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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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ah with oh what official and line of the journey ah. ready the u. s. supreme court overturned a decades old ruling known as roe vs wade. the guaranteed nationwide abortion
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rights for women. the court literally taking the american back 150 years. this is sad day for the country. my celebrations and anger across america. as the country remains deeply divided over women's right to terminate their pregnancy will have reaction from dc new york. and l a ah, i'm how much i'm doing this is al jazeera alive from door. also coming up. ukraine tells us forces to withdraw from the devastated city of severity unanswered as russia moved to take complete control of the east. and the un concludes that israeli forces killed al jazeera journalists. shitty and walked. ah,
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we begin in the united states where millions of women are expected to lose access to abortions. after the supreme court struck down a ruling making it a constitutional right. the conservative dominated court voted in favor of overturning the roe vs wade ruling, which was passed almost 50 years ago in 1973 vertical hand reports from washington, dc. ah, for some this is what they've been working to for almost 50 years. as the supreme court decides, access to an abortion is no longer a constitutional right now, the states can decide and $26.00 states are likely to ban abortions in the coming weeks and months. once those words were read that the decision of rosalie was reverse. i had to kind of this mix of release and excitement. it's really hard to describe, but a bunch of us to start bursting into tears. i outside the supreme court pro
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abortion rights activist cried enraged at a court. many of them consider illegitimate. confronted the anti abortion rights activists, i well, both acknowledged, they had no hope of changing minds. it's hurt both. there are women die. there are people who are going to go to jail, brings they can't control in their own body. because people who make the laws don't understand, i will not, not being pro white because science is on our side. president joe biden was quick to condemn the decision is a sad day for the court and for the country. now, ro gone must be very clear. the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedence, especially one of this important. so this court is unlikely to change its mind. now
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the focus turned to congress to try and get a law. the guarantees, abortion access power concedes nothing without a demand, never has never will. do i think it's realistic that they will restore abortion right. if we sit home, hell know, do i think if we come out and raise body, we flushed the streets and don't go home. absolutely. we can compel them to restore legal abortion on demand across the country and nothing less than that is acceptable whole showed. the majority of americans didn't want this decision to happen. how much daycare will determine if this is a permanent new reality in america? how do you have al jazeera at the supreme court? rob reynolds, is that a pro abortion rights protest in los angeles? and gabriel elizondo was at another in new york. but 1st, let's go to rosalind jordan, who is outside the supreme court in washington, dc. roz crowds have been growing there outside the supreme court throughout the day and emotions have been running high. how charged is the atmosphere now and what are
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you seeing and hearing well, this is more of a pro abortions right rally in front of this u. s. supreme court building here in washington and the crowd is both the angry with the high court ruling. but we've also been hearing from speakers throughout the late afternoon, telling people how they can move forward now, how they can actually channel their anger into constructive action. whether it's advising people on how to seek reproductive health care, especially given that to some states, such as alabama have already moved to outlaw abortion completely within their states borders, or how to get more involved in the political process. a. so this has been a long day, a lot of people trying to process the emotion of something that they had really taken for granted. but it already seems as if people are moving from that initial
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1st burst of anger to trying to figure out what to do with it. and you try to restore the right to have an abortion in the united states. no matter how long it takes. all right, rosalind jordan live for us from washington dc. many thanks. as we mentioned, it's been nearly 50 years since the u. s. supreme court ruled on roe vs wade. the 973 decision established the choosing to have an abortion is a right protected by the constitution. 7 out of the 9 judges voted in favor at the time they ruled a fetus has the potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy. but is not a person and therefore does not have constitutional rights of its own. decades later, restrictions on the procedure vary depending on state laws, but at least 13 states have what's known as trigger laws that will immediately ban or restrict abortion. after this ruling, the state of missouri has already become the 1st state to end abortion. entirely. republican members of congress are hailing the ruling as
