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the guerrilla was in columbia and to mexico, where the cartels had been responsible for a muscle, a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking, politics, territories on al jazeera. how to states control information. how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism refraining the story? be it on line on air or in point. listening post dissects the media on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of on networks journalists on al jazeera, ah, a struggle to survive in afghanistan aloft, a devastating earthquake leaves thousands without homes, food,
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or drinking. ah ally, why money inside the saudis are alive? oh, so coming up late is the commonwealth nations taking part in a summit in orlando, but a controversial a sodom deal is threatening to overshadow me. say the un human rights office says israeli forces by the bullet that killed al jazeera jealous. sure enough walk late last month. the us senate pass is a bipartisan gun control bell. the fuss sought to legislation in 3 decades. i'm follows a number of recent machine. ah, afghanistan has been shaken by a 2nd earthquake just 3 days off to the most destructive quake in 20 years. the off
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to shock added 5 desk to the total toll of at least $1100.00 people. anti villages have been reduced to rubble. and people in particular, province of desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. ali latifah begins, are coverage. it only took 5 minutes for the lives of these men to change forever. in the early morning hours of the 21st of june, 5.9, magnitude earthquake struck honest on leaving more than 1500 dead and hundreds more injured. a handful of districts in the south eastern provinces practical and host where the worst head and the han was at home with his 14 family members when the tremors were felt. when you move this food to move, it was 130 and didn't even take a full minute in my family. 10 people including children, were killed. there is a private clinic, but it's 30 minutes away. there is no government hospital here. the remoteness of these villages is one reason why the casualty tool is so high treating 100 the
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wounded has been particularly difficult, as long as sun continues to struggle under the pressure of international sanctions . even this regional hospital here and these, the capitals patio province is struggling to cope with the load while helicopters have been instrumental in transferring the injured and providing assistance. there aren't enough of them to go around. malawi, khalid commander of the 2 or 3 months with the army corps says they need more helicopters or whatever planes we had enough canister and we brought them all from kinda hard couple. of course we still need much more. there's still a shortage for thousands of on the last few days have been full of loss and grief for the top one government, it's been a test, a test of their ability to respond to disaster. your coupon says his community is surrounded by tragedy managers and i was there last night. there was an earthquake
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and we lost everything. we have martyrs, there, here, there, there are a lot of injured people. all these houses are destroyed. we've lost our mosque. there's nothing left here, only the injured even women, all because of the earthquake. we're here at the pack to army corps, which has become the epicenter of aid for the earthquake relief. all day helicopters take off and land from here, they bring the injured. they also take with them assistance from international aid organizations and from of on a organization to bring to the most devastated areas in the country. areas that have very little access to clinics, to hospitals, to proper roads and to any other services. so really what goes on here is extremely important. well, the taliban governments deputy chief and interior minister as cooling on the international community to do more to help us to live. on the 8th,
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we request all the agencies in other countries to send us urgent aid and to help us . since many houses have been destroyed, and many people are effected, the islamic emirates of a canis danville transparently distribute all aide to needy people through land or air. we again urged for urgent help. us go live to ality views in the eastern province of pock adi, a desperate situation. what is the latest on the ground? you said there was another earthquake earlier today that left at least 5 people dead up to 11 more injured. i in a districts impact call province over the last 2 days, the acting interior minister said dean, i'm funny, husband visiting the victims in both host and practical province and his visit. you know, it's sort of a highlights the irony of the situation. i want us on currently, on the one hand, he's acting interior minister and he wants to bring as much help to people as
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possible. but on the other, he's a much feared man who is that, you know, part of one of the most violent facts of the taller ball and in the past. and most importantly, he has a massive f b. i bounty on his head for millions of dollars. and really anyone who knows his whereabouts is supposed to give information to the f b i to turn this man in. and yet this is the man that is responsible for security domestic security in the country and who is also trying to bring aid and assistance to thousands of people that are desperately needed. so it's, it's the symbol of the, of the paradox that i want to find has become under tolerable control. it is a paradox indeed. in terms of what people actually need, what is it that they need? i mean, there's been cause international support. is it more food? is it more shelter? is it more health care?
