she shipley. my leon was auto beyond. why there will be an ministry, dad. shavon ashish. my a, hetty, he medina, it swayed up. why has he he hot up the hot
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b. i a had his soria it at his weed. i remodeled la b. estie ha! we're shira az zaman beaman. nom, i thought i'd us a year, but allah! it was $31.00. a c s. she gave a shish that she shook me raw assad been hat holcman am then another military crew was launched in february 1964. but this time it's aim was to bring down and checking the leaders of the 2 included opposition, politicians and high ranking army officers, president allister checkley, resigned before being forced from office. ah the syrian chief of staff shall catch care then arranged immediate safe passage for
3:44 pm
al shockley to the lebanese capital bade root by the presidential car ah there are differing accounts as to exactly why a debug shockley stepped down as president some sources say it was to dampen the rebellion and swayed on some say it was simply because he believed he could not survive an office while others say it was a ploy to buy time to lie low with the aim of returning some time in the future. ah ah, because i don't have the ball to have that it has been. it is like like a fun and rewarding facade. israel muscle, luna,
3:45 pm
and alpha dura and known as huff at them. it would be shaken gum. it can read this, she she artic, and the whole handle is very echo bothered. i love, i love it, ducked it in a hokey either. i love that. who good luck on a for a nick one who knocks us with dema. we're us the feet. oh, let me or condemn or william higher. oh, or le mickland them? oh yeah. well, we're muscle. it that i can see enough so much. i looked at them a lot and washy, i yeah, yeah, huston is that a little but as the that i could see enough to eh, eh, holla, minnie, heather, will hi lemon hal cove. the news akin say yes is what his rama fall was hands. hey, come about la. could a no gun am chatty man. oh, met oh, mad at gun. for canada. yep. bush b as hoss and lizzie. and they will shake you,
3:46 pm
luna, help out on now, daddy. ha! shitty is. ha ha! we're the and yes hocking with the murder, the dean, and yet, and yes censured. how would i be allowed all j should at oak a medicaid for yet hope that the toilet up it at the mission men bad. been russia, walla, and said i, sandy and her shitty men and this, the sarah aid as poor law were fed is the ayana doors miss baja. walker tad showed his b. now a fraud won. all said a g h, a saudi and every day that i can i'm go for the whole war and no one will hire that . is the coon a different casita thought? well, we'll cut that island would be wonderful, but you commute the new mother put him in her composure,
3:47 pm
initial slide with very soon he should cripple what he want, but he locked if he should, that an alley stuck after answer, sickly, lost power. his supporters tried to get him back into high office. they attempted to more cruise both involving l shockley against his successor. president shook re alkahottie howard in america. and if you will get up, let me and jack what kind of philosophy additionally or for sheila and nor can proceed to see what kind of fuser say you need a slung female by lavishly unable to eat. lemme yet there was not a halton in walk. how can i not get the long 2 lab just need your code to who a lack of assange the element. tammy has sewage problem. what kind of who knack down?
3:48 pm
right. a manzona mean we latin with the handle clearly had the killer, was half an ambush, had the vein shop peak at the shortly. and emma a fella shakela perform feed, had he had a car overlooking that was the and that we had done was before he, off a demand side, the valley rough abolished iraq. see how the lab will mussa hammer feet and how it is said here in how an ambush yelling at me. and what am i going to do is shipley and that the rama will be further plus and all we'll talk tomorrow. all fee lube then. what followed while am a blood while you and i hope you do it. if you do a shot us. why national we have the way. ah, what do i think louis shall and then we'll be, look nan jab, paula bottled,
3:49 pm
the bottle, lee canada to the bay talk animals would deem bill hiccup wooster, mom on or at if manon mother and marcell as kitty will be led. what color and then collab isde halle was to have him in miss lou shockley had lost power and gradually his influence also began to wane. his supporters in the united states and saudi arabia deserted him while in syria. his political enemies wanted him dead. aah! as checklist, only option was to go into exile, preferably as far from syria as possible. what denise and authority, transfer me after sentence himself. i'm seen, warned doug lunacy, sir. innocent as at the rest of data. and here at the ymca marshall one or
3:50 pm
a bladder breeding since the 16 canada brazil. my j. fear. moultrie mean, i actually in walla, honey. but when this, when the only because my shuffle will, has only no madness of not do you ever had a feel for it, but as even for him as i to he or, or by don't get up or senate upwards camel ala. oh, whom and of the should knowledgeable or mckibbin to what's in a jewish should he be emerett a deep checkley across some in whole that run her? shes been the sweater men mother could swear they any? no of eliza lucius. so sooty. when i agree about a z y, a z u motor, im what county ira fool yada yada. from what i thought i saw the hood that a on p ill arossi t y, her o'clock ali had norwalk at a lawyer pool into common men. oh danny. measure i mean myself, he and i are abraham. she is a good man, took jordan peabody and racial of the goodwood shortly. maybe there is the best to
3:51 pm
