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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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the story, i am here to document the war crimes committed by today, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict, political upheavals, some of those we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been talked. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance this stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, tell it as it was, and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity asked. did you tell this story? ah, a struggle to survive in afghanistan after devastating earthquake leaves thousands
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without homes food or drinking water. ah, my money inside this is out there, ally from to hall. so coming up. fresh amount sold, british prime minister boris johnson after a power of violation losses for his conservative party. the u. s. senate pauses a landmark gun control bell. the 1st such legislation in 3 decades and follows a number of recent mass shootings. and not moving protest is an equitable refuse to leave the streets angry at the rising cost of living. ah, they are urgent appeals for international help. altov gannon sounds most destructive, earthquake, and 20 years least 1150 people have been killed. an entire villages reduced to
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rubble. people in practica province are desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. ali la tv reports from the capital of the neighboring poxy of province in goddess. it only took 5 minutes for the lives of these men to change for ever. in the early morning, hours of the 21st of june, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck, i will, honest on leaving more than 1500 dead and hundreds more injured. a handful of districts in the southeastern provinces of park to call and horse were the worst head. and the han was at home with his 14 family members when the tremors were felt . the when you move the just to move, it was 1 30 am, didn't even take a full minute in my family. 10 people including children, were killed. there is a private clinic, but it's 30 minutes away. there is no government hospital here. the remoteness of these villages is one reason why the casualty tool is so high. treating $100.00 the
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wounded has been particularly difficult as a son continues to struggle under the pressure of international functions. even the regional hospital here and these, the capital of parties, providence is struggling to cope with the load. while helicopters have been instrumental and transferring the injured and providing assistance, there aren't enough of them to go around mala lee khalid commander of the 2 or 3 months of the army corps, says they need more helicopters or whatever planes we had enough going to stay and we brought them all from kinda hard couple. of course we still need much more. there's still a shortage for thousands of on the last few days have been full of loss and grief for the top one government, it's been a test, a test of their ability to respond to disaster. your coupon says his community is surrounded by tragedy. monitor the lowest discipline,
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but last night there was an earthquake and we lost everything. we have martyrs, there, here, there. there are a lot of injured people. all these houses are destroyed. we lost our mosque. there's nothing left here, only the injured even women, all because of the earthquake, were here at the park to army corps, which has become the epicenter of aid for the earthquake relief. all day helicopters take off and land from here, they bring the injured. they also take with them assistance from international aid organizations and from on a organization to bring to the most devastated areas in the country. areas that have very little access to clinics, to hospitals, to proper roads and to any other services. so really what goes on here is extremely important. i leave that the big guys. i'll just narrow alley we spoke to below. so worry a journalist in toronto, he gave us an update on the latest developments. the details are hard breaking. we
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are continuously getting the ports of the entire families being wiped and destroyed, for example, as to again while as a former african senator who is currently and gan district, the last 23 members of his family. and he continuously complained to me that villagers had to basically literally use anything that they had including the and, and follows to basically look for survivors. so 1st of all, the technical teams were never did to basically save people who have been saved. and now, according to many residents, people need shelter, people need food, especially children or, you know, living under the sky and, you know, very rainy and sort of chilly conditions where also, you know, getting an account from the taliban where they are painting a very rosy picture. that is there and full of food is on his way for the victims.
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some of it might be through the reality is the roads are simply not accessible. you know, there has been lunch lights and they've been lap of helicopters because, you know, after august 15th and over is only handful number of helicopters left with the taliban. and it will take, actually years for these very decided you'd communities to recover not only from the tragedy of losing entire families, but also on how they could rebuild is michael holmes, my homes, that were the investment of lifetime. the u. kay's governing conservative party has lost 2 crucial by elections increasing the pressure on the prime minister barak johnson losses have prompted the resignation of the parties. chairman, who says it supporters deserve better. don't holl reports from devon?
