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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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i walk ideals, the french republic is long proclaimed, but just what is modern. france in a 4 part series, but big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world . so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to you, frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs and use social contract for it to solve this problem. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, ah, her test is then their anger at u. s. supreme court's abortion ruling
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as clinic stock closing around the united states. ah, allow i, mariam to marcy and london you watching al jazeera, also coming out on the program. the merits of era done yet says the city is now fully occupied by the russian army after ukrainian forces withdraw. the taliban appeals for more international aid as vital supplies arrive for the many afghans who lost everything in wednesday's earthquake. and his indigenous protest in ecuador and more desperate and more violent. president faces a vote of no confidence. ah welcome to the program. will abortion clinics have already started closing around the united states poetess continue against fight, a supreme court ruling, removing
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a woman's constitutional right to an abortion o. sweeping ruling by the court with a 6 to 3 conservative majority is set to vastly change women's rights. president joe biden, and other democrats say the reversal of the 50 year old roe vs wade decision. but women's health and lives at risk process are continuing in cities around the country on saturday. or the court's decision means that for women in more than half the u. s. abortions in our illegal or inaccessible, at least 13 states had trickles in place to ban abortion, 9 of which took effect immediately. and in others, it will be bound or strictly limited. within the next 30 days, in 5 states, courts have blocked or struck down recent laws that ban most or all terminations. those laws are now likely to take effect in weeks or months. indiana and west
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virginia are expected to follow suit while other states could bring in new laws. if republicans take control in november's mid term elections, that means the right to choose could be taken away in up to 26 states altogether. on the other side, you have states which have legal protections that are likely to stay in place of those several are pledging to help women traveling from other states to terminate a pregnancy. the pew research center says 61 percent of americans believe abortion should be legal. in all or most cases though, other estimates have it as high as 85 percent. and they've been tensions at abortion clinics across the country where women are rushing to undergo terminations before facilities shut down. oh, mississippi's early abortion when it will stop operating in 9 days,
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it opened at 5 am on saturday morning with escort showing up to prepare for the arrival of patients. anti abortion protest is hacker women and set up lodge posters with messages including abortion is murder. oh i did, your castro joins us live from outside the us supreme court in washington. and i suppose whether or not you are able to access an abortion now. hi de. depends very much on your geographical location in the us. what have you been hearing those protests while you are in washington? that's right here before the very court that removed the right to an abortion practically overnight in the us. we have protesters that have come from across the country, including some of those states. you mentioned where practically overnight, abortions became illegal, and it is those scenes of women rushing to get the procedure done,
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knowing what the future for intent that has motivated these protests to come out in mass o as shock waves from friday, supreme court decision continued to reverberate from washington to cities across the country who testers gathered for a 2nd day of nationwide protests. a daughter is a 94 year old carroll folk brave the son to join the crowd outside the u. s. supreme court. she says, as a social worker who helped poor women for a quarter century, this outcome is tragic to see in her life time. i'm sorry that a people who are older in mail don't understand that young people are good to be forced into being this is of this rural expression of anger and grief from abortion rights, supporters,
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which according to polls make up the majority of americans. these protesters say though they're not only angry about losing the right to abortion, they're also fearful of what other freedoms they may lose to come by. according to the reasoning of the core conservative majority, the u. s. constitution only protects americans rights that were understood to exist in 1868. ah, that means recently established rights like same sex marriage and even acts as to birth control may be at risk of being revoked as well. i mean, assistant barry and a sign of what's coming down the line. it feels like i am losing my future and it's very paralyzing. and i, i don't really see a way out of it. a live a few dozen anti abortion activists. staged a counter protest in washington. i've run into your supreme court where you by why so why? so come out here, what more do you want to do?