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it's you know, more, more health care for sure. you know, we were talking to hospital officials here in the regional hospital and got these and packed. and they said, you know, something that they desperately need is more on the ground hospitals within the areas. because for instance, today's earthquake is another example of why they need to make sure that even the village level has the proper clinics and medical attention for people. especially at a time like this. they also need air power. they need helicopters to bring the wounded from these areas, you know, which can be oftentimes up to 10 hours from the next major city into the, you know, again the next capital over for treatment. so they need that they also need proper coordination with international organization to make sure the international organizations are able to work on the ground and really partner with local, regional organizations that has been the biggest issue for international organizations. is that a lot of the constraints put on them by the you and, and other organizations keeps them from being able to work with groups who would
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have much more direct access to areas like this. and requires them to be much more at the whim of the larger scale organizations like the united nations and their different restrictions and guidelines of how to operate in the current conditions. ali ltv speaking to us from the eastern province of park to yeah, thank you. a commonwealth heads of government meeting has begun and wander on a controversial u. k. one to assign him deal is threatening to overshadow the summit by the british prime minister boris johnson. and the u. k. prince charles are attending. johnston has defended his governance plan to deport migrants to under while since apartments charles is reportedly criticized deal in private. let's go to malcolm webb, who is live for us in kigali 1st. not come tell us about the u. k prime minister boris johnson, to what extent is his deal with wanda dominating the conversation?
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well, prince charles and maurice johnson spoke a short while ago at the opening ceremony of the meeting taking place in a convention center just over there. and neither of the mentioned this at all, but we do, you know, from what was reported by british newspapers just days before prince charles travelled here in private. he describes this asylum deal as a pulling to deal by which the u. k. has paid already about a $150000000.00 to president polka gummies government. just the 1st down payment asylum seekers from the u. k. a meant to be flown here. the 1st claim was meant to land haven kigali last week. it didn't following a series of last minute legal challenges in the end, it didn't take off with both government say they still want to push ahead with this plan,
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which is drawn widespread criticism from rights groups. boris johnson in his opening speech did also talk. we did talk about russian aggression in, in ukraine. he evidently wants to try and galvanized commonwealth countries behind the british and western opposition to russia's invasion of ukraine. now it's notable that some of the commonwealth heavy weights, the heavyweight countries didn't send their heads of state, but instead, instead said more judaea, delegations instead, they include south africa, australia, and india. prime minister modi isn't here, it's one of the ministers that incentive who india is trying to maintain relations with russia, russia, how strong economic ties with russia and malcolm. what else is on the agenda of this? have a commonwealth heads of government meeting?