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the green fields of rural devil reliably, conservative for years, until now the people, if it's an analysis spoken from britain, they said a loud and clear message. it's time for us to go back and go because things, it's a whole different thing so far we've had so many use and things wanting. any other client actions don't always represent the wider national picture. they are often protest boats with a local focus, but nor do they tend to overturn majorities like this one in 2019, the conservatives won the tipton, and hornet, and constituency. by 24000 votes emerge. and they've now lost a loss that even conservative voters. so coming, i think it's possibly a little bit for change. you could say the liberal democrats have done
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a very good campaign. they're absolutely full on in the current political climate, it's hard to separate the local from the national people do of course complain about public services about the cost of living at many say the conservative party has taken them for granted until that is their m. p stood down when he was found to have looked at pornography in the house of commons. but repeatedly here, people do also cite national issues as reason for their choice. hello there, i'm going to chamberlain. i'm calling behalf of richard. fortunately things for violates. i just think with all the recent things, and the thing that we have with covert is the law of people. i think it doesn't fit right with. and i think this is the best chance of getting them sending a message really facing. let them sending a message to the conservatives that, you know, we're not happy. and that's why the liberal democrats success in tifton and huntington matters nationally. after this defi some conservative em pays,
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will be thinking, do i really want bars? johnson to be leading me into the next election. you know, with losses. like this already happening. football is johnson's party. this west country seat has delivered a severe blow. the prime minister, who narrowly survived the leadership challenge recently, will now worry about his party's core support as will his m p 's. if the conservatives can lose here, they can lose anywhere. as keisha, john hall, who is live for us in tifton. jonah, i think the consensus had been that the conservatives wouldn't do particularly well in these by elections, but did anyone expect them to do this badly? it's hugely damaging for the conservative party without any doubt losing to buy elections heavily in one night. the 1st in west yorkshire wakefield, less surprisingly that one going to the labor parties, part of the labor parties,
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traditional redwood of seats across the sort of working tasks. hinterland of this country that fell spectacularly in the 2019 election to the conservative party. and the 2nd to those seats, of course, here to, to in huntington, as i was explaining that estefan, this is the conservative party hotline, blue wall seats, if they voted 10400 years for the conservative party here, going to the liberal democrats in spectacular fashion in fact, it's believed to be the largest overturned in numerical terms of a majority ever that $24000.00 seat margin. so you've got the loss of a red wall seat that points to the labor parties chances of rebuilding the red ball in the next election. you've got the loss of a cool, conservative seat here. add to that resignation this morning. of a real party heavy weight, the chairman of the conservative party of a doubt in his resignation letter, not pledging northeast of ours johnson but saying things have to change. we cannot carry on with business as usual, and you've got there 3 reasons for real disquiet, if not a state of outright crisis in the conservative party and the government this morning
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. yeah, it was a very interesting letter from him. and of course bars, jones, not even in the country to face the music. has he managed to say anything from randa, where he is? shelton is up the commonwealth heads of government meeting, and lender, as you say, far from the fray, but far from insulated from it. he's ready to state the state this morning saying he'll listen to voters, but he will carry on. remember, this is the prime minister who, less than 3 weeks ago survive narrowly too far, too narrowly survived. a competence vote among his own, mtv 2 and 5 of whom voted against him. that after a string of scandals and contrivances in government, issues of trust and integrity around seems like parties being held in number 10, downing street during lockdown. he received a fire from the police for breaking the law of these defeats will carry with them a message to his party and to his am fees that he is no longer boris johnson. the vote when he was in 2019 the electoral asset that he was in 2019 and it's entirely
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possible now. and these begin again, their plans to try and unseat him. okay, many thanks for that, jonah hall, there for us in activity in the u. s. senate has passed, one of the strongest gun control bells in decades. the legislation had support from both sides of the political aisle, but it falls far short at the sweeping changes demanded by gun control. campaigners like hannah has the latest from washington. first of all, it is the most significant piece of bipartisan gun control legislation that's been passed in nearly 30 years. so in that it is truly significant. you had 15 republican senators voting with their democratic counterparts to pass this particular bull and the measures within it provides millions of dollars and mental health care, improving security at schools and drastically changes the way in which people aged $18.00 to $21.00 can buy a weapon but it does fall far short of what most control
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a gun control advocates of probably the majority of americans, including president biden, were demanding and specific example. a total ban on assault weapons had been called for that is not included in the bull. nonetheless, it is a significant moment because it does signal what the senate majority leader, chuck schumer said as a step in the right direction. and it does come a bounce off to that shooting. and you've alby, and as some 5 weeks after that shooting in buffalo, new york. notable though that both though shooting, we're using assault rifles. however, the point is, is that it will now go to the house very quickly. the house speaker said that she'll bring it onto the floor or to morrow. the president will then sign it into law. so from the end of friday, this will become law in the united states, but it's ironic perhaps that this law,
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the 1st bipartisan gun control legislation in decades comes on the same day that the supreme court strikes down a hidden concealed gun carry law that has been in place in new york state, for some 100 years still had on al jazeera, at human cost at the global tape crisis. agency say a running out of money while ethiopia is running. as i said, time to go, why ukrainian officials say their forces me to leave the city of that and on yet, which has been under siege to leave a the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine hoop your travel package to day. hello, the weather has turned noticeably cooler across western parts of europe. bands of
