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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah with mm pool away issue and line of the journey. ah, this is al jazeera. ah.
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hello, i am sammy's a dan. this is the news out live from dell. how coming up in the next 60 minutes view ends, human rights office says the bullet that killed chile now bar club was 5, buys rady forces. a struggle to survive in afghanistan after a devastating earthquake leaves thousands without homes, food, or drinking water. leaders of commonwealth nations gather in rwanda, but the u. k. it's controversial asylum deal is threatening to overshadow the summit. pressure amounts on british prime minister barak johnson after a pair of bi election losses for his conservative party and his full apollo bank. harold led the way at b, m b, a draft. the orlando magic made the 19 year old, their number one overall ah,
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ah, let's bring you some news that's just trickling into us. the united nation is urging israel to conduct an investigation into the death of al jazeera journalist, sharing a block the for more on this as have now to bernard smith joined us on the phone from west theresa burnett. i understand it also made a finding about the source of fire. yes, i mean, it looks like the u. n. is adding to a, a growing mountain as evidence from other organizations, as well as colleagues and cnn at the new york times the associated press, who found that it's very likely that the bullet that killed serene black clay came from an israeli gum. now these railways have always tried to deny this. they've said that it could have come from palestinian fights, but those very, very little evidence could be possible. nobody suggesting now that the even palestinian fighters in the area actually and was shocked. and so these railways
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facing growing challenges from various quarters to the defense that they don't know where the bullet came from. they have asked the palestinians to hand over the bullets so that they can conduct their own investigation. the palestinian authority says it doesn't trust bays. railways, but what israel did say last month, not long after serene was shot, was that they insisted it was the chief of israel's general staff. the israel military, he insisted that there was no one in it. no soldier fired intentionally at the journalist. they say they investigated that they checked it on that conclusion and they've been sticking with argument since not long after sharing was killed. a lot of mounting pressure then on israel to all for an transparent investigation. where does where things stand in that regard?
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well in that regard, israel has, excuse me, in that regard. israel has said that he wanted an investigation of joint investigation with the palestinians. the palestinians don't trust the israel to be to, to have an investigation live. this is why the palestinian has probably seen parties with queues to handle the bullet. the challenge for the israeli with growing amounts of evidence from investigation is pretty thorough. investigation is done not just by the un, but as i say, other news organizations that make it pretty clear. the bullet came for minis, railey western, and israel is finding it harder and harder to defend the argument that it can't go . and that he can't be sure where the bullet came from. what marriage is, mountain evidence that it came from an israeli weapon. all right, thanks so much fun. smith on the line that now to afghan
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a stand where there are urgent calls for more international help officer. it's most destructive earthquake in 20 years. at least 1150 people have been killed in time villages been reduced to rubble. people in pock teacup province so desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. i don't know if he begins on coverage. it only took 5 minutes for the lives of these men to change forever. in the early morning hours of the 21st of june, 5.9, magnitude earthquake struck every honest on leaving more than 1500 dead and hundreds more injured. a handful of districts in the south eastern provinces, practical and host, where the worst hed and the han was at home with his 14 family members when the tremors were felt. the when you move the just to move, it was 1 30 am, didn't even take a full minute in my family. 10 people including children,
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were killed. there is a private clinic, but it's 30 minutes away. there is no government hospital here. the remoteness of these villages is one reason why the casualty tool is so high. treating $100.00 the wounded has been particularly difficult as a son continues to struggle under the pressure of international functions. even this regional hospital here and these, the capital of patio province is struggling to cope with the load while helicopters have been instrumental in transferring the injured and providing assistance. there aren't enough of them to go around. malawi, khalid commander of the 2 or 3 months with the army corps says they need more helicopters or whatever planes we had enough canister and we brought them all from kind of hard couple. of course, we still need much more. there's still a shortage for thousands of on the last few days have been full of loss and grief for the top one government, it's been a test,
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a test of their ability to respond to disaster. your coupon says his community is surrounded by tragedy. managers allow for this be but last night there was an earthquake and we lost everything. we have martyrs, there, here, there. there are a lot of injured people. all these houses are destroyed. we've lost our mosque. there's nothing left here, only the injured even women, all because of the earthquake. we're here at the pack to army corps, which has become the epicenter of aid for the earthquake relief. all day helicopters take off and land from here, they bring the injured. they also take with them assistance from international aid organizations and from of on a organization to bring to the most devastated areas in the country. areas that have very little access to clinics, to hospitals, to proper road and to any other services. so really what goes on here is extremely important. or let's go now entirely loc,
