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determined to keep a y e a y on al jazeera july on al jazeera home cold marks 25 years since it's hand over from british to chinese rule, but with time is correct. on the closing voices, i don't exit us citizens. what does the future hold from the headlines to the unreported? people in power investigates, they use an abusive power around the world to live humans voting a referendum on a new constitution. could it spell the end for the only democracy to have emerged from the out of spring uprising? as india suffers unprecedented heat wave? one o, 18th, goes to the fiery heart at the crisis center goal head to the pole with the main opposition parties. you know, you can be reco power away from the ruling party. july on al jazeera lou hi protest is back outside the u. s. supreme court denouncing
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its abortion, rolling as clinic start closing around the united states. ah, hello i mariam the mozy in london. you'll watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. oh, this girl doesn't do everything i want. does include actions. i have long call for that are going to save lives, rising bite and signs into law. the most significant u. s. gun safety legislation in 3 decades. the mayors that are done yet says the says he is now fully occupied by the russian army of ukrainian forces, withdrew space prime minister blames mafia. people. traffic is after at least 18 migrants di trying to storm the border from morocco into a spanish enclave. and after huge delays spiraling costs and corruption allegations, bangladesh celebrates the opening,
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the country's longest bridge. ah, welcome to the program. abortion clinics have already started closing around the united states as protest continue against friday. supreme court ruling removing a woman's constitutional right to have an abortion. oh, it was aware and unprecedented ruling by the court with a 6 to 3 conservative majority. and it set to vastly change women's rights president joe biden. are the democrats say the reversal of the 50 year old roe vs wade decision, but women's health and lives risk? oh, oh, oh oh oh
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oh oh, will several protest against the supreme court's decision turned violent overnight? in arizona, police use tear gas to force people off the streets. crowds gathered outside the state capital in phoenix were pounding on the doors. state. lawmakers had been working inside was sent into the basement. and in iowa, a pickup truck drove through a group of protest as a rally in cedar rapids act of his tried to stop the truck of the driver was hostile to the crowd. one person was injured. also, the court's decision means that for women in more than half the united states abortions on our illegal or inaccessible, at least 13 states had triggered laws in place to ban abortion, 9 of which immediately took effect. and in others,
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it's going to be banned or strictly limited. in the next 30 days, in 5 states, courts have blocked or struck down recent laws that band most or all terminations those laws and now likely to take effect in weeks or months, indiana and west virginia are expected to follow suit while other states could bring in new laws, if republicans take control in november's mid term elections, that means the right to choose could be taken away and up to 26 states altogether. now on the other side, there are also places states that are, have legal protections that are likely to stay in place of those several, a pledging to help women traveling from all the parts the country in order to terminate a pregnancy. the pew research and he says 61 percent of americans believe abortion should be legal in all, most cases though, other estimates have it as high as 85 percent of the american public or president joe biden is described the ruling as shocking and tragic. he's pledge to protect
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women's rights and review how states enforced the decision. the decision is implemented by stage. i ministration is going to focus on how they administer and whether or not they violate other laws. i've decided to not allow people across state lines in public health services, and then we're going to take action to protect women's rights and reproductive health. i think our castro joins us live now from outside the usa supreme court in washington, where it is busy and loosing scenes from both pro and anti abortion wise. protests is yes, state seems that the same thing is happening now. what are you hearing from people there at the moment? that's right. i am at the moment surrounded by the pro abortion right. so it does start which has been overwhelming in their number of comparison to those who are counter protesting. and more and more people have been showing up here front of the supreme court. now a day after that monumental decisions that have angered so many really people here
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expressing a, allowing the american women to have because divorce has now been over night. this related, i'm actually to talk to a few of these protestors. excuse me. i was wonder if i can get a moment of your time. what is your name? diana, diane, ashley. i was wondering for you ladies when you found out about this court case yesterday. what was your 1st reaction? oh, yeah, my 1st reaction was it was a couple of hours of processing something i've never felt in my country, which was having a feeling like, well having my government take a right away. i know that not everyone's have the same experience. i've had america, but i've never felt like i've had to accept and process that. i've lost a fundamental right. i have never felt that before. and i've, i've,
