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these island hara, when no one east meets the locals, determined to keep for y. e a. y on al jazeera. ah. the taliban government appeals for help has rescued struggle to reach remote areas of afghanistan, devastated by an earthquake. ah, on saturdays a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, the united nations accuses me and mas, military juncture of crimes against humanity. anger in ecuador, thousands of indigenous protests. his march on the capital of the government refuses to back down. and the major inquiry criticized the south african president,
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sir, i'm afo's us not doing more to stop years of corruption. ah, now afghanistan's taliban government is appealed for more international aid. after the worst, earthquake and 20 years struck a remote region in the southeast, at least 1500 people are known to have been killed. many more injured. it's feared hundreds of still traps in the rubble. rescue and relief teams are struggling to reach the disasters or on the magnitude 5.9 trans. struck early on wednesday in a rural mountainous area in tactical province. i 7 family members in one room, 5 in the other and 4 in another. and 3 in another have been killed in my family. i can't talk anymore. my heart is getting weak. one of the best clever. when the roof
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came down on me, i thought i had been shot by a gun. my body was in pain in burning. i tried to get up while i couldn't live or i, let's go live now to alley lot sci fi. he's in the eastern province of pac thea. good to have you with us. so we know authorities are pleading, as i said, for more international aiden. how are they guessing it we've seen so we're outside the hotel regional hospital and just standing there. we've seen world food program trucks passing by. we know that the international rescue committee has started some effort in terms of mobile health care and terms of trying to bring cash to the community. there's another young start up out of the united states called the i c lap, which is also hoping to begin distribution today or tomorrow. so there definitely are efforts, but it doesn't seem to be enough as of yet because one major issue yesterday was the inclement weather. which created road blocks which made it very difficult for
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the agency to reach the area. and today here being at the patio regional hospital, we've seen that even though this is a regional hospital where a patient from 3 for different provinces, it's still lack very important resources. for instance, they don't have a helicopter. so when patients come from pack the car here, if they're in bad condition, they have to send them to cobble because they don't have proper emergency services or head injury treatments. they have to send them to cobble by road. and we spoke to a doctor who said, that's of course, very dangerous because you're sending someone in critical condition for 5 hours into another city just to get them basic, you know, emergency services. so just as a whole, you know, the medical system here has always suffered. and this is another very clear example by all of the aid and everything that had come in the past. you know, even a regional hospital suffering and facing difficulties. trying to treat all of the patient, i'm just listening to your answer. then i'm wondering then what kind of international
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a do they need if the problem is that they sometimes have to move patients from a hospital because they simply aren't able to treat them, do they need more skill doctors or do they need more long term infrastructure that you know, might take a while to, to bring in and so for instance, we were talking to one of the had doctors here and he said their biggest issue, their 2 biggest issue is, is that they don't have proper emergency services here. a proper emergency ward and again, and they said, you know, patients from 3 to 4 different provinces here at any given time. and also they don't have a helicopter. a helicopter is very important because otherwise it's only maybe about an hour by helicopter, from cobbles. again, these, but now it's going to be for 5 hours on a row. so, you know, again, this is, this is, as you said, it's about infrastructure. it's about long term investment. it's about creating long lasting foundation, something that was lacking over the last 20 years,
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despite all of the money that he met. so now what people are hoping for is that proper foundations are, builds, and proper services are brought all over the country. all right, thanks. so much honey for that update. how the u. n. special repertoire says more must be done to stop me and marcy, ma'am, italian crisis and help refugees. tom andrews accused the military john to which so power nicu, last year of war crimes and crimes against humanity. he's in malaysia urging the regional block a ziann to and it's policy of non interference under his latest report documented the killings of hundreds of children by armed groups. since watching the qu, winter forces have arbitrarily detained more than 1400 children. and they have tortured, at least $140.00 to me and more children children have been beaten. they've been cut. they've been stabbed. they've been burned with cigarettes.