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cloud and rain are rolling in from the atlantic or other more unsettled, and it has been recently and we have a call see some live you storms into germany pushing up towards the low countries through france recently. now ahead of that, we've got plenty of heat around. high pressure in charge here. temperature is very much on the high side into scandinavia, getting up into the mid high twenty's over the next couple days. and that area of heat runs right down across eastern parts of europe for the balkans into italy where we do have some red one is in force temperature getting up into the mid to high thirty's in places back over towards the west. lots of showers. then some blustery winds rolling through some heavy downpours just around their switzerland. the alps just pushing up to war check republic through germany. so wet weather to across sea, north west into the u. k. and the island of island, some wet weather there. still affecting parts of france, northern areas of spain and a keen northwesterly wind. hence the lower temperatures, that wet weather that stays in place isn't big. our way through where sad stay,
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some showers. they're still affecting eastern part of europe. it dry just around the alps. dry to cost must have north africa with plenty of showers for the west. i saw official airline of the journey. join the debate. wonderful as it is that the pl magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she has done absolutely nothing. what these country white mad, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racialized do. sports journalist, i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this screen on al jazeera, with
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a book and back you watching out his era mind if i top stories this out, an appeals for international help off. i've gotten the staunch most destructive earthquake in 20 years old and 1100 people have died. door to say 10000 homes have been destroyed. the u. k is governing policy has laws to crucial by elections, putting more pressure on prime minister bars. johnson is policies chairman has we'll say quit saying support is, does it better? he has senates has paused one of the strongest gun control bills and decades have supported by democrats and republicans. that comes as the supreme court struck down a longstanding gotten in the governor of ukraine's eastern low hand. scroggins says his forces will have to
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leave them battle city of savannah, don yeske motion troops have now taken control of most of the city, the governor. so he, guy de sais, remaining positions, have been smashed to pieces. i'm staying doesn't make sense. ukrainian, president villarreal zalinski has said that the fate of savannah done yet could determine the fate of the dumbass region. meanwhile, ukraine has taken a major step towards membership of the european union, alter e estates voted to give cave candidate status. the 1st step in what could be a years long process, but is natasha butler reports. for me, you headquarters in brussels, it does send a strong message to russia. ah, just days off to russia began his invasion of ukraine. keith applied to joined the european union. 4 months later you lead us at a summit in brussels, approved the request,
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and put you crane on the path to future membership. we have decided to groans through the through, through you crew owned moldova. and you are ready to groan, stood as tutors to ga. once brodis we be addressed, there can be no better sign of hope for the citizens of ukraine mould of and georgia. in these troubled times, ukraine's president followed me as lensky cooled, the eas decision, a unique and historical moment in relations. we have just received the european union candidacy. this is a victory. we've been waiting for this 120 days of the war. and even 30 years of our independence. it usually takes years for a country to gain candidate status after applying. some you official said fast tracking the process would prove the block solidarity with ukraine as a defense itself against russian attacks. a sentiment echoed by the head of ukraine's mission to the you. at
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a gathering in the city. it's important for the whole country for the whole society, and it's important also for the granular army to have a clear reason what we are fighting for. we are fighting for the future. we are fighting for the modern independence over european country. becoming a candidate country is only a step to be granted. membership is a long and arduous process. the could take many years. some western balkan countries have been waiting for more than a decade for progress on fe. you beds. leaders from the region were also in brussels to urge you officials to speed up the process north, macedonia, albania, serbia, and montenegro are all candidate countries the world to achieve full membership. we definitely support the candidacy status for ukraine. we also support the candidate status for moldova. we are very thrilled through georgia is also being given the european perspective, but we also ask our european partners not to forget about or leave the western
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balconies behind the e use approval with keys candidacy sends a strong message not only to ukraine, but also to russia but despite moscow's fire, power and efforts, keith is determined to look west. natasha butler, al jazeera ruffles that protest has died in ecuador, and the 11th stave nationwide strike against the rising cost of living. indigenous protesters fought with police and the capital quito hours after that. taken over cultural center to hampton sealed off for a week. after 11 days, a foundation might strike against government policies and the rising cost of living . your occupation has been celebrated as a victory by the protesters or latin american that is elissia newman reports. ah, thousands of striking indigenous ecuadorian st. rush to take back what they
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considered their headquarters. the capitals, indigenous house of cultures. in an unprecedented move, the government had ordered the police to occupy it last week, enraging the confederation of indigenous nations. now that they've retaken it, they're celebrating, oh, this place represents our cultures. this is our home, away from home. this after almost 2 weeks of a nationwide strike that has paralyzed much of ecuador, it seemed promising, ah, but not for long battles between right police and strikers, legislative assembly left scores injured. indigenous leaders say they wanted to deliver a letter to request that the assembly usage constitutional powers to question