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commonwealth doesn't produce any binding treaties is not a trading blog, but it does represent about the will. the countries include about a 3rd of the world's population is mostly britain's former colonies. and more recently, others have been joining that includes rwanda who joined in 2009 at the time the commonwealth human rights initiative said that rwanda didn't meet the ball for democratic standards in respect for civil liberties and human rights. but nonetheless, rwanda was allowed to join anyway togo and gone to form a french colonies in west africa, submitting to apply this summits as well. they also have fairly major questions surrounding their human rights records and democratic credentials. thank you for that. malcolm web efforts in kigali. now,
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the united nation says information it has gathered shows the shot that killed l. just their agenda, serene clay on may. the 11th was fired by israeli forces. un human rights office spokesperson said the finding showed the bullet did not come from an indiscriminate firing by armed palestinians. serina blocker was shot in the head while she was on assignment in jeanine. with the un human rights spokesperson says the facts of the incident, a claire at around a half past 6 in the morning, as floor of the journalists turned into the street leading to the camp. wearing bullet proof helmets and flak jackets with press markings, several single seemingly well aimed bullets were fired towards them from the direction of the israeli security forces. one single bullet injured elisa moved the shoulder and another single bullet hit a black lay in the head and killed her instantly. speak to bennet smith,
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who's in west jerusalem for us. but it gives a bit more detail on what the united nations had said today about sharina killing, bullying and findings in tandem rarely with findings from other news organizations who since jarine was killed. i'm talking about the show safety press, the new york times c n n. all of them have looked into the circumstances surrounding the location of where and how she room was killed and all of come to the conclusion that she was killed by an israeli bullet. israel had pushed back against all of this initially in the days now and the days after her death, they said it could have been a palestinian fighter. but there's just been no evidence of that at all. and we now know she was at least 300 meters away from where there was any confrontations between israelis and palestinians. so these res, i'm still sad that they need the bullet to perform a full ballistic investigation. they think they've identified the rifle. they say
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that may have been used, but they want the bullet that goes with it. the palestinian authority doesn't trust israel and says it will hand over the bullet. we also know that these railey said, not long after sharina death is really military said, the chief of sas check stop said no soldier, fight intentionally. as a journalist, we've investigated that. we've checked it. there are no other conclusions, no matter how much pressure is piled on these railways, including a call from senator joe biden, to investigate what israelis military has done. it's going to be very, very hard to, to get these railey military to conduct a criminal investigation. thank you for that, but it's smith in west harrison ross phil ahead on al jazeera, why russian president vladimir putin as turning to the bricks club to follow the latest from the virtual summit, rising out in ecuador protesters refused to leave the streets as national throwing
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pit 11 straight de ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to cattle. your travel package today? hello, he sees a very heavy rainfall recently just spitting out a central parts of china, easing over towards japan further south, january dry. now willow, water to shower, still in the forecast over the next day or so, is the may you front mayberry front that's making its way little further northwards and east was as per usual, some pulse is a very heavy rain coming through on that same day. some live the showers, they're just coming back into southern japan, but nothing too much to speak of at this stage as we go one through sunday. still a chance of one or 2 showers on the humid side. 31 celsius. therefore,
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tokyo still some sherry right around the korean finished a bit much dry than it has been recently. can't say the same across that ne, inside of china localized. but he said it looks a possibility here at that stage, and notice some showers down towards the se, as we go on through the weekend. player showers meanwhile, across a good part of are in the are still awesome showers. in the forecast they stud hit parts of the ne, into bangladesh, not as heavy as they have been, but they are there, nevertheless, war the way of showers across central parts of india. and those shows up the western gas. those monsoon rains really pumping some very heavy rainfall as we go through the next couple of days with the possibility of flooding. i saw official airline of the journey, frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem informed opinions. it's not your communities on the go to my security, and that creates a government,
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has knowledge to me. in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard for people to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. ah ah welcome back you watching out as a reminder, our top stories this hour, they are urgent appeals from the taliban of international help of the afghan, the stones, most destructive earthquake and 20 years old and 1100 people have died in the quake on wednesday. 5 were killed friday morning and off to shocks near the epicenter. commonwealth leaders are meeting in rwanda and a controversial
