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tv   Witness Deactivating Kenyas Toxic Trolls  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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stacking, sand bags and putting up barriers to try and save what's left. castillo sicilian on his ear. the world's largest container ship has been put into service in china, designed and built in shanghai. the vessel can carry 24000 containers on a deck. the size of 3 and a half football fields, it will serve as roots between asia and europe. chinese media says 8 more of them, mega ships are under construction. ah, said the south zurich, these are the top stories and such a rescue operations of ended in some major regions of afghanistan, of the countries worst, earthquake in 20 years. at least 1500 people have been killed. taliban governments made an urgent appeal for international help survivors a desperate for food, for shelter and for drinking water. you as president joe biden says, a u. s. supreme court ruling on home guns as deeply disappointing. the court ruled that new york state's restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in public places
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are unconstitutional. york's governor cathy hotel called the decision, absolutely shocking. as governor of state of new york, my number one priority is to keep new yorker safe. but today the supreme court is sending us backwards in our efforts to protect families and prevent gun violence and is particularly painful that this came down. at this moment. we're still dealing with families in pain from mass shootings that have occurred the loss of life. their beloved children and grandchildren. date is free court struck down in new york law that limits who can carry concealed weapons. european union leaders are set to announce their decision on whether ukraine is a candidate to join. the block keeps expected to receive it. resounding support were gaining full membership, could take years old, over in georgia, also expected to make the cut. germany is stepping up its gas emergency plan saying it's facing
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a supply crisis. it's economy minister says the government can't rule out gas rationing because of dwindling deliveries from russia. iran has reportedly dismissed the powerful chief of its revolutionary guards, intelligent service state, tv reported who st. tapes dismissal gave no further details till you worked at the office of iran. supreme leader alley her many before becoming intelligence chief in 2009. it is the final day of a peace tribunal in columbia where former fark rebel leaders are expected to detail more than $21000.00 kidnappings. committed during decades of conflict leaders admitted to war crimes during the tribunals. first 2 sessions. it's all part of a 2016 piece deal with shields former combatants from any potential jail sentences . here today with headlines, more news coming up after witness. bye for now. ah,
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a. we got to have to leave each one, which i think the open up one the name and only it'll get you down to a point where you might never recover. say what bullies are nothing to do their pass. what was being stable. they were billing is that both the pop treat the who refused to see the world in india, calibrating that. i like if concierge that the main point 2000000 intended to that didn't communication. so i thought it had scanner like a fight thing to buy. thank. told population vision, huge number of people thought those people need to be safe and see for help.
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with john, did you see this last week? so should we do use us, put on notice over in time it abuse. this is the fear for in federal security. who is this a good mix, the company becoming really a runs actually next year in your own? those are the us a little girl, actually be awesome. i apparently working ozell bunker. i have a lot of interest in it. and the treating ins was hyperbolic, public guys affecting more information about them out. yeah.
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a lot more his uncle made. yeah. and he, in kenya, well known to most people, at some point it was so bullied that she decided to quit the past 3 days like hell, quality young as a comedian. these outfits that you use is that people are familiar with. and it took it out. and said it was done. i just don't know if i can do that today. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you didn't. you wouldn't, you might do you do a up not go up or not a cool. we
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want a president of our nation has been affected. so i had a bad situation. it was at that point that favorable to should come along and find how would you find a solution in apartment one with the fat thing to do on my launch, among so many cheese those academically involved with what we might have to invite them for the launch and the funding yes, even though we do the letter, we need to capture that we need ongoing support and partnership from the government
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funded managers. yeah. and also specific risk now for specific assistance. yes. for the form remain shifting shorter. some of the things that are going to the minute just to give us one, the budget of what it is actually and they're launching cell function. the launch the verizon patterns, if they have, if they can provide lake possible can come in to the ministry positional. yes. oh yeah, internet security at 50 ethics. yeah. that's good. so far. and the objectives. one way in which is to promote a culture of totally among you can only terms good number. we must bring off the impact to be sure
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we have to have a form of one that she wanted to feel that women belong to them. once this program is more than we probably wanted officially and say, well bullying association was busting 20 twitter, but we just had in 2018 actually tell us that and say are willing association. it was me, me pursuing something i felt passionately about a henley day get support. yeah. and for my own family, they would not. they do not get it. because if you're working way looking for other things that are taking up your time and money
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with cindy. lindsey was turned in again on kahneman, who's the, again, i'm going one less. this is clearly a coordinated campaign can see, but it has just the same picture of the same person. the trending sexual on today is how people navigate that platform. right. it's how you find out what's going on today. so if you're able to manipulate the section, you actually have millions of people. yes, i've seen them. there's specific research you did and i thought of for data purposes and fog musician, i would reach out and find out what it is. and i had a few things i wanted to find out. lay cut. what would you say is a challenge to ending saber pulling from your report?