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the see in the some province of park alley, we're hearing about new casualties. tell us how significant these new trends and after shock saw. so we've just gotten confirmation from officials and cobble and, and practical province that late friday morning at around 10 am. there was another earthquake that killed at least 5 people and injured another 11. this comes out of time in the district of guy on where we were just yesterday. you know, where people were essentially the ones who had some, some once of a home surviving were living in mother houses without rooms with cracks, all over them. just trying to hang onto whatever they had left. so it's only adding to the damage. you're talking about damaged homes that potentially face even more damage, which is why the government is asking for more assistance in these areas to provide
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some form of temporary housing. and till they can be repaired and until they can be certain that there won't be any eminent aftershocks, reports of survivors in a really desperate situation. now in need of basics is a coming fast enough or alley. 4 i'm going to try again. hopefully you can hear me. what's happening with survivors is a reaching them fast enough. we're hearing that they, they need i obviously we lost out of them. we'll try and come back to him later. now commonwealth heads of government meeting has begun in rwanda and the controversial u. k. one, the asylum deal is threatening to overshadow the summit. both britons prime minister and the case prince charles are attending boss. johnson has defended his government's plan to deport migrants to wander while prince charles has reportedly
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criticize the deal in private, malcolm, when joined us now from kigali. so how much control overseas? the u. k. the sign and policy stirring there? will prince charles had described it according to british newspapers as a pool? if not how you describe this policy to the poor asylum seekers from the u. k. through under the 1st claim was meant to land hearing kigali last week. it didn't happen following a series of last minute legal challenges that plane didn't actually fly, but both the government say that they do still want to try and do this. we just heard the prince charles and boris johnson speaking short while ago in the convention center. there where the, the meeting is taking place. they did, they didn't mentioned it the little prince. charles did talk about the or acknowledge the growing republican sentiment in some of the commonwealth members,
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a growing number of commonwealth member states, talking about no longer having the queen as their head of state, the queen of the united kingdom. prince charles is here representing her, so he did acknowledge that is why things are going for his johnson spoke about development and co operation. and he was very critical of russian aggression. and he spoke very critically rushes invasion in ukraine. but interestingly, military aggression is one of the things that rwanda is accused of right now about a 120 kilometers from here in that direction and over the border in the democratic republic of congo. just lot night. the 23 armed group attacked the town of remind garbo that trying to take the town. it follows a series of attacks in recent months by the rebel group. and congo says that rwanda is behind it. and $23.00 is operations tend to start at the rwandan border. 10 years ago, you and investigators documented that rwanda was in fact arming and backing them.
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congress says that's exactly what's happening now. we're wonder, always denies it. very few people in congo, believe them, and they say that tied of rwandan military aggression in eastern congo and looting of minerals, which i say has gone on for decades. but no one have in the convention center is talking about that control vesee that's happening. not very far from here. all right, we'll leave it then. thanks so much malcolm with the u. k. governing conservative party as last 2 crucial by elections, increasing the pressure on prime minister barak johnson the losses of from to the resignation of the parties. chairman, who says it's supporters deserve better, jonah, how reports the green fields of rural devon, reliably, conservative for years, until now, the people, if it didn't want to have both paper break, they said
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a loud and clear message. it's time for us to go and go. because thinks it's a whole thing so far we've had so many years and thinking any best buy and actions don't always represent the wider national picture. they are often protest boats with a local focus. but nor do they tend to overturn majorities like this one in 2019. the conservatives won the tipton, and hornet, and constituency. by 24000 votes, a margin. they've now lost a loss that even conservative voters. so coming, i think it's possibly a little bit change. you could say the liberal democrats have done a very good campaign. they're absolutely full on in the current political climate, it's hard to separate the local from the national people do of course complain about public services about the cost of living and many say the conservative party
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has taken them for granted until that is their m. p stood down when he was found to have looked at pornography in the house of commons. but repeatedly he had people do also cite national issues as reason for their choice. hello there, i'm going to chamberlain. i'm calling behalf of richard. fortunately, themes for violation, i just think with all the recent things in the thing that behavior with covert is the law of people, i think it doesn't fit right with. and i think this is the best chance of getting them sending a message really facing them, sending a message to the conservative that you know, we're not happy. and that's why the liberal democrats success in tifton and on it and matters nationally after this defi some conservative em pays, will be thinking, do i really want bars, johnson to be leading me into the next election. you know, with losses like this already happening. football is johnson's party, the swift country seat as delivered, a severe blow, the prime minister,
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who narrowly survived the leadership challenge recently, will now worry about his party's core support. as will his m. p. 's. if the conservatives can lose here, they can lose anywhere. with john hall joins us now from tibbets. and the 1st of all, you know, there's a lot of talk about this last this lecture last, jonah. why? what was the significance of these 2 feet? losing 2 seats in one night and 2 by elections is bad enough, but these represent very different constituencies. it is a twin prong attack on forrest johnson's parliamentary majority. if you extrapolate forward to the next election, the 1st in west yorkshire, wakefield going, unsurprisingly to the labor party. it's very much part of what was considered the labor parties, red wall of seats until 2019, when it crumbled many going to forest johnson. and the conservatives, this is