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u. k wanda asylum dale is threatening to overshadow the summit by british prime minister boris johnson and the you case prince charles the you and says information it has about shots fired at the al jazeera gym, the serene of our clay on may. the 11th was that they came from is very full, says it's human rights office spokesperson robina chum. fanny said. the findings showed a bullet did not come from indiscriminate firing by armed palestinians. the u. k. governing conservative party has lost 2 by elections, increasing the pressure and prime minister boris johnson. loss of a previously safe seat in devon in southwest england is being seen as by far the most damaging. the results of all say, prompted the resignation of the parties. chairman, who says supporters deserve better. don't hold reports from devin the
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green fields of rural devil reliably, conservative for years, until now, the people of pivots an unwholesome, spoke paper breaker. except a light and clear message. it's time for boris johnson to go and go. now, because it's a whole different thing so far, we've had so many years to come and thinking any farther client actions don't always represent the wider national picture. they're often protest boats with a local focus, but nor do they tend to overturn majorities like this one in 2019. the conservatives won the tipton and hon. it and constituency, by $24000.00 votes, a margin. they've now lost a loss that even conservative voters. so coming, i think it's possibly a little bit for change. you could say the liberal democrats have done
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a very good campaign. they're absolutely full on in the current political climate, it's hard to separate the local from the national people do of course complain about public services about the cost of living and many say the conservative party has taken them for granted until that is their m p. 's stood down when he was found to have looked at pornography in the house of commons. but repeatedly here, people do also cite national issues as reason for their choice. hello there, i went to chamberlain, i'm calling behalf of richard. fortunately things for violation. i just think with all the recent things, including that behavior with covert is the law of people. i think it doesn't fit right with. and i think this is the best chance of getting them sending a message really facing. let them sending a message to the conservative that, you know, we're not happy. and that's why the liberal democrats success in tifton and huntington matters nationally after this defeat some conservative m p. 's will be
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thinking, do i really want bars, johnson to be leading me into the next election with losses like this already happening for bar is johnson's party, this west country seat as delivered, a severe blow. the prime minister, who narrowly survived a leadership challenge recently, will now worry about his party's core support as will his m. p. 's. if the conservatives can lose here, they can lose anywhere. jona whole al jazeera devon, the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is in germany for a g 7 meeting on global food security. i had of the meeting. lincoln met with german vice chancellor, robert havoc for mrs. o. discussing the impact of the warn ukraine climate change on the cove at 19 pandemic. germany's foreign minister and alina babel has accused russia of using hunger as a weapon of war. the governor of ukraine's eastern low hands creegan says his
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forces will have to leave the embattled city of savannah. don yeske. russian troops have now taken control of the most strategic city. governor ca, they says, remaining positions have been smashed to pieces, and staying doesn't make sense. another local official said, the ne, by district of harris has been fully occupied by russian forces. the war in ukraine was high on the agenda of this week's bricks. meeting the host chinese president gigi pen criticize what he described as the abuse of international sanctions. also the 1st major diplomatic appearance of the russian president vladimir putin since he invasion. katrina, you reports from beijing smiling to camera. the leaders of the british nations met virtually on thursday, affirming a block which some have described as an alternative to the g 7, representing china, brazil, south africa, india and russia. the nation's count for more than 40 percent of the world's
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population and nearly a quarter of global g d p. the response to russia's invasion of ukraine was front and center with host chinese president. she didn't ping orbiting the gathering by criticizing us lead sanctions. lamear. okay, that we urged a world to reject the cold war mentality and a block confrontation, oppose unilateral sanctions and abuse of sanctions, and reject the smoke circles built around, had germany, them. he had a bricks, business for him. he accused nieto of antagonizing russia and said sanctions had turned the global economy into a weapon. so the comments were echoed by vladimir putin who made his 1st major diplomatic appearance since russia's invasion of ukraine is a new brand new one. the only bass are honest and the mutually beneficial cooperation. can we find a solution to the crisis situation in wal economy, glove, because of ill conceived egotistical actions are particularly countries. putin said russia had recently increased trade with bricks, partners,
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none of whom have supported sanctions against moscow. china and india, a key importance of russian energy, indian lead and rend remotely. however, steered clear of mentioning sanctions as a u. s. ally, u deli, is refusing to pick aside. we do not believe that dell for, for our, such as the bricks should become a black forms out for b, kind of a geopolitical conditions. ah, as i said, i'll be see the value of the brick summit speaking bears at this time precisely in enabling us to soar down, if not fully prevent. oh, what seems to be a kind of a incipient modernization in geo politics. so i know best one, the one side and china and rush out on the other side. in a joint declaration, the lead is called for more dialogue between russia and ukraine. and pledge to deep in cooperation and fighting cove in 19 counter terrorism and economic recovery.