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abortion is still legal in many states and united states. we're not going to stop until no child was killed by a bush. republican run states have raced to immediately, ban abortions within a few weeks, they'll be illegal in roughly half the country. as democrats, voice, fear of a right word turn at the high court that's only begun. oh and key here is what happens in the upcoming november mid term elections. right now, democrats control both houses of congress, but they do not have the super majority that they need in the senate to make any sort of legislative changes, which is the one thing that can change this supreme court decision. because they have to do the supreme court a legislature. so that's got democrats motivating their voters to turn out because of this issue here in washington, around the country for these federal actions. and also in states trying to avoid
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more republican leadership in states and more bands on abortion. mariam, you say, or lies on those november elections, which could to shape state policy on this issue. thank you. i jo castro, in washington. well, in all the developments you as president joe biden signed the most significant gun violence bill for decades, house of representatives gave final approval on friday. biden signed in to laura just before leaving washington fatigue summits in europe. the bipolar sam bill came together weeks after mass shootings that the school involved a texas and a supermarket in buffalo, new york, which killed more than 30 people 19 of them children. while the legislation includes provisions that help states remove guns from people deemed a danger to themselves or others. it ensures young people undergo enhanced background checks, lying accessed information on significant crimes committed by juveniles. it also closes the so called boyfriend loophole by blocking gun sales to those convicted of abusing unmarried intimate partners. but it does not ban sales of
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a soul style rifles or high capacity magazines. is gun control campaign has and president biden had wanted. oh, this girl doesn't do everything i want does include actions are long call for that are going to save lives. it forms crisis intervention included red flag laws. it keeps guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and to others. ah . in ukraine, the eastern city of savannah dani ask is now under russian control after ukrainian force is completed. that withdrawal mayor says invading troops fully occupy the area following weeks of some of the was bloodiest fighting the biggest setback for ukraine in more than a month. well, new city has been fully occupied by the russian federation. they are trying to impose their rules and appoint some sorts of commandant who is organizing some activity full of civil danielle, which was once home to it. more than
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a 100000 people, as russia's biggest victory since capturing the poor city of maria pal, ukrainian officials say the retreat from the says he was tactical, in order to fight from higher ground. and this a chance which sits on the opposite bank of these diversity done yet river. but pro russian separates, is they moscow's forces of surrounded and are attacking lucy chanced prompting residence to flee. you chance, lucy? chance it was a horror at the last week. yesterday we could not take it any more. thank you to the soldiers who evacuated us from their otherwise this would have been is i already told my husband, if i die, please bury me behind the house. you need to understand there was so much shilling so many ruined houses. it's not good to stay there. or in all the developments in the country, ukraine is saying that russia's fight dozens of cruise missiles at targets far from the main front lines in the east. these included a 6 in the area around live, even in the border with poland. 20 others hitting the town of destiny,
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north of the capital cave, and then also aries around util mare with as a large military facility that was also targeted. child stratford has more now from the capital keith, a significant development seemingly this evening on the eastern front lines here in ukraine. the ukrainian military basically admitting that they have withdrawn from several minutes completely. now they say that they are pulling back to areas which are safer in order to be able to consolidate those positions, to put up some kind of defensive fight. they are, according to ukrainian military intelligence, talking about moving back to that city of lisi chance, which is just across the river to the south of sever down at scuse chance, got a city that is basically situated on higher ground dance ever denounced. and but what we understand is that there is
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a scramble to move further south. we know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of civilians in that area that sam have many of them refused to leave for whatever reason. we know that there are a lot of people in that area that are sympathetic to rushes ambitions in easton ukraine. but we also know there are a lot of civilians there that are literally too terrified to move. also the big question now though is whether the ukrainians can hold on to look guns. having seemingly lost control of several finance, there is only one more city in the low junks region that ukrainian forces still control. we also know though, that russian forces are moving from number of villages that they control south of lacy chance to try and surround it from that direction to pulling from that direction. we also know that russian forces control large areas to the west of lacy