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they've been forced to hold stress positions. they have been subjected to mock executions. these children have been sexually assaulted, some have had their fingernails and their hair pulled out. july, allan doug and his following the visit from the philippine capital manila. so july, 1st for how much of an eye open all the statements there by mr. sanders about the abuse of children that's going on well, it is something that is relatively new, i mean, unexpected. and in terms of just how graphic the details have been, he spent the last 8 days as speaking, not just the survivors refugees, but also the factors of police and military members of me and mar. i'm. and he also mentioned the vulnerability of children in particular. he said that within the next year, at least 30000 children are expected to die from preventable diseases brought about
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by the lack of basic medical services such as immunization. mister andrews also talked about, you know, the humanitarian situation and describe it as catastrophic. and he said that over the last few years, thousands have been in jail. those have been detained and managed to make their way to malaysia, talked about the harrowing conditions of being starved in detention centers of being sexually harassed and tortured. so this really ours a press conference today by mister anders in malaysia really was a reminder to the situation. me and mar is worsening. and you really are singled out the role important role of assay and really in this situation and what it can play, not just as an negotiator, but hopefully as a critical mover in making the mia mark wound actually moved towards loosening and improving the situation, particularly for ordinary people in the m and is also news that ousted min more lead along. su cheese being moved to solitary confinement. why?
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what's going on there? well, there's very little information about the situation of miss sushi are based on the information released by the hunter. she has been moved a solitary confinement last wednesday together with a few members of her local staff. not much has been heard from sense, but also mentioned that the press conference of mr. tom andrews is at the situation of mrs. sushi and her party is proof really of the worsening democratic situation. me and mar that the hunter cannot claim that they're, that they're planning to veered towards a more democratic form of government. so if we look at the current situation of miss to chance, he's she be, he basically warned that unless the international community puts a lot of pressure, economic and defense pressure on me and more that not much will actually change. now going back to our c n, as in really as largely been split,
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the 10 member party group of us ian has largely had the tradition of non interference. but there's been a glimmer of hope. because recently, the malaysian more foreign ministers singled out me and mar and questioned the rest of the, the assay and organization and said, perhaps it is time to challenge that traditional view of our non inter friends and towards he says, a policy of non in indifference instead all right, thanks so much jamal and oven. how thousands of protesters of march through i kudos capital on the 10th day of a nationwide strike digit. as demonstrators were joined by students and trade unionists, there one action from the government to stem rising, living cos at least 2 protests were killed in earlier march. a latin america editor, the c. anyone, folsom kito. indigenous ecuador ins from the mountains to the coast, to the amazon, a congregating in the capitol quito. define
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a state of emergency that prohibits public gatherings. you look up of them. remedial is from the oil rich amazon region. well, go into the building here. okay, let me place you on the look. what is the price of music? good to hear that not to mention fuel or astronomical in our region is the richest, but we are among the poorest. that's why we went back down. the national strike called by the confederation of indigenous nations is stopping fresh food and cooking gas for reaching the capital. the streets of quito are almost empty, as are the main highways which are blocked, the motor them on the lid. we have rights and won't fight for them. we've been here already for 7 days. oh, that brief arrest of the confederations president looney, thus isa. and what he says was a subsequent assassination attempt outraged indigenous communities. ha! and now the death of a young protest, her heat in the head by a police tear gas canister. the amazon region has further fueled anger and violence
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. and it is, confederation is now marching towards the agricultural ministry. there are thousands and thousands of them right now trying to show their freight, but for now they are not going to the presidential palace in the past. highly organized indigenous form, a unions have helped else. 3 presidents are clears boy conservative president. he had more law. so says the confederation is trying to overthrow him by provoking kaos bit of his commune. but isa tells us that isn't their goal. they want to convince the president to consider their 10 demand, starting with subsidizing fuel prices for those most in need. bullied anymore, got them. hello, miss a little yellow going william. we have negotiated with him for an entire year, but he does not budget and or not even a little number. he cannot continue to profit from our bank and gave him to pressure from the i. m f, he has to listen to his people when asked if they planned to march on the
