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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2022 2:30pm-3:00pm AST

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french fraser, and to manual my call is urging his opponents to help him end up political deadlock that threatening to derail is reform. agenda, micron, centrist alliance, lost his parliamentary majority. in this month's elections, the opposition left wing block and far riots are reluctant to work with the president. ah, i must thank you. through the headlines here now jazeera, now i've gamma stands, taliban government is appealing for more international aid after the worst earthquake in 20 years. struck a remote region, the southeast, at least 1500 people have been killed, and many more injured. germany stepping up its gas emergency plan saying it's facing a supply crisis. it's economy minister says the government can't rule out gas rationing because of dwindling deliveries from russia. b, u. k is foreign secretary says the global grain crisis is urgent,
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needs to be solved within the next month. this trust is in turkey to discuss ways to free up ukraine's black c ports to allow grain to be shipped out. pete in is weapon ising hunger. he's using feed security as a callous to of war. he's blocks ukrainian ports and is stopping 20000000 tons of grain being exported across the globe, holding the well to ransom. i'm here in turkey to discuss the plan to get the grain out. thousands of indigenous protesters have march through edward doors, capital quito, on the 10th day of a nationwide strike there demanding lower prices for fuel and food. dozens have been arrested. ronald dismissed the powerful chief of the revolutionary guard intelligence service state d. v reported her st. tired dismissal, but gave no further details tie of work to the office of iran. supremely that ali
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harmonized before becoming the guard intelligence chief in 2009 authorities in bangladesh of intensified efforts to deliver food and drinking water to millions of people. cut off by flooding in the northeast. about a quarter of the country is under water. near mars deposed lead along sang su, cheese been moved to solitary confinement in prison. the 77 year old has been on the house arrest since her removal from office and the crew last year. and the fire of falls into the so called state capture scandal has criticized president, settle ram, opposed for not doing enough to stop ears of corruption. a judicial commission investigated a string of allegations against his predecessor, jacob summa. what i will have those. i have lines, the news continues after inside story ah
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a 5th election in less than 4 years, israel's prime minister to disband the can. i said after failing to maintain his coalition, but will a new vote make a difference and what impact this political instability have on israel and the palestinians? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm dead, he and abigail keeping benjamin netanyahu out. that's what the 8 parties making up the is really government had in common, but it hasn't been enough to keep a government divide it on nearly everything from collapsing, defections,
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an inability to pass legislation and disagreements with arab is really coalition allies over is really attacks on the occupied ok so mos compound, all leading to a disillusion parliament after only a year in office. so a date in october has been put forward to hold a general election. the 5th and 3 and a half years. according to nathan, yahoo, the winds have changed, and his hard line, the crude party has already begun courting members of the kinessa for his possible return burner. smith has this reports for a year, benjamin netanyahu had been working to bring down the coalition. the house with him from power and he's managed it by blocking the normally automatic renewal of a bill that extend israeli law into the settlement. now netanyahu sees a pass back to the prime minister's office. i intend to form a strong national, steady government. i think the atmosphere change so i can feel it. i mean i hear
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from the people we now want to will change. we want to return the state of israel's to the place to service. and i intend to do it together with my friends. the outgoing 8 policy coalition was the most unusual. and his railey history made up the hard right liberals on palestinian israelis from the arab list. they came together to get rid of netanyahu, but the claim of their achieve, i must say that them saw that because the government was a pretty good government. was corporation between ops and jewish. it was in the 15 . the commission was a very good minister, especially hired man, came a national corporation. and when i think that this government too was very good for the citizens. i just whole suggest benjamin netanyahu. quote, when 60 of the $120.00 seats up for grabs in the classes the election won't be held
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until towards the end of october until then. yeah, la p israel's entering products. ah, let's, i'll bring in our guest, joining us from western womens gill hoffman, who's the chief political correspondent at the jerusalem post in warsaw, maryland rapport as writer and editor at new site, local call, and also in west jerusalem. and gideon ro, heights is a senior fellow at israel, democracy institute and chair, political science at here. we university of jerusalem. well, come to the program. thanks so much for your time. you'll half when i'll begin with you. so we're waiting in the wings. there is benjamin netanyahu, who is, of course, currently on trial for corruption charges. what are his chances to once again, become prime minister? pretty like right now. he party is doing the best of the polls. right now he does not yet in the call have a blocking majority to be able to form a government. all the parties that succeeded in the house to him last time would
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have to cooperate successfully again in order to prevent them from being able to form a government. the government just fell apart, fill apart because they had to few states. it was too narrow. a government and they couldn't afford to have the rebellion that inevitably came by the downfall the government wasn't an indictment of the diversity. diversity can succeed and it was very impressed that we had right ring central last week together, very orthodox, and very out that were the docs together. and for the 1st time ever as bob as era party and then they can all join forces again. it leads to prevent them from forming a government, if not, to allow them to form another one themselves. all right, stand by for a 2nd. let's bring in gideon. do you agree with the go? has to say, i mean some polls are showing that nothing has the crude party would, would once again be the largest in parliament going forward. but could he put
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together a coalition? if you look at the polls, it looks like we're going to see the same thing again. no majority for nathan, you know, to form a government majority to clear majority for these really right. but no majority for the support of nathan, you know, so well, you know, when you look at these, you, you imagine that we might have another government like the one that we have right now or the previous one with the, you know, to rotation or something like this or we might have another elections, but that's again, it is based on the current poles. and these polls the election result of very sensitive to the ability of specific parties to pass the electron threshold of 3.25 percent of the vote. ok, my own and that's and yahoo!