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a momentous victory. we are entering a new era of freedom of freedom for the unborn. and i am proud to have always been on the side of pro my pro life brothers and sisters who stand here with me to day and all across america. we always knew we would realize true freedom for all americans. the people of one of victory, the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. this great nation canal live up to its core principle, that all are created equal, not born equal, created equal. the reaction to this principle decision by the court. it must be peaceful. and the d. o. j must step up to protect our justices their families, churches, and pro life pregnancy centers from unprovoked violence. all right,
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let's cross live now. gabriel elizondo in new york game. you're out with the protesters in new york, just describe for our viewers the scene and what you're hearing from members of the public are to who are turning out to demonstrate today. thousands of protesters on the streets of new york city. it's a little after 7 pm here. there are actually 4 different protests happening throughout the evening in various parts of the city. and they're all now kind of converging here in washington square park where i'm at now. there's so many people in the park, washington square park, where i mean, we actually had to move away about a half block or so to get the proper signal. so we could actually broadcast live, do you, there's anger, frustration, and also a sense, very much defiance. defiance of this and really shock that this decision is finally come down. a decision that many pro choice supporters did not want to ever have to
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face. i want to bring one of them in right now. you're one of them, lola ma. they're pronounced right. well, no, i am i. yeah. well you, my great, you're 14 years old. you're one of the protest organizers. one of the groups, 14 years old. what brought you out here today? well, i've been volunteering for this organization for about 2 months. thanks to my friend and guy who introduced a and today after we got out of our graduation ceremony, actually we saw the news about the overturning of wrote the weight, and it was just truly disgusting and shell shocking to us because you know, we thought coming, but it just never hit to a point of realization that we thought that as 14 year old, the teenagers, we'd have to come out here and try and gather the support of our peers, our nation, and our government to try and rally everyone together in the concepts. something that we believe and we find to be human rights and basic human right. do you feel
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for your future, your young woman right now that a long future ahead of you? do you worry about your future when it comes to your rights and health care related to this issue? yeah, so i'm 14, right, and most of my friends we are relying on our state governments to protect us. my future, i'm scared for, but i am even more scared for the futures of the girls in the 13 states right now who have already repealed their rights to abortion. it's so scary that a young teenage girl and women in general can have the government controlling their futures, the rest of their lives, their ability to prosper, to gauge higher education, to get a job, and to just really fulfill what they want to do with their life. sentence, saddening to see people my age hacked, you drive and travel just for access to a safe and legal medical procedure. all right,
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what's your mindset right now about the future of this country? do you feel with these protest? do you feel hopeful? do you feel sad? do you feel fearful? i want to put words in your mouth. what is, what do you feel moving forward? i see the support of the people around us and it really does make me hopeful for the future of this nation. which eyes clearly being led by us, the younger generations, because our government has failed us today and has failed us in the past. but we're not gonna let that stop us. and i know i could speak for our organization and the other organizations alike, that we are going to stay and we're going to fight because this is a fundamental right or all of us and we need it back and we need it now. so i'm really confident in the future of this country. thank you. hello, thank you for joining us now. desert, we appreciate your perspective here. well, you could hear it. that's one young woman with some very powerful words,
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saying in her words, they're going to continue to fight, fight for her future and the future. the country, given this news that's gabrielle, is on to live for us, setting the scene at that protest in new york. thanks so much gave and rob reynolds is at another protest and los angeles. rob, how are people and politicians in california reacting to the supreme court decision to overturn roe vs wade? hello, mohammad a, california is not one of the states that is going to be banning abortion any time in the future. in fact, it as some of the most. busy robust protections for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies of any of the states. and that fact, however, did not deter several 100 people from coming out here and gathering in front of the federal court house in downtown los angeles. there venting their outrage, their fury, their disappointment,