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china has proposed a free trade block among the 5 countries, and the group is discussing whether it would meet new mendez, katrina, you al jazeera, making. the u. s. senate has passed, one of the strongest gun control bells in decades. the legislation had support from both sides of the political island comes just a month after school shooting in val day, texas, which left 19 elementary school students and to teach is dead. but it does fall far short of the sweeping changes demanded by gun control campaigners. my county has moved from washington. first of all, it is the most significant piece of bipartisan gun control legislation that's been passed in nearly 30 years. so in that it is truly significant. you had 15 republican senators voting with a democratic counterparts to parts this particular bull. the measures within it provides millions of dollars in mental health care, improving security at schools,
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and drastically changes the way in which people aged $18.00 to $21.00 can buy a weapon. but it does fall far short of what most control gun control advocates the probably the majority of americans including president biden, were demanding and specific example. a total ban on assault weapons had been called for that is not included in the bull. nonetheless, that is a significant moment because it does signal what the senate majority leader, chuck schumer said as a step in the right direction. and it does come bounce off to that shooting and you've all v and some 5 weeks after that. shooting in buffalo, new york, notable though that both those shooting, we're using assault rifles. however, the point is, is that it will now go to the house very quickly, the house because said that she'll bring it onto the floor tomorrow. the president will then sign it into law soap from the end of friday. this will become law in the
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united states, but it's ironic perhaps that this law, the 1st bipartisan gun control legislation in decades comes from the same day that the supreme court strikes down a hidden concealed garden carry law that has been in place in new york state for some 100 years said protest a has died in ecuador, on the 11th day of nationwide strike against the rising cost of living. indigenous protest is fought with police and the capital quito hours after they had taken over a cultural centre that had been sealed off for a week. a latin american ed is salisia, newman reports, ah, thousands of striking indigenous ecuadorian st. rush to take back what they considered their headquarters, the capitals, indigenous house of cultures. in an unprecedented move, the government had ordered the police to occupy it last week, enraging the confederation of indigenous nations. now that they retaken it there,
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celebrating, oh, this place represents our cultures. this is our home, away from home. i miss it. after almost 2 weeks of a nationwide strike that has paralyzed much of ecuador, it seemed promising. ah, but not for long running battles between right police and strikers, knew the legislative assembly left scores injured. indigenous leaders say they wanted to deliver a letter to request that the assembly uses constitutional powers to question president good molasses. fitness to continue governing the conflict is clearly now impacting not just the economy, but ecuador is political stability. here the palace security was reinforced further,
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as soldiers practice defending themselves from demonstrators. we are only 4 blocks away from the presidential palace, the most highly secured area of all of ecuador at this hour. because the fear is that that indigenous strikers could try to make it break into the palace by breaking all the security. gordons is close to the president's resignation. grow the government is offering to negotiate safe on google. weird. and although i who talk government is doing all kinds of your voices and protests will turn into effective solution, missouri once again, we issue an invitation, running for an immediate dialogue without delay. oh, but indigenous leaders said the president must 1st lift a state of emergency and over proof that he's serious about alleviating poverty, including debt relief and fuel subsidies. and so the strike and the confrontations continue with no breakthrough in sight. to see a human al jazeera kito,
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equilla work is underway to we're still one of the leapers most famous most serious 2nd city was of course, battered by 4 years of fighting between rebels and government forces and lepers. all city is a unesco listed world heritage site and home to the maya mosque. the buildings 11th century minarets was reduced to a pile of blocks during fighting in 2013 the stone blocks in lattice work and now being repaired by hand. i'll take a look at this terrifying moment. it was a u. s. firmer who fainted during her routine at the world aquatics championships, synchronized cement and neat. alvarez fell on conscious and sank to the bottom of the pool while she was competing in budapest. thankfully her coach dived in to rescue her and she received immediate 1st aid and is recovering well. ah.


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