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presidential palace if their demands aren't met. isa said an assembly of all the indigenous nations represented here, will soon decide to see a new made out to 0. keep them now, while thousands marched in ecuador trunk drivers in argentina, held a nationwide protest against the rising cost of diesel union se they'll keep pressuring the government for as long as it takes prices come down. the demonstration coincides with the national grain harvest, which is crucial to argentina's economy. now, rail workers in the u. k. have gone on strike for the 2nd day this week of the talks to end in a national walkout broke down early. a 5th of rail services are running, causing a major disruption for commuters work as a demanding better pay, working conditions and job security as rail companies cut costs and staffing still . i had an al jazeera, we'll have the latest on the struggle to get
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a to millions. in ne, bangladesh displaced by the was flooding in decades and the military meeting. those careers lead a, came giovanni's top officials discuss defense plans on yeah, ah hello. we have plenty of begun summary showers as good old fashioned summer storms rumbling away across so many parts of europe had met breaking the hate. little touch of storms and moving across france, easing over towards germany, pushing into our central areas there is going through the next couple of days. you see some very lobby showers to associate with this area of low pressure. only seeing 50 millimeters dufrane in 24 hours around 2 thirds, the june average in just one day. that weather weather will clear
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a little further east, which you'll see so much weather coming to eastern parts of ukraine down towards the black sea lobby. showers there down across the balkans, bacon foundry, shad cool, cool. some localized fighting it to part of eastern france into switzerland, maybe southern areas of germany as well noticed some showers to coming into southern areas of england just in time for glastonbury as per usual wouldn't be classroom without the showers. of course, a wet weather will move into the public about it as we go one free friday. big rush of showers at this state across the low countries into germany, east narrows of francis and welcome brian. i suspect pushing into northern parts of spain, one or 2 showers, tim into northern parts of algeria. we have seen fighting recently in ivory coast 160 millimeters of rain 24 hours here at wet weather is making its way a little further north. ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs,
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and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go to create a government has knowledge in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members. inside story on al jazeera lou ah, watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. afghans taliban government is appealed for more international aid after the worst earthquake in 20 years struck a remote region in the southeast. at least 1500 people had been killed and many
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more injured. the un special repertoire says more must be done to stop me in mars, humanitarian crisis, and help refugees. tom andrews accused the military jones to which to power the crew last year of war crimes and crimes against humanity. thousands of indigenous protesters of march through ecuador capital, quito, the 10th day of a nationwide strike, demanding lower prices for food, fuel, and food. now in south africa, the final report looking into the so called state capture scandal is criticized president semerano poses for not doing enough to stop years of corruption. the 3 year judicial commission investigated a string of allegations against his freed assessor jacob zuba. the report found summa stopped investigations into the goop to brothers roger sh, and our 2 groups were arrested in to by this month accused of using their connections with zoom to win state contracts. this appropriate state assets and
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influence cabinet appointments was revealed. zoom are also stopped. authorities from investigating the head of state security off of fraser for running a rogue parallel intelligence organization. fraser was in the news for reporting a burglary in 2020 at a game farm owned by rama, poster involving undisclosed sums of foreign currency and run, oppose. the said, the report could be used against future corruption in south africa. the report is far more than a record of widespread corruption, fraud, and abuse. it is also an instrument through which their country can work to ensure that such events, such a state capture never have ever happen again. in our country. for me, the miller joins us now from johannesburg. so 1st of all,
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for me to how compromising are these findings for the president? well, many critics would say that, so given the president, serum of course, has positioned himself as a, as someone fighting corruption. he really hasn't done enough to fight corruption really or graft with in the african national congress. specifically. he testified at these under commission this inquiry. it's just an inquiry into state capture. and this might have backed by of back fight for the president, because we've also heard from this under commission that it finds the president's testimony was somewhat circumspect. and that jacob zoom or the from a former president abused power. and that reports are often let him do so. so certainly the president j of so i am opposed to hasn't come out of the serv inquiry or the report really are looking very good because the party as a whole,