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they are calling for our unrestricted rights to abortion on demand and denouncing the supreme court decision. there are no noticeable anti abortion rights demonstrations going on in los angeles that we're aware of right at the moment. the governor of los angeles, gavin newsome has announced that together with some other west coast governors, they're going to try and work on plans to provide funding for women who live in states where abortion is banned to travel to california. and those other states where abortion is legal and they will be able to avail themselves of healthcare services to terminate their pregnancies without regard for cost or travel or, or of citizenship. and i'd like to bring in right now a guest who's been out here demonstrating izzy. ah, is a of a demonstrator here in his he has asked that we not use her last name,
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so we're respecting that. thank you very much for speaking to us on al jazeera. what does this mean to you on? so i am a disabled veteran and i was assaulted in the military. i got pregnant from that assault. and when i found out i was pregnant, i sat in bed and my thoughts were i am either going to get an abortion or kill myself. abortion literally saved my life, and that's not only me that is millions of people, women, girls, people who uses all over this country. and so many rights are on the line. it's so important that everyone who can stand up and march does it. do you feel that you live in a different country today? absolutely. like this is not what i fought for when i signed up for the
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military. i am trying to defend our rights like women's rights included. so i mean, thinking about fundamental rights being taken away, it doesn't feel like the america that we're sold and it needs to change to be the america we were promised. so as a veteran, it someone who volunteered to serve their country to defend the people of the country. you feel that the country is no longer values. you as much as it would a man. i mean, it's a question of whether women were ever really equal, but just today it feels like it's the worst i've been in my life time for sure. it feels like we're becoming 2nd class citizens. incubators, it's terrible. is he? thank you very much to share your story with us. who do appreciate that. thank you so much and good luck to you. very, very moving testimony from a person who has been very personally and deeply affected by this,
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by this issue. not a matter of the dusky legal tones or legal statutes or laws or politics. it affects people. and that is, i think, one of the lessons that we should bear in mind on this as, as we continue, are coverage vomit. that sound is here is rob rentals life for us and a pro abortion right. protests in ela. rob, thanks so much. since the ruling was announced, some u. s. companies have said they will help employees who need to go to other states to have abortions. disney says it will cover expenses for workers who need to travel to access family planning care. the firm employs 80000 people in the state of florida, where the governor signed a bill banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. alaska airlines says despite the ruling, it will continue to reimburse travel costs for its employees wanting to undergo medical procedures, unavailable in certain states. we spoke to lauren bloomfield copeland,
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the vice president of government affairs and public advocacy at planned parenthood, advocates of ohio. she explained who will be impacted by the rule. ohio is going to be devastated by this rolling. the 6 judges that are hostile to our freedom have really like to go higher with republican lead legislators and governors in the hands of bel it while ohio has well, abortion is still legal right now. in ohio. we are facing litigation around a 6 week band that was passed in 2019. this litigation is going to continue into next week. and we don't know if we will be able to provide abortion after 6 weeks. i'm depending on if it's in junction is going to hold and we know that the legislature is looking to be an abortion completely to the 8 here. continues. the people here who will be most impacted are already on the,
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on the margins. flag people indigenous folks l g b to q. people, people who already have a lack of resources because of our health care institution to already been the most impacted by the democrats. they are going to be most impacted by abortion bands. we already see that because some folks, even though we are working really hard with aids that provide abortion to be able to make sure that patients are able to get worse and, and see where we go. there will still be people who can't travel, who can't buy in child support, who can't leave work, and therefore will have to continue pregnancy that they did not want to. the governor of ukraine's eastern lanced region says his forces will be withdrawing from the city of severity and ask russian troops are now in control of most of the city and are close to surrounding its sister city. this chanced, both cities have been under intense bombardment for weeks. many of the ukrainian
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forces in severity and ask are, hold up inside the as a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians have been sheltering from russian air strikes. charles stratford reports from keith. this is the adult chemical plant in civil done. it's gone. ukraine's eastern front line, hundreds of civilians including women and children, are reportedly sheltering in its bunkers after suffering some of the heaviest fighting and most intense artillery, bombardments since the war began. 4 months ago, ukrainian forces have begun retreating city, lin, yoda, unfortunately our boys will have to be withdrawn. but there is no need to talk about so called betrayal law as nobody's going to abandon the watch and no one will let the russian forces surround them. what nearly every building in civil than it is partially or completely destroyed. it's a similar situation in neighboring lease. it chanced, as the shilling gets heavier, the relocation of remaining civilians who wants to italy gets more arrows by the
