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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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hi, linda, something becky, civil and ivory coast cutters. i live here in scrap yard and marble africa direct on al jazeera ah a desperate search for survivors. the taliban appeals for help often devastating earthquake in afghanistan. ah, hello, i am on inside. this is out. is there a life and ours are coming up? european leaders gather in brussels to decide whether ukraine will be accepted as a candidate for you membership. jamie warns it can't rule out gas rationing as supply flows from rush, i begin to dwindle. in
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ecuador, thousands of indigenous protesters march on the capital, but the government refuses to back down. ah, we begin in afghanistan, where officials are appealing for more international help after the worst, earthquake in 20 years. these 1500 people have been killed so far, many more injured in the remote region in the southeast. the magnitude 5.9 tremors struck early on wednesday in particular, province is feared. hundreds is still trapped in the rubble and rescue as the struggling to reach the disaster zone. or some binge of aid reports. ah, even at night the search for the missing continued in easton avalon, a storm it's a race against time before the rescue operation turns into recovery of the dead.
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using bare hands and shovels to free those buried under the rubble in the remote villages of host and buck beka provinces were in bed when hundreds of homes and buildings were destroyed by the powerful earthquake. my nozzles lowered for the spirit i was sleeping and i felt a strong tremor. the roof fell on us. i hardly got out of the house and when i looked back, i saw my wife and daughter under the rubble in the next room. my nephew, his wife and his daughter, they died. i lost everything in the blink of an eye. ah, as the scale of the devastation becomes clearer of honest nines currently does a realizing the challenges in providing relief and shelter for the displaced roads were already in disrepair. and now they are blocked or destroyed by ensuing landslides. after the quake, afghanistan with its various agencies and ministers, launched a joint operation to assist the injured and dispatched a specialized themes by helicopter to provide medical assistance and emergency
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meeting was held by the prime minister. and it was decided to provide urgent financial aid for compensation. the prime minister appealed to foreign agencies and organizations to assist the of gunny people in these difficult circumstances of. hi, nathan is already facing a humanitarian disaster. most international aid, dried up and foreign, stafford pulled out when the taliban took over last year. the government, which called it says these la camera, it accuses will powers of callous behavior for freezing assets and stopping aid from millions of afghans as you in. we do not have our teams do not see it. you can just take people under the from, under the rubble of these has actually lied. most of the efforts of the defacto authorities at least $15000000.00 will be required immediately. international and regional health will be crucial, as it will likely take months and years to recover from the devastation of loans within abundance and live down by the international community. say all they can do
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is pray for both the dead and those who survive from the job. i was there, you know, as go live now to ali latifah, who's in the east and province of potty key ali. we've heard from the taliban today appealing for help after the earthquake. can you describe to a situation there? what is what is needed? everything is really needed. you know, basic medical assistance is needed at helicopters more and more. helicopters are needed. we spoke to the head of the park, the army corps, and he said that, you know, they're sending as many helicopters as they can. every day you might be seeing one behind me right now. ah, but that's just not enough. and every helicopter, when it comes back from the scene, almost all of them will come back with victims who are then placed in the ambulances. and then when they are taken in the ambulances, they're taken to the regional hospital here in patio. but that hospital doesn't
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necessarily have all of the equipment and services for emergency care for head traumas for things like that. which then will mean that, you know, several patients that are admitted will end up having to go to cobble, which means again, a 345 hour car ride ah, to the capital city at a time when they're really in need and really suffering. and really in pain, which only makes their prospects for, you know, a proper prognosis much worse and understand you've actually been out on a helicopter. you've ver surveyed some of the land that's been affected by this earthquake. i mean it's, it's a very large area, i presume there's some areas that haven't even received any help. that's exactly why when you talk it's it's, it's a sprawl of mountainous rocky. ah, you know, on pave terrain houses mostly made of mud even, you know,