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a sign that labor as a good chance of rebuilding its red wall at the next election. thus far more important. one is here, tilton and huntington in east devon because this is true blue, conservative country. this is part of the blue wall, it's the sort of seat, an area that's very conservative for a 100 years that they'd expect to hold on to with very little effort. instead going to the liberal democrats and doing so with a historic numerical swing. if you add to those 2 events, the resignation this morning, of a real party heavy weight all of a doubt and the chairman of the conservative party in his resignation letter, he didn't pledge his loyalty to the prime minister. he said things have got to change. there can be no more business as usual, and there you have 3 reasons for a real state of crisis in government and in the conservative party today. and on that point. then jonah, how real is the fears? i guess that this may prompt nps, members of vice johnson's own party,
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even government, to organize and move against him. well, let's hear from burris johnson. first of all, he's away in rwanda, of course, far from the fray here, but far from insulated from it. if your likeness was his reaction this morning. yes, it's absolutely true that we've had some, some tough by election results and they being, i think, a reflection of a lot of things. but we got to recognize that our voters are going through a tough time about and i think that as a government, i've got to listen to what people say. and in particular to the difficulties people are facing over the cost of living. so he'll listen, but he'll carry on and to answer your question, sammy, for how long? remember this is the prime minister who less than 3 weeks ago survived, but far too narrowly survived. a vote of confidence among his own and peas,
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2 in 5 of whom turned against him at that in the wake of a series of scandals and controversies in government. issues of trust and integrity . not least the prime minister himself being fined by the police for attending a party in downing street for breaking the law. now these 2 defeats could very well . now send a message to his m p 's to his party, that he is no longer on top of all that even a vote when an electoral asset. and i think it's highly likely that moves will begin behind the scenes to start plotting their next move against him. all right, thanks so much, joan. how they're plenty more still ahead on the news out including hunger as a weapon of war. food securities in focus to the meeting of g 7 foreign ministers in germany. we have the latest from the virtual brick summit where russia's president is making his 1st major diplomatic appearance in the ukraine invasion
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sports. we'll hear from the pe setting golf says key we fruits has been the secret success ah. returning to our top story now, the un says its investigation into the killing of al jazeera journalist. surely not box shows the bullet that killed her most likely belong to israeli forces. let's take a look. what's happened since sharon was killed? she was shot dead while reporting from the janine refugee camp in the occupied westbank hours after her death. these re, the government began circulating video suggesting she was likely shot by a palestinian fighter. while it later changed that account saying it's possible that soldiers may have killed her. palestinian president mahmud bass rejected a proposal for a joint investigation with israel fighting. a lack of trust is ready for his attacks morning at the funeral. on may, the 13th israel has yet to make an investigation into the incident. public media
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outlets associated press and cnn announced their own investigations which found that close likely killed by israeli fire. a palestinian authority pro found the barclay was deliberately killed by israeli forces. on the same day, al jazeera said it was file a case with the i. c c and on june the 9th, the palestinian foreign minister took the results of its investigation to v i. c. c . al jazeera as senior political analyst model on the shower, joins us now from london. good tabby with us. some are on this is quite a significant development that even the u. n is weighing in and saying all the evidence, it has seen points in the direction of israel. yes, absolutely. certainly the evidence is building up, the proof is building up. clearly, whatever israel has claimed are from the outset was not credible. it was simply an
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attempt at mystifying its role in the crime against our colleague. but i think what is new in the u on report that i thought was quite interesting or not a forensic investigator. but i think the fact that the said specifically several sing go seemingly well aimed shots at our colleagues, means that there was a bit of a deliberate attempt to shoot and kill, especially coming from the side of the israel unit that is basically hiding behind . as some sort of a steel protection, which means that we're not exactly defending themselves. they were aiming well at those who had press written all over them. but single several meaning it wasn't just sort of a machine gun type thing by mistake. so clearly we're getting closer to closer to
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the idea that this might have been deliberate whether it was ordered or not, whether this was targeted assassination or not, as for example, some palestinians are now claiming that and as far as i'm concerned, remains to be seen. but clearly the evidence against israel and his occupation forces is building up to be that one all a deliberate shooting at our colleague rendering the her dad. unfortunately, i'm still not taking responsibility for the act, but on the have been precedence in the past where countries don't want to, even when countries don't want to cooperate with an international investigation, the u. n. has still be able to get some kind of international investigation or special repertoire in place. what's the likelihood that this is going to happen now with all the mounting evidence you've been talking about historically speaking. so