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i work in international affairs and i empathize and felt really badly for women around the world. i began to say, i'm reasonably women around the world have a lot less than i had. and this was the 1st time i've, i think i've had to feel like i'm in someone choose who has to understand that they've lost a right because their government took it away. thank you so much, diana and ashley. i want to ask you to many people are saying a word that there are more important cases that could take away other rights. are you fearful of the same? i'm very fearful of that. you know, this was something that we never really knows in the works, but i didn't personally believe that it was going to make it as far as it did. and it's very upsetting. and it's, you know, what's next, like my birth control, right. a queue, right? you know, we all in my family were very l u, b positive as well as we have lots of members in our family that are of the
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community and you know, it's terrifying that we could be going somewhere where they're no longer accepted. then you know, where do we go next? from here we got to keep fighting, but you know, what else is on the table? it's not okay. what else can be done done because it has, you know, the supreme court is commonly known as the last word. the rules they've over ruled and taken away the right to abortion. what more is there for protesters like you to do, joe, vo, go vote blue, educate yourself. you need to educate yourselves on what your community leaders are putting, you know, their funding and everything for you. need to, you know, write letters, do you need to make calls, you know, even just post on facebook or people know like this is really happening and there's nothing we can do. we just heard a guy said he was too lazy to be in politics. that's not know you can't be to be
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about the people in the power in our states that don't abide by this ruling because ruling is not comprehensive. it doesn't for states savannah worship. so if we vote in our i should what i'm hearing from both these guys and also other protesters is this is sort of a wake up call us that yesterday, this, right? that so many people had gotten accustomed to the last 5 decades. miriam has simply disappear over and that is certainly mobilizing some of the stuff that we're talking to today. i will continue have coverage of this or in the reaction on both sides of the argument a bit later on. thank you for now. id, jo, castro, also following all the developments in washington with us president joe biden signing the most sweeping gun violence bill in decades. house of representatives gave final approval on friday biden signed into law just before leaving washington for 2 summits in europe by pots and bill came together weeks after mass shootings at school in ovalo, they, texas, and a supermarket in buffalo. new york healed more than 30 people 19 of them children.
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it includes provisions that help states remove guns from people deemed a danger to themselves or others. it ensures young people undergo enhanced background checks, lying access to information on significant crimes committed by juveniles. it also closes the so called boyfriend loophole by blocking gun sales to those convicted of abusing unmarried intimate partners or of any domestic violence. but it does not ban sells of assault style rifles or high capacity magazines as gun control campaigners and president biden had wanted. well, this girl doesn't do everything i want does include actions i have long call for that are going to save lives. it forms crisis intervention included road flight laws. it keeps glandular hands of people who are a danger to themselves and to others. ah.
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now in ukraine, the eastern city of savannah dani ask, is under russian control aft ukrainian forces completed their withdrawal. it's mayor says invading troops fully occupy the area. i weeks have some of the was bloodiest fighting is the biggest set back for ukraine in more than a month. now, new city has been fully occupied by the russian federation. they are trying to impose their rules and appoint some sorts of commandant who is organizing some activity. the fullest of our danny ask, which was on time to more than a 100000 people, is russia's biggest victory since capturing the port city of mario poll. ukrainian officials say the retreat from the city was tactical, in order to fight from higher ground, enlist the chance which sits on the opposite bank of the severe skeet done yet river, but pro russian separatists saying that moscow's forces of surrounded and on our attacking listed chance prompting even more people to flee. when you chance, lucy chance it was a horror at the last week yesterday. we could not take it any more. thank you to
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the soldiers who evacuated us from there. otherwise, this would have been is i already told my husband, if i die, please bury me behind the house. you need to understand there was so much shilling so many ruined houses. it's not good to stay there. elsewhere, ukraine says rushes fight. dozens of cruise missiles at targets far from the main front lines in the east. this includes at least 6 in the area around levine, near the border with poland. 20 others hit near the town of dest, none north of the capital. keith aries around chateau mer, where there's a large military facility. we're also targeted al jazeera. charles stratford has more from the capital. keith, a significant development seemingly this evening on the eastern front lines here in ukraine. the ukrainian military basically admitting that they have withdrawn from several than it's completely now. they say that they are pulling back to areas