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they're very big in house. 1516 people, you know, they, they're there, these mud homes that you know when you have a night time earthquake, as they said, the whole matter was done in 5 minutes. i ate it causes unbelievable devastation to family. you know where there are people and one home and that, that home is not built to any kind of a family ali, let's he fee that for us in the eastern province of poxy. ah, european union leaders all gathering in brussels to announce that decision on ukraine's candidacy status to join the blog. keep how's the support for 27 member states, meaning it's not likely to receive the candidate status. moldova, georgia was expected to make the carts, but gaining full membership could take years. and ukrainian nationals living in
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brussels held a rally outside the summit venue to show their support for their country's candidacy. all the people in ukraine i watching and waiting for this decision for them, it's very, very important to rise their moral, to continue fight against the russian army to continue to fight against the bus and towards the future. it's a very symbolic move on the side of the japan union because today there is the war and it's the war not only against ukraine, russia waged this war, also against europe, against our european values and ukrainians. today we are a, she'll kill european union, we are protecting europe from the russian aggression. so it's so so important to see the similarity in action by receiving because that's not just as close to brussels to speak with natasha butler, natasha. so how likely is it that ukraine's application will be approved while the leaders are starting to arrive hair in brussels for this summit,
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this meeting in which they are going to discuss. so ukraine's application to join the european union. not. this was a request that was submitted by keith just days off to russia, invaded the country. the mood is here that they will be a consensus among the $27.00 member states that they are likely to approve ukraine's candidacy. it is a, for some, they say, potentially an historic moment. it is just a step though. if ukraine's candidacy is approved, there is a for a long process off to bass. of course, ukraine would have to fulfill a number of commitments, sometimes a judiciary press freedoms, things like a corruption before it could become a 4 member. it could be a process that takes years even decades, a se, sum. nevertheless, as i said, many people welcoming potential use all ukraine, at least people in the past, a membership. and yeah, i actually spoke to you crate the head of ukraine's a mission to the you. he said that if you cranes candidacy is expected,
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it would be a moment normally of celebration. he said with a war, of course, people all feeling of a festive mood, but it is nevertheless, a very important day. the problem i was still now is the perception of ukraine, whether it's the european state, whether the article $49.00 of the video in the european union could be applied to print. we had all those difficult discussions. and finally, we are getting through. it's important for the whole country for the whole society, and it's important also for the ukranian army to have a clear reason what we are fighting for. we are fighting for the future. we are fighting for the modern independence over in european countries. and this tasha e lead is also meant to the latest from the west and bolton. so what have they been discussing where we don't yet know
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the outcome of that meeting, but there's definitely a sense amongst western balkans leaders or they are increasingly frustrated. increasingly fed up with the european union because a number of western balkan countries have been a candidates now for many years. how pena north macedonia, montenegro, serbia, yet they have seen the accession process really drag for many years now. some of them have even being candidates for more than a decade. they want to see progress there, all those within the you. he says the progress is absolutely essential, especially in this context in which russia is increasing its influence in the region of less, very little progress for now. but what we do know is that was fun. but for some of those western vulcans leaders, they are particularly upset with each member, bulgaria, because bulgaria as continue to use it's vito to block the accession process for
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north macedonia. because of a dispute over language and over cultural identity. that is a great source of frustration to those leaders in western boykin's men looking at what's happening with ukraine this possible fast track of its candidacy. and they're saying, well, you know what about us? thank you for that. natasha butler in brussels. a germany is stepping off its gas emergency plan saying it's facing a supply crisis. and its economy minister says a comp loud gas rationing because of dwindling deliveries from russia. the european union says it will temporarily revert teasing coal to deal with reduce flows. they even says the change won't to rail it's longer tongue climate goals and the measure will be phased out as soon as possible. let's go to dominic kain is lifeless in berlin. so talk us through what this means. exactly. what's happened to day is the german government has effectively put the energy