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i me, as you will know when, as our yours, our own, perhaps our viewers on the was, remember, israel has always rejected any sort of rule for the un, even in diplomacy, let alone in sort of what it sees as infringement, in its own internal investigations or affairs or commissions, or what have you. this is i've always rejected the you on rolled out afraid of what you and might look in and see. and that's why they typically resorted to the united states. unfortunately, the united states is not putting in a freshman at the u. n. and israel to make sure that this happens in as far as we can see, sunny the united states remains. and you know, quite, i don't want to say hasn't that. it's worse than has it been it's, it's almost complicit with these railey crime in the way that they continue to defend israel and said, we don't know who's behind it. even though see
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a new york times wasn't, was all the main media outlets in the united or the came out with the toils about the matter. clearly for washington, it is not about the act sandy. it's more about the actor. if the actor happens to be russian kidding, ukrainian journalist. no one is asking for an investigation. if the actor is iranian, even if the african is palestinian, the united states does not ask for investigations or permissions. but when the actor is, is read, doesn't matter if it's, that's what the federal and state sponsored terrorism on the part of these 8 many 30, then the united states, only you and simply asked for investigation. and this is the dilemma were in israel . would not that budget do its own investigation of its own military and its certainly capable of doing so the united states would not put pressure and they un simply could, you know, make the claims but would not be able to get involved. and that was our senior
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political analyst, not one be shot at i now ukraine has taken a major step towards membership of the european union. after e, you states voted to give key of candidate status. it's the 1st step in what can be a years long process. less than sasha bought the reports from e u. headquarters in brussels sends a strong message to russia. ah, just days after russia began its invasion of ukraine, keith applied to join the european union. 4 months later, you leaders at a summit in brussels, approved the request and put ukraine on the path to future membership. we have decided to grant to the 32 you crew and moldova. then you are ready to grant to the suitors to ga. once priorities will be addressed. there can be no batch,
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a sign of hope for the citizens of ukraine mould of an georgia in these troubled times. ukraine's president of anatomy zalinski called the eas decision, a unique and historical moment in relations. we have just received the european union candidacy. this is a victory. we've been waiting for this 120 days of the war. and even 30 years of our independence. it usually takes years for a country to gain candidate status. after applying some you official said fast tracking the process would prove the block solidarity with ukraine as a defense itself against russian attacks. a sentiment echoed by the head of ukraine's mission to the you had a gathering in the city. it's important for the whole country for the whole society . and it's important also for the granular army to have a clear reason what we are fighting for. we are fighting for the future. we are fighting for the modern independence over european country. becoming
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a candidate country is only a step to be granted. membership is a long and arduous process. the could take many years. some western balkan countries have been waiting for more than a decade for progress on fe. you beds. leaders from the region were also in brussels to urge you officials to speed up the process north, macedonia, albania, serbia, and montenegro are all candidate countries. the want to achieve full membership with definitely support the candidacy status for ukraine. we also support the candidate status for moldova. we are very thrilled at the georgia is also being given the european perspective. but we also ask our european partners not to forget about or leave the western balconies behind the e use approval. if keith's candidacy sends a strong message, not only to ukraine but also to russia, but despite moscow's fire,
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power and efforts, keith is determined to look west. here leaders are continuing their meetings in brussels today and natasha butler joins us now live from there. so natasha is a more coordinated response emerging from europe towards the continents energy challenges leaders and knocked in their discussions now. and they are talking about how the you can try and ensure and secure energy supplies in the winter months as the book toys to wean itself all for russian, a gas in response to the crisis in ukraine. now it is expected that you leaders will call on the commission to try a see if the commission could look at securing energy supplies. in other words, acting collectively in a lot, each member state, acting alone,
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but at the commission would look and see if the control and secure those energy supplies on behalf of the block a bit like we saw during the cove it pandemic with the vaccine. well out, there are 12 countries, 12 member states in the you that say that their gas supplies from russia on nearly at 0 or running very, very low. indeed there is a lot of concern. we also know that you the does a looking at ways that they can bolster their gas stokes as those winter months come. because there is a lot of concern in these member states about how consumers will fit in the winter months. we're ready talking about a situation which there's a cost of living crisis inflation soaring prices rising. and what they want to do is try to shield consumers for many more pi sites. i thanks so much and sure, buckler. now us secretary of state antony blinkin is in germany for a g 7 meeting on global food security. ahead of the meeting,
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ben can met with german vice chancellor rob a tablet or a foreign ministers on to discuss the impacts of the war and ukraine. climate change and the coven 19 pandemic on food supply. germany foreign minister as a que thrasher of using hunger as a weapon of war. dominate cane joins us now live from berlin. so dominic, like becoming out the solution, particularly for the supply chain challenge. this is a central question of the ministers of facing, and it's worth making the point that it's not only here in berlin to day that these issues are going to get a hearing as it were. we know there is a succession of different summits at which so these sorts of items will be on the agenda. certainly the point of view of the united states government is to consider what's happening today. what's going to be happening over the weekend in bavaria. the g 7 summit is an opportunity for the 2 sides as it were,