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day. there is reportedly no running water or electricity, but still some people refuse the offer of safe passage to the ukraine inside. i'm only was my mother now. i do not want to leave. i think we need to endure a bit more and everson will be ok. sure. ukrainian army released footage believe to have been shot at least a week ago, showing ukrainian soldiers laying minds and then blowing up one of the 4 bridges connections separate than it, st. lucie chance to the south, a tactical move to slow down the russian advance. the russian ministry of defense released video, it says, shows ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner in the nearby town of the latte is ukrainian military vehicles, are heading south from lisa chance. but russian forces a shilling the main road out in an effort to cut off a major supply, an exit route for the crane, an army and civilian evacuees. russian forces are pushing into several denette
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scanned towards neighboring lucy chances from the north, the east and the south. they also control lodge areas to the west. the regional governor says that ukrainian forces are pulling back in what he describes as a tactical withdrawal. for the news suggests a potential defeat for the ukranian army in one of the last 2 cities in lou ganske region under their control chaw, stratford al jazeera keith tunisia. interior ministry says it's foiled a terrorist attack on police and confirmed serious threats to the life and safety of president i cited, say, a dissolved parliament and assumed executive powers last year, triggering protests and accusations of a co. the ministry spokeswoman says, investigations are under way. hey, bill allen? yeah, bob, as guests on heavy as the plots targeting the president have come to serious levels in terms of planning and coordination among the plotters beyond the boundaries of
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imagination. and as these threats were proven as genuine what it was mandatory to step forward and inform the public about investigations are still under way in effort to gather the most possible amount of intelligence on these genuine threats . at the aim at undermining the countries public security and stability are you in finding suggests that the israeli military fired the shot that killed al jazeera journalist. shitty in a bodily shaheen was killed while on assignment and jeanine in the occupied west bank. bernard smith reports from west jerusalem. oh, to circumstances of serene abu atlas killing on may, the 11th had been investigated by several international news organizations. all came to the conclusion. it was a bullet fired from an israeli rifle that killed the al jazeera correspondent and injured her colleague, ali some moody, as they covered a military raid in the occupied west bank. um, so this is in now the united nations agrees at around a half past 6 in the morning. as 4 of the journalists turned into the street
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leading to the camp. wearing bullet proof helmets and flak jackets with press markings, several single seemingly well aimed bullets were fired towards them from the direction of the israeli security forces. one single bullet injured elisa moody in the shoulder and another single bullet hit a black lay in the head and killed her instant her. israel military says the investigations into sharon's death are biased and that the journalist was in no way shot intentionally. and it is not possible to determine whether she was skilled by palestinian gunmen who fired uncontrollably at his surroundings or by an idea soldier by accident. ah, israel's military also says the palestinian authority should hand over the bullet the kill cherry and take part in a joint investigation. but the palestinians say they can't trust these railey military to conduct a transparent investigation of itself as of law at aris memorial service. the
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palestinian prime minister said that instead, these railways should hand over the rifle that its military admits may have been you that are the you and human rights chief michelle bartlett, wants israel to open a criminal investigation into sharing avo atlas death. and 24 sentences won't present joe biden to get the us involved in its own investigation. burnett's mit outer sarah, west jerusalem. a powerful aftershock has killed at least 5 more people in the remote area of afghanistan that was hit by a devastating earthquake on wednesday. at least 1100 people died, including 121 children, and entire villages were destroyed. people in practical province are desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. as ali la t fee reports. their little hope of finding any more survivors after wednesday's earthquake. now the grim task is to recover bodies under the rubble and bury them