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i just want to focus on him for a 2nd. i mean, he seen him on is really media please. he's come out. he's looking quite bullish on television. in his own words. he's saying that the winds have changed. how popular do you think he remains with right wing is really you said to be very, very popular doctor, today, maybe some people told that the after the trial will begin, then it will go down and there will be opponents from within that he could target this and i think he is quite popular whether he will get the 6 to one maturity this question. we have to remember that in the last connections, the poles will mall favor go to the right ring, then accurately sounds that they got better in the polls than he got into actually
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sound. so it's very open. ok, i think ill. i just want to take you up on something you said a moment ago where you said the coalition was diverse and you believe that diversity can succeed. but you know, a lot of people say that it was the fragility of the co and listen under bennett that, that led to all of this. are you surprised by this turn of events or, or have you expected it? i was surprised when the cohesive coalition started crumpling on the 3rd of april until then it looked like they all have the same goal in mind, which included keeping the thing out of our you will seen as the glue that kept them together. but that, you know, ran a campaign of scare tactics against the right wing, members of the report of the coalition. and 2 of them cracked you had at the former college and chair woman who was based tremendous pressure from dallas people. the paid people demonstrated outside her home to hack her children
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on the way to school. it's got to be absolutely untenable. it's a job in the position to bring the government down. anything else succeeded. he deserves credit for that. and giddy on the final straw came when a bill allowing jewish settlers in the occupied west to live under is really jurisdiction. while many palestinians live under the rules of military occupation was defeated in parliament. that is what led to the downfall of the government. what does this tell us about the state of plain israel when this settler law, which normally would enjoy broad support in parliament and has been renewed over the past couple of decades, failed to pass this time around. this was a show that the new one, he's the he's cam where determinant to, to go with all of the power to out the government. because these low is a classic low for the settlers for the israeli ripe. and they were ready to go
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against their own interests in order to out this government. yeah, they're on can you away and on this because it is pretty s l founding that that netanyahu, despite his idea logical support for extending is really law to westbank settlers, told his liquid parties to vote against this. i mean, how shocking is that? no, i don't think it's shocking. i think what happened and i here i, i personally predicted that the government will fall in june. i was quite sure it will because the government pretended the government to tell them that we can freeze the posting and each for 2 years, 4 years time now from the state, you know, no part of the deal. they're not ready to be freeze and situation deteriorate, and this affected the government. and as regarding the law,
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we have to understand what happened now is that easily as society do is our society . so i'm able to reach a consensus and as a part of this, all kinds of issues the track larry went unnoticed like the slow come up and contradiction with aliens. well that's come up. and this is one, a great example of how i know that was unnoticed. for for 55 years makes the government fall. so marana to put it simply then would it be fair to say that the coalition government ultimately co ops over the palestinian conflict on the occupation? i think, i think, i think, i think yes, i think this is what led to condition to fall specifically for this role. but the whole the fries tried to freeze the policy in an issue and trying to avoid
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it. but just put more and more pressure on the government from all sides from the lower right. dream side, people in bennett's party and from the last a phone from a bus party. and these 2 just couldn't leave under these pressure from the right and from the left and the government collapsed. i think there's no other reason for the government to collect than the public stimulation. all right, i see both galen giddy and went away and so go over to you 1st and get you and i'll give you a chance to respond as well. i've worked as a customer for 24 years and i don't remember the last time the policies are even brought up. they certainly weren't brought up by any of the people rebelling inside the coalition. not even when the rom, hardy, the air muslim party started rebelling they, it wasn't really about the palestinians. either this bill is
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a bill that's not controversial, hasn't some things that are very important, right? doing people and some things that are very important to leslie people and it always passed unanimously, or only the members of voting against it. it was never controversial in any way. this was something that was just exploited because it had a deadline on it. it had to pass by next thursday, the 30th of june, that the opposition said, well, we're not going to vote for it was just an error party. couldn't vote for the coalition, had no majority for it. and the opposition smartly exploited that in order to bring the government down. but it had nothing to do with the palestinians who will remain irrelevant israeli politics until after they have their election that they have a leader is 86 years old. who doesn't have the support of his people in that i guess for another show. alright, gideon over to you. i mean, this is what a man all day had to say. who, of course, you know, is the connect member ahead of the arab joint lists. he wrote on twitter, it's effort to keep the occupation in place or what brought the government down as