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sector on notice that there may come a time in the not too distant future where the constant, continuous supply of gas can not be guaranteed. and so what we've heard ministers do is to say to people, to people in residential areas, please try to conserve the gas that you would normally use. don't use as much, that sort of thing. and to industry, it's more official to industry. it is. police starts working out what your daily requirements are, be in contact with us in the ministry about what sort of problems you have and that sort of thing. and then the corolla research, the other side of it is that the german government, the ministry, the relevant ministry, has had to communicate to the european commission about the situation about this possibility that there may soon be a moment when there isn't enough gas. of course, we are now at the start of the european summer in the northern hemisphere. it's warm, generally speaking, across much of germany. so most people won't be using gas to heat their homes. but
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industry does depend on gas to a very large extent. and particularly on russian gas. and we know that in the course of the past week or so, russia has started to deliver less gas through the pipelines that connect it with germany than had normally been the case. and what impact is this likely to have on general's climate goals? well, that's the problem for ministers here because the war in ukraine, the problems with gas supply and energy supply have made things particularly difficult for them. remember that this government is mostly sent a left composed of the center left and the green party, mostly. and both those parties are committed to doing away with a dependency on fossil fuels of any sort as quickly as possible. but given the war in ukraine to get away from russian fossil fuels as quickly as possible,
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but how to do that is their problem. some people say that nuclear might be the answer, but the green party is implacably opposed to that. there are only a few reactors left working in this country and they area much to be shut down quite soon, even in the face of an energy crisis. coal seems to be the answer that the green party and others in government have alighted upon. but even there many say that coal is particularly policing. and so what you have right now is a government here that is trying to reassure people. we have enough gas right now. maybe not in the future, but right now we have enough, be careful. we're going to have to use coal, we don't want to, we want to get out of as quickly as possible. so they really are in a dilemma right now. tom, nick kane and been inland kit. still ahead on al jazeera, the u. k. is controversial migrant deal with one days on the spotlight as the leaders of both countries meas, into golly, and heavy rainfall in indian administer kashmir triggers. landslide,
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money ah, with hello. we got some really heavy rain pushing across ne, in parts of china, or at the moment you see this long line of cloud which runs down across the korean peninsula associated with this area of low pressure. and the may you front, the seasonal front, which is very active, some big and foundry down pause could lead to some localized flooding. dismantle central parts. the good news for southern air is, is it is largely dry over the next couple of days where the will be one or 2 showers to make a way into the weekend. but nothing like the kind of heavy rain that we've seen recently. so that where to weather that'll make its way across western parts of japan as we go on through saturday. try to get across the mountains sheltered by the mountains. tokyo lottie drive little here beside temps, here at around
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a 30 degrees celsius and the shower is weakening. by the end of the day, and you can see those showers into the far southeast of china, but no showers cross indo china, some very heavy downpours lightly over the next day or 2 into northern parts of the philippines is gradually clear through good scattering showers across malaysia and also into indonesia. plenty of showers. meanwhile, across much of india we have got so the monsoons made his way a good deal further north. now lottie drive towards the northwest and into pakistan, showers not as heavy as of late for the northeast. wet weather for the western gets ah, less than 6 months to go until the welcome and the clock is ticking. thieves and fans. let's make them out of 2022. we'll have a new show every month. taking in the news at excitement from across the globe in
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south america as messy seeks to match mary donna and brazil looked and a 20 you wait for trophy. join us for the welcome count. down on al jazeera lou. ah, it watching out as a reminder of how top stories is our afghanistan's taliban government has appealed for more international aid off to the worst earthquake in 20 years, struck a remote region in the southeast 1500 people have been killed. many more are injured european union leaders the set to announce that a decision on whether ukraine can become a candidate to join the blog keeps bid is expected to receive resounding support by
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gaining full membership could take years. and germany stepping up its gas emergency plan a saying it's facing a supply crisis. columnists of government can't rule out gas rationing because of dwindling deliveries for marcia. now the u. k prime minister boris johnson has met with rwandan president paul cook gama, to discuss the migrant deal between that 2 countries. the agreement involves burson deporting asylum seekers to the east african country on has been widely criticized for breaching human rights status and protocols. the lead is met on the side lines of the commonwealth heads of government meeting into gaudy as go to malcolm webb, who is life for us there. so tell us more about this meeting. what happened? the british prime minister boys johnson met with random president polk. again,