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president viet molasses. fitness to continue governing the conflict is clearly now impacting not just the economy, but ecuador is political stability. here the palace, security was reinforced further as soldiers practice defending themselves from demonstrators. we are only 4 blocks away from the presidential pals. the most highly secured area of all of ecuador at this hour. because the fear is that the indigenous strikers could try to make it break into the palace by breaking all the security gordons as close to the president's resignation. grow that government is offering to negotiate, step on killable, viola, which our government is doing all kinds of your voices and protests will turn into effective solution. mr. fione, once again, we issue an invitation on him for an immediate dialogue without delay. oh, but indigenous leaders said the president must 1st lift a state of emergency and offer proof that he serious about alleviating poverty,
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including debt relief and fuel subsidies. and so the strike and the confrontations continue with no breakthrough insight. to see a newman al jazeera kito equilla, a commonwealth heads of government meeting has begun in wonder controversial u. k. one to same deal is threatening to overshadow the summits, both british prime minister boris johnson and the case prince charles are attending . johnson has defended his government's plan to port my guns to one day while prince charles has reportedly criticized the deal in private. many of the people in ethiopia, an urgent need of food aid, the nation is facing its worst route and 40 years. and the conflicts in the northern to grow region is affecting a delivery humanitarian organizations say they're running out of money to provide relief. however, morgan reports this classroom in
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a day my had my day school in if you is not going to grow region now host people displaced by conflict with this. why is a farmer who was forced to flee his home when his village was attacked during the start of the we're in november of 2020. he and his family members now live here, along with other families and rely on food aid to survive. now we fled our homes and came here because the militia started killing and destroying a dollar, even in our land. they started killing people and looting homes. as we witnessed this happening, we were shot out, but luckily we escaped. but take re conflict has displaced millions of people and left many more in need of aid aid organizations have been able to access to great. in recent weeks, the hundreds of thousands are facing families. and more than 20 percent of children under 5 are malnourished. the conflicts has spread beyond the gray into neighboring hara and a far regions, hundreds of thousands,
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there have been forth from their homes and are now facing food shortages. and climate change in the horn of africa has worth the humanitarian crisis in parts of young floods. last year in on dated most of the grazing lands in southern if and insufficient rainfall this year has resulted in drought killing livestock and displacing thousands of pastora lists who relied on them for living. the world. food program says it doesn't have enough money to provide sufficient help and it's food and nutritional supplies may run out by next month. the agency says it's already reduced some of it assistance programs to focus on those most in need. people have been really by the council. people have been displaced, they've lost everything. people are trying to go back. and this is a very, very crucial moment because people are expecting. and if people can not be in the field, and if they cannot, did kids the time,
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energy resources to take care of that we are headed to want another disaster with those in conflict areas unable to go back home and farm. and those displays by drought losing their livelihoods. millions more could be at greater risk. heber morgan, alta xerox. the u. s. house committee investigating last year's insurrection and capitol hill has held its 5th public hearing. it's focused on the ways former president donald trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. hardy, j caster reports, congressional investigators say after losing the presidential election to joe biden, in november 2020. donald trump was relentless in his efforts to remain in power. so relentless that he called or met with tom justice department officials every day except christmas pressuring the agency to take action on unfounded allegations of voter fraud. we had concluded based on actual investigations,
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actual witness interviews, actual reviews of documents that these allegations simply had no murder. trump did find one ally in the justice department, jeffrey clark and environmental lawyer who led the civil division, clark, whose home was rated by federal investigators. this week agree to promote trumps claim that the election was stolen. ignoring the warnings of colleagues, i said this is nothing less than justice department meddling in an election. his reaction was i think a lot of people and meld in this election. it soon became clear trump wanted to promote clark to acting attorney general. that was clark's new title in the white house call log on january 3rd, 2021. when he was invited to the oval office to dual it out with jeff rosen, the man he would replace witnesses described, trump presiding over a contentious apprentice style meeting. i said, well mister president, you are right that i'm not going to allow the justice department to do anything to
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try to overturn the election. trump was warned, there would be mass resignations at the justice department if he replaced rosen with clark. i said mister president, within 244872 hours, you could have hundreds and hundreds resignation. trump ultimately changed his mind . i'm still worried that not enough has changed to prevent this from happening again. the january 6th committee says after from fail to pressure swing states to change their votes and fail to convince the justice department to do his bidding. mob violence became his last record witness to say at least 5 republican house members accused of promoting the january 6th. the riot sought presidential pardons. in the immediate aftermath, they now claim they did nothing wrong me while trump continues to say that the election was stolen and he calls these hearings a witch hunt. at least 2 more our plan for july. heidi jo, castro,
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al jazeera washington. hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes as record floods, threatens southern china, heavy rains, push water levels, and the pearl river delta to its highest in nearly a century. muddy flood water has inundated shops and buildings in several areas. italy's river po is experiencing its worst route and 70 years laud sections of the river have tried op food levels to so know the wreckage of a boat. that sunk during the 2nd world war has resurfaced only a terrifying moment for you as from a who fainted during hub routine at the world aquatics championship. synchronized swimmer anita alvarez fell unconscious and sang to the bottom of the pool while competing in budapest. her coach dived in to rescue her. she received immediate.


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