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chance and also, and they're trying to cut off a, one of the main supply routes and from the south heading towards there. and this is being the scribe fundamentally as the tension, the biggest defeat for ukrainian forces since sir mariel pal last month's was you climbing? present? got him is lansky, says the war is becoming tough to handle emotionally. that his forces will win back over, says he's lost to russia, including the very danny. ask him serious all our sitters, she ever donates no net. lou hands with. we all get them back. every week we go to care some other single day. we forget a bug berg yarns and muddy or poor. all other cities of ukraine, which are temporarily occupied, will be only ukrainian again in watching allergies. their ally from london most still to bring you on the program will be following events in norway, the government is raised. the terror alert level after gunman goes on the rampage
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and also as night life district coming to an injury many on and off to huge delays foreign in cost and corruption allegations, bangladesh celebrates the opening of its longest ridge. ah, there is cold but not extreme overnighted, australia with the coast treasure right up into the ap back of of coins at the moment, largely because that's what when to does. but you've currently got cody winds coming through victoria was overcast skies outbreaks of lighting, rain, fairly windy, cross tasmania. and they're just this. the coast to queens and temperatures kept in the 20s because of this on shore breeze. darwin's got that to feed his go 29 and he's 2nd time. so january is dropped down. his, you know, any change attention. donny, significant ones, the tropics here, west australia,
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purse, enjoying the sunshine that does not change the rain that comes through it, needs occasional systems goes across the tap, dance warf do seated so unsurprisingly, you got rain coming, your way, snow on the hills, of course. so wet dan, danny didn't probably wet off in christ church for the temperature. 14 is a bit above where it should be anyway. now it's not particularly drive them home. it may be surprisingly in indonesia was significant. raining even possibly for jakarta, and that's true. sumatran west and me and my the monsoon of course is now well versed every good part of india. so you see multiple showers here, maybe concentration every now and again in the northeast of india. but not that many. there is still flooding on the ground but only a minor top up with that. ready too often of canister is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their
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lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on it. just ego. ah ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now and protest is are back out in the u. s . the day after the supreme court over ton, the constitutional right to an abortion planets have started to close, the several states were ready band terminations with millions of women and affected
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us. president joe biden assigned the most. we've been gone safety legislation for 3 decades weeks after mass shootings at school in texas. and a supermarket in buffalo and the east and ukrainian says yes of our danny ask, has fallen to russia invading troops our fully occupied the area after weeks of fighting. the biggest setback for ukraine since the fall of married whole or the taliban is appealing for more international aid for the many afghans left with nothing after wednesday's devastating of quake. cargo planes from abroad have arrived in afghanistan, bringing vital supplies. the quite killed at least 1100 people and destroyed entire villages from the city of host ali latifah. as more the horse airport is open once again. but this time it's aid not passengers coming and going wednesdays. magnitude 5.9 are quite killed, more than 1100 people, and destroyed thousands of homes and i want a sun se. now,
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several countries and international organizations have been sending 8 flights to this airport. hot, they're sent a military plane full of food assistance. a group of medical workers from pakistan has come to provide medical care for those providing assistance to the people of parked the car and horse provinces. it's a moral obligation, a model shadowy from catholic charities as the people of cotton were devastated by the news reports. and wanted to do something to help. this is our, to be here. and to shallow, we are, we going to be supported them from this time. and the last they need to support for like the medical and hospital here also need to support and the charlotte and the next. like you're also picking more thing to have the hospital the taliban government, which is struggling under sanctions and aid cutbacks welcomes their health officials here,
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say at least $300.00 homes are destroyed and hoarse. if they aren't rebuilt by winter, people could face another humanitarian disaster. if i tell you about the age, it would include pakistan, iran, cat, talk and helping with the food, a shelter and clothing, whether the aid is big or small, what matters the most is that support should be coming in to rebuild these people's homes using this one's quite airport as a base for the foreign aid. also either the strain on military planes. previously, most of the 8 was transported on helicopters that were also being used to fly the injured to waiting ambulances. but now larger planes from other countries, the united nations and the world's food program have e. some of the pressure on a, on a sunday already limited military helicopters for months. this airport here and horse lay dormant and empty. but now at a time when i was a son is a greatest need. it's active and bustling again and all day there have been flights