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which are safer in order to be able to consolidate those positions, to put up some kind of defensive fight. they are, according to ukrainian military intelligence, talking about moving back to that city of li, see chance, which is just across the river to the south of several than at school. she chance go. a city that is basically situated on higher ground than severed, announced and but what we understand is that there is a scramble to move further south. we know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of civilians in that area that sam have. many of them refused to leave for whatever reason. we know that there are a lot of people in that area that are sympathetic to rushes ambitions in easton ukraine. but we also know there are a lot of civilians there that are literally too terrified to move. also the big question now though is whether the ukrainians can hold on to the guns. having
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seemingly lost control of several then, and there is only one more city in the la dunks region that ukrainian forces still control. we also know though, that russian forces are moving from number of villages that they control south of lacy chance to try and surround it from that direction to pulling from that direction. we also know that russian forces control large areas to the west of lacy chance. i'm also, and they're trying to cut alpha, one of the main supply routes and from the south heading towards there. and this is being the scribe fundamentally as the potentially the biggest defeat for ukraine in forces since sir mariel pal. last month watching al jazeera life. i'm not much more glad on the program. and the taliban appeals from our international aid is congo planes arrive in afghanistan with vital supplies. the thousands who lost
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everything wednesdays are play and no way raises. it's tara to the highest level, offer gun that goes on a rampage last night, like district killing 2 and injuring many others. ah, summer rain is falling in france doesn't look particularly summer. you have to say this swirling thing and for all, and you probably don't think that windy witness probably true for western scotland as well. now that's all moving in slowly but quite slowly than the eastern side of your really just beyond the shores of europe into turkey. that low mean significant rain again probably for anchor between the 2. it's quite warm hot. in fact, from italy, north was the baltic states, there is rain and probably going to be sundry and significant in france. the light
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extends out through denmark and norway just edging into sweden as well, but didn't make much progress further east or further south. which is telling because temperature quite high. and they have been for a long time in italy. and on monday, the been knocked on the door of records again for florence naples. that hot strip goes down to north africa as well, particularly to news even to this shows 44 degrees. but the consequences heat has also meant a lack of rain and the river po has exposed to stick deliberately sunk in the 1940s . that's how much the river level has dropped in a drought in italy. there is right now in west africa, quite a long way north in nigeria. against a backdrop of syrian independence comes a story of military coups regime change. and insurgency. al jazeera well exposed
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the life of id boucher shockley. achieving his ambition to be syrian president in 1953, but outmaneuvered by his rivals and struck by the assassin's bullet. al shockley. serious master of coons. oh, now jazeera lou . ah, welcome back. watching al jazeera life from london, the main stories now protest is of back out in the u. s. the day after the supreme court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion clinics have started to close a several state of already banned terminations with millions of women affected in
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while you as president joe biden, to sign the most, we been gone safety legislation, 3 decades weeks after mass shootings at a school in texas and a supermarket in buffalo, under our top story, the eastern ukrainian city of savannah, done yet because fallen to russia invading troops now fully occupy the area of to weeks of fighting. biggest set back for ukraine. this is the fall of mary paul. now to afghanistan, the taliban is appealing for more international aid for people left with nothing after wednesday's devastate devastating earthquake cargo planes from turkmenistan pakistan and kat are have landed in afghanistan, bringing in vital supplies. people impact tica province are desperate for food, shelter and drinking water. forties ended the search for survivors a day after the initial quake, which killed at least $1100.00 people and destroyed entire villages. powerful aftershock on friday killed another 5 people is in the world to give me