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the african national congress is also compromised in that early leaders under commission has been very critical of the a and see perhaps supporting and enabling the former president, jacob zoom in terms of corrupt activities and especially the relationship with the group to brothers that you mentioned, sir. um, of course i certainly would have to do a lot of work going forward in terms of repairing his reputation a given that he was deputy president of the a and c at the time under jacob summa, and clearly hadn't done enough to clean up a government and what happens now though with the reports, recommendations, all the president has full minds to present this report to parliament and were looking possibly at the national prosecuting authority lane, criminal charges against certain individuals. and that's often investigation. but we also understand that these findings will go to parliament, a head of the president of presenting the findings to that institution. and we
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parliament and the national assembly could possibly have the freedom to initiate investigations or at least lead the way forward in terms of what happens next. there is concern, of course, around some of the recommendations in just how president silver i'm up was a may take action, but the a and c has said that it is supporting various institutions, including law enforcement agencies to criminal investigate certain individuals. even those are that the agency are only there. thanks so much for me to mila a coffin of a slain congolese independence hero has returned to his home more than 60 years after his assassination. the last known remains of her through slumber. a gold tooth was handed over to his family at the ceremony in brussels. earlier this week, lamar played a major role in the democratic republic of congo, to fight for independence from belgium. he was abducted and assassinated in 1961.
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the casket is going on a 9 day national tool for being buried. the strict police chief in texas who delayed the assault and the gunman during last month's school shooting and the val days been put on leave. officers were criticized for waiting more than an hour before entering the school. confronting the attacker who killed 19 children and 2 teachers this week, a state security official called the operation, an abject failure. a medical personnel involved in the care of ogden tinian, soccer style. diego madonna will face a public trial for criminal legless agents. they're accused of failing to take proper care of madonna when he was recovering from surgery. not a don died in 2020 age 60 due to a cardio respiratory arrest officer and operation to treat the low blood cloth in his brain. relief efforts are under wayne bangladesh,
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for millions of people cut off by flooding in the northeast. dozens of being killed . hundreds of thousands false from their homes view and is wired about the threats of water born diseases. 100 chandry reports now from select. 50 year old charlotte rescued 20 of his extended family members when the flash flood his village. about a week ago. what? that's what funny, i say. the rush of water came very suddenly along with heavy vents, the water was up to the neck. most of the horns got submerged and we had no place to go. so i had to bring them here one by one, and a damage to the boat. among the rescue is near her big shots, sister number is my elder brother who rescued me with water almost submerged my home. we didn't have anything left shirey cause the dreadful day talk to be, you know, you can think of everything got washed away. cooking pot food stuck and even old
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clothing items absolutely have nothing left anymore. we are helpless. when i'm in the last, the children, no one knows how many got drunk and who lost their farm animals. there is no account of all these things. and what happened that day and how many actually died, sil, at city mirror, ari from the hawk say's his concern about the future as things good worse him for the with of live. honestly speaking, we were not fully able to reach the skyland people in the flood affected areas. so far we have received only 30 tons of rise from the government for distribution from the city corporation. we provided some dry, puft rice, and molasses, but it is very inadequate. tambra, some local media has reported data showing government relief, effort is inadequate. many volunteers and charity organizations are taking the lead in helping out flood victims in remote areas. it is he really grammy and money? this is a personal initiative taken by me along with my friends and colleagues were donating
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food items to the effected people, miles and miles of water. as you can see, among those trays are hitting our homes, you can see them, but they're submerged. it's a logistical challenge to rescue people or bring food to this rural areas. the flood situation has improved in silicon, but water has not receded in the rural areas. many are still stranded and in desperate need of fresh food and water. the un children agency warns that are on 4000000 people, including 1600000 children in bangladesh is northeast. have been cut off by floods and are without fresh drinking water. putting them at risk of waterborne diseases, turn v chaudry al jazeera shirley shack on these select. heavy rainfall in indian administered kashmir, triggered land slides and flash flooding across the region. people living in low lying areas or near the rivers of the nudge to move the safer locations,
