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tv   My Tunisia Adel Chihi New Heights  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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so people in argentine are very excited about the world cup, whether leona messy leading the team on those, or he would talk to say that even though might i don't, i won't be here physically. they say that he will be supporting the team from heaven. ah, the zones 0 and these are the top stories. ukraine has taken a major step towards membership of the european union. after the leaders of member states voted to give the war torn country you candidate status. president volota miner's lensky has hailed the decision as historic, moldova has been given the same status. the u. s. supreme court has handed down a landmark victory to gun rights advocates. it ruled at restrictions put in place by new york state on carrying concealed handguns and public are unconstitutional. as governor of state of new york, my number one priority is to keep new yorkers safe. but today the supreme court is sending us backwards in our efforts to protect families and prevent gun violence
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and is particularly painful that this came down. at this moment. we're still dealing with families in pain from mass shootings that have occurred the loss of life, their beloved children and grandchildren. today, the supreme court struck down in york law that limits who can carry concealed weapons. the u. s. house select committee is holding its 5th hearing into last year storming of the capital building. the former acting deputy attorney general described the near daily discussions with donald trump, about allegations of voter fraud, whole search and rescue operations of ended in some major regions of afghanistan. after the countries worst, earthquake in 20 years, at least 1500 people have been killed. the taliban governments made an urgent appeal for international help. survivors are desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. heavy rainfall in indian administered kashmir has triggered
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landslides and flash flooding. the regions largest river has breached its danger. mark and flood warnings had been issued for the regions. biggest city, srinagar, emergency crews, and turkey. are battling a wildfire in the southwest, their tackling the flames from the air, sea, and land as they spread to surrounding areas. indigenous protesters in ecuador have taken over a cultural centre in kito that had been sealed off by the security forces for a week. after 11 days of a nation wide strife against government policies and the rising cost of living, the occupation has been celebrated as a victory by the protest. 8 medical personnel involved in the care of argentinian football star, diego madonna, will face a public trial for criminal negligence. they are accused of failing to take proper care of mary donna when he was recovering from surgery. he died 2 years ago at the age of 60, after an operation to treat a blood clot in his brain. those are the headlines. the news continues here in al jazeera, after my tunisia. ah, the hillbilly,
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the harmless caricature or a malicious label denying of people that culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources. that divide and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in a region leave the field type then becomes danger. it's only a region of trash, so why not trash it? what's in a name hill? billy? a witness documentary on al jazeera frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem informed opinions, international communities, on the goal of my security community. the government has knowledge to me in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got to the members inside story on al jazeera.
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a different color and i'll tell you how, but your product i, the machine to us are blurred with a machine and that is, it has to look, would we wanna do it? at a 100000000. most of it is you have to refer to the technique and turn off the media . i don't believe the sound or sol efficient, so the peers with the machine as hell. i know how to dominic, imagine a sort of a common cbs here as well. my name is paul. i'd with christopher tower fare. they had a little harder. messina, i'd look at um, issue a competitor. we go, i know how to door lim. she dimensions our mac in nominal voiceovers. either power injected the left. gary taylor at her catheter weaken, lira had idiot called her to be a 30 minute out from my selma. so my name is here and no terminal handling
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lizzie, this isn't value girl you number for the i don't know what the here to for guy. i'm john bothering her. kimberly min, i for them bureau dinner to develop more concepcion with it in little bit of yoga and her sister i'm a degree measurement is tristan, how can i now put money on her a to ya and for this guy that i know communicates jamante i'm tired of done would allow mendez martha's be, are with touch here. they have toddler remodel with mr. wood rehab. they were approved with new mod, low wellness mom. a bit of a
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few of them heard from her from our bid from i've been talking to maria, can john deanna word of your new for this is the all the same indicated for her the my the a header to ski. look better cool. share by the 3rd i my my session. i stars out to the mind media. the model because the my la arleta theorem thought it is of the toner a little bit suddenly hytcher. we're going to wait here fluid or commercial hucker. i
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will go to new. i learned from melissa la loca mas, bulletins, with a doctor there he is on dollar to the exit. now, is it a reason why am i live with middle at the theater? that can, couldn't insurer harder to run?