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if we look at this information as a sub rash or say bubbly, was that this is a form of sober bullying for which the same industry, okay. these are demand. and so long as these are strong demand for disinformation services, someone is only going to be looking to fill that gap in whichever way possible. right. the 2nd challenge, of course, is that we've got a case where by platforms are sh. at of complicity in helping spread that, that some of this forms of disinformation, because se babbling ends up being amplified by platforms. right? this is through the algorithms that they used to sort information and they need various news feeds or feeds of information that they provide to their user. so those 2 are the biggest challenges when it comes to save a bullying. right. and who does it is enough research on i and especially in kenya, let enough data on the teams on the troll send. what do they look like?
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no. ah, partly because there is very little incentive to find that out. yeah, yeah. being a bank is really demanding. being a plant is equally demanding thing. uh huh. yeah. you could what you do with the draw roblox. i mean i don't know what drawbacks add fast. now you want to either draw that looks 14th. oh, what is really interesting? don't stuff one, so you have a laptop around the room, you're more than anyone else. since you had to were to judge, i just need
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a need for my me you want to doctor that need to give you my need to weigh your box. so you are not, you don't want a 2, jen. can we send our band with a laptop for to do? you're done with the laptop for today. and please switch it off fast. didn't switch at all. so for me, i think a good as motivation is for my children, every time i actually face, i meet someone who has been saved by bullets. it's automatic id heats. that could be my child's g one. do you think i do a t. c b? you're stuck saber. you stop at the pick up from the same well moving people name
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landry more may and them want to do and not providing information. yes. that's it's a law. hi. yeah. very good in you. no problem. give me if okay, a why are you doing home and you about social media in the form of social media? they someone will say they're not happy about what they post. or do you want to say what you are posting? yes. what have you been posting?
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go go. all right, okay. all right. all right. so we are with your digital reputation. we train the lake, lead does you sent them to begin an initiative up 11 my initiative in their school . it's so we have a community of people that are the reason awareness on st. bully. i want to see we are getting this things. yes. speaking are both. what do you think b e f, who yes i am in the cloud for this guy. oh b, b, b, b oh, it is a very no one campaign. i was ready with profile. my 1st morgan tutor here and oh,
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look up the appellate people's issues. right. so sure one was paid me yet, but we wanted to highlight those people's issues as to get bullied for i let go see shoes or you go play until march or you wait till march. am is people's problem. sure. in my yeah, i don't even show a photos. and then if a dick on i switch over to someone chef that will hit on me for bonfires confessed, do i call to action or directly from the beginning. i really wanted to do something back to just reach out to a huge population and co my, my boss from that's where no want to actually spend up the process of o m b b i of delivered the list i to the name is chick fil, i'm
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a total identity is not around by that and get feedback in a week. thank hey, listen. i know it was, this is ashley my colleague caused to listen to me. yeah. she's running an incredible campaign called ansible anti bullying? yes, yes. and it has a so he li, on warm wine lack warm where my home i want to be respect was online and you don't mind. okay. sure. yeah. awesome. as a news anchor reports are presented as a woman. yes. this 1st of all, just that on its own there's always something that will come at you unfortunately. and every day it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you're to pregnant to be on t v. or we can't stand looking at you when you're reading the news like that. and especially for you, we sampling figures. we had never seen a prick man to man on to he. so i'm told much i which i was telling people i don't have the bathroom really i think it had,
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but maybe it's because it was one of the most watch stations in the region. yeah. right. and i think there was just a lot more eyeballs. oh, boy, my deadline is saying you're so far, no hold on class. and like i said, oh, you know, i really, oh, i know, are you comment? so see you live in. one of them was hardest working jonesy in this country. last all have just come from your radio show. yes. and just for my radio ha, just from my radio. and what to want with influence us is pickup. that's become known as that even to the bully. yeah. come out. you influence you influence a man on a bus on seem fluent and you come out and see that we have been kind. we have been kind to each other on like this power in a call to action being to your community or they take it and you run with it to your people. yeah. fan base your community on. so i think this is gonna be for our
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people. oh, to extend our lines, extend, kindness and to and cyber bullying the i mean i'm not lying and labeling a take away doing i didn't want to want to. what they would do is not picking up a little bit by the we've got big you. it was like pulling this campaign. use your talent with a so much 8 only, not one. i could, you could have bought it all in black or what i say mother other years you missouri williams that i mentioned it? no, no, no. just and then the appraising humans and over bracing love in the living room, a wonderful couple. when priest, my many kids are getting into depression and that has committing she's like that very suppose of this thing. yeah. yeah. very sad, very unfair that i
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really, really, really good to go talk to walker. okay. oh, okay. so the main challenge you're saying is that she was not able to present to me till operating to present a victim. so this is where we are at. i learned says of each of us to write a statement. maybe you can tell me what you think the best he told me. he told me that i can't arrest this guy before this kid does a statement. and it would, he may don't want him understand. at least i want him questioned. i want to understand what kind of a puzzle this person is. so if 15 months down the line,