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again. i am thousands of hans have been killed her injure on friday morning. another jolt killed 5 more people in this southeastern district. abdullah man was not home. he says, all his family is dead and his home is no more the performer to go over them and they were here. the quite suddenly happened at night. houses were destroyed as talk people about the family were massive. couple of color, bon officials have reached the worst effected areas and assured people of support but with limited helicopters, destroyed rhodes and a lack of essential there isn't much they can do beyond assurances after decades of corruption, mismanagement and war, there is a lack of everything including equipment, hospital supplies, and even wrote, i want to some dire humanitarian crisis has worse than because of sanctions and lack of funds after the taller bond took over last year. i have been appointed by
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the stomach, emily to be in charge of the aid coordination. we would have to use the wounded and the people whose homes were destroyed as hospital struggled to cope and thousands are made homeless. humanitarian aid has slowly started trickling into the remote provinces of hosts and practical. go it. good, good. when you go to, most of the items are being given out according to the domestic needs of the people . there's flower pulses, sugar, and obviously they are in a situation where their houses have been destroyed. we've included all types of food items according to the needs of the families. many have crossed into neighboring pockets on to seek medical help and the aid convoys are arriving. from the western border. iranian army plains have brought aid, including hundreds of tents, lincoln medicine, and a team of iranian red, crescent workers, an aide worker's face a challenge since entire villages have been wiped out. the best that these people
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can hope for is some kind of a temporary housing, or if they're really lucky, a chance to move to another area, potentially less affected by such natural disasters. it will take actually years for these very decided you'd communities to recover. not only from the tragedy of losing entire families, but also on how they could rebuild is michael holmes, my homes, that were the investment of lifetime phase more, just expect more aftershocks after the shallow earthquake. but for those who already lost everything, survival remains the biggest fear, alley lead, fee packed province al jazeera. more than 3800 emergency responders have been deployed to battle a wildfire in southwest turkey. it's burned for 3 days and the coastal area which suffered devastating fires last year, more than $3000.00 hector is a force of already been damaged. dozens of helicopters and planes are dropping water to down the flames, including aircraft,
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sent from missouri by john and papa sedans. eastern red sea state is home to a unesco natural world heritage site and its coastal waters hold many marine species. but climate change is threatening the regions, coral reefs locals are hoping tourism can bring much needed attention. even morgan reports from ports or dam on the red sea. oh, here of the coast of the eastern city of port sedan is where us man edris usually comes to dive this spots nearly 15 kilometers off shore is known as ambria and is his favorite. it's named after an italian worship that was scuttled here during world war 2 to avoid it being captured for decades, it's been home to coral reefs and a variety of marine life us man says for him. these other real underwater treasures . and the reason he enjoys diving here her while we are here, the marine nature is diverse. there are different types of fish of different sizes
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as well as different types of corals. and the colors are what makes it special, as well as the density of coral reefs in a small location. you can find a lot of quarrels that you can't find in many parts of the red seed of other ports . dance coastal waters have long been a source of escape and pleasure for the people who live in the city. many come to its shows during the summer months, but to accompany say, very few dived to explore below its waters. and how little i know it in as a new and my head it, we try to show people that the sea has many types of activities, not just fishing. there's diving, there are islands to explore. they can camp on the coast. there are many activities that can promote tourism in the right. see, and we want to show people that they could ha ha, bis lighthouse is called thank an iep. it's the unesco natural heritage site. it's one of the spots where 2 companies usually take tourists. but the company say less than a 1000 tourists come each year, so they hope that by exploiting the quarrels beneath these waters more will come.
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the low number of tourists has help reserved this part of the red sea. now with climate change. ready threatening marine life and the region marked for its ability to support coral reef. 2 companies are hoping business will improve, but attracting visitors here has its challenges. for both our hire follow high on it, there's not enough ducks for yacht into boats to duck in. and the services provided to tourists are not according to international standards or for divers to have full comfort while practicing through diving hobbies and sometimes those put to take care of the sector are not those who have the experience to arisen with coral reefs . threatened around the world, many hope that the natural beauty of those striving here will attract more visitors and their livelihoods will thrive alongside them. he will morgan august 0 on the red sea of the coast of port sedan. the.


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