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the most basic right, which is the right life. and that is through lifting the sanctions. and i'm presenting our assets and also giving assistance after destroying life for 20 years . i li, lucky, she has more now from the airport and host normally this room would be the baggage claim at the host airport, but in recent days, as you can see, it's been transformed. it's not people's luggage in here today. instead, it's the contents of flights that have been coming in from all over the world all day from the, from the united arab emirates and talks on the world food program, the united nation. they're all dropping off basic supplies to the survivors of last week's earthquake that killed more than 1100 people. and most importantly, in this time of sanctions and a cut back. it's a reminder to the avalon people that the world has not forgotten about them. and that they are countries and organizations that still want to provide assistance to
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the people who are honest on the key, fosters army as given civilians. 14 days to leave, to regions out of an offensive against om groups, local residence, intel to leave the northern soon province and reserves between palmer and the w national park in the east. he only says it needs to be able to distinguish friends from enemies. operation comes after more than a 100 people were killed by on fire is in the north. earlier this month. visiting the scene of the massacre gently the left tenant, colonel paul on read them. uber assured survivors that he would hit back, that the attackers, moroccan authorities are saying at least 18 people died while trying to storm the border of a spanish enclave. i was around 2 hours of violence as migrants tried to get into maliyah by climbing the fence. about a $130.00 were successful around 2000 who made the attempt. dozens of people including many police officers, were injured. spain's my mistress claimed the tragedy on mafia people traffickers
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will go up again. okay, you, are you every middle missile you anything i have expressed my solidarity and vindicated the extraordinary work being done by the state security forces of our country. some of them were injured because of his violent assault. i want to highlight the violent and organized assault by mafia's trafficking human beings to a city on spanish territory the fort. it wasn't a tech on the territorial integrity of our country in a violent manner. a palestinian teenager has died after being shot by israeli troops in the occupied west bank. this happened during a raid in the town of citywide east of ramallah. 16 year old mohammed abdullah hammered was throwing stones along a main highway when israeli soldiers opened fire. he died of his wounds later in his railey custody. more than 60 palestinians had been killed by his ready forces this year, including our desert journalist sharina, our acclaim. the president of ecuador,
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as accused indigenous leaders of seeking to overthrow his government. national assembly will here request for the president's removal later on saturday, for his 12 days of increasingly violent protest led by indigenous groups who were demanding carts to fuel prices and latin america editor loose in human reports now from quito. oh, this is what's left of the military convoy that was attacked in the town of san antonio. that 17 soldiers were injured. yeah, la la la madonna, earlier a civilian was killed allegedly by the army. i think the noise give little or effect is not the convoy was attacked for nothing, isn't the army was shooting pallets and tear gas and killing people all along the road. this area is called the middle of the world because it's right on the equator . it's a place where tourists usually come, but as you can see, it's the epicenter of the latest acts of violence here in ecuador. the question now
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is, who provoke this? army says the kindly was attacked without provocation on its way to the capital, were voted on residents who say they witnessed the event have a different version. they got on the noted military, the military robbed and attacked us without warning. they began shooting tear gas canisters from a helicopter, and one of them killed a resident that caused outrage noted by all accounts, nearly 2 weeks after a nationwide strike began violence in ecuador has become difficult to contain. authorities concede they no longer control the amazonian city of bull. you'll is pamela friend, big own group, we're facing a group of delinquents were on the frontline putting the lives of police at risk. i think the minister said international criminal organizations, presumably, mexican drug cartels, active in ecuador, are also involved. the police claim they've infiltrated the confederation of indigenous nations who are leading the strike. the confederations leader agrees
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outsiders are infiltrating their ranks to speak, violence and vandalism. the marcial impost duncan, but he told me they're mainly members of the police wanting to discredit their cause. but i mean, it's been here before the rest and a couple of a radical processes nest. and we kept an urging me to pluck our highway. i could telling them to calm down, they turned out to be the very sim, 2 agents who the police. when they arrested me, they gave me, i'm in the chaos president, get more lasso has announced he'll use all the means of his disposal to crush unrest. and we're throw hamano, he'd be hannah, indigenous brothers, and farmers who have been tricked into coming to quito. the ask you to return to your communities for your safety and that of your families. 4 hours later, the police came out in full force to show the president means business. to see a newman, al jazeera, kito, ecuador,