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providers and recipients to talk about what their problems are to try to find realistic solutions. but overhang all of this is the sort of language that we've been hearing from the united nations secretary general is a good cherish. and it must be said also from foreign minister of germany and in a bell. bach basically saying that they believe suddenly from bell box saying that she believes that russia is to blame for much of the problems in so far as food supply distribution is concerned. the idea of using hunger as a weapon of war. and mr. gutierrez, saying that in his agencies opinion, in the opinion with united nations this year, we'll see a series potentially, of famines, a catastrophic situation. and it could be even worse in 2023. so it's clear that those who are taking part in this meeting today, they know what the problems are. question of course is what solutions might they come up with? perhaps we'll find out in the course of the next few hours. i'm sure you'll be
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there to tell us if it does, thanks so much. i'm on a cane and still ahead on al jazeera, rising anger, and i go dorothy. protest is refused to leave the streets as national strikes, hit 11 straight days. and we'll hear about the strongest gun control measures in decades. how they swept through the u. s. senate to be support on both sides. that's very important night for the next generation basketball staff will be here with the school sunday. ah, hello, the weather has turned noticeably cooler across western parts of europe. bands of cloud and rain are rolling in from the atlantic or other more unsettled than it has been recently. and we have, of course, see some live you storms into germany,
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pushing up towards the low countries through france recently. now ahead of that, we've got plenty of heat around. high pressure in charge here. temperature is very much on the high side into scandinavia, getting up into the mid high twenty's over the next couple days. and that area of heat runs right down across eastern parts of europe for the balkans into italy where we do have some red bodies in 4th temperatures getting up into the mid to high thirty's in places back over towards the west. lots of showers, then some blustery winds rolling through some heavy downpours just around their switzerland. the outs just pushing up to war check republic through germany. so wet weather to across sea, north west into the u. k. and the island of island, some wet weather there, still affecting parts of france, northern areas of spain, and a keen, northwestern when hence the lower temperatures, that wet weather that stays in place isn't big. our way through where sat stay, some showers, they're still affecting east and possibly a bit dry. just around the outstretched across must have north africa with plenty
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of showers for the west. ah. the african stories from african perspective, most of them are never bought. one that has not been a good machine because of the voice of machine. and i feel like in an, in his short documentary by a film it is from kenya. he writes home of talent, dial into something that he's super and ivory coast colors. i lived here and scrap yard and michael africa direct on al jazeera al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover cases of happening on a daily basis. the medics here say he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled count,
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they take us to their basement where we find others sheltering from the shelling these evacuation. now, 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. ah, ah, here watching out, is there a time to recap our headlines now? the un says information is gathered, shows the shot that killed al jazeera journalist. sure enough, barclay, on may. the 11th was fired by israeli forces is human rights office spokeswoman robina chambliss and he said the findings showed the bullies did not come from indiscriminate firing by palestinians. bouquets governing party is lost to crucial
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by elections, putting more pressure on prime minister boris johnson. these policies, ch, and quit saying, suppose deserve better with the thought. yvonne is making appeals for international health scanners than most destructive earthquake into the more than the 1100 people have died. 5 were killed friday morning and after shot near the center that's spring. and now margaritas a goose. she's a senior earthquake science molig, just the british geological survey joins us now from edinburgh. good to have you with us. first of all, how earthquake prone is this area host province? i know thank you for your organization today. so this is a well known larry, i will click on wednesday and that happened today are result of the on a on a rush and we're paying for something meters per year. they
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compression it's mark up the base. we benny i long and you mentioned the aftershocks that typically after an earthquake of this magnitude, for how long should people be wary of after shocks? for sure re assets in the region will continue for weeks and months the car. now what we know from our 6 is that every are like it's for buying and a number of decreasing in number. i've found this task. so this is our station or resource luke as well. do construction standards take into consideration the vulnerability of this area to earthquakes and the pictures we've seen looks like a lot of buildings have been reveled very quickly. yes,
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exactly. so if the answer actually the answer on the back, the nurse is nick building goals that they are enforced in every region of the world. we have seen some math buildings for wednesday being badly damaged by the earthquake and for sure the earthquakes i and the after so said for the months to come are going to continue the hunting, similar vehicles. and from what, you know, how much of a shall we call an early warning detection capability? does a country like afghanistan have, which is, of course, struggling with many other crises. yes. well it's, he says, and very interesting question because area boring, although in fast isn't as our countries is making an effort to reduce damages and prior warning, e o r, monitoring enough guns is not such are in such advanced age. all right,