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much as the government that everything to, to ignore it's you you agree with us or, or what's your response? no, i mean the israeli politics in the last you few years, the last 4 election rounds and probably the next one is only about one main issue. the continue ation off the rule of been benjamin danielle or the end of his rule. that's all, all of the other things, including very important the other issues are secondary because if the territories are where the issues, we will have a right wing majority stable, right? with the majority of 7072 seats. something like this. if this was the main issue, so i think that maybe the palestinian issue is still there may be the policy issue was used, but the problem will always be the elephants in the room. well,
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if not well the policy in an issue is the non issue for the current government because it cannot be an issue. i think if it was the main issue, so we would have a coalition, we would have collision of 7072 members of the right thing that support with different young says the idea of, of greater israel. so i think that the main issue right now is the rule of natania rather than the palestinian issue. well ok, let's, let's just bring a mirror on for just a moment because we were mentioning the era blessed just a moment ago and, and a man with a mirror on one question that leads people wandering is what the era parties will do next. because on the one hand you have the, the rom, which made history as you know, a year ago, the 1st air party to joint ruling coalition. on the other hand, you have the area of joint list. how do you see that going forward?
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that's a big question. i don't have the answer. i think the question, the real answer is the percentage of participation, if participation among the palestinian citizens will remain at o as in the last election. something like 50 percent that isn't below that. then that gives a great chance for them to win. if on the other hand, the dissipation rate will go up as it did in september of april 2020, then we will have to drunk maybe on 15 or both parties together and 15 seats. and this will change completely the political map. i think what happens in the last year at the moment it seems that the patient will remain low
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because this is going in fight between the palestinian power to the stomach party on the one hand and going to some of the other. so i think the result will be, may be that the participation will remain low, but i want just a quick remark. if the issue as to what was said before, if the issue was only out or not, and then the government will state, then there's no reason there was no reason for the government to poke. but all the crisis that we have doing this last year, crisis about in the neck, to wally things. and lo and, and of course, now all the carts were connected to the hosting an issue. and all the techs by direct link was on the fact that tow supporters are in the government. so
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to say that the student issue is non existent. i think it's it's, it's ignoring the political reality. ok, talk to us about the procedure going forward. the kinessa has already voted preliminary to disperse itself, 110 to 0, from what i understand, it still must pass 3 more times next week. is that correct? what is the procedure? correct? so next monday, next wednesday. at the latest, you know that it will have the 3 more readings. there's a fight over which committee will deal with it. whether it's a committee that's led by a loyalist a vendor or someone rebelled against bennett. there are those in lakewood who still want to try to form a government with the courage. they look at the credit, see 72 right wing, members of another 8th from the blue and white party, but he gets robins despised the proposed prime minister. yeah. and think maybe they can prevent the selection from happening and that speculation will continue until
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next week when still the overwhelmingly likely scenario is that an election would be initiated. that would be held as early as the 25th of october. it could be next tuesday or after that, or the one after that in november, giddy on boring any surprises. of course. the expectation is that the piece will be the intern prime minister, meaning that he will be most probably meeting with the us president joe biden. when joe biden visits next month, and this is what the state department has said, i don't expect political developments in israel will have implications for what we're seeking to accomplish together with our is really partners. what is israel hoping to get out of this visit? this visit is the, you know, it's one head of the country with another. so for the status is, well, this would the signify kind of the continuation of the
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close relationship with the united states in general. but i also suspect that the american current administration would not be so said if, if biden's visit would give some type of find that they support loppy, then he's side of the political mat marana. what is your take on the us president visit to israel next month? ahead of, you know, while the country is been political turmoil, i think i think it was originally one of the reasons for this visit is to really impose bennett's position and bennett's government. now the government is falling. i think us will be very happy to see this problem is to to, to when the next election day preparing for bennett bennett was, you know,