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from all over the world. dropping aid to people devastated by last week's earthquake, people who lost everything. and it's sending a comforting message to the people of alanis on one of their most trying times that the world has not forgotten about them. and is willing to take care of people suffering from natural disasters and other setbacks. alley. let's feel caused algebra hotel by indigenous groups in ecuador have again turned violent as authorities try to crack down on descent. security forces in a capital kito spray tear gas. people are demanding cuts to food and fuel prices. 6 people been killed in demonstrations over the past 2 weeks. present gear, molasses accused. indigenous leaders of trying to overthrow is government. he now faces a confidence hearing, which is due to begin in the next hour. allotted market is salisia. newman joins is now from quito. what does this conference vote mean for the president and what sort
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of process can we expect? now? sorry about that. there are a lot of people around me here. now i, there, at the conference though, it's more than a confidence vote ah, it's, it's a, it's an article of the constitution that allows the eob, the president to be removed from office in the case of, of, of very intense a national commotion. i think that that's the way it's worded. so what's going to be presented in about 45 minutes and then the deputies will start to debate whether or not there it is warranted. this could take hours, it could take an overnight or it could take days depending on how much consensus there is within the different political parties of, of the need to remove or to maintain the current president. he had more law. so now from what we're hearing the short while ago, one of the political parties that was in the opposition has just announced that they will not vote to remove the president, yet he's only been in office for
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a year. so it's looking at this point like the president will survive this vote, or he would have been able to close down the national assembly altogether. that is a faculty that the president has and ruled by dupree for a year. but after that, he would have to call for new elections. so that's the situation on the political front. on the other hand, we're seeing more and more strikers from the indigenous communities arriving at the capital there. i'm not quite sure what to say. you can probably see many of them walking up this road where i am right now. much of the country still has its main thoroughfare is blocked. and the leader of the indigenous confederation announced a short while ago. his name is his name is leo. i'm sorry, i'm with somebody is talking to be the leader of the, of the indigenous confederation of indigenous people of ecuador has said that they will allow a humanitarian corridor to open up some of these highways and roads to bring food
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and produce into the country into the capital, particularly because there's jude shortage and all of everything from fuel to food . and that's the situation at this hour, but it's very tense. there are thousands of people all around me at this hour just in front of the legislative assembly. and depending on the result of that vote, i, things could get done quite quite tense. thank you for now from key turn, ecuador is cinnamon out last america to reporting to us in a facet army is given civilians 14 days to leave, to regions. a head of an offensive against armed groups. local residents have been told to leave the northern soon province in reserves between palmer and the w national park in the east. the army says it needs to be able to distinguish friends from enemies. operation comes after more than a 100 people killed by armed fighters in the north. earlier this month, visiting the scene of the massacre gently, the left tenant, colonel paul on re damn uber assured survivors he would hit back at the attacker's
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moroccan state t v. as a, the number of people who died while trying to storm the border into a spanish enclave has risen to 23 as around 2 hours of violence as people try to get into melia. by climbing the fence. about a $130.00 were successful of around 2000 who made the attempt. dozens of people including police officers, were injured. spain by ministers, blame the tragedy on mafia people, traffickers, you're, you are going to be middle missile you anything i have expressed to my solidarity and vindicated the extraordinary work being done by the state security forces of our country. some of them were injured because of this violent assault. i want to highlight the violent and organized assault by mafia's, trafficking human beings to a city on spanish territory. the afford. it wasn't a tech on the territorial integrity of our country in a violent manner. no way is raised its teller, terror alert level turn, the highest after a shooting in the capitol,