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thing. good to, to get your perspective. thanks for sharing it with us. thank you for me today. the war in ukraine was high on the agenda of this wigs, bricks meeting the house chinese president. she ging thing criticize what he described as the abuse of international sanctions. was also the 1st major diplomatic appearance of russian president vladimir putin since the invasion. katrina, you reports from bay jing smiling to cameras. the leaders of the brooks nations met virtually on thursday, affirming a block which some have described as an alternative to the g 7, representing china, brazil, south africa, india and russia. the nation's account for more than 40 percent of the world's population and nearly a quarter of global gdp. y'all, the response to russia's invasion of ukraine was front and center with host chinese president. she didn't king opening the gathering by criticizing us lead sanctions lamear on. okay. that we urge the world to reject the cold war mentality and block
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confrontation, oppose unilateral sanctions and abuse of sanctions. reject the small circles built around, had germany, them. he had a bricks, business foreign. he accused dental of antagonizing russia and said sanctions had turned the global economy into a weapon. as in the comments were echoed by vladimir putin who made his 1st major diplomatic appearance since russia's invasion of ukraine is a new political one. the only bass are honest and mutually beneficial corporation. can we find a solution to the crisis situation in world economy blood because of ill conceived egotistical actions or particular countries? putin said russia had recently increased trade with bricks, partners, none of whom have supported sanctions against moscow. china and india, a key importance of russian energy, indian lead and rend remotely. however, steered clear of mentioning sanctions as a u. s. ally, u deli,
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is refusing to pick aside like we do not believe that dell 44 are such as the bricks should become a black forms for these kind of geopolitical contest. ations i said we see the value of the brick summit taking place at this time. precisely in enabling us to slow down, if not fully prevent what seems to be a kind of a incipient for the reservation in your politics at the best on the one side angina and rush out on the other side. in a joint declaration, the latest called for more dialogue between russia and ukraine, and pledged to deep in cooperation and fighting covered 19 counter terrorism and economic recovery. china proposed to free trade block among the 5 countries and the group is discussing whether to admit new mendez. katrina, you al jazeera staging. the senate has passed one of the strongest gun control bills in decades,
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and i just say she had support from both sides of the political lyle, but it falls far short of the sweeping changes demanded by gun control campaigners . my cannon has more from washington d. c. first of all, it is the most significant piece of bipartisan gun control legislation that's been passed in nearly 30 years. so in that it is truly significant. you had 15 republican senators voting with a democratic counterparts to pass this particular bull. the measures within it provides millions of dollars in mental health care, improving security at schools, and drastically changes to the way in which people aged $18.00 to $21.00 can buy a weapon, but it does fall far short of what most control gun control advocates. probably the majority of americans, including president biden, were demanding and specific example. a total ban on assault weapons had been called for that is not included in the bull. nonetheless, it is
1:43 pm
a significant moment because it does signal what the senate majority leader, chuck schumer said as a step in the right direction. and it does come bounce off to that shooting and you've all v and some 5 weeks after that. shooting in buffalo, new york, notable though that both those shooting, we're using assault rifles. however, the point is, is that it will now go to the house very quickly, the house because said that she'll bring it onto the floor tomorrow. the president will then sign it into law. so from the end of friday, this will become law in the united states, but it's ironic perhaps that this law, the 1st bipartisan gun control legislation in decades comes from the same day that the supreme court strikes down a hidden concealed garden carry law that has been in place in new york state for some 100 years, staying in the us, the house committee investigating last year's insurrection on capitol hill has held
1:44 pm
its 5th public hearing. the focused on the ways former president donald trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. hi, the joe castro. now congressional investigators say after losing the presidential election to joe biden, in november 2020. donald trump was relentless in his efforts to remain in power so relentless that he called or met with tom justice department officials every day except christmas pressuring the agency to take action on unfounded allegations of voter fraud. we had concluded based on actual investigations, actual witness interviews, actual reviews of documents that these allegations simply had no murder. trump did find one ally in the justice department, jeffrey clark and environmental lawyer who led the civil division, clark, whose home was rated by federal investigators. this week agree to promote trumps
1:45 pm
claim that the election was stolen. ignoring the warnings of colleagues, i said this is nothing less than justice, department meddling in an election. his reaction was ethic. a lot of people with melanin, this election, it soon became clear. trump wanted to promote clark to acting attorney general, that was clark's new title in the white house call log on january 3rd, 2021. when he was invited to the oval office to dual it out with jeff rosen, the man he would replace. witnesses described tromp presiding over a contentious apprentice style meeting. i said, well mister president, you are right that i am not going to allow the justice department to do anything to try to overturn the election. trump was warned, there would be mass resignations at the justice department if he replaced rosen with clark. i said mister president, within 244872 hours, you get up hundreds and hundreds resignation. trump ultimately changed his mind.