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we're close to accepting as an attorney out. i think they will try and help. this is not what they meant to beginning, but i think they will try to help us because we can and strengthens position in the public. gail, what will your la, he bring to the table as in term prime minister and, and from what i understand, i mean going for a did the 1st thing of the can asset not only holds a series of economic reforms, but also no nominations of senior officials can take place in the country, for example, the next military chief of staff. so how, how does all this affect to israel sort of internally, internally, it puts the government and paralysis again, in which it was through the 1st 4 elections. only this time, instead of having this yeah, presiding over it and having an interest in going to election after election after election, you have it there, and then it's now as an interest analysing him as fast as possible. meanwhile,
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lupita is moderate, and that is something that the world including president biden would want to work with, but they could easily screw up. let's not forget it. joe biden had a visit here as the vice president in which he made a big deal about building in an ultra orthodox neighborhood in jerusalem, surrounded by altar orthodox neighborhoods in jerusalem. and acted as if a new settlement had been built deep in the west bank that would prevent the creation of a palestinian state. him making such a big deal about that and making it a lot harder for the americans to move the peace process forward. after that, if he insists on taking steps to show that they're even handed and helping the palestinians, you might as well just give a vote of thousands of votes to net. anyhow, he would give him such a boost. so biden has to be very, very careful and what he says and what he does here because everything will be very, very scrutinized because it's happening during an election campaign. and not only
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that, speaking of the timing giddy, and i'll bring you in the timing of all of this coming. of course, as israel has wrap it up tensions with iran, syria, lebanon. what do you make of that? was this is the, on the, on the one hand, we have all of these possible conflicts. and actually the conflict is not with lebanon, it's the blood that is the strongest force within lebanon, and probably the proxy of iran. but all of these things are on there, on the one hand, on the other hand is well also have some i would some peace agreements and some better relationship with other countries. so things are going in the middle east all the time. some people are becoming closer to each other. some people are far from each other. i mean,
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this is their lives. this is the balance of power. the, i mean, who would believe that the, that 50 years ago, israel in iran were the closest friends in the middle east together with turkey. so, i mean, this is something that is part of the balance of power in the world and also in the area. and this is something that israel is, are living with for decades. actually, i think that israel is much better off if its relationship with many middle eastern countries, then it was decades before i think many middle eastern countries have come to expect. the fact that well is here to stay and then they tried to to have relationship and maybe even try to influence the israeli palestinian conflict in them or diplomatic way. all right, on that? no. so we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. gail hoffman
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marana rock report and get you on how we appreciate your time. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story from the conversation on twitter or handle as a day and type story on myself in the whole team here. and thanks for watching. um i can use ah and a good criminal drug dealing shifted to place is beyond the reach of the many people in the afghan government way involved in the drug trade. gorilla
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was in columbia and to mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics, territories on al jazeera. the heart wrenching good buys loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving ben behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come 1st serve basis here at the bus station that only a few rides available. and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in hope. hoping to morrow is
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a better day. in germany's capital, there is a barber like no other that are quite a tip to have them for i mark, not those restaurants which you but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the master barber of berlin. this is europe on al jazeera african stories from african perspectives. most of the never bought one that has not been a good machine because of the voice of machine appealing in, i mean as short documentaries, by african filmmakers from kenya, he raised almost done into something like a super press and ivory coast colors. i live here in scrap yard and model africa direct on al jazeera. what's most important to me is
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talking to people, understanding what they're going through here, douglas 0. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing with marleen site in dough holly. your top stories on al jazeera, i've gotten stones taliban government and has appealed for more international aid after the worst earthquake and 20 years struck. a remote region in the southeast is 15. 100 people have been killed and many more are injured, is feared, hundreds more still trapped in the rubble gemini, stepping up its gas emergency plan saying it's facing a supply crisis. it's economy minister says.


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