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oslo 2 people were killed at least 14 others injured when a man opened fire at sight. a gay nightclub on friday, but he say the 42 year old suspects is believed to be a quote, radicalized islamist with a history of mental illness. he's been charged with murder and terrorist acts, the tory gate and be reports. police officers collect evidence outside the night club were a gunman opened fire during all slaves, pride festival in the 60s that are being met and saw the suspect is charged with murder, attempted murder, and acts of terrorism. the terror charge is based on the number of wounded and killed the number of crime scenes and our overall assessment that his intention was to spread severe fear among the general population. it was just after 1 am on saturday morning when the 1st shots rang out at the london pop, a popular gay nightclub in the city center. it was packed with people enjoying a night out. well, lawyer, common impulses of every one started running and there was
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a lot of screaming to me than i thought there was a fight outside. but then i heard that it was a shooting and that there was some one with the sub machine gun offices arrested a 42 year old man at the scene. they say he acted alone. realistic to the saw. the accused is a norwegian citizen, originally from iran, he's known to the place, but not for big things, minor convictions compared to what he's accused of today. also those pride parade was due to take place on saturday, but organizers have now canceled the event from shaven wilson. it's tough for the queer movement to experience this. we encourage everyone to stand together, take care of each other. we'll be back later. i'm proud visible, but right now it's not time for party. this is a community in city united in outrage and grief. and while many questions remain about how and why this happened was low is focused on those. he lost their lives
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and those seriously injured victoria gay to be al jazeera, an unusual phenomena has caused venice. his fame, st. mark's squares have partially floods, i water levels known as aqua, alta, a very unusual in the month of june. the tide was not high enough to activate flood barrier launched in 2020 to protect the fragile city is rising. waters are caused by a combination of factors exacerbated by climate change. they usually occur in autumn and winter months out of bangladesh. governments officially opened as long as fridge, linking the capital dakar in the southwest bill by china. the $3600000000.00 projects offered major cost overruns and delays while bank has refused to fund it after a corruption scandal. but it's hoped padma bridge would help boost the aries economy as well as making life easier for commuters from mala tanveer chowdhury reports. it is the biggest and most challenging project bangladesh have
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ever seen. the pot, the bridge stretching more than 6 kilometers, is now ready to connect the capital to the south western region home to about 30000000 people. it will also allow unprecedented upgrades to improve communication, trade and the economy. tens of thousands of people showed up to express their support. what could you all have joined me together on the specification of the opening ceremony of but my bitch, for this i am grateful to you all for master rana, it has been frustrating. wait for the bridge to open. he commute several times a week on his bike and take sometimes perilous ferry journey from deca to his home on the other side. asked him to look for him. i have been waiting in the ferry terminal system this morning in special moon. now i am still waiting to cross the river. if the bridge was already there, i would be at home by now resting. after having my lunch truck driver, mohammed absolve is excited and sees
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a future opportunity at with the opening of panama bridge means it will not only save us a lot of commuting time that make the journey more efficient. and bit of the business was very hard for us to cross the river by ferry. the bridge cost more than $3000000000.00 is the country's largest infrastructure project. the pub bridge will not only significantly reduce the travel time and connect the country southwest region with the capital, but is expected to initiate an economic boom in the area. many transport owners hope the bridge will make their job easier. i don't have to hear complaints from the passengers any more about the delays. passengers won't get irritated. the trips are going to be much more simple. i'll go straight, drop them and come back. professor selim moran says the bridge will also contribute to great original connectivity and trade among asian countries as part of the larger asian highway network, whatever it is going to be the kind of a catalyst for future development validus. but lot of things need to be done to big
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discuss list a reality, especially a different supporting programs seem to be debt. many businesses have grown near the fe terminals, and most of them will now have to shut down glucose helping you get it on the we have been doing business here for a long time. our livelihood is dependent on this. yes, the bridge will hurt our business. we have no choice but to look for new business or shift our location. there was some initial controversy after the war bank brought corruption allegation regarding its funding, which was later dismissed by a canadian code. but many here are proud bangladesh has built a bridge of this size using its own resources. they say it's a landmark achievement. turnville child re al jazeera mo, up bangladesh. ah look at amaze.


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