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a just a short while ago or johnson was asked about the recent comments of u. k. prince charles, he arrived here on wednesday. he's representing the queen of the united kingdom at this commonwealth. had the government meeting and prince charles just days before describes the c port taishan of asylum seekers from the u. k. to rwanda as a poorly. that was the word he used. johnson that defended it when he was asked about it by journalists. the criticisms of the deal have come from political opposition in the u. k. from rights groups from the united nations who say both that the u. k. is neglecting its international legal obligations to give people a chance to apply for asylum, but it's also shown a light toner drone. quite a lot of criticism on one does own human rights record, not something that the u. k. spoke about itself last year. the un human rights
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meeting in geneva, the u. k. raised concerns about the enforce disappearances killings and silencing of critics of the government here in the u. k. since seems to have gone quite on those things since this refugee asylum seeker deal came on the table. the u. k. the already paid about a $150000000.00 to run the 1st flight that was to bring those. the 40s last week never took off following a series of last minute legal challenges. and malcolm, what is, what is the focus of this commonwealth? headset government meeting inc. golly, is anything concrete supposed to come out of? it? will nothing concrete is expected. the commonwealth doesn't really do that. doesn't do binding agreement is not a trading block themes to talk about. they've included the global economic crisis and other malaria. some issues to do with health care in africa,
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but these are just kind of talking points to the youth for a lot for press releases. that the to one thing of significance that we are expecting to be announced in the next couple of days to new members to the commonwealth galvan and tow go now even memoranda. join the commonwealth just a few years ago. there was a lot of criticism from the commonwealth human rights initiative, instead, the one that didn't meet the bar for the commonwealth own declarations that have been made regarding democracy and civil liberty. nonetheless, rwanda was allowed to join both give bond and go for my french colonies. most of the commonwealth members of former british colonies and both are gone and to go ruled by what they were for years were ruled by long serving or sorry, terry and rulers who subsequently the sons of both taken over in both cases following elections that were widely criticized for irregularities. certainly
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themes, the direction of the commonwealth is going up the moment. isn't so bothered about some of these big questions around democracy, that it has something that it has paid lip service to in the past. thank you for that. mark wed efforts in kigali the final report into the so called state capture scandal has criticized president. so rum, oppose off not doing enough to stop ease of corruption. a judicial commission investigated a stick, a string of allegations against his predecessor, jacob summa included inappropriate business dealings. i'm opposed to served as zoom as deputy between 20142018. he described the corruption as an assault on democracy were to be or i'm opposed to said the report could be used against future corruption in south africa. and part of the report is far more than
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a record of widespread corruption, fraud and abuse. it is also an instrument through which the country can work to ensure that such events, such a state capture, never have over happen again. in our country, of thousands of protesters have march through ecuador capital, the 10th day of a nation wide strike. indigenous demonstrators were joined by students on trade unionists. they want action from the government to stem rising, living costs to protest as were killed in earlier protests. a latin american ad salisia newman reports from quito, ah. indigenous ecuador ins from the mountains to the coast, to the amazon, a congregating in the capitol quito. define a state of emergency that prohibits public gatherings. you look up of them. remedial is from the oil rich amazon region. well,
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dylan of the building here. okay, let me place you on the look. what is the price of music? good to hear about to mention fuel or astronomical in our region is the richest, but we are among the poorest people. that's why we walk back down. the national strike called by the confederation of indigenous nations is stopping fresh food and cooking gas for reaching the capital. the streets of quito are almost empty, as are the main highways which are blocked, the motor feminist village. we have rights and won't fight for them. we've been here already for 7 days. oh, the brief arrest of the confederations president looney, thus isa. and what he says was a subsequent assassination attempt outraged indigenous communities. ah, and now the death of a young protest, her heat in the head by a police tear gas canister. the amazon region has further filled anger and violence . and it is, confederation is now marching towards the agricultural ministry. there are