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norway is raised its terror alert to the highest level. after shooting in the capitol, oslo. 2 people were killed and at least 14 injured when a man opened fire at sight. a gay nightclub on friday. please say the 40 carol suspect is pleased to be a quote, radicalized islamist with a history of mental illness, been charged with murder and terrorist acts between jason b reports. police officers collect evidence outside the night club were a gunman opened fire during all slaves, pride festival, and is sick. does that have been with and saw? the suspect is charged with murder, attempted murder, and acts of terrorism. the terror charge is based on the number of wounded and killed the number of crime scenes and our overall assessment that his intention was to spread severe fear among the general population. it was just after 1 am on saturday morning when the 1st shots rang out at the london pop, a popular gay nightclub in the city center. it was packed with people enjoying a night out. well, lawyer,
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common impulses of everyone started running and there was a lot of screaming to me than i found there was a fight outside. but then i heard that there was a shooting and that there was someone with the sub machine gun offices arrested. a 42 year old man at the scene, they say he acted alone. the realistic for the saw, the accused is a norwegian citizen, originally from iran. he's known to the place, but not for big things, minor convictions compared to what he's accused of today. also those pride parade was due to take place on saturday, but organizes have now canceled the event test from shaven vegas. it's tough for the queer movement to experience this. we encourage everyone to stand together, take care of each other. we'll be back later. i'm proud visible school, but right now it's not time for that yet. this is a community in city united in outrage and grief. and while many questions remain about how and why this happened as low as focused on those,
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he lost their lives. and those seriously injured victoria gay to be al jazeera, thousands have been demonstrating in munich as leaders of the group of 7 leading economic powers prepared to meet for test, as demanding a phase out of fossil fuels, protection of animals, and plant diversity, as well as greater social justice summit begins on sunday, nearly 20000 police officers have been deploy to protect it now to bangladesh, which is officially open its longest bridge linking the capitol, darker and the south west built by china. the $3600000000.00 projects offered major cost overruns and delays, and the well bank refuse to fund it. after a corruption scandal, it's hoped, bridge will help boost the aries economy as well as making life much easier for commuters from mala tanveer chandry reports. it is the biggest and most challenging project bangladesh i've ever seen. the pop the bridge stretching more than 6 kilometers,
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is not ready to connect the capital to the south western region home to about 30000000 people. it will also allow unprecedented upgrades to improve communication, trade and the economy. tens of thousands of people showed up to express their support. well ah, today you all have joined me together on this festive occasion of the opening ceremony of but my bridge for this i am grateful to you all for master rana, it has been frustrating. wait for the bridge to open. he commute several times a week on his bike and take sometimes perilous ferry journey from docker to his home on the other side. gosselin to foreign. i have been waiting in the ferry terminal system this morning. inspect moon, now i am still waiting to cross the river. if the bridge was already there, i would be at home by now resting. after having my lunch truck driver mohammed absolve is excited and sees a future opportunity. and the opening of panama bridge means will not only save us
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a lot of commuting time, that make the journey more efficient. and bit of the business was very hard for us to cross the river. by theory. the bridge cost more than $3000000000.00 is the country's largest infrastructure project. the part, the bridge will not only significantly renew the travel time and connect the country southwest region with the capital, but is expected to initiate an economic boom in the area. many transport owners hope the bridge will make their job easier. i don't have to hear complaints from the passengers anymore about the delays. passengers won't get irritated. the trips are going to be much more simple. i'll go straight, dropped them and come back. the professor selim ran says the bridge will also contribute to great original connectivity and trade among asian countries as part of the larger asian highway network, whatever it is going to be the kind of a catalyst for future development validus. but lot of things need to be done to big discuss list reality specially different supporting programs to,
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to be that many businesses have grown near the fe terminals, and most of them will now have to shut down. look those up for you got it on the we have been doing business here for a long time. our livelihood is dependent on this. yes, the bridge will hurt our business. we have no choice but to look for new business or shift our location. there was some initial controversy after the world bank brought corruption allegation regarding its funding, which was later dismissed by a canadian code. but many here are proud bangladesh has built a bridge of this size using its own resources. they say it's a landmark achievement. turnville child re al jazeera mo, up bangladesh. funny more i here on a website, al jazeera dot com, our top story. the eastern says he of the that are done yet in ukraine having fallen to rush him on that in a couple of seconds. ah .


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