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this case you just is telling me that this the, the guy when i did this man fix, i don't have an interest attached to be honest. i don't be traveling just of a child a tut and that's how we feel. that's how we feel about this too much. you. anyone who repulsive a bullying kiss as to the willing to go lily in that's actually the biggest challenge in reporting, say boggling cases. people want you to pass by, they do not want to follow it up by themselves. ah, welcome berkeley buchan elevator and we are talking about cyber bullying and marjorie is in the house. i want to show this. what is this quote when marquilla come? when lazar campaign that we are running, we intend to equip young people with the skills to spock,
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discussion planning initiative, lead activities is a very big issue. i'll be ready to run this race. i am ready, i am ready, and i would want really to teach organizations that feel that they would like to be part of this campaign to assist us to join us. actually pat, now with us financially to push a message to we own facebook and twitter. we own instagram, we have a website where you can just go and give your details and great about it. we'll get back to you. 3 bliss, as we hope to get finances and feedback. i've not given us any feedback, but so i'm not trading the law firm, assuming maybe with a little bit more time probably by next week the we love, i responded to last. hello. so i've tried to raise funds every other week possible
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to see if we can do it by 8th. you're done with your break class. ok. i could your head, you know, and pick if hand inch for i think, personally as an activist, is there how activism is perceived. you are out to look for something to benefit to clothes in activism and how, how people feel. sometimes that may be information is not necessarily something that you feel want information look for. it's why are you taking it to them, you know, with, to watch launch on 1st of october. but we really had to move it, hoping that there were, there are some what they would talk to ourselves opening there would be
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with the realization that that wasn't up any we decided to move on and do the launch bow. a sales we have invited quite our group and the moral we walk now that with the kind of influence each person as on their social media pages, we hope that we can really put outside the campaign. wow, wow. we lose it's not through roads. we have an equilibrium, a back trot to say, so i think this that which we will, which we lose now from there. so that it is ronald, gets to speak, speaks in front of our back draw. was like, that's an 18 i like kids is good. they think
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it and my live here, it just did a did to come in and to dance. ah you able to say rest it look lovely. good to see you. i'm very good. glad to america ones are going to me in order to america. there is some weeks
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we're here to end cyber bullying and you and i are going to be part of the solution in order to make sure that the digital space is safe. i ladies and gentlemen, i like to walk. i'm a very special lady. let's put our hands together for matalin as she give us. she gives us rather her opening address to her and good money. it's such an honor to see no view here. we appreciate you andrea for our special course. the message is on compassion. it's unkindness. it's positivity, it is to know that you can use the bundle that you have to do something powerful. thank you very much. this one has to get a for her gamma quoted her for them. i mean, is there a way that we can re culture how people are under social media spaces? so ladies and gentlemen allow me to welcome pity to michelle. she's a news anchor and health and science journalist and jackie. what your experience
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with digital log wanting anyone that someone who was talking me and he all of a sudden he has some, you know, videos of me and he and then he comes to my d. m, all the lord that said, well my life. i really timing and then i blog and then he creates a new account when it comes to my email and it's it was for sylis until he began to be late. i will never see another minute. i literally started becoming scared. i want to ask you a question that ask myself, if my daughter checks my digital footprint on the things i did, would she be proud? if you told people of your children see you are calling people? will they be proud to call you daddy? will they be proud to call you monday? why is it that they normally just fight some wine? when all of a sudden you're trending for the good reasons,
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it will be deflected by something, hopefully, something bad that you never made it ah, that has been quite as session. i am one person who has started an organization called all of you. and we in turn now supporting each other to push this as an individual one pass on, you can make the difference. you can create a change with privilege. to declare that what we have been going on. love officially loved ladies a thank you very much. the clerical resolution you're about to leave you with
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this to me. i know how to to meet us access to age. ah, the hillbilly, a harmless caricature or a malicious label denying of people that culture to justify the exploitation of natural resources. that the bad and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in the region leave the field type, then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash. so why not trash it? what's in a name hill, billy? a witness documentary on al jazeera. mm hm. and a
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criminal drug dealing shifted to places beyond the reach of law and order through many people in the afghan government way involved in a doctorate. gorilla was in columbia and to mexico, where the cartels have been responsible for a merciless spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics, our territories on al jazeera african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought more than i was not gonna go machine because of the voice of machine. and i feel like in, i mean, is short documentaries, by african filmmakers from kenya. he rides home of talent, dial into something back is about and ivory coast colors. i lived here and scrap yard animal africa direct on al jazeera
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holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera ah, the devastating toll of the earthquake and afghanistan rises further pushing, rescue team to breaking point. ah, hello nicholas, this is al 0 life coming up. this is a decisive moment for the european union. you saw a jupiter choice that we really made sure today with eyes on russia, leaders of the european union meet to approve you crazy. you candidate status. the supreme court rules to strike down nearly a century old.


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