1:46 pm
i'm still worried that not enough is changed to prevent this from happening again. the january 6th committee says after some fail to pressure swing states to change their votes and fail to convince the justice department to do his bidding. mob violence became his last record witness to say at least 5 republican house members accused of promoting the january 6th the riot thought presidential pardons . in the immediate aftermath, they now claim they did nothing wrong me while trump continues to say that the election was stolen and he calls these hearings a witch hunt. at least 2 more are planned for july. heidi jo castro al jazeera washington. a 3rd protest to has died in ecuador, on the 11th day of a nationwide strike against the rising cost of living. our latin america added to lucy newman reports ha, thousands of striking indigenous ecuadorian st. rush to take back what they
1:47 pm
considered their headquarters. the capitals, indigenous house of cultures in an unprecedented move. the government had ordered the police to occupy it last week, enraging the confederation of indigenous nations. now that they retaken it there, celebrating, oh, this place represents our cultures. this is our home. away from home. i want it after almost 2 weeks of a nationwide strike that has paralyzed much of ecuador. it seemed promising. oh, but not for long running battles between right police and strikers, knew the legislative, assembly left scores injured. indigenous leaders say they wanted to deliver a letter to request that the assembly usage constitutional powers to question
1:48 pm
president good molasses. fitness to continue governing the conflict is clearly now impacting not just the economy, but ecuador is political stability. here the polish security was reinforced further as soldiers practice defending themselves from demonstrators. we are only 4 blocks away from the presidential pals, the most highly secured area of all of ecuador at this hour. because the fear is that the indigenous strikers could try to make it break into the palace by breaking all the security gordons as close for the president to resignation, grow that government is offering to negotiate safe on google, vienna, like which our government is doing all it can said that your voice is and protests will turn into effective solution. mr. fione, once again, we issue an invitation warning for an immediate dialogue without delay. oh, but indigenous leaders say the president must 1st lift
1:49 pm
a state of emergency and of her proof that he's serious about alleviating poverty, including debt relief and pill subsidies. and so the strike and the confrontations continue with no breakthrough insight. to see in human al jazeera kito, equilla work is on the way to restore one of oppose, most famous mosques. serious 2nd city was battered by 4 years of fighting between rebels and government forces and oppose. old city is the unesco listed world heritage site and home. so the o, my ad mosque, the buildings 11th century minarette was reduced to a pile of blocks during the fighting in 2013. the stone blocks and lattice work and now being repaired by hand still ahead on al jazeera. oh, i see some rubber doll it's gotta go on though has gone out. oh my goodness and unexpected. has it at this golf tournament in the us?
1:50 pm
that will be help with that story. ah ah. with me.
1:51 pm
oh, lou. ah, i suppose fine said ads here. we know that means it's both right. come on. hollow banker was the center of attention that the n b. a draft. 19 year old, that was the number one overall pick at an event that the launch pad that a 4 top level basketball career. and it was just an reports the orlando magic
1:52 pm
select palo bang, kara hollow barn. kara was a man dressed to impress on the biggest nights of his basketball career. so for the teenager from seattle is heading to the orlando magic is the surprise number one overall pick. at the end, the draft, the 1st 2 years of his contract will see him earning more than $20000000.00. this is one of those moments of my life. i'm super excited and now i couldn't be happier . you know, to be a member in orlando magic. this isn't even a dream. i feel like this is like a fantasy like i dream of being in an arm, but being an m one overall paid. you notice is crazy. cleveland cavaliers select the broad jane. he's joining an elite list look wrong. james was a top pick in 2003 layer. the draft is an annual event. when teens from north america's top league get a chance to select new players from us colleges and international competitions.