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thousands and thousands of them right now trying to show their freight. but for now they are not going to the presidential palace in the past. highly organized, indigenous former unions have helped else. 3 presidents, our peers, boy, conservative president, he had more law. so says the, the duration is trying to overthrow him by provoking care. else. bill says commute, but isa tells us that isn't their goal. they want to convince the president to consider their 10 demand, starting with subsidizing fuel prices for those most in need. bold me more often, but in love with a little yellow going to william. we have negotiated with him for an entire year, but he does not budget and will not even a little more. he cannot continue to profit tomorrow. being given to pressure from the i m f. he has to listen to his people. when asked if they planned to march on the presidential palace if their demands aren't met,
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isa said an assembly of all the indigenous nations represented here. we'll see. to decide. to see a newman al jazeera kito, iraq's parliament has sworn in dozens of new legislatures, strengthening the power of rival iran, back politicians in the assembly. on the recent resignation of 73 m. p. 's from the influential sheer clerk, mac. thou father's blog was the biggest winner in last year's general election, but no progress has been made in the formation of a government since then. long. iran has dismissed the powerful chief of the revolutionary gods. intelligence service fe tv is reported that her same types dismissal but gave no further details. tab worked at the office of her own supreme leader alley. how many before becoming the god intelligence chief in 2009 about this lonnie is a senior research fellow at the center for middle east strategic studies. he says the new leader will provide a new perspective. may be the new chief who has an experience in the counter
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intelligence unit can bring his experience to the organization. and this myself, the random intelligence community is specifically in the i as gc to be able to counter those efforts or the measures that are coming from outside against the country. in the intelligence the spectrum, maybe his experience can help the organization and let's say tightening and strengthening the organization. from this aspect to counter this peonage efforts, that is coming from outside by the u. s. these drill as well as he can, as a military senior military official. we can also bring to security related, let's say experience in order to prepare the organization for it may be a new era where we can see, let's say a wider security unintelligence relate that. let's say competition in the region.
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this might be, you know, the angle that we might be looking at. we have to see that in the future, how things on poll heavy rainfall. an indian administered cas me has triggered landslides and flash flooding. the regions largest river has breached its danger. more can flood warnings happen issued for the capitals vinegar. taylor has had a young, his mom with threats and homes partially submerged. this community in indian administered kashmir. this trying to stop things from getting worse. c heavy rainfall caused a canal and boot camp district to burst its banks. now this neighbourhood is bearing the brunt. as there is to worship good to wales gilbert, we were sleeping and heard people's cries of la mortar started coming in. many houses are damaged, uneven party fields are under water. damaged crops will meet a huge loss for us. robina says she feels helpless. all her belongings
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are damaged. going to bite you to watch on the blood of love. love what risk you. nothing much is left now. my nephew had a close call, but he was somehow see from the flood waters. it's so high you caught him in take out items from inside the house. heavy rain and snow fall has triggered flash floods and landslide and recent days. roads are blocked and cars stranded rescue team, so started moving people from below lying areas to see for locations. the other girl is at home. her daughter, one of the landslides covered an area of about a 100 meters. if it doesn't rain in the next few days, it will take at least 2 days to clear the debris. until that happens, families are doing what they can, stacking sand bags and putting a barriers to try and save what's left. castillo priscilla young. audra 0. the world's largest container ship has been put into service in china,
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designed and built in shanghai. the vessel can carry 24000 containers on a deck. the size of 3 and a half foot ball feels it will serve as route between asia and europe. chinese media say 8 more of these mega ships are currently under construction. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. afghanistan's taliban government has appealed for more international aid of the west. earthquake and 20 years struck us remote region in the southeast. 1500 people have been killed, so farm and more are injured. ali latifah is in the eastern province of parcher. everything is really needed you know, basic medical assistance is needed. ah, helicopters.


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