be irregular. and maxine vehicles him in that those gun obasi. hello chris, him mean a dues. andy can overseen, he can be no co means, we're in our why the ship, those aren't babble savvy warranty mom to apple. genuine or in emma li, kind of mute on by. see, you watch the iraq, you was you or you can do the ship lee who had a know i don't know, but the has a lot. i'm thinking there's a mobile best the keep seems good movies that would have led to the and then i should i and at least i should. i remember moment not that one of our go. i think it was him, the former for ellen as well as much as usual. less than that. then i'm going to
3:52 pm
play. i live in a. uh huh. walk in like the camp campbell can for sure. but the handle a lot less than that then committee. ah, a debug shockley was assassinated in the brazilian town of fitness. he was shot 5 times by a lone gunman, while crossing a bridge. opinion is still equally divided on his career and achievements. as shockley was undoubtedly an expert in behind the scenes political manipulation, the puppet master in chief. so in the process, he made many enemies who ultimately outmaneuvered him and eventually killed him. oh, i should have been can
3:53 pm
maximize my size. how? oh, had them after man one month company, my diamond by fe who i can feed non fall and mom i had the concert beer him meet at them and then not really sorry. we had to put the main shop in the farm. when is the last here? how are the fish in the melody make? a motion with a robe and mac can feed. i have a will. if i lose within the some would tell you how to cook him to my be willing, the misleading can be what the nurse was she life bess element us for the also for to i will call that will i don't we have you can 2nd for to be less we had the she and be selling last for the magnitude said that most when i
3:54 pm
i or, and intersect the can hey arthur m huffman did the math night. you talking about a shot my seamless recommend but up we'll let them in the spend the had that they are my sandwich and i'm ready for that. it was little for lemme fancy in charlotte for them. kenny and debbie shakily, last kennedy i. i've done cali. lan, manhattan, his aim class, kenny. yeah. any kids have kids at the be shockley. the see are see. i can zacharon
3:55 pm
manhattan is i, la, la customers, i murders. hello, but c a. c, e r le abdullah maria kuhn. we're what we're, what we're per sogba leer. hm. could be in tears. he ain at dbi shortly. let me, i thought they, i knew your hoc committee lansdale moore had the man who had vivica was yes, he one neck or i like smaller than with the body to count and on a shonda. i'll see it in mid that can under vision, and he was she, she can undo yet about her larry, by the hate than awful. that was stella les if dome monsieur shall see ye were much loss. yes, you are still jail colon home can as doug was cut, a saw had been can up me i thought
3:56 pm
that was what are good. what was, what was your work for me.
3:57 pm
ah. the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle. travel package to the hello that is more wet weather to come from northern areas of south america. you can see the rush of storm clouds, bringing those heavy rains and showers. we are going to see some heavy falls with a guy and is and sore and i am in the days to come. but we've also got wind warnings out for coastal areas of brazil, some wet and windy weather, sweeping into the north east in the days ahead. but it's really down in the southwest, in a rush of thunderstorms, cool things down for paraguay, uruguay,
3:58 pm
on southern areas of brazilian, a bit of a cold spells continuing to linger for the south of the southern areas of chile and argentina. we've got wet and windy, i went to re whether pulling into santiago and that's going to knock the temperature down further. if we have a look at the 3 day, it will be some recovery. however, by saturday, with sunny spells. now as we had to central america, it's a mix of sunny spells and showers for lots of caribbean areas such as cuba and jamaica. have your full for haiti and the dominican republic, but it's really western areas of mexico that are going to get a drenching on wednesday on thursday. thanks to tropical storm celia, but it is pulling off towards the north. west remains rather dry up in the north with lots of heat coming through here. thunderstorms, however, in mexico, through to the weekend that to weather update an issue. and i know that john, the new generation of young people are making demands to we balance society. welcome to generate from change
3:59 pm
a global series. the attempts to understand and challenge the idea that mobilized use around the world in london to act with a tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people perpetuated violence against other young people themselves have also been victim multiple times . my generation can try me design and we shape this generation change on al jazeera ears from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app. it's, this is where we dissects analyze. i'm fine with from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app store. just sat for it and tapped. i made a new app from out. is there a new at you think it it how and why did hooton's become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're
4:00 pm
going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house, the 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about? why american today your weekly take on us politics and society? that's the bottom line. mm. mm. this is al jazeera ah hello molly. inside the news, i live from zohar coming up in the next 60 minutes. an earthquake, devastate southern afghanistan. at least 1000 people have been killed. the battle for eastern ukraine russian troops intensify.


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