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landslides, closed highways, including a vital link between kashmir in india. the regions largest river has breached its thing. jamal, with flood warnings now and place the capitals from the golf. at least 70 will have died in floods in india's northeast. in some states, in the last 24 hours lab brings the total number of dest $281.00. since the floods began in april, al jazeera is probably mid town reports from super jar in durango district biddy the large bunk, she and her daughter had been staying in the relief council for days. they were forced to flee when water gushed through a window and flooded their home. she says she got an infection from the dirty water . what did i say at them? we are facing many difficulties. i have barely slept since we moved to this relief . come, i mean we are very tense, even others are also losing their sleep. hundreds of thousands of other people have also been displaced by heavy flooding in some states in the northeast. the district
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is one of the was effected more than 4 and a half 1000 people here are living in release cam. heavy rain fall in the his is bringing more flooding in areas like these flood waters are blocking major roads and preventing trucks bringing supplies. people here say jeff, struggling to get food and medicine authorities or distributing food and other essential dissenter is serving 700 families. funny when we 1st received gum in relief, mathias for days after the floods, we brought more from the local administration office. today we have formed a committee at the community level to distribute relief media rescue operations are underway across the state. people are you graduated on military board like the but worsening flood, or hampering rescue that maybe issues that we have some engine boats on the other part of the city. but those are cannot be taken here because of the water that i've no gap in digital reviews on this highly underwater. the gap is very minimum,
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so we can't afford them. so we have been procuring books from other districts also well, a lot, every year during the season reco rainfall and what releases from down have called widespread devastation. people who are already struggling to survive are anxious about where they will go. if water levels rise again, pardon him, then i'll just sierra he by child in ne india e lead. as we'll meet later to review kids bid to become a member commission president of the lion has reiterated her support for their application. how you can opinion stems from a careful and so assessment on the reality of the, on the ground. and his evidence tells us that ukraine, the opinion of the commission, deserves a european perspective. it deserves the candidate status, of course, on the understanding that the country will carry out
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a number of further importantly, forms. and the you officials say the block will temporarily referred to using cold to deal with reduced natural gas flows from russia. germany, italy in the netherlands serve signals. coal fired power plants could be used to plug supply gaps, but the insists the change will not the rail longer term climate goals and the measure will be phased out as soon as possible. north korea's military leaders have been to discuss increasing the abilities of the armies frontline units raising alarm from neighboring countries. according to state media, the meeting with kim, german, and top military officials also focus on the potential for battlefield nuclear weapons. there are concerns, young ang may be ready for nuclear tests. from mcbride. as more from sol, we are told they were discussing key military organizational matters, and also the operational duties of frontline unit. now they didn't elaborate on any
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of this, but it thought that this could be linked to, hence that north korea gave a couple of months ago about deploying a tactical nuclear warheads to frontline artillery units. now these are they a small kinds of warheads that we know north korea has been trying to develop that has been speculation that it is preparing for another underground nuclear test. they are also the kind of a smaller warheads that are carried by short range missiles and rockets that north korea has been actively testing. especially since the beginning of this year with 18 rounds of tests of such weapons. so far more important perhaps than what was said was how they said it and why. now interestingly, with news of this meeting, they released a series of pictures, one of them showing intriguingly a map of the east coast of the korean peninsula with the details blurred out for security reasons. but the very fact that they would show this in such
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a secretive state is interesting. it is unusual. and also the fact that they referred specifically to frontline units. these are the kinds of units directed at specifically at south korea. so this does seem to be a deliberately aimed to deliberately time to pressure tactic aimed at the administration at south korea, which is conservative. it has promised a much tough line with north korea, amid speculation that we are in for a much tougher, more confrontational period into korean relations. ah, i'll come back, let's recap our headlines now. i can stand taught a bon government has appealed for more international aid. the worst earthquake in 20th struck a remote region in the southeast, at least 1500 people have been killed and many more injured. i lost the fees in these province of.


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