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strickland with tax but her focus he put forth that kids let's go to mclean. our a c. all is a fully can you can a bit of tab redneck crystal color 10 to leave to pack on a button. apparently it was a tv, but it's been sway our beer. do you know me? i'm really scared this convent in content of this of missouri, which model of course that is good and model for the most frequent model. 5th one is home is in motion starting with the data off. it will not close month. i discolored with well told me this it, i mean can, how about how to do it? is a mr. mateo, it isn't the dollar haddocks. we'll pay your money out. we'll see our luck. largest,
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if our model knew from indian or differ from the other. well, with millions who come pick a deer, i've always been in monetary that's what been said. she was, you knew i was going to live in unit i was younger and i need a not yet. i shouldn't footer. i'm dad. does the harder i feel you with us after the war here with us? uh huh. yeah. that was in arizona. is that big ole letter? you see on call you add the langley shopper to work under chris keller,
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douglas blue yonder go long go. now to get that account con pink eye, this handled them in, is mine. i can put a bit higher. i was just for the course able to muster. welcome on them suitable. know it a little bit easier. us colleen, unable to monitor him talent? nobody at all until able to identify the black, blue link in the course many millions of italy, law women will, i will really come up to myself. public software is you have to have god i believe it was, you know, kind of the had been doing this here, the doing the skin in photoshop. and that the, so my, or said that to the whole, for the city. so i experimented them showed up till 230 hello listeners. you know someone talk to a little earlier and the 3rd she lives here as you want to see focus groups and
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then you might have had this did her while a video cyliam with and i, when i was now not cheap, ah, with 2 items now. now with this kind of my letter that had occurred for dinner, me a modem, it was, it appeared we'll have to develop on started at least come to huh. i spoke with
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a nominal feel at near my oh lee, how does need? i'm on a defensive look more than one turtle. excellent. and it looks more physic. known console to live met him, a little deciding whether no camera discolored account development time passed. i bid the activity do come out to hit a button and allow me to ms. hammond. my name is carl holloman, a wicker miss graham calling my legal mom. i do show her due in the cooler and it has to be listed for noah. and will really melodic thought i was looking just to reach out monica chicago, if you're a little hard to listen to murder the honey bomb army and joe damsel
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for a job hyper. could you am i talking about the men walker, a miller phone to hold the line on a number for some family colored a little bit awesome to how on the 16th, how long you might have the money from. can you shuttle onto it until monday until when you talked until you get more publicly good morning bought a house. come on in it. i know security. could you tell them a little break at the time sheet,
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but i'm i just like ah, tom was gonna come to the law. there was a b r i just cannot condemn her. here he select vida, one to 5. it's got a lot of mythology in the past me in greenfield, discolored motored for live in san diego corolla who, how much did us know the guy who for mackenzie, really the if my, whether from the 7 stuck with vanilla, from his hair from one corner. he has put a thin on a circle saying, ah,
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ah, ah, too often afghanistan is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives, spanish for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part, one the birth of afghan cinema on just ego. around 3 quarters of sub saharan african cultural heritage is on display in western museums. i didn't an overnight
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we were rob cover time. the 1st episode of a new series reveals how europeans colonization remove tens of thousands of artifacts and the appeal struggle to reclaim restitution africa stolen on episode one blunder. oh, now jazeera i will totally excel the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i, when a lot of people felt the world was being turned upside down. way doug has been manipulated by populace like donald trump slang on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political equality and of course, the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not
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a reality. runs of them as slaves and family, but farmer for your well baby sit down for debit of the table of brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel tired. it is because of their race or ethnicity. ah, you gives war torn ukraine candidate status to join the blog president below to mere zalinski held the decision as a unique and historical moment. ah, i'm how much of room this is al jazeera alive from door. also coming up a victory for the gun lobby in the u. s. the supreme court declares carrying.


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