1:53 pm
teams that fail to reach the playoffs in the previous season. yet to choose 1st from bendigo of failure. dyson daniels was the highest international. pick the australian. he's on his way to the new orleans pelicans. i want to have my name, phone number hot jobs and as his dream come, true, i jumped to this for as long as i can remember to finally be here, a lot of hard work, but i'm just lester. a recall, are you over a starting points on a career path, although selected will be hoping one day leads to them. when the n b. a championship. andy richardson, al jazeera and off past south, who is angie turner says that talking about key re fruit. it was the key to her success on day one of the women's pga championship turn heads a course, a record in maryland to take a 5 shot lead. and the 3rd major of the women's season, she said talking to her caddy about her favorite fruit,
1:54 pm
helped relax her on the course. isn't really tough to find a good kiwi from the supermarket from luckily we have a good korean supermarket near here. so i got a good gold key on there, so that's a lot of it. talk o. mcelroy has made a good start and he has bid to him back to back pga tour titles. the well number 2 shot an opening ground of 62 at the travelers. championship macro came into the event having finished in a tie for 5th. at last week's us open has been an outspoken critic of clara who left the pga tour sign up for lucrative saudi arabian back series. and they've been to try to prove anything to anyone and just i'm in a good run a 4 month plan well. and whether that gives me a little more confidence to speak up on certain issues, you know, maybe,
1:55 pm
but i'm i'm just going either trying to play my game and try to try to win some, some more tournaments. and the runaway golf cart also made the big impact on day one. i see some ribbon dollar has got to go on though has gone out. oh my goodness . i thankfully the only victims that were the golf clubs on the back of the buggy war. a former fee for secretary general has been convicted of bribery in a swiss court. john valko was found to have forged documents and accepted bribes, and a case involving woke up media rights. falco has been given an 11 month that suspended jell centers a lawyer for one of diego mariah doner sons. it has said that the football great. it was in a situation of helplessness by the time of his death. at 2 years ago. 8 medical staff are set to be tried in argentinian courts accused of criminal negligence.
1:56 pm
i'll correspondence to her, isabel has more. i'm here at home. i don't feel mean going off. site is, this is the club where doable. might i don't, i began his career and i didn't do and yours. and this is an emotional day for many of those who love might not in argentina. mostly because a judge has said that there is enough evidence to try those who were in charge of taking care of my keys, including urologist. hi tracy nurses among others for being a she was so simple, homicide, a very serious charge here in argentina that could lead to up to between 8 and 25 years in prison. prosecutors are saying that there were a series of conduct, been a condo that ended with my own death. my own app was operated on a blood clot in his brain and that he, after that surgery, he should have remained in the hospital, which is what his daughters wanted. but instead he was taken to a home in
1:57 pm
a series of recording that appeared if you can hear some of those taken care of them, a lot of things to keep his family away, mostly an allegedly for profit. and this is why they're now going to try and madonna is a national hero in argentina. i god like figure that continues to be loved by many and this is, this will be the 1st world copying cuts are without him being in a team as a coach. or involved with the play you're still people in argentine are very excited about the world cup with you and missy, leading the team. and those of he would talk to say that even though matter i don't, i won't be here physically. they say that he will be supporting the team from heaven. carlos altura has suffered the set back in his preparations for wimbledon. the games, the rising star was taking part in a warm up event in london. he was beaten by frances staff, will find himself on collision course with the board boys during their match. both of these plays will be competing at wimbledon new the seas instead grand slam
1:58 pm
starting on one day. well, number one, daniel midway, debra grass court season is over. the defending champion has been knocked out of the mile co open midway. deborah will now have time to focus on the hard courts at season. wimbledon organizes have banned russian and bella russian say that's it for me that me. thank so my senate. well, that said, for this news, now, we'll be back in a moment with more today's news to stay with us here on al jazeera. ah, the shot it's a good call. so a lot of them nationwide is one on one. the how do you to visit with council the philistines, with the, from the such for yeah. will that and about the fisa can
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a little sob? is it done? well, i can dish out in the cold. there's topics you called it of wilson thought not to rally both on the look coffee like in the past on an in that a fee on the line. it's like a month to help out or yeah, i mean for the shuttle in the cool, shy review. why did either before the book ah and a blue criminal drug dealing shifted to places beyond the reach of the many people in the afghan government way involved in the doctorate. gorilla was
2:00 pm
in columbia and mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a muscle, a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics, territories on al jazeera. how to states control information. how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism refraining the story? be it online on air, or imprint? the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of and networks journalists on al jazeera ah, a struggle to survive in afghanistan after